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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. springwater

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    Hello All

    Granni - i hope the chiro can produce some positive results for you..and some
    of the pain aches resolved

    Julie - true dat...little things making life of my greatest
    joys when i was a kid was watching our kittens play and chase each other
    all over the house...that, and watching goat kids dance down the road

    its just pure joy in motion!!!!!
  2. springwater

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    I managed to get thru yesterday. it was two birthdays. one my dhs.
    I made roast chicken for him but we got invited out to this restaurant
    so will be eating it today.

    earlier i went and attended the b day party of my pranic healer friend
    at this hotel and went okay. it was more a case of turning up i guess.
    there were couple of friends of the tweenie and then there were like
    eight of us pranic healers. food was good, a spicy potato which i
    could only taste; chips, spring rolls, fresh fruit juice, pizza, grilled
    sandwich, and lasagna/pasta with white n red sauce. and the
    cake. the cake was mango cream and really very good.

    then i had to go back and wait for my BIL and we drove to
    this hotel where dh was waiting. it rained cats n dogs on the way

    dh and BIL ate salmon grilled and tomato soup whereas i ate
    asparagus and then i just couldnt hv anymore. we packed the
    lasagna ordered for me so son could hv it.
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    son doesnt want to carry a phone these days, says life is easier
    without one, so we couldnt let him know to come to the hotel.

    so later i phoned house and told him to hv the chicken i had

    daughter also called up to wish her dad. i got him a golf tee shirt
    as prezzy but as often happens i dont think he was too impressed
    with it. but its okay, its the thought as how counts. we also
    got presented with a lil b day cake by the staff at the hotel and
    chose to carry it home. since i had already bought another lil
    cake, i will prolly give one to my brother.

    well, morning is broken and lots of cleaning awaits.....

    ciao, my friends

    God Bless
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    Happy birthday SW to your DH and your friend. Hope they enjoyed their day and you too. You sounded pretty busy today. Wow lots of cakes around. MMM ! I would have loved the lasagna and the asparagus :)!!!

    Next Friday I have an appt. to see if the chiro can be of much help to me. There are so many problems, it seems he might could do something somewhere :)!!!! he he

    Will be back tomorrow sometime to try and check in. It will be a busy day getting ready for lady that helps me clean once in awhile. DH wants to work out so I have to go there before trying to get ready for the lady. Geez, then Saturday afternoon is our family meeting which I hope will go well. I am a bit apprehensive about DD and her problems.. Eldest daughter can be a bit heavy handed to which I hope doesn't cause problems. She means very well but is much less patient than I and other siblings. However, some of DD's problems have been frustrating and first we knew about some of it.

    Bye for now.

  5. Darrae

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    Hi Rock!

    I love the square dance call. My uncle used to play fiddle at barn dances and was a "caller". It reminds me of him. Was my favorite uncle. He always reminded me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Sweet funny man.

    In regards to Pywackett's name, well it came from a couple places. It's been years since I read Bell, Book and Candle. Didn't even remember there was a Pywackett in that story. There was a movie, made back in the 60's, I believe, starring Jimmy Stewart. (Can't for the life of me remember the name of the movie). Anyway, he fell in love with a girl who happened to be a witch. Her familiar was a siamese cat named Pywackett.

    Then later, on Creature Feature, a late night horror movie show sponsored by the Acri Company, they had a black cat named Pywackett on the show during commercial breaks. When I got this big black Bombay cat, he needed a big name and Pywackett just seemed to "fit". We call him Pye Pye or Wacket for short.

    My dad always had a boat from the time I can remember. He built the first one and named it "The Green Duck". We used to fish off that boat from the time I was maybe 3 0r 4, around 1957 or 58'. Then, when I got older, around 8, he got another regular metal 12' fishing boat. Hampton Park, in Illinois had a boat ramp, so we fished from there.

    One summer, we spent a week in South Dakota fishing on Waubay lake. An old Marine Corps pal of my Dad's owned cabins on the lake. I have realatives in Minnesota (My Dad was born in Woodstock, MN), and my Uncle Charlie had a lake there we fished out of in Backus. Then, when I lived in Rapids City, IL 14 years ago, I used to fish off the dock 1/2 a block from my house in the Mississippi.

    I remember so many picnics with realatives and VFW picnics on the river in Hampton when I was a kid. Practically grew up on the river.

    Unfortunately, since I've been back to work, I haven't fished since. Not enough energy left on weekends to do anything but rest, play on the computer, watch movies, and keep my feet up. And, yes I have good Docs, but it's sheer determination that makes me get up and go to work every day. The price is heavy. I pay for Chiro visits by the 10 visit plan. $300 for 10 visits if I pay ahead. Otherwise it's 40 a pop. But I have a very sick daughter that needs my support to live. I'm all she has. So I do what I gotsta do. And what I can't do, I just don't worry about. It is what it is. I just keep smilin'. :)

    Every so often though, like when they have the fireworks, I'll go down to the walkway in Moline and watch the fireworks from the riverbank. I do miss fishing and sitting along the riverbanks watching the boats and all. Interesting, your family history. Pretty cool!

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    Thanks for the welcome. Nice ta meet ya!
  7. Darrae

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    Mikie, Hope you're feeling better.

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    Hi Julie,

    Wow do you have a lot going on! Poor thing. Yes, I did say Moline. I drive through it daily to and from work. I'd be up for private message. Thanks.
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    Oh, by the by Julie, I'm usually on around between 7:00p.m and 10:00 p.m.. Unless it's a weekend. Then I am on earlier in the day cause I'm not at work. Or, there are those nights I just can't sleep when I could be on any time. Ya know how that goes. Will likely be a late one tonight. Am sore from work. Had big party for residents and body is rebelling.
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    Welcome, Darrae! I'm fairly new here myself and just getting my feet wet. My apologies for not being able to "chat" with you the other night. I was posting and didn't want to lose my train of thought (it goes "off track" By the time I finished, you were gone. And the movie you were trying to remember with Jimmy Stewart was "Bell, Book & Candle". Just FYI...

    All others...I am reading your newsy posts.:)
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    Hi Rock,

    I assume you saw Windytalker's post for me. So much for cognitive thinking. I read the book and didn't remember the cat. I saw the movie with the cat and didn't remember the name of the movie which were one in the same. Oy! Can we say I need a trip to "brains are us"? :rolleyes:

    My train of thought spends most of it's time derailed. I've been in a two week long flare and can't remember dink!

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    Nice ta meet ya! Thanks for the memory jog. :) I have not gotten the hang of the private chat thing either. Too much to try to absorb right now. Lydia1 says I need to start new message. Tried it. Don't know if it worked or not. Have not seen anything to support success as yet. No apology necessary for being unable to chat. It happens. Thanks anyhow. That was making me nuts.

    Warm thoughts to you