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    Hi Kids

    Be right back. (I'm using Mikie's strategy.

    Time for an old fashioned Hoe Down.

    Bow to your partner. Wave to your pal.
    Do si do with that pretty gal.

    Chickens in the garden. Cows are in the hay.
    Ladies to the center; sash and sway.

    Ladies to the center. Watch your step.
    Now go back. Let's see some pep.

    Not too fast and not too slow.
    Cross the center and do-si-do.

    Gents to the center. Form an arch.
    Ladies go through in a dainty march.

    Circle the ring. No need to run.
    Now all go home. Our dance is done.


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  2. lydia1

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    Hi Rock...I've really missed your calls...thanks! Impossible to read the words without doing it in "square dance mode", lol! I'll post on here so this volume will be at the top again. And where on earth did you find a picture of my farm ;)

    Today was sort of a weird day...I was working along, hoping to get a lot done today...when there was a knock on my door. It was my nearest Amish neighbor and her three little girls. Lorene was wanting to use my computer...she's looking for a used spinning wheel. Then she was looking for certain sheep breeders, and alpaca breeders (for the wool and fleece.)

    I tried to keep the girls entertained (Grandma Julie has lots of toys on hand, plus coloring books, etc. and I had actually baked twice this week) and keep folding laundry, etc. while we visited. Lorene wasn't sure how to find different sites, so I would stop and help her with that. I guess I could have fixed lunch, but didn't think about the time....they were here from a little after 10:00 till almost 1:30!

    Then Den got home shortly after 2:00 so I gave in and took a nap with him...woke up to him and his friend, Fred, talking. So...I didn't get much done. Will put supper in the oven and hope to salvage the day, lol...although it was nice to visit with my neighbor.

    I plan to stay home again tomorrow, then get my hair done on Thursday morning. Then will drop Oreo off at the vet for her Rabies shot and have them look her over for fleas...while I go see my dad. At least that's the plan, lol!

    Oh, our little Susan...apparently the blood patch didn't work (this is the third one) and she is still in lots of pain from the spinal headache. So they were going to schedule the myelogram (with the dye injected into her spine, to see where it is leaking spinal fluid.) There are lots of side effects listed with that test...just hope it helps more than causes more problems.

    I found the Memphis hospital phone number and called the gift shop to order her some flowers and a balloon...just a very few minutes later, I got a thank you text from Susan. So, she knows our family is thinking of her...

    I'd better get off the computer and get busy...sorry, I didn't go to the last volume and reread. Judy, it was good to hear from you. I'm sorry for your daughter's surgery, but glad it went well.

    Take care, everyone...I'll check in tomorrow.
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    JULIE - Just got off FB and had seen s Susan who has her flowers and balloons and was so happy to receive them. What a lovely thought. So sorry she is still such awful pain. I feel so bad for her. How funny that Lorene ( that was my friends name that passed away years ago but not spelled that way) is somewhat into computers but needed info a spinning wheel, etc. You can't escape them, all these gadgets no matter how hard you try.

    MIKIE, et al - Yes, when I went over to DD's both of those little male kitties were in the make shift cave they made for them self behind the litter box. Hard to see them esp the dark one but they were both crouched down under the bar area which is part of their kitty playpen for awhile, at least at night. After awhile my DSIL went and got them and we petted them and they seemed content but curious. BTW, guess what they are now named - Waylon and Willie ( of C and W fame). I had Waylon that decided he was going to jump off my lap and go take a look around. We are keeping a close eye right now as I am not sure they are little box trained yet. She , my friend used to bring them out with mama cat sometimes I think. So hope they will learn quickly and may have used it some. Not sure how much she kept track since she had a bunch of kitties and cats at her house. Willie the white one with some black spots was quite comfy on DD's lap being petted so he didn't leave till after I left to go home. Later on DD sent me a pic with both of them on the couch with DD still holding Willie and petting Waylon on the couch next to them, too funny. So far they seem to be doing well with their new surroundings. DD was going to call the vet, a friend of mine from choir who has been a vet for years and a very good one for checkups, get rid of fleas, shots, etc. They will be indoor kitties but they have been outside some and we have seem fleas on at least the white kitty that is easy to spot. I'm sure they are on Wayon too.

    ROCK - Thanks for starting up the new post. My post to Judy and others was at the end of the last volume.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Had a nap, started two new books, and snacked on a peanut butter sandwich. The nap
    and the sandwich were very good. One of the books was terrible, and one was very promising.
    The author of the latter is prolific. I am putting another of his on hold.

    Which reminds me, Barry. Gordon told me to ask if you have read any books by Peter
    Tremayne. The book bio says he is an authority and writer on the history of the Celts
    in Ireland. In the present he writes mystery novels about same. Lives in London. I have
    not sampled his work myself.
    Back again. I wrote the above this afternoon. Now it's evening. The computer keeps
    freezing up, going on strike, and generally acting like a dysfunctional Rube Goldberg machine.
    Granni, you're right. These machines drive us crazy, but still we cling to them. That's very
    nice of your group to help your ailing pianist.

    Mikie, when I grew up in America's heartland the saying about corn was that you wanted
    it "Knee high by the 4th of July". "As high as an elephant's eye", of course, is from the
    musical Oklahoma. I read they had a lot of trouble filming the opening scene where
    Gordon MacRae rode through the field of corn.

    Oklahoma isn't really a corn growing state anyway. Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Illinois
    all grow more corn. Almost every state does except for those tiny, tiny original 13 colonies.
    Too many hills.

    In response to your question, Gordon has had several favorite hair stylists over the decades.
    One of the beauty schools went outta business a few years ago. He always finds a student
    with a friendly personality and clever hands.

    Julie, nice of you to provide some modern entertainment for the Amish girls. If the Amish
    are not careful, they are going to find themselves gradually slipping into the 20th century.
    Glad you liked the square dance call. Yes, to get the full effect you have to read to the beat of
    square dance music. (Lots of square, folk, and ethnic dancing on Youtube, of course.) I
    often recycle the calls from ones I wrote years ago, but this one was newly minted.

    So that is a picture of your farm. I was wondering. Thought that might be you behind
    the cow.

    Gotta go, Kids
    Hugs, Rock
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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    It's always a good morning when I get a real newspaper. I could go back to getting them every day but it's expensive. This way, I appreciate the ones I get on Wed. and Sun. even more. I've gotten used to reading the rest of the week online. It's nice not to have so much paper to recycle.

    Doc's nurse called back yesterday and said the doc wants me off everything for the kidneys. She had seemed alarmed when I told her all the side effects, especially when I told her that when I went to make coffee, I couldn't remember how. I'm doing better each day since I've been off the supps. I got the new mattress cover laundered and put on the bed. It felt so good to climb into a nice fresh bed after my bath last evening. I like the feel of the new cover. I got the rest of the laundry done too. Despite the delays from visiting with neighbors, I managed to get something done. I'm resting easier now that I know Nancy has a bed to sleep in the night before I take her and Bob to the airport.

    I'm copying each paragraph here as I go in the hopes I won't lose anything.

    Rock, thanks for starting a new Porch. Love the square dance call. I wonder if square dance calling is the forerunner of rap. I wonder how a gangsta rapper would do calling a square dance. I did close out the Porch before the last one only four days before that. We are now going through new ones every four days. I'm thrilled to see us all stopping in. I don't know what I'd do without this wonderful place to come to visit with my wonderful family here. I haven't seen Oklahoma nor South Pacific on stage but loved both movies. Of course I was citing lines from Cockeyed Optimist from SP. I used to sing that song in the shower. I'll check out Tremayne. I am fascinated by old Celtic mystery. Must be my Irish bones. I loved reading the Outlander series about a nurse in the 40's who touches a stone in one of the stone circles and is transported back to 1700's Scotland. It has a huge following and has been made into a series on cable but I don't get that channel. Glad you had a good nap and snack.

    Julie, we had similar days yesterday. Instead of one diversion, I had four from various friends here but not as long as your diversion. If I saved SV's fur I comb out of him, I could send it to your Amish neighbor to be spun. It is coming out in clumps as he molts in this hot weather. He spends more time out on the lanai now and I think that is causing him to shed. I have little clumps all over the carpet. I'm so sorry for Susan's being in so much pain. I hope the hosp. can help her. That was so sweet of you to send the flowers and balloon. My balloon is still up, floating over SV's little bottle brush arch. They last forever. My hair is in need of a trim job but I've just not wanted to tackle it. I'd rather do that than go to the salon though. I'll wait til I can stand it no longer and trim it.

    Granni, what fun playing with those kittens. They need a lot of handling so they won't be skittish. Most mama kitties teach the kittens to use the litterbox when they are still nursing. Those seven kittens Nancy had were getting in the box and scratching when they were only about three or four weeks old. It wasn't long before they were actually using it as a toilet. There is nothing cuter than kittens and puppies. I hope Heaven is full of them. It wouldn't be Paradise without them. I love the names. We once had Tommy and Dickie, named for the Smothers Brothers whom we all adored. I can't imagine Sylvester's having any other name since he is a dead ringer for the cartoon cat. So glad you had fun with the new babies.
    DOF called to say one of his grandsons is getting married in Oct. over on Sanibel Island. I'm glad they are doing it here so he won't have to travel because it's gotten so hard for him to get around. I told him about my new grand nephew and we realized that good things are happening with the younger generations now. We have good things when we are young, our kids have good things happen when they are young and, just when we are having some not-so-good things happen, our grandkids start having good things happen. As was said in the movie, the circle of life.

    Hope good things are happening in everydobby's life. It helps us balance out the other stuff we deal with.

    Love, Mikie


    This is really small. The white kitty looks like Tweety and the B&W one on the upper left looks just like SV.
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  6. springwater

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    Mikie - how did they get all those puddy cats to sit still? We seem to be having some nocturnal cats, they make a fearsome racket with their shrieking and squalling..blood curdling for those with a weak heart like myself. I don't like high pitched noises.

    So sorry to hear of your DDs skin issue. So worrying for a parent. You are so brave and stoic.

    Yes, what would a heaven without cats and dogs be like? A tad drab. I'm hoping there will be a book corner like the one above in my part of heaven. And my brand of Indian tea to sip while reading. . Our gurus wouldn't approve, they advocate letting go of attachments in any form, to climb higher in soul evolution but heck, I can't help hoping they will make allowances for these things and mushroom dumplings, if possible.

    Julie - hiya to you and farm and your cows, lol! Sorry to hear about Lyndsey and Susan. I honestly thought this was before. How much the little Susan goes thru. She needs a posse of guardian and healing angels by her side at all times, I'm thinking. Not unlikely her horde of health issues are an outcome of her experience of sexual abuse. I pray all here and their dear ones get healing.

    Rock - what were the people at the hair salon smoking? Stranger than strange. I too always feel apprehensive hair into the hands of someone new. I once in a fit of madness decided to do away hip length hair and got it cut to above my shoulders in one fell swoop. The results were not flattering to say the least. I secretly thought I looked like a fierce Vietnamese guerrilla, those times they used to come on Newsweek covers, posing in wooden boats and holding machine guns.. I paid a fortune too at this five star hotel salon. What a fiasco! But I grew into the hairstyle once it got a little longer.

    Granni - lots of entertainment for you and your folks now. Acrobatics; circus, I envy you. Hv you seen your other DDs house in Texas hill country? Will you visit?

    Judy V - good to see you drop in...I keep your DD in my prayers. I think PH members must be the bravest persons in the much we endure in addition go our own issues with CFS.

    I've not been doing anything interesting. It's been raining. I don't mind, since I'm indoors. I did go out and treat myself to a nice ice cream on way back home. I went to get doggie treats. And go stretch my.legs and senses. Being cooped up for long makes my brain cobwebby. I'm reading lots of books which I picked up. But they're all the kind only Mikie will like. A book on water and it's healing powers by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Life among the dead...psychic Lisa Williams...and so on...

    I saw online that yet another bunch of private conversations late Diana..princess of wales had with her voice coach is gonna be broadcast on British TV. The British cannot get enough of her. I used to worry about those little princes but how well they've turned out as young men. Nothing like their high strung dramatic mum.
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    Mornin', Kids

    Not much of interest to report. Gordon took some plants to some of the folks in his
    origami class. One of the plants was the mother in law tongue. One site says it is the
    perfect plant for beginners. You can ignore it most of the time. Not only beautiful, but
    is has flowers and will "remove benzene and formaldehyde from your home". AKA the
    snake plant. One of ours flowered a couple years ago. A white flower, I think.

    Mikie, how much is the Sunday paper in your neck of the woods? Gordon told me a couple
    years ago the LA Times is now $2. Seems like only yesterday it was 50 cents. Not only that,
    it was 4 times larger. The black and white cat you posted not only looks like SV, it looks
    like our resident cat. She is really heavy. I don't dare try to pick her up, but I bet she
    weighs at least 15 pounds. (Ooops! I had to change lbs. to pounds since a lab is a dog. Ha Ha.)
    Nice of you to take Nancy to the airport. And if there is an emergency and a pilot is needed,
    you'll be right there.

    Springwater, I don't know what the folks at the beauty school were smoking. Maybe they
    were just inhaling the cloud of incompetence that seems to lie all around nowadays. And, of
    course, there are a lot of chemicals at a beauty parlor. Illustrating that the desire for beauty
    can sometimes be deadly, there was yet another butt enhancement story in the news that
    proved fatal.

    I suspect the cat picture is a montage. I remember reading the bio of a film director not long
    ago. Can't remember which one. Anyhoo he got his start directing montage sequences that
    were inserted in films directed by others. Hard to picture you looking fierce, but I suppose
    holding a machine gun would help.

    Hugs Sun, Barry, Granni, Julie, Diane, Star, Judy, GB

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  8. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing okay so far today. Sorry I can't stay long...I am determined to make the most of my last day home...errands and hair appt. Thursday and Friday, then Amy and girls will be here over the weekend, then Keira will stay till mid-week next week.

    Gonna post a pic of our birthday boy...Josiah is three years old already! I called and sang Happy Birthday to him. Also, a year ago, Clinton had his pacemaker put in...seems he still has good days and bad days...with his heart and his diabetes. But we're glad he's still with us...he is so good to the girls and to Amy.

    Sounds like Susan had a very rough night at the hospital. She thinks they are going to do the mylogram today, to determine where the spinal fluid leak is. I think if she had someone there to advocate for her, things might happen a little faster down just floors me that at least one of her parents isn't by her side 24/7. Yes, Springwater, I agree with you about the sexual abuse and have talked to her about that very thing. She does see a counselor and they are working on that, but these medical setbacks throw things way off...a viscious cycle.

    Anyway, thinking of you all...take care!


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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - What a cute birthday boy. Happy Birthday to Josiah and I see he is busy fixing things just like Gpa Den. I can't stay and have been on the computer already to long but will try and get back later on. DH wants us to go work out after he gets back from the bank.

    Hope they can help Susan . Poor kid has so much pain and all and that has got to be awful trying to hold down a job esp with all she has had to deal with, like uncaring parents or very misguided ones.

    SPRING WATER - Just an ice cream cone can help you to feel a little better once in awhile. Wish I could have one :)! Keep on reading if the weather is bad for you. The books sound interesting but not sure how much of it I could really read and understand. Or should I say not sure how much concentration I would have to do so.

    Just finished my green drink and so have to g brush my teeth and wash my NB cup.

    DD says the kitties slept well last night without a fuss. Guess they are feeling comfy. Will go check them out later again,

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. Not much to say, except it's TOO DAMN HOT!.. 107 yesterday. Hard with no a/c, but most folks around here don't have 'em. Usually wouldn't need them that much. Another scorcher is in store for today, and then a gradual cooling down. The heat wipes me out....:(. Well. I'm wiped out anyways nearly all the time, so it goes.....

    Rock, tell Gordon thanks for the tip on Peter Tremayne! I like historical mysteries, and most things Irish, so have requested the first in the Sister Fedelma series. If I like it I can read the next 28 books! Ireland in the 7th century.... Rock, nice pic of "Mother-in-law's tongue" , aka snake plant, aka Sansevieria (botanic Latin name). M-in L's tongue because the sides are sharp! I've had a number of species, but think I only have two remaining; one is S. cylindrica (round leaves, sharp points, and another obscure little guy that was supposed to have come from Socotra, but I think that origin has been disputed. It bloomed twice this year, very fragrant at night.

    Sprigwater, I love the painting you posted! It is so cozy and comfy looking. Who is the artist? I can't quite make it out...

    Julie, I am sending your Susan the most positive thoughts I can, and wish her soon to be feeling better. What a long period of pain the poor lass has had to endure.

    Mikie, hello, hello, hello! How do you lose posts? My machine pops up a little "draft saved" after every paragraph or so. I am happy for that! Missing so many people -- Star, Diane, et al. Time to start recruiting, I think. :rolleyes:

    Love to all,
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I felt so well and hopped in the shower. I decided to just scrunch my hair and blow it naturally. I don't especially like my curly mop but wasn't in a mood to style it. I got dressed and wham! I got the lie-down-or-fall-down wave of exhaustion. I actually didn't lie down but did sit down. It feels as though I'm having a small Herx-like reaction to the AVs. Yesterday, I felt all hot and sweaty. Today, it's the diarrhea. Now, I just feel a bit lightheaded and out of it.

    Spring, I agree with Rock that those kitties are likely a montage. Your little slice of Heaven in the pic would fit perfectly inside the little Heavenly cottage I saw in my dream. I actually think that we lose our desire for earthly things once we pass. It's hard to believe anything could take the place of a big slice of chocolate cake though. I can't imagine your not looking good in any hairdo but I am laughing at the thought of your being all fierce, riding in a gun boat with a machine gun slung over your shoulder. Thanks for the laugh and thanks for your kind good wishes for my DDs.

    Rock, our Sunday newspaper is $2.00. I don't think I save all that much over buying it at the store; however, subscribing to it every day would save money over buying it at the store. I just don't want to deal with it daily and I save about $10 a month over a daily subscription by reading it online. My subscription includes the online version. Newspaper readership and TV news show viewing are both up this year. Think I posted that when my ex's DGM died, she didn't have much but I asked for her MIL plant. It didn't die and didn't grow except that it put out a new leaf every year on the anniversary of her death. I had it for years but think I left it when I move out of the house. I never pictured your little B&W kitty as heavy. Wild kitties are usually trim. SV has gotten bigger and heavier since living inside. He used to weigh nothing. I don't think he ate that much either when he lived outside. He stayed under cars most of the time. He has all kinds of treats and gourmet food here. Kitty Paradise.

    Julie, it breaks my heart to think of all Susan is going through. It is even sadder that her parents treat her like they do. Our children are precious. God bless you for being so kind to her. Wow, Josiah is three already. Hard to believe it. Nice pic. All your GKs are so cute. I'm praying for Susan, Lindsey and for you and the rest of your gang and that you are safe on the road.

    Barry, so good to see you here. My old computer used to crash and I'd lose posts. I also get the 'draft' pop up but, when the old computer crashed, I would lose the whole thing. With this new computer, if my hands brush the touchpad, it causes the paragraph I'm on to highlight. If I then hit a key, the whole paragraph goes away. As fast as I type, it happens before I know it. So, I'm trying to type more slowly and I'm saving each paragraph. At times, the whole post will highlight. That's scary. I'm still getting used to this. I'm sorry it's so gawd awful hot there. Our A/C runs all day but it's not unbearable outside right now. Rock and I have invited new members here but we haven't had any take us up on it. I miss those we've lost. Hope you can cool down. Run cold water on your wrists, put your feet in a tub of cold water or put a cold cloth on the back of your neck. Mom's old remedies for hot weather.

    My lymph nodes are really swollen and my allergy, or whatever virus, symptoms are bad. No wonder I feel like crap. Gonna take an AV and an allergy pill. Think I'll also take some acetaminophen because I'm achy. I was achy last evening. Somehow, I'll get this place whipped into shape or, at least, the parts my kids use whipped into shape. Always a Plan B.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hey gang...looks like I will be going to Tennessee. Lindsey is getting worse...I'm wondering if she may need to go have a D & C, but right now maybe all she needs is total bedrest. Her MIL is a big help, but Lindsey asked me to go down...I don't know how I can tell her "no". This is my little girl and I don't think she would ask unless she was really feeling bad.

    I'll be busy tomorrow, getting food bought and cooked for Den...then I'll go down on Friday. I'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts...
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Doesn't Lindsey have sister in laws down there who can help? And you said she's got a good church. She MUSt learn to ask them before asking you to make that hard drive. You're going to be wiped out. Unless you tell her how tired you are she won't know. The problem with all of us is it's hard to say NO.

    Trying hard to deal with STRESS at my house. Can't go into it. And the humidity is hard with the COPD I deal with. Wish it was cooler for all of us.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - So sorry for your stress and heat and COPD sweetie. Hang in there. Thanks for at least popping in to let us know how you are , even if not feeling to well at the moment. God bless you too and hope you don't get to feeling worse. Pop in when you can.

    JULIE - Sun is right but I know it is very hard for you to say NO. You are so used to driving a lot and so can probably do it even under stress. I could never do it and could never make the drive so I don't even think I can do it. Good luck, prayers your way and hope you can hold up trying to take care of her and all those babies (young ones). I am sure knowing you no one could even talk you out of it. Stay well and hope Linds gets better soon too. Have a safe trip sweetie and try and not get sick yourself, if that is possible. Stay safe and sell and I need to get off here. Get back soon and safe !!

    Lo ve to everydobby,
    Granni :):)
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Checking in before I go to bed. Update on our Susan...they discharged her today, without doing the myelogram to check for spinal fluid leak...even though she still has a headache. Told her if her head is still hurting by Monday to come back and they would do the test as outpatient. I just don't understand...if it has something to do with her insurance or what.

    Sun, I'm so sorry about the stress...not good for pain, fatigue, anything.

    About her mom, I feel like I should go. I want to be there for her. Yes, she has two sister-in-laws but they both work full-time and aren't available to help when Lindsey would need it the most. And, yes, church people can be a great help, but she wants her mama. David's mom is there as much as she can be, but I'm sure is pretty worn out, herself. My mom was never able to help me out, and truthfully I didn't want her around that much because she ended up being in worse shape than I to have my daughters want my help, it will be worth getting exhausted.

    Lindsey apparently had the miscarriage sometime last week, and has tried to manage...but now she wants/needs her mommy, and I wouldn't dream of telling her no.

    Thank you for your concern....I know you and others do care and worry...we worry about each other. But here I've been griping about Susan not having an advocate or someone to take care of her...see what I'm saying?

    So, I'm doing some extra cooking for the way, I tried a new quick bread recipe with zucchini, carrots and apple in it. Very good warm...I just had two slices with butter. It has a cream cheese glaze type topping, but I doubt it really "needs" it. Waiting for it to cool, so I can wrap the loaves...I bet it will taste even better tomorrow or the next day. Trying to keep home baked stuff on hand...for Den and for his worker, Brigan.

    Anyway...I'd better get off here. Thinking of you all...

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm praying for all of us. Seems we are all having more problems than usual right now between illness and heat. We barely manage as it is without extra problems.

    Julie, I've already sent up a prayer for Lindsey in addition to the ones I've been saying for her and Susan. I understand that you want to be there for her. If it were my DD, I'd want to be there too. Your bread sounds good. Maybe when you come home and have time, you could post the recipe. Did you put nuts in it? I like quick bread baked in my bread machine. I'm asking St. Christopher and your guardian angels to ride with you. Be safe.

    Sun, I've been wondering where you were. I'm so sorry your COPD is acting up. I have it but only a mild case. I wonder whether that is why my lung sometimes hurts when my allergies are bad. I hope that nasty heat and humidity goes away. Prayers going up for you. Hope you feel up to stopping in again soon.

    Granni, good to see you here. I know the heat is a problem in TX too. It will be near 95 the rest of the week here but today and tomorrow, it won't be so humid. This is the time of year when it's hottest down here in the jungle. There is a new tropical wave off the West Coast of Africa which may form into a storm once it gets farther into the Atlantic. It's still 3,000 miles away so no need for me to panic. My prayers continue for you too with the lawsuit.

    The stock market has been going crazy. It concerns me because historically, when it spikes like this, it is due for a correction. If the spike is based on an increase in value of the companies, it's better but if it's just a result of optimism, it will likely correct itself. Housing booms can do the same thing to the housing market. We have enough problems in the world without an economic correction right now. More prayers going up.

    Joe just called because his kitty isn't doing well. I gave him Sylvester's vet's number and told him to call. I hope she's feeling better. Another prayer going up. Sometimes, I just send up all-inclusive prayers because of the need. I've started including myself in my prayers; I could use the help right now.

    I hope and pray everydobby is doing better.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Big news on the CFS front. Here's a URL posted by KerryK. CFS is a real disease and can
    be confirmed with testing.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome: Biomarkers linked to severity identified Stanford University

    I remember what a double whammy it was to have my life derailed and then find out that
    many people thought I didn't even have a disease. That was probably the first time I
    said Ratbane!

    So, if I understand the article, there is now a test for CFS. At least at the Stanford University
    School of Medicine. Doesn't mean your doctor can do it. There's also a possible explanation
    of why more women than men have the disease. Three out of four patients are women.
    I had never read that before.

    Just woke up, and my eyes are all itchy. Think I will lie down with some eye drops.
    All bee seaing yew.

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Dear Porchies,

    JULIE - Not sure of when you were leaving so you may not see this if leaving today. I do understand, believe me especially if she had a miscarriage which was causing all her pain and problems. However, I am sure that can make her feel bad emotionally too. I do NV you being able to drive all that way and back by yourself. The caring for someone, especially a family member would not be a problem for me, for the most part depending on how much care. you are talking about. I do imagine she could use some help with those young ones. Linds will probably need lots more hugz and emotional support as well as some bed rest if she is still bleeding (spotting)and cramping. So sorry to hear that Susan was discharged without the test. Sounds to me that she probably didn't have much or enough insurance is my guess.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling punk shall we say. Sorry Joe's kitty isn't feeling well. DD made an appt for the kitties checkup for this morning. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say and how much they weight and correct feeding, flea control , etc. They won't be outside cats but have some fleas now from some being outside in the caretakers yard with other kitties an cats. She now probably just has 3 cats, two she had before and the mother cat that she will keep. Thx for the prayers on the lawsuit. That is going to be for months so just trying to put it in the back of my mind, if that is possible.

    SUN - Sorry for all your stress as well as heat to go along with it. Hope the stress will soon disappear along with the heat. At least the heat by you might get less. I know it won't here, at least for some time. Sorry for those with no a/c but then in some areas it is not needed most times like Barry. You probably have it but don't need it a lot, is that correct?? I know CA usually has beautiful weather.

    Gotta run for now. Thinking about you all. Think DH need the computer now or will soon Will try and pop in later. Gotta do some more wash to inc removing of same from drier from yesterday :)!!

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I've been cleaning and decided to take a quick rest. It feels so good to be getting things done in here. I decided to let Roomba do the carpet while I use the Shop Vac to get into areas Roomba doesn't do. So far, Roomba is working like she should. I don't know what caused her to act so strangely before but I hope it's not something which will come back. I'm putting off ordering a new battery til I know if it's necessary.

    Rock, thanks for posting the link here. It is an excellent article. I'm so glad CFS is getting the respect and research it deserves. You've been sick a bit longer than I; it's been 27 years now for me. I've always believed that there are those with lighter cases of it than others. Back about 60 years ago when I was just a yute, the husband of a young woman my Mom worked with got sick with what I believe now was CFS. He helped someone clean out an old barn. Afterward, he got very sick and couldn't work. He was sick a long time and bedridden but I don't know whether he ever got better. It could be something else but I believe CFS has many triggers which cause the problems outlined in the article. I believe being tested would be moot for me because I believe the peptide injections are the answer. It's just that I have been sick so long that I think it would take continual injections, and not just a year's worth, for me to get well. C'mon LOTTO. Mama needs a new pair of peptides. It was a quadruple whammy for me because I had just divorced, it was a financial burden, I was sick and no one knew what it was or what caused it and many didn't believe in it. I was lucky in that my doc believed in it but he had very little to offer me. Thanks again for posting.

    Granni, I'll keep on praying. So glad DD is taking such good care of the kitties. Too bad they have fleas because cats living inside with no contact with other animals don't need flea and tic treatment. I'm so glad about that with SV. Joe called to say the doc took x-rays and blood from his kitty. He loves and spoils the cat but the cat belonged to his late wife and isn't too affectionate with him. Vet said only thing he can think of is kidney problems so he gave Joe an Rx which he could fill at CVS. Doc will call back with test results. Joe said she hadn't been peeing as much but she's been vomiting so may have lost fluid through that. I hope she will be OK. I pray every day that SV stays well. He's still a relatively young cat--6 years old. He appears to be happy and healthy and I hope he stays that way. Stay cool.

    OK computer says it needs to restart so I had better go.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. sunflowergirl

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    Barry and Rock: Thanks for the info on CFS. I've saved it. Hopefully science will then figure out how to FIX us.

    Barry: I'm wearing my wet bathing suit, sitting in front of a fan. It really helps. I have AC but I'm dreading the bill. This past month it went up over$100 so I'm expecting more come the 15th. I'm waiting for a form from Edison to be signed by my doctor. Apparently once Edison has that they will give a larger first tier on my bill.

    The cervical and lumbar stenosis has reared up.....been taking ibuprofen and tramadol to help with the pain, along with ice and heat. I HATE this body!