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    Hot teas, coffees assorted flavor with scones, crossants and all kinds of cinnamon rolls and such are here for the taking. <

    Let's get started here. Just wanted to get this done so I or noo one else gets caught in the door.

    Teacher - sorry to hear about Baby;s asthma. Yes, you never stop worrying about them and some more than other. Believe me I know., I am still worrying and the oldest is 46 and down to 35. Good grief !! Then you worry about your grandkids.

    Hope she will take her medicine like a good girl. Yep, you can't be with them all the time and make them do what they do not want. They have to learn on their own, unfortunatly. Yes, you have done your part for sure.

    Please don;' forget to check out the last volume for some posts.

    JOAN - I posted to you sweetie.

    See you all later.

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  2. jole

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    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mickey and Teacher are back to work, and the rest of us are surviving....

    I really thought of Carla today. I was watching the news on TV early and saw this HUGE spider crawling on the floor. Much bigger, uglier and meaner than a raisin.....

    I wanted to get a picture and compare it to Carla's, but was afraid I wouldn't find it back by the time I got the camera...and no way was that thing staying around. Ewwww! Got out the trusty ole swatter, tried to pick it up to take it outside, and it got it is no longer.

    Can certainly tell Fall is here! Between all the critters trying to get in, and the mosquitos dying off (which is a good thing). But I hate to see my flowers disappearing! That really makes my spirits droop.

    Joan, I'm sorry your pastor isn't more supportive...she doesn't sound very well versed in grief issues for sure! You just take your time, and think about him all you want. When my one brother tragically died years ago, it took me a year of mourning...the same with my mother.

    I really didn't care what anyone thought, they were my feelings and I was entitled to them!! I do wish my hubby had been more supportive though. He just didn't know how to deal with it, 'cause he's more of a "live by the day" person, and feelings aren't part of his makeup.

    So I understand that part of what you're going through also. I guess it's hard for other people to accept our feelings when their world goes on as normal and ours doesn't.

    The bad memories do subside and the good ones take over....sounds like that's where you are already most of the time. Good for you!!

    Granni, it's good to hear you made it to church and are back to your love of singing. It must have been a really good feeling!

    Teacher, your Baby has been having a bad time of it, hasn't she? Asthma attacks must be very scary to go through. My brother has them, and carries an inhaler all the time. He has a lot of allergies.....detergents, dyes, latex, deodorants, grains, pollens, etc. He can't wear colored socks, and really hates getting dressed up in suits and having to wear white socks!

    I hope your bronchitis is nearly gone, and school doesn't push you too much. Please take care of yourself!

    Pippi, it sounds like you're hard at work again with all the illustrations and doggie drawings. It sounds like fun...something I would love to do if I could make a decent stick man. Heck, my 3-year old grandson draws wonderful dinosaurs, and I add the sun :)

    Rock, there was something in your last post I wanted to ask you about, but I didn't pull up another page or make notes this time. Will try to find it before I get on again....sorry!

    Mickey, looking forward to hearing how Ashley's room turned out, especially the faux painting!

    Georgia, it's great to hear the weather is cooling down for you. Hopefully that will also help with your spirits. The heat seems to drain a person if they don't like it. I heard this morning that they're predicting a colder than usual winter this year. I'm certainly not looking forward to that! We may have to move your

    Springwater, you must be busy...stop by and let us know about your festival activities and what all it entails. You're always so descriptive, and we want to join in with you!

    I was supposed to go see my daughter and new baby yesterday, but my daughter had cattle get out and needed to go fix the pasture fence (the cattle operation is her responsibility with their farm...her choice..she loves them).

    Oh, that's not the daughter with the baby out fixing fence, but the one that was going to take me along with So I settled for a phone call instead. They're doing well. I really wanted to hold that sweet little bundle though! And get a chance to play with her big sis as well...know she's needing special attention too.

    Nothing new in my life. Just wanted to say "hi" to everyone, and wish you all a good day! Looking forward to hearing from all of you here, and the ones I missed. Love to all.........Jole

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    Hi everydobby!

    I had a terrible nightmare last night...
    I still feel shaken by it.

    In the nightmare, I was standing with my dad & brothers.
    My mom had died suddenly.
    I was screaming, "She can't be dead! She can't be dead! She's the one that holds the whole family together!!!"

    That was pretty much how the whole nightmare was.

    I just kept screaming things like "she can't be dead" & "I'M supposed to die first!!!"

    It was so awful...

    Fortunately, this morning, Mom, Pop, & 1 of my bro's stopped by for a minute (to pick up a few things I had for them), & I just hugged Mom SO tight & kept telling them all I love them.
    That helped me feel better, but I didn't mention the nightmare.

    Sometimes, people say our dreams mean something, & I think sometimes they do.
    But other times, I think our brains just know what scares us the most...

    Of course, I've been feeling "out of sorts" all day....

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before I end up doing something else and DH gets back from his trip to the bank and Sams to pick up a few things.

    Elaine - so glad to hear from you again . We don't mind if you sing or do cart wheels sweetie. JUst don't do to much to wear yourself out before you start the chemo again. Yep. we are waiting to hear that it is all worth while and that dreaded nasty Ca is GONE !!! You sound wonderful even if you feel kind of crummy off the stuff this week. I know you must feel at least a little better not having totake it daily. Just keep that PB and J and lot sof bread handy. That should help to keep the weight on , if you can eat it OK. Keep us updated my dear. You have done so much while you were talking the first omnth - sewing and all.

    Pippi - so sorry to hear that you had that awful dream. That must have shaken you up and for good reason. Hope that gets out of your mind today so you can think of happier and funnier things - like that horrible, wicked, evil and dasterdly raisin or water melon seed :) !!

    Jole - It sounds to me like you and I could get together and make an even better stick person :) My drawing is not very good. I think I could kake a pretty sun and clouds. Art, in that form is not a natural one for me, for sure.

    Mickey - Hope all went well (finally) after Lindsey had her problems with the hair dresser. Hope she finally got her hair done and we want pics if you have them. I am sure that is a silly question !! Hope she had a fun time at the Homecoming dance. Don't work to hard at work now. How did the painting go? I hope you finished it. It sounded to me like a very big project for one weekend. It sure would be for me.

    Well, not to much else is new here. Have to go and do a few other small chores. Lots meed to be done but I am not allowed to vacuum yet. Not sure if I can do so after my 6 wk ck or 3 wk which will be on thursday afternoon. I also could claean those bathroom sinks. Why do they always look uyucky? They never stay nice and shiny looking very long.

    Love n hugs to everydobby ,

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    Geez, where is everdobby today except you , Jole, Pip, and Elaine and myself..

    So sorry to hear that youare having a major meltdow. No one, as you know WANTS to particularly by on AD's. However, they are sometimes very necessary. That is wonderful that Grandpa went through many obstacles to get you your prescription. I am so glad that you will be going to see your therapist tomorrow. Hopefully, after awhile you can get off them like you did before after you get over the hump, as they say. Sounds like he really loves and cares about you.

    Just keep busy as you have been doing. That should be very helpful, I woud think. Just try and enjoy your knitting class ! Good luck tomorrow with your appointment. (((GEORGIA))) !! Special hugs for you my dear !

    Pip - You are right sometimes dreams (or our minds, just know what upsets us most). If I dream I usually do not remember what I dream. I'll bet that it was good to see and hug your mom and family members after that scarey dream.

    Hope everydobby else is doing well. I'll be gone tonight as someone ewill be picking me up for chorale practice. We do our performance next week . Si I really need to go. May go to church for choir practice if someone else picks me up. Hopefully doc will say ok to driving after Thursday's visit.week.

    Mickey, Joan, Carla, Rock, where are you ????????? Hope all is well.

    Love to y'all, inc peekers and lurkers,
  6. lilaclover30

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    Georgia: I am so sorry that you are down. Take you Zoloft and hope it liefts you up where you belong. I fought depr4ession when I first had FM and it is so unending. My best to you and hope the Rx helps you. Does the knitting help? I do hope so, We are all rooting for you...God bless!!

    Reading about the spider made me think of what one of my coffee friends said this a.m. She is deathly afraid of "things" that get in her house. She had a mouse last week and screamed and screamed - she got poison and it worked---the mouse got into the fan and died. She had to call her sister gto come and shake it +out outside.

    Then she said that she thought that she saw a bugt, maybe cricket, on the floor---she carefully went over andf quickly picked it up with a Kleenex. She put it in the toilet and looked to she what it was. IT WAS A THREAD! She laughed a bout it and so did we. She is as bad as you, Pip!!

    There are weird noises all ovefr the house today! I just got up to see what in athe world was making such a horrible noise just now. the front door blew open and it was whistling!!! The wind is awful last night and today and it is so cold!!! Glad I had the jackets downstairs. i am not ready for this - I just want somwe nice fall weather. Well, gtake what we get.

    Oh Pip: What an awful dream!! i always wonder what makes us dream things like that. I hate them. I can't remember most of my dreams - good!

    Elaine: It is sooo good to hear from you! Keep up the sewing. I used to just love to sew but somehow that went away. i used to make all D's clothes all through school. She wished she could have sgtore-bought clothes and her frioend wished she could have mom-made clothes.

    You said that you now had your curves back!! Wonderful! Does J.S. appreciate them? (i can nmot hit the right keys today!!)

    Thank you sweetie for appreciating my dismay at my pastor!!

    For one thing, my pastor is in the mid-50's and to her,. I am old
    !! You can't forget you family that is gone. So very many times I have something that I want to tell Harley. no one else would understand. GThen I often think of somethiongt I'd like to ask my mom. she passed away in 1977!!! Thank you Jole, for being so caring. You are a doll.

    Grannie: I would love some of your cinnamon rolls that you have! I love them. And flavored coffee would be great!

    Today is re-arranging of clothes, coats and sweats today . i must get badk to them. i may not get back to you all until Thur. Daughter and gher friend are taking her MIL and me to Shipshewana - you Hoosiers ever been there.

    Oh yes, I meant to ask if any of you watched the special on national parks last night? It was so very good and the pictures were fantastically gorgeous.

    Love to all,

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got an irritating e mail from my brother in
    Oregon. Tiny font. Does he think a bigger font
    costs more? Doesn't he realize that along with
    everything else, my eyes are failing?

    And he's still going on about two schools he wants
    to leave his house to. The schools are ignoring him.

    They have been ignoring him for months. Maybe longer.
    I told him to find a new hobby, one
    that is less irritating.

    This, of course, will make him even more determined
    to continue w/ this stupid project.

    Spring water, where you be? At some festival,
    no doubt. You see the computer news the other
    day about the effect of the moon on human behavior?

    Mickey, are you busy painting? I bet Ashley
    appreciates the washer and dryer. When I was
    in school, we had laundry facilities in the dorm

    I quickly learned not to try and do laundry on a
    busy weekend. Middle of the night was best.

    Thanks for the cinnamon rolls, Granni. My mother
    was a wonderful bakery. Made great
    cinnamon rolls and super popovers. Haven't
    had a popover in half a century.

    We used to have a scrub board hanging on the
    wall in the back porch. It dated from the pre-
    electric washer days.

    Jole, if the question you had for me was a legal
    one, I can tell you the answer is usually, "It

    I admire your courage and high principles in
    quitting a job. After I'd had a few jobs, I pretty
    much concluded there were all essentially the
    same. One would have better pay, but no company car.
    One would have a rotten boss, but
    the facilities were great. Etc. You always got
    something and gave up something.

    Elaine, computers have a "D" drive? If this one
    does, it probably stands for Diabolical. I hope
    you're enjoying your chemo vacation.

    Pippi, Looked up hat in the ring. Read it originated
    long ago in the boxing milieu. Now
    refers to politics. I'm tossing my hat in the ring
    means I'm gonna run for office.

    I have a vague recollection about an Irishman who
    used to go home drunk and toss his hat
    in the house to see if it was safe to go in
    himself. Can't remember the details.

    Teacher, cranberry and grape is good, but I
    prefer the Welch's peach and white grape. I
    suspect if you added a teaspoon of vodka, you
    could pass it off a wine.

    "Yes, it's something new. Last time I was in Modesto,
    Julia Gallo asked me to let my friends try it."

    Did you really wear a fire helmet? Did you look
    like Smokey Stover? Did you ever notice Smokey
    Stover and Dagwood Bumstead look a lot alike?

    Kinda like Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine.

    Georgia, glad to see you're fighting back against
    depression. Seems to me quite a few people don't gasp
    this idea over on the Depression Board.

    Pippi, one theory about dreams, I read, is that
    the brain is bored and is just amusing itself.

    I had 4 or 5 bad claustrophobic dreams last Oct.
    Haven't had any since. Who knows why?

    Joan, Never heard of putting solar lights in the cemetery.
    Sounds like a nice idea.

    The landlord here bought solar light a year or two
    ago. I think he bought a dozen and only two of
    them worked. He took 'em all back.


  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Yes, I really did wear my fireman's hat. It's a plastic child's toy hat. I don't know if I looked like Smokey Stover, but I sure looked cute!

    I've never tried Welch's peach and white grape. I'll have to look for that.

    Georgia, It's OK if you have to take AD for awhile. It is there to give you the extra push you need to get through this. We're rooting for you.

    Baby finally took her cough medicine last night and promptly had an allergic reaction. She went to the school health center and they have sent her home for three days. Eventhough she doesn't have the flu, because of the swine flu threat, that's standard procedure now for students that live close enough to go home.

    She was trying to figure out how she could stay at school or come here with me. I had to pull rank. There was NO WAY I was going to let her come here. I'm already fragile.

    She didn't want to go home to the grands. Why? Because she didn't want the extra attention right now.

    Too bad for her. I picked her up and dropped her with the people. They are tickled to death to have something to do. She'll either live or die. Her choice.

    I was stupid today. Principal is wanting to have a harvest party or something in November. She requested they kiddies learn to dance Cotton-Eyed-Joe. I thought I was going to pass out. Not enough air on the intake.

    I sat down after that and played jacks.

    Joe's just gonna have to wait until next week!

    Going to go do a load of lalundry. It's a little too nippy to go without underpinnings.

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Another hat phrase is the one "i'll eat my hat if..." - which would have been much more dangerous in ye olden days, with all the poison chemicals they used. (Hence the phrase: "Mad as a hatter".)

    Why does your brother wanna give his house to a school?
    Is it an historic home? Is it worth a gadzillion dollars?
    Why doesn't he just leave instructions for his atty to sell the house & give the $$$ to the school?
    Why don't the schools want his house?
    (Besides the fact they probably don't wanna be saddled property to maintain.)
    Is the place a dump? LOL!

    About the nightmare:
    I've noticed I have scary dreams when something is scaring me - even if I'm just mildly scared - but the thing in the dream isn't what's actually scaring me.
    Of course, it could be that in comparison to something really scary (like the sitch in my dream) the thing that's concerning me in real life is no major big deal...
    Hmmm... I'll have to think about that...

    I'm curious... Does knitting, or another hobby or distraction help your depression? When I'm seriously depressed, I can't draw or paint or even read a book or watch tv or anything. When I'm depressed, nothing can hold my attention. Well, actually, nothing can even GET my attention, much less hold it.
    Sometimes, I literally just lay on the floor & stare at the ceiling...

    In some ways, I'm "lucky" that I'm so sick, cuz I don't have job responsibilities. I can temporarily "check out" of life for awhile & wait for it to pass.
    Working freelance, I don't have to take on any work when I'm not up to it. And, being sick, nobody ever asks why I "don't feel well".
    That makes it a bit easier too, cuz it's so impossible to explain it to anyone who doesn't experience it.
    And I don't have a boy-fiend waiting for me to get over it.

    The ability to have absolute solitude, actually allows me to get past it quicker, cuz I don't have added stress during the depression.

    I used to fight against depression, but after awhile I learned that just made it worse for me.
    When I just wait it out & kinda roll with it, it still gets as bad as it ever did, but it doesn't last as long.

    Of course, that's just my personal experience. Everydobby has a different way to deal with it.

    I do see a shrink, but that's mostly for my PTSD, which is actually a much bigger concern for me.

    People are so stoopit... I absolutely REFUSE to "get over" the loss of anyone I've loved! I'll gladly carry them in heart for my entire life!
    In fact, I think my world would be a sadder place, if my dear ones weren't still with me. And they are. (With me, I mean.) I don't hafta give them up, just cuz society, or a pastor, or anybody else, says I'm supposed to!
    PHOOEY on them! What do they know? Nothin!!!

    Gosh! You're going thru sheer He** w/the chemo, & still you're boosting OUR spirits & cheering Us up!
    Are ya working on your next "shopping" list yet??? LOL!!!

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby!

    B back later!!!

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It seems like it has been forever since I posted but everyday goes by and I may make it to read but then can't reply from being interupted or exhausted. So am going to try now.

    Pippi I LOVED your raisen story, glad you have your cape on to save us all from the dreaded raisens of the world. I can't wait to see your painting- how do you paint something that big in you small studio apt? Is it oil or acrylic?

    Jole you too are a kritter killer, lol. Mine is still on the porch but it must be a female getting ready to lay eggs as the web is gone but she is still in a small crack in the top of the porch post. I am not going to bother her and see what happens.

    Georgia-aww sweetie I hope you pull out of this soon but I know how you feel and you know where I am if you want. I have to say the cymbalta I have been on about 5 weeks now has made all the difference in the world to me. I am very surprised but happy about it.

    Joan I see you are still stuggeling too, my freind Diane who;s husband died in Apr is having a hard time too, this was her first art show without him. He always carried and set up her art and easels, he really took good care of her and she is just hanging on right now. She, like you, does have a good supportive family which does help.

    Teacher I loved the firehat, where were you when I was in school? Hope your daughter gets better soon

    Mickey how is the painting going? How did you keep it from her if you talked about on facebook? I hope your mom is getting better everyday

    Rock you keep getting knocked down put get right back up again and hope your cousin will be ok. Yes, most computer's have a d drive and loved your word for it too, you always make me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside with your use of words. I still think you need to right a book.

    Granni glad the surgery is over and you are singing again. About the wallpaper- spend about $20 and save a lot of headaches- Go to the paint supplies/wall paper section and buy a bottle f Dif and a Tiger. A Tiger is a round tool that fits in the palm of your hand, the bottom has little wheels with teeth on them. When you run it over the wall paper it puts little holes in the paper. Then you spray it with the DIF or other type wall paper remover the store may have.

    It is worth the money, I have done it the hard way and the easy way, spend the money. Once you let it soak for what the directions tell you, you can just peel a whole sheet from the wall, them use your scraper/putty knife to get what doesn't come off. Some papers have a vinyl layer and it may take 2 sprayings but using the Tiger helps.

    SO buy a Tiger palm tool and wallpaper remover and save a marriage :)

    Elaine i am so proud of you, you are doing a great job. Keep the faith

    Well my shoulders are starting to hurt so will tell you what is going on with me. I did win a Honorable Mention for one of my pastels. It is on my site I posted last week. It is a soft yellow/brown sunrise on the James River, a very simple sunrise I captured in the 1990's and found the picture a few months ago so did it in pastels. I was pleased with it and someone wanted to buy it but could not pay what I wanted which wasn't that much considering the time involved.

    The other exciting thing happened last Fri on my way to work. I was nearly killed-really. On my way to work on a 4 lane residentiual/business road I noticed a man on the other side trying to stop traffic so he could move a large dog that got hit by a car.

    People would just go around him but no one stopped, so I did a u turn and stopped in the road in front of the dog and put my flashers on. There was also another dog that was upset and assumed it was the dead dogs buddy. So we got him out of the road and picked up the dead dog and put him on the sidewalk.

    The man was a guest at the hotel this happened in front of and as he was telling me this, we hear brakes screaching and turned around to see a jeep miss my jeep by inches, jumped the curb and stopped 5 ft in front of us. You could have knocked the man and I over with a feather.

    A woman that was around 70 got of the jeep and I yelled at her saying "didn't you see my jeep and the flashers on??" and she yelled at me and said my mouth wasn't going to help anything! Then i saw the manager of the hotel coming with a dog leash so figured it was her dogs and got in my car to get it out of the road so no other lunatic would hit me and went on to work. It happened so fast but someone was watching over me and that man for sure.

    Other than that I have just been taking it easy, spending time with the girls and skyped with Haley for 2 hours yesterday, her and Daniel both, they were introducing me to Bailey the cat, he was a rescue one of his unit buddies had and now is getting shipped somewhere else, so they adopted Baily, Haley's nickname as a kid was Haley-Baliey so she had to have him-lol.

    Well better submit before it goes poof- well I am glad I copied my post before I finished it as when I hit submit- it went poof- I guess I timed out. So had to go to a new window and open up the porch again, sign in and pasted the rest of this. Don't they know we aren't speed thinkers or typers?? Can they give us more than 15 minutes or even an hour lol to post??? Oh well nothing lost this time- so have a good one and hello to everydobby else like Springwater, Barry, Deb and you know who you are :) Ohh House is on- yeahhhhhhhh bye-Carla
  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Great to see ya on the Porch!!!

    When I paint, it's in acrylics. I hear ya about selling artwork.
    Every year we have a pretty famous art show here. (It's just about upon us again.)
    It's the St. James Court art show, in the victorian "Old Louisville" neighborhood.

    I haven't even attempted to have a booth there, but I've watched people art-shopping.

    Geez! Only a non-artist (or an idiot) would think a sculpture is only worth it's cost in poundage of clay...
    Or that a painting is only worth the cost of canvas & paint.

    That's how it seems to be, to me, being an artist-incognito, & observing art buyers.

    If it was as easy as people think it is, they'd be making their own art, & not shopping for it...

    Good Nite, dear Peeps!
    Rest easy knowing the world is safe from evil raisins!!!!

    Love 2 All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    More serendipity. Found out some family news.
    You could probably call this the extended family.

    Anyhoo, as I have mentioned previously, the 4
    Merrick brothers came to the New World in 1636
    from Wales and were founders of Springfield, MA.

    Thomas Merrick, then a teenager, was my great
    something grandfather. My granddaughter is a
    12th generation American.

    In the 19th century, George Merrick was a
    steamboat pilot on the Mississippi. He left that
    job to go fight in the Civil War.

    Early in the 20th century George wrote a book
    about his experiences as a pilot. He wrote another
    book about the family history. Both
    books are in the LA library. I was amazed a
    couple years ago when they let me check out the
    steamboat book which was over a hundred years

    And here's the serendipity part:
    Recently I was reading about Minnesota State
    Parks. Right across the Mississippi River from
    Winona, Minnesota, is a Wisconsin State Park
    named for George Merrick, the "Patron of the

    The Winona millionaire who donated the land for
    the park bought up thousands of acres along the
    Mississippi River and donated it to the states of
    WI and MN and the city of Winona.

    On the Minnesota side the land was used for
    Whitewater State park. When I was a boyscout,
    our troop went camping there every spring. So
    there I was frolicking about where George must
    surely have gone hiking decades earlier.

    You might think this news would be fascinating
    to my relatives. Especially to my brother whose
    first name is Merrick. But no. When I send them
    info such as this, it is never even acknowledged.
    So I no longer send it.

    Teacher, the school has a policy of sending anydobby
    who is sick home? This will prevent the
    spread of Swine Flu? What school is this: The
    University of Middle-Ages Medicine?

    Never heard of cotton-eyed Joe. I looked it up.
    A folk tune older than the Civil War. (Maybe
    George sang it sittin' round a campfire.)

    I found two versions of it that would play. Both
    useless. Nina Simone sang it as thought it were
    a torch song. The Rednex recording has a bass
    drum that drowns out everything else.

    I did read it was popular as a line dance. You
    'sposed to do choreography too?

    Pippi, I have read the source of "mad as a
    hatter" many times. Came from using mercury
    in the making of felt hats

    So I looked it up today. Two sources said, this
    may not be true. Seems like the more research
    one does, the more uncertainty creeps in. No
    wonder fundamentalists don't want their kids

    Carla, great to hear from you. I never heard of a
    Tiger tool, but it sounds like a handy thing to have
    around when one gets that urge to jump up and
    attack some wallpaper.

    I tried to look at your new picture, but all I could
    find was the stained glass site. I did read in
    the Daily Independent about your fund raising for
    the Damon and Stella foundation.


    All the rest of the post vanished. I can't even
    blame the computer. It's my failing brain. I pushed
    the wrong key.

    Going back to bed to read. ARRRRRRRRRR!!!

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I need to type fast again as DH will be back soon and we have some chores to do.

    Georgia - You need to do what you need to do. If it is get away for awhile to be by yourself to do some thinking, that is what you must do. Glad you got some meds to at least help you out over the really rough spots. Good lucky with your therapy today. Thinking of you (((GEORGIA))) special hugs for you.

    Carla - so glad to have you back. It surely sounds like you have been VERY busy. Glad the art show went well. We have been missing you on the Porch !!.

    Thanks so much for your tips on removing wallpaper. We will not be doing that for awhile ( a few months or so probably but I am anxious to get rid of this paper. We will hire someone to put on the new. I am not that stoopid :) ! DH and I did it 1 x together and almost had a divorce right then We may work on the kitchen first but do not need to remove any paper there.

    Rock - well we did a pretty long post buta sorry if you lost parts of it. Yes, computers are a necessary evil, I hear ya. Hope all is going well at home,

    Hi to Pip, Jole, Joan, SW and everydobby else. TTY all later.

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  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Ahhh! It's starting to feel like autumn here!
    A slight chill in the night.
    Finally turned off the AC.
    We're still 3 - 4 weeks away from that fleeting, most beauteous event known as "Fall Colors" - a brief moment of sheer natural glory, designed as compensation for the long dreary winter to come...

    October is the time of year, when I used to go on a private retreat.
    Most peeps don't understand the difference between a retreat & a vacation. (Or an organized retreat, as opposed to a private retreat.)

    I have some friends who are nuns, & I was always welcome at their convent.

    Actually, if any of you have seen the movie "Rain Man", you've seen my friends' home.
    The "institution" where Dustin Hoffmans' character lived in the movie, is actually St. Annes' convent (Sisters of Divine Providence), in Campbell County, KY.

    They have a retreat center there, but I stayed in the main convent building. (Except the times I was in a wheelchair, cuz they have accessible rooms in the retreat center house. But those times, amazingly, there weren't any group retreats going on & I had the building all to myself).

    During my times there, I could be left alone to wander the woods, sit up all night in the library, read, write, think... Anything I wanted or needed to do. Or, I could talk to someone, anytime I wanted to discuss my thoughts. I was given whatever I needed, whether it was solitude or company...

    I actually discovered the place completely by accident ("how providential!" as my friends would say. LOL!)
    I mentioned to my nun-buddy that I needed to get away from everybody & everything, so I could think. She invited me to go hang out at the "mother house" & sort things out.

    That was the greatest best idea anybody ever had!

    I couldn't think, where I was.
    I was surrounded by people who all had their own agendas, demands, "needs", & wants from me. Being surrounded with people (or living with just 1 of them) who make emotional demands on us, for THEIR reasons, does not allow us to be in a place to think freely...

    So, the very 1st time I went to St. Annes', whithin an hour, I had wandered to their cemetery & found my family name on 2 headstones!!!

    I immediately found the archivist & discovered these 2 sister-sisters were indeed my relatives!!!

    From that moment on, the place was home.
    (& the archivist became quite a spiritual mentor & friend, as we both loved history, & she personally knew my relatives.)

    I stayed for about 2 weeks, that first time.
    There was never a limit on how long I could stay.

    When I went "home", with a clear, calm mind & spirit for the first time in years, a LOT of things changed!!!
    I basically got rid of every negative, toxic person who was too close to me, physically & emotionally.

    I was free...

    But, I had to escape the sitch, before I could come back & be free...

    I reclaimed myself out there.
    I came home knowing the truth: I don't "owe" myself to anybody!!!

    Anyhow... I just wanted to tell ya about that, cuz you mentioned going away for awhile - going to a peaceful place.
    My advice is: Drop everything & GO!
    Put yourself first. No. Put yourself ONLY!!!!
    Forget about everything "back home".
    It'll still be there when ya get back (if that's what you want).
    & that's the whole point - to figure out what YOU want & what YOU need, away from anyone who wants you to alter yourself to suit THEIR wants!

    (Getting long here. Gonna post this & BRB!)

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    OK... I'm back. That timing-out-as-my-post-goes-POOF thing makes me nervous!

    The last word on the previous post:

    Go! If somebody "can't survive without you" for a few days, they've become MUCH too dependent & needy! (IMO & IME "In My Experience")

    Other Stuff:

    Geez! 12 generations here??? Wow! I'm just the 2nd generation of my family that only speaks english!
    Are y'all kin to the "elephant man" Merrick?

    I sure hope you aren't descended from the buncha blue-bloods who were the eugenicists!!!!!!!

    OK Peeps. Gotta go for real now. I have a commercial art client waiting to see their flier - which of course, isn't done yet. LOL!!!

    Everydobby have a good, great, or good-enough day!!!!!!!

    Love 2 All!
  16. jole

    jole Member

    This is a major pain day for me...can't sit, can't stand, etc., etc. So this will be done in sections as permitted.

    ELAINE: Sending you good luck hugs and prayers for this second round of chemo! Hope it goes better than the first for you, or at least no worse :) Thanks for the long john reminder. I was going to get me some last year and they were out by the time I remembered. Will get them early this year.

    Pippi, my depression sounds like yours. When it hit, it really hit. Then the doc put me on Paxil, which I reacted to and made me nearly suicidal. I ended up in the deepest, darkest place of my entire life. Couldn't move, no emotions, didn't care about anything or anybody. Don't know that I could even think a coherent thought....and I couldn't deal with anyone around me.

    Then I was put on Lexapro and gradually came out of it. I can't think of anything worse than that period of my was right as I was diagnosed with this DD, so I'm sure that played a big part. The pain, cognitive loss, everything was too overwhelming for me to deal with. After the Lexapro I could fight again.

    Granni, so happy to hear you're getting back to normal, and hope your check up goes well. You've really been confined and I imagine the time has drug for you.

    By the way, thanks for the wonderful home-made cinnamon roll...I too love them!

    Georgia, anything I was going to say has definitely been covered by everyone else...Pippi has some good advice for you. So all I'll say is be kind to yourself!

    Joan, I already switched out my clothes from summer to winter. It seems so hard to doing it in the spring though :) I think we had your wind today. It made me think of you!

    Rock, I really like your dream theory of the bored brain. It must be why I never dream, my brain isn't active enough to be bored...*sigh*

    Teach, your posts are delightful! Your confidence, sense of humor, and DD fraility presents a wonderful mix! I'd love to have your attitude on life....
    Actually, you remind me of my sister's sense of humor! She's my best friend.

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  17. jole

    jole Member

    Carla, welcome back, dear friend! I need to look at your pictures again as soon as I can. Wow! You're such a sweetie when it comes to those animals- they're definnitely better than a lot of crazy people, huh? What an ordeal that turned out to be for you and the other guy. Doesn't pay to be nice.......but is still a satisfying feeling to know no one else (or the other dog) got hurt.

    Rock, my computer is becoming very temperamental also. I cannot look anything up on the internet anymore. I can send e-mails and get on this site since it's in my "favorites", but my search engine doesn't work.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try? It's not the security settings. That's the only thing I knew to look for.

    Spring, hoping to hear from you soon.

    Mickey, you too. Wishing you both well.

    Everyone else, I'm thinking about you all. My day is consisting of mainly the bed, couch, pills and another round of same today. Hoping for a "good enough" day tomorrow, though. Hugs to everyone...........Jole
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - It is so great to hear from you again. May your spirits continue to stay UP with all that chemo. you have to put into your system. Just visualize it and going to work killing all those horribly , dasterdly, scarey (not RAISINS this time) Ca cells. Go get im and eat them all up and kill em dead ! We will be thinking of you and those flying books of yours . Mucho hugs !!

    Georgia - Sorry you are feeling so blue . I just hope you will tell him you are going or leave him a note maybe . Good luck with you therapy today. I will be thinking of you.

    Jole - Hi there kiddo. Hope you are feeling OK today. Don't remember what everydobby said but here I am anyway...Don't rememaber if it was you or someone else who asked or commented on myhair project. That is just washing , drying and curling. When I get it cut and colored and go to the beautry shop. I used to color my hair myself many years ago but it made it way to reddish. Sorry, I just read your later post that said you are having a bad pain day. So sorry to hear that, yep it is no fun for sure. Glad you keep your sense of humor through it all and continue to write such nice posts. Hugs to you sweetie.

    Spring water - Hope you are doing OK. I miss seeing or hearing from you . Hope to hear from you soon and that you are just busy and really down.

    Carla- hope you have had some time to rest from all your activities lately and feeling OK. Taken any rides with Missy and Twy lately?? I seem to be missing something. Was their a fight or injury to your or some other doggies?

    Joan - Hope all is well with you too and have been kept somewhat busy doing some fun stuff.

    Hi to Rock and all I haven't posted to. .Hope you are feeling OK today and that your computer is behaving for you :)

    Teacher - glad to see you back again Teacher afater your busy days at school. Sorry your daughter had a bad reaction to the cough medicine. Poor kid. I hope she is feeling a little better now staying with was it her grandparents, of whoever it was. Yes, you do not need to get that flu or whatever it is she has. You must take care of yourself.

    Sorry if I forgot anyone !!

    Blessings and big hugs to everydobby!
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  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I went back, re-reading posts too, cuz I didn't know what the doggie problem was either.

    Nite Everydobby!

    WAY too exhausted to type another word, but I love you ALL!!!!!!

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I have been reading your ppsts from time to time but not been able to post..too much
    going on..the festival is officiallyover but unofficially, no. If someonecomes over i still
    will have to feed them.

    I jsut noticed my husbands friends car paked downstairs, he and husband have gone off
    in my husbands car to play golf very early and wen they come back i better have some
    food to serve...

    day before i went and received blessings from husbands uncle and didnt have to do much
    except be around peole and talk which i enjoyed also, but yesterday i was wiped out...
    funny aint it? i just couldnt get up...and flet miserable all day laying about..

    i posted some festrival pics on FB and will upload them on flickr after my chores now..

    will write a longer post then..

    i better fly off to kitchen now and see what i hav to make if i have anyting in the fridge
    heh hehe

    God Bless