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    Com'on in, Folks
    I'll be back in a Jumpin' Jack Flash.

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    Thanks, Rock...a nice new fresh volume! Do you have a new porch picture for us?

    I just have a minute, but wanted to answer Sun's post from the last porch...figured I would forget what I wanted to say if I waited till later, lol!

    So, so funny...if you could have seen me "sit up straight" as soon as I read your words about posture! Almost as though you had just walked in the room and caught me slouching :p. I feel that most of my headaches stem from the neck and shoulders, too...I need to try to watch how I sit, stand, walk, etc. Thanks for the reminders.

    You are so right about Ken and his wanting attention. He even tried to flirt with me...saying that if he was my dad, with such a pretty young girl who was paying attention to someone else, he would understand how my dad would be jealous. Yes, I will be careful...I hope I haven't started something that is going to turn out ugly....I was just so glad my dad seemed to have a "friend" and was interacting with someone.

    My mom would have been/was just like your mom. She was very jealous, but tried to turn it around when they came to live at the farm...she asked me if Lindsey was jealous of them, because I had to divide my time between Lindsey, Lorraine (David was in Afghanistan) and my parents. But I don't think Dad even notices if I do things for any of the other residents...mostly it's just to push someone to the dining room in their wheelchair. My dad would truly give someone the shirt off his back, but I will tread carefully with doing anything for Ken. To be quite truthful, Ken kind of gives me the creeps...he seems like he could easily be one of those "dirty old men." But at the same time, he seemed so appreciative of the bird feeder.

    What is it that Rock always says?...Uff da!

    Well, my eyes are giving me fits today...I think I will wrap up a couple chores and lie back down. Den can join me when he gets home...he's worn out this week, too.

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    Hi Kids

    Went to Pasadena. Got books from the library. Got cracked by the chiro. Stopped at
    Trader's Joe's. I usually get macaroons, but this time they had Halloween macaroons. You only get half as many for the same price and they are dipped in dark chocolate. Not for me, thank you. I did get a milk chocolate bar for $1.59. When I was a kid a Hershey bar cost a nickel. So did a bottle (no cans then) of Coke or an ice cream cone, or a package of gum, or a bag of popcorn. Another nickel if you wanted butter on top.

    Mikie and Springwater, Trader Joe's sells pink Himalayan salt. Three and a half ounces
    for 2 bucks. The container alleges it has some sort of grinder at the top. Mikie and other
    bird lovers. I saw the cattle egret (or maybe a relative) when we went by the lake 3 blocks
    away. A long way from the Serengetti plains.

    Julie, that's it. Uff-da! An all purpose exclamation from Norway. Yup, I found a
    pleasant porch pic to please our porchers. Note: If you have been an absent porcher
    for some time, be sure to let us hear from you soon. You don't want to lose your
    frequent flyer miles. Or was it S&H green stamps?

    Gonna go lie down. Back later.

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  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and going again. We are going through Porches like crazy but I'm so glad we are all actively posting except for Barry. I hope he's OK. Were any of the cattle egrets riding on the backs of the cattle? That cracks me up--Uber Cows! The pink Himalayan salt is healthier and I think it tastes better too.

    Barry, where are you? I hope and pray you are OK.

    Duckie, it isn't just my computer; the cable box is acting up too. It works fine and then keeps dropping the signal. Oy! Hope you get your technical headaches worked out.

    Julie, I hope Ken isn't a problem for you. He sounds lonely to me. Still, you don't want him making problems for you or your Dad. Good luck.

    I plugged in the new Hurricane Scrubber and the light wouldn't go on to indicate it was charging. I'm going to return it for a credit on my card. Two out of two I bought didn't work right. That says to me that their quality control is absent and the products are junk. Too bad because I wanted a power scrubber. I'll look for something else. It ticks me off that I have to make a third trip to the store even if it isn't far. I have no NRG to spare, especially for useless tasks. Rats!!!

    Gonna go. Talk with y'all tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. lydia1

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    Well,'s a shame that neither of the Hurricane Scrubbers would work. And, I agree, it makes it even worse to have to make yet another trip to the store.

    Mikie and Rock...we use what is called Real's right up there with Himalayan salt, as far as being good for you.

    Speaking of the grandma used to collect them. I can't remember if they were the S & H or if they were the Regal stamps. And my MIL saved the Betty Crocker points...would order out of the catalog once in awhile.

    It has been a rainy day here...I don't really mind, but it does seem to make me tired. When we got ready for bed and turned out the inside lights, I realized the yard light is out...makes the whole farm really dark. I went to bed when Den did, but couldn't get to sleep, so got back on the computer. Tomorrow he wants to go around to a lot of the Amish stores that are having open houses...we can sign up for door prizes and sample goodies all day, lol!

    Barry, I'm wondering about you too. I hope you are okay...I know how hard it is to post on here when one is tired and feeling down. Just want you to know that we miss you. Same with Diane...I wonder if she reads or will ever be back to post...too bad about the security warnings she kept getting. I hope it's nothing, but I would be cautious too, I think.

    Okay, I've gotten sleepy enough that I'm gonna try it again. I made an eye appt. for right eye seems to be getting noticeably worse. I do have cataracts starting, but I understand they have to get bad enough before insurance will pay for surgery. Thank goodness for glasses, but I am even noticing a difference with those.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend...

  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Dear, dear! what can the matter be?
    Two old women got up in an apple-tree;
    One came down; one stayed till Saturday.

    A little verse I found on the net. It was listed as a Mother Goose rhyme. News to me. I had
    to alter the last line in order to comply with the rhythm scheme.

    I remember how much I looked forward to weekends and holidays when I was working. It's
    been a weekend every day for the last 12 years. Nowhere as much fun as I expected. (Big sigh.)

    Julie, do colors seem to be fading? That's one of the signs of cataracts. After the surgery your
    vision will be sharper, and the world will be more colorful again. I was insured with Kaiser
    Permanenete, and was told by the surgeon to just let him know when I wanted the surgery
    done. Of course he didn't tell me I'd still have wait 6 months. The doctors at Kaiser were fine,
    but the support staff was rude or incompetent or both.

    Yes, that was very nice of you to buy Phil a milkshake. When I was a kid we got malts.
    Modern milkshakes seem flavorless to me. I used to buy malt powder at the market and make my own. About 30 years ago the price went up 200 percent so I ceased and desisted. Don't
    even see the stuff on the shelf anymore. I've read most kids nowadays don't know what a
    malt is.

    Mikie, a movie without and ending is missing it's third act. Useless. That best seller The
    Da Vinci Code didn't seem to have an ending either. Dan Brown has written additional
    books, but I won't sample them unless I get desperate.

    Yes, Uber cows. An egret on top and an udder on the bottom. When I was a kid we used to
    visit a very old lady. She was not behind the times, however. She had one of the first TV
    sets in town. My mother and I used to visit on Wednesday nights now and then to see The
    Arthur Godfrey show.

    One night she told us about her experiences as a rural school teacher half a century earlier.
    Teachers weren't paid much. They lived a month each year with the families of the pupils.
    Free room and board. She was horrified one night to find the entree was a cow udder.

    Sun, I hope your stomach troubles are over. Expect you had a nice visit with your son and
    granddaughters. Thanks for the address for the Victorian homes. They are wonderful.
    Are you going to visit them? I'd post a pic here, but they are way too big. I guess it's
    possible to shrink them, but I wouldn't know how.

    Duckie, it's great that you have the energy to work on your quilts. Are comfort quilts the
    same as the weighted ones? Good to hear your headache is better. Are you doing any writing?

    Barry, you guys OK?

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  7. Mikie

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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I also hope our Dear MIAs are OK too. The message which pops up on this website and others, depending on one's browser, doesn't mean the website is unsafe to use. It simply means it isn't secure in the same sense as the store here where one uses one's financial info to purchase products.

    Julie, there are a lot of salts which are better than the processed salt which is more common on grocery store shelves. I have tried several of them but prefer the Himalayan salt. It's just a matter of which one a person prefers. I buy it from Dr. Mercola's website and it is not expensive. I read the list of trace minerals in it and it's impressive. I also have the pink Himalayan salt lamps which I love. In any case, I don't buy the cheap stuff at the grocery store. One of the trace minerals, boron, is essential to bone cell replacement. Of course, the good stuff helps with electrolytes too. I don't think I'll be taking the scrubber back today; I still have a sore throat. My cataracts are too small to warrant surgery but my vision keeps getting worser and worser. Thank God for my Kindle and computer which allow me to enlarge the type. Good luck with your eye appt.

    &%$* I just lost my entire paragraph to Rock. I'm outta here til I'm through seething.

    Love, Mikie
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Seething, seething, over the simmering sea.
    Won't be back until Mikie has had a cuppa tea.

    The soothing chamomile kind. Sorry your paragraph vanished, Mikie. My computer
    is pretty recalcitrant too.

    What is the best kind of salt? The salt of the Earth. (Good answer.)

    Just sent my sheriff brother a birthday card. It's not till the 21st, but if I don't send
    it now, I'll probably forget. I've done that with Gordon. He never minds.

    Rock upload_2017-10-7_6-36-53.jpeg
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  9. dmcduck

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    Rock - "Kids Komfort" is just a local charity here. Those are the quilts I work on. They are just your (slightly above) average (because they are hand made) crib quilts. :p

    Here in Cincinnati, we have a store chain called United Dairy Farmers. They still make malts, but they don't make them like they used to...they used to be very thick, now they are not-so-much. We also have 2 chains of sweet shops (Greater's and Aglamesis) which make fantastic stuff.

    Speaking of ice cream, I also remember when it was sold in half-gallons and gallons. Now you get 1.5 quarts for the same price as you used to get half-gallons.
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  10. lydia1

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    Good morning, guys! Still rainy here, and pretty dark and dreary. Just as I was getting up, Den was coming back to bed for a little snooze. He still wants to go visit the open houses at some of the Amish shops...woo hoo! To be fair, he doesn't get a chance to get "out and about" during the week like I do. We want to visit our neighbors' furniture shop, the wood stove place, and a Mennonite variety store. I guess we can also burn coal in our wood furnace...might be a good alternative when we get too old to cut firewood...I think he has some questions about some of that.

    Duckie, I've been to Cinncinnati...Den was in the Army with a fellow from there. And some day we want to visit the Creation Museum, which I believe is south of there?

    Rock, I think it's great that you send birthday cards...I usually have good intentions, but forget (or I buy them, then misplace them.) I'll try to pay more attention to colors...I just know that it's harder to see things with my right eye.

    Mikie, I have a salt lamp also. So does Lindsey...but she keeps saying hers won't last very long cause the kids like to lick it, lol!

    I'd better get ready for our adventure...take care, everyone!
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  11. springwater

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    Sorry for being MIA. I'm in middle of wedding preparations for DHs brother. Plus the extra work because of festival. It's really hot too. I ve been peeking in and reading from time to time. DH has a step brother. His own mum died when he was a baby. His dad remarried when DH was already in college. The stepmom is the role model of wicked witch stepmom. Even worse.

    DHs sister is in town to help and his cousin sisters..the community members do a lot of the major work. Ceremonies etc.

    I will be back soon as all this is over.

    God bless
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh my, Spring! What a lot going on...besides all the work, the stress of dealing with the stepmom. Good thing the brother has you guys and some other normal people who care about him, to help out.

    Heat really does a number on me...I am so glad to see fall, and the cooler temps. Come back when you can...I've been thinking of you.

    Den and I had a nice outing...I was sort of making fun of our choice for a "date", but he's on call so we can't go too far from home. Saw some really pretty furniture at our neighbor's store...pretty prices, too. They don't manufacture the furniture themselves, but it is made locally and they sell it. They also have a beautiful collection of clocks, many that chime.

    Checked in at the wood stove place...well, a lot of people are burning coal, pellets, wood, etc. This is where we got our wood furnace several years ago. The guy said our furnace will burn coal, but not as well as the stoves that are made specifically for we could supplement with coal, if necessary, once in awhile. Then when our wood furnace gives up the ghost, we can decide which kind we want to get. I don't mind burning wood, but it's getting harder and harder on our bodies to keep enough on hand...

    Stopped by a Mennonite place that has a little bit of everything...bulk foods, toys (lots of the old time toys...without batteries, computers, etc.) and lots of neat home decor. Every place we went had some sort of food...pie, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, plus coffee or cocoa, etc. I bought a couple of sandwiches at the last place...they make them to order and are so thick, with just about anything you could want on them.

    So, no cooking for me today, so far. I'll fix supper, but right now it's time for "after lunch" nap...hope everyone is doing as well as can be.
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, I have missed so much but have to go b finish packing and then off to church tonight. I have so much to do even if just going OOT for a couple of days. I know you all understand. Just getting the plss and supps organized is a major pain - geez. Leaving tomorrow in the morning but not to terribly early but early enough when I have to dress, eat and look presentable.

    Thinking of everydobby and will miss you. If you don't move to fast with this volume I can follow along little bit :)!!

    ROCK - Thanks for the new volume and new porch.

    JULIE and SW - Sorry for the extra stresses and hope all goes well. JULIE, glad you and Den had a bit of date just looking !!

    MIKIE - Glad that your problems have not all been due to just the computer and there are other technical problems involved.

    SUN - Hope you get to feeling better soon so you can enjoy your SGD and have lunch with her. That sounds like fun.

    I have so much left to do so I have to run. More when I get back on Tues or Wed.

    LOVE to awl,
    Granni :)
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Granni, have a wonderful time...sounds like there is a lot planned. We'll be thinking of you!
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

    This FPOC froze up and I had to completely restart it manually. I really do think it's possessed. Evil machine! I am sick with some kind of bug. It's not Herxing. My throat is soooo sore and I just feel sick. I rested a lot yesterday and took some herbal stuff and zinc. I'm going to pick up some Airborne at Publix later. I looked in the mirror yesterday and was horrified at what I saw. I looked awful so I threw some color on my hair and trimmed it. I hadn't realized how ashy my hair had become. It feels good to have it looking brighter even if I feel like crap.

    Rock, love the cop card with the Simpson's cop on it. He cracks me up when I watch the show. One of my favorite shows on TV. DSIL got me hooked on it. I used to watch The Arthur Godfrey Show when I was a yute and it was broadcast from Miami Beach. I remember his saying, "Howaya, howaya, howaya." I can still see him in my memory. Steve Allen was another of my favorites. He was so brilliant and yet could be so funny and silly. He was a prolific song writer.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am taking up two posts because, when I hit the Post Reply button, a blank screen appears. This time, I highlighted the address and hit the Enter button. I got my post back, partially, to the last time it saved the draft. I don't understand what is causing this frustrating problem but I'm going to do the best I can to post and not lose everything.
    Julie, I envy your living so close to all those interesting stores. Throw in a few antique stores and I'd be in heaven. I'd love seeing those old time toys. Just keeping wood on hand for the occasional fire in our fireplace was a hassle. DD in TX has a gas fireplace and they love it. Of course, here in FL, we only turn on the heat once in a blue moon. It's the A/C which eats up the power. I'm thankful for it right now because it's still in the high 80's and humid with this storm out in the Gulf.

    Spring, sounds as though you are bigly busy. Come back when you can.

    Granni, can't remember where you are going but hope you have a good time. Been too sick and my brain's a mess.

    OK, gonna try to post this. Fingers crossed.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Been up for the last 4 hours. Going back to bed when I finish this. Amidst all the terrible
    news I found a funny story. Grandma sent her 6 year old grandson a book. The title
    was "If Animals Could Talk". Obviously grandma never opened the books as it was
    filled with X rated dialogue. Clearly a book that should not have been judged by its cover.

    Those terrible bug bites I was reporting some weeks back all healed up. The distressing news
    is I got two new ones. While I was inside the house. ACCKK! and YIKES! The swelling is
    going down though. Maybe one develops some sort of tolerance or immunity. We don't
    need minor problems when we are already laden with major ones. Right?!

    Mikie, I read some books by Steve Allen. Both fiction and non. I think he was married to one
    of the Meadows girls. Audrey or Jane. Can't remember. Too exhaustenized to look it up.
    He was also an excellent piano player. And he created that program where famous people
    from the past all got together for dinner. I hope you start feeling seriously better pronto.

    Granni, how did your visit to see your grandsons go? I hope they are both thriving and
    enjoying their college years. I think that time was most carefree of my life. After that I
    was either hard at work or busy being sick :rolleyes: Any progress with the new roof project?

    Julie, I think you can call anything a date as long as you're doing it with your S.O.
    Significant ogre. I mean "other". You and Dan ever visit Spillville, Iowa? That's the town
    where composer Antonin Dvork stayed in the 1890s. One of our former porchers visited the
    place and wrote a paper about it for a college class. He was allowed to play the organ Dvork
    had played during his visit. Spillville is in Winneshiek County. The county seat is Decorah
    where I was born in the days of my yute.

    Spring, I hope brother's wedding is a big success, and that you are not worn out with the
    preparations. As for the witchy stepmom, you might try throwing a pail of water on her.
    It worked for Dorothy Gale aka Judy Garland.

    Duckie, I never heard of Greater's or Aglamesis. Isn't the latter Greek for cuttlefish? I do
    remember ice cream in quarts and larger sizes. My youngest brother used to eat so much
    ice cream when he was a teen that my mother bought it in buckets. I think they held 5 quarts.

    My Dad has his own restaurant. It sold ice cream in cones, malts. sundaes, pints and quarts. In those days (40's-50's) the containers were hand packed by him or the employees.

    Time to go
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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! I ended up staying up late, but still tossed and turned when I went to bed. I did go outside and walk around a bit...with the yard light out, the full moon was that much brighter. Mikie, I'm a cancer, too, and the moon must affect me a lot...I remember thinking the other night that it was getting to be a full moon, and I probably wouldn't be able to sleep.

    Mikie, I'm just praying that your computer problems go away, and that you start feeling better. Glad you could spruce up you hair...I'm chicken to do my own, but have an appt. on Wednesday, which happens to be Den's birthday.

    He doesn't want to have a party or anything, but I may make him a special supper. Keira's 10th birthday is Friday and we are going to meet at the Pizza Ranch restaurant in town for supper...just us, Amy, Clinton and the girls. Then they will take Keira to her other grandparents' as Keira's dad asked to have her with him on her birthday weekend. We'll have our little party at the restaurant.

    Rock, I've not been to Spillville...I don't think my "ogre" has either ;). That word brought to mind, Shrek...the green ogre in the Shrek movies. Den and I took David's parents to see it one time...oh my goodness, to hear grown men laughing so hard at a kids' movie!

    Well, Den has my van up on the car lift...changing the oil. I should get busy and get something accomplished today. I did do a good thing last evening...he has to get his CDL renewed, but when he went to do that the other day, they told him he needed more documents now than usual (to get something called a "real card" that is absolute proof of who he is, in order to use his driver's license for identification.)

    I could not find anything for him (SS card, birth certificate, etc.) that should have been in the safe, but wasn't. I thought I had officially lost my mind...then remembered a file I had put in a filing cabinet quite awhile ago, before we got the safe. Everything was in there...I just hadn't transferred it to the safe. So, apparently I "used to" have a brain...maybe still do...just have to find it again.

    So...."Hi" to everyone...I'd better get going.
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: OGRE! LOL!!!!! Only you could come up with that. Very funny. I think you might still be able to find gallon size ice creams but......who would want to eat it. Not a good quality and I think just vanilla and strawberry.

    It's today my DS is bringing my little DGDs over for a visit. Can I say I'm feeling awful. These pills the doc gave me to prevent bladder infection is making my stomach turn over. I'm not taking the morning dose today, since I noticed it hits about 3 hrs. After swallowing.

    On wednesday my neighbor in back was having her trees trimmed including the one that hangs over quite a lot, dropping hard berries into the pool. So I had to do a lot of cleanup. Don't know where I stuck my arm but got 5 large spider bites. That night they itched like crazy and the next day I had spread the poison ......making my arm look like I had lost the battle. They're better today, usually it takes 3 days for the swelling to go down. But the good news is that darn tree looks much better, and now if the squirrels would quit running up and down and knocking more cut branches down.

    Julie: Enjoy your ogre!!!! You're very lucky to have a kind, caring, loving one. How old is he turning?

    MIkie: Can't you take your computer to a shop to have it checked? It might be something very simple that can be done to tweak it.

    Granni: Have fun on your trip.
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun...oh, I hate when something that is supposed to help us actually makes us feel worse. I hope you end up having a good day with your son and granddaughters...I would skip a dose too, if it made me feel so bad.

    Ugh to the spider bites...and to the mess in your pool. We have lots of squirrels in our yard; they love to tease and chatter at Oreo and the cats.

    I've been mostly in the kitchen so far today. Cooked up a bunch of bacon to have in BLTs, salads, etc. Then boiled some eggs, also for salads and to put in tuna salad for sandwiches. Also have a pot of chili on the stove.

    I told Den I would make cookies this afternoon...I think he enjoys taking them to work and sharing with his employee. Brigan is a great kid...very mature for his 19 or 20 years. He lives with his dad and stepmom, but is saving up to build his own all kinds of odd jobs after his regular day is over. Dad and stepmom just had a baby, so I think Brigan kind of gets left out of things...not that he wants to be with them all the time, of course. But he seems to really adore Den, and me (maybe it's just the cookies, lol!)

    Anyway, while Den is resting, I am going out to finish raking up the drop's hard to tell the good ones from the ones that have been lying on the ground for awhile. If I keep them raked or picked up, I can more easily get the good ones to make stuff out of...mostly applesauce. I started to do that project the other day, but got too worn out...imagine getting so exhausted from doing a little yard work. Well, I know you guys understand.