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    OK, folks. Time ta get started. Earl, where's your boots? Oh, OK, We'll wait.
    Sally, new dress? Uh-huh. Very nice. How's that new calf doin', Phoebe?

    OK, Bud, let 'er rip.

    Circle the square; curtsy and bow.
    Show your partner you know how.

    Do see Do, then weave the ring.
    Makes ya feel like a Queen or King.

    First coupe go left, next couple go right.
    Now don't that make a purdy sight!

    Balance once and do it again.
    Once more around; I'll tell ya when.

    Ladies chain, then form a star.
    Gents circle round where the ladies are.

    Now swing your partner and all go home.
    That's the end of that round and the end of ma poem.

    Bud, call Toots. Tell him we can't have a dance without a fiddler.

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    Hi Rock,

    Nice callin' there bub! My uncle Zaye used to play fiddle and call for barn dances when my mother and her sibs were of an age to go to barn dances engroup with friends. Sometimes, he would break out, like you do, in one of his "calls" at family get togethers just to be silly. I used to love when he did that.

    I have a friend at work, the bus driver. He and his wife are square dancers. She makes all his "special" shirts and things to match her "special" dresses. They have fun, but they take it seriously too. They belong to a group who do it regularly and are really into it. I think that's wonderful. They are a great couple.

    I never got to learn to square dance. Closest I came was the "Virginia Reel". I also learned to do the "Highland Fling", (complete with swords crossed on the floor), "The Polka", "The Schottische" (originally a Bohemian dance), the Hora (the Jewish version of the dance introduced in Israel by Romanian dancer, Baruch Agadati in 1924).

    The name of the dance has been spelled differently in different countries). Said to have originated in the Balkans, also known as the horo or oro---is cognate to the Greek--- and is essentially a dance done in a circle, holding hands and circling in a fast motion to the right. I learned to do all of these by the age of 13. I also dabbled in ballet.

    I also am well versed in the Two Step, The Texas Two Step, Triple Step, The Chicken Dance, The Bunny Hop, The Limbo, The Pony, The Cotton Eye Joe, Electric Slide, The Sway, The Stroll, The Twist, The Mashed Potato, (Though my brother did that one better than I), The Swim, The Waltz, and The Boot Scoot Boogie, and Modern Dance.

    These I learned between the ages of 14 and 30. In High School I was asked by the director to join "Orchesis", the school dance group. I said no. (I didn't like the girls I'd have to associate with in order to be in that group, some of them were pretty nasty and had bad reputations--well earned---and did not want to be thought of as one of them). So, I just danced for the sheer joy of it when I wanted to.

    Wish I could still do them all. This body no longer allows certain movement due to knees that go out and my balance is a thing of the past. Gosh I miss being able to dance like I used to. I still dance with my residents. And, when they are worn out, I Waltz ,Cotton Eye Joe, Twist, and do the Two Step by myself for their amusement. Or, every now and then, a male family member will jump in and do the 50's and 60's dances with me. Always fun!

    Many of my residents also used to love to dance, and still love watching others do it. It brings back fond memories for them so they tell me. They get disappointed when I'm having knee, ankle, or feet problems and can't dance on some days.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Dance as if no one were watching!

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    Hi Kids

    Gordon and I went to the chiro and the market yesterday. First time I've been
    shopping in 4 months or so. After careful reflection I can tell you, nothing has changed.
    Anyhoo I bought more stuff than usual. The bill was $77 and some cents. I had $78 in my

    The clerk said, "Wasn't that lucky?" I said, "What do you think would have happened if I
    had brought a thousand dollars?" Raspberries were on sale. Four little boxes for 5 bucks. They
    are pretty tart. Well, one can't have everything. As Steven Wright says, "Where would you put it?"

    Julie, I was reading a book of poetry by Phyllis McGinley that was from 1940. As am I. The
    book was in better shape. That's great that Grandpa felt up to going to his reunion. Hope your picnic
    today is pleasant with only minimal ants and food poisoning. Remember when Naomi catered a
    picnic on "Mama's Family"? She put the food in the car the night before the picnic. Filled an
    entire wing of the hospital.

    Uncle Zaye sounds like a good guy to have around when entertainment is wanted, Dar. Was
    Zaye short for something? Sounds like you did plenty of dancing. Funny you missed out on
    square. When I was a teen the school gym was open one night a week for folk dancing.
    We did lots of stuff. Square dancing is like the Broadway musical. Both are American inventions
    based on forms from the old world.

    Folk dances come in 3 flavors: square, line and round. Anthropologists are still searching for
    a triangle dance. They get teased about their failure to find one. Some of their colleagues make
    pointed remarks.

    Yes, I read about the hora when I worked for a Jewish boss and went to a Jewish wedding. We
    danced the hora or oro. We did the modern version where you hold a traditional pastry in each
    hand. It's called the Oreo.

    Sounds like you did all kinds of dances. A regular dancin' fool. I was just half of that. I did
    like the stroll. No talent to do that one required.

    Back later
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    Bumping up Rock's new Porchlight volume #642. Thanks Rock for starting us up again. Everyone might want to check the old volume to see if they missed anything. There were a few from myself, Julie and Dar, and maybe Rock too.

    Dar - You and I and Julie posted on my old thread before. . So don't post on #641 even if no one has officially signed off on that one :)!!! I didn't even look at the number when Julie and Dar posted on it.

    Hey Dar you sound like me. Even with my pain I love to do all kinds of dances. However, I don't get much change any more. I hate to hear music and not dance but I am afraid DH is not that much into it unless it may be C and W, waltz, yes two step and some polka (that took him awhile). However, we are out of practice so to drag him on any dance floor is a big deal and it depends on the mood. I am always in the mood but haven't done so in awhile. I also used to tap dance and would love to clog but no where around here and I am gone enough from the house, DH thinks. The gals I used to dance with have dispersed, one is ill and the other has moved.

    I need to go and do some of my neck exercises. I got a whole bunch of them on the website from the chiro but I need to copy them in order to even do them. I copied the neck ones but not the back.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to pop in later.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Rock,

    Sorry your berries were a little tart. Good to hear you got out for a while to shop. Uncle Zaye passed away years ago. Zaye was not short for anything. His given name was Pearl Zaye Stout. He preferred Zaye to Pearl. Wouldn't you?
    We had some very odd names on that side of the family. I had also an Uncle Hessel Doran, (who went by Bud), an aunt Cloe, a Great Uncle Josephus, and an Great Uncle Hose, (pronounced Hosee). They were from the south, via Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Notinghamshire, Nottingham, England, Virginia, Ohio, Unionville Missouri, and Seymor, IA. There was also a portion of the family then went on, via the Oregon Trail to Utah, and the Whitman Mission in Oregon.

    There is a movie made 1974, (based upon the book written by the third of the seven children, Catherine Sager), entitled "Seven Alone", that documents the story of the Sager side of that family, "The Seven Sager Orphans". My 9th greatgrandfather and grandmother, (Henry and Naomi Sager), and 4 of the seven children died while enroute on that wagon train, and/or died during the Whitman Massacre. The "Story Book" ending in the movie was not the "accurate" ending of the true story. Movies back then always had "happy" endings.

    The Stout side I traced back to Ireland, circa late 1300's, then to Nottinghamshire, Nottingham England, Holland and to Middleton, Monmouth, New Jersey in the U.S. . It got sketchy when I reached the Ireland connection with Tomas Staught (later name was spelled Stout), and Sarah Moon. I am still working on finding them on an Irish sight to see how much further back I can get.

    The Sager (Seeger) side, I've traced back to Switzerland, 1338 to Bavaria, Germany, and to Pennsylvania, in the U.S.. It's taken me a year. I'm attempting to complete the entire geneology and put it in book form for my children and grandchildren.

    You danced the Oreo? How funny you are! You're right, the "Stroll" was an easy dance. My sister taught me when she was in high school and I in elementary. Funny, I've used that quote from Steven Wright recently with my residents. LOL

    Have to go get groceries myself here soon.

    Back Later,
  6. Darrae

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    Hi Granni,

    I so love that you tapped and clogged. Dancing is such great fun isn't it? Even in pain, we still can't sit still when there's music about can we? LOL

    Loves n hugz
  7. Darrae

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    Hope you have fun and get to rest some at the picnic. Really glad to hear Gramps is going too. Should be a nice day for all! :) Have a great time.

  8. Granniluvsu

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    Dar - You are right. The Stroll dance was an easy one . I still remember how to do it. However, dancing always came easy and singing, making up harmonies. to different tunes. I hear them in my head, not necessarily the tunes written down on the page :) !! he he In my old church I did a lot of descant singing from tunes in my head as we didn't always have the books or music with descants written down.

    I have gotten out of practice with that somewhat since we have the books and our present director wants us to sing the notes on the page - darn it :)!!!! Although if I sing the wrong the wrong note but it is in the chord, so to speak he doesn't get too upset. I am not the strongest music sight reader but I have been singing for some time so have gotten much better at it, considering I haven't had any actual sight reading lessons in music. Music and dancing are just plain FUN. My parents loved to dance and enjoyed music to considering neither of them had had any music lessons or dancing. My brother too. I guess it is in our families genes..

    Wrote out some of the back an exercises so I can figure out what to do when I need to start doing those. Had to copy them from the website as well as the exercises for the neck. Wish they had videos that showed the actual movements - much easier that way.

    We were hoping to have steak on the grill tonight. However, not sure it will stay dry to do so., The other day we had hamburgers and it started raining before they were done and had to finish them in the broiler. We do need the rain through but lately it has come at the wrong time, Nice to see it though.. We have been very happy to see rain lately.

    Dar - P.S. - would love for you to be closer so we could do some of the dances together. Growing up girls always danced together cause sometimes it was hard to find a male partner who thought it was silly or didn't know how. My mom and I could really do a great POLKA. She came from CZ. as a child when her parents died to live with relatives n the USA eventually. Nowadays they sometimes think you are strange if you dance with the same sex, not the slow romantic dances though.


    Hope to see all you guys and gals later, if not tonight tomorrow. My day will start early tomorrow with a 9 a.m. chiro appt. = ugh ! Hope I can get my eyes open for that.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)!!
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    Oh no!:oops: i just wrote a long letter and ------poooof:oops: Up it went somewhere???? I am sorry but my energy expired on the first one so-----here's hoping for tomorrow.

    I had written about square dancing, dancing, and descants. Hope I can remember all that!!! Those italics are what messed me up before!:confused:

    Nite and sweet dreams to all of my dear friends, old and new,

    Gentle Hugs, Lilac
  10. Granniluvsu

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    Dear Joan/Lilacs,

    Don't feel badly about losing your post. I have done that too and it is very frustrating. So glad to see you even if you lost your post. Hope you don't lose the next one you send as we all want to hear from you. Sometimes it doesn't take much for the post to go poof. Sometimes I can retrieve it and other times not.

    Hope all is well with you and everyone.

    It didn't rain on the grill this time but it ran out of gas and so had to finish the steak in the broiler. What a pain !! It did taste good anyway.

    Nothing else new but wanted to pop in and see if I was missing anything. I Joan and had to pop in.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  11. Darrae

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    We have so much in common. Music, dancing and such. I once wrote music and lyrics with another woman. We had 3 of our works published, copywritten and recorded. They were aired in Florida and Nashville. Unfortunately, she turned down the contract we were offered by Dragon Tree Records for those compositions, since she paid for the studio time, she felt my input was irrelavent. Dave Cates did the vocals. One song was entitled, "Broken Wings". The other two were entitled "My Mother's Eyes"and "I'm Just Not That Way". Broken Wings, I think, could have been a hit. It was a great song.

    It was about an old woman going through a chest in her attic looking through old letters tied in ribbon, and pieces of memorabelia from a long lost love of long ago and her shattered dreams of what could have been. It was a beautiful song.

    I would have been happy just to get a foot in the door in the music business. She wanted more money, (greedy), than we were offered. She didn't understand that you don't expect to be making bookoo bucks immediately. We were lucky to be offered a contract by this company. This was the same company that produced Ann Murray's music. I was so depressed over not getting any say regarding the contract and being able to know that people heard my works, that I gave up writing altogether.

    I still, however, love music. And love to dance what little I can. Here's hoping it doesn't rain on your steaks! I wish we lived closer too. I'm of an age where dancing with same sex does not seem all that weird. I do it all the time with my female residents at work. I take the "man's" position in order to make sure they stay steady on their feet. They love it. When dancing with the guys, I switch and take the lady's position and follow their lead, (if they can lead). Otherwise, I just try to keep up with their foot movements. I do pretty good. I can dance with anyone! LOL Good luck with the exercises.

    Love N Hugs,
  12. Darrae

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    Sorry your post went "poof". It's happened to me too. How frustrating o_O Here's hoping the next one takes. Glad to hear from you anyhow.


  13. Windytalker

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    Just a quick note...

    Dar...One of my long term friends (we went to HS together) married a "Sager". Fascinating!!!

    I vaguely remember what dancing was...LOL

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dar - I never worried about dancing with another girl/lady but was saying nowadays, it seems like they have gotten away from that practice.. It was done all the time when I was growing up, if we couldn't find a male who could dance or wanted to :)!! I know what you mean about taking the man's part or position when dancing. Usually , when I dance with another gal and it is a fast dance, jitterbug or Lindy as we used to call it, I take the lead :)!!! Haven't done that in awhile. I like to lead in the POLKA too, To bad we don't live closer we could do our dancing, exercises , together :)!!

    That is a shame that your friend didn't want to go with that contract. Things could have been so much different for you both. Some people are not very patient. One does not usually start from the TOP any way. Not sure I had talent to write songs but if lead in that direction, who knows??

    Waiting till it is time to go to the chiro. and then might have to do some weeding when I get back. The crazy late afternoon rains have kept us from going out some day. It would be so muggy and the bugs would carry us ( usually me) away.

    Spring Water - How are you doing? Missing you lately. Hope things are OK and your brother is doing better or at least OK as can be expected.

    Hi to Rock, Windy, Sun, Julie, Joan and whoever else might pop in to check out the Porch. Hope to get back here later on. Busy day ! Sure had a hard time getting up this morning. Had a headache and knew I had to get up early for the earlier appointment.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Just saw part of a documentary on Arthur Freed. He was the producer of most of those great MGM
    musicals. Before that he was a songwriter. He and his partner wrote almost every song in "Singing
    in the Rain." One song had the tune stolen from Cole Porter. Cole didn't care. He was filthy rich,
    and MGM also produced his movies.

    I bought some Coconut Oil because I saw it recommended here. Couldn't find any on Pro Health so
    I got it from another place. Figured it couldn't hurt, and it might even help. Wrong! The plastic
    container was defective. Or maybe it got tossed around too much in transit. Anyhoo it leaked. I had
    oil on the dresser and the counter and the floor and me and my clothes and you get the picture. Or
    should I refer to it as an oil painting. SOL

    Anyhoo I am getting a refund. Other great phrases as we go through life: Your divorce is final.
    You are now a civilian again. The warden says you can leave on tomorrow's bus. Ed McMahon has
    a big check for you. Your dog's OK. It's not cancer. And the winner is..........!

    Granni, we used to polka when I was a kid. There was a dance that helped keep one fit. Remember
    it's cuzin the schottische? Popular in Germany, Scotland, Norway; all places my ancestors came
    from. It was unique because you could dance it as a couple or as two couples holding hands. Kind
    of like 4 horses pulling a buggy. Two in front; two behind them.

    Dar, we got some Stouts in our family too. My mother's cousin married a Stout. She was stout too.
    And a very disagreeable person. Something my mother absolutely refused to admit. And my son
    married stout. Oops!

    Gordoni is home a tad earlier. Better go.
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Windy,

    How fascinating indeed! We've got Sagers from Pennsylvania to Oregon and many parts in between. Some still here in the QCA. Could very well be a relative. I don't know if what I can still do could be called dancing. My residents think I'm a great dancer. If they only could have seen me at 30! Now that was dancing!!! Now it's more like trying to do the steps without throwing out an ankle, knee, or other part of my anatomy I'd like to use in future. LOL

  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Granni,

    I understand what you mean. Today, people don't dance like we did years ago. Kids today find it uncomfortable to dance with another woman. Which I find weird, considering how "vogue" it seems to be now to be gender confused and/or gay, bi-sexual, trans-sexual, etc.... with young people of this particular generation X era. I have no problem with whatever sexual preference a person has. That doesn't enter into this equation.

    When I was younger it was still common practice. Sometimes, 3 or 4 of us girls would get out and "fast dance" together on the dance floor. I remember dancing the polka and waltz with a female cousin at my mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary. It was just accepted. No big thing

    In a little bar not far from here, when I was about 30, I was waiting for a female friend. We were to have cocktails together. There was a band. I couldn't help myself. They were playing the best music! So, since nobody asked, I just got up and hopped on the dance floor and started dancing with a girl who was up there dancing by herself. She smiled in appreciation and we had a ball! She thanked me later. Neither of us considered it odd. But, too, she was about my own age. Granni, if we lived closer, I'd be happy to dance and exercise with you. :)

    You know, swing and big bands are making a big come back. Kids are now finding the jitterbug and the Lindy, (or Lindy Hop), to be the thing now. Isn't it amazing how the old becomes new again? Like clog heeled shoes. My mother wore them during WWII. I thought they were a new fad in the 70's until she told me she used to have a pair! LOL

    It's hot as the blazes here this week. Today it topped out at 98 degrees with a heat index of 106. Been like that for a few days now and no relief in sight til maybe the weekend. Whew!! I feel like the witch from The Wizard Of Oz......"I'm melting, I'm melting"! Thank the Lord I have central air when I get home. The mosquitos here are traveling in gangs and carrying whips and chains!

    Have a good chiro visit.

    Loves N' Hugz
  18. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Rock,

    Sorry to hear about your "oily" experience. Loved the oil painting reference though. Wow! You seem to have a lot of Stouts in your family tree as well! The neat thing about the Stouts of my lineage, is that they were lords, ladies, barons...etc. . Well-to-do and monied

    Sure would like to know how it is none of that moolah never ended up in my lap! LOL :cool:
    Penelope Stout, (9th Greatgrandmother that side ), was the daughter of Baron Van Princes of Holland. She was married to a fellow named Kent. He was killed when their ship crashed on the rocks off the shore.

    She, and the other survivors, made it to shore....only to be attacked by Indians. Her husband was killed. She was half scalped, practically disemboweled, and her arm was hacked so bad she never was able to use it again. She lived in a hollow log for a week, eatin lichen and whatever else she could find to sustain herself, until she finally had to find water.

    She was then fought over by a young Indian and an old Indian. The young one wanted to kill her. The old one decided to take her into the tribe. They healed her, fed and sheltered her, and made her one of the family.

    Later, when the other white folk found out there was a white woman in the Indian settlement, they went to get her. The old Indian gave her the choice of staying with people who had loved her and sheltered her, or to go with these people she didn't even know. She chose to go with the settlers. Penelope was said to have been, likely, the first white woman to set foot in the U.S..

    She later married Richard Stout, (castle and 3 family crests associated with this rich boy), who came here via Holland after joining the Royal Navy due to an arguement with his father over a girl his father deemed "below his station". They began the first Baptist church in this country in their living room. They were tobacco farmers. There are many books about Penelope. I've seen her gravestone in Middleton, Monmouth, New Jersey where the family home still stands. It says "Frontier Woman".

    Pretty cool. Oddly, Richard has been passed down through the family through several generations. I still have a cousin, Richard Stout, who lives about 5 miles from me.

    Maybe your Stouts are from the same lineage. I'd be so curious to know. My mother was a Stout and stubborn as the day was long, was never ever wrong, and never apologized once for anything in her life! Must run in the family! LOL ;)

    And I still love the Polka too!

    Have a wonderful night

    To Julie, Spring, Windblade, Soul, Lilacs, Mikie and all else on the Porch, have a good night and a beautiful tomorrow! Dar
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Dar

    Wow! Some story. I think family history is fascinating. One of my aunts did too. She
    traveled around New England doing tombstone rubbings. Put together a book which she sent to many
    relatives who pretty much ignored it. One lady wrote, "I plan to read it when I get time." My son and
    siblings are totally disinterested. I have 3 books on the family, but don't know anyone who wants them.

    I looked for Penelope's gravesite. Found this:

    The site indicates the exact grave site is unknown. The are pics of bas reliefs, but no explanation.
    From an obelisk? Her dates are given as birth: 1622; death 1733. (sic)

    There are over 150 messages from people who indicate there are 8 or 10 generation descendants.
    There is a message from a Darleen. Maybe that's you. Anyway, one lady indicated she has a web
    page on Penelope.

    Reminds me of high school when we had to give oral reports. One of the brightest kids in class gave a
    report on Ulysses who was married to Pen a lope. And my neighbor gave her report a dramatic
    title: A Rond a vous with Destiny.

    I wondered at the time, if I were the teacher, would I correct them? Decades later I thought of
    that situation and decided the best course would be a tactful and private word after class.
    We had a great English dept for a small high school. A beautiful young teacher who wore great
    clothes. A beautiful young man w/ blond hair who probably titillated the girls. And a middle
    aged woman who was a great teacher and an inspiration to me. A few years later we had a very
    nice middle aged male teacher who had a crush on me, but I was too naive to realize it. Didn't
    dawn on me for about 30 years.

    Here's another reference on Penelope. Altho mayhap youse has already rondeevous with it.

  20. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Genealogy is so fascinating in so many ways. It was interesting to read about the Stout family history...and it was great read!! Penelope was quite a woman!!!

    My family's only claim to fame is my great-grandfather was in the Scot's Guard during Queen Victoria's reign. BUT, he was a deserter! He came to the U.S., grew a beard and mustache to alter his appearance plus claimed to be from Ireland. When the queen died, she pardoned all the deserters. I was told he still didn't trust this...shaved off his beard, but kept the mustache. I didn't quite understand why he deserted until I say a movie not long ago (Young Victoria) which showed much civil unrest and riots due to her political policy statements. This all occurred prior to her marrying Prince Albert.

    If it's any consolation, Rock, I ordered some liquid detergent that arrived one big gooey mess. I'm very empathetic! It was replaced with no problems and, hopefully, you won't have any hassles either.

    Perhaps if I had married men who could dance, I wouldn't be in the shape I am now. Although I sang in choirs, I've always been an alto. Not fair...I wanted to sing like Jane Powell.:)

    I also watched the program about Arthur Freed. Enjoyed it very much...but, then, I enjoy those types of documentaries and try to catch them whenever they're on TV. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were both unique dancers...they definitely had their own style.

    Glad I got the name "Sager" right! Yesterday afternoon I thought...did Dar say Sager or Sanger? Phew!!

    You all take good care of yourselves...