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    Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    Grab your gal and don't be slow.
    Click your heels and point your toe.

    Bow to your corner, then do-see-do.
    All join hands and round ya go.

    Chicken in the barnyard; pecking at a bug.
    Grab your gal w/ a great big hug.

    Allemande left around the ring.
    Makes ya want to dance and sing.

    All go home, soon as you're able.
    See ya next at the lemonade table.

    Whew! That's hot work on a summer night.

    Not up to a new call. I recycled this one from 4 years ago.

  2. rockgor

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    Hi Folks

    Well, we'll see if this will work. A great song with catchy lyrics from Bing's brother, Bob.
    This song was very popular when I was in 4th grade.

    The big rainstorm has stopped, but more is predicted for tonight. Going to be cold: 53 degrees.

    Hope things are sunny where you are. If not the weather, then warm and sunny feelings. Ha Ha!

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    Hi all,

    Rock--loved the music videos! Re: the identity theft......I had my tax lady in stitches when I left her office. She was being very sympathetic and saying how sorry she was this was happening to me. I said, "At least nobody died". She looked at me sort of funny so I explained, "You remember where I work"? "Any day nobody dies is a good day". Then she got it. :) (Morbid perhaps, but funny). It's just another bump in the road. Life's full of em'. I got a kick out of your post on the last thread....Kardashians! LOL.

    SW--Congratulations to you an your daughter. How proud you must be of her. It's always so heartwarming when one of our kids accomplishes something wonderful. Makes you feel like all those 2 a.m. feedings and sleepless nights when they were young were all worth it. LOL :D Seriously, this is great news. I'm so happy for you and for her.

    Julie--We've been in the deep freeze here too. Snow, snow, snow. We're supposed to get more tonight. I think we should send a delegation to speak with Puxatawney Phil, (the groundhog), about his predictions. I think next winter should be more temperate. Think he'll listen? LOL. :)

    To all who responded with kind words of comfort and support regarding the identity theft issue, as well as my DD's health problems, thank you for that. She starts a new diabetic class this week. She's still very fatigued and doesn't look real well, but hasn't "rag-dolled", necessitating a call to the paramedics so far. Thank the Lord.

    Diane--I got to thinking about something. I know you've been dealing with some pretty disturbing phobia issues. Am so sorry. I remembered that when I was in the worst throes of my phobia and didn't drive for 6 long years, Dr. Selenas prescribed Imipraprine for me to help take the edge off while I was attempting to "get back on the horse" so to speak. It did help. Something to consider if your present med isn't helping too much. I still have some issues to this day. Some places I still just don't drive. But at least I can navigate the territory I have to negotiate fairly well now. I'm still white knuckled when I have to drive in this blasted snow and ice though.

    It's late, and I've had a long day today. My back is killing me. I'm going to go find my ice packs and get horizontal. To Mikie, Granni, Sun, Freida, Soul, Windy, Barry and all else on the porch, be well all.

    Nighty night,
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, thank you for opening up a new Porch thread. I also loved Perry Como. His "Find A Ring" was not the best known song he did but I just loved it. It's a song which makes me happy just to hear. I also loved Bob Crosby and the Bobcats. They were just in an old movie I watched but can't remember the name of. I still want Santa to bring me a time machine so I could go back to my younger days and really pay attention and really listen to the music. Thank God we have these artists available to us in videos, tapes, movies, DVDs, CDs, etc. Maybe living in a condo has its advantages--no room to store organs and pianos. I'd be too keyed up! Do you ever watch "American Pickers?" They find great antiques from hoarders. Some hoarders have barns full of old stuff. The ones which almost make me sick to watch are the ones living in filth. Their beds are covered in stuff and they have only a little cubby hole in which to sleep. Their bathrooms are no longer usable. I really feel for their families because hoarding is a mental disease and no one can reason with hoarers. Sad!

    I just lost this post but was able to recover it. I was about to give up.

    Sunflower Girl, I also saw "Celtic Thunder" and loved it. We forget that PBS taped those shows years ago and people have aged. Some of the Golden Oldies have died. Yes, Sun. night, Barb and I are going to a cantata, "Carmina Burana." It is based on poetry of fortune, merriment and love as sung by some mischievous monks. There will be 75 musicians in the orchestra and 100 singers. It is supposed to be a rollicking good time with some occasional bawdiness. The closing movement, O Fortuna, is evidently a very familiar piece of music, used in many areas. It'll be interesting to see whether or not I recognize it. Evidently, sales of tickets were slow so they reduced all tickets and offered orchestra seats for $25 for one day only. I'm on their e-mail list so I got the notice. These orchestra tickets now start at $50. Another good deal! Yea! I'll let y'all know how the show goes.

    Diane, I'm worried about your going from 14 Klonopin a week to only 1. I don't know whether or not you will suffer withdrawal but my guess is that you will and it's not pleasant. What a dumb doc to do that. You need to be slowly weaned down. I'd be finding a new doc. A person develops physical dependence, this is different from, and is not, addiction, and if the Klonopin is quickly withdrawn, a person can have a seizure. This is dangerous and he should know better. My prayers are with you. Please let us know how you are doing.

    Julie, I think you made a wise decision to stay home and out of the snow. I hope you get some much needed rest and that your whole family is feeling well.

    Dar, hope your back is better. I think I've found a top to wear Sun. night which will cover my back brace. Sitting for 3 hrs. is hard on it. I retooled my back brace to hold ice packs. I think it helps. Rest up, girl.

    Bealls had their $10 coupons off a $25 purchase so I went to check out the shoes. I've finally accepted that my high heel days are behind me. I wanted something I can wear with casual/dressy things when I go to places like the theatre. I found a pair of black sandals with crystal rhinestones all over the top. When I dress up, there is always black involved so these will work out well. I had two coupons so I also got a pair of beige leather sandals with lots of hammered metal beads and some big pieces of turquoise inlaid among the beads. They are not as dressy but are spectacular. Much different from my daily casual rubber soled flip flops. I have a lot of them with different colored straps but they are definitely too casual for dressing up. The sandals I bought were not inexpensive but they were on sale and, with the coupons, I got them for half price. Y'all know bargains are my raison d'etre.

    My love and prayers to all our Porchies, here and MIA. Have a great tday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Kids

    Today is Saturday the first. Funny. In our school and working years, weekends were so
    important. Now, for most of us, I suspect they have little significance. The weather
    report for LA is the same as yesterday. Rain today and tonight.

    Yes, Mikie, the Crosby boys had great voices. Bing could whistle too. Bob was a regular
    on the Jack Benny program for a while. Ah, for the days when there were great songs and
    great performers.

    Did you visit Youtube for a preview of Carmina Burana? A lot of it is pretty noisy with
    lots of percussion. Whaddya think? Is a piano a percussion instrument or a stringed
    instrument? I was taught it was a percussion because you "pounded" on it. But
    some net sources say it a string instrument because it's the vibrating strings that
    produce the sound. And, of course, some say both. BTW, everydobby knows a piano
    has 88 keys, but how many strings does it have? The answer seems to be hundreds
    and the exact number varies.

    Well, I guess I got sidetracked with the piano discussion because you were stringing
    me along with your piano pun. BTW, have you got any sandals with ivory tops?
    Ebony tops? A zebra print?

    Dar, glad to see you were up to posting. RE: Puxatawny Phil, it was fairly recently
    that I found out that a groundhog and a woodchuck are the same thing. I was
    even more surprised to learn that another name for same is whistle pig. If you
    visit Youtube, you can hear them whistle. Not so good as Bing Crosby, but better
    as I.

    I hope the new class is helpful to your DD. My doctor never told me I had diabetes.
    He just said the blood test was a little high. Prescribed some pills that would "help
    me with my blood sugar". I didn't know they were essential. With all the pills
    and supplements I take, I didn't pay much attention to them. Nearly died. Would
    have if Gordon didn't insist on dragging me to the emergency room. My blood
    sugar was over 600.

    Hi Julie, glad to hear you are not going out in the snow. When I was a kid, people
    pretty much stayed home if possible. Every winter there were a few people whose
    car broke down, stranded in a blizzard, etc. Some deaths. I asked my brother, the
    deputy sheriff, how much cell phones have cut down on this kind of thing. He didn't
    know. I couldn't find out on the web either. Sorry to hear about Lindsey's virus.
    I don't think I've had a cold or flu for decades. Just a little hay fever now and then.

    Hope you all have the bestest weekend possible.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, I also was taught the piano was a percussion instrument but the string theory has merit too. You have to be into quantum mechanics to get this pun. I will go to You Tube and check it out. I may have to take my little in-the-ear plugs if it's too loud. I'm going loaded with my Special K. Don't know why this has to be any louder than any other piece of music except that one has to be able to hear the singers tell the story. I kinda think we may be in for a real surprise. Ah, ebony and ivory and zebra prints. My Kindle cover is a zebra print. I love it. Just printed off my cheat sheet with the major and minor chords so I can cheat my way to playing the piano. If only the housework and gardening didn't get in the way. I'm lucky in that I have a two-octave keyboard on the Kindle so I don't have to get out my electronic keyboard unless I want to make other sounds or have accompanying rhythms. Thanks for the tip about You Tube. Geez, I may change my mind before I even get there. Thank Gordon for us for taking you to the ER. I can't imagine the Porch without you.

    Jam, I agree about not blindly trusting docs. Mine have to earn my trust and, even then, I'm highly involved in my own treatment. Are you also getting Rock's rain? I hope so and I hope it continues to give y'all some relief from this drought. If it rained for a year, it probably wouldn't be enough but every bit counts. Of course, too much might trigger mud slides and too little fires. Throw in the occasional earthquake and y'all are livin on the edge--literally!

    I'm so excited; I just made the last of four interest-free payments on my new tablet/computer. I hate to owe but, heck, if someone is willing to give me free credit, I'm taking it. I slept til 5:00 and when I took Simon's bowls out, he was gone; however, I could see from the position of the cushion on my chair, he had been up there. I put the bowls down and called him and came inside. He came back and ate almost the entire bowl of food. I talked to Jeff and he said Simon hasn't stopped by his new place for food. He still hears him caterwalling in the evenings so maybe someone else is feeding him then. Either that or his cries are for companionship of the female feline type.

    I got up feeling great! Can't believe it. I showered, dressed and went to the store. They frown on it if you don't dress and at my age, no one wants to see that :eek:. I came home and cleaned out the fridge when I put the groceries away. I got Van's gluten-free Ancient Grains waffles on a BOGO. Woohoo! Also got some really dark chocolate candy on a BOGO. It's supposed to lower cholesterol. I chew a couple of pieces while I drink my glass of wine. It's still too cold here to go to the pool to work out in the mornings. I have got to get my exercise DVD's out and work out inside. I repotted a plant for Barb and started laundry and housecleaning. I'm scattered today but I figure any housework I get done is a good thing. Eventually, the condo will be clean. It's so incredibly beautiful outside that I hate to be inside cleaning. I have my doors and windows open to let the balmy breezes blow through--nature's air cleaner :).

    My dear friends, I wish I could package this newfound NRG and send you each some of it. I don't know how long it will last. I'm pacing myself so I don't overdo things. As always, sending love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Still raining here. I had a nap earlier. As I was drifting off to sleep I could hear
    the thunder crashing overhead. Reminded me of a poem from my childhood.

    The Woodpecker

    The woodpecker pecked out a little round hole
    And made him a house in a telephone pole.
    One day when I watched he poked out his head,
    And he had on a hood and a collar of red.

    When the streams of rain pour out of the sky,
    And the sparkles of lightning go flashing by,
    And the big, big sheets of thunder roll,
    He can snuggle back in the telephone pole.

    Elizabeth Madox Roberts

  8. Granniluvsu

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    Mikie - No time to really post but I wanted to tell me that you wore me out with all that you said you had done today. Whew, now I am tired. More tomorrow hopefully !

    Love to awl
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    guess what, its raining here too.

    has been for some days. clothes taking days to dry. i m supposed to go
    get a washing machine since the help left, but not had the energy to
    go look. i wil hv to if i dont want the clothes to pile up. been handwashing
    some. one lady does wash, but she has back ache issues and her dh said
    it was better to get someone to replace the gone staff rather than give
    pay them extra to do the work. part of the problem is the big old house.
    just not practical any more. ive told dh so.

    mikie - wonderful to hear you feel so good...may this continue and continue

    rock - 'shes comin, an i dont know why shes comin, but shes comin and i dont
    know why she's comin..

    is that from Gone with the wind - mammy?? i would love a strong loving lady
    help like Mammy. my ipad is acting up, hence the font changes , sorry.

    i saw all the mud in california, people being asked to evacuate...what a time!

    dar - how infuriating, to hv your ss numbers hacked into...its an onslaught
    not just for the money, but your very feelings of security, privacy. i hope
    this perpetrator is brought to book, lol look at the font!!! hahaha
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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    but you seem to be handling it well.

    mikie thank you for good wishes for tibetan new year, i wish my sweet peas were blooming,
    however, this year they will take another week or two to actually too the calendulas

    jam - i am so glad youngsters are becoming aware of environmental and other issues..
    their world really is in their hands now...what kind of planet they inherit...
    good to hear you stayed out of the rain,, playing brains are too fogged
    to comprehend card games now.

    granni - i missed yr post about the sure it will come back all
    clear, praying also for Charlie and happy to know his tests show it is contained
    in one area. i have knots n lumps in one side but the blood test i had given
    years back came out negative...i had forgotten about it...

    i need to go out and get other flowers...annuals, petunias etc...

    been so long since visiting a nursery...a big indian bollywood singer is supposed
    to perform in a stadium not far from and look at the weather...cold
    and dreary with hint os showers to come...

    ive been really wanting to go on a trek a day long one at least in the outskirts of
    the valley, there are some good trails...i hope the weather doesnt suddenly turn
    hot after this rainy spurt we are having...

    you know, on tv they are campaigning in india for elections and this congress
    leader a bachelor scion of indian political family rahul gandhi was campaigning
    in a rural town, and some village ladies were coming and caressing his face,
    weird, and then one lady comes and plants a kiss on his head, and goes back.
    i was gobsmacked...yesterday i read breaking news that this lady's husband
    set her ablaze and himself too. she died, he is in hospital. !!!

    im longing for the 'new world' to come. where all evil has been purged. i dont
    care if i am a part of it or not...its just comforting to know there will come a time
    when the world is good and pure...those who dont believe the Bible or other
    religious works, please ignore my

    god bless
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Springwater, glad to see you had the energy for a long post. I hope you can get your new
    washer soon. After WW II manufacturers turned their attention to new and improved
    appliances. Most women were thrilled to get a an automatic washer or a vacuum cleaner.
    It made housekeeping easier!

    In later decades many women preferred a more romantic gift. Of course the average husband
    had no more idea of a romantic gift than he did of crepe suzette or chateaubriand. See Dave
    Barry on this subject. "But we needed a chain saw!"

    Yes, Mammy was from GWTW. Hattie McDaniel was the first Black to win an Oscar.
    Since then there have been many others including famous actors like Sidney Poiter and
    Denzel Washington. There have been less known winners in fields like directing, composing,
    writing, sound, etc.

    I don't recognize your quote "She's coming". Searched for it and got a page full of videos;
    regarding various songs, I guess. In grade school we used to sing an old folk tune that
    went, "She'll be comin' round the mountains when she comes."

    Jam, never heard the term "integrative doctor" before. Looked it up. Sounds too good
    to be true. Hard to imagine most doctors paying attention to any opinion that comes
    from an non M.D.

    I was nearly killed by the MDs another time. I was in St. John's Hospital in your neck
    of the woods. I kept complaining about my intense pain in the lower right quadrant.
    Since I was in the mental health ward for depression, they evidently thought I was crazy. Examined me and said I did not have appendicitis. After three days my appendix ruptured and I had peritonitis. Uff-da!

    Mikie, I got a book on string theory a decade or two ago. Read a couple of chapters
    with out understanding much of anything. Gave it up and went back to Carl Hiaasen.
    Glad to hear you are feelin' great and have NRG! You can be the porch poster girl.
    What we all desire.

    Hugs to everydobby
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! Lots of posts and some good conversation.

    Rock, first, I'm so glad y'all are getting rain but I fear for mud slides. Praying that y'all get just the right amt. and no more. I loved your little woodpecker poem. We have one here who decides to peck for hours on end when we are trying to sleep. If it isn't him, it's the horny bullfrogs looking for love in, evidently, all the wrong places. They can croak for hours on end, night after night. They must be the size of dinner plates, based on the coccophony (I evidently misspelled the word as it is underlined in red. Oh well, y'all know what I mean).

    Granni, sorry I wore you out! I wore myself out too. It was OK until I decided to go to Lowe's to look for solar shades for my sliders. I got a bid on one with an electric roller and a remote. Too much money. So I went to Home Depot just to check their outside solar shades to compare. I might actually use one inside as they look just the same. I can't resist Home Depot's garden center and we needed some fertilizer for our Ixoras and Hibiscus plant. The plant was blooming in orange with red and purple and now, the blooms are yellow. Hope the new stuff fixes the problem. I also got a piece of sod to repair our lawn out front where a leaning tree branch killed a bit of it. Sod's been hard to find. Finally, I got a nice little pot and a pink flamingo plant for the table on my lanai. I need to be able to look out there and see something beautiful. The pink flamingo is like a miniature spath plant with flamingo colored spaths. It's exotic and beautiful. When I went to put the fertilizer bag in our storage bin, a piece of woody branch from our hedge scraped my leg badly. So, in the middle of everything, I had to go tend to my wounds. I overdid it and should have known better. Today will be a day of rest before our trip to the theatre. Hope your NRG is better than mine right now.

    Jam, I'm glad the youngsters are getting involved too. It's going to be their home for a long time to pass on to their children. Our generation has loused it up pretty badly. It's all about greed/money. We have enough renewable power sources that we don't need to do this. We also don't need the pipeline from Canada; they aren't going to sell their oil to us. They want an easy way to get it to the refineries and a port to ship it off to other countries in the world. It will run through our country's biggest aquafier, the Ogalala Aquafier. Nebraska is getting nervous about it. NE sits right on top of the aquafier. Most of my neighbors don't recycle. We have recycle bins right next to our dumpster. I went to throw something out at Barb's and there was her Costco brochure and a foam egg container. I asked whether I could have them to recycle. My neighbors think I'm some kind of kookie tree hugger. We can't recycle plastic bags nor foam here but Publix has bins for those. I just collect them in a bag and take them with me to the store. All this is pretty simple and easy to do considering it's our planet's health we're talking about. I have found that for many down here, retirement means to them that they can retire from responsibility too. They just want to sit and stuff their faces. To me, that's no life. They all have grandchildren and some great grandchildren; one would think they wouldn't want to leave a sick, polluted world for them. They live in denial big time. My recycling makes a tiny difference. If everyone would recycle, it would make a big difference. Sad!

    Springwater, we used to plant our sweetpeas on St. Paddy's day when I lived in Colorado. There are community gardens over in the park across the street. Several of my neighbors have plots there. It's all I can do to keep up with our landscaping so I don't have a plot. Our "landscapers/gardeners" don't have time to really take care of our plants the way they should be taken care of, so I fill in in between their efforts. After I get my condo and car cleaned, I want to start working on our tangled garden along one side of our bldg. Jeff put all the plants in there but he moved over to the next street and now, it's overgrown with some plants actually coming up inside others. There's nothing to do in some places except dig it up, separate the plants and put it back. That's a big job. I wish you luck with finding a washing machine. Last time my washer rusted out, I decided to go for broke and buy a front-loader with a stainless drum. It, and the matching dryer, are about five years old. I love them and hope they last a loooooong, looooooong time but appliances today aren't made as well as in years past. Good luck on finding a good one.

    Gonna rest today for the most part. I need a pedicure as my feet look like a troll's. Won't do for my new sparkle shoes. Sending y'all good wishes for a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    We must have been posting at the same time. You must be up in the middle of the night cause it's 5:00 EST here. I think the quantum minds are starting to abandon the string theory. They can't get it to work out mathematically. I can understand the concept of other dimensions but I just can't visualize it or imagine how it would be. Of course, once we thought the world was flat. Quantum physics must drive the Newtonians nuts. Is it still raining? We have been getting some rain down here and it's our dry season. Our weather is nothing like it was 16 years ago when I moved here. We have been having some really beautiful days, though. Guess, I'll go out to see whether the paper has arrived. My Sunday paper and my cup of coffee are sacred rituals once a week. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi kids

    You guys know who Jennifer Lawrence is? All I know is that she is an actress who is
    creating an Oscar tradition of her own. She fell down at the Oscars last year. Did it
    again this year.

    Here's one of many comments.

    Future headlines for the popular actress?

    Jennifer Lawrence falls for British actor. Jennifer Lawrence goes over Niagara Falls in a
    designer barrel. J. L. falls off the wagon. J. L. visits Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water.
    J. L. rakes fall leaves. J. L. travels to home of Lizzy Borden in Fall River, MA.

    J. L's birthday falls on a Friday this year. J. L's hair now falls over her right shoulder.
    J. L. to star in new film: The Fall of the House of Usher.


  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Shucks A Rooty. Hard to start a new post because I couldn't get rid of the
    bold letters. Anyhoo, I looked her up. One show biz site said she weighs 140 pounds
    and is worth $7,ooo,000. According to my solar powdered calculator, that's $50,000
    a pound.

    Well, we did get some rain after all. Forecast is 49 tonight. Tomorrow 62 and sunny.

    Freida, I checked out the author of the woodpecker poem. Elizabeth Maddox Roberts was
    an important Southern writer in the first half of the last century. She died at age 60
    about the time I was born. Wrote several novels as well as verse.

    I sent the poem to my sister who is 16 years younger than I. She said she did not remember
    that poem, but always liked this one by Robert Louis Stevenson:

    The Swing

    How do you like to go up in a swing,
    Up in the air so blue?
    Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
    Ever a child can do!

    Up in the air and over the wall,
    Till I can see so wide,
    River and trees and cattle and all
    Over the countryside--

    Till I look down on the garden green,
    Down on the roof so brown--
    Up in the air I go flying again,
    Up in the air and down!


  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Puns, poetry and the arts, oh, my!

    Hi, Porchies,

    So good to come here so early in the morning and find your lovely posts. I slept til 4:30 and put Simon's food out for him. He was nowhere to be found but he is often MIA only to show up later for his breakfast. I didn't want to take any chances on my NRG yesterday cause I wanted to be fresh for the theatre last night. I did install some wee pieces of sod out front. When I was at Home Depot, they had little squares for patching the lawn for only $1.59. I brought it home and cut it to fit so the arch of grass and mulch was back intact. Today, they cut the grass so I put up a sign in Spanish and English that there was new sod there. I hope they don't run over it with the big mower or it'll blow it apart until it has a chance to root. We have Burmuda grass down here and it grows sideways and then up, weaving like a mat at the bottom. It's a bugger to cut.

    Last night was one of my best times at the theatre. "Carmina Burana" is a series of poems sung by the choir and some solo singers. Both the singers and the orchestra were magnificent. There is no intermission so we were out by 9:00. One nice thing is that there was an insert in the program with the poems in the original German and what I can only suspect is Latin or Italian with the English translations. I kept up with it all the way through. Barb just listened but I suspect she missed a lot by not knowing the words. We had orchestra seats for half price so, once again, a great bargain!

    Jam, we can recycle everything except plastic bags and foam here at our recycle center in the hood. I just hang a big plastic bag inside my walk-in closet and collect plastic bags and foam and recycle it at Publix, our local supermarket. The plastic bags and foam are the worst offenders. When I shop for groceries, I use the cloth reusable bags. During their food drives, if you donate, you get a free reusable bag. I even recycle the little K-cups from my Keurig coffeemaker. I open them and put the grounds on the plants outside which like an acidic soil. The plastic bottoms go into my recycle can. I have no room for garbage cans in my kitchen cabinets. I bought two stainless cans with the lids which open if you wave your hand over the top. I use one for garbage and one for recyclables. In our country, garbage is burned in tall stacks with air scrubbers on them to minimize air pollution. The heat generated is used to provide electricity.

    Leah, thanks for your good wishes for more NRG. I wish the same for you and all our wonderful Pochies. Yes, the pink flamingo plant is well worth buying. It wasn't expensive. It has nice shiny bright green leaves. The flamingo colored spaths stick up in the middle on tall stems. The pot looks a bit like something one would buy in Mexico so it fits in well with everything on my lanai. I have my Mom's little blue, brown and white pottery fish which she got in Mexico on a trip. When I dated my Richard here, he bought me a large copper sun face for the wall. It's handmade by an artist and is numbered. I carried the theme through with a moon and sun wind chime and a plant decoration which is a copper half moon with a blue glass ball in the center which glows in the dark. It's such a peaceful place where I can sit and look out at the pond and fountain. At night, when they light the fountain, it's spectacular. Continued prayers for your improvement.

    Rock, the reason Jennifer Lawrence's hair is so long is because she is wearing a fall (a piece of hair, kinda like a weave, women wear). That's all I can come up with and it's nowhere near the quality of your puns. I did fall in love with your puns. "The Swing" is one of my favorite childhood poems. As I look back, I realize that I lived in a magical time, not because the world was especially magical but because I had such a rich inner life which I integrated into my real life. Today, kids have video games which transport them into whatever magical life they desire. I don't think that's especially a negative thing as long as they also read and play. I admire my DD's way of raising my DGS and monitoring his activities. He has to read books on his Kindle before he can play games. He plays with friends or by himself. She described how he was playing by himself in the yard and I suspect he also has a rich inner life. Perhaps we only children have to develop this inner life to survive being alone so much.

    Target is having the deal of the century. There was a coupon for $20 off if one buys $50 worth of household cleaners, air fresheners, paper products, etc. If I use my Red Card to pay for it, I'll save another 5 percent. On top of that, I have coupons for many of the products offered in this deal. I also have a reward card for an extra 5 percent off. I'm going to ask whether I can use it with the coupon. Even if not, I'll probably save 50 percent by the time I'm done. Don't know where I'll store it all but at these savings, I'll find a place. This is how I save money in the long run. Yes, I'll spend between $25 and $30 for these products but I won't need to buy more for a loooooong time and won't end up paying full price. Ain't sales and coupons great!

    Just went out and Simon had stopped by for his breakfast. If I have the NRG after shopping (I think shopping is an endurance sport :) I'll trim our Hawthorne bushes out front and plant my calla lily over in the shady side in our new garden along the side of our bldg. Tomorrow is our bldg.'s annual mtg. Almost no one, except Barb, Frank, Ilona and I attend. I once asked the meaning of "apathy," and someone said, "Who cares?" At least, we have a quorum due to proxies. I need to work on my Treasurer's Report as I'll have to read it aloud to get it into the minutes. Even after four years of having an empty unit, we are in excellent financial condition. Living in a condo is like living in a big family house with everyone contributing to the household expenses. In other words, we're all in this boat together. That's why I'm so careful with our money. We have a couple of single women living paycheck to paycheck and Seniors, living on a fixed income. Two are Snowbirds and the cost of owning two homes is getting steep.

    Well, my dear friends, I hope this NRG continues too. I have sooooo much to do. I have all the time in the world but NRG, or lack of it, determines how much I can do. I know y'all are constrained by the same limits and pain. I pray for a good day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I ran into snags with my 2 previous posts. Couldn't get rid of the BOLD font. Well, the
    news is all about the Oscars. I quit watching the Oscars when Bob Hope was still

    Headline in the news is some British actor attempting a photobomb. Name of Benedict
    Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is an interesting name. I know the English used to have a Duke
    of Cumberland. And there was a TV show called "Bachelor Father". Hard to believe
    there really is such a name as Cumberbatch. But Wikipedia has an interesting bio of him.
    Comes from a distinguished family. Studied acting when in school. Made his debut as
    Titania, Queen of the Faries in "A Midsummer's Night Dream". Strictly traditional

    Mikie, I'm so glad you had a good time at the concert. I'll bet you looked real snazzy.
    Even without a fall. (In your hair.) Be great if more folks would recycle as do you.
    We wouldn't have articles like "The Ocean is Dying".

    Freida, we had a small book of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson when I was a kid.
    I remember a poem about the quilt looking like the countryside. Or was that A. A.
    Milne (Winnie the Pooh)? Anyhoo the Stevenson book ended with "Requiem".
    The last line (Home From the Hill) was a movie title in the 60s.

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie, Jam and all interested recyclers......I also recycle as much as I can. I bought a drum composter a few years ago and add all the veggie scraps, coffee grinds and the paper from it. I've gone to the local lumber yard and scooped up bags of wood shavings and sawdust to add to it, along with neighbor's grass clippings, and worms I can find. I used to have a huge colony of worms living in it.....I could scoop up at least 50 of them with each can of compost I would take out. BUT.....last early summer my DH decided he would trim the overhanging bushes without me knowing it, so ALL the colony died from the summer heat. Even a sheet hanging over the composter didn't saving them from being cooked. Color me not very happy. So I'm back to searching for worms.

    We have trash containers for our for yard, one for trash, and one for recyling. But I've read that this "recycling program" that cities have is a waste in a lot of ways. ???????

    Julie: I'm sorry it's a sad day for you, but you've got so many blessings which you need to focus on.

    I watched the entire awards ceremony last night, interspersed with doing a bit of this and that. I hate to just SIT. I don't watch that many movies, and I reallyt was unfamiliar with who Jennifer Lawrence is. But they sure rubbed it in about her falls.

    And did anyone watching see Kim Novak????? I called to my DH to come look quick. A bad face lift gone bad. Same with Liza Minelli who was in the audience. I think it must be awful to have been a beauty and see your face change as you age. I'm thinking Kim Novak might be trying to make a comeback and even her voice sounds like she's gone thru a lot.

    I went to the baby shower on saturday. My friend's granddaughter is PG......OMG.......there had to have been at least 75 people at the shower. It was co ed, and my friend used to be a preschool director and she's stayed in contact with a lot of these grown women, who used to be toddlers......who now have babies. And I was very proud of myself for being able to drive there. Since I've been forced to do the driving now in our household, I'm slowly losing my anxiety over it. I need to at least once a week drive a bit further each time since it's a freeing feeling.

    And speaking of recycling, I met a lady at the shower who has 5 llamas. I asked what she did with the wool.....tossed it all as does the neighbor down the street who owns 12....also tosses the wool. Wish I knew someone who wanted it.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2014
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock , thanks for that great tune by Bob Crosby. He did sound a lot like Bing. I remembered the tune also but not sure if I knew who sang it. Thanks for the refresher course :)!!

    Have been reading all your great posts. Need to go fix lunch and hope to get back later. I was going to call the imaging center this morning to make a appointment for my other mammogram ( or spot compression) and sonogram. However, I was woken up at about 8 a.m. with a call from them. Don't know if my promptness is a good or bad sign.:confused:

    I was supposed to go to a luncheon that day so cancelled it . I probably could have made it with a rush rush job and run home and change clothes to go but didn't want to deal with it. Also ran this morning to Home Depot to pick up some new faucets I hope to change out on my tub. Not sure hen the guy will come and do it as he is so busy.,

    It is freezing and was in the 20's this morning but luckily no precip. Have to go fix lunch. Hope to get back later.

    Love to all,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :)Hi there,

    Back again for a bit. I have stuff in my ear to help get rid of the ear wax. I have been half deaf in my rt. ear for awhile. I had lots of trouble with that as a kid and a few times as an adult. When it gets bad and you have to go into the dr.s off to have it cleaned out it can be pretty painful. You don't realize how bad it is what you can hardly hear, even in one ear till it happens.

    It is so cold here and am so happy we do not have any precip. It was in the 20's his morning an dis in 30's now I think with a good North wind.

    Jam - What collogen did you say you wee taking? Was that the gelatin?

    Freida - Don't feel bad about posting in the wrong place. I think I have done that a few times for sure.

    Julie - I agree with Sun, even though you miss your mom so much. Try and concentrate on your many blessings and the ones on the way too :)!!! Sorry Linds isn't feeling well with that virus or whatever it is. Take it easy some if you can my dear so you don't get sick too. Then who will take care of who???

    Hi there Leah and Rock and Mikie - So nice to hear from you all. MIKIE please send me some of your NRG :)!! I understand about loving to shop. I do enjoy it when I get to go which isn't to often ( that is without DH). He is always in to much of a hurry to get out of the store. I like to browse. Being like my mom I do not always have to buy either, although I do love to buy things, not necessarily big things either. Growing up were were VERY frugal shall we say since we didn't have a lot of extras, just what was NEEDED. None of the stores are that close by other than WM for me. It seems to like I have less and less NRG as me goes on.

    Diane - Thinking of you . Hang in there kiddo until your therapist visit. Done any cooking lately. Have you gotten a bunch of snow yet? It has been cold here but no precip which is a good thing.

    A big hi to all not mentioned.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)