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    Okay Folks, Here we go!

    Grab your gal and don't be slow.
    Click your heels and point your toe.

    Bow to your corner, then do-see-do.
    All join hands and round ya go.

    Chicken in the barnyard; pecking at a bug.
    Grab your gal w/ a great big hug.

    Allemande left around the ring.
    Makes ya want to dance and sing.

    The stars are out; it's a purty sight.
    Gonna dance all through the night.

    All go home, soon as you're able.
    See ya next at the lemonade table.

    Whew! That's hot work on a summer night.

    This is a historic post. First posted 10-14-2010.


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  2. lydia1

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    Thanks, Rock! One of my favorites :)

    Just took the roast out of the oven. Was gonna add potatoes and carrots, but I usually make it that way cause it's easier. I think this evening I will make mashed potatoes and gravy to go with the meat...unless I'm too pooped, then will microwave a couple "baked" potatoes. Have three loads of clothes hung for one more, just waiting for the washer to finish. Then I'll run the dishwasher.

    Granni, I'm glad the show went great. What a great fundraiser.

    It's getting hot out...was only 65 F when we got up this morning, but it is 76 degrees now (at 10:15) and supposed to get up to 80. Oh well, as soon as I get the rest of the dirt and dust swept up in the new house, I will turn on a couple of fans. I'm enjoying opening all my new windows; can let breezes in from the north, south and west.

    Take care!

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  3. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Decided to stop in and saw the New Porch. Rock, thanks for starting us up again and for the classic square dance call. I'm on the Surface so am not responsible for typos. I just realized that it has autocorrect. Yikes!

    Granni, I saw your post on the last Porch but my poor memory is shot. I hope you are surviving the heat. I let Sir Vester out on the lanai earlier and it was 80 degrees out. It was soooo humid that it felt much hotter. AACCKK!!! I've decided to veg again today. My kidney suffered trauma and I want it to heal. I figure my body is telling me what I need. Stay cool, my friend.

    Julie, that roast sounds good. I got a cooked one at the store and had it with prepared smashed potatoes yesterday. My sense of taste is slowly returning, thank God! I know you and Den will get your beautiful home. You have your priorities perfectly in order and that is what counts!

    OK, kids, gonna go without editing cause I know this expensive computer wouldn't let me make a mistake. What could possible go wrong?

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All. We are in heat hell right now, ca.99 degrees every day. A heat storm, no rain until at best Sept.

    You guys keep talking about 'auto-correct' on your puters .... I don't know what it is, have never seen it. Just spelling errors underlined. Hmm.

    Rock, when I referred to Trollope, Joanna I was talking about Joanna Trollope, a contemporary fiction writer ---NOT Anthony Trollope (me no likee). I don't like Proust though, but have read "Swanns's Way' which I found infinitely boring. James Joyce's 'Ulysses ' is a good long read though. and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Forget 'Finnegan's Wake', rather incomprehensible.

    Star, yay for the flies! I am awaiting the first intimations of autumn -- cooler temps, etc. I bet you have hot summers there don't you? Do you live in the country too? The outback? Ferrets? Are they wild or your pets? It is illegal in California to have ferrets. My English grandad kept ferrets for rabbit hunting. All right Star, I read your next post and saw that you have hell hot summers too. This has been a bad one for us; many fires; scary.

    Springwater, I love jacarandas too. I wish I could grow them here, but it's a bit too cool in the winter for them. They don't have jumpers like I do!

    Mikie, hope you get feeling up tp par real soon. You are on the Surface --- I don't know what that is, in technical terms. Some kind of 'puter I guess? I feel like a stranger in a strange land these days -- technologically challenged, politically appalled, and tired as hell..... Oh well, could be worse I guess.

    Linda, Shorty hasn't had a seizure, but he has only been on the med for under a week. It sure makes him groggy, and he eats like a hoggy. My mate, Richard, is an anxious wreck about it all. The medication you give Lucie is too dear for me, it think, compared to the phenobarbitol. He'll be seeing the vet for a blood test at the same time I'll be having my carotid ultra-sound and follow up. Lucie is a beauty says Shorty!

    Sinking now,
    Bye to All 'til later,
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    Good afternoon, just returned from yet another grocery run, things sure are getting more and more expensive. The store I go to is slowly catering to families. Sorry but I dont need a "big pack" of anything.

    Let me see what I can remember, now I am pooped after all that walking and cart pushing..

    Mike so ironic you said you had the torn bicep surgery. I was having awful should pain, (after taking levequin for Pneumonia I might add) couldnt lift my arm well, no dog ball throwing, had an MRI which showed a partial tendon tear. Doc said the worst that can happen is my bicep muscle will collapse....say what!!

    I got another opinion and doc #2 reassured me that there are two shoulder tendons and that the one I had that was torn only does 10% or so of the shoulder movement so very unlikely it would completely tear. doc #1 didnt explain it that way at all. I was then relieved, Doc did say it was a difficult painful surgery. I hope I dont ever have to add that one to my road map.

    Barry Lucie is strutting her stuff for Shorty...LOL Yes the med she is one is expensive too, $50.00/mo. but at least its working. Did you Vet start the meds after just one seizure? Mine said to just observe over time and if they continued or got worse then add meds, that gave us 2 extra years of less med expense.

    AUTO-correct is on the Iphones and Ipads, a Surface is an Ipad. What is an Ipad you say? A flat computer screen w no keyboard, the keyboard is part of the screen.

    That reminds me of a sign I once saw posted at a church which said

    ROCK thanks for the opening but my hip is too painful to dance. I see the new sport med doc tomorrow.....yeah....another co-pay to add to the list. They told me to be there a half hour early then I had to sign a consent that if I am late it will cost me $25.00...hummmmm

    Julie you sound like me, so many things rushing through my head that needs doing but no umpf to do it. I made myself clean out the kitchen cupboards today tho and threw out a bunch of stuff I dont want or need. one cupboard looks like it belongs in a pharmacy

    Spring thanks for the welcome back

    Star Im really not a partier, just kidding about my friends and all those dinner parties.
    When they do want to party they always have a theme.

    Regarding your calf cramps, have you ever had your blood magnesium levels checked? I had terrible muscle cramps and my Mg was low, started on supplements and it went away. Just a thought for you to consider

    Did you ever see the movie "Troop Beverly Hills"? Goldy Hawn was in it, and she was the girl scout troop leader for girls that lived in swanky Beverly Hills California. I think they originated glamping
    Hi Grannie glad your fundraiser was a success.

    I may have missed a few but will stop now, my eyes are getting heavy and my head is fogged....Linda
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  6. Granniluvsu

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    Not much time to write here again since I am on a schedule. Our county choral starts up tonight and we have to be there early to pay our dues and get all our music, etc. I need to go finish with dinner and ear and clean up before going.

    In reference to the Gospel Extravaganza last night there was a very arge group with new churches, including us participating. I think there were representatives about 7 or 8 church choirs of all kinds, including our Catholic church. When I have more time I will get my paper and let you know all the different churches, interesting. Most of the directors also did some directing of each piece. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was the 14th year I believe that they had this. They may use the proceeds to go to different charities, I am guessing.

    Nothing to much new here other than RAIN on and off and I hope none got it to terribly heavy such as poore La. has had it the past few days. Awfully flooding.

    DH has his meeting so I should have the computer at least part of the morning. So, will try and get back again. It is so nice to have a busy porch with oldies and newbies here. HI LINDA, STAR and everydobby in between.

    Gotta go and fix dinner.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  7. sunflowergirl

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    Granni: Glad to read it was a big success last night. What did your group sing and did you have a giant join in with everyone or what? Boy, between you and your DH you guys are always on the go.

    Linda: It's been years since I saw Troop Beverly Hills so guess I'll have to order it from the library. Glamping sounds like my kinda of camping now.........I'm sure they must have electrical plugs for heating pads! Come to think of it I believe I saw something really super looking when you go on safari in Africa. I'll keep that in mind! LOL Like who can afford $20 thousand for a safari?

    Barry: It's hot here too! Supposed to be 102 tomorrow. I HATE the heat.

    Rock: How did the square dancing calls start? By the way, my DH and I tried square dancing when we were first was very confusing, and I think I was just sorta pushed and pulled where I was supposed to be. Did YOU square dance?

    The tile guys finished around 1 PM......we were all sweating from the heat but they said I couldn't turn on a fan or the AC because it would cause the grout to dry too quickly. Now I'm waiting for my handyman to come fix the plumbing shut off valves for the clothes washer.....leaking. I'm also going to have him do the new baseboards for the kitchen and laundry. I have a pile of dirty clothes waiting for when he finishes.
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  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Rock - how dashing the couple doing the square dance look! Thanks for posting glamping pics too!!

    Granni - good luck for the next performance ...the Gospel Extravanganza sounds uplifting...I love the rousing, energetic gospel music played nowadays...and hv seen some choirs on utube which took me to another place.

    Julie - yum, the men would love the roast..I would love the potatoes..don't think any more than you hv to about Sis. Whatever has to happen, will, the sooner everything re the estate is over, the better.

    Star - glamping sounds great for the likes of me, a penchant for the great outdoors, but not robust enough to rough it out.

    I say, the third pic Rock posted of glamping, that glamphouse looked better than my house.

    Mikie - aargh, Barb and Julies' SIL...they were put on earth to remind people life is not a bed of roses. My relatives went off gladly to immigrate. They like the fact that here, one can get help in easily (not any more)..but everything else is better there. Especially when one doesn't struggle to get the basic necessities electricity and water.

    Linda - Lucie is such a beauty! I don't wonder at Barry's Shorty drooling over her pic. I'm sorry to hear about the seizures. Those party people sound like my friend...three decades ago. They had to have a party every few weeks, or a picnic or some such. Alas, changing fortunes and also getting older hv put a spanner in that. She still goes for a movie and dinners out with her family and friends. But the days of preparing huge meals and calling people over is gone.

    Sun - you are really very focused and gritty inspite of your health setbacks...! I'm looking at what you go out and do, painting, fixing the house...I was thinking if you and Mikie weren't prevented because of your health you would hv made very result oriented politicians who actually got things done!

    I looked but can't seem to find the pic to post from net...of the flowering trees...the nearest in appearance I could find was the Brazilian had flowers in different colours too. But it looked trifle larger than the tree I meant. This has delicate thin branches spreading out.

    Barry - I can understand Richards anxiety over Shortys feels so helpless sometimes. But so glad they hv something to get the attacks under control. When I was at a farmers market, very crowded place i town, a young teenage boy with a backpack..just crumbled to the ground and started having fits...they had to make sure he didn't bite his tongue..the people around...and there wasn't anything to do...except look.

    I went back later but he had gone..the vegetable vendor I asked said he recovered, got up and left, he said fits was something like that, it just happened and then they got over it..very matter of fact..but I was imagining my son, falling down in a strange place, and unconscious, at the mercy of strangers.and wondered for the millionth time, why? This young boy with his life ahead of him.

    Yesterday was hectic. I went out and got in two of the trees I wanted, one purple blooms one, crimson. Had to have son take me in the Landrover, we had to maneuver the trees, they're like already seven feet, and grown in resin sacks...into the Landrover with the flowering branches at the front and our helper on the middle seat holding on. Slant wise so we could shut the Land rovers back door. My head was inside the branches since I was sitting on the front seat next to son..he was looking at me and laughing. Took a picture with his phone.

    I was just relieved son wasn't was already so hot and the traffic in the morning at 10 am is horrible but I was doing my prayers anyway and surrounding ourselves with white and purple light...the car went smoothly with no traffic hassles...and son serene tho quiet. It was an educational strike so no college for son tho he did hv to go to his intern place where he gets paid luckily. Enough for some pocket money...a number of meals out or some new clothes.

    I got off at a junction and let son return home with the trees..made my way to this temple. It was a special auspicious day so got some blessed water..blessed fruit..

    Came home for a while and then, rushed off to the pranic healing center where the founders (deceased now) birthday was being celebrated....the centre has produced so many new members, I just saw a handful of our batch...people I took the courses with) ...they had a video show of the Founder conducting a talk, talked about rays people of different Rays acted thought differently...then conducted the meditation. There was cake cutting and snacks...after that...we had idli...a South Indian dish..and other snacks. All vegetarian, of course.

    I joined in opened in 2010, and since members hv taken their instructors course and around seven new centers hv opened even including out of the city...opened by members themselves...there's criterias to meet before one can apply for an instructors level course, a certain number of healings, exams etc..

    Here I am, stuck at ground zero...but it's ok..this was my journey. Just having the knowledge and applying it to myself is also a boon.

    It rained in torrents just as I was about to,leave for the place, but I got there before everything started even tho I was late....waiting for the rain to abate a little...was energized enough after that to go and get groceries from the main market...and then headed home.

    Well, see ya all laters...have a good night.

    Love to Diane, Elaine and other MIAs.

    God Bless
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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: what color are the flowers of the tree you're searching for. Try doing a search for flowering trees of Napal or perhaps India, that might give you a clue.

    That's very nice of you to say those kinds things to me. I learned a long time ago I had to be the one to "take the reins" as my DH could just sit back and do nothing. I always said he would have been perfectly happy in a rented apartment, but thankfully he went along with me most of the time. Mikie and I have said in the past that we seem so much alike, same interests, etc. including both of us having to live with PAs.

    You talking about people having seizures, brought to mind a roommate my son had years ago. A very sweet girl....subject to grand mal. She got them from eating a Popsicle from a street vendor down in Mexico. She told my son that if he heard her thrashing around for him to come into her bedroom and hold her down until it passed. He told me once it was kinda tense at times. She eventually got over them but I believe it took at least 3 years of medical treatment.

    My handyman just left....tightened some plumbing, then measured for the baseboards. He said he would buy them next week then drop them off for me to paint, then he would be back to install them along with some crown molding I had him buy almost 2 years ago. I mentioned it to him....he thought I had someone else do it, but I told him he didn't return my calls. Anyway, that will also be done.
  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Busy day, and I was going so strong...until, over the course of the day, three people called to tell me about some things. Pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks. I know what I know what I know...and I can't stand the lying and manipulating. I will be so glad when this stuff is all said and done.

    Anyway, I've tried to read the new posts, but can't really will just say that I am thinking of you all and hopefully tomorrow is a better day.
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  11. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Julie- am very sorry to hear about all the antagonism generated by SIL.
    You are doing a fantastic job and I agree with Mikie and everyone else, you have your priorities right.
    Sometimes it's difficult to disentangle ourselves from the nasty, sticky webs others weave;however, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I hope you are content with your achievements, because I'm sure you are a blessing to all. Dispite health hindrances, you still manage to do a lot more than some healthy people.
    Hang tough Julie.
    Oops gotta go.
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Fellow Porchers

    Slept later this morning. Didn't wake up till almost 3 AM. I just searched for
    "Front Porch". Thought I might get some interesting pictures. Nothing that
    came up on the first page was actually about front porches. I got publications by
    that name, bars, companies that sell fencing and or will remodel your house, etc.
    Then I looked up "Jokes about Porches". Got pages of really long jokes where
    somebody was sitting on a porch. Too long to post here. A couple were mildly funny.

    Julie, sorry to hear about the disturbing phone calls. Can't really think of
    anything to say that is suitable for the board. Do something nice for yourself today.

    Sun, I can't think of any other dances where there's a caller. With most
    dances you just repeat the same steps. Yes, I did lots of dancing when I was a
    teen: square, folk, old fashioned and the latest thing: rock and roll. In the
    summer we had a dance every Friday night at the school gym. Pretty much
    the whole town came. Adults and kids danced. The very young and the very
    old sat on the bleachers. Moms brought popcorn, fudge, cookies, brownies
    which were sold at very modest prices to raise money for the summer recreation

    The other half of the program was that a school bus drove us kids twice
    a week to a nearby town that had a swimming pool. Either Decorah or Cresco
    in Iowa. We always sang on the bus. Classic songs like 99 Bottles of Beer and
    On Top of Old Smokey.

    Barry, Yes, I know you weren't talking about Anthony Trollope. Neither
    was I. I had in mind Tony's cuzin Harry Trollope Wong who was from
    the far eastern branch of the family. Most of his writing was for the
    Shanghai Fortune Cookie Company.

    Springwater, I wouldn't wanna wrestle with 7 foot trees in a car. Gordon
    often has to maneuver and grapple to get his orchids into the car, and
    they are much smaller. I assume your Landrover is topless, yes?

    OK, been here an hour. Worn out. Gotta go.
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Something happened and I woke feeling better. Sometimes, it just happens like that. It may be due to how much I've been resting. I always hate to be so inactive but, when I realize it's my kidney at stake, it puts it all in perspective. The kidney seems to be doing well now and the bleeding has decreased a lot. The pain I had when the stone was blocking it is gone. I feel soooo blessed to have the medical care I have and the skilled doc who did the procedure. I am very grateful. Sir Vester and I slept well. He's such a good little kitty.

    When I talk about the cursed Surface, I'm talking about a laptop with a detachable keyboard so that it can also be used as a tablet. It's not an Apple product but uses the Microsoft operating system. I am actually getting a bit more used to the flat keyboard. I should probably use it more but I keep going back to my workhorse Toshiba laptop with a full keyboard with keys I can feel. I had planned on buying a tablet and thought the Surface would be a good investment so that, when the laptop craps out, I'd be able to use the new one for everything. The new Surface Pros cost $1,300! Yikes! They are supposed to compete with the Ipad notebooks. I paid about half that much, still expensive for a small computer. Now, one can buy laptops, which fold in half and can be used as tablets, for only a couple of hundred dollars. When I do want a tablet, the Surface is great but again, tablets can be had very cheaply now. Oh well, spend and learn.

    Barry, I'm so sorry about the heat. Our heat is no worse than usual for this time of year but the humidity is stifling. Auto correct is like spell check except that it automatically changes words without asking. It can make for some strange messages. My cell phone has it when I text. The phone, however, will offer words as soon as I type a letter or two and all I have to do is click on the word. It's very perceptive and cuts way down on having to try to type on those tiny little squares on the screen keyboard. The Surface, on the other hand, is very stubborn and insists on the words it chooses. If this is artificial intelligence, it's gonna be a real pain! I'm glad Shorty is better. Bless his little heart. How is Slinky doing? Technologically challenged, politically appalled and tired as hell pretty much sums up how I feel too. Well put! Hope you are doing better and keeping cool.

    Linda, I'm glad you didn't have to have your tendon operated on. My bicep tendon snapped in two and, had I not had the surgery, I'd have lost most of the use of my arm. There were two incisions and the doc had to drill into the bone to reattach the tendon to it. The pain when I woke was agonizing. The recovery, including a lot of physical therapy, took six months and a year for it to return to normal. I had to learn to write with my non-dominant had so I could continue to work. The only thing the doc said never to do is to waterski or hang by my arms. I've since read that FMS causes damage to tendons. The doc said mine were in bad condition. Wow! You're a brave woman to tackle the kitchen cupboards. It's nice to have them all clean and organized. I drink Smart Water to get my electrolytes and that has helped to stop my leg cramps. I'm glad Lucie's meds help her. She is so sweet.

    Granni, on the Surface, auto correct insists I spell your name with a "y." I have to fight with it to get my way. I'd think it would store this in it's memory, like my phone does. Sounds as though you and DH are your usual busy selves. I'm glad you get to do so much. Hope you stay cool and that you don't get too much rain. We are getting a rain shower every afternoon/evening. Glad the gospel extravaganza was such a success. Come back when you can sit a spell.

    Sun, I had my shut-off valves replaced on my W&D plumbing. When I got the new ones, I got those heavy-duty hoses which aren't supposed to leak. Living upstairs, I'm always mindful of possible leaking into the unit downstairs. The shut-off valve to my hot water heater is frozen but the valve for the whole unit is just ahead of it so the plumber said just to leave it. If I need work done on the hot water heater, or it leaks, I just have to shut off the main valve. There is so much to know about living in a house or condo. I need to go downstairs to make sure Ilona's DGD and her friend shut off everything before leaving. Yes, grout has to be just right, like cake batter. It's soooo exciting that you are getting the new tiled floors. Can't wait to see a pic.

    Spring, vehicles like the Land Rover are great for hauling. That's what I love about my Highlander. I don't haul nearly as much as I once did. Back in the day, I had a VW Beetle with a sunroof. I hauled so much stuff in it and on it. It looked funny rolling down the road with a big Christmas tree on top. I think invoking light is soooo helpful and healing. I thank you so very much for all your help in dealing with Barb and other issues. She is still mean as a sow but is so diminished physically that she is more pathetic than threatening. She was once what one would call a big strapping woman. She is now shriveled, bent over and gray looking. Despite how horribly she has treated me, I only feel sorry for her and pray for her and her family. Yes, in this country, most of us never have to worry about the necessities of life. There are services for the poor and homeless but they suffer a lot. Many of the homeless suffer from mental and addiction issues. Crime is also a problem in areas of poverty. Still, it's nothing like what has happened in your area with the EQs and political upheaval. You are a real survivor and I admire you.

    Julie, I hope what Sis has been up to comes to an end soon. I'm sure that no one who knows her believes anything she says. The problem with people like her and Barb is that, even when things are relatively quiet, you know they are out stirring up trouble. They are like boils on the ass of mankind. They lie apparently dormant but erupt when they can't contain their toxic sickness any longer. I know how that anxiety feels and I pray this mess is over soon for you. Use prayer and ask for protection from her. I keep you in my prayers and ask God to protect you.

    Star, come back when you can stay.

    Rock, ah yes, those school dances. Brought back some fond memories. We always had a good time at ours. I liked the little middle school sock hops as much as the Senior High School Homecoming dances and proms. We had several aspiring singers and bands which entertained us. They were good but only one band, The Astronauts, made it nationally with a hit song. We were all friends with them. Our Senior Prom was held in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at the Univ. of Co. campus. We thought we were so grown up and sophisticated. I look at pix and realize we were just babies who knew nothing. Life has a way of changing that! When I was in elementary school, we had Saturday programs and one was dancing. I loved the square dancing and folk dancing. Of course, once Rock 'n Roll came along, it took over everything. I still liked slow dancing at the school dances. Thanks for the memories.

    OK, gotta leave this W&P post. The more our Porchies visit, the longer my responses get but I sure am glad to see everydobby here posting. An active Porch is good for what ails us.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    I'm back!
    Just looked at my last , rather rushed post.
    At the end it said 'but but'... This was changed (auto correct) from bbl. thought I'd best fix it.

    Did I mention I finally took the time to colour my hair?
    I couldn't complain too much about the result as my sister, residing on the other side of Australia coloured hers at the same time and she came out a rather striking 'orange-head'... Ok can't contain it. I'm gonna complain ,(just not to her).

    What is the Point in going through all that rigmarole , on my own, to colour hair, If it doesn't even cover the grey?
    In fact, if anything, it serves to highlight it!
    DH thinks this is hilarious. Un-be-Liev- able.
    Hair has lightened and grey looks as though it's been intentionally (dare I say it?), been coloured that way and located on purpose, at the fringe!
    Like a fashion statement!
    What can I say?

    I Suppose it is slightly amusing.

    Unfortunately, it could take a while before I locate the energy to try and fix it.
    Also, I'm a little worried about putting more colour and chemicals on top of this disaster.
    Surprisingly though, it didn't dry my hair out. ( really that should've been a clue in itself).

    My friend and I visited this new joint called 'retro flex' the other day.Pretty sure I mentioned it.
    Trying to describe it ,is somewhat challenging and I'm not sure if any of you guys have seen these places before.
    The place consists of about 7 different massage-type tables and you work your way through.
    The first one is a bit of a muscle warm up, the next one is like the old do-the-bicycle exercise,(you know when you lay on your back and move your legs round and round)...Others work on the lower back and shoulders.
    The last one is meant to shake the toxins out of you.

    Yeah, I did think it was a gymic and laughed when my friend tried to explain it to me, but I think I've Actually been won over...
    Now, I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm going to exercises, ( my friend does and I turned Crimson, I might add, when she announced it to company), but it definately helps loosen me up.
    I'm considering another visit, maybe tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the pointers- I do actually take magnesium and calcium combo, which helps, but muscular aches and pains are an every day occurance for me, none the less.
    The last couple of days it's felt as if my calf muscles are being grabbed.
    A muscle relaxant at night helps, but I try not to have them during the day, if I can help it.

    Thanks Rock for the glamping pics.I agree, you are very resourceful.
    I would most certainly, thoroughly enjoy glamping, I'm sure.

    Worked on another school cake project with our remainder, youngest son after school.
    The book he read featured bank robbers among other things ,so we,
    (when I say 'we' , I mean mostly I), copied an animated pic off the internet, of a masked burglar And a bag of cash.
    It's amazing what you can learn on you tube.
    And it's a really good thing to be able to look things back up again when you forget!

    Like how to braid my daughter's, butt length hair, for school photos.
    Don't ask me how to do it now, but thanks to you tube and uncharacteristicly cooperative fingers, it turned out pretty good.
    So much so, that my mil was surprised when my Treasure credited me for it, when She asked.
    Ah success at something...

    Barry, we currently have too many ferrets! & they are making more!
    Yes, they are great little hunters and many farmers around here would welcome them, in order to reduce some of the rabbit population, providing of course, they aren't left behind, to later sneak into the chicken coop. I'm guessing that's why they're not permitted over there?

    Mikie-Would it be safe to assume that Barb's husband was her balance?
    Eigther way, there's no excuse for being mean. Sorry you've copped it in such a big way. I'm also glad you get a bit of a break from her for a few months. Thanks for filling me in.

    Uh oh. Phone is nearly flat, so best be off.

    Wish you all well. And will catch up with all of the porch crew hopefully tomorrow.
    Catch yas later
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends. You all are so kind...more than I deserve. I fell asleep later than I wanted to last night and woke up later than I would like...with a raging tension headache. A meeting later this week should help... and we will be that much closer to getting things over and done with.

    It's already too hot out for me, but I still have outside work to do. Would say that I am looking forward to cooler weather (and I am) but that means we will be that much closer to the wicked winter weather, where we can't do a lot outdoors (or in the new house, unless we have our heating source taken care of.)

    Anyway, I'm going to get off here and try to get things done. Thanks again, for your encouraging words. Sometimes I get to a point where I actually start believing maybe the lies about me are to come here and see kindness, well that is a blessing.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning Dear Porchies !!

    Have so much to do today and I thought I could have time to really do some posting but not much as usual these days it seems. Plus I woke up late which didn't help matters. So running on backwards today or right now. Will be going tomorrow for late lunch at DD's who is trying to sell her home and move to the Hill Country here in TX. I do not blame her and if we were younger and had more $ maybe we would have. The twins are off to college (two different ones, of course) on Thursday so we are meeting the day before for lunch. The other DD is bringing potato salad and I am bringing shrimp for appetizer and a green salad. DD in Houston and her DH will be grilling something. She didn't tell me what as she didn't know not to long ago. I suppose she does now as it is almost time to visit. Those boys surely did grow up fast, maybe to fast. However, nowadays they all seem to grow up much to fast for many reasons. Who knows when I will see them again especially with DD planning on move if she ever sells her house.

    JULIE - I am so sorry that woman is constantly giving you grief over the estate and otherwise. She is one greedy mixed up mess. I hope she gets her due one day, what she really deserves. Try and not think of it to much but that is very hard to do I know. Keep on hanging in there kiddo.

    Sorry I cannot write to all again today. I need to get off the porch and order one of my supplements that is on sale right now. It is usually never on sale and is expensive. I don't need it now but if I can save $10 or so it is worth it. Then I need to start chopping or slicing veggies for tomorrows salad for tomorrow. Tonight going out with DD close by to celebrate her 4 yr free of Ca yesterday. We would have gone yesterday but I had chorale practice last night.

    Everydobby, sorry I cannot write a long post to you all but am thinking of you. BTW, pray for my friend who lives in Illinois son and DIL who live in the Baton Rouge area was one of probably many who had massive flooding in their homes and had to be evacuated. That is so very sad.:( One of these days I hope I can get on the computer and really write like I used to be able to. Thanks to you all for writing such great posts about yourselves. It takes my mine of me and my problems for awhile. I will try and get back tomorrow in between my chopping. Need to go order my supp. that is on sale. Thinking of you awl.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Home again, home again, ready to drop. Good grief! I have no endurance. :(The shower and drying my hair took a lot of my NRG. In the store, I got a couple of waves of nausea and weakness so came right home. I had to take my garbage down and pick up my mail. The recycle stuff can wait. The phone number I have for one of the friends I wanted to ask to the luncheon is no longer valid so I walked over and left a note on her door. Good thing she is close to the dumpster.

    The mail contained the new House Beautiful my DD subscribes to for me. It took about 10 mins. from cover to cover and I'm ready to pass it on. The hot new trend, according to them, is color, color, color, including bright bubble gum pink that even a teenage girl would reject. AAACCCKKK!!! :confused: I kept paging through saying, "Hideous, hideous, hideous," each time I turned a page. I did like the peacock blue they featured on a couple of pages. Blue is my favorite color. I have a flat rich Wedgewood blue on my bedroom walls. It absorbs the light, making it an ideal place for a nap during the day. Thank goodness there was also a Vanity Fair. That will keep my pea brain occupied. I started the new book. Haven't really gotten hooked yet but I just got going.

    Speaking of peacocks, my pashmina came. It is gorgeous! :) There is a peacock woven in a beautiful design in tan, brick, maroon and gold on a black background. It will go with soooo many things. It is of wonderful quality. I think it had been on sale for $12--originally $30 or $40. It could easily have sold for twice the original price. It qualified for Prime shipping so it was free to ship. They would make beautiful gifts. I think there were also solid colors in every shade under the sun.

    Star, ah, adventures in hair coloring. I just get cheap Clairol hair coloring kits. They dye all my hair, including the gray. Problem is that the blond colors my hair a pinkish brown for two weeks until it turns a nice blond. The white roots grow out so fast that I have to use Joan Rivers' hair powder to darken the roots. I haven't colored it recently because I've had my hands full with the whole kidney thing. Now, I'm too tired to try. Also, the hair is still a bit dried out and I'd hate to make it worse by coloring it. I didn't realize anesthesia could do that. Yes, You Tube is wonderful. It saved me a bundle on physical therapy. There are doctors and therapists showing the exact same exercises and stretches as I paid for in the past. The retro-flex sounds interesting. It's amazing what helps us and, if it helps, I say, "Go For It!" BTW, Barb's husband was an angry man and not well liked in the hood. Sending wishes for lots of NRG for you to keep up with those wonderful Treasures of yours.

    Julie, you deserve only the best and nothing less. OMG! Don't ever doubt that! Realize just how sick sis is and don't ever let her make you doubt yourself. We know the truth and we know just what a wonderful person you are. Hang in there, Sweetie, and it will be over. Again, pray for protection from her and I'll do the same. We all love you.

    Granni, you are a whirlwind! I try to be but can't keep it up. Whine, whine, whine! I'm glad you get to enjoy life. It's important to do that. I am definitely going to try to get to TX to see the kids. I'm hoping the CO kids can join us there. Evidently, DD has a huge house and room for us all. The Hill Country in TX is beautiful, especially in the spring when all the wildflowers that Lady Bird Johnson had planted are in bloom. NC also has acres and acres of wild flowers along the roads. Hope you get everything done and don't end up pooped like me.

    Gotta run. Hope all y'all have a wonderful rest of the day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    For all of us...

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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I think I'm over the top "fatigued"....... I'm going to bed an ice back on my neck and my low back and a heat pack on my stomach. Guess I'm covered! I hate this body!

    Julie: I'm assuming sis has been a pain? I would tell you refuse to answer the phone and don't read her text messages. She can't get to you unless you let her in.......
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    As we all know from our study of quantum physics and 20 ways to use
    vinegar around the house, all worlds must eventually intersect. Yesterday
    the world of the Olympic Games intersected with the world of Harry Potter.

    I was surprised to learn the Olympic games include something called a
    bicycle points race. Wikipedia says, "This race can be one of the more confusing
    races to watch for less familiar viewers." Or as J. K. Rowling put it, Don't you
    tell me dare tell me Quidditch is hard to understand."

    Rolling also says her last name is pronounced Rolling. When she was
    teaching her students sometimes referred to her as Rolling Stone.

    Julie, thanks for the inspirational quote. I looked on the net to find the source,
    but all I could find was "Unknown". I'm pretty sure, however, that neither of
    our Presidential candidates said it.

    Sun, sounds like your remodeling/fix it project is coming along nicely.
    I know what you mean about the frustration of an unruly body. My
    wayward mind woke me up this morning with another claustrophobic dream.
    Very scary; very annoying.

    Mikie, your Wedgewood Blue bedroom sounds very soothing. I wonder it would
    be even more so if you used real Wedgewood. James Burke said in one of his
    documentaries that Josiah Wedgewood was a shrewd promoter. His most
    popular tableware was called Queen's Ware. Customers could tell themselves
    they dined like royalty.

    The Queen in question, BTW was England's Charlotte. She was married to King
    George III who ruled England during our Revolutionary War.

    Hi Star. I was wondering about that "but,but". Thought maybe it was more
    Aussie slang. That retro fix sounds like a gym. Is it just tables rather than
    weight machines, etc? A table doesn't sound very comfortable. Is it padded?
    That reminds me I used to go to a gym when I was young and healthy. I
    saw a young fellow there one day, probably around 20. He snapped his
    fingers as he moved from one machine to the next. The owner told me he
    was blind. The echo feedback from the snaps enabled him to find his way.

    Linda, do you have to restrict the use of one arm? Has the bicep improved?
    Haven't thought of Goldie Hawn for a long time. I thought she won an Oscar
    for her first movie. Just checked. Nope, Wikipedia says it was her third.
    Some folks won on their first outing though: Julie Andrews, Shirley Booth,
    Gale Sondegaard. You can tell Sondegaard had a Norwegian heritage from
    that double "aa". Of course she was from Minnesota. She turned down the
    role of the Wicked Witch in Oz. Ray Bolger was once asked about residuals
    from that film. He said, "They didn't have them in those days. But we
    got immortality," or words to that effect.

    Springwater, just read the biography of Alan Arkin. He was obsessed
    with acting from the time he was a child, he says. He talked quite
    a bit about meditation and his study of Eastern thought and
    Buddhism. In addition to acting he directed many plays.

    Diane, Hope you and Kevin and the kitties are OK. Hi to Barry and Granni.

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