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    Doing Ok I guess ! Temp is almost normal. Have done little bit of shopping this morning. Knock on wood I guess we will be having some Easter dinner here.

    So sorry to hear about so o our friends having difficulties, dear Dar and Diane. Hope Dar get her refund check pronto so she can get her meds and supps she needs. That must be just awful.

    Diane - I also feel sorry that you have to feel like you can't share some things with us but we don't want to get you more upset , so just do what you think you have to do. Feel free to start a conversation at any time with me or any of us. Wish some people would be more careful in what they say and how they say it on these boards. Just remember that we love and care about your very much.

    Hi also Mikie, Rock, Sun, Julie and ALL I cannot take the time to name right now. Need to get off and start getting ready for nighty night.

    Special prayers and thoughts going to Sun ( and her DH), Dar, Diane and anyone else needing them.

    Happy Easter Blessings to you ALL,

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    hello porchies all

    diane - nice to see you, pls do drop in sometimes...share whats going on..nothing
    you dont feel safe putting in a public forum tho..i deleted a vent i wrote out on
    my post..just in case..feel all the better for having vented, however.
    my pals here always put things in perspective..and i felt immediately better.
    Thank you, you all.

    mikie - funny, i felt this bindle of ache and angst for so long and yet there was a
    time i (bundle, not bindle, cant get my ipad cursor to move back) felt okay even
    when thinking of the episode (i had done twin hearts meditation just before)
    in fact felt sanguine enough to text friend msg thanking her for returning the
    dish, and the asparagus and juice she sent with it, and she texted back saying
    what i cooked was delish and gave me tips on how to make the asparagus...
    just as if a fight never occured. however, the next day (yesterday) i thoguht
    about it and the old feelings of anger and bitterness welled up and i mentally
    promised not to connect again on a level where she can scream at me.

    she prolly dont want to lose me as a friend otherwise who will she have to scream at?
    lol!!! how uncharitable of me.

    (the screaming i could prolly take, given she is going thru her own thing, but its
    the hurtful things she says and not wanting to even LISTEN to what i have to say
    and her unreasonable way of thinking and wanting to steam roller over me. This
    baby aint takin'no mo crap, no siree...this baybeh got eno' crap on her own, to
    act as a dumpin bin fo' some disgruntled mean ego maniac on a ego trip.'

    Did I sound mean and no nonsense? :D

    better work on my forgiveness skills, i HONESTLY dont want to have to come back
    and interact with some people who are present in my this lifetime, to work out karma
    , issues. i want to let it all GO and start afresh with some new people. Hopefully
    not so taxing relationships.

    love visualising all your plants in bloom, im sure they gisve you great joy, one
    can 'hear' it in your posts. :)

    sun - tks for the perspective on my episode...i ve been finding we are not connecting on
    same levels these days, my friend n i. im going thu crisis after crises having to dig deep
    survive, and find peace in spirituality..she is still out there, competing, trying to be one
    up on others, keep up with the joneses etc. and unable to accept that others go through
    different things, have different priorities,

    i also uploaded a nick ortner EFT video he did with louise Hay what a wonderful
    wonderful strong tender reassuring voice he has! just listening to someone with that
    much compassion and strength of conviction is uplifting and that too with Louise
    who does a WONDERFUL affirmation at the end assuring us we each have an
    angel with us who will get us through any situation.

    Louise actually had a step dad who held her head under water when she was
    five years old to punish her and she did some tapping to get rid of the fear of that
    in the video. !!!

    Rock - youre not alone - i cant remember my husbands cars license plate nummbers
    neither sons nor his bikes. i cant remember sons new phone numbers, for that matter
    have to get out diary to check...such is my brains memory retention status.

    HOW much stuff has Gordons dear mum collected and stored? you seem to hv been
    de cluttering a long time now, has Gordon and you. Glad he has his brothers and nephews
    to take some of the stuff offa your hands.

    Julie - that recipe sounds just right for me to whip up a meal for my son and husband
    when we make too much rice n curry and tortillas. i like that it doesnt hv meat in it,
    im always trying to get them to eat more non meat but looks like i could stick slivers
    of chicken in there too to add some variety sometimes. tks for posting.

    i hope you and the wee ones are a little better from the crud.

    Granni - You too. Are you going to new orleans anytime soon or did you go.
    Didnt quite get that. What is UN? I got it about the portal. how many new
    things are cming up nowadays with the advent of the internet.!! Hope your
    DH enjoys his meal out. what was the event he was attending?

    Dar - sorry to hear of your continued struggle with the flare. This latest
    big flare up. No doubt some of it caused by the hacking into of your
    accounts..praying you come out of it soon and can go on with your
    good work in a healthy frame of body mind and spirit. For me, some
    emotional crisis often precipitates a breakdown in my day to day health.
    Not that i remember a really 'normal' pattern of health except when i
    was really young.

    well, yesterday was a stay home before went to
    this restaurant which healer friend is doing consulting for, we decided
    to do our meditation there instead of going to a monastery coz i ws
    feeling wiped out. The owner of the restaurant is into social work and
    organises a Farmers market on saturdays where groups bring organic
    veggies, baked goods, meat goods, handicrafts and the proceeds go
    half to a charity for kids. i saw exquisite little paper handicraft mud houses
    set in a fence with creepers wounding up n down. villge houses suppose
    to be. all made of paper and so lifelike down to the thatched roofs.
    also some lovely hold all boxes...i wouldve liked to buy one or two but
    am very short on money just nowfor extras...owing to all the relatives
    coming etc.

    The restaurant also has four rooms for B & B. and my friend and a partner
    are planning to set up a plastic bottle recycle thing.

    Amazing thing which happened was after we went upstairs into one of
    the rooms and did our twin hearts meditation, all my exhaustion magically
    disappeared!! i mean i went there dragging my steps and yawning and after
    an hour of just sitting talking trying not to fall asleep, after meditation, viola
    i felt light and energetic like i just woke up. amazing stuff. doesnt happen all
    the time tho, have to be honest.

    i had to go visit a old acquaintance of DHs who has fallen on hard times
    after that, (she looked after him for a bit as a baby, since his mum died
    early) and give some monetary help, and in the 100 degrees heat i and
    my friend were able to go in a cab, meet the lady, talk and then walk our'way
    to the monkey temple nearby up this steep flight of steps. I was telling my
    friend, what is this what is this. She is normally hale and hearty but was
    sweating like anything.

    A good productive day.

    Wish all days were like that. Life gets in the way. Yesterday was spent
    trying to get thru it. lol.

    Everyone sorry for the W & P tome.

    Keep well, Jam, Freida, Jole, Soul, Barry and all MIAs a hello toyou all

    God Bless
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  3. springwater

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    Granni - i went through same anxiety when my DH was away, can you imagine
    he had been in Malaysia two days when i saw headlines of the missing Malaysian
    airliner!!! i relaxed a bit only when i saw the trip was scheduled for China..but
    still worried...thought things like hijackings went on only in arab related countries

    Good wishes for your sons safe and fruitful trip. and for a joyous easter meal..
    you seem all prepared.

    Jamin - its one of those decisions we all hv to make i guess, giving up something
    because its no longer good for us in long run...ive been talking to DH about maybe
    thinking of moving elsewhere, this house is too big and lumbering and not the
    most adequately designed legs are too achy now to keep climbing
    flights of stairs to get to our living space and to terrace to dry clothes...

    Mikie - talking of eggs, i got a hankering to own something like a Faberge egg,
    i know the real thing is a dream at this point, lol...