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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    OK, folks. Bow and curtsy to your partner and your corners. Circle once around the ring.

    Do-see-do and allemande right.
    Dance till dawn right through the night.

    Gents to the center and form an arch.
    Ladies go through. 1-2 March!

    Biscuits in the oven, and chicken in the pan.
    Dance as little or much as you can.

    Swing your partner and promenade.
    Now all sit down. Have some lemonade.

  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids I am feeling pretty good at the moment. A few hours ago I was miserable. Well, better than
    being miserable all the time.

    Mikie, do you moderate on the CFS/Fibro board? Somebody over there is peddling a product. See
    "Earthing Cured My Dysautonomia". Great Balls of Snake Oil. A cure that sounds preposterous
    to cure something I never heard of.

    Loved you last post. I will not say Phooey to your eggy joke. Used to play bridge with a guy who
    would sometimes say after a game, "Let's go to the (I forgot the name of the coffee shop. It now
    has a new name that I think is stupid: The Good.)
    Anyway, "Let's go to the coffee shop. I feel like something eggy."

    Do your cats recognize their names? I feel sure Tweety does. What about Sylvester and the wild

    Julie, thanks again for the big welcome back post. That was no typical of you i.e. NICE. Never
    been to Alaska, although I did read a book last year about a guy who lived with the grizzly bears
    up there. Too bad there isn't a state with California weather and Mid-West people. Boy, that
    Clinton really puts in long day. Even longer than Gordon.

    Spring water. Is your arthritis causing problems other than swollen knuckles? I've had swollen
    knuckles for 10-20 years. No other problems though, unless the arthritis is causing some of my
    back disability. Yesterday my back was in pretty good shape, but my hip was making me miserable.
    I'll give you the medical description so you can visualize it.

    The pain is right where my holster would be if I were a right-handed gunslinger.

    SG, I haven't hear of TMJ for ages. Used to come across it in medical reports at the office.
    Never had any claims from boxers though. We did have some claims from professional
    athletes and from movie stunt people.

  3. Mikie

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    Julie, I agree--you deserve a nap. Sleep well.

    Sunflower Girl, Barb always appreciates everything everyone does for her. She is happy to be back and was out sitting on the Balcony this morning. She is having problems with Comcast getting her internet service up and running. We had to leave her number so their so-called customer service could call her back. Waiting time for a rep was an hour! I had to shoo off a crow and a jay. I am no longer putting food outside except for Simon's breakfast. He eats about 5:30 and after he's done, the bowl comes back in.

    Rock, Tweety and Sylvester know their names. I call Simon by his name every morning before I take his food out. I don't know whether it means anything to him or not but figure if he hears it enough, he will realize it pertains to him. Also, he should connect it to a pleasant experience of being fed. Thanks for the tip about the person selling on the other board. Just got rid of the post and sent warning. This is the first seller we've had in a while.

    It was low odds today that it would rain but we got some rain this afternoon but nothing like we've been getting. I worry that this much rain will cause sink holes and we'll just disappear from the face of the Earth. Whoosh! Gone!

    Think I may take a nap myself. Nothing good on TV. Whine, whine, whine. I want to be continually entertained. I'm feeling a bit down today and don't know why. I've worked hard all week and maybe this is just the letdown afterward. There is certainly enough left to be done in here but am out of the mood. No Ambition.

    So, Dear Friends, have a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning Porchies!

    Oh's 3 in the afternoon here. All that dancing and activity yesterday at work, I knew I would pay for that! Woke up this morning, (afternoon),everything from my hair folicles to my toenails hurt. I immediately, (well not immediately since I can barely walk. Let's say as fast as I could waddle), went for my med box and took my pain pill, musle relaxer, synthroid, turmeric capsules , and ginger root capsules.

    Gee I hope the residents had fun. Sure wasn't for lack of nutiness on my part! Already being in a flare, now I'm in a 3 alarm flare. There will be no unnecessary movement of this body today, tomorrow or Sunday.


    I loved the eggy joke. Also, FYI, my cats all know their names too. Think maybe you've just done a little too much here the last couple days. Rest up and feel better.


    Oh Rock,

    FYI, I have TMJ. Had it since the Fibro landed on me. My chiro adjusts my jaw when I go in to see him when it becomes really bad. Sometimes it gets so bad it's almost impossible to chew. Hurts! Mostly I just get painful little "clicks" in my jaw when I open my mouth, yawn or eat. Sometimes worse, sometimes not so bad. Sometimes really bad and hard to eat. Sometimes, no pain or clicks at all for a while.

    You really do want apple cider vinegar though, not a substitute. Chemical benefits are different. Can't explain why, just know from many sources that they are. Including an old farmer I'd trust implicitly on the subject of remedies. He used to be a horse breeder and racer. He used apple cider vinegar on his horses! He swore b it. Said it was the best! He took it daily himself. Man was healthy as a horse! (Pardon the pun).

    Also, arthritis could be very well what is plaguing your back. If you have it one place in your body, you can have it anyplace in the body. If ya got it, ya got it. I have it in my hips. That was diagnosed 28 years ago. (Sometimes it feels like having hot pokers shoved into my hips right about "holster", as you described it, height). But sometimes, I'm sure it's affecting my fingers on occasion too. There are days I get swelling and pain in some of my knuckles. And, if pressure is applied to most of the knuckles, there is a certain amount of painful reaction.

    I'm really glad you're up to posting again. Miss your eclectic mind! So funny you are. Good health to you!

  5. Darrae

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    To all else on the porch I may have missed, have a great Labor Day Weekend!

  6. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks for starting us up ROCK ! I think I posted on the old thread this afternoon or whenever it was. Julie may have too. I am so mixed up it seems. Think someone might need to close off the old volume. Need to go check it.

    Everyone have a great holiday weekend. Check the old volume for me, Julie and whoever else, I forget.

    Love and good evening to awl,

    Granni :)
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bumping up the PORCH number 640 started by Rock. Hopefully now everyone will post here and not the old volume.

    Hope to see some of you here this weekend. We aren't going anywhere except out to dinner with another couple, that's it !!

    Lots of hugz,
    Granni :confused:
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Dar, I was afraid of a big flare for you. Please rest this weekend and I hope the flare is gone. I know I overdid it this week, especially on the Balcony. I also worked hard on the condo but both look so nice, it's worth it. I don't usually flare anymore since the shots but I surely do get tired when I overdo. So do the other old ladies around here so I don't think it's too unusual. As for TMJ, if you clench your jaws, find a good medical masseuse who can release the stress in your shoulders. I did and when it released, my teeth chattered uncontrollably for a while. Then, all the pressure was gone.

    Granni, enjoy you meal out with the other couple.

    I hope all our other porchies have a nice weekend. I think I'll take another cup of coffee out to the Balcony. I want to find out whether Barb ever got her call from Comcast and got her internet hooked up. Bealls is having a sale with $10 coupons off $25 spent. I printed out two in case Barb and her DD want to go shopping. Sometimes, if I don't need anything else, I buy two boxes of K-cups Dark Magic coffee and use the coupon. That makes it pretty cheap. Costco is also having $5 off their boxes of K-cups so I need to stop in there. Doubt whether I'll do it this weekend, though. It's like a zoo there on weekends.

    Other than that, I feel like just taking it easy. Probably won't go to the pool either. Too many people and kids. Again, hope everyone has a good one!

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - I know what you mean about the pool and grocery stores being jam packed with people during this holiday .However, we are not really having company over this weekend if some other friends from across the fairway are free to come over for some chatting and wine before dinner tomorrow night. We tried to get everything needed before the weekend. The pool will be jammed I am sure as they will be having a gathering of sorts I guess on Monday with food drinks, and lots of people. DH is not a pool person and neither am I for that matter but when the kids and gkids were younger I was the one who got to go with them :)!!! If I went to the pool I would just get cool and then hop out to try and get a little tan and warm up a little.

    Hope you feel better soon. To much cleaning up of the balcony and such , I suspect.

    It is a very lazy day today. DH has been on the computer so I have been trying to do some anti cluttering as I am sure you all know about :)!!!! Just got to hop on for a bit until DH needs it again. It is SO hot outside , just trying to stay cool. Didn't even go out to weed which I am sure will be waiting for me for another couple of day. I imagine that I will be laboring on Labor Day outside for at least a little while.

    Thinking about everyone and hope ALL have a great weekend.

    Granni :)
  10. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Dang it! Lost whole post again!

    Let's try this again.....

    Mikie, Thank you so much for the TMJ tip. I'd never made that connection before. Will try that next time I get to see a masseuse! Yup, figured that balcony was going to take it's toll. Hope you and Barb have a nice visit and nice time shopping lightly. Get some rest too dear one.


    Hope your weekend is restful and peaceful.

    I for one, will be in my padded rocker with feet up on padded rocking ottoman with my body pillow and a regular pillow under my feet, watching movies on my computer and awaiting lunch and dinner to be brought up to me. I'm going to rest this whole blamed weekend.

    I have a friend, who is strictly a platonic pal. He has adult ADHD, is bipolar and spent 25 years pickling his brain with alcohol before being diagnosed as an adult. Hence, I detect some alcohol dementia as well. He is, however, pretty much alone. His family ignores him. He has no friends. I knew him in high school. He's been clean of alcohol and drugs for 28 years and attends AA meetings regularly. He's proud of that accomplishment. He should be.

    His folks were residents of mine. When they passed away, I was the only one there for him. When he realized who I was, he felt he'd found a friend who understood. He was right. He spends most of his days over here "helping out" in return for pleasant company and home cooked meals.
    We accept him as he is, as do my closest friends, so he is also invited to Saturday night card games. Makes him happy to be part of a group who doesn't call him "retard". I will never understand some people!!!

    (HE CANNOT COOK. HE BURNS EVERYTHING!) So a good home cooked meal means a lot to him. He provides the food and we turn out gastronomic delights for him. He shovels walks, mows grass, and helps us out when we are not doing so physically well. Sort of a trade off. He's a sweetie at heart. Ya just have to be able to handle the major cognitive difficulties he has in order to be around him. For me no problem. I worked a lockdown for criminately! And my daughter worked in the Mental Health center at the hospital before her condition got too bad to allow her to work. So we "get" what goes on with him.

    He sort of understands my condition and flares, and understands Darci's stroke and has seen what the diabetes can do to her first hand when she went down and "rag dolled" while he was here and I had to call the paramedics.

    He has adopted a "watch over the girls" mentality with us. Physically he is quite fit so does not mind helping us with things we cannot do. It works for all.

    Well, have a great weekend Mikey, Granni and all else on the Porch.

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Dar: That's good that this old friend has reconnected with you and you're agreeable to include him in your family. I think you were sent at the right time.

    Granni. How did your DD do yesterday on her interview? Did she get any good vibes from it?

    Our next door neighbor has a teenage daughter. A few years ago it was party, party, party with noise to go along with it and the pool parties they had. Last year something must have happened because it was extremely quiet all year long. Two weeks ago I couldn't believe the noise and war whoops at midnight!

    Who here likes summer and the heat that goes along with it????? NOT ME. It's hot and humid and us in so. cal are just not used to the humidity. We all kinda get wilted and don't know how to function. I do like at times that the sun disappears behinds thick clouds. We have a pool but the only ones who enjoy it now are the grandkids. They were over on Thursday. My daughter had to come here to wait for the air conditioning repair man while I went with my husband for ultrasound on his leg. Since he now is getting shots to dissolve clots and starting on Coumadin I'm afraid to have him do anything, including walking much. Anyway, I went into the pool with the grandkids and actually enjoyed the water. Cool but refreshing because the air was sooooo hot.

    With my TMJ I have to be extremely careful not to chew things that might do a # on my jaw. Every so often it will flare up and cause a lot of pain everywhere in my head. Then it's soft foods for about a week or so.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, I did get out to the store cause I was out of Lactaid milk. Well, it wasn't crowded so I got some much needed food. I went early and I think that's the reason there was almost no one there. They had rib eye steaks on sale--very good price. I got a pack of three, will cook one for dinner, and save the other two in the freezer. They are really beautiful steaks. I usually don't like processed foods but they had those already prepared mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes on BOGO so I got one of each. Good thing they let you mix and match. I also got a BOGO on two boxes of frozen coconut shrimp with a tangy orange sauce. Mmmmm! My larder is full. I haven't been eating right since I got this UTI and I need to do better. I got some fresh asparagus which I will steam in my new Oster steamer. It's all clear plastic and I can steam veggies to perfection. I will put Hollandaise Sauce on them. I hope you enjoy your dinner and wine and I hope you are staying cool and rested.

    Dar, how wonderful that you have such a nice friend and how wonderful for him too. In our hood, we have all kinds of people, some healthy, some with physical problems and some with mental or emotional problems. We try to accept people as they are. One thing we always do is be there for one another when someone needs something. Bless you for being so good to this friend of yours. How sad that he had no one else when his parents died. How wonderful that he's clean and sober. That isn't easy. Pick out what kind of place you want in Heaven; I'm sure it will be waiting for you.

    Before I went to the store, I took my $10 coupon to Bealls and got my coffee. While I was there, I saw some slippers I need and a pair of earrings like I've been looking for for years. After I put away the groceries, I printed out another coupon and went back for the slippers and earrings. All in all, I got $79 in merchandise for $44. I've done better in the past but this ain't bad.

    In the grocery store, as I was reaching for something, I sniffed and thought, "Wow! Somebody has really bad BO. Then, I realized it was me! I'm Herxing and when I sweat out those dead bacteria, I just plain old stink. I came home before I went back to Bealls and washed, put on deodorant, and changed shirts. I may have to burn the other one :) I feel soooo much better today. Last night, I had a headache and that usually ushers in the Herx. If I'm on a week of ABX, I usually Herx the third day and again at the end.

    After this holiday weekend, I'm going to try to get to the pool to work out and lie in the sun long enough to get a bit of color on my pasty bod. Hope I continue to feel this well after I'm off the ABX for a bit. I may have to do another round of them, though. Klebsiella is one nasty bug. I see the pee doc on Fri. On the 9th, I get my teeth cleaned. I always hold my breath because I don't want them to find anything wrong. Dentistry is sooooo expensive. My gyno's office called and my mammo is normal, the PAP is normal, and no more bone loss. This is all great news.

    I was invited to go to the Legion tonight for dinner but they allow smoking and it's noisy. I have never gone but my friends understand that the probably isn't enough Klonopin to make me enjoy something like that. I was also invited to drive down to Marco Island to an outside bar which is noisy tomorrow. Again, I declined but let them know how grateful I am to be asked. My party girl days are over. I've been tellin' y'all that I'm officially an old fart. This just proves my point.

    Again, my dear friends, have a very good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there to awl,

    Sun - Haven't heard fro DD so I take that to mean either she has no idea or not good. I would think if there was anything positive going on she would have shouted it from the roof tops. Thanks for asking. I will let you know if I find out anything. Seems like nothing happens easily for this DD. Thanks for asking about her.

    I guess we are sort of used to hot and humid. It has been humid everywhere I have lived and it has been HOT when we moved from NY to LA and then TX. I can put up with the summers ( stay in as much as possible and they have everything air conditioned here) not like in NY, at least 30 plus years ago when we lived up north, where I was born.

    I think that the chiro. must have stepped it up a notch because I am hurting more the last few days but if it will help in the end I'm willing to try and put up with it. I just don't know what pain is from what :)!! Don't go again till Wed. due to holiday and he usually has Tuesdays off too. Wed. I will be sitting in some kind of massage chair I think which should be interesting, before more regular adjustment.

    Dar - Glad you have a nice relationship with your friend who has little family and friends and you can both help each other out. That is a very good thing for the both of you.

    Hope everyone else is having a wonderful and fairly quiet weekend so far and doesn't get to worn out. YOU TOO JULIE !!! Hope you get a chance to do some resting in between everything you are doing this weekend. While, DH was on the computer I was trying to clean up some of the mess off my desk and dresser :)! Also did a wash.- exciting huh :)??

    Mikie - You were posting when I was I think. Those lovely asparagus sounds so yummy. I love them but they are so expensive even when on sale and DH complains so we usually don't. I was getting hungry reading what you wrote about all the food you were buying :)!! Have a great weekend !! Ours will be quiet other than chorale practice at night.

    Granni ;)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Just popping in to say hi and enjoying reading the posts...

    Rock - my arthritis? well, my these two fingers are swollen with a tender spot
    running along their length when pressed. It has some connection with my sore
    shoulders where they crack loudly if i press these two fingers. I do get some
    relief when i do a lot of pressing the fingers and palm area where also there
    is some hard spot. When i compare the two hands, the left is so much lighter
    and easier to move than the right. yes, i have vague pains which move around
    my hip, abdomen areas.

    I think maybe i should try lavender massage oil or some sort.

    I have a family of pigeons living outside my prayer room window ledge.
    So far so good. I was thrilled when the two young ones made it to this size.
    They can fly some and if i leave the window open they practise hopping and
    flying inside. However, they poop too.

    The family which made its nest atop my cupboard window in bedroom
    that was traumatic because as soon as the young ones got to few weeks
    old, another male bird came and pecked both of them to death when
    no one was there. The parents had gone out scavenging.

    This story is going on good so far, Ive already rescued one of the young
    ones when she fell out and was hopping around three storey down on
    the lower branches of trees. the dogs or crows might hv got her.

    However all four doing good now. Its so good to see them on the ledge.
    all together. waitingfor the kids to grow up and fly away.

    Everydobby, take care

    God Bless
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Not much time to post or anything of great interest. Just want4ed to pop in for a minute before heading off to church.

    SW - nice story about you rescuing those little birdies.

    I need to look over my music before we leave for church;. See you all later.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Happy Labor Day a day early. Today is my Mom's birthday. She would have been 104. I always remember it and blow a kiss her way. I was thinking about it last night and imagined her as a little pink baby in her mother's arms.

    Granni, I hope the chiro helps you. Constant pain is awful. How is the rash? Yes, asparagus is expensive. They had a special on it. I found a package with very small and tender spears, I may use the lower part of the sprigs to make some cream of asparagus soup. I use the Knorr mix for the sauce. I can make my own but it's not as good so why bother.

    Springwater, I'm glad the babies are doing so well. Yes, we have crows here and they have driven all the other birds away, except for the equally evil jays. My neighbor is going to see whether they have any live traps. If I can lure a crow into one, I can hang the trap in the tree and let the crow squak for a day to warn the others off. I doubt it will work but I've tried everything else.

    Yesterday was sweaty Herxing. Today is nausea and diarrhea Herxing day. I think I'm finally done. There must have been one hellova dieoff of bacteria for such a strong purging effect. The cats' Daddy Jeff gave me some extra aloe vera plants from his garden so I have to get dressed and go out and plant them. It's good something is making me move. I'm putting the cats' bowl of food down in the bushes as Sylvester is soooo exhausted in this heat and his sore paw makes it hard for him to come upstairs. Tweety is such a brat that she eats and then tries to cover the bowl with mulch so the other cats can't have any food. Simon didn't show for breakfast today. This happens from time to time. I just figure he managed to catch something for himself. Maybe a nice warm tasty mouse or snake. None of us has ever had a mice problem. The cats and hawks take care of that.

    Yesterday, after shopping, I managed to clean out my small pantry cupboard and took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster center. Today, after I plant the aloe vera, I will clean out the fridge. Freezer is fine. I still need to go through about half the containers in my big walk in in the front office/bdrm. Everything is put away but I can't remember what is where in the lower containers. I'm going to make a map of the place.

    Hope y'all are having a really great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Good morning Porchies all,

    Am still in pretty nasty flare. Got hot soak yesterday and didn't move about much except to play cards when company came out. My BFF, the one with Generalized Idiopthic Dystonia, brought out some home made sloppy joe and buns, tater tots and home made lemon muffins. Yum. She loves to cook, but her oven doesn't work. Mine is now on the fritz too. So she sent friend David out for my muffin pan, she mixes the batter and he bakes it in his oven. We're like a 3 man baking crew! LOL

    Movies and staying down for me today. Have to work tomorrow. It's been in the upper 90's-lower 100's here for days and days. We've not seen rain in over 24 days. Yet the humidity is stifling. With no A.C. working in my car, the drive home is not pleasurable. I think it's also what's doing a job on my hips, knees, back and fingers. Or, maybe....just maybe...all the "cavorting I did on Thursday may have played a part". LOL


    Thank you. I think that many times in our lives, the right person comes along at the right time and makes a difference for someone else. I think it's just the natural order of things. God's plan, if you will. Have a wonderful weekend.



    Glad you found some good bargains! Way to go! Sorry about the herxing again. Sounds like no day at the beach. I envy you, however, the luxury of being able to use deoderant. Since my surgery a year and 1/2 ago, the surgeon cautioned me no deoderant, sprays, creams, powders and no shaving under my arms......ever. I said "ever"?
    She said EVER! I had a tunneling septic cyst headed round my back and toward my heart. All from a fingernail sized little pink spot under that arm where a bra rubbed no bigger than half the size of my pinkie fingernail.

    The next 3 days it turned into a golfball sized round lump. Went to see G.P. who said he was afraid to drain it, that I should see surgeon. If it got any bigger, come back in. 3 days later it looked like the size of two ripe bananas hanging under my arm, beet red. I called.....he's out of office that day. Went in the next. He looked at it and went "Aaaarrrhh"!!!, I'm admitting you to the hospital right now.

    He called my surgeon, Sarah, who came to my hospital roomk, looked at it and went 'AAAArrrr"!!!! Let me see if I can get you to an O.R.. She came back and said no O.R.'s open. Put me on broad spectrum antibiotic drip, came back next morning and surgery occurred. Due to my insurance, they wouldn't let her use a wound vac, so I was sent home with a 7 inch long, 4 inch wide, 2 inch deep gaping surgical wound under my arm.

    Over many months, my daughter removed the old dressings (burning, seering pain!), soaked the curling in normal saline, and tucked it in the gash, avoiding getting muscle tissue stuck to other tissue, put a 4x4 bandage over that, and an abdominal bandage over that and then wrapped my chest and wound with a huge ace bandage for the day or night. She did this twice a day for what seemed forever, (4-6 months), until it finally healed. Surgeon told her she'd done a fantastic job, that it looked as good as if she'd stitched it closed herself.

    However, I am never allowed to have anything under either arm again. Nothing.

    So, I have to do whatever it takes not to smell like a musk ox on these hot days when I've been so active. I carry a package of large scented wet wipes in my purse, have another at my desk, sometimes I go to the rest room, strip off my shirt, actually wash the armpits and my own with soap and use the blow dryers before going back on the floor. Then I spray scent on the outside of my shirt away from my skin.

    I would kill to be able to just roll on some deoderant every morning and feel "powder fresh" every day. Have a wonderful Labor Day!



    Hope the bone crusher is doing you some good. Sorry to hear about DH's circulatory difficulties and having to be put on the coumadin. Very scarey for you, I know. I sure do hope you two get some health relief soon. Prayin for ya.

    Loves, n hugz

    To all who commented,

    Thank you for the kind words regarding my friend Jeff. He's just another friend with problems. My friends all have problems. We're all single, and messed up. Donna has the Dystonia, David has cilliac and hemachromatosis, back problems, arthritis, diabetes, is recently, "gluten no no", and has 8 screws and a metal plate in his ankle, Larry has M.S. and is diabetic, my daughter diabetes, asthma, allergies, and stroke-related fun, and myself fibro, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, heart disease, and arthritis. We're like the "gimp parade around here". The good thing is, we have each other.

    When one peeps, the rest come a runnin. Or waddling, or whatever mode of locomotion life affords us. we're a fun group though! We all live within 10 miles of each other. We all take care of each other at one time or another, in some way or another. We are more than friends. We are family. We love each other like family. I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.


    Your story regarding your little pidgeon friends is fascinating and so touching. The way you look after them and even let them come in and build a next on your cupboard "poop" and all. Such an angel you are. God's creatures are special too. Nothing tells me more about a person than if they are an animal lover or not. Says a lot about charactor. I like your charactor.



    Hope you are getting plenty of rest and feeling okay. Tummy troubles go away. Have a good weekend and Labor Day Holiday. Wishing you a big "feel better".

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :) Big HUGZ to everydobby,

    Just time for a quick HI.

    Dar - Thank goodness my DH doesn't have to be on blood thinners or anything. I was trying to get information for a friend of mine with a all kinds of problems along with problems reacting to meds. She is now on another one but I guess it is not as expensive. She, for now is off another drug, I forget what it is for now. She has to go see the Cardiologist again I think. They were going to do an ablation but he decided not until she has tried all the drugs on the market. She has reactions to everything, it seems.

    Mikie - so sorry for all your herxing. Hope you are or will be finished with that soon !!!

    I get a bunch of days off due to the holiday and the chiro's day off and the holiday. Then I have three days in a row. I think I am extra achy since the last couple of adjustments. I am thinking he has pushed them up a notch, if you know what I mean. My neck may be a bit more flexible but still hurts. With everything I have I am not sure that I will get rid of everything. Just wanted to TRY ! I can't afford to go to him all the time though, even if I do like him and agree with his natural practices.

    Have to go and get my stir fry stuff together. DH is going to do it on the Grill Wok. I will be helping too of course.

    Love to awl, :)
  19. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Everyone has certainly been busy. I enjoy reading everyone's posts,

    Dar, I worked in SNFs many years ago. I especially enjoyed working with the older folks with dementia. I switched to forensic mental health years ago, and that was certainly interesting. I missed working with the elderly, though.

    I've been like Mikie--cleaning. I cleaned out the storage yesterday, and the bed of my truck is filled with bags to go to the dump. Also have been going through family things and am sending several boxes to my younger cousin. Can't believe how much I kept. Am keeping a few things, but the rest needs to go.

    Wishing everyone a good weekend.
  20. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Cleaning cupboards and refrigs seem to be the activity lately. I have to have help, but I now have a clean pantry and one refrig is spotless. Only 2 more refrigs and 2 freezers to go. Yes, I need all these and they do get used. We live rural and when I find often used or rare items, I stock up. One of my freezers is mainly used for GF items...but neither freezer is "frost free" since frost free freezers "defrost" not only ice, but the food as well.

    I noticed something yesterday and commented on it with my DH. He cracked up. So, I'm sharing with you since crows are a "topic" here. Have you ever noticed crows walk like they have a "load" in their pants? Check it out! You will now never look at a crow the same way again.:)

    My DH is leaving in a couple of days for CA. My youngest stepson is turning 50 on Saturday and my DH plans to surprise him at the party. Wish I could be there, but I no longer travel. My choice...when I travel, I get so sick it's just no longer worth the effort. Plus, I have to go on O2 (which I hate) and have an allergy to plastics (including the O2 tubing). I get a mini-vacation myself. I get to cook foods I like!!! Look out lamb chops, here I come.

    For those of you with arthritis...have you ever tried eating cherries? I have friends who swear by them...some drink cherry juice but the kind from a HS store (not the kind sold at Walmart). I do have a bit of arthritis...mainly in my hands/knees and cherries do seem to help. One thing I did notice arthritis did get a bit worse at first, then it eased up quickly.

    I do read the posts...all are very newsy and wish I had more time to reply individually. I just wanted to add my 2 cents for the day.

    Hope everyone has a better day...