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    Mikie: have you tried a small piece of fresh ginger in your green drink, or perhaps some lemon along with the greens and apple? It might just give that "zing" you want in your drink. I've never heard of a knife sanitizer.....interesting. When I use a knife I try to wash if first then slowly pour boiling water over it to's a pain but germs can lurk there. And I hope you get some relief from the doc on friday.

    I've always had a "psychic" sense stemming from about age 10. I mostly had specific dreams that came true, or very strong feelings and just KNEW something. It's kept me from danger so many times in my past. I'm a Christian and now look at this as one of the gifts of the Spirit. Whenever I'm troubled about something and praying for an answer, I usually will receive it......either from a specific passage in the bible that leaps out at me, or from someone else......something they've said or I've heard.

    Granni: that's such an awful hour to have to get to the hospital. Praying that all went perfect today. Hope you're not hurting as much. It's hard when we can't rest and have to "be up" and stressed.

    Julie: Did the casts come off yet? And I keep forgetting to tell you what thoughtful daughters you've taught them right.

    Jam: Don't get me wrong about the TJ wine.......if my budget would allow it, I would be enjoying much more expensive wine, but seeing how we have wine daily, it can run into big bucks. I'm a thrifty shopper, have shopped in thrift stores for years, but also buy good quality shoes. Some I still wear that over 20 years of living in my closet. Shopping at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores is how I managed to have a small antique business. I grew up very poor so I know how to stretch a buck, but I also know how to spend it wisely.

    My DH saw a psychiatrist yesterday re the depression He's now got a RX for something I've never heard of......we'll see if it helps. Today he sees the ortho doc re: the MRI on his knee, and also the oncologist. never ends. I need to get a life for me.
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    Holy Cow, Sunflower Girl, you are running to about as many docs as I recently. Hope everything helps DH and will pray it does. I think we all have some sense that goes beyond normal if we nurture it and don't suppress it. I also believe it is spiritual. Most good psychics and mediums also believe it is a God-given gift and use it only for the highest purposes. Our whole family is like how you describe your own experiences.

    My doc was pleased at my progress, despite being in so much pain with my hip and back. He showed me some new sciatic stretches. He thinks most people do stretches incorrectly. I just tried them and it really helped to stretch my lower back. Amazing but it may be too little too late.

    I came home to plants dying from lack of water. I called mgmt. to tell them our sprinklers are not sprinkling. I had to hobble around watering them by hand. When I was in Bealls, my back started to hurt. I'm home with it iced and my tens unit on.

    My earrings were still there and, since I need nothing else, I added a box of Hawaiian blend K-cups for my coffee maker. The K-cups, as well as the earrings, were on sale so I had to buy two bottles of 99 cent water to get up to $25 so I could use my $10 coupon. I also worked at a Macy's store when I lived in Denver. I enjoyed it so much. I worked evenings and weekends around the holidays while my insurance business was getting up and running. I loved it so much, I stayed on beyond the holidays until I was so busy with insurance that I had to give it up.

    Guess I won't be doing anything around here today. I think I'll make a Nutri Bullet drink for lunch. I have some blueberries and a couple of strawberries I can throw in. If my bit of fresh pineapple is still good, I'll toss it in too. I've put ginger in my Sassy Water, along with cucumbers and lemon. It is most refreshing. I think using green tea instead of water would be a good idea too, probably with the Nutri Bullet as well. A Nutriblast drink really fills me up. It's a meal!

    OK, really gonna go now. Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    A quick hi to awl !!! Just wanted to let you know all went well wit DH's surgery. We were home so early this time, between 8 and 8:30 I think. We just got home and had some cereal with blueberries and coffee or tea. Then fussed with the stupid computer that wasn't getting signals from the router I guess. I wasn't getting my new messages and couldn't access Yahoo. I tried almost everything but keep forgetting to unplug the one round plug in the router. So I had to go through the routine and call the technician for our server. After fooling with that I went to Mickey D's to pick up some hamburgers and fries to bring home as DH was starving !!!

    Now we wait to see how long it will take for his other eye to clear up and read well from it. He has almost forgotten that at first it was blurry and he couldn't see to much really clear right away but each day it has gotten better. Did I say before that my DH can be a sweetie but he is not very patient with some things. We go tomorrow to see the eye doc to make sure all is well and for instructions. At least it is 8:30 and we will not have to get up super duper early like 4:00 ish ):!! Yikes , not fun for this girl who loves to sleep in but it usually isn't much later than 8 most mornings. I would love to just stay in bed most days as I don't really move that well early on in the day. I still hurt later on but at least I am moving :)!!

    Julie - Sorry you didn't get to take a nap or go to bed early. Hope grandpa's casts get off soon, for his sake and for yours. Yes, when is his doctor visit? Hope the weather stays nice for you to get your work done outside especially for your big reunion. When do the visitors start getting into town for you??

    Sun - So sorry DH has to go to all those docs but hope the meds help him especially the new one you mentioned as well as the chemo, etc. Speaking of wine. We do the same thing as far as buying wine goes. A real expensive bottle for us might be $14-$16 a large bottle but we usually try and go under $10 and have also found some really good wines. Some though are TX wines to so you would have trouble getting them. Our HEB grocery carries a lot of them. We also do like some from CA. If I find some that are not from TX I will try and remember to give you the names and hope you can get them. We have been experimenting some over the years and started more with the sweeter wines to the dryer ones or more like semi sweet or dry, probably more towards the dry ones.. However do not particularly like some that are extremely dry, like burgundy but haven't had that in years.

    It seems like it is so late but it is only 1 pm our time. This getting up early makes the day awfully long. Also did a few loads of laundry and hope DH is taking a nap in his chair outside. It is very quiet !!

    Mikie - Good luck at your doc appt. and hope you get a few bargains if you body lets you shop. Also glad that you got an earlier apt for your orth. doc. on Friday.

    Need to go check the wash and then do a few more things on this computer.

    Hugz to everydobby,
    Granni :)

    Hi also to Dar, Joan, Rock, Sprig Water and all those I have forgotten to mention right now,
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    Hi Jam et al,

    Yes I am glad that the surgeries are over but now all the drops and doc visits are still in front of us :)!! Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. So far, so good !!

    Gotta run, DH just gave me a job to do on the computer :)! So bid me adieu for now at least.

    Hugz to awl,
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    Think it is time to close out this porch volume. See you on the other side.