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    Man, thee porch threads are going by faster and faster. I need to leave now and take a shower. Hope I get rid of this dumb low grade temp. It could really can ruin our Easter if it goes on., singing, company and al.

    Will try and get back later, for tomorrow anyway. Don't forget to check back at the old porch volume, for me Julie, Leah., Sun and other dear porch friends.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Thanks Granni for starting this. I'm sorry you're not feeling good. Get lots of rest and even more liquids.

    Diane: thanks for all that water info. I checked at one store for the Smart's expensive. I buy distilled water and have told my DH to take a little celtic salt in the palm of his hand. I read somewhere from a health doctor that this will supply all your good minerals that have been taken out of the water.
    I've been thinking about you, wondering how the anxiety is for you?

    Mikie: When I had PT in a heated pool a few years ago, the chlorine hit me as soon as I walked into the facility.....a long hallway away from the pool. I felt awful for a few days afterwards (lots of pain) and I told the PT about it. And all the therapy consisted of was walking slowly thru the heated water. She said that some FM people just can't be around the chlorine and I was probably one. When you go into the pool I'm sure you know to shower immediately afterwards and rinse your bathing suit.

    Good that you had this "talk" with your friends in the hood.

    I've been trying to clean up this neighbor is brinGng over her cleaning lady on wed. so I can talk with her and like any woman.....we want to make a good impression. 3/4 of the mess here there and everywhere is MINE!!!!
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    Jam: send me a private link to the board......I'm very interested. As I've said before my DH is VERY conservative but I've read a lot about the cannabis oil. But apparently you need a lot of MJ to make a little bit of oil. My son has been pushing for DH to use MJ but even he said to just buy the oil. He has a good friend, who has a friend who grows MJ for medicinal purposes up in N. calif. I asked him to get her name so I can contact her......I'm sure she knows where we could get good oil in case my DH decides to go this route.
  4. Granniluvsu

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    Dear Sun - Surely hope you can get some natural help for DH's cancer. I have some books on it too but hadn't gotten into all the sections it very thoroughly. I just got the book and am looking through it a bit. Have you checked into the Budwig diet. Let me know if you need any more info on it and I will give you what I have . My daughter went the conservative route, chemo and surgery but she was also VERY careful about supplements and what she ate. Sugar was one of the big things she cut out. Also so of the vegies that give him gas are probably one of the best for cancer - cabbage, brussel spots, cauliflower, broccoli. Also, has DH tried Gasex or Beano that you can take before eating I believe

    Also, I just got a book of many things you might have in your kitchen and other things you can buy to help relieve gas, etc.

    Here are a few things they suggest that to the very strong foods that might produce gas add some anise, fennel or ginger to the foods. These herbs offset their gas producing properties.

    Does your DH like to drink tea?? The recipe for a Gas Away Tea is - 1 tsp. dill seeds, 1 t. peppermint leaves (drie) and 1 cup of boiling water. That is to drink after the meal to help the gas go away.

    He can also snack on 1/2 t. of fennel seeds at the end of a meal to help with that gasey feeling.

    I thought of you with these anti gas tips as I read these tips last night.. Hope some of them will help..

    Another Gas Turn off Tea is - equal amounts of Aniseed, caraway seed, Fennel seed and 1 cup of boiling water. This is to take after dinner. Combine all together , then crush 1 tsp of mixture and add it to the water. Steep for 20 minutes.

    P.S. Papaya and pineapple contains natural enzymes that improve digestion. One or two rings be enough.

    and another eazy one is Lemon water - Squeeze the juice from a slice of lemon into a glass o water and drink it before and after a meal. This takes little prep work.

    Gotta go but hope some of these will DH and wiil get him to eating more normaly again.

    BTW, it is not I the book but I know they have Peppermint tea which may help some in the grocery store.

    See you tomorrow.

    Luv ya,
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    Good morning. Granni, "W&P" stands for my looooong posts which make me think of the tome, "War and Peace." Thanks for starting the new Porch. I hope you are feeling better. It would be bad enough to be sick for Easter but for singing, it is a catastrophy. I hope Julie's family is feeling better too. I'm just feeling better following my whatever HFV so I know how feeling sick sucks. The cranky woman has teed off another friend who asked her to lunch with us today. It's a new Chinese buffet over the causeway in the Cape. Mrs. Cranky told her no and do not ask her to go there again. No, "Thanks for thinking of me but I think I'll pass." It was, "No and do not ask me again as I won't go there." Not only are people not going to ask her to go there, no one is going to ask her to go anywhere. We are all keeping our distance. It's really a shame because she can be nice but just because she is tired of being down here and can't wait to go home is no reason to be so rude to her friends who otherwise love her. It's sad.

    Sunflower Girl, some of us with these illnesses are very sensitive to things. I don't like chlorine, and it burns my eyes, but I can tolerate it. Smells from laundry products make me sick as a dog. Yes, I always come home and shower with my suit on and then peel it off to finish the shower. It's amazing how quickly swim suits fade out and lose elasticity down here. I'm sure the chlorine is as bad for them as the sun. Since losing 18 pounds, my suits look much nicer on me without a belly but when I run and do jumping jacks in the pool once the suit gets wet, I have to be careful with the strapless ones. I had a suit malfunction in the pool as I was frog jumping across the shallow end. Fortunately, no one saw it. I've dropped a size in my Capri pants but haven't yet bought a pair in the new size. I may do it today as it's Senior Day with an extra 15 percent off on top of the $10 coupon. My old Capris are starting to look baggy. A couple of pairs will be taken in as they are starting to resemble clown pants. All I need is a red nose and big shoes. AACK!! I suffer from couleraphobia; I probably misspelled that. It is a fear and/or hatred of clowns. I hope and pray you can find some good things for DH to help him. Mary Jane is a natural plant, just like aspirin, when used for medicinal purposes. I understand if someone wants the one without the THC but when someone is that sick, what is the harm in getting a wee bit high? Of course, I'm not advocating for anyone to break the law but MJ is available for medical reasons in a lot more places now. Did y'all see where there are now vending machines for MJ in CO? They use IDs and biometric sensors to ensure the buyer is of age. As I mentioned in my post, Smart Water is less expensive at Costco. They just had a good coupon on it. If you are a member, watch for coupons for it.

    I woke about 3:30 to go out to see the lunar eclipse. The sky was clear but it was humid out so everything had a nice soft appearance. The eclipse was't total yet but it was close. The moon looked like an orange glowing ball in the sky. It got darker and wasn't as pretty when the eclipse was total. Simon decided to show up for breakfast just as I was running in and out to get my mosquito spray, my binoculars and my Smart Water. He trusts me enough now to know he can dodge me as I run up and down the stairs and eat in between my movements. That's just another step forward in our strange friendship. He'll never be tame but we have built a level of trust which is gratifying for me and, I'm sure, comforting for him. Now, the moon is back to being white but the Earth's shadow makes half of it dark; it looks like a black 'n white cookie. I'm so glad I saw it when it was a glowing orange.

    After the mtg. and lunch today, I will use my crystal cards to forecast this second quarter of 2014. I missed the first quarter. My brain is still a bit foggy so can't remember why I didn't do it. I haven't missed a forecast in years. It's amazing how accurate they are. I try to do them during a full moon. Being a Cancer, I'm at my best when the moon is full. I put my crystal out in the full moonlight last night to charge it. I've been keeping it inside a small black jewelry bag. When I used it, it was so excited that it tingled with energy which I could feel in my hand. The answers never change except to adjust for the passing of another year. If it is correct, I will live to see 81 but not 82. That's just about right for me. Some people want to live as long as possible but I do not.

    Well, kids, I hope y'all have a great day. For the first time in a long time, I'm pumped for life in general and our lunch in particular. We've had enough crankiness; it's time to go out, eat and laugh!

    Love, Mikie
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    Granni: thank you so much for posting all that info. In the back of my mind I kept thinking there was some seed that people would chew after a meal. I'm going to buy some FRESH fennel seeds today. The ones I have must be over 20 years. Because he's on blood thinner he has to be careful with crusiferous veggies like brocolli, etc. but he's been eating it in the past before the blood thinner and the doc. said so long as he didn't overdo them. LOL No problem there! I got a long list from the chemo nurse on what not to eat, but then she also said to try each veggie and see how he does on them. Since he's drinking a lot of water daily things are looking better for him, but on tuesday he starts the whole round again.

    Leah: I'm sorry you feel like withdrawing again. Whenever you need support and conversation you know you can always come here.

    Mikie: About that woman that's cranky, is this just a wintering place for her? And I'm assuming she's alone or does she have a husband living with her. I have a 92 year old aunt who had been soooooo cranky, hard to talk to for a least 3 years. My joint cousins recently moved our aunt into a retirement home. OMG......complain complain but now she's adjusted and she's the person she used to be, laughing and trying to be the best she can. It makes a huge difference if you're happy where "you have been planted".
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    Hi, just got back from the Cape. OMG! The Chinese food was delicious and, of course, I overdid it. It's probably a normal meal for a normal person but I haven't been eating much lately. Scud clouds are moving in so I hope we get a thunderbuster this afternoon. It's been windy all morning but humid as well.

    Julie, as always, you're taking care of everyone else. As always, I say, "Take care of yourself." I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Leah, so like you to be concerned about us and letting us know you are OK despite all your challenges right now. We do love to hear from you, even when you aren't well. I will continue to pray for you. If meditating isn't against your personal religious or spiritual beliefs, please give it a try. Try relaxing and imagining warmth and healing in your throat. Imagine a soft blue light healing you. If you try it, let me know if it helps.

    Sunflower Girl, Mrs. Cranky has a husband who suffers her slings and arrows in silence. She berates him in front of others and it's really ugly to see. When she starts that, I excuse myself and say, "I love you both and won't be drawn into this. It's between the two of you (or words to that effect)." They are Snowbirds but have been here a month longer than normal this year. They used to drive to their son's in TX and stay for the last month but not this year. I often wonder how that works out. They have GGKs up North and I'm sure they miss the little ones but, again, it's not fair to take it out on their friends here. She is actually now staying to herself as we've gradually pulled away and I think it must feel better for her too. I know I'm much more relaxed and happy.

    That beautiful moon this morning was such an inspiration to me. I'm so glad I woke at just the right time to see it. Often, if I put my mind to waking at a certain time, I will. Mom was like that too. We must have the alarm clock gene built in. I think that before I go nap, I'll do my card forecast. Maybe that's why I've been out of sorts during the first quarter. I didn't know what to expect :). I'm anxious to see what miracles of daily life lie ahead of me these three months. I want to do it while I'm still in such a positive frame of mind.

    Sending all my positive NRG to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Mikie

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    Oops! Sorry, Jam, your post wasn't there when I posted mine. Hope you are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

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    Another quick HI to awl !! Still have my low grade fever . It is driving me crazy and me cough. I have been taking some antibiotics I had from not to long ago.. Either It needs something stronger is a virus and nothing will help anyway. Still have some congestion and coughing. I have a bad feeling that I will have to cancel everything this Easter, including dinner here. Our son and SIL were coming and he is supposed to leave for Kala Lumpur for work a few days later. Don't want him to catch anything as well as two of the grandkids from the other daughter.

    Mikie - That is so sad about the cranky woman and how she is making herself and everyone else around her miserable. She sounds like she has some psycho problems. Of course you never know about how some of these people were brought up as children. She may not want to get close to anyone, is afraid to . Glad you see to be doing better. Yes, it is a very sad situation when your life seems to be full of misery and the people who try to help her are just pushed away.

    Sun - You are welcome for those tips. I hope some of them will give your DH some relief. I know how miserable that can be. Try and take care of yourself too ! I know at is not to easy sometime esp when you are feeling yucky to begin with.

    Julie - Poor Lindsay with all those little ones and two of them sick. I know you will be waiting for Friday and David's return. Hope you don't crash with having to stay up most of the night holding little ones.

    Freida - I hope you wil not stay away to long. We will surly miss having you around. As MIKIE, you can always come here to vent or get some much needed cyber hugs. ((((LEAH))))

    Thinking of so many of our dear Porchies - Diane , Rock, Jole, Joan, Dar, Spring Water, Jam and whoever else I forgot to name.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    its been so hectic, been visiting SIL DHs sis and the family dinners for them. We took them
    out to PizzaHut, and one uncle, invited everyone over to their house, and another wanted
    to hire a cook and host a dinner at my BILs place, but SIL said she would cook and instead
    invited everyone over. that was yesterday about 12 of us. i had sonething going on so
    couldnt go help earlier but there was an elderly nun grandaunt and ma in laws lady help.

    so back i turned, went home and slept...woke up three hours later, went to
    our Pranic Healing center, joined in the Full Moon mediatation for peace
    and illumination for everyone, and walked down to ma in laws, where SIL
    was cooking up a storm, tried to help but she had most stuff done...thank
    goodness, she is a cheery sweet pure soul and i felt myself loosening up and
    becoming calmer. The cooking had been done and lights went out, so everyone
    had their meal in different corners by solar lights and candle. the men were
    at a table in the garden and i and my dhs cousin and BIL sat on the lawn
    nearby, we could just about see our food because of the brightly lit commercial
    building nearby and the other ladies, aunts, MIL , grandaunt, niece sat inside
    in the living room.

    My dh is out of town, son couldnt come..anyways, went well and relieved one
    patch of socializing is over.

    im really meaning to try and heal myself, get less depressed, i still feel the
    loss of big brother, i never think of him but i start spiralling downward,
    but im listening to louise hay utubes in morning and waiting for my energy
    levels to return to normal...trying to eat right...had all the dogs bathed
    yesterday and felt glad to see them scampering with their shiny clean fur.

    all of you not feeling uptothe mark, my prayers with you...Sun, hang in there
    like Mikie suggested calming cds can really help..Jole, Jamin, Diane, Rock,
    Julie(im looking forward to when david comes home and you get to rest a bit)
    Granni , really hope you keep well and are able to attend all the performances

    God Bless
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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    spring: whew! I'm worn out from reading all that negativity you're experiencing. I have only one thing to say, that I hope you will think about........who needs a "friend" like that if she makes you feel so bad. What is your friendship all about when it comes down to the nitty gritty. I truly don't understand.......when a loved one dies and passes on to heaven, is it all about "show" and the way I see it, is this is what she has turned this this reflects on herself.

    And I didn't know Louise Hay was on Ytube......I've read some of her will have to do a search for her positive thoughts.

    By the way, the meal in the garden by solar lights sounds really special.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! Everyone seems to act out during the full moons but, for me, it's an energizing event. I'm sooooooo glad it was clear enough to see the lunar eclipse early yesterday morning because it's cloudy out this morning. I slept til 5:00 this morning which means I got a good night's sleep and I feel refreshed. Moving my heart pill from bedtime to noonish was a good way to go. I think it was fighting my Special K. I may even go back to 1 1/2 mgs. from 2.

    Simon showed up for his breakfast. He had been sleeping on my chair. Barb had put the cushions up to the backs in case it rained and blew in and got the cushions wet. When Simon jumped up on my chair, it must have caused the cushions to fall on top of him. So, there he was under the cushions peeping out at me. He has the sweetest face and that was a hoot! He jumped down and sat while I talked to him. I had to refill his dish and add a few treats and some catnip. I spoil him with my own special concoction. All the time, he waited patiently in front of my door. I always take a few moments to talk to him and take a mental picture of that adorable face before I take his food out. As his protocol demands, he ran down to the landing to wait until I came in and closed the door.

    Granni, what you describe is what I had a couple of months ago, right after all those bladder infections but different from the recent HFV. I think you are right; it's a virus which has to run its course. I had a low-grade temp so rested a lot so it wouldn't go into something worse. Rest seems to be the best thing for it. I don't usually break out the AVs for the run-of-the-mill viruses. It would get better and then, I'd relapse. It finally went away on its own. I buy vitamin C in gummy form like little candy orange slices. I took a lot of them. I use zinc and echinacea too. Actually, I do know how Mrs. Cranky was brought up. Another friend knew her mother from eons ago. The mother was the same way. This apple didn't just fall close to the tree, it grew into its own cranky tree. Once I decided to stay away from her as much as possible, I have felt sooooo much better. Only three more weeks until they leave. I'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo for more than one reason ;). I hope you are feeling better.

    Springwater, you are such a sweet and caring person and go so far to keep custom and comfort others. I can't believe that woman lit into you. You know, when I decided that I can't control others' behavior and meditated and prayed for help in controlling my response to them, the negativity lifted like a weight off my shoulders. Now, I've known this for a long time but in all the negative force field around us, I had gotten caught up in it and forgotten that I am the captain of my own ship. When I decided to severely limit my exposure to this woman, the weight was gone. I can't escape it completely; she did something which I think was uncalled for and took advantage of a new, and very nice, person here in our bldg. I did talk to the "victim" and she is OK but it left a nasty taste in my mouth for Mrs. Cranky, as though there wasn't one there already. I did what I could to right the wrong with the nice woman and that's all I can do. Being on the board makes me feel that I want to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents whenever I can. But, as I said earlier, I can't control others but I can, and did, control my response and I think it helped ease a wrong done to this nice lady. I know that these kinds of things are very difficult for you and with this negative force around you, you certainly didn't need this. I'm glad you are smudging and praying/meditating. I didn't ask God to change the situation; I asked Him to change me. He did. I will smudge when the Crankys are gone. They made fun of me when I last did it. While I am using all my spiritual tools, gathered from all sorts of religions and beliefs and getting help, they make fun of me and continue to live in their own misery. Miserable people should only be able to make themselves miserable and not infect others. Sometimes, we just have to remove ourselves for our own health. Believe me, I've seen negative forces and they are dark and harmful. I know you walk in light and I pray that this negativity leaves you. BTW, as I was typing this, I felt compelled to look at the clock. It was 7:11. My Mom died on 7/11 and I think she comes to let me know she is always watching out over me. This feeling that I have to look at the clock at 7:11 has been going on since she died. So, dear one, I offer up prayers for you.

    Jam, all this reminds me of what you say--"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." The teacher often comes in a stressful form, unfortunately but we even learn and grow through diversity.

    Sunflower Girl, I have read Louise Hay's books a long time ago but her message of positive living is timeless. I think every time we do something, or read something, to bring positivity into our lives, we grow in spirit. I know there are different grieving customs in different places and religions but you are right; they are not for show and should never be used for egotistical reasons. They are to honor the dearly beloved who has left this Earth plane and to offer comfort to the loved ones still living. I agree that an evening meal by solar lights in the garden sounds lovely. Down here, we'd have to pass out the mosquito spray. This year, the mosquitos look as though they've been going to Gold's Gym and are on steroids. Yikes! :eek: How are things going with DH and his eating? Better, I hope.

    Think I'll stay home, save money, and try to finish up that ongoing closet project. Geez, I hadn't intended it to become a career. In the meantime, the rest of the condo is getting messy and needs vacuuming and dusting. Oh, it never ends. Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick HI to everydobby !!

    SW - I must have missed something in your post that others picked up on. Sorry if you had someone just light into you for no reason. As others have said you are to sweet to have to put u with that nonsense. You have been working so hard to handle your other stresses and to try and to try and keep from prom getting depressed or more so. Yes, that dinner under solar lights sounded rather romantic and peaceful even if the men and women were eating in separate places :)!!

    Julie - Geez sweetie, there is no rest or breaks for you, are there ?? In case I do not see you soon again I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Easter and holiday. Hope you can enjoy it with the family but also et some rest. Try not to mow to much grass, please :)!! LOL

    Have a few things to do on the computer before DH comes home from his meeting. May try and get back here later today. I left a message wit the doc, on their portal. Not sure if I am contagious. I am guessing I may be since some mucous in my throat is colored and I have been having low grade temps for a few days in the afternoon and evening. Never did hit the 100 degree mark though. I am not coughing that much though and nose is fairly clear. Have to make the decision soon whether to cancel Easter at our house though - for not to many people. Our son who is going to Kuala Lumpor next week for three weeks. He doesn't need to catch anything. We will see what the doc says,

    Mikie - Thanks for telling me about W and P. I couldn't figure that out for the life of me. That is such a shame about Ms. Cranky. She sounds a little like nsg. school friend who I do not see much at all since she lives in another state but we will all see her at or nursing reunion. . She can be pleasant enough but she is always complaining. I think she got it from her mother who was a drinker and a complainer most of the time. Yep, the apple many times doesn't fall to far from the tree. Her husband drank a fair amount too but he just let his wife take over.and did her bidding from what I could see and what my mom said. They lived on anther block down from our old house and where she lived .

    Special hugs to you SUN and hope your DH gets to feeling better and can deal with the chemo. better soon.

    Thinking of you all, inc those not mentioned !!

    Granni :)
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie and Granni,

    I hope you both recover from your viruses. I think my HFV is finally on its way out. I've been sleeping better and, hence, feeling better. I pray the same for you both.

    Julie, it is truly a challenge to separate people's deeds from their persons. It reminds me of the saying, "God hates the sin but loves the sinner." I keep reminding myself that I do love these people who have been so grumpy, especially Mrs. Grumpy. I also try to remember how she can be generous and caring. Things are bad enough now, though, that when we gathered for drinks on the Balcony, arguments broke out and it wasn't pleasant. This woman has become so toxic that her negativity just infects everyone around her. Since my "Aha Moment" and my newly found calmness from prayer and meditation, I just sit it out and don't let myself get drawn in. I think you are doing just fine but I'll bet you are exhausted. Please, take some time to rest and recover.

    Granni, so, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Knowing about Mrs. Grumpy's mother actually helps me to put her behavior into perspective and even make me feel somewhat sorry for her. Her long-suffering husband is such a nice guy and his mother was the nicest person in the world according to my friend who knew the family. It doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes, the great parents have troubled children and neglected or abused kids come out OK. I have three families to thank God for everyday: My own family; my FL family; and, my Online Family here.

    I finished ironing all my tee shirts and they are all hanging on the new flat hangers. Now, I'm going to reorganize my shoes and dust my shoes and shoe racks. Tomorrow, I'm going to strip the bed and do laundry. I have a throw which is sooooooo soft. I'm going to wash it and give it to Barb to use for her GGD who will arrive with her GD and two of her DDs. The baby is almost two and soooooo cute. I got her a little book about monkeys and there are buttons which make sounds. She'll probably drive everyone nuts poking the buttons over and over. I may have to move :rolleyes:

    We managed to get the price of having the railings of our bldg.'s stairs and balcony electro-statically painted down by $500. It's expensive but we got the best painting co. and they use really good paint and primer. They have been doing this 13 years. It takes a lot of prep work before they can paint. It's amazing that when they spray the paint with negatively charged paint particles, they adhere only to the rails, which have a pos. charge. The rails will be like new for years and years. I'm so excited. I love our bldg. and try to ensure it is kept up and looking neat and well kept. Same goes for our plantings. It's good Feng Shui. Right now, we need all the good karma we can get. I may smudge the bldg. now and again after the 5th.

    It's been a busy day but just wanted to stop in and virtually tuck y'all in and wish you a good nighty night. :)

    Love, Mikie
  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all.

    Sorry I've been noticeably absent. Am still very ill. Got my synthroid refilled and Doc gave me gabapentin, But still don't have all my supplements and in dire need of adjustment. Still having bookoo difficulty functioning. Vertigo is still very problematic. I'm also so tired I can barely drag myself around at work and am so tired on the way home I feel I could actually drop off while driving. I'm yawning all day long. Body feels heavy and uncoordinated. Pain is still through the roof. Am sleeping or at least at rest every chance I get.

    I'm taking a 3 day weekend for Easter, then 7 days off in May and a week off in Sept.. Found out the other day I'd maxed out my paid time off, (160 hours), because I never take time off unless I'm sick or in the hospital. I've decided I need to give this body a break. The IRS sent a letter stating my account has been "fixed", re: the identity theft problem, but still no idea when my return will come. Praying it's soon so I can get to the chiro and refill my supps and get back on track physically. Wish me luck! Love to one and all. Can't post anymore right now. Hard to concentrate on the monitor with the vertigo.

    I miss you one and all! Will post more when I can.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Too bad I can't bring some actual, as opposed to virtual, tomatoes. I picked several big
    cherry tomatoes this morning. This afternoon Gordon filled a 3 quart mixing bowl with
    them, and there were still plenty on the vine. He took his with him when he went to
    the Cathay Pharmacy in Chinatown. Gave 'em to the staff.

    We made two trips to the storage facility today. Gordon likes me to go along, although he
    has to do all the work. We also went to the market. Tonight we have several books to pick
    up at the library. Those are about the only places we go anymore.

    Well, we did go to get the car smogged the other day. I remember when it cost $20.
    Now it's $70, but I got a Sr. Cit. $5 discount. I told the gal I should get an extra
    discount 'cause I am a friend of the famous shopper Mikie. She said the previous
    customer got the last one.

    The fee to the DMV is $90. All for a car I don't use. I told Gordon this is the last time.
    He insists I keep it. It's probably not worth arguing about. I expect the car to outlive me.

    Granni, I'm glad to find out that W & P is War and Peace. I thought it was Piggly Wiggly
    backwards. Piggly Wiggly was the first supermarket, but I never lived where there was one.
    Looked it up. The stores still exist in some states. Founded by Clarence Saunders.

    You'll notice how similar his name is to Harland Sanders, the Colonel. I believe the National
    Enquirer is planning an expose: Saunders and Sanders are the same man. They have a
    lot in common. For one thing they are both dead males. (Or is that 2 things.)

    Mikie, what are flat hangers? Found pictures of same on the net. They look like all the
    other hangers I've seen. Are they for extra flat clothes? Sheer garments? I've heard of
    mesh underwear. Any connection? Are you just stringing us along?

    Julie, did you ever encounter the news that was circulating on the net a few years
    back? Mr Rogers was a sniper in Viet Nam and awarded a medal for his many kills.
    Sheer nonense, of course, but a lotta the stuff on the nets is. A good place to check
    BTW is the Snopes site.

    I used to have a wonderful secretary for about 12 years. However, she didn't
    have a lot of education and never read a books or saw a movie. Consequently
    she was pretty gullible. Believed just about anything that was forwarded to her
    mailbox. Then she'd forward it to me.

    Regards to Jam, SG, Freida, Springwater, Barry, and everydobby.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Guess what, Kids

    The above message showed up eight times! Uff-da! I am erasing the surplusage.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, tried to erase one and erased them all. Is there no end to this electronic madness?

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm sitting here sneezing constantly and poor Rock must be having hiccups! LOL

    I've interviewed a cleaning lady and she'll be coming every wed. This is all new to me......hard to relinquish my house to someone else. And all my windows are being cleaning tomorrow......yea. So I guess I'm on a roll.

    Spring: Hope you're feeling better today.

    And Mikie: You're such a good person.......sorry the moon is still affecting people down in florida.

    And Dar: Sorry you're still not feeling good, but I guess things are slowly turning the corner. I take gabapentin, for about 7 months.......I sleep better but still no help with pain or fatigue.......but I DO look forward to sleeping most of the night.

    Granni: feeling better??????

    Julie: so you're a redneck! LOL
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Dar, I am praying you feel better and the IRS refund will show up soon. They do it electronically so check your acct. It could already be in there. I'm glad to hear you are resting a lot. Keep on keepin' on. I hope the Easter weekend will help refresh and heal you.

    Rock, I deleted a whole slew of the posts. I think the Post Reply key must have been stuck. In any case, I think it's down to only one now. I think when you speak my name, the word, infamous, is likely more appropriate. Sorry you only got $5 off. Barb just used her Senior $5 coupon to get her black MKZ cleaned. Now, mine looks even dirtier sitting next to hers. I should park mine outside the carport and let God and Mother Nature wash it. Only problem is that then, I have to go out and dry it off. With God's carwash, you don't get the deluxe option :D It is so nice of you and Gordon to share the garden's abundance. Did you ever notice that abundance ends in "dance." Now, I have a Happy Dance and an Icky Dance but I guess I'll have to develop an Abun Dance. Hmmmm! What does an Abun Dance look like? Maybe spreading the arms out to gather all the abundance ending in prayerful hands reaching up as the feet do a little prance. Oh! Oh! It's an Abun Dance Prance! I must find a pair of my favorite Capris so I can do an Abun Dance Prance in my Pants. I'm ready to take a Stance on this issue. I have been using the "W&P" for so long, after first explaining about the book, that I thought everyone knew what it means. So sorry. I assumed, which we are never sposed to do. Rock, flat hangers are the new plastic ones with a velvet finish on them. They are very slim and, hence, take up less space in the closet and allows one to hang more clothing in less space. They also have small curved pieces on one side so one can hang two, or more, garments vertically. I don't do that because I have another shelf and hanger rod just below the shirts. My closets are a wonder of science when it comes to stuffing them full of stuff. They are stuffed full. The velvet finish keeps shirts with even the largest neck openings on the hangers; they won't slide off. Problem is that they aren't that strong so I have to use the heaver plastic ones for my heavier clothing. Basically, all I put on these hanger are shirts. When I was a kid, living in Boulder, my Mom and I would drive to Denver to visit her sister and my cousins. There was a Piggly Wiggly on the way in the Denver area. I loved their sign and would watch for it as we got close. There was also a Mickey Mouse restaurant that had nothing to do with Disney. Today, they would likely be sued over trademark law. In any case, they had Mickey and Minnie in neon on their sign. To a kid, that was magic.

    Sunflower Girl, thank you so much for your kind, sweet words. I think you are the good person with all you're going through and still have time to think of others. How is DH doing with his food issues? I've been praying. I don't have any special powers but we always said my Mom had a direct line to God so will ask for her help. She's in Heaven now and even closer to Him.

    Thank you, Julie. I know you see the best in people because you do so much for them, often despite challenges from others. You are right, though, for our own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, we often have to remove ourselves from toxic people. It's not so easy in a condo bldg., or even a condo hood. In a way, maybe it's a good thing. In my own case, it means I try to avoid confrontation and keep the peace. Every now and they, though, I have to bark back at Mrs. Grumpy or she will eat my lunch. Like all bullies, she will back down when I stand up to her but she will never apologize nor say she was wrong. Barb and I, like all good friends, we call ourselves sisters by another mister ;), will have a tiff and apologize to one another and hug and let it go. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, and sick-free, Easter. I also hope you get some rest.

    I slept til 5:00 again this morning. I have just a tad of a hangover so will definitely cut .5 mgs. from my Special K. I also have had a lot more memory issues and think the extra clonazepam is making my neurons relax too much. I certainly have a lot more NRG since I'm sleeping better. I did my card forecast for this quarter and it's amazing how accurate those cards can be. They dealt with two things: Better flow of NRG through my body and getting rid of old blockages which are keeping the flow of Chi from being free. It is about moving on to better things spiritually. One card was the storm card which is exactly what has been going on since the quarter began on April 1, when all this negative stuff in our bldg. started and I awoke to the problem I was having. Storm brings us spiritual growth, usually in a way which is not calm nor peaceful but once one overcomes things, as I believe I have, one can move on to better things. Even in hindsight, the cards are accurate. In the present, they are telling me to meditate and pray to get my Chi flowing. That may be working alongside the Special K to bring a calmness to me. I had been depressed before I figured out what was wrong. I now feel energized and hopeful, which is more in alignment with my mature self. I suffered chronic, clinical depression for years in my younger days.

    Spring and Easter signify new life and salvation. It is a time of hope and joy. I got some "natural" looking speckled ceramic eggs which look just like the real thing. They are pale green, brown and white. I have them in a small bowl on natural "grass." I will keep them there as they are perfect in my farmhouse/bistro mix of a kitchen. The old and the new. Somehow, it all works throughout my condo. The cards talk a lot about duality in all aspects of life, the Ying and the Yang, the masculine and the feminine. Iron pyrite holds masculine power and moonstone holds feminine power. One of my cards was bloodstone, the protective stone of the female spiritual warrior. I find these cards fascinating. They help me prepare for what is ahead. Well, that is, except when I'm late doing my forecast and I find out what has just happened, as in the case of the storm card. But, I digress...

    Happy Easter and Passover to all my beloved Online Family here. I pray for NRG and having a pain-free weekend for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  21. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl. Just a short one and the I have to get dressed-finally. DH goes in a little while to a men's club lunch and program. So I will be here trying to rest and get a few things done.

    I hade portal conversations with my doc. I started taking a fairly strong antibiotic this morning I am guessing that as I only got 3 pills. The doc said after taking them I shouldn't be contagious. Hope it gets rid of my dang low grade fever. So I am hoping for Ester diner here as panned. There will only be 7 of us al totaled. We will have ham and some salads and veggies, fairly simple.

    Julie - Do you have a recipe for that Chicken Alfredo. Do you use butter, cream, half and half or what? It is usually not a low cal dish :)!! Or do you have a lower cal version. Also, what noodles do you use or do you make yours fro scratch? I never have.

    Dar - Sorry you are still feeling badly and hope you get your refund son so you can get what you really NEED. I can't imagine working with how you are feeling.

    Sun - Hang in there kiddo. Special hugsz and prayers to you and DH.

    Rock - Gad to see you back but sorry your computer is going crazy again.

    Need to get off here for a bit but will try an get back soon, maybe wile DH is gone.

    Thinking about and loving you ALL,
    Granni :)
  22. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks Julie wil try and check it out. It depends on how many ingredients are in it:)!! I know who you mean on TV about the "Pioneer Woman". I need to go now and make some lunch. DH is gone and eating better than I today. All he food she makes look awesome. Would need all my kids back home again or just fix par of her recipes. She has a good sized hungry family and husband.

    BTW, if I haven't already mentioned it, I am a pasta lover even if we do not eat I as much as I would love to. Than for the tip.

  23. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Thank you, Mikie. Or as the Norskies say, "Tusan Takk"! (Thousand thanks.) With my
    mind evaporating like spit in the Mojave desert, I don't need more confusiation. Yesterday
    I paid for renewing my registration. Could not remember my license number or our address.
    Have been using both since 1988. A few years ago lived next to a gal who had an even older car. It was an original Ford Mustang (1964). Her car was old. She tended to be
    old and cranky.

    I took quite a fancy to your Abun dance prance. Perhaps it will replace the Maypole dance.
    And speaking of "Seven Days in May", Dar, do you remember that book? Came out when
    I was in college. Made into a movie with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. I always had
    trouble telling them apart. In that movie one didn't need to.

    Glad to hear you got some of your pills. Now if the government would just send you your
    refund. I have some ideas about that, but perhaps they should be posted on some other
    board. Hope you can get some rest.

    Julie, I loved your observation that a cleaning lady is akin to getting your hair done. I am
    always impressed by people who can look at things in a new light. Probably the greatest
    example (to me) being James Burke who is an author and TV producer. He changed the
    way history is studied and presented.

    Your Easter dinner menu sounds great, Granni. BTW, what is a portal conversation with
    your doc. Is that nurse lingo? A typo? Can't figure it out.

    SG, good luck with the cleaning lady. Watch out for those clean windows. You don't want to
    stick something through one; like your head. All on account you didn't realize it was there.
    The window, I mean. Of course you knew your head was there. Is the sneezing due to hay
    fever or something else?

  24. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Thanks for the recipe. It is surely not low fat but once I awhile I guess it is OK. Did you say originally you or Lindsay put chicken in it or was I just to the side? Just wonder how it would work out with 1/2 and 1/2. Certainly with ingredients that wonderful it would have to taste GREAT :)!!!! I see you are a busy gal and hope that those young ladies are just keeping each other busy and happy. Nice the cousins could se each other occasionally. Our grandkids are so scattered and busy that we hardly get to see them anymore, not that we saw them a whole lot when they were little. We did see some of the in the summer when they were younger .

    Do you use the parmesan from the green can or the more expensive good stuff? I doubt I the Pioneer Women would use the shaker can :)! However, we do but for this dish I might have to get the good stuff:D.

    I took the first pill from the doc that the had given to me in case I got worse when we went New Orleans. I didn't use it then but did today, he said it was OK. The first pill and the fever is gone. I have two more to take.

    I forget what the Paleo diet is?

    Rock - The Portal is when the doctor does almost everything by computer and you can ask for help and talk to them about a situation instead of calling or trying to get an answer from them, change of meds, refills, lab work results are on there. It has been helpful to me as the trying to get to talk to the dr. or nurse at the office is not always an easy task. They have to let go some people which doesn't help either,.. You have to have a password and UN to get in and get the info. Sometimes the nurse or whoever relays the information to you from the doc.

    Love to you and everydobby,
    Granni :)
  25. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all, Just a quick update:

    Unfortunately, with the identity theft issue, my refund had to be re-submitted by mail. So it won't be electronically deposited into my account. I'm just hoping it shows up in the mail sooner than later. They said it could be up to 180 days. That would make it September. Uggghhh.

    I'm feeling much like I did when first diagnosed 18 years ago. This is horrific trying to work like this. Back then, I was totally disabled and down for the count. I feel the same tiredness and flu-like symptoms I felt back then. I feel like just going to bed and staying there, but I can't. Each day is getting more and more difficult. The gabapentin really isn't doing anything much for the pain or sleep issues.

    I've not got enough synthroid in my system yet to make much of an appreciable change yet in my energy level. I still don't have half my supps.. I'm literally dragging myself through my days. Gads this hurts!!! I look like crap warmed over and feel the same. So sorry to be such a "downer". But I haven't felt this bad since the accident that precipitated onset. My legs feel like lead, and the only thing that isn't screaming in pain is my hair. The vertigo is highly problematic and I'm finding it difficult just to get my neck to hold my head up at night to watch a little t.v..

    I'm trying so hard not to let this "show" at work, but my residents are noting the tiredness in my face and my walk. I find myself trying to nod off during activities and when I'm outside taking my breaks. I'm so infernally tired that driving to work in the morning and home at night is "iffy" and sort of scarey.

    Thanks for the support folks. I appreciate your concern and warm thoughts. Here's hoping Uncle Sam breaks loose with my return soon so I can get back on the combination that was working so well there for a while.

    Love to all,
  26. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porches,

    I'm actually typing this on my tablet touchscreen (the Surface2 with the keyboard removed). It is magnetic and snaps off and on. I'm still not up to speed on Windows 8. When I turned it on, the background had mysteriously changed from a lovely purple to black. After many tries and wandering through the Windows maze, I managed to fix it but don't know how I did it.

    Rock, I don't know my license number at all. Seems like a waste of precious, and shrinking, brain storage to me when all I have to do is look at my registration. Our governor is running for reelection so is asking the legislature to lower registration costs for cars. I won't vote for him but I'll take the bribe.

    Dar, I'll ask Mom to pray for you. Get your rest and I hope your refund arrives soon.

    Yesterday, I got up feeling great. I did three loads of laundry and, suddenly, had to lie down. I woke with a splitting headache and horrid pain all over. Am better but definitely have a bug. AACK!

    Love to everyone.

  27. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm sure it's still the HFV which decided I hadn't taken my AVs long enough and is trying to weasel its way back into my system. So, I slammed it with some Acyclovir this morning and I'm doing a bit better. Barb tapped on my window so I could see her DGGD. Oh, she's sooooo cute. Very petite and very smart. She loved the little book I got her which has buttons to push which mimics noises the monkey characters in the book make: laughing, gargling, etc. I think the adults have had more fun with it than DGGD. She had on tiny white sandals which were too cute for words. What is it about little shoes which make us go, "Ohhhhhh" :)

    I put two of Andy's little people vehicles, a firetruck and a dumpster on the Balcony for her to play with. The little people ride in them. I used a Lysol wipe on my hands before I touched anything. Kids that age are exposed to everything and, as I mentioned, if this is the HFV, I can't give it to her. If I'm up to it, I think I'll change the bed and finish the closet. If not, I'll just veg. Still too early to know just what I have.

    I mentioned that I had planted some seeds from a pepper plant which produces little peppers which look like tiny UFOs. Well, the plant, which is beautiful in itself, is up to my waist and I think it is blossoming. If so, it ought to produce some peppers. Woohoo! :D They are too little to amount to much but they are just sooooo adorable and unusual. When I'm up to it, I need to go shopping for a pot to repot it as it's growing faster than I had expected. All the potted plants on my lanai are thriving. They are so beautiful that I don't want them to get bigger, just more beautiful, if possible. When they get too big, I have to take them downstairs and buy new ones for the lanai. My little pink flamingo plant is producing tons of new dark pink spaths. Our white spath plant, in honor of Barb's husband, is putting out two beautiful spaths. It sits in a pot in the outside stairwell atrium. Everything in that little garden is thriving as well. My Christmas cactus is resting in the shade down there in the corner. I'll bring it out in Nov. so it will bloom for Christmas.

    Maybe I'm finally inheriting my Mom's green thumb. Barb's purple orchid is about to bloom. It is absolutely beautiful. The Desert Rose which honors my Mom is about to bloom at the end of each little brance. It has bright red blooms. When someone dies, we usually try to dedicate a plant to that person.

    Well, gang, gotta go. Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  28. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, all!

    Been thinking about everyone.

    Oh Julie, that recipe looks soooooo good!

    I'm making some crab today. I don't remember what it's called, with the olive oil, tad of butter, lots of garlic, and some pasta. But that's what I'm having for supper tonight. (I have some gluten-free white rice fettuccine.) So it's without the cream sauce. But still good!

    Granni, hope you feel better SOON! And I hope that you get to have Easter dinner at your house!

    Dar, my heart breaks for what you are going through. Darn identity theft!!!!! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, for a quick resolution for everything, and to be back on all your meds and supps.

    Mikie, I hope your virus clears quickly. I'm glad you get to see Tweety and Sylvester, and that Simon shows up for breakfast!!

    Sun, you and DH are in my thoughts and prayers too.

    I know that I've missed naming some names here....... Spring, it's always good to see you post. I can't believe that your temperatures are sooooo high, in the 90's. Rock, always good to read your posts. I went back and read about the books you posted. Barry, I enjoy reading your posts!

    For those who are concerned about me, I don't feel comfortable posting any detailed personal information here. I had an "incident" here a while back. I asked for all my older posts to be deleted. I will post, on occasion, to offer support and encouragement to my friends here. But "once burned", now I'm shy. I probably won't say more on a public board than "I'm doing ok", or "I've hit a bump in the road," or stuff like that.

    Just wanted to wish all my friends a happy Easter and Passover season!!!

    Take care, and love and hugs and prayers,


  29. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Diane, sooooo good to hear from you. I wish you felt safe enough to share with us but it's not necessary. We love you and are glad just to see you post. I thought of you cause Adrienne has been on HSN. I need some of her vitamin C product but will wait until May for her anniversary show. Best prices then.

    I napped and watched movies all afternoon. I just watched "Peggy Sue Got Married." I looooove that movie. It's so much like my own life with my ex except I got out before he gave me a heart attack. To be able to travel back in time, even if it's from a near-death experience, would be so great, just to see my Mom and hold her again. That movie was a strange combination of mystical and drama. "Heaven Is For Real" is out. I read the book and was very touched by it.

    Since I was so lazy today, I don't have much to post but that usually doesn't stop me. I hope everyone has a great Easter and Passover season. Sunday is also the day to celebrate Marijuana. Whoopie Goldberg has come out for its use in her glaucoma, one of the areas in which MJ is most helpful--the other being in helping those on chemo. I just hope people don't go nuts in CO and ruin it so that the law is repealed. CO is bringing in millions in tax revenue to balance their state budget. I'd think all those Californians would jump on this. People in CA and CO are very similar in lifestyles and politics. A lot of the people in CO came there from CA. Rock, maybe they could fix your streets :D

    OK, gotta shut down my laptop as it's getting a tad warm. Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie