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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    There's a song titled "Empty Arms". Patsy Cline sang it. I'm thinking of writing one called
    "Itchy Arms". That's what I've had for two days. Was outside for about 30 minutes watering and cleaning up the garden. Spent a few minutes with the cat. Was wearing a nylon jacket. I guess the bugs from Hell bit right through it.

    Just finished an enjoyable book titled "Running Out Of Life." It is the story of a young woman escaping from a rigid family background and the young man who sets out to rescue her. And it was written by the newest member of our porch family, dmcduck. If you want to read more check it out on Amazon. Search for books by Diana M. Bloch.

    Sun, hard to get rid of old magazines and books, isn't it. Gordon has boxes full of old mags, mostly about orchids, but some on cooking. I got rid of almost all my old mags and books last time we moved. It's very considerate of you to think about the people who will be dealing with all your stuff. Too bad Gordon's mother didn't. We still have boxes of her stuff that no one wants or can use. A lot of it is fabric, but nobody here quilts.

    Do you know the history of your antique cabinet? Is it American? Pre Revolutionary War?

    Julie, you are so busy. Wears me out just to read of all you do in a day. Great pics. You
    and Keira look like you are on the same team. And I guess you are. When I lived in the
    Midwest we usually we didn't get snow until right after Thanksgiving. Same for you
    guys? Hope Oreo can get fixed up.

    Mikie, I'm not sure where the CA fires are, but haven't heard of any near LA. The news coverage on the computer seems to be 50% political, 50% crime and 50% nonsense about celebs. I am really tired of badly written articles with misleading headlines and editorial
    and/or personal comments included. I'm glad you are happy with your sonic. Isn't that a cartoon character nowadays?

    Duckie, are those harlequin pants? Were you up late because you were wearing them or making them. Remember when Lucy bought some for Fred to give to Ethel? Just another
    glitch in their long friendship.

    Going back to bed to start my other new book by D. Bloch. Hope everydobby has a good day.


    PS Looked it up. Sonic is a character is a video game and a TV show.
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  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    My DD is back..she helped upload the videos because the site wasn't working the usual way..

    She was ill, but downed some meds and made it for the ceremonies

    The one with glasses is me..DHs cousin dragged me to dance becoz we saw bride n groom were feeling shy to dance
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie, can you fix the numbers of the different threads? I'm afraid I'll have to give up
    closing and opening new volumes. I think stage 6 of Alzheimers is when simple tasks
    become difficult. Seems to be where I am now. (Stage 7 is fatal.)

    I had a terrible time. Took me an hour and a half. I coulda spent my time doing something
    useful like watching TV and eating frosting right outta the can.

    Good luck and Thanks

  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: What fun to come here and find the videos and the pic. Thanks to your DD for helping you. It looked like a wonderful time was had by all. Can you identify all the people in the photo please. And I like the song the man was singing. Is that a popular singer there?

    Rock: Yes, I really hate to part with the art instruction magazines but really must. I am keeping a ton of another art magazine though. I just had to move things from another storage cabinet to make room, now I've got photo albums all over the place. So the next thing I'll have to do is go thru the photos and cull them. What a job!

    I think you probably got one nasty little flea under a sleeve and that's all it takes to do a number on a body! Sorry for your misery. I'm also very sensitive to all insects. I think I read someplace that they love those who are more aciditic rather than alkaline. Try a little vinegar dabbed on them. I got bit up by a spider a few days ago, sticking my arm into a large succulent trying to clean out leaves that accumulated. Five large itchy bites, so with all the scratching I did my arm and hand is covered with red marks. I bruise very easily now.

    The Southern California fire is around the City of Orange and Anaheim Hills. The other HUGE ones are up around Napa. Isn't that where Judy lives? There's been many people killed in that one.

    When we bought the cabinet years ago we were told it was a pewter cabinet from the 1700s. It's what you call "antique primitive"......a pumpkin pine, very heavy and it holds a ton of things. It must have originally been painted because there are specks of white and green still left here and there and the doors at the bottom had been switched somewhere along the way....still have the marks from the hinges.

    Duck: Congratulations on your novel. I don't have a kindle so won't be able to buy it though. Have you sold lots thru amazon? I've got several novels in various stages, but it's been so long since I worked on them that I'm stuck and can't move on. And I've got too many irons in the fire at this stage of my life to even think about them.
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    JBsVINEYARD Active Member

    Hello Dear Friends...

    I am just heartbroken..

    Here's an update on our family members and the fires. My daughter's inlaws, who live in Napa, had to evacuate today as a fire was heading towards their home. They, and their two kitties, are staying in a hotel in Martinez close to where our daughter, Lisa, and our son in law, Justin live. Fortunately, they packed their car a couple of days ago when things were starting to look bad, and thank God they did. My husband and I wanted to head to Napa and help them save more things from the house but we weren't allowed into the neighborhood..understandable..

    My husband's brother, who is ill with ALS, and his family live in Willits, Ca, and evacuations have already started there this afternoon..they are on standby incase they have to leave on a moment's notice..

    Last count, the news said California, from one end of the state to the other, has 17 major fires going and very little, if any, containment. The smoke from these fires is devastating as well.

    I hope everyone on the board who lives in California is safe and out of harms way.

    Please say a prayer for those who have lost their homes, our firefighters and our emergency responders.

    Our state truly looks like a war zone.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

    Woke with a miserable sinus headache. Seems this virus is playing out about as long as it takes a bad cold to go away but I'm not as sick as I would be with a bad cold. I have an eye doc appt. in the morning but will be OK to go. Absolutely nothing interesting happening here but that's alright because I don't think I'd be up to anything too exciting.

    Sun, I'm keeping up the prayers for you. This has been a lousy season in your life. I pray you recover and things get better. I was wondering whether that piece of furniture was pine. It's my favorite wood for antiques; I like the more rustic antiques. I have several old pine pieces and love them. I think some wealthy/powerful men have sexual addictions and/or have the need to bully and control others whom they see as weaker. They don't seem to realize that it just makes them look undesirable that they have to try to take what they want by force. That these guys are in positions of power is sickening and scary.

    Rock, thank you for getting us up and going again. I know of no way to set the number of posts in a thread. Thirty is an arbitrary number so our threads don't get too long. It doesn't bother me if we go beyond that number but, if it's an issue, I'll try to watch it and start new threads. Thing is that lately, I seem to post at #29, too soon to start a new Porch but, by the time I get back, it's way beyond that number. What to do, what to do? Hope your bites are better. Warm climes usually mean fleas and outdoor kitties usually have them.

    This post just took off and I lost a lot of the last paragraph so had to retype it. I'm gonna post this and come back or use another post to finish. This sucks!

    Love, Mikie
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Judy, I am so sorry for your DD's in-laws' having to evacuate. Has the fire burned their home? I hope not. With the winds in CA, some people didn't have much in the way of time to get out. Seems as though Mother Nature is on a destructive binge lately. I have been keeping everyone in my prayers. I'm also sorry that your BIL has ALS. It's such a horrible disease. That ice cube challenge raised a lot of money which was used for research into treatments and hope for a cure. Hope you are staying safe.

    Duckie, I'll have to check out the book. I'm so impressed that you have written books. I'm curious about the pants. Did you dye them? I love leggings but tend to dress drably. I like the colorful ones on other people though.

    Spring, looks as though everyone had a good time at the wedding. I will check out the videos when I've gotten this posted, considering how much trouble I have at this website. I don't know why. It doesn't appear to be anything I'm doing. The screen just goes blank and I lose everything after the last automatic draft save. Hope you're not too pooped after all the celebrating.

    OK, I'm not taking any chances; I'm going to post this separately in an effort not to lose it.

    Love, Mikie
  8. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Rock - I made them myself. They are a knit, so stretchy and comfy. So wish I lived close enough to you to take a look at that fabric. You could look up local quilt guilds...

    Mikie - I bought the fabric. Couldn't help myself, even though it was rather pricy. I got several compliments when I wore them yesterday. My favorite color is bright. :p

    Sun - the books are available as both Kindle and paperbacks.

    Judy - prayers for you and yours.
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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Oh Judy, I am so sorry. I managed to catch the news on CNN. One lady distraught she couldn't save her photos, precious memories, was indeed heartbreaking. I pray the fires are brought under control at the soonest. My thoughts are with your DDs inlaws and your DHs brother. It was already tough with him having Alzheimer's...

    I can't imagine what so many families are going suddenly have to leave everything one has ever known and then to know it's all gone in a matter of minutes. I just don't know is a big question mark. My heart is heavy for America, so much is happening all over, too many bad things one after another.

    Sun and all I will come back again.

    Rock - I think you numbered the Porch quite correctly.

    God bless
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  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Judy: I've been thinking about you with the fires up there and here you are posting. I'm so very very sorry and feel heartbroken for all the suffering going on. I pray for you and your family. ALS is an awful disease, one you wouldn't wish on an enemy. Your family has really been hit with tragedy.

    Duck: Since the library system doesn't have a copy I won't be reading your novel. I rarely buy books anymore. And ROCK: How did you get a copy of this novel? I'm curious.

    I'm heading for the shower and then to my PCP. I need some answers on lots of things.

    Mikie: Read your between the lines too.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Well, I'm either Herxing or stomach cramps and diarrhea are part of what is ailing me. Good grief! I want this to go away. I'm getting nothing done around here. I managed to take my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster. It's sad because the gate on the dumpster enclosure blew off during the storm and the bulletin board blew over. Neither has been fixed. There is no one to fix small things right now. The big stuff gets the priority as it should.

    DSIL in CO called and we had a nice long chat. He is so sweet and it's breaking my heart that he has some kind of illness which is causing horrible pain in his legs and arms. He's on Gabapentin and it's helping so he can function but it's not getting rid of the pain. I told him about the peptide injections. The docs don't know yet what he has but, if they don't figure it out, perhaps he could see my doc and try the injections.

    Duckie, again, I'm impressed that you made the pants and sew men's shirts. The worst sewing project I ever did was make a swimsuit when DD competed in synchronized swimming. Remember the old Stretch 'n Sew fabrics, thread, and patterns? I made it over a weekend. Never again! Those are some cute pants!

    The screen just went blank and I lost my response to Spring. I'm gonna post this and try again later.

    Love, Mikie

    Spring, thanks for the prayers f
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I see that part of the first sentence to Spring was left but I lost the rest.

    Spring, thanks for your prayers for our country. We need them but the whole world seems to need prayers right now. Hope you are recovered from the wedding and feeling well.

    Sun, it was the Harvey Weinstein scandal which got me started but there have been soooo many in business, entertainment and politics. I often wonder whether any of these creeps have daughters, sisters, moms, a
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry to be using up all the posts but this is ridiculous so will get outta here. Think I'll write to tech support to see whether they can help me.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sun, I got Duckie's novel the old fashioned way. I bought it from Amazon. Actually I bought
    two. Ten bucks @. A good price for a trade paperback. Note: a "trade" paperback is larger
    and better bound than a regular paperback book.

    I guess that cabinet of yours has held lots of stuff for different families over the last 3
    centuries. Reminds me of a book or TV show I saw decades ago. A dress was worn by three different women in different situations. Can't remember the name.

    Springwater, do you see two posts numbered 1004 on your computer. That's what I see on mine.

    Mikie, I'm not concerned about how many posts we have per thread. I had a terrible time
    getting the number right last night on the new post. How many number 1004 posts can you

    Judy, I hope your family is OK. I used to visit the area around Cal State, Sonoma when my
    son was a student there. My recollection is there were 5 small towns close together. Just
    read evacuations are going on in Napa and Sonoma. Loved to go there. Beautiful country
    side. So quiet and peaceful compared to LA.

    Hugs, everydobby
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Just a note to say HI and we are home, got home yesterday afternoon but have been busy ever since. Now getting ready for the roofers to drop off supplies this afternoon most likely. They are supposed to start it tomorrow. Got my second load of wash going and trying to do to many things at once. I know you all understand.

    Had a wonderful time at DD's. First we went to San Marcos and visited the campus and lake area and small museum type area they have there plus small aquarium with different types of water wildlife that live in the area. Then we took a small boat ride on a glass bottom boat showing a lot of what is underwater with the guide telling us about the area. Then we went for pizza at a special place where they actually had goat cheese and a thin crust and I had them omit the feta cheese. I had a salad and two piece, and was the first real pizzas I have had in a long time. It was delicious even if I had to wait for a long time for it. Then we left to go to DD's in Austin and the boys of course stayed at school. Both seem to be enjoying it and doing pretty well. One is majoring in business or finance like my DH and the other switches from engineering to German and not sure if it is geology or what. He has a double major.

    Then went to DD's in Austin and relaxed with some snacks and wine and good conversation. Nice to see them. Both are so very busy all the time and he is gone a lot with his sales duties in a/c and heating. The next day we went to the Bob Bullock museum in Austin . It is one of those places you could spend forever it with so much info Alot ot TX history and other things too. Then we went to a nice place but comfy and ate semi outside with cover and openings all around. DD #2 and I had a delicious shrimp salad citrus dressing that was delicious.

    Then we went home to her house and relaxed and later on had my early b-day dinner of steak baked sweet potatoes, salad and a yummy dessert made in the crockpot with apples and a crumb mixture on top. You can serve with ice cream or whatever you want. We had delicious wine also and I kept adding ic or mineral water to mine. DD does that too sometimes. I had a tiny big of ice cream and a little almond milk. It was so very yummy. DD we visited is very into natural things and does yoga in the early a.m. walks the two dogs before going to work when she does work. She just got a certification for soe sports and exercise training, can't remember what it is called. Not sure when she will start with any of that. Will have to get a few clients to train them.

    JUDY - So sorry to hear about your family and those wild fires. We have been hearing alot about them. How devastating and scary for all involved.

    SUN - Hope your doc visit goes well and get lots of answers.

    Happy birthday to Den coming up. Lots of good people born in Oct I am finding :)!! Mine is also next week. Love the pics of the girls and you JULIE.

    Gotta run and fix lunch and change washes, etc. Also have to do pill boxes. Finally also finished my luncheon calls for reservations for our lunch and craft show.

    Love to everydobby inc MIKIE, DIANE, ROCK, DUCKIE et al our many MIA;s.

    Off to fix lunch:)!!
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  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang.
    And for
    Hope everyone is doing okay. Sorry for your bum tummy Mikie, and for everyone else in pain and distress.

    I am in minor pain mainly due to neuropathy, but feel very wrung out and down. So sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is very depressing for me when I think of how active I used to be before this damned M.E. Also, the meds for bp, statins, etc., coupled with the tiredness and apathy of having hypogonadism (no testosterone), etc. etc. whine, whine, and a glass of red wine at night.
    And so it goes.

    Judy, I hope your relatives and friends are alright. The skies here were grey all day from smoke from the fires. Thank the Gods they are fairly far away from us. I hope they don't get here. I am praying for rain. Such a dry summer, and October we should be starting to be into the rainy season.

    Ducky, nice to meet you! I have dual US/UK citizenship, so excuse my Brit. spelling! Ducky, grey, colour, and so on. I read the old posts but couldn't find the name of your book? I am an avid reader and want to know. Message me if you can't post it here, please.

    The persimmons are starting to ripen and are delicious, though very small because of our summer drought. They are fuyu persimmons and have no seeds. I'll have to rake them off the branches -- boy are they hard to pick.

    We were without landline phone for the last two days. We have landline here in the woods, no cell. Many people were without both, plus internet off. Thankfully we have sat. net.

    I had my flu shot on Monday, and feel a bit sore today, and extra tired. Don't know whether it's the shot or trip to town (always wipes me out):(. Probably both. Today I shall do .... nothing.

    Mikie, your computer doesn't half feel like a pain in the arse. Why don't you take it to computer person and tell them to check it out for you. It may be a bad egg.

    Lenny (k-9) and Sylvie (fe-line) are next to one another asleep by me on the couch. They had their morning play and are now resting.

    The wind is rising. The red maple leaves have blown off the tree we planted some 30 odd years ago. Very odd years, at that. The Ash tree has turned yellow, and the big-leaf maple are turning. There is a riot of colour on our small porch, with windowboxes overflowing with petunias, Linarias, Angelonia, and Verbenas. The Fuchsia magellanica is still blooming for the hummingbirds, as is the Phygelius, Lobelia laxiflora, and some other red flowers. This makes me happy. As do the scents of the Calaminthas, and all the herbs. Rosemary is for remembrance.

    Richard is going through a tough spell of depression; I'm doing my best, but it's hard...o_O.

    Spring: Thanks for the lovely photos. Are you the gal with the two youngsters with you?

    I , too, have been looking at my masses of books, and years of botanical and gardening magazines. Hard to part with....

    Am disgusted by American gun laws. Can you believe them. What an uncivilisation. What morons. Look at how the more stringent gun laws in Australia after the Hobart massacre slowed down gun violence GREATLY. Or should I say, in the words of the immoral idiot: "Bigly".

    I can't post more now, and must stop or I'll get in trouble with the moderators because I would be raging against the insane "Donald" creep.

    Love, and best wishes to All,
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Your trip sounds like a whole lot of fun! Glad you got to go and see where your DGS go to college.

    Barry: Here's an interesting link concerning succulents. I forwarded it on to my SIL also.....their back yard is the Cleveland National Forest. They came very very close to losing their home to fire about 8 years ago. I'm hoping he will fill the hillside below their home with these succulents. Campaign Monitor&utm_term=Read more

    Mikie: I'm sorry for you SIL. I'm sure the doctors have done all kinds of test on him. This isn't the pilot is it? Has he been tested for polymyalgia?

    Rock: OK, you bought the two books from Amazon but did Duck tell you her name? When Gordon gets done reading it also, why not donate it to the library system?

    Back from the PCP. Other than him ordering more inhalers, he had to do a once a year "well checkup" for medicare......sounded like the whole thing questioning if I was in my right mind, etc. So it was a long time with the doctor.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Folks

    Since my last message I picked a baker's dozen tomatoes, had a nap, and watched a forensic show. Glad to see we heard from Barry.

    Barry, sorry you are feeling so punk. I can tell you are not at your best. If you want to know
    the name of Duckie's book see the first post on this thread. A shame that Richard is feeling
    illish too. Is he taking any meds? Has he read Feeling Good by David Burns? I'm glad you
    have Sylvie and Lennie to keep you company.

    Sun, yup. I asked Duckie the name of the author and she told me. We used the private
    message feature. I tried to use it last night and this morning. Wouldn't work. Who can understand computers (other than Bill Gates)? Did the doctor say you were in your right
    mind? If not, whose mind are you in?

    Granni, great to hear about your trip. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Gordon says
    when he had a new roof put on his house he was told to have a layer or rubber put under the
    shingles. Works great to prevent leaks. I have no idea if this is a costly procedure.

    Mikie, I hope you start feeling better soon. I don't know what causes both arm and leg pain.
    Looked on the net. It might be a bit tricky to diagnose DSIL's problem. I read it could be a
    blood vessel disorder, a problem with the nervous system (central or peripheral) or even
    a cyst in the spinal cord. Sounds serious.

    Springwater, where are the videos that show you dancing?

    Judy, just watched the news regarding the fires in the Napa Valley. The reporter said winds
    have been ranging from 45 to 75 mph. Good Grief. 75 is hurricane territory. He also said
    there was plenty of fuel to burn because of all the rain earlier this year the promoted plant
    growth. I hope your family and in laws are OK.

    Hugs, Kids
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! It's been a heck of a week...exhausting, to say the least. I've been reading the posts and came back from town today to see a lot of porchies have been here. I'm so sorry to read about the fires and all the death and destruction. And about so many of our friends on here just feeling really rough...physically and emotionally.

    Barry, vent away, dear friend. I'm not a moderator, but I imagine they will let you know if you need to edit anything. I was reading a little bit about Australia's gun laws and came across this article from a website called the Daily Wire. As much as I agree with many who believe something needs to be done to stop the killing, I found this interesting and probably spot on, as far as the United States. And I know too many gun owners, some of my family members included, who would fight anyone who came to their doors and tried to take away their guns.

    Mind you, I'm not arguing with you, just didn't really think about what affect new laws could possibly have. Surely there is a balance somewhere that would keep everyone more safe.

    Hope you and Richard start feeling better before too long. I'm so glad you have your furbabies for company. Below is some of the article I read...I understand if a moderator wants to erase or edit...

    An increasingly common response from pro-gun control activists following a mass shooting is the call for America to implement Australian-style gun control laws as the "solution" to gun violence. Following the horrific mass murder carried out in Las Vegas on Sunday, in which at least 59 people were killed and over 500 injured by a lone gunman perched in a hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Australia's radical gun reform laws of 1996 are once again being invoked as the means of preventing another such heinous act. But those condemning America for failing to follow Australia's example are not being honest about what that would actually look like in the U.S.

    Implementing Australia's gun control policies first and foremost requires imposing Australia's euphemistically named "gun buyback" program, the cornerstone of the country's gun laws. As positive as a "buyback" program sounds, what gun control advocates often conveniently fail to note is that it only works if it is obligatory. The gun buyback is actually government-imposed gun confiscation. There is no opting out. You are handing over the gun that you own legally to the government, or else you will face the point of a gun. The only guns the Australian government allows their citizens to own mut be registered and permitted for specific purposes, and self-defense is not one of those government-sanctioned purposes.

    Australia's gun confiscation was only successful because of its large scale. The government took at least 650,000 guns, or about one-fifth of all guns in the country; higher estimates put the numbers at 1 million and one-third. There are over 300 millions firearms in the U.S. To implement the "buyback" program on the same scale in America would require the forced confiscation of 60 to 100 million guns from tens of millions of Americans.

    So, would tens of millions of gun-owning Americans, many of whom specifically own those guns for self-defense — including, if not particularly, self-defense against a tyrannical state — voluntarily hand over those guns to a government they believed was violating their constitutionally enshrined rights? Not a chance. What would inevitably have to happen is a militarized police force knocking on doors, searching houses, and forcefully taking those guns from tens of millions of "bitter clingers."

    In short, implementing Australia's gun laws would result in massive civil upheaval, violence, arrests, even civil war.
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  20. dmcduck

    dmcduck Well-Known Member

    Well, ok then...for those interested in my books, search for the author name "Diana M. Bloch" on Amazon. They are available as both paperback and e-book. They are also available as e-books from Barnes and Noble.

    I'm not quilt did not win the competition. Oh, well. I still consider myself something just above a beginner. I did enter another show, though.

    Barry - glad to see you are back. I've been hearing lots of worry about you. Hope you feel better soon.

    Granni - glad you're back home. We're getting rapidly closer to our performance date. I need to practice harder!

    Mikie - keep struggling; you'll feel better eventually.

    Well, I'm off to do the practice I've been neglecting....
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