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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Honor your Partner; heel and toe.
    Don't waste time, there's corn to hoe.

    Circle once, then circle twice.
    The moon is shinin', and the weather's nice.

    Then allemande left with your old left hand.
    Circle round with a right and left grand.

    Couples change; then form a line.
    Keep on smilin', you're doing fine.

    Oh by golly; Oh by Joe.
    Fold your arms and do-si-do.

    Counterclockwise round the square.
    And now you're home so stay right there.

  2. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Testing testing 1-2..

    This is the first time Im writing w the new format and the first time I have been here in a long time.

    I wanted to let you know that you are all a part of my daily life. I look forward to reading the posts each day w my morning cuppa.

    So many have so much to deal w but as Ellen would say, we all keep on keepin on.

    Keep on keepin on I am doing too but I am slowing down. I used to love to garden but gave that up years ago. I switched to hanging baskets instead and this year I didnt even do that. I am getting better at pacing myself but its coming to a slow crawl.

    I have resorted to trying cold laser therapy for my chronic hip bursitis and elbow tendonitis, after 2 treatments the jury is still out.

    Rock to good to see you back again, you were quiet for so long I worried about you. Speaking of back, sorry to hear yours is giving you so much pain.

    Granni prayers for both your DD's.

    Julie your plate is so full but you always manage to be there for everyone, you are one special lady.

    Darre welcome to the Porch, an always welcome place to sit and visit.

    Joan sorry to hear all about your July woes. Its always hard when you have to depend on others

    Mikie I so love reading your post about FLA Condo life. I have been vacationing to FLA for years, alternating between my fathers house and condo life on the east coast beach. I can so relate to all you write about. to include those coupons from Beals,the gas deals at Publix and Condo rules. ( no towels hanging off the balcony)

    Springwater your posts are always so interesting to read.

    I am probable missing someone and if so forgive me. I hope to stop by more often....Linda
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Just want to let all of you know I come here to read but feel a tad overwhelmed with all the news that's posted. Everyone has so much going on that it's hard to sort things out as to who is who and what's going on.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! Linda! Great to hear from you again. The great thing about this new format is that one can read all
    the previous message on the page. Now I don't have to make notes. Amazing how often my notes confusiated
    me only ten minutes after I made them.

    Never heard of cold laser therapy. Will have to look it up. I had laser surgery to my eyes some years back.
    I didn't feel any cold. Or any heat either. I guess it was room temperature therapy. Worked anyway. I am
    also having a morning cuppa. It's cherry cider from Trader Joe's. Very tasty. I much prefer fruit juice
    or soda to booze. Although a margarita with the combination plate now and then is muy bonito.

    Dar, I think it is amazing that you could go from 6 years of disability to back at work. You must have
    good doctors and a lot of Andy Gumption. So where and when were you fishing on the Mississippi?
    One of my relatives was a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi. When the Civil War broke out he
    left his job and enlisted in the Union Army. He wrote a book about his days on the river, but didn't
    say anything about his time in the army. I found out recently that there is a state Park on the
    Mississippi River near Winona, MN, named for him.

    Did you name Pyewacket after the cat in "Bell, Book and Candle"?

    Back later, Kids
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - Please try not to feel to overwhelmed but I do understand. Just come, read and post as you like,. As you see, some of us do not post daily . Our dear LINDA hasn't been here for ever and we have missed her along with many other MIA's as we call them. We all do as much as we can. You and all our friends are so more than welcome. and we do remember them, at least those who have been here long enough to remember some from the past.

    I do not always keep up with everything either and our brains react differently to all this. I have so much happening too that I marvel at people like JULIE who is there for everyone or tries too. However, she is at least 20 years younger than I, Rock and others so she may have a little bit more stamina, even if she does collapse on occasion which we hope she does not do often.

    Rock - I agree with you on the Margarita !!! Thanks for starting us up again and for your great Square Dance call. We sure did miss you and them while you were gone.

    Linda - So great to hear from you . It sounds like you are doing pretty well. I hope it continues and I hope that your aches and pains will finally get under control. Hope you will continue to visit. Have missed you, Carla, and so many of our friends that have been gone for some time. Glad you have found us AGAIN !!! You can find Carla on FB though if you want to find her. She is pretty busy too.

    Got so many things to do here and here I sit. I will be going to a chiro on Thursday who has a special going on. Maybe that will help some. I think I have so many problems that it is hard to tell what is from what :)!!

    Joan - Hope you get back soon with some better news from you. So sorry for all your problems and loss of dear Maggie.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, your "prolific posters" was positively pulsating with a pastel patina of potent persuasiveness.
    Pefecto! With regard to astrology, my brother in Oregon handles that particular subject. Back in the
    60s when it was popular to ask, "What's your sign?", I always responded with "Methodist".

    Sun, yup, we are a chatty bunch. But there's no template for posting. You can do whatever you like.
    You don't need to respond to everybody or even to anybody. You can post long or short depending on
    how you feel. I just got back from being away for a year. I totally ran outta energy. And the new
    format helps because one can now see all the posts on the page. Before one could only see the
    post immediately above where you were posting.

    The ironic thing is now that the format is better, and I have a little more energy, my back is outta whack.
    As the Brits put it, "What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts".

    Springwater, I am reading another book by Leonard Maltin. It's interviews with movie people.
    Cameramen and directors and composers who were in the business a long time; some won
    Oscars. But they were not so well known as others. The only flaw in the book is that the publisher
    was too cheap to add an index.

    That's All Folks
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Linda, so good to see you here. I'm glad you enjoy my FL posts. Living here, especially in a condo assn. is like in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy says, "I don't think we're in Kansas any more, Toto." It's a whole different way of life. I always think of Seinfeld's parents when they moved to Del Boca Vista. It was culture shock to me but I do enjoy living here, as long as I can go back to visit in CO now and then (not as often as I'd like).

    Sunflower, I know how you feel. Our little Lounge doesn't move nearly as fast as it does here on the Porch. I have found that no one minds if one just jumps in and starts from that point on or just pops in from time to time.

    Granni and Julie, you guys always have so much going on. I don't know how y'all do it but I'm glad you both handle life with such gusto.

    Rock, you really outdid yourself with the alliterations. Makes me feel downright illiterate.

    After our condo mtg. (I coulda stayed home as there were no checks to sign), I went in search of shiny wind spinners. Finally, I found some gold foil stars on stringers which twist in the wind. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to put them up as I'm exhausted and it's soooo hot outside.

    I stopped at Publix for a few things and left with four of my own fabric bags full of things. Meow Mix was a BOGO so had to get that. Granni, I did get the AZO for my UTI symptoms. So far, I think I kicked it but don't want to jinx it by saying so. Got the AZO just in case. The King of The West honeydews are in and I had to get one. They are as sweet as candy. I wait for them all year.

    Got home and saw some kind of dark red juice on my favorite Capri pants. I used several pretreatment products on the stain and it turned my nice blue pants khaki where I treated them. I may just put them by themselves in the washer with bleach to see whether they will turn all khaki. If now, they won't look any worse than they do now. I'll have to see whether I can replace them.

    Gonna take it easy for the rest of the day as I'm still not bright eyed and bushy tailed. It will help with the UTI to finish getting rid of it too. Thank God for TV and soft, comfy beds. Think I'll just cut and paste this last part on the Lounge. Too tired to retype it even though I know people wait with bated breath to read about my exciting life--NOT! Oh well, I'll take boring any day. It beats drama.

    Take care, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
  8. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    Hi: I don't believe that we have met, SUN, but I am here off and on. I live in assisted living and I do have plenty of time but:( not the energy. I love my friends here and try to get to all of you but.......

    And Linda, I do think that we have already been friends. Welcome! I really think that sometimes I would like to respond to various of you friends, but I don't get it done. I do love reading all about you.

    Last night was a not-so-good-sleeping nioght. I always seemed to be hearing Maggie during the night and I do miss her so much. She always greeted me in the morning in the bathroom and wanted petted so she could roll around on the floor. We had so many routines together and I really miss them. My little 5 yr. old g-grandson wondered who will take care of me now that Maggie is gone:). So sweet I miss her meeting me when I unlock the door from having a meal in the dining room. I miss so many things.

    Julie: I don't know what your family would do without you! My only hope that you don't ever get too tired and don't take the time to relax. Yes, I know that you are younger but we still worry about you and love you for all of your caring things for 4 generations of family:oops:

    I turned the AC off as this thing is right by it and I get too chilly and dont like the wind in my ears. Now it needs to go back on

    Rock: It is so very good to hear you call the dance! I missed you so much. Keep those orchids blooming---i would love to have a peek at them.

    Another short note. I do miss all of you----I WILL get back to you and be more interesting.:p

    Gentle Hugs,
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Hahahaha..i am chuckling at 'hat' discipline. I meant to write 'What discipline'
    but the W got cut off and with Elizabeth II always wearing hats it sounded
    apt. lol!

    Sun - dont you worry about getting overwhelmed. I do too sometimes when
    ive had a rough day and feeling foggy. There are no rules you hv to reply or
    comment on everyone. We just like to know about each other. and understand
    if someone doesnt feel upto a longer post.

    You can even drop in and say hi and one or two lines and thats enough.

    Rock - thank you for starting up. I always thought technicians behind
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi Lilac/Joan. No I guess we haven't met yet, but apparently everyone has missed you and happy you're on the board. I'm sorry for your loss. Every animal is special in their own way and your Maggie will be missed by you for a long time. Grieve but do consider adopting another kitty. How sweet what your little GGS said to you. Out of the mouth of babes comes words of wisdom in their own special way. By the way, I have a little granddaughter age 5 also, and I enjoy her humor so much. It's so refreshing.

    Julie. Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds and I hope you will take a listen to a used to be superwoman. I ran circles forever, (for years being superwoman) doing everything I could, ignoring the stress, ignoring so much of the FM and refusing to give in, etc. Friends would say to me......"I can't believe all you're doing"! I'm 68 and the fatigue is very bad at times for about the last 3 years or so. I've been recently tested for adrenal fatigue and apparently everything worked against me, including up and down cortisol. What I understand about AF is the longer you've been pushing yourself, the longer it will take to heal. I wish I had listened to words of advise that was given to me years ago to slow down a tad.

    What I'm trying to say is you can only burn the candle for so long without your body rebelling. At this point you're the "center of the wheel" with all your family circling around you. Make time for good rest periods for YOU. Your activities remind me so much of the way I was. By the way, I've had FM about 20 years, had my bouts of tiredness but nothing like the draining fatigue that comes on out of nowhere and stops me in my tracks.

    Mikie....I hope the new stringers you have will help discourage those pesky birds. I had to laugh about your comment on the pie tins hanging! Yes, I guess some people might object, especially if they clang together!
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    the scenes at movie sets /celebrities had more interesting stuff to tell than paparazzi who would
    blow things up or hangers on who would try and hide things. technicians would hv all the
    real goss without any motivation to tell anything other than the truth, usually.

    Granni - Tell us how your chiro session goes. I think we have one or two around here
    if i look but they are not mainstream. Here everyone just wants to pop pills.

    Congrats on your daighter and SILs pregnancy. Praying all goes smooth
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    People, pls put up with my separate posts, i just lost a lengthy one.

    Julie - my plans seem to be going out of whack here a tad too often
    this week. Unexpected things popping up.

    Joan - thanks for popping in. love reading what you are doing there.
    Assisted living is not yet here. Tho i think that will come in the future
    because most couples are working now in order to make ends meet
    and there is difficulty giving the required care to the elderly at home.

    And it is really really difficult to get home help nowadays whereas before
    it was almost a norm for middle class families.

    well i better get off i know my pc is not behaving well. i might lose this too.

    I spent today going out and trying to get a couple of presents, b day after
    b day coming up
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    friends, dhs, a daughter of a pranic healer, aaaargh! thoroughly worn out.
    managed to get just friends. hers is tomorrow so thats a relief.

    then i was on the phone for two hours, a pranic healer friend phoning and
    wanting to chat about her 'life' 'love life' or non existence of it.

    the porch is moving fast even because of my computer glitch and me having
    to make several posts, sorry about that. bear with me.

    Linda - just wonderful to hear from another old friend. thanks for popping in!

    Love you all

    God Bless
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Big hugs to you awl !!

    I really need to go dry my hair and then try and curl it for tomorrow's ladies club meeting. I have agreed to one of the Greeters so I will try. My head is hurting me worse than usual and I think it is due to the Prednisone which thankfully only has a few days left. I feel foggy enough as it is !

    Joan - so glad to see you again. LINDA too. Such fun to see old friends when they actually pop in for a chat.

    Julie - I am worn out just reading your schedule or lack of it. Talk about the Energizer Bunny - even if you think that you don't have much you keep on going and going. I do understand about pushing yourself; Don't get sick though !!

    I need to go and dry my hair and try and do something with it for tomorrow - I hate fussing with my hair. Who wants to come help me :)!!!

    MIKIIE - How is your UTI did you get meds.? Hgs to anyone missed - You too Rock !!

    Sun - please try not to let this all overwhelm you. Just go with the flow and come in when you can. I feel this group helps me to keep my sanity - or whatever you call it.

    SW - Sorry about your computer and you having to make so many extra posts but we all do what we have to do.
    Will try and check in sometime tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)!!
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just a quick note to tell everyone to have a blessed day. It's just getting light out. I need to change clothes and go wash the crow crap off the Balcony. I just realized our Porch is the virtual version of our Balcony here, well, with the exception that we don't have crows to put up with.

    Yes, Granni, I did get the AZO and took it last night and this morning. I think the colloidal silver and probiotics are helping too. Thanks for your advice.

    To everyone, my love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie. Thanks for sharing a little about your family situation. You have really been blessed with such a thoughtful, caring husband. I hope things ease up for you.
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Sunflower, every time I see your painting when you post, it makes me happy. To think you have such talent to produce such beauty is amazing.

    Julie, you are right about the little things. I think it was on the Lounge that I posted about the concept of a home. I believe it is the little things which make our homes so precious to us. Just seeing a sleeping dog or cat is so peaceful. There is nothing like watching a mamma cat care for her kittens. Any chance you can upload a pic of Red Mittens and her kittens?

    Our Simon cat, the homeless one which will not let anyone get close to him, often sleeps in my chair out on the Balcony or at the top of the stairs. I think it means a lot to him to have a space which is the closest thing to a home that he has. He still heads down to the stair landing as soon as I open the storm door and waits for me to put his breakfast down and go inside again. For the last two days, he has spoken to me. One little meow is such a big step for him. The other two came in yesterday. They like the milk I put out on their little kitty placemat in the kitchen. Then, they play and "attack" each other until they are ready to go outside again. I love having them around.

    Yesterday morning, I took down the useless nylon wind spinners, cleaned off the crow crap and put up foil spinners with big foil stars which flip around with the slightest breeze. No crows have been around for three days. I hope this keeps them away but I have a feeling I'll have to hit them a few times with a spray bottle to keep them away. I took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster. Just working out there in the heat and humidity did me in. I came in and slept.

    I've been watching "House of Cards" on Netflix but fell asleep and had to rerun part of one episode. It's a very good program. I didn't like "Network" on HBO but decided to give it another chance this season. It's so much better and I'm watching it too. Want to be sure to catch the last episode of "Breaking Bad." Is it apparent that TV is my life. Well, that and the kitties.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DAR, MIKIE, JULIE,, SW, Windy, Sun, Diane, et al,

    Sorry but I posted on the wrong thread in answer to DAR. It is on #627:) instead of this one. Nothing really new there but off to chiro this morning. May know something after the next appt. Hope it also doesn't cost much, the extra stuff. I know Medicare isn't going to do much for me.

    Julie - Take it easy my dear young friend. If that is possible. I need to go get dressed and get ready for the apt this morning.

    Hope everyone is feeling better and doing well.

    More later. If you get the chance check out the old post volume. Nothing really exciting though.

    TTYL !

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bumping up the Porch 628 !!! I even screwed up and posted on the wrong one. Diane has been so busy with her games :)!!

    Go Diane, maybe I can pop in sometime next week or the week after that. So much going on and I hope to be gone a day or so next week.

    Went to the chiro today. He is very nice and they took some tests. We will see what happens and if he can help me at all after he looks at the tests.

    Love to awl,:)
  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hello All!

    Hi Sunflower. I'm a newbie. But getting to know some of the regulars. I like your painting too.