The Porchlight for vol. 536 is ON !

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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Check the end of the last volume for SW and others. Halleluia we actually got RAIN early this morning with the promise :) of some more later on we hope. It has been so DRY here with wildfires all around in TX as well as other places (that aren't getting floods).

    Hope to check in later. Have to get ready to go to a ladies luncheon for our club.

    Thinking about everydobby inc. Elaine, Carla, Jole and many other lost Porchies :)!!

    Glad to hear from LINDA the other day.

    Hey BILL, I brought some Choc. chip cookies !!

    Love, Granni
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My two big chores for yesterday were to water the plants
    and visit the library. Got half of 'em done. Nothing to do
    but try again today.

    Got some classic jokes from my brother, the forest ranger.
    Funny thing. I never hear any of them before. Here's one:

    "My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30 this morning, can you
    believe that..... 2:30am?! Luckily for him I was still up playing my Bagpipes."

    You ever hear that before? Anyhoo, while we're on the
    subject, here are a couple ah bagpipe jokes.

    What's the difference between a bagpipe and an onion?
    Nobody cries when you chop up an onion.

    Linda, Lucie's only 3? I thought she was much older. Well,
    my sense of time no workee so good anymore. Happy
    25th anniversary. If you go to Youtube you can probably
    find somebody singing The Anniversary Song. Al Jolson
    used to sing it. Jane Morgan too.

    Springwater, glad to hear your nephew and niece seem
    better. I wonder if humans would be healthier if we had
    fewer moving parts.

    Did you get your chicken salad assembled? Gordon
    makes good chicken salad. He says it's better if the
    chicken is roasted rather than boiled.

    Julie, Zippy didn't mind the helicopter. He gets so engrossed
    in sniffing he doesn't even notice dogs across the street.
    And you know dogs are fascinated by other dogs. See
    Garry Larsen's famous cartoon on said topic. The dog is
    ignoring all kinds of things such as an atomic blast.

    Teacher, my mother used to make good p-nut butter cookies.
    Well, all her baking was superb. She was a lousy parent,
    but one can't have everything. She also made a good
    cookie I've never seen any where else. I think it had p-nut
    butter and chocolate mixed up w/ some cereal; maybe

    If you like Gospel music, do you know the song "The
    Family Bible". I just heard it for the first time a few
    years ago. Several versions on Youtube. My favorite is
    by one of America's great baritones, Pat Boone.


    Riddle me this: Ok, what's the definition of a gentleman?
    Someone who knows how to play the bagpipes but

    Good thing you got help at the store, Granni. Whenever
    you buy flippers or flappers, you want the right size. Some
    of my aunts where young women during the 1920s, but
    so far as I know, none of them were flappers. Hard to do
    that when you live in a Mid-west village.

    Well, Land O Goshen, stuff is all outta order again. I
    sent an e mail the other day. While I was typing it the
    machine gave a short of hic-cough. Ended up w/ the
    Salutation and first paragraph repeated. Anyhoo, I'm not
    going to try and restructure this. Probably lose it all.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    Haven't been here much lately & don't have any cookies to add to the pot :>(....

    I'll try adding a little humor.......sorry if it offends anyone.....

    Not doing real good....been thinking of standing on my picnic table with a metal golf club in each hand....during a thunderstorm... ( naked...What a scary thought ).....;>)

    So far , I've scared all the T-Storms away from>)

    Blessings ,

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sorry youre not feeling too peppy. But nice to see you all the same.

    Rock - thanks for the jokes. i wish i was a forest rangers daughter. growing
    up in a forest must be fun. remember wandering thru the woods when i was
    a child. lots of woods where i grew up. i remember clearly the sun glinting
    down thru chinks in the branches above and picking raspberries off bushes.

    you know what? i didnt get around to doing the chicken salad yesterday
    after all. i did buy the chicken tho and then ran out of energy. and then got
    depressed because of it. i did wash a couple of dishes and do some other
    chores all morning, so i shouldnt have felt that bad.

    im glad you told me about gordons suggestion of baking the chicken rather
    than boiling it. maybe i should try that.

    we deflead the dogs yesterday and i got bitten some. sheesh i hate fleas.
    i know its not their fault being fleas but i wish they didnt exist.

    God Bless

  5. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Because it held up a pair of pants.

    Good morning everydobby,

    I'm tellin' ya now that I'm really tired. I expect spelling to go out the window here soon.

    Been having fun at church. Doon't think I'm going today though. I feel like I got run over by rush hour traffic. Mom's getting a little tired too, so it's OK.

    Mr. Bill, get down from standing on the picinic table in the rain. Yo'ull catch your death of cold!

    Spring, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that gets depressed because I don't have the enery to cook a chicken. Kind of silly when you think logically aobut it, but then realize that locgic is over rated and go on happily with being depresses!

    Rock of Gibralter, I've herd the bagpipes at 2:30 joke before. You're right. It's a classic. And still funny.


    I was gonna say soemthing else and I've forgotten what ist was!

    Oh well.

    Love you!!!!!

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    dear porchies.

    I have been fighting with the computer this afternoon. Think I finally found Yahoo again :)!!

    Go sing tomorrow morning with another church choir and some of our chorale group singing for one of our lost singers. Then in evening we go off to the K of C awards dinner. Busy busy and then church on sunday. Wed. we leave to go see our daughter til Sunday. So, we will be home for the 4th but won;t be doing anythig exciting. Have a couple more short performances at Sr. residences the next week.

    Bye for now. Gotta run and finish fixng dinner. Didn't put in enough bread crumbs it looks like it's falling a part in the oven but it should taste OK anyway. Oh well, have a nice weekend everyone.

    Take care everyone and try and rest Julie !! How are you doing Georgia ??
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from running errands: library, bank, Chinatown.
    I am in a crabby mood today. Some rotten bug bit my leg multiple times
    and the itching won't stop despite the application of modern miracle

    Maybe it was fleas, Springwater. You said you got bit, but didn't say if
    it was by the dogs or the fleas. In either case, I hope the trauma is

    Mr. Bill, are you nuts?! Don't stand out in the rain with metal clubs.
    Use the old fashioned wooden ones. Do you know those old terms
    for clubs? Mashie, niblick, baffy, wedge?

    Granni, what was falling apart? Meat loaf? Gordon and I had dinner w/
    a member of our bridge club who made meat loaf w/ cracker crumbs
    and cream of mushroom soup. Very good too. He was the manager
    for Rita Coolidge. Went to Hawaii a couple decades ago; haven't heard
    from him since.

    Teacher, why did the photographer get arrested? First he shot his
    customers. Then he blew them up.

    Gotta run.
  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I finally remembered what I was trying to tell you on Thursday.

    Wednesday night, we had a time during the service where everyone began hugging each ohther and telling each other how much we appreciated and loved each other. Lots of crwod action.

    Mom was still waring her hat.

    One of the young people came by and hugged Mom and her hat got bumped.

    I reached over to take it off, but befoe I could help her, she reached up to take it off and her wig folloesd the hat!

    I snatched the wig, slapped it back on her head, she adjusted it back in plance and went on hugging.

    There were two ladies behind us, from another church, that were trying not to laugh. I told them it was OK to laugh. We weren't pround.

    As a matter of fact, we're STILL chuckling aobut it.

    Hered the little kids sing this morning so we're not going to service tonight. Tomorrow is the last day.

    We're trying to rest enough to go to church tomorrow morning, but so far, it ain't lookin' too good. I'm in pain as well as tired and Mom's leg/hip is starting to hurt. We'll see how we feel in the morning. We may change and go to night service instead.

    I'm sorry eveyrone is getting bit. If the medicated cream isnt doing the trick, try some lavender essential oil. It usally works for me. Dont' know if you can use it on animals though.

    MR. BILL!!! I TOLD you to get down form that table!!!!!!!

    Photographers getting arrested. That's FUNNY! :)

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Good to see a rash of posts this morning. Enjoyed catching up with you all.

    Im feeling bit wobbly. yesterday was a no energy day. too tired to even try
    and do healing. its a mystery how these no energy days pop up all of a sudden
    out of the blue.

    day before i did make the chicken salad. turned out good. altho the ingreediments
    werent too fresh for lying in the fridge for two days. luckily its been raining and
    the lights havent gone off so they were not spoilt.

    reached the salad to both places. MIL and aunt. but didnt go in. no feely socially

    one of those things.

    aunts daughter phoned next day to say thanks and she is dropping by on maybe
    tues or wed to look the house over and make up her decor plans. i wanted to
    slip into a crack in the floor with the phone when i heard that. means cleaning
    cleaning cleaning. cant postpone coz its a month overdue this date. and i love
    this niece too much to refuse. i wil just do the ole trick. shove everything into
    plastic bags. and throw them into the storeroom. and tell her ive lost the key
    to that room if she wants to see that. she knows my dh wont spend on implementing
    any of her ideas right now, but she knows im not happy with the way it is and
    will go around with her architects point of view and draw up something for me
    to work on in the future when we can afford it.

    shes going to go over the whole house. top to bottom. one of the times i
    curse the fact that im not a normal sprightly housewife. well i got two days.
    but out of energy and motivation. i need to go sit under the mulberry tree.

    Julie - when i saw Prez Obamas announcement about troops returning home, i thought
    of you all and your relief. Dont worry two hands are better than one, looking after
    Lorraine who will be a handful in a few months time, if she isnt already.

    Teacher - the wig episode. that was classy of you guys. love the way you both
    handled it.

    Rock - i saw Pho being consumed in a cafe in Vietnam on a travel show. thought
    of you and Gordon.

    Granni - no energy to speak of right now, so cant pass on any to you but you
    seem to be doing just fine right now. All those engagements.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but did want to check in on my Porchies.

    How nice to see all these posts from so many !!

    Bill - Sorry you are not feeling well but glad you popped in for a bit.

    Teacher - Hope you and your mom feel better tomorrow and up to go to church. You are such a busy gal/ Will you be up to looking for a house again soon?

    Julie- so sorry you have no NRG and that what you did have got up and left. Maybe it is in the room with SW that she is going to throw in there so no one can find the mess in her house when her company comes :)!! Hope that mess makes some sense :)!! Yes it will be something when David comes and there will be alot of change if all come to be with you for while. I hope it is a very good change !! I am sure it won't be less work for you !! Thinking about you and hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Doubt if there will be many fireworks around here for the 4th due to the very dry conditions. I know some areas have banned fireworks due to the very dry conditions here and all around TX. We could use some of your rain for sure.

    Sang with others for a funeral today,not at our church but at the church we sing at for choral practice and some of those members sang with the church choir. The gal who died belonged to both. She was such a sweet lady and will be missed.

    Off to church tomorrow, some organizing and some cleaning DH says he needs help cleaning the golf cart - geez aren't I lucky?? The house needs to be cleaned too- yuck !

    Bye for now and hope to check in tomorrow. Thinking about all our missing Porchies too.

    Love to awl,

    LEFTYGG Member

    i wrote a post a couple days ago then left.fogot to submit. grrrrrrr

    everyone sounds busy. it rained so hard here it came in our shack as we call it. we left our big house and live in the shack cause our adult kids drove us out. i love the shack. 600 sq ft. its quiet easy to clean. somedays i miss my big rooms.

    anyway the rain flooded carpet, had to tear it up. the shack is on a slab. so dh and ds dug trenches outside to divert water with pipe. i think im gonna get wood laminate flooring. i want a dog and that would be easy to clean.

    ive cried off and on all day when i her left arm is black to elbow from a blood draw last thurs, and shes getting a sore on her butt from laying so much. her mind is gone mostly but when i say. "whos your little boy you love?" she smiles and says Pierce. she doesnt forget his name.i love when she looks me in the eye and smles her sweet smile. she doesnt eat much just ensure and ice cream.i love that woman!!!

    everyone take care love gail
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello. I remember crying a lot over my mum when her health was failing. feeling very
    helpless and oh so anguished for her. i can just imagine how you and Julie are feeling.

    it does sound so wet where you are. i hope you are able to get the laminate flooring.
    i think some of the patterns are so pretty.

    Julie - funny how these cycles go. flooding in some parts then wildfires due to drought
    in others. strange. lol thats a lot of baby proofing youve got done in your house;
    all those little gates and fences but what a relief for a busy caretaker. those toddlers
    can scoot really fast. and they become so determined to explore.

    The major thing i did was grocery shopping; where i bought some yoghurt. And also some
    freshly roasted in front of my eyes corn cobs. theres a vegetable market onthe way
    to the supermarket and there was a lady there squatted down with a pile of corn
    beside her and a merry little fire going in an iron skillet kind of thng and she was
    selling roasted corn. Roasting them before our eyes. i hesitated at first becoz it
    was right on the ground in the open air, none too clean a place but then i thought
    any germs might be getting roasted into oblivion in the process so i bought two.
    Alas they werent very tasty. i think her corn must have not been too fresh. The
    ears were hard and not very juicy. Well, the corn season has just begun and there
    will be many more corn cobs, fresh succulent ones i hope.

    Georgia - I hope you doing okay.

    Well, take care all

    God Bless

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH has been fussing with the computer alot of the dayl. I think when I put in a ndw computer game for DH something got blocked. First I lost Yahoo (now that is a disaster). When I finally found it I had to fix up some things in it that we both like, almost every day . Then DH couldnt find something on his Fidelity site. He spoke to all kinds of techs who I think just confused him and the situation more. Then he gave up and I found Yahoo again so that he could find his other site.

    In between, we went shopping and DH had to bring his glasses to get the small screw put back in. He had lost the screw and the lens kept coming out. Surely donlt make glasses like they used to. He just got them but thank goodness he did not have to pay for that.

    We also stopped for a hamburger. Has anyone tried the 5 guys restaurant ? It is mostly hamburgers and fries with all kinds of toippings for free including grill onion and mushrooms that we love. The fries are great too. I think they may also makie grilled cheese and hot dogs for kids.

    Haven't even thought much about dinner except that I did take out the pork chops from the freezer last night.

    Gail - So sorry about your mom. All I can say is that when your mom doesn't want the ice cream any more that will be the end. My mom loved sweets and ice cream and when she got to the point she didn't want to live any more she wouldn't eat that. Of course if she didn't eat ice cream that was the end and wouldn't eat anythig else. She was 93.

    Julie - Thinking about you and your busy family. God bless you sweetie for all you are trying to do for everyone in your family, especially your parents. Hope you don't collapse in the meantime. Try to rest when you can.

    Georgia - Yes, I am thinking about you too. Hope all is going well for both of you.

    Teacher - Hgas to you to and love your cute jokes. I can't of to many of them myself :)!!

    Will be leaving in a few days for the weekend to see daughter #4. It should be a fun time. I'm warn out just trying to get our meds and supps., organized for the trip. Most of the meds are MINE.

    Bye for now.

    Love to you all,

  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Granni - I'm so sorry your DH has a screw loose. This has got to be a terrible burden for you. Wait! Doh! His GLASSES have a loose screw! Sorry I misunderstood. I'm glad he got them fixed. I know I hate it when my glasses won't stay put. hee hee hee hee hee

    Gail - My dear. I haven't words to express what's in my heart. I'm so sorry. Praying.

    Julie - I remember the baby gate days. Thankfully, we didn't need any becasue Baby LOVED her walker. That thing kept her out of a lot of trouble. We just had to make sure the basement door was closed so she didn't go flying down the steps.

    Was thinking about your mom and her cooking. Is she lucid enough to use a crockpot? I was just thinking that maybe she could make soup occasionally.

    Sweet - Freshly roasted corn sounds lovely. There is a festival in my area the end of August that celebrates sweet corn. Since corn and I don't get along, when I go to the festival, I eat grilled chicken and cotton candy!

    Goatie - How's the spinning going? Are you finished translating yet? Just wondering because you haven't spoken of either lately. How's Rottie?

    Mr. Bill - I hope you're feeling better now. How is your garden?

    Rock - Have you had any new animal adventures? I like that you get to see a bit of wildlife in the city. Gordon cooked anything interesting lately?

    Elaine - Been thinking about you a lot lately. How are you doing?

    To all the other Porchies - Big hugs all around. Hope you are experiencing some good days.


    We have a 5 Guys here. I haven't been to it yet, but I've heard they are good.

    My jokes? I can't remember that many either. They're coming from my new joke book I got just before school let out. There are some in my acquaintace that wish I had gotten another type of book! hee hee hee hee hee

    Campmeeting was a blast. It ended yesterday, so that's it until August. We get to do it again jsut before school starts.

    I saw a couple of things while we were driving along last week that made me laugh:

    1) It was a day in the upper 80's. A woman came out of the grocery store wearing a tank top, short shorts, and knee high socks.

    2) I saw another lady that was very agitated talking to sign language. I had never thought about how deaf people would talk to themselves. Using sign language makes sense!

    Gotta check and see, but the Rib Fest should be coming up here soon. Maybe I'll feel well enough to go this year. I know Mom will be glad if I can.

    I take a soft-sided cooler and baggies. When I see a rib stand I like, I have them put stuff in the baggie and then I put it in the cooler. I do the same with BBQ chicken and roasted corn. 45 minutes later I return to my car with dinner for a couple of days.

    It's starting to look yellow outside. I think we're in for a nasty storm soon. So I'm gonna scoot.

    Today's joke:


    Paw- jammas.


  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit before running to ther store. Lots to do today to get ready to go OOT for a few days. Then have singing practice this afternoon.

    Not much new from the last post. Hope all are well.

    Spring Water - I think the laminate flooring you were talking about looks like wood but messes can be wiped up and easier to care for that real wood. I THINK you might be thinking about linoleum with the different patterns and colors.

    Teacher - DH found the screw that he lost :)!! I like the way you went food shopping at the "fair" or "Ribfest"that you went to get your food for the week.

    Julie - take care of yourself and hope you have a wonderful birthday coming up soon. Try and take it easy if that is at all possible with all your "charges" and responsibilities.

    Gail - thinking of you and your mom.

    Hope to have time to check back later before we leave !

    Love to everydobby,


    LEFTYGG Member

    nice day here today.

    im sitting here with mom.

    nothing much has changed.

    thank you all for your kind words. im glad i can come here to talk.

    love gail

    LEFTYGG Member

    nice day here today.

    im sitting here with mom.

    nothing much has changed.

    thank you all for your kind words. im glad i can come here to talk.

    love gail
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - many is the time ive wanted to throw this computer outta the window.especially
    when son loads something and then i lose the programmes i like. or it doesnt function
    the way it was before. i hate lookingfor programs from their usual places. i hate changes,
    in my computer.

    those laminate floors, no i think i the floors i was thinking about is those thinnish planks
    (they look wooden) which come in different colours like dark brown or reddish or light
    brown, or am i talking about parquet? My friends house has them and theyre good for
    our climate, keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter. when dh built this
    house (its was meant to be office space, so u can imagine what the lay out must be)
    he put in marble floors from the local marble factories because they were more cost
    effective and its freezing in winter. im scared of the effect on bones later on.

    Teacher - what, there is a restaurant chain called 5 guys? i would love to know
    how it came about that name. we have a KFC here, i think thats about it. maybe
    some one will open a '2 ladies and a dog' restaurant chain someday. or
    '2 old men'. the possibilities are endless! How about 'Grumpy Ladies Corner"? That
    one wil be opened by me.

    yesterday i was feeling low and i thought enough is enough and after sundry chores
    i went ahead and booked tickets to the movie Xmen first class and im glad i went.
    it was a good entertaining film although my dh wasnt too excited about it. sometimes
    i wish we had more things in common. its like we are just roomies thrown together
    sharing living space. but its okay. theres worse i know.once when we took our mum
    to the hospital in the emergency they had brought in a woman who had been beaten up
    by her husband, and poor thing, she was laying there, just shivering and shaking.

    im not going to get any new flowers altho there is hardly anythng right now except
    green. the wind rots most flowers and we dont have covered porch. i was thinking
    marigolds becos i saw some in other houses and realised their petunias and marigolds
    were flourishing becos they had covered porches.

    well all of you take care

    God Bless

  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Men that beat up women need to be shot. So do women tht beat up men. why don't we just shoot anybody that beats up anybody else?

    OK. That's enough of MY rant for the morning!

    I like the "Grumpy Ladies Corner"! May I be the hostess? Elaine would make a great waitress. She likes running over peoples toes when they get out of line.

    Better yet, Rock is the host and Gordon gets to be head chef! That way we know the customers will come back for the food eventhough we ladies are grumpy aobut serving it!

    When do we start!

    hee hee hee hee

    Gotta take Mom to see about her hand today. This should be interesting since my mother has been in a jokey mood lately. Can't take her anywhere without her getting silly.

    We are in Round 2 of bids for the house. Just waiting to see if they like this offer or not.

    Am starting to get my energy back. I think this is a good thing. Maybe I can get some house cleaning done around here.

    I did get the dishes done yesterday, though. So, one chore down, fifty 'leven million more to go!

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday! I hope youre able to have some fun inbetween the cleaning and organising.
    That was a really long action packed day you had! Its good to connect with relatives on
    and off.

    Georgia - good to hear from you. Youve started knitting again. Good to know about your trip.

    Teacher - I hope the bidding goes thru successfully. Will be exciting to move into a new
    home. Your statement 'one chore down. a milllion more" about summed up my situation here.
    On top of everything my body cant make up its mind still about going permanently menopausal.
    Ive again been visited by the curse just when i had thought i had got rid of it for good! ufff.
    On top of that its raining.

    Im too bored to think of what to cook for dinner tonight. run out of ideas. humphhh!

    God Bless