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    Hi Kids

    I ran into snags with my 2 previous posts. Couldn't get rid of the BOLD font. Well, the
    news is all about the Oscars. I quit watching the Oscars when Bob Hope was still

    Headline in the news is some British actor attempting a photobomb. Name of Benedict
    Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is an interesting name. I know the English used to have a Duke
    of Cumberland. And there was a TV show called "Bachelor Father". Hard to believe
    there really is such a name as Cumberbatch. But Wikipedia has an interesting bio of him.
    Comes from a distinguished family. Studied acting when in school. Made his debut as
    Titania, Queen of the Faries in "A Midsummer's Night Dream". Strictly traditional

    Mikie, I'm so glad you had a good time at the concert. I'll bet you looked real snazzy.
    Even without a fall. (In your hair.) Be great if more folks would recycle as do you.
    We wouldn't have articles like "The Ocean is Dying".

    Freida, we had a small book of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson when I was a kid.
    I remember a poem about the quilt looking like the countryside. Or was that A. A.
    Milne (Winnie the Pooh)? Anyhoo the Stevenson book ended with "Requiem".
    The last line (Home From the Hill) was a movie title in the 60s.

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    Good morning, friends! Eating breakfast as I try to get caught up on the good to hear that many are doing better, and thinking of those who aren't...

    We didn't end up with that many inches of snow over the weekend, but if we had still gone to Amy's, we would have been traveling in blizzard conditions. Den and I still got to be there, in a way...Keira called on her mom's cell phone and held it up so we could hear what was going on :)

    I am heading back over to Lindsey's...she has done very well, with homeopathic remedies, to keep the kids from getting as sick as she was. They have each taken turns running a fever and having some of the same symptoms as Linds, but to a lesser degree. I am sort of teetering back and forth between "feeling okay" and "not okay." But coming home at night and getting several hours of sleep helps tremendously.

    Rock, as I was typing, a message flashed on the screen that there was a new post...I checked and it was you! I hope to get back in the groove of reading and posting several times a day again, but for now I hope you all know how much I care about you and appreciate our online friendships...

    Today is/could be a very sad day for mama passed away two years ago. I did shed some tears when I first got up, then thought of some good memories, then remembered how much my own daughters love me and how I would want them to "think happy thoughts" of me every once in awhile...but mostly I would just want them to "carry on" and take good care of their families.

    I think right now, the best gift and "memory" I can give my to continue to see that my dad knows he is loved and that he has the best care possible. to take care of my babies right now, and I will see my dad in a few days. Hope everyone has a "good enough" day!
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    Mikie, Jam and all interested recyclers......I also recycle as much as I can. I bought a drum composter a few years ago and add all the veggie scraps, coffee grinds and the paper from it. I've gone to the local lumber yard and scooped up bags of wood shavings and sawdust to add to it, along with neighbor's grass clippings, and worms I can find. I used to have a huge colony of worms living in it.....I could scoop up at least 50 of them with each can of compost I would take out. BUT.....last early summer my DH decided he would trim the overhanging bushes without me knowing it, so ALL the colony died from the summer heat. Even a sheet hanging over the composter didn't saving them from being cooked. Color me not very happy. So I'm back to searching for worms.

    We have trash containers for our for yard, one for trash, and one for recyling. But I've read that this "recycling program" that cities have is a waste in a lot of ways. ???????

    Julie: I'm sorry it's a sad day for you, but you've got so many blessings which you need to focus on.

    I watched the entire awards ceremony last night, interspersed with doing a bit of this and that. I hate to just SIT. I don't watch that many movies, and I reallyt was unfamiliar with who Jennifer Lawrence is. But they sure rubbed it in about her falls.

    And did anyone watching see Kim Novak????? I called to my DH to come look quick. A bad face lift gone bad. Same with Liza Minelli who was in the audience. I think it must be awful to have been a beauty and see your face change as you age. I'm thinking Kim Novak might be trying to make a comeback and even her voice sounds like she's gone thru a lot.

    I went to the baby shower on saturday. My friend's granddaughter is PG......OMG.......there had to have been at least 75 people at the shower. It was co ed, and my friend used to be a preschool director and she's stayed in contact with a lot of these grown women, who used to be toddlers......who now have babies. And I was very proud of myself for being able to drive there. Since I've been forced to do the driving now in our household, I'm slowly losing my anxiety over it. I need to at least once a week drive a bit further each time since it's a freeing feeling.

    And speaking of recycling, I met a lady at the shower who has 5 llamas. I asked what she did with the wool.....tossed it all as does the neighbor down the street who owns 12....also tosses the wool. Wish I knew someone who wanted it.
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    Rock , thanks for that great tune by Bob Crosby. He did sound a lot like Bing. I remembered the tune also but not sure if I knew who sang it. Thanks for the refresher course :)!!

    Have been reading all your great posts. Need to go fix lunch and hope to get back later. I was going to call the imaging center this morning to make a appointment for my other mammogram ( or spot compression) and sonogram. However, I was woken up at about 8 a.m. with a call from them. Don't know if my promptness is a good or bad sign.:confused:

    I was supposed to go to a luncheon that day so cancelled it . I probably could have made it with a rush rush job and run home and change clothes to go but didn't want to deal with it. Also ran this morning to Home Depot to pick up some new faucets I hope to change out on my tub. Not sure hen the guy will come and do it as he is so busy.,

    It is freezing and was in the 20's this morning but luckily no precip. Have to go fix lunch. Hope to get back later.

    Love to all,
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    Sun, I saw most of the Oscars and was surprised to see Kim Novak and yes pretty shocked.....she is 81 and had a stroke so that explains her appearance and the face job, well I can't go there.....when I think of sweet Betty White and her natural aging.....ummmm At 75, it's all natural here and thanks to grape seed ex and now the new collagen supp, my skin/face look pretty darn good at 75....

    Loved Ellen, she is so darn pretty/cute.....and funny.

    Granni, I hope all is OK with you and the you know I won't put myself thru those, and I recall back when I had one in my 50's, I had to go back in for further testing.... Too much fear and anxiety that I don't want to put myself thru.....

    Time for a bowl of breakfast soup.....jam
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    :)Hi there,

    Back again for a bit. I have stuff in my ear to help get rid of the ear wax. I have been half deaf in my rt. ear for awhile. I had lots of trouble with that as a kid and a few times as an adult. When it gets bad and you have to go into the dr.s off to have it cleaned out it can be pretty painful. You don't realize how bad it is what you can hardly hear, even in one ear till it happens.

    It is so cold here and am so happy we do not have any precip. It was in the 20's his morning an dis in 30's now I think with a good North wind.

    Jam - What collogen did you say you wee taking? Was that the gelatin?

    Freida - Don't feel bad about posting in the wrong place. I think I have done that a few times for sure.

    Julie - I agree with Sun, even though you miss your mom so much. Try and concentrate on your many blessings and the ones on the way too :)!!! Sorry Linds isn't feeling well with that virus or whatever it is. Take it easy some if you can my dear so you don't get sick too. Then who will take care of who???

    Hi there Leah and Rock and Mikie - So nice to hear from you all. MIKIE please send me some of your NRG :)!! I understand about loving to shop. I do enjoy it when I get to go which isn't to often ( that is without DH). He is always in to much of a hurry to get out of the store. I like to browse. Being like my mom I do not always have to buy either, although I do love to buy things, not necessarily big things either. Growing up were were VERY frugal shall we say since we didn't have a lot of extras, just what was NEEDED. None of the stores are that close by other than WM for me. It seems to like I have less and less NRG as me goes on.

    Diane - Thinking of you . Hang in there kiddo until your therapist visit. Done any cooking lately. Have you gotten a bunch of snow yet? It has been cold here but no precip which is a good thing.

    A big hi to all not mentioned.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Granni, it's called Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate...collagen joint care. I'm into my 2nd month and plan to keep on it probably forever....hope my joints improve so I can get thru the rest of life in less pain....

    I believe MOST are depleted of collagen as I've read our collagen begins depletionn at 25, then I've read at 40...but either way, we're depleted, I believe that one. I have a separate post on this in the general wellness section. I think that is where it is.

    I've become friends with a lady in central calif who deals with horrible RA and she talks about being an RN for 30 yrs and how brainwashed she was by the medical world... She's learning so much and is so open to learn, she's in her late 50's I believe....she just got her first can of GLH.... she plans to stay with it for how long it takes to feel less joint pain.

    As I've said before I've dabbled in collagen replacement via capsules over years but never stayed with it, but NOW I'm staying with it...for as many years I have left, I'd like to be in less pain. jam
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    Holy Cow! I go shopping and everyone is on the Porch. So glad.

    Rock, I hope the kids are taking recycling seriously because a lot of the Seniors in the hood don't. I think it's about 50/50 who recycle and some of them only recycle really big plastic or glass containers. One nice thing is that we have lots of scavengers who drive through these neighborhoods, looking for things they can take apart for parts/valuable metals and things they can repurpose. Thanks for imagining my looking snazzy. No one has told me that in a long time. You've made my day. Barb always looks nice, even just sitting out on the balcony. I'm usually cleaning or doing yard work so am usually in tee shirts and Capri pants. I do clean up pretty well, though. Thanks. My children learned to read books written in rhyme. I would read them a line and when it came to the second line, they would read the rhyming word. It was soooo successful and, I think, led to appreciation of poetry. Both were reading before entering Kindergarten, a rarity back then. Both of my DDs love books, reading and learning. Me too.

    Julie, those anniversaries can be rough. I think you're handling it beautifully. My Mom has been gone almost 12 years now and it does get easier with time. I still miss my Mom every day and I still grieve but the pain isn't quite so acute as in the early years. I went out on the Balcony on the 10th anniversary of her death and there in the clouds was one of the most beautiful rainbows I've ever seen. I kinda think she sent it to comfort me. Glad Lindsey is doing better. And, yes, getting some sleep is a BIG help for us. Prayers of comfort going up for you.

    Sunflower Girl, I used to compost when I had a house and garden. It's a wonderful way to recycle. Our county put recycle bins in before they had the ability to recycle so, for a while, they burned it in the big furnaces I mentioned above. A TV station got ahold of the story and now, people use that for an excuse not to recycle even though it was just a temporary thing. I was at the auditorium/theatre last evening so missed the Oscars. I think a lot of show biz people get face jobs too young and too frequently. A face can only take so much. My neck job is 10 years old and could stand to be redone but I can't afford it. So, I'll just age as gracefully as my creams and potions will allow. I can't imagine wanting to be famous. My annanaminity (misspelled that one :) , allows me not to care. I look just like the rest of us aging Seniors in God's Waiting Room (FL). I hope you get your compost and worms going again. Good for you!

    Granni, I thought of you last night as I was listening to the beautiful singing. I realized how much practice it must take to be able to perform like that. What a gift you artists give us with your performing. I admire you. Yes, I do have more NRG but it has its limits. I can feel myself wearing down after my marathon shopping spree. I think I average about half a day of some pretty good productive NRG. The rest of the time, I pick at things but no heaving lifting.

    Jam, I also love Ellen. So sorry to have missed the Oscars but we did have a really nice night. I'm looking to Joan Rivers' "Fashion Police" this week. It will be bawdy, as usually, but she is funny.

    Leah, just glad you have the NRG to read our posts and stop in to post yourself. I continue to pray for you and hope the voice is better.

    Well, gang, I spent part of my day doing my favorite thing--shopping for bargains. When I left for Target, I told my neighbors that I bet I'd end up spending 50 cents on the dollar. I got $90 worth of products for $45 and change. TADA!!! I probably now have a lifetime supply of paper towels, air fresheners, Lysol towelettes, trash bags, and Windex. Then, I decided to stop at Bealls. I don't have a clutch bag for when I'm dressed up but don't want to take my big purse. So many of them are evening bags and I didn't want that. Of course, I had a $10 off coupon and I found the perfect clutch for 50 percent off. So, I got an $80 purse for $31. Less than half is always good. I don't need much in the way of clothes but I realized that most of my dressier clothes don't have pockets.

    Think my neighbor is cancelling her spring trip so her cat, Bob, The Heart Throb, probably won't be staying with me. I told her I'm not going anywhere so he is welcome any time he wants to stay with me. Simon wasn't out when I put out his food. I looked out a little later and some of his food was gone. He must have come back later to finish off the rest of it. He knows it comes in as soon as the sun comes up. A well-fed, sleek cat is a treasure to behold. He gives back to me more than I can ever give to him.

    Well, I bid y'all adieu. Love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just reading about the Oscars and the movie biz. Is anydobby surprised that a movie named
    GRAVITY ATTRACTED a lot of ticket buyers? Lots of kudos for Ellen. I don't really think
    I'd want a pizza in my lap if I were wearing my overpriced designer finery.

    That pizza place is the one Gordon and I went to last month. I posted about the pizza box
    that (before it's folded) is over 6 feet high. Their biggest pizza is the size of a table top
    and costs $200.

    Glad to see that you had time and energy for one of your newsy posts, Granni. What
    do you think about shopping? Is it a learned behavior or are woman just born that way. Ha Ha!

    Thanks for you cozy post, Freida. Are you talking about the age of E. R. Maddox, the writer?
    She stopped aging in 1941 at the age of 60. But her books are still here. I put one on hold.
    I am always surprised when I get a response from my sister. She and one brother seldom
    respond to anything I write. The other brother doesn't write at all, but he does call me
    once or twice a year.

    My sister emailed me a video from the TV station in Rochester, MN. My brother's DIL
    had breast cancer a few years ago. Seemed to recover, but now has bone cancer. She's
    not very old. Thirtyish. The little town where they live is having a fund drive. I don't
    even know their address. Never even met her. I sent my brother a check for the fund
    and asked if she is writing letters for the children. There was some guy on the news recently
    who is dying and is leaving hundreds of notes for his children.

    I hear, yup, it's Gordon. Back from the bank which is 30 miles away. I didn't go. Can't
    take a hour car ride plus sitting in the bank. Too hard on my bank. Gotta go.

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    This Volume of the Porch is now history.