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    Welcome one and all....Amish Friendship Bread going around....with hot cocoa, coffee, tea and some hot scones fresh out of the oven...with jam or cream whatever you like...

    Well, I did my share of visiting these past three days….the trip up the hills to the monastery was good. The second time I didn’t lose my way and enjoyed the green surroundings and cooler air….the road winds uphill alongside a tumbling stream, although the stream is almost dry right now, theres lots of bamboo groves growing on the banks and its pretty..met most of my maternal cousins, aunts, what have you…

    I had to listen to a long explanation of how I was related to so and so and so….there are so many, its all very confusing. It threatened to rain but didn’t…and everyone was fed and puddinged nicely so the hostess was happy. Of course there are always those relatives who like to size you up and comment on, 'dear me, how you have failed since we last saw you, are you well?" so i had once again banana-ed myself. Works wonders. No one told me "goodness, how you've failed". Although someone did tell me i am now too old to have a fringe. I said "some people die with fringes in their old age and i am too attached to my fringe for now. So the fringe stays."

    The next day I went to pay condolences to another aunt from moms side and mortified I hadn’t found out earlier. Her husband has passed away about three weeks ago! But aunt was happy to see me, clung and cried and said she couldn’t have any last words with him because she found him fallen down on the carpet and couldn’t awaken him. I told her better to go like that in a swift painless way than have him suffer for months like my parents did. But I don’t thnk she was consoled. There was nothing wrong with him and it was a frightful shock. Docs report showed a blood clot in head.

    She has asked me to come for the fourth week prayer ceremony on coming Friday. Hmmm. I guess I will go. Her children are grown up and son lives abroad although he has come back for the funeral.

    I went to the flower show in town after that. But couldn’t buy any plants because no transport. So next day our Saturday, asked hubby and he postponed his golf game until after we went to the show and bought a lot of flowers and plants there. Hubby also bought an avocado tree sapling to plant alongside the one we already have. I love avocado. I took lots of photos. There were splendid orchids, and azaleas among other flowers. I tried to upload a purple orchid photo in my profile but it didn’t work.

    After flower show hubby went off to golf and I whirled around again cleaning because sons friends three of them were going to come spend some time with him. The tv, dvd is in our bedroom and they were going to watch a movie. The last time I had made his friend pancakes for tea and DH had brought pizza. This time I told son he has to take care of his own snacks. They ate out and came. When my daughters friends came they used to cackle and scream. The boys let out huge guffaws..thunderous laughter emerging from our bedroom.

    Hello to all..Linda..notice you havent come on...hope youre fine...

    hugs all around, Elaine, everyone

    God Bless

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    Yawn, I had to get up so early this mornign to sing for the early Mass &;30 but we have to get there about 1/2 hr or more early to warm up. It was SO cold this morning, in the 30's I think. It is supposed to get to close to 70 this afternoon, we'll see.

    After Mass we went back to the music roonm at a little brreakfast since no one ate anything having to come so early. The directos brought kolaches, donuts, cereal, milk, juice, pretty good for a quickie. Then, we went and practiced for af ew hours. We have been missing some real practices so the director is panicing as Holy Week and Easter is very near. We will also be practicing next wed. and mayube thursday too if we don' get all finished to her liking.

    Springwater - sounds like you have had a busy time looking at plants and such. Glad you finally got to get some. We need to also butit had better stop freezing first (-: This should be the last of the cold nights, we'll see !! Thanks so much for the yummy snacks and drinks. Think I will go back and get some more.

    Linda - Hi there kiddo. Haven't heard from you in quite awhile. Are you having your surgery this coming month? I seem to remember that. AAWWW, I would love to seee Ms. Lucie giving you her own speical bear hug !!! I just love tulips and dafodils. Wish we got more sun so I could plant more flowers.

    Carla - Hope all is well with you. Could you or someone else tell me how to access your last you tube video of you and the roof. I tried but could not find it. Please do not fall off the roof PULEEZE !!

    Elaine - Hope you are behavin yourself missy and having fun with john Smith too. (Hey can youdo both at the same time???)) (- !! Miss you when you are gone.

    Mickey - Hope to see you on the Porch tomorrow. This whole week is going to be a busy one., Caught up at work yet? Have fun with Ashley and the family this weekend.

    Georgia , Jole,Julie, Rock, Monia and everydobby else I forgot inc.

    all the MIA's , bush peakers and ones I have forgotten to mention.


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    Been a quiet weekend. Went to my EA meeting yesterday. One of our members celebrated her 29th EA birthday. We had a
    cake and b'day card.

    Can anyone explain the concept of the sheet cake to me? I have
    never encountered one that wasn't flavorless cake covered by
    flavorless frosting. If the object is to have a platform on which
    to write a colorful message, wouldn't a piece of cardboard and
    colored pens be cheaper, not too mention more healthful?

    And, continuing the culinary theme, I was surprised to see all
    the responses about friendship bread. Gordon's dough has disappeared.

    Maybe he gave it to his sister. Or just threw it away. He couldn't very well make bread without buying baking pans. We
    already have too many pans etc. for our small kitchen. Have to
    keep the mixer and the food processor in the living room.

    Guess I'll have to wait till Monica or Jule brings some by the porch. I would think the pudding mix would make it awfully sweet.

    Granni, I see Texas weather is living up to its reputation. Hail, cold, warm, windy. Something for everydobby. I looked up
    kolaches in Widipedia. Said a Czech pastry filled with fruit or
    cheese. Popular in Texas, etc.

    What really surprised me was to learn that a town named Montgomery in Minnesota claims to be the Kolacky capital
    of the world.

    I thought Minnesota was the lefse capital of the world.

    I tried the knitting doc URL, Georgia. No workee. Just took me to an generic word pad site.

    Springwater, ever see the old movie The Lion in Winter w/ Kate Hepburn and Peter O'Tool? Kate plays Eleanor of Aquitane. She was married to two kings (not simultaneously) and was the mother of two kings, one of whom was Richard
    the Lion Hearted.

    Julie, do you think Keira will grow up to be a photographer?
    My aunt had four boys. She said, "If it weren't for the practical
    considerations, it would be interesting to have another four to
    watch their personalities develop."

    Mickey, are you feeling better? We miss your sunny personality.

    Glad to hear your trip to Florida was a success, Linda. I haven't been to the beach for at least 20 years. Used to take my son, watch the pelicans and the gulls, catch crabs and starfish,
    (we always put them back in the water), find dead jellyfish on the sand. (They are a pale, tranparant purple color.)

    And dead horseshoe crabs would wash up on the beach. They
    are pure white, smaller than a fingernail.

    Cate and Georgia, thanks for the reassuring words. I think if you could follow me around for a day, or see my posts before I edit them, you would see that ALZ has me in its clutches. But
    I don't care too much. I also have other problems including
    prostate cancer. One was or another the curtain is coming down. And that's the way it's supposed to be.

    Here's another one of those "History is just around the corner"
    items. I mentioned before that when my dad was a kid, Wyatt
    Earp was still alive. Just read the other day that when I was a kid, Wyatt's widow was still alive.

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    Well when I came down off the roof I came down with a cold! I got it at work Tues when a woman came in with her two coughing and snotty nose kids touching everything. I started getting sick Thur with a burning sensation in my nose and got up Fri full blown upper resp thing so I have been flat on my back.

    Granni there is the link to my youtube vidoe, my user name is ckballl just like here but with 3 L's as someone already had my first choice.

    Springwater thank you for getting us up and running and it sounds like you have been doing a good bit of running yourself, you may have granni beat at this rate. I love how you tell your stories, makes one feel like you are right there. Hope you are able to continue to keep up.

    I really haven't had the energy or brain power to peek in and will try to catch up but need to go soak in the tub as I have a appt tomorrow and drive out to the boonies to order my roof materials. The contractor was a no show las Thurs and haven't heard from him since.

    I asked Marvin if he could get his neighbor, he works in the construction for someone else, to help as I am not up to it and have too many other things I need to do, so keep your fingers crossed. I am really tired of waiting for other people, it is a shame when you have the money and still can't get anyone to show up.

    Hello to everydobby else I hope you are feeling better than me-Carla
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    I actually found you by your mispelled UN instead of having to copy that long bunch of letters and numbers into my browser ! I forgot to write your UN and just wrote your full name first with the mispelling but that didnt work. When yo told me your UN I remembered and got right in. That was a cute video. I also left you a note but not sure if it took o or now as I couldn;t find it right away after I printed it.

    Gee, I hope you get Marvin to help so you donpt have to go up onthe roof, especilly by yourselfl I like Rocks's idea of tieing yourselves together if you had to , when going up there like mountain climbers.

    Puleeze be careful and I do not want you to get hurt again. Just what you do not need my dear.

    So sorry you now have a full blown cold - great. That is NO fun. What do yuou have on your roof now? Is the roof up on the house but just ot secured correctly? That is what I am guessing. Gee, that was some storm you had. How long ago was that when it blew off? That was some time ago , wasn't it?

    Georgia - I cannot believe that silly Ursula ate your whole fish - bad girl !!! I guess she knows what tastes good and hope you found something else for dinner. Don't feell bad about misspelling although most of mine are just plain typos from typing to fast and not going over it all before sending.

    Linda - glad to hear you got to see and help out your mom. The weather sounded great, a nice change for you and hope she is feeling better after your trip. Hope the trip helped you too. How nice to see you on the Porch again.

    Rock - yes TX weather is doing its own crazy thing again. Never know what to wear, at least time of year. I think it is going to be really cold again tomorrow early in the morning but warmer probably in the afternoon.

    Well, I gotta run for now and get reddy for nighty night.



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    Elaine good to see you popped in too...Im with you on the non shimmery lipstick..i ask for 'nude' shade normally. Perfect for outside errands

    Well, I have been having ups and downs in mood and energy levels…and then I read about Lindas trip to Florida and it sounded so fun…(of course I know there were anxious moments for her as she was visiting her mother who wasn’t well), but reading about the pelicans and fish and gulls and space shuttles taking off…made me wish I could have taken a vacation there with my DH and kids…thinking of my daughter I could feel pinpricks of tears well up behind my eyes… and was wallowing in self pity as I went about folding laundry (yes, again!) and then there was a knock on the door and it was the help. Hubby had sent parcel which had come from daughter. In it, was also an anniversary card which I am reproducing but it is a little I hope no one is offended..:) it did its bit to raise my mood a bit.
    It had a picture of a naked middle aged couple on the edge of a lake, facing the lake about to take a skinny dip. Their rear ends were blacked out and they were looking back at the camera laughingly…and the caption said

    “Young enough to have fun
    Old enough not to get caught”

    And daughter had written beneath it “Happy 20th anniversary!

    Through moms mood swings and that bablablabaha thing dad does when he’s angry, the two of you have reached this paramount stage in your marriage. You’ve survived two troublesome children, financial ups and downs, and really vicious combined farts. You two should be proud!!!

    Love you both thank u for being 2 awesome people and a dysfunctional yet beautiful couple."

    I have to say both of us DH and I have worked on our digestive systems and avoid gassy foods plus we also always have a bottle of antacid on our bed shelf so the part about vicious combined blah blah blah doesn’t hold true anymore. Heh heh.

    I have just half an hour of power so gonna go iron sons uniform and other stuff.

    God Bless

    God Bless
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to go to my line dancing "class". It is really not a clas but we just go to trya and learn new dances, get some exercises and have some fun. We old it i our Property Owners building (POA). ROCK had asked me some time ago when we had it and where. I need the exercise for sure. It is only about 1 hour or so.

    Since DH started with his knee and leg problems we haven;t been to the gym. We may go tomorrow. I tild him not to go as fast and as long as he usually did. I have come to the conclusion myself that he has two or three problems. One is the knee arthritis and the other is either muscular and or nerve. He has been putting alot of heat on it lately and he says it seems to feel quite a bit better.

    Elaine - Glad you got to pop in again. I know what you mean about the lipstick mess., I lkike the cheaper brands, not mentioning any right now. DH got me a set of makeup which also contained the lipgloss stick or whatever you call it. You apply it from the tube that loks like mascara. Yes, it is very stick and sort of shimmery. I don't like it so sticky or shimmery esp during the daytime. Geez, I can't believe that you had to put your hair into a pony tial to keep it from sticking to your lipp gloss/stickor whatever you call it now.

    Thanks for texting Jerome about my computer. I surely could use it !! BTW, I still am having printer problems. We may get a new one especially since this one is not very new.

    Springwater - BTW, when you are ironing I may drop some of mine off for you. Don't worry, there isn't to much since I usually buy what doesn't need much ironing and I also do as little as possible anyway (-: !

    Happy anniversary my dear !! I like that funny card your daughter sent. Glad she has a good sense of humor and can keep your spirits up.

    Carla - yes, please do rest a little bit. No wonder you caught that darded cold and puleeze stay off your roof !!

    Julie - Have fun babysitting. That is a fun but exhausting age. Hope everyone is feeling better at your house finally. Try and take it easy a little bit "grandma"!! Any leftovers for me from all your dinners and lunches?

    Well everydobby. I really do have to go now and do my Line Dancing and get ssome exercising in. i could have stayed in bed very easily.


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    Hi all my wonderful Porch Friends. I have missed all of you too; I wish I had more time to spend on the Porch. Since we have downsized in people here at work it has just been so busy. The work is still the same and with less people that means we are much busier here. Ugggghh Oh well, it does make my days go by really fast.

    I had a wonderful time this weekend with Ashley, we went shopping and to lunch on Saturday and the spent the late afternoon with Dad watching the Mizzou Basketball game which they lost. Oh well, it was a really good, close game throughout the entire game. Then Ashley and Dad went to Bass Pro to get some fishing stuff for Dad since she gets 40% off and then they went grocery shopping. Ha, got out of that one. I am sure I have told you guys before I absolutely loath grocery shopping.

    Sunday, we went to my niece’s birthday party and spent the day visiting with hubby’s side of the family and we all had a really nice time. Of course they missed Ashley so much too and they were happy to see her. She went to church with her Grandma also yesterday morning. Papa just had knee replacement surgery so he is laid up for awhile and he was happy to see all of us. They only live about 1 mile away from us too, so that is nice. Ashley and Lindsay are very close to them. They practically watched them every weekend when they were little. My MIL had 3 boys and also 1 brother, so when they were born she was in heaven to have granddaughters and wanted to have them all the time. I am so happy they are so close, I also had that with my grandparents and there is nothing else like it.

    Springwater – thanks pretty lady for getting us started. I have to tell you, no one should ever tell someone they are too old to wear something, ha. If that were the case people would be telling me everyday. It is your life, your body and your clothes and you should wear whatever you want when you want, well almost anything, you know what I mean. I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt’s husband, how horrible.

    Lincamp – Hi there, lucky you to get to go to Florida where it is nice and warm. I am assuming the kiddos were on Springbreak. Did the whole family go, or just you. We didn’t do anything this year for Springbreak, just not money for that kind of fun right now. Hopefully next year. We used to go to Destin, Fl every year during the kids springbreak, I miss that so much. We all had such a wonderful time together.

    Granni – Hi sweetie. Wow, 30 in Texas, yikes. It is colder there than it is here. Ha, but not this past weekend. I was up at 2:30 in the morning on Saturday (well actually Sunday) and we had about 2 inches of snow outside. By the morning it was all gone. I guess old man winter had to get that out of his system before we got our spring.

    Rocko – You lost my email, shame on you. Well I will just email you again so you can have it. You don’t have to save the email, just copy my address and save it in your address book that way it won’t clog up the computer. By the way, I love friendship bread and it has been so long since I have had that. I think I am going to go online and get the recipe so I can make it again. Yum.

    I have to disagree with you on the sheetcake. I love Sam’s sheetcakes, they have a whipped cream icing that is too die for. However, I know what you mean about the healthful part. It is a good think we don’t eat that everyday, just mainly birthdays.

    I just hate the thought of you having ALZ, you of all people I know are the most knowledgeable and full of information. You seem to always remember things about us porchies. Your mind is definitely much more keen than mine that is for sure. Anyway, I am hoping and praying that your ALZ doesn’t go to anymore stages unless they go backwards, which they will!!!!!

    Georgia - Ursula ate your food again. OMG. I bet he was in time out for that one, because Catfish is so good and I bet you were really looking forward to eating that. Ooooh, Hawii is a place i would love to be at right now too. I have always wanted to go there. Maybe someday I will.

    Carla – Oh Carla I am so sorry you are down under. I am sure you did catch a bug being up on the roof in the cold and wind. I still can’t believe no one will come help fix your roof for money. Wow, if my brother was close to you he would jump at the chance. He is always looking for side jobs to do and that is one of his specialties.

    Julie – I didn’t go to church yesterday either. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, finally went to sleep about 4:30 a.m. and then had to get up at 10:00 to get ready for the b’day party. I hate when I miss church, it is only 1 day a week and there really should be no excuse for me not to go. I am sure God will forgive me. He knows he means everything to me. Again, I am sorry I worried you and for now on if that happens I promise to email from home, even though it takes everything in me to go down on the computer once I get home from work. LOL.

    SElaine – You are so funny, I love that outlast lipstick and that is all I ever wear. I put it on in the morning and that is the only time I have to do anything because you are right, it stays on most of the day. LOL Try a light shade, one without the glitter. I think covergirl and loreal sell these lipsticks and I love them. I always get a really light shade though because I don’t wear dark or bright colors either. I like the natural look. You cracked me up about the part where when your hair blows and gets on the sticky stuff. Yes, when you first put the gloss over the lipstick it is sticky but that part wears off after a little while. It is kind of a sealant for the lipstick.

    Hi Cate – Didn’t u just love the snow we got. You may not have even seen it. It was like 2:30 in the morning when it started and we got about 2 inches, but by morning when I got up at 10 it was gone just about. LOL.

    Hi Monica and Jole and everyone else. I hope everyone had a good weekend, I sure did for a change. Next weekend I have another Wedding shower to go to, but that is about it. I have to make a couple of things for that one since it is my BIL getting married AGAIN. I tell you what, if I got divorced and was getting married again there is no way I would have another full blown wedding. That is crazy, not to mention having to invite the same people with the same people in the wedding. Gets a little expensive. I wish I would have even done mine different. If I could go back, I think I would just to somewhere exotic and get married and skip all the white gown, cake, church, etc…. and put the money towards a really nice vacation instead. LOL

    Well you all have a good Monday and I will chat later taters.

    Love ya, Mickey

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  9. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Elaine, I use #625 (Covergirl) on the outside of my lips and then I use #587 (Covergirl) on the whole lip and smush your lips together to mix them well, LOL. You only have to wait about 30 seconds and then you can put the gloss on over it.

    Since you already bought the one (they are expensive) you could just get the #587 to go over the color you already bought to make it lighter.

    Now remember, I have blonde hair, but I believe you do too so these colors should look great on you too. It may look too dark at first, but after you have it on for about 15 minutes and blends in and looks natural. I just love it, i have been using these for about 3 years now.

    Good luck girlie.
  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Awww Georgia, not all young people are like that. I sure wish you wouldn't feel that way because of one stupid young person that is ignorant and disrespectful. Unfortunatley, she did give you a bad impression of young people and I guess you have had some other incidents as well for you to feel that way.

    Do you want me to come there and have a talk with that girl. I can't believe she is doing that to you. If I were you, I would definetly have a talk with her, especially if you were there first. That is just not right.

    Cate you are right about Springwater's homeland, I think it is absolutely beautiful there and I love how Spring describes her daily life. It is so interesting to me. I wish you were able to see the pictures that she posted or maybe you did. Hey Spring you should put that picture url up again so Cate can see some of those.

    Well it is about 4:30 and I have to run to the mall after work and pick up my self-tanning cream for my face. I waited until today because Macy's was having a bonus offer that started today, so I bought it and the lady is holding for me. You get a whole bunch of free stuff if you spend $20.00 and the self tanning cream for my face is exactly 20.00. LOL I just love bonuses and sales.

    I think i am also going to go tanning (the rest of my body). I always cover my face though that is why i buy the self tanning cream. I love to go tan in the spring to get ready for summer. It is also so therauputic to me. It is only 15 minutes, but when I am done I feel so good. I actually fall asleep in there sometimes and when the buzzer goes off i wake up and wonder where i am. Tanning also helps my Psoriasis tremendously and with summer coming i want clear skin. The shots too are helping a lot. I know tanning is not that good for you either, so I don't go very often, maybe once every 2 weeks now that i have my base tan.

    Well gang where is everyboddy. I am all caught up here at work so I have more time to visit with you all. Oh no, I hope i just didn't jinx myself, i shouldn't of said anything. LOL Oh well that is okay, more work means more job security so bring it on.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you or maybe i did, I don't remember, but someone in the middle of the night threw a landscaping block in our car that daughter drives and smashed the whole windshield and knocked off the driver's side mirror. I can't believe that happened. We asked Lindsay if someone has something against her and she can't think of anyone that would do that to her. So anyway we made a police report and already got the windshield fixed. Now we are just waiting on the part and my hubby is going to put that mirror on when it comes in. $400 that we didn't need to spend because of some stupid people.

    Well I will check in with you all tomorrow. Have a good evening.

    Love you all, Mickey
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say you dont sound like you have Alzheimers..tho i did notice you forget some things...but since i too forget a lot of i didnt really take note. I am sorry about the prostrate problems....on tv they showed a segment on Ayurveda and how treatment halted Alzheimers..the condiment turmeric or something was one of the treatments, also how yoga breathing cured all sorts of conditions including cancer and stuff...

    Mickey - sorry about that sorry idiot of a person who threw the brick...such vandalism..good to hear about your fun day out with Ash.

    Carla - saw the utube...just what i thought...i loved the view from atop...and i couldnt help noticing all the lovely trees you have to the side of the live in a lovely place..i wish it wouldnt storm like that tho.

    Will be back after getting DHs breakfast

    God Bless
  12. jole

    jole Member

    and no sleep yet. I think this is "one" of the things that bothers me the most....not being able to keep a day and night schedule like most people. It seems the harder I try to sleep, the more frustrated I get, and I should just not care. But my hubby doesn't understand and thinks if I would just stay busy during the day I'd sleep at night.

    Wonder why he thinks that, since I can sometimes go for 2-3 days without sleeping?? Oh well.....

    Springwater, your trip to the monastery sounded wonderful. Not sure I understand...are there still monks there? Is it a sort of meeting place for anyone to go? The windy roads and hillside sounds beautiful and peaceful there.

    Happy Anniversary! The card from your daughter sounds just like what my kids would have made me laugh! We are very comfortable with what we say to each other too, which is why when they leave home they are good friends to each other and us. But we were strict when they were younger.

    Linda, oh that Florida weather sounds wonderful! I have a sister living there but have never been to visit her.....not a pretty story to tell. I do, however, love the beach! Was only to the beach once, but think I could feel much better in the sand 'n sun...LOL. Glad your mother is better, and you got a chance to see some lovely sites with them!

    Granni, gee, with all that practicing you guys are all going to be too hoarse to sing by Holy Week! Just kidding....I know you must sound loverly.

    Rock, hey I got all my "sniggerdoodles" made and in the freezer. Kinda proud of myself for actually getting something accomplished for a change. Now as soon as my bananas ripen I'll get the banana bread made to take to the kids.

    As everyone has said, it's not that I doubt you have Alz. It's just that I don't believe it. (Wait a minute......?) If you are this intelligent with it, you would have been downright scary without it! I know you do a lot of research, etc. to keep your mind sharp, but darn, any sharper and you'd be bustin' the computer screen!

    Georgia, well you have said several times about the reverse ageism and not liking young people. I think you made your point this time. I can't believe someone would do that to you. But you are very motivated and I can see something coming out of your knitting. Any accordian music floating through your house yet?

    Carla, glad to hear you're down from the roof, but not down with a cold. I'm sending you a nice warm blankie, a hot toddy, a fluffy pillow, and a good book....stay in bed!!!!

  13. jole

    jole Member

    Julie, oh that Keira sounds just like my g-babies! They are so wonderfully sweet and innocent, all the while trying to be so grown up, with each day just better than the one the day before.

    I look at my little ones, and read your stories, then think about those little girls missing or parents....and it just gets to me soooo bad. The evilest of evil, ones that could hurt an innocent child.

    Elaine, who but you could get their hair caught in their lipstick? Hahaha. Actually, I think I tried that brand once also and hated it because it was sooo gummy...and my lips felt very dry. I usually just use a light moisturizing color or a la naturale.

    It's great to hear that you and John are still enjoying each other so well. You deserve someone special in your life!!

    Mickey, it sounds like you had a great time with Ashley, and I'm sure she gave you enough hugs before she left to tide you over until the next time. When you talk of her I can't help but think of Springwater missing her daughter also.

    You guys sure have your share of's too bad about the block through the windshield, and more expense. I think you need a horse and buggy...LOL.

    Cate, here's hoping you get a little more going on good in your life. I know all those days of not being able to do much can really wear on a person.

    Hi to everyone else...

    The wind is blowing so hard it's rattling the rain gutters and sounds like their coming loose. Also moaning and whistling through the windows, and the carport is swaying in the wind. I want to move!!! (I think I say that every other hubby just tunes me totally out, 'cause he's not going anywhere.)

    Okay, I've wasted some time now, and still wide awake, so will either watch tv or read a book until he gets up at 6. Leaving hot chocolate and snickerdoodle cookies for morning...or maybe I'll get some pancakes and bacon ready for you all. Love to all, and a better day ahead***Jole***
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well it is kind of dreary out that is for sure. Today is calling for rain and a cold front. I want Spring so bad!!!!

    Talking about Spring, I feel so bad when I talk about Ashley coming home when I know there is no way for you to see your daughter as often as I. So I hope I am not making you sad when i talk about her. I should be fortunate that I get to see her as much as I do. Will your daughter be coming home during the college break in the summer??? I sure hope so.

    Jole - I feel for you so much for not getting to sleep, I know on the weekends i am just like that too, but during the week for some reason I can usually be asleep by 10:00. Wierd. My husband doesn't understand anything i go through either nor does he want too. They think they have all the answers but in reality they just want us to be strong like we were when we were younger and they hate the fact that we are changing.

    Julie - So sorry about little Kiera, however, that is so true what the doctor said, when they are all around other little ones they catch everything, I remember those days. You do have a busy day today, poor thing. That is alot of traveling, i am glad Lindsey is going with you.

    Cate - I am with you, bring on the pancakes and bacon. The sleeping thing is never ending, my doctor gave me generic klonopin and boy I will never take that again especially during the week because I will never get up, it really knocks you out and you hear nothing, which would be good if i didn't have to get up for work.

    Wow, it really makes you think how some of these kids are brought up or what they went through that they would just by chance go to someones car and just decide to throw a brick in their windshield. I just don't get it. How can that make anyone feel good about themselves. Teepeeing was much nicer.

    Well you all i am going to get back to work and probably get something fast food and sit in my car at lunch and read today. I don't feel like doing much else today since this weather is so dreary. Maybe I will even take a little cat nap and set my cell phone alarm to wake me. LOL

    So you all take care and have a good Tuesday.

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Machine is crazy. Modem has been out 12 times in the last half hour. I managed one short post with
    a lot of trouble.

    Turned out the message posted four times on the chit chat board and once on the Health board. I would have
    thought that was impossible.

    So, will try later.

  16. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Georgia, what a great idea about the purse organizer, the only problem with that is I would forget to write things down in it. LOL

    So how did your friend take your explanation of fibro fog, I hope she understands. Yes, i am sure is was young people who did that to our car, like you said, there are a lot of inconsiderate kids out there that just have no good upbringings nowadays. I think this era has the highest rate of divorces, therefore that may be one reason kids nowadays are messed up in some cases. However, there are some cases where the kids are doing great in the divorces.

    I really believe it is how the parents are after the divorce, if they get along or not and are still on the same page as to how to raise the kids. I know i came from a divorced family and it was really rough in my teen years. I wish i could go back to those times and make it so much easier for my Daddy, i really put him through a lot.

    Rock - That darn computer, I miss you and want your computer to work so you can come on the Porch and talk our ear off. I love your posts and look forward to hearing from you too as well as everyone elses.

    Lindsay just called me and told me that a Senior asked her to Prom. She is a Sophmore. Oh Boy, I am not sure what to do??? If I should let her go or not. She definetly will not be staying out all night like most Seniors do on Prom, she is only 16 and she will have to realize that and her date will have to know that she will have to be home at curfew, which is midnight (that is the law in MO on weekends). So he may change his mind after she tells him that. LOL So what do you all think about this, would you let your 16 year old go or not. The other stipulation is that we will definetly need to meet him as well, that is if we let her go.

    Well gang, the weather actually turned nice this afternoon, so I will be walking Jack when i get home. Oh, my daughter, Ashley, just called and said she was on her way to her 5 hour Anatomy Class and guess what she gets to do???? Dissect a Cat, ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Now i want everyone to know that they don't kill the cats just for this reason, these are cats that have/had terminal problems, otherwise she would never do it, she loves animals. However, if she can gut a Deer I am sure she would have no problem doing this. LOL

    Take Care, Mickey

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I have been gone all day or should I say gone from the Porch. Have been out doing this and that and having to in between DH and his use of the puterl He went to play golf and then was bakc in a flash. It looked like it was going to rain. Well, they left and it cleared up. Well, he took me out to lunch anyway. So that was good. Therefore I do not have to cook much for dinner, just some soup.

    Georgia - Sorry about your knitting classes and that rude young person that came up with cheaper classes. That is a shame when you are trying to earn some money and I am sure you have been knitting for alot longer than she was alive. That is terrrible.. Some people just think of themselves. It is to bad you have to go to free classes. If you dowell maybe others will see that your lessons are worth paying real money for. Dont worry my brain leaves me quite often too.

    Mickey - Hi there my dear young friend. Speaking abaout disecting cats. I think we did that in hursing school - not exactly fun but we did it. Also when you are young things don't bother you as much as now. Actually, that was not half as bad as watching a real autopsy, for the first time. That was many years ago.

    What is this about a purse organizer? Is it something you put in your purse or the purse itself?? My purse eeds help for sure and so do I.

    Well. I need to leave right now but wanted to say hi to everyone. I will be busy with the hair project gain tonight - groan.

    Hi Cate - Yes, I agree that I prefer exercising with my clothes on too. Also the water aerobics is also usually so early in the morning. That is not for me- wish it waslater. The abthing suit is so so. Wish I had new legs, at least the tops of them.

    Well gotta run for now. Busy day tomorrow also esp with DH around and not playing golf.

    Hugs to everydobby and those not mentioned also !



    Mickey -
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not going to risk a long post. Still having problems.

    Just woke up from a long nap. Granni, are you taking ProSleep? I've been trying it for the past couple
    weeks. I am sleeping more. Waking up more alert. But I'm frequently sleeping in the daytime rather
    than a night. Still, that's an improvement.

    Mickey, thank you for your kind words. No, I would not let Lindsy go to the prom. I still think she
    thinks (maybe unconsciously) that since Ashley is perfect daughter and the brain of the family, that
    she will be the good time girl that knows how to have fun. Too much temptation for to be
    showing that older kids that she is grown up too, not a little girl anymore.

    Obviously you know her like, well, like a mom, and I don't at all, so I may be 110% wrong as they
    say in the sports world. I know I'd be a nervous wreck the whole time she was gone, just waiting
    for a phone call.

    And then the story. Well, the car broke down...I didn't want to, but they insisted...They promised
    me we'd only be gone...I didn't know they had...etc, etc.

    Better go.

    Hugs to all. Hope this thing works better tomorrow.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - I did try Fibrosleep but I only took one. I may havae to go to two of them. I am not trying something else with cutting down on my flexiril and I cut out my generic Klonopin. So we will see what happens. Thisa is STILL a "work in progress". More work is needed. Glad you are at least geting some wleep wether it is day or night .. Hope you can get into the night time mode if you do not sleep to much during the day. Are yo taking two caps of FS?

    Well, it is almost beddy bye time so I am going to leave and see you all on the other side.

    If you don't see me something happened. I have been having such problems trying to get into Yahoo and then PH. I hope I can sleep OK tonight.

    Love to everydobby,