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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, everydobby I see we were up to 31 posts so thought I would start another. Just hope I didn't get caught in the door or anone else too !!

    I brought assorted hot teas for all to try and put you to sleep - decaff of course. Also, how about a cookie or two? choc chip, sugar, peanut butter.

    Elaine - I am sorry I know I shouldnt eat so close to bedtime !! Also sorry to be talking about food. Try some tea and crackers or toast with no or little spread.

    Joan - You were not talking about anything wrong sweetie. You are just fine and we love you too.

    Pippi - do you need a story tonight.

    MICKEY - where are you my friend. Don't think I or we have seen you in awhile. Hope you and family are OK !!

    Bye for now !

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  2. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I sure do need a story!!!

    My constant nightmares (which I cope with fairly well) have been particularly FREAKY lately!!!

    I'll have a p-nut butter cookie, thank you!


    PS: I read your post about getting flu shots. Have you found them to be effective? I can't have them, cuz my disease is "contraindicated".
  3. jole

    jole Member

    Granni, thanks for the cookies...I took two, since we can eat 'n drink 'n still sleep here on the porch! Yummy, one choc chip and one sugar! Sure enough, when I looked back I missed your post about your surgery and the one from Morning.... Hoping you don't have any bad reaction from your flu shot. I know some people do, and some don't. Good luck to you..and thanks for the prayers, by the way! :)

    Morningsonshine, sorry I missed you before. It's good to have you here with us...and your banana cream pie was delicious! I don't think I've had any of that in at least 20 kidding!

    Mickey girl, how's your mother doing? I'll bet that's what's taking up your time....hope everything's okay there. Although you usually keep in touch from work, don't you. We miss you here!

    Pippi, enjoy Granni's story, and sleep well...none of those nitemares unless they're the white ones with the long flowing manes, 'kay?

    Joan, wishing you a restful night also, and a good computer day tomorrow! I've decided computer friends are the best ones to have!

    I'm trying to keep my mind occupied, so am on the board more for the next couple days. Hope you don't get tired of Love to all....Jole
  4. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi, Jo-Lee! How about a night-unicorn, or a night-pegasis (is that how to spell the winged-horse? It looks funny...)

    Rock: You like history stuff. Check this out:
    I like to go to the wharf as often as possible. It's peaceful there, & I always take duck food.
    There's a boat docked there, that I've passed a bazillion times, & never payed any attention to. It's just the ticket office for the Belle of Louisville.
    Or so I thought!
    I just discovered it was Life Saving Station #10!
    Very cool history there! Google "Life Saving Station #10" (in quotes) to see what I'm talking about.


    Goodnite Peeps!!!!! C ya in the after-mornin!!!

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Morningsonshine – hello and welcome! Nice to see you on the porch
    Banana cream pie sounds delish.

    Georgia – sorry to hear about this latest bout of depression..i suppose
    With all the stressful stuff that went was inevitable..that was
    Scary to hear about your disassociation from reality..Pippis explanation
    Is probably right…when stressors come up as they will, its best to
    Square ones shoulders and just get on with least you sent
    That woman packing and at least you have a good shoulder to
    Unload on..this friend of yours…make sure you don’t neglect your
    Diet and meds.. Those are the first things which one forgets when
    Under stress.

    Pippi – u were very matter of fact about that disassociating thing,
    But for sure it would have freaked me out. Good to hear your take
    On herbal stuff and that they work…blessing for us who have
    Weak tums.

    Granni – how unsettling, all those shuffling around of dates…
    Well, it wil be good if the older surgeon is doing it, I always
    Did trust older doctors.

    Joan – I hope you get your Facebook fixed..i wont be surprised
    If it’s a malicious virus attack..get your kids to check it and
    Have a good antivirus installed. I read your other post on Sp/Worshop
    Board and replied there.

    Rock – I wish I had a library around the corner. The one I used
    To frequent at British Council just closed down. But I have a
    Pile of books lying around some of which I haven’t read and one
    Or two which I don’t even remember I bought! I have a second
    Hand battered Agatha Christie book with two three stories in it,
    Which I haven’t finished but when I see it I feel so happy to have
    It…I hate buying her books new because they are so expensive
    Even in paperback..well, at least I find them expensive.

    Carla – I wish I could check out of the real world permanently..
    Hahaha..meaning I could retire into the countryside and not
    Be accountable to do all the normal things normal folks do.
    Just go for walks and breathe in the fresh air and play with my
    Dogs and eat dumplings whenever I want to without getting
    Stomach aches. I hope you soon recover from that flare of
    Yours. Lots of us porch peeps feeling poorly right now, yes?

    Elaine – oh sorry, girl…..nausea is horrible…I should know.
    I threw up everytime I got onto a vehicle and rode for more than
    One hour. Hang in there. That was some good advice you gave
    Georgia. Yes, I to heard ginger is good for nausea. How about
    Some breathing exercises? Looks like that is my panacea for
    All complaints but I do get so helped by doing those. Praying
    You get thru this and completely well soon.

    Jole – no I don’t mind the rain…I dread the dry weather..mostly
    Because it brings so much heat with it. I replied to your post on
    The other board. I hope you recover soon.

    Julie- I hope you are able to settle down into a routine real
    Soon….this new job obviously takes away some of those
    Precious hours you used to have before but then, hey it
    Gives back so much too. I know it’s a matter of time before
    You wil have it down pat.

    Mickey – I hope your mum is making progress and that
    You are not over tired trying to over see everything at
    Your home and hers.
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    today there has been a shift and my body is what my daughter used to call
    "in the zone". Meaning all the wiring and everything is working properly and
    I am feeling like a human being. No aches. No pains. No fog. No sadness.
    I feel like i can tackle anything. Even cooking something and taking to our
    relative..husbands cousin bro. Really weird..I wish i could bottle up this
    feeling and take a drink of it whenever i need. This feeling of 'normal'!
    No its not euphoria...its just 'normal'.

    My daughter used to sometimes ask me not to disturb her or talk to her
    when she was doing a particularly lengthy piece of writing homework...
    like literature or math..because she would be writing furiously and tell me
    "Mom, i better finish this while Im 'in the zone'..meaning she was getting it
    all perfectly and effortlessly and better complete her work while in that
    state. Obviously i complied with her request willingly, those 'in the zone'
    states dont come by too often, thats for sure.

    Dunno what kind of 'zone' she is in right now. I havent heard from her for
    a week. I guess she is busy getting ready for their South Asian Students
    Assocn 'fete'. They wanted to get up this fete early on in the semester so
    as to attract as many new members as possible...she was elected to chair
    the Publicity department of the association late last semester and seems
    to be taking all of that seriously. haha. My baby girl. Who used to be so laid
    back here at home and sleep til late. Now running around.

    I was able to go and wish my friend. She is the sister of my Chinese friend
    and works with her in their office whch meant i met both. Such good news friends India trip to diagnose her foot swelling problem was a success!
    It was diagnosed as 'a reaction to allergy' and the meds have made her
    completely better. Isnt that just great? Even ma in laws foot swelling problem
    is better after taking meds here. I was so worried these would be chronic
    arthtitis problems!

    Actually my own joints and knee problem is now, dare i say it, better. Im
    now convinced it is the lavendar massage oil and pine oil. Oh and the
    green tea i was taking for its anti inflammatory properties. However, being
    the world weary warrior i am, I am keeping an eye open for any setbacks.

    Im trying to post some pics on my photo page..of the sky above our house
    and some climbng flowers taken at uncles house..wil inform when i do.

    Linda, Cate, Marta, Monica..and all lurkers and peekers..hugs and waves

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I don't have the time for a real post so here goes with the typos :) !

    Jole - I have had good results with the regular flu shot. Never got sick from it. It did have a horrible reaction to the pneumonia shot. My arm and underarms (nodes) were so painful. I will neer get another one. The fku shot kept me from getting alot more of the crud than i used to get. I can get an attack easy and almost goes into pneumonia many times.

    Georgia - so sorry you are "in the soup". I never heard that expression before. Hope you get out of it soon. My dear, you are still a KID. Don;t tell me you are too old. Wait till you get my age - and Rocks - and JOANS'. I know it makes no diffrence. You can feel like - - - - at any age - right PIP?

    I can't remember who else posted . I have to go and get dressed ad will try and get back later on. I have loads of work to do in the house .

    Sweet SW - I didn;t attach to the volume so I can't remember what all you said other than you lover the rainy or damper weather, unless it is flooding of course. Oh, glad you are feeling better and are more "with it".. Can't remember now what your DD called it !

    Mucho hugs to everydobby !

  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    You're SO right! I've been a very old person, since I was practically a baby.

    My extreme life experience didn't cause it. (IMO) I think, it simply intensified & clarified it.

    I remember when I was 7, thinking: Here I am in 3rd grade, and what have I accomplished with my life?!

    I put myself under incredible inner-pressure, as a result of incredible outter pressure (which I never measured up to). And in my world, getting sick was seen as a personal failure or weakness.

    When I got the clue that I might not get to be "old" (age-wise), everything crashed in...

    The first big exclamation-point in my way of thinking / feeling, came when I was a teenager. I'd been in the hospital for a month. I was basically a prisoner there, cuz I couldn't physically escape, & had nowhere to go if I did. My family didn't understand. As long as they could tell themselves I was "being cared for", they were excused from listening, believing, or intervening. They had abdicated, in my opinion, their resposibility to me.
    I was painfully aware that my "caregivers" didn't in fact "care".
    They were merely people at work. And people at work, would generally rather be somewhere else...
    If I died during their shift, it wouldn't even nesicarily be a bad day at work for them. I simply didn't matter.

    I laid there, wired up to the machines, helpless to escape or even find a sympathetic ear.
    Suddenly, I thought: Oh my God! This is what it's like to be 95!!!!

    So... I've already been old.

    My experiences with "being old" are MUCH worse than the little example I just mentioned.
    But, I feel pretty darn OK today, & I'm not gonna mess that up by thinking about that stuff!

    (Yesterday, I told one of my Good Docs: I wish you could read my mind for 10 minutes, so you'd know what I'm going thru, without my having to talk about it. LOL! That did give him a little chuckle. But he also knew what I meant.)

    I guess, basically, what you & I are saying is:
    Chronically ill peeps know all about being old.
    The physical, mental, emotional, family-issues, societal, spiritual, nature of friendships (or lack thereof), the act of (and guilt for) "being a burden", listening politely to the (false, but polite) assurances that we're not a burden. The very real abandonments (on SO many levels) & the denials of others that we've been abandoned in any way (when we KNOW better). Of course, those denials are made quickly, as they have to rush off & keep up their important schedules & VERY important commitments out in the "real" world. That world where THEY are full citizens...

    It doesn't matter if we're 7, 17, or 97.

    "Old" has very little to do with ones' collection of birthdays.

    In fact, I celebrate & cherish birthdays.
    On my birthdays, I say: HA! World! I won another round! So there!
    A birthday is a victory-dance, when there are still innings left in the game.
    It all counts! :)

    B Back 2 Check On Everydobby Later!!!!!
    Love 2 A'll, Y'all!!!!!!


    In regard to checking out the thing going on, over on the "spiritualality" board... I'm curious to go look, but I'm afraid of that place!!!!!!!

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its 10pm. Im not 'in the zone' anymore. hahahaha. I knew it wouldnt last.

    But not feeling too poorly either. I didnt feel in the zone enough to cook
    up something to take to relative but i did the next best thing..just bought
    some stuff and went.

    It was my lucky day..cousin brother was in...he is visiting from India. he is
    a highly educated monk. My husband and other uncle dont get along with his
    father and there is tension between them all so i didnt even bother to
    explain why others didnt come.

    What i feared did happen tho...after spending some time with me talking
    cousin had to go to give a lecture at a monastery so i was left alone with
    his mother....and that spells trouble.

    She will not miss an opportunity to
    rave and rant over past so called 'injustices' to her family. I made the
    mistake of taking a couple of photos of my daughter who had posed with
    other uncles daughter...and whooof! I was almost knocked sideways by the
    blast of icy sarcasm aunt let me have. She was literally shaking with rage...
    i didnt mean for her to get so upset although i knew they didnt get along,
    I just wanted to show her my daughter enjoying herself abroad!

    But i havent gotten older, wiser and more assertive for nothing. I told her
    my side of the story as i perceived it...without getting angry. I know a lot
    of what aunt said was 'bull dung" i just nodded and apologized on our
    whole familys behalf for what she accused us of. Not attending the graduation
    from religious studies of her monk son in India. It entails a lot of stuff, including
    offering up a whopping sum of money.

    The business was in a shambles then,
    the country overridden with Maoists..there was no ready cash...and uncle
    wasnt even talking to any of the others. Later, my husband discussed with
    other uncle and offered up a house to monk cousin...which would cost a lot.
    But no, house or no, they insist that we insulted their family by not turning
    up. I told her today..but she grandly said, "its not the money, its not at
    all about the money". So i asked why in heavens name if they felt so strongly
    about it, didnt her husband hold a meeting , invite all the family to it, and lay
    down what he expected of us? That we all ten family members travel down
    to India and personally congratulate and scarf their son? She says uncle did
    tel my uncle and husband. But i know her husband barely spoke a few words
    to both my DH and uncle. They were just not on speaking terms.

    Anyways at least i didnt get tossed out on my ear today. I honestly was so
    apprehensive because i know how much of a rift there is between all of us.
    I suppose my apology went a ways in soothing some ruffled feathers..aunt
    fed me and then later gave me their phone number and told me to 'keep in
    touch' and 'not to get taken in by the sweet talk of others'..meaning other
    uncles family. Phew!

    But at least i did my duty and went...I am so relieved.

    God Bless
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    glad to hear the weather has cooled down...and that working with
    The Brat has become easier...i think working in the Mental Health
    profession and at a hospital must be one of The Most Demanding
    jobs on earth. I mean how does one go through seeing all that
    stuff and not collapse...?

    Pippi - you wrote so eloquently about how chronological age
    has nothing to do with actually ageing...maybe you should write
    articles and send them in to expressed it all so
    well. The experiences one goes through in life, has much more
    to do with how old one feels as compared to marking off dates
    on a calendar.

    well, good night all

    God Bless
  11. jole

    jole Member

    Pippi...the post on the spirituality board was by me, about a situation in my childhood which has come back to haunt me. Nothing controversial or antagonistic....just asking for prayers. My home life was not good....abusive, etc. and I too was in the hospital or sick much of my childhood. I fully understand the idea of sickness equaling worthlessness. Your post here brought me to tears (I know, not your intention) because it fit my life soooo well!!! You just handled your life situations much better than I have, and figured out everything early, while I'm still working on my past.

    Being beaten down as a child leaves its mark forever, as many of us here on this board knows.
    I can talk about the terrible things that happened to my brothers and sisters, but still cannot face up to much of what happened to me. It's easier to hide behind a mask...even with having

    I agree with Springwater, you write so should definitely have some of your work published, and no, I do not mean children's books, although I'm sure they have to be wonderful! You have a way of tugging at a person's heart and pulling out, I think that doc would have gotten more than he'd bargained for if he could have read your mind for 10

    Georgia, it's great to hear that things with the Brat have improved! I certainly hope it continues! Sometimes a few kind words can go a long way. Maybe she was just feeling really insecure and needed some reassurance of some kind. Good for you! :)

    I've never heard of "in the soup" either, but it makes perfect sense. I have, however, heard of "in the zone".

    Springwater, relatives can be a real pain, can't they? Well, people in general when they don't speak their minds until it's too late to do anything about the situation. It sounds as though the day worked out well in spite of the differences.

    Granni, hope your day is going well!

    It's definitely a weekend, with just a few of us on the board it seems. I hope everyone is having a good day. Think I will get off here and try to regroup a bit. Love you guys...Jole
  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm really tired, so I'll be brief. Will try to make up for this later in the week.

    Two weeks and four carloads later, my baby is finally set in her dorm. Yep, FOUR carloads! She took so much stuff..... Oh well, to be young and well enough to think that you need EVERTHING you own to survive 10 weeks of college! LOLOLOL

    Some of that stuff was for her floor since she's an R.A. Girls moved in Thursday. She's already making positive connections. It's nice to see.

    She's got a bit of stomach flu this weekend. Mom and i went and sat with her for a couple hours this afternoon. Will go tomorrow, for a bit, after church.

    We think it's more nerves than anything. She's a perfectionist and this R.A. thing is totally new.

    I hope you're enjoying your day. It's divine here. Sunny, 78, slight breeze. Ahhh!!!! I think I shall send this weather to the porch!

    Love youse!
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I got outta the house today. Went to the
    bank. Used to be Wa-Mu. Now it's Chase. The
    lines are much shorter. Maybe they lost customers.

    My Alzheimer's is alive and well. I forgot to fill
    out a deposit slip. Forget to get money back from my
    deposit. Good thing Gordon is taking
    over for me in various ways.

    Pippi, I visited the life saving station. Whodda
    thunk a life saving station would be a boat.
    Especially one named after a mayor. And built
    in Dubuque, IA.

    When I was a kid we used to spell Dubuque w/
    a heavy accent on every other syllable starting
    w/ the first: D-u-B-u-Q-u-E! You do that too,

    Julie, glad you're enjoying your new job. I had a
    couple jobs I liked, but mostly work meant stupid,
    arrogant bosses and boring meetings that accomplished nothing.

    And how unusual to work where new ideas are
    welcome. Most places I worked, anyone who
    had new ideas or suggestions was regarded as
    a trouble maker.

    Teacher, 4 carloads! Yikes! What is RA? Residence Assistant?

    Georgia, glad you're feeling better. What was
    going on in Cowtown? Pioneer Days?

    My brother in MN just called to say my uncle died.
    He was 81. Went the way we all would like to.
    Just didn't wake up this morning.

    He was a psychiatric social worker. Head of 3
    institutions. Very tall. Still looked handsome;
    still had his erect posture. The picture of health.
    It was his father that I have mentioned before who
    was born when Lincoln was President. Two sisters, now
    in their 90s, are still alive.

    Springwater, you are much more patient w/ your
    relatives than I would be. Glad to hear you were
    in the zone. Be sure to get the address so you can go back.

    Jole, you can grow up, move away, cut off ties
    w/ the dysfunctional family, get therapy, but you can
    never escape a terrible childhood. At least
    that has been my experience.

    Granni, there's a thread about flu shots somewhere.
    Maybe on the FM/CFS board.
    I've never had one. Don't plan to.

    All for now
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Ran out of cookies so how about a nice gooey strawberry shortcake ?? Pippi ran out to find a suitable storybook , everydobby hop under the covers. Maybe it will be a spooky story :) !! LOL !!

    Georgia - Sorry if you missed it when I gave the day of my surgery. So, here it is again. It will be Wednesday at about 11 a.m. I have to be there at 9 . Monday I will spend most of the afternon at the hospital for the registration, pre test in hopes I won't croak on the table, etc. Then I will go to the doctor and see what he has to say about my surgery. Wonder if they will knock me out or local? Not sure what I want at this point. I used to be able to take alot more than now.

    Not sure if I will be there over night or not. The nurse said when I called her that it is considered outpatient, it seems like almost everything is now. However, she did say that many times they do have the patient spend then night.

    A friend of mine had a similar surgery which MIGHT have even been more involved and she went home the same day. Good grief ! So, we will see. I know I will be out of sorts and not moving to fast anywhere for awhile. I even went and bought a ring to sit on which my friend mentioned to me.

    Glad you had THE TALK with Grandpa. It is good to have it all out in the open, for both of you. NOw, you can put it out of your mind (hopefully) and just keep your eyes and ears open as you always do and you will be fine. I am sure he understands exactly where he stands or both of you together. You have been through alot my friend. Hope now you can relax some and feel better.

    Oh, that was pretty interesting about the BRAT. Yes, I suspect she might have felt insecure and that is why she acted the way she did. Who know but it is usually true that you usually can catch more friends with sugar (or honey) as they say or however they said it Glad she seems to be acting better towards to you..

    SW - I can't believe all the crazyness going on with some of your relatives. Good grief ! I know some people are really crazy. You have to walk around or tippy toe around on egg shells cause you do not know how they are going to react. That is a yucky situation, I know about some of those people too. Some you never know how they are going to act from one time to the next.

    Julie - it is the same day and time as I had before which is great. It was lucky that the doc had the time free for me.

    I spent alot otime today trying to do some cleaning , vacuuming, polishing. We will have some guests sometime around the end of the moth. Hope I am feeling OK> I know they will understnad but you hadte to be trying to entertain when and if you feel awful and can't do much of anything. Still have much more to do - yikes.

    Hi to Joan, Rock, Carla, Mickey, Linda, Teacher, Marta, Monica and everydobby else. Ihad better send this off before it goes POOF !!

    Hope everydobby will say a prayer or two for me for a successful sugery.

    Is Pippi back with that story book yet?
  15. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I have been sneaking on the porch like a stray cat....coming to grab the goodies then sneak off into the night:)

    Pippi, I had to pipe up when you wrote about "10 minutes in my mind". I thought to myself what a wonderful way to maybe invite those around us to really think about whatever we each deal with. My life is so painful, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. There is a jumble of ?? (can't find the word) inside my head and I just can't find a silent or peaceful place inside the chaos of my mind.

    I hope everyone doing well...Hugs to all!
  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Rock: Thanks for checking out the LSS! I can't believe I didn't know it was there, all along!
    There's a chance my group MIGHT get to go ghosthunting there (and in an allegedly haunted distillery in Frankfort. Insert "spirit" jokes here...).

    Granni: OUT! WAY out! ALL the way out!
    I've made the mistake of believing that "everybody" does said-procedure under general anesthesia, & it's no big deal. NEVER again! NO WAY!
    Now, I avoid even the potential of additional trauma by informing ALL docs that ALL THE WAY OUT is the only option. When they begin to comment (as they always will), I stop them & announce it's not up for debate or discussion. Period...

    Sweet SpringWater: The family sitch must be another of the cultural differences you've explained to us. "Obligation" seems to be viewed quite differently there, than it is here.
    Here, we know there's a big difference between being a "relative" & being FAMILY.
    At least socially (emotionally it's much harder, of course) we have the option (sometimes an obligation) to tell a relative to go jump in a lake. Or at least "politely" disassociate ourselves (aka: snub them til they give up & go away).

    Jole: Weeeelllll.... I never claimed I always handle things well... LOL!
    Actually, once when I was trapped in a hospital bed, (couldn't even get outta the bed on my own) I had such a nuclear-meltdown-tantrum, they actually called secirity on me!!!!!
    Belive me, they EARNED every bit of it! I'm generally fairly easy going.

    I screamed at the security guard: What the **** are YOU gonna do? Throw me outta here??? PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!!!! Dump my *** on the curb! I'll call a ****ing CAB!!!

    That was a long story, & I won't bore everybody w/the details just now.
    ...But it was pretty darn funny, later.

    And no, unfortunately, I didn't get thrown out.....

    DEB!!!!! EXACTLY!!!!!! Even if I talked for a solid week, it wouldn't even begin to explain the screaming-swirl of "???!!!???" in my mind & heart!
    Glad to know ya understand that! :)

    B Back Later 2 Check Up On Everydobby Else!!!!!

    Love 2 all!!!!!!!
  17. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    This is SO cool!!!!!

    Several posts ago, I mentioned an organization called "FreeCycle".
    I've been clearing stuff outta my closets, giving things away to other free-cyclers.

    Yesterday, I saw an offer from a guy who was giving away some art supplies.
    I e-mailed him to ask if he still had them (stuff goes quickly, as you can imagine!).
    The guy lives in the Cherokee Triangle neighborhood. I told him I live downtown (which isn't so very far from there) but, being in a wheelchair & traveling via TARC (the city bus system), I could come & pick up the stuff on Monday.

    Guess what! He replied & said he goes to church downtown & would be glad to drop the stuff off to me, after church!
    That's SO very kind, because of course, when we ask for a free item, we're supposed to go get it ourselves (which is only proper, IMO).

    So, I was downstairs, out front, visiting with my neighbors when the guy arrived.

    I couldn't believe it! The "odds & ends" art supplies included an entire set of (expensive!!!) tubes of paint, plus several additional tubes, brushes, pencils, paint "knives", 2 large (name brand, high quality) sketch books, AND several unused canvasses, still in their plastic wrappers!!!!!

    I was thrilled & amazed, of course, & thanked him profusely.
    As soon as I got back upstairs, I sent him a thank-you e-mail.

    Every neighbor I encountered on the way back to my place, commented about all the stuff I had, & I got to tell them about free-cycling.

    One guy said: Really? No kidding??? Somebody will come & get stuff I need to get rid of???

    I assured him they do, which got him all excited cuz he said he has LOADS of stuff he wants to move outta his place.
    (Our apartments are quite nice, but they ARE small.)

    This is SO awesome!!!

    My professional model drafting table won't be happening after all, cuz it's just too heavy (around 300 pounds!) to get moved. It would take 5 or 6 strong dudes to do the job.

    BUT! I do have a drafting table on the way!

    It's a pedestal-style table, fully functional, with a nice big drawing surface. I'm only sacrificing the major storage space I woulda had with the other one.

    My new table is supposed to be delivered on Thursday. (YAY!!!)

    I even got in on the last days of a free-shipping offer!

    It'll arrive in large flat packing boxes, & I have to assemble it, but I'm pretty mechanically inclined, & that'll be (fairly) simple.

    Heck, just growing up with 5 brothers & Pop, some mechanical aptitude seems to have rubbed off on me by osmosis! LOL!!!!!

    B Back Later!!!!!

    Love 2 ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. jole

    jole Member

    Yes, Pip, and being a woman...we tend to follow directions on how things go together a tad better than, Rock/Barry). I'm sure you'll enjoy your new table, good for you! And it sounds like you got a great deal on the art supplies. Wish they had something like FreeCycle here...I'm trying to clear out also, and the only place I have to go with anything is Goodwill. That's okay, but it would be nice to get useful things in return!

    Deb, good to have you here! Keep on coming, even if it is in the middle of the night....but we would really like to visit with boy, do I ever understand what you're sayiing about the brain thingy. I'm a little better now, but a couple years ago I couldn't make sense of ANYTHING!!!

    Rock, signing my name on a check using my maiden name after all these years happens every so often....the bank puts it through anyway, since they all know Makes me feel really incompetent though, so I understand how you feel a little bit. I think we all have a little AZ in us!!! Just saw a show that said "We are our brains"...not too comforting a though for some reason.

    Granni, strawberry shortcake sounds great! My mom used to make it differently than most. She would do a round cake, cut it in half through the entire center, put ice cream and strawberries, put the top half on, more ice cream and strawberries, then freeze it. When company came she'd pull it out of the freezer and have dessert already done! Yummy, it was sooo good just partly thawed!

    Georgia, all that walking would have me down for weeks! But I sure would have enjoyed the antique shops with of my passions, although there aren't many around here.

    Spring, hope you have a wonderful day today and your mood is great!

    Julie, sounds like your new stove and you are bonding quite nicely! Do you have to meet any kind of standards with your meals/treats as far as nutrition? Like fruit or veggies to go along with your pastries? Which, by the way, I plan to try cause it sounds so easy and good! I'm happy you're adjusting and enjoying all those kiddies and workmates!

    Well, hubby is wanting to go get some groceries....he doesn't think I'm feeding him well I'm probably not. Sometimes I get so down physically that cooking is more than I can handle. Forget that I can live on a can of soup or a bowl of cereal...he certainly cannot and put in a full hard day's labor! So....need to go get some easy, fast things to make. Other than that, no plans for the day, which is more than enough for me!

    Happy Sunday to all....and hugs to all I haven't mentioned....Love...Jole

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    just wanted Rock's friends to know how devastating the news of his uncle Rod's death was to him. Rock called the family this morning but was only able to speak a few sentences to his Aunt Ferdy as he was all choked-up. He also had a words with his cousin Bruce and his Aunt Izzy who were at the home.

    We arranged for a floral arrangement to be sent tomorrow.

    This is a sad time for Rock. He'll touch bases with all later.


  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is watching some of the football gamaes and is disgusted alrready with the Texasn so here I am :) !!

    Jole - WOW, that strawberry shortcake your mom used to make sounds abasolutely divine and I woud love to have a big piece right now. MMM does that sound yummy !! That is funny about your hubby. Mine does not do the manual labor as yours does, however he could not survice on soup and or cereal either. Like where's the MEAT !! Today we are not havaing meat but will have shrimp scampi instead. Sometimes we get it from Sams , the frozen cooked or uncooked shrimp, already cleaned and all. Forget all the work with the freshly caught heads on shrimp !! We make gluttons of ourselves with that and eat to much.

    I should be out there doing some more housework. However, I am thrilled that DH's cousins son and wife who are coming after the surgery are coming, I think about the 2nd week in October instead of the last week in September. That should give me a couple more weeks to hopefully get to feeling more normal. Not that I will be feeling great but at least I can sort hope to be able to function somewhat and LOOK normal :) !!. HA! Only all you guys with these DD's understand what I am saying !

    Pippi - to bad you couldn't get your huge drafting table up to your place but glad that you are getting something that will work for you. Gee, if we ever get anything we have to assemble I will call you to help -OK ?? DH is not patient and if it doesn't go the way he wants it to right away he gets mad and gives up. I will stick with it longer than he. He is a very smart guy but putting stuff together is not his thing for sure.

    Deb - Glad you got to pop in for awhile yesterday. Welcome back.

    Rock - I know what you mean and I have read alot about the flu shots and those who have hada reactions, etf. Everyone has to do what they think is right for them. I kow it is good for me cause I get flus adn stuff like that easily and and I can go into bronchitis or pneumonia pretty quick. So, I get it. I know that for me I might still get a slight case of respiratory something or another but it is alot better than I would have gotten, I know.

    Joan- How are you doing sweetie? I haven't been on FB aslot but did pop in yesterday for a bait. I spotted someone else I knew and so wrote to her. So, I didnlt go checking anyone else out. I see you are busy there. I do not even have a pic on there.

    Georgia - Hope you are feeling better today. You need some good rest and glad the weather is cooling off for you. It is some for us too.

    Tomorrow is the day I go to the doc and to the hospital to do all my pre op stuff and registration before my surgery on wednesday.

    Well, everydobby I had better run for now.

    Love to awl inc those not mentioned,

    [This Message was Edited on 09/13/2009]