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    I don't like what guns can do in wrong hands, but I don't believe in not having them.......if we gave them away we would be giving away a lot more.
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    Good morning...we continue to have a cold front (lows in the 40's) which makes it pretty chilly at night since we don't have any heat in the new part yet, lol! But, back close to 80 for a high tomorrow...

    I had planned to spend the whole day mowing, but Den was informed yesterday that some of the City guys are expected to drive vehicles in the Homecoming parade in town. Den has the most impressive and biggest truck, his new bucket truck, so they want him for sure. I may ride along with him to throw candy to the kids watching from the edges of the streets.

    Then we are meeting Amy, Clinton and the girls for supper...before they drop Keira off at her other grandparents (Nana will have a big birthday party for Keira on Saturday, I'm sure...hard to believe she is ten years old tomorrow!)

    I thought I might be able to mow this afternoon, after my chiro appt., but it is spitting cold droplets right now...the sun will have to come out and dry the grass a lot, before I try to mow today.

    So...I am part of the Duckie fan club...I messaged her several days ago to find out how to order her books. The first one should be delivered tomorrow, and the next one will be here sometime next week. I have just been adding one to my Amazon orders to make my total high enough for the free shipping, lol! (Haven't needed to get Amazon Prime yet as I wait until my total qualifies for the free shipping.) Anyway, I hope to start on the first book after we get back from supper tomorrow night...I also ordered a cookbook (by someone else) but that one can wait for me to read later, lol!

    Sorry I can't stay...need to hop in the shower and get to the chiro. Take care, everyone!

    Oh, Spring...I loved the videos! How good of the aunties to break the ice for the newlyweds :)
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    Good Morning, Kids

    I got rid of the duplicate post number 1004. Patti aka Hanginginthere told me how to do it.
    Now if it would only snow and kill off the pesky bugs that keep biting me I'd be a happy
    camphor. Gordon told me to put Campho-phenique on my bites, but I don't like it. Too
    much like applying 3 in one oil. Old children's joke. If 3 in one is oil what's 4 'n one. Answer:
    5. One of those jokes that works better spoken than written.

    The poor kitty isn't getting any love. I dash outside and put down her food and dash back
    in again. I tried to get her to come in the back porch, but she's afraid to. She will come in
    if the door is open and I'm in the kitchen warming up her food. But if I go in the porch, she
    goes out again.

    Julie, is this the kind of truck Den is using now? Are you going to throw candy from the
    cab or the bucket? I wouldn't wanna get in that bucket if it were going to be towering
    above the parade. The temp here tomorrow is supposed to be the same as Iowa. I
    can't understand how Iowa can be so hot this time of year. Everything under the sun
    has changed since the days of our yute. (Bucket truck below.)

    Duckie, good for you. Remember the Quilters' motto. Quilters are not quitters. If you
    go here:

    you can see a baby quilt and a curious magpie who is studying it. Maybe thinking,
    "That would be nice to line my nest."

    Mikie, are you still feeling poorly? Hope not. Any word from DSIL? Is he seeing
    a doc? Do you have to use stretchy thread when you sew stretchy fabrics?
    Inquiring minds want to etc. I was gonna post some witty riposte Gordon made as
    we were pulling into Trader Joe's the other day, but within ten seconds I forgot it.
    I asked him later but he didn't remember either. Uff-da!

    Hugs to All

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  4. bct

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    Sun: I am only in favour of the restriction of warfare guns -- machine guns, bump stocks, and other automatic mass killing machines. You can keep your pistol and I'll keep my 223 hunting rifle. Okay ?

    Julie: I am not a fan of the conservative Daily Wire. A bit like the National Inquirer I do think....

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  5. Mikie

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    Good Thursday Afternoon, Porchies,

    Damnit! I just lost the first paragraph of my post. I don't get it. I'm using Firefox and it's still happening. I'm not having problems with the FPOC on other websites so I'm thinking it isn't compatible with the software here for some reason which escapes me. I didn't post earlier because I got up feeling rotten but had to rest before showering for my eye doc appt. All is well with my eyes. I enjoy my eye doc; he always takes time to chat and he's funny. Two nice surprises--I paid my $25 co-pay and, when the woman in the office went to apply it, she found I had a $25 credit. Then, I asked the woman in the eyewear office about the scratches on my lenses. She said the lenses are warrantied for two years so she ordered new lenses for me free. She'll call when they come in and I can swap the scratched ones out. I should have bought a LOTTO ticket!

    Barry, it's soooo good to see you here but I'm so sorry neither you nor Richard has been feeling well. My DD has low testosterone and she will be taking it for the rest of her life. Can you get yours supplemented? She feels so much better when she's on it. Sounds as though Sylvie and Lenny are best buds. I'm glad they have one another and you. I agree that we don't need military style assault rifles in full auto mode with silencers. Most gun owners agree we should have background checks and close the loopholes. Hope you feel better.

    Julie, thanks for providing info on the Australian gun buy back. I'm definitely not in favor of any mandatory confiscation of our guns. I just think we need some common sense laws to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people and keep military level rifles out of everyone's hands except the military. One thing which I think would help would be to get the money out of campaigning and elections. I think the Supreme Court got that one wrong. No person, corporation nor organization should be able to buy politicians. Hope you get to mow and the weather and your back hold up.

    Rock, sorry I misunderstood the question you were asking. Glad you got it fixed. I once opened a Porch and put the wrong number on it. The docs are still in the process of elimination for diagnosing DSIL's problem. I'll be praying and making a donation to St. Jude's Hospital in his name. It breaks my heart to know he's in so much pain. He's a really sweet person. He's going to wait another three weeks for the iPhone 10 instead of buying the iPhone 8. When he does, he'll send me his iPhone 7 and he wants to put me on their plan. That is sooo nice of my kids.

    Granni, so glad you had such a good time at the kids' school and your DD's. It's always so good to get away and enjoy family. Hope the new roof goes on with no problems. Sounds as though there were interesting things to do and good food to eat on the trip.

    Sun, my PCP does next to nothing at my semi-annual checkups. He does write my scripts and has the injections when I need one so I'm OK with that. This SIL is the one living in the Denver area. He is an advertising sales manager for a magazine. He is also a real estate agent and is building an impressive real estate portfolio. He's married to my daughter, the nurse. They have no kids. Are you feeling better? I hope so.

    Gonna post this and come back to edit and add. Fingers crossed.

    Love, Mikie
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Yep, all us sane people can keep our guns. Reminds me years ago when there was rioting in LA. Gangs were driving in from everywhere, and even the next town over had shootings, etc. My son was over with his guns....said he would stay up all night and watch. Now that was scary!!!!

    Rock: I tried that "stretch and sew" type of sewing. You pulled slightly on the fabric as it was being run under the needle, regular thread. It was created for those knit kind of tops, etc. I made some "awful" Tshirts for my boys. Good thing they were too young to appreciate my talents. LOL

    By the way, does Gordon have any mint growing around the yard? Fleas will run from it....or hop away. If he does, try rubbing your pants and shoes with it.

    Julie: What fun....riding in the big fancy truck tossing candy. Reminds me of when I was in HS, I had been a volunteer for a guy running for a state office. All the girls had cute outfits, and there was a local parade, so they put us on the back of a convertible to wave. That was fun. And I was also a Reagan to shake Ron and Nancy's hand and have my picture taken with them. Went to a lot of fund raisers too......they all needed the cute HS girls to cheer. By the way, I guess you would call me an independent .........I know what I want from this government.

    Mikie: I seem to be struggling more with my lungs, that's why I saw the PCP yesterday. I'm better when I'm sitting but when I start walking around the HR goes up to around 120 BPM and my oxygen level goes down. Not a good feeling.

    I hope the docs can figure out what's wrong with your DSIL and fix him!

    I'm going to PLAY today......plan on doing a little work on my SILs painting. Eventually it will be finished.
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    Howdy, awl!

    Rock, Sun - I have a serger, which makes sewing knits WAY easier (sergers make the kind of seams you see in commercially made garments). Also, most modern machines have a stitch pattern designed for sewing knits such that you don't have to do the stretch-and-sew. I have to confess to having done the stretch-and-sew in my way distant past on an old Singer Slant-o-matic (model 500, a.k.a. the Rocketeer)...which I still have. It was my mom's; she bought it in the early 60's. I still use it as my "travel" machine because it's way easier to pack up than my big machine.

    Julie - in one of my other lifetimes when I was a firefighter, we used to have "Santa" ride on the top of the fire truck and we threw candy canes to the kids. It was great fun, although one time we inadvertently scared a couple of older women who happened to be walking up the street. I can't remember who was on the bullhorn at the time, but when he started the siren, they jumped. When he called "Merry Christmas!! Ho, ho ho!!!" one of them turned around and screamed the f-bomb at us. Oh, well.

    Well, my work day is almost done. Gonna go get my mop chopped after work. Then I have to cut out the fabric for a quilt class I'm taking tomorrow night. Also have to help my DS cut his fabric (yes, he's learning to quilt!!) because he's taking the same class.
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  8. Granniluvsu

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    Popping in for a minute before I have to start thinking about what to do for dinner,

    Got a call yesterday that the roof would be going on tomorrow , starting very early since they were still working on a very steep one where the men had to be harnassed in someway to keep from falling. Doesn't sound like much fun at all. I wouldn't want to be up on any roof anyway.

    Have been so busy ad running around trying to do some stuff today with DH. Hard to do things when your DH wants you to go with him places but I shouldn't complain. should I SUN or anyone who has lost a love one. When I got home I was busy rushing around doing other things needing to be done. I know it will be hard tomorrow to concentrate on anything.

    DUCKIE - Makes me so lazy all the things you are doing and have done in your past life :)!! Mine was rather boring with 5 kids ( not sure that was the right word). I am also not a seamstress although if possible I can do some hand sewing mom taught me but the hardest part is finding the need, and threading the needle and finding the time to do it :)!! I also know how to use a sewing machine but to much trouble to get it all together and out from the closet, thread the bobbin, etc. etc. You know the routine. I don't have a place to put it up and keep it there but to patience any more to much pain. However, also guessing you are much younger than I.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling some better than you were and sorry that you are still losing your posts or part of them. That is one of my aggravations or frustrations !!! Hoep SV is behaving for you still or again.

    JULIE - Hope you are feeling a little better. Hang in there you do much to much girl. Hope one of these days soon you can do a little more resting, DEN too. When is DEN;s B-day? Mine is Wed. Not much planned ! Maybe go out to eat sometime.

    SUN - Hope you are starting to feel a bit better since your procedure and getting things done that you enjoy.

    BARRY - Sorry you ad Richard aren't feeling that well. I know that is frustrating when you don't fee well and hate complaining as I do but it doesn't get a lot better most days. Hope the blues go away fast for you !!

    Love to Everydobby inc ROCK, DIANE, SPRING and all the others not mentioned !!
    Granni :)
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    Granni - "Young" (ha ha!). Now there's a relative term. At one point many years ago while dealing with some of the FMS (and probably CFS) stuff, my mom said, "Sometimes I think you are older than me." Some time later in a different conversation, she said to me, "When I look back on all the things you've done, it's like you've lived 3 lives." I immediately replied, "That's why I'm so OLD!" We both laughed at that.
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    It's fall and time to enjoy the changing colors of the trees. My son sent this article to me....most interesting.

    I may have mentioned this before but I think the TV series, White Collar is really great. I've been watching all the DVDs from the library for weeks now. I'm just finishing up Season 4 and season 5 has been ordered.
    Rock: If you guys have a DVD player you should ordered Season 1 to get started.
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    Hello All

    Lots going on, I see.

    Barry - so good to see your post. I think we all worry if one of us doesn't post for a while. I pray both you and Richard pick up soon. It's difficult enough when one person is not at their best. Two would be...I can't imagine! No I am not the lady in the photo. She is a first cousin of DH. I am the woman in video titled Aunties steal bride and groom's thunder ..the one with whitish bakhu and blue blouse with glasses..who waltzes with another lady cousin.

    Diana - woah! You are a published authoress? I think that's a first for our Porch. Although we hv some very very good writers, there was someone called Didoe on one of the other boards, I used to wonder why she didn't send some of her writing for publishing. But she also had lots of health issues..and there's Rock and Mikie. They write beautifully although different styles.

    I have never ordered anything from Kindle, I actually don't hv the app..but I would love to read your of these days.

    Mikie - I honestly don't know what the answer is to this gun issue but I hope the govt does something that can prevent a tragedy like the one just took place. And all the others. Here, we just had a rare instance when two men on a motorcycle shot dead the President of Builders Contractors broad daylight the other day. They hv recovered handmade pistols from a house and the owner is in the run.

    We hv many many suicides especially in the remote areas because of the difficult life but there has been no instance of a person turning a gun on random people or any kind of weapon. They normally consume poison or hang themselves.

    Granni - I'm sure you will be glad when the roof is done. I am running around trying to get back the shrubs and trees branches outside to some order. I used to love cross stitch and embroidery on hankies (school project) when I was young but alas! Was never good at it.

    Sun - the only two men in the photo are my son at the very back and DHs cousin sis husband. The little boy is DH cousins sis son. The little girl is his sister and the toddler girl is that cousin sisters other sisters daughter. My daughter is at the back wearing pink with blue blouse. the others girls are siblings, DHs uncles daughters. They're much younger than DH. And the young girl in the right of my son is a daughter of yet another daughter of uncle (four daughters in all uncle has) and the young girl in front of her in dark bakhu is her sister. I had to sit in the dais with the bride n groom and other senior members so I'm not there.

    Julie - that Homecoming parade sounds like so much fun! Happy birthday to Keira. Ten years. Such a wonderful time of life. So much to discover.
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