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    Hi, Kids,

    Just popped in to say how much I appreciate all your sweet and kind support. I did post a bit more over on The Lounge. I think the cats are getting used to being inside but they seem just a bit depressed, especially Sylvester. They are living in the lap of luxury here but it's just not the same as being free.

    I'm still sick with the UTI, sleep deprived from the cats, and busy with doc appts. and another water emergency in the hood. Last night, I locked the cats outta my bedroom and got a decent night's sleep. They seem to do just fine. I leave the door to the lanai open enough so they can go out there where I put another litter box.

    I felt bitter toward that mean woman but it has been replace by the love and support I've received here and from friends in the hood. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Everydobby,

    Julie - Sorry you are having such sinus problems and hope they go away soon. How cute of Lorraine to say her daddy is a HERO. He surely is as is all the others who are in the service or work in law enforcement. We need more appreciation for those people, men and women. Those kitties must be so cute now and you must need to make sure when outside you don't step on one.

    Yes, don't the linens smell good outside? I haven't been able to hang things up for many years now. Don't have a place to hang a line and they wouldn't let me where I live. I really don't have the NRG to do all that hanging but might have occasionally for the sheets and pillow cases.

    Already did my Denneroll exercise for the neck which is just lying down for a certain amount of time on it up to 20 min. I am only up to 8 minuets as of today. The doc also gave me some more neck and back exercises that I am supposed to do daily. The biggest pain is that I do not have the correct player to do the video so I had to copy all the words and try and figure them out. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to install the correct player whatever t is I don't have . I need to start on them soon today as I have singing in the afternoon for a couple of hours with our small group.

    Mikie - Gee, can't believe you still have that UTI. Do you have pain or discomfort? I always knew when I had them and knew when I needed to start with more water and take the AZO or other OTC meds. Sometimes I could catch it before it got really bad but sometimes not. I didn't fool around what it was really painful. I couldn't stand the real pain when it started. I don't think I had fever either just pain and occasionally blood. Another friend had one and she had no pain either. That seems really weird to me..

    Hi to Rock, Joan, Sun. Dar, Georgia, Windy, Soul and whoever else I may have forgotten. I need to get started on my exercises and do as many as I can figure out. Wish I had the video to watch. The docs office can play it but it takes time and someone has to bring it in to me to watch. There are a lot of the exercises. There are even back exercises which I am not concentrating on, one had a big ball to use that I don't have and I would probably fall off it anyway :)!! Also the way it is described some are very confusing to me.

    Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
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    Been trying to get thru all the posts missed since last time...hmmm what an interesting! I hv never heard of all these dances save a few.

    Julie - hope you get over the sinus headache soon...what Lorraine said of her dad was TOO CUTE!
    'Do you know my dad is a hero?' It's what evey child would want to say of their daddy.

    Granni - u are ful flow into the chiro. I used to hv a printer and would print out recipes
    n all. Even face exercises to keep the wrinkles at bay!! How did I hv the time then???
    Or is it I am more tired now and mostly resting? I hope you see some results soon and
    Lots of pain reduction.

    Rock - thank you for the opening. Aah what a dance. You mentioned raspberries.
    We don't get them here. But we did in my hometown where I was growing up.
    They grew in woods among trees, and it was a double treat, wending ones way
    Among the trees and bushes listening to birds and seeing the sun twinkle in
    The tips of trees. And trying to find ripe bright orange berries, sweet n succulent.

    What is the meaning of tart? That a new one for me. Not the other meaning.
    heh hehheh. I know that one. Tart raspberry.

    Joan - oh I'm sorry to see u lost ur post..always enjoy reading them.

    Try n come back soon.

    Dar - 'stroll dance, chicken dance....potato mash.'..never heard of these..
    Do the names hv any relevance to the way one dances to those? I was thinking
    it wud look pretty nifty doing the stroll dance, if so, down the high street while shopping.

    And potato mash...all right HOW does one do THAT? Hahahaha

    Your uncle Zaye, seems like someone I'd want in my family!

    Windy - I love the memories you n Rock n Granni n Dar seem to share about dances and
    Tv shows...wish I had lived in those times...

    Mikie - I tried to find the post abt mean ole lady and cats n why you hv to bring them
    In, but I couldn't. Anyway, I am glad you were able to get a good nights sleep.

    I know next to nothin abt electricity, wouldn't know what to do if something
    Went wrong in the house! You seem to be the mainstay where these things are concerned
    In your building.

    Well, yesterday I went n got a sample for a latch, need to find a lock too. Hv to go
    Other side of town for that.then locksmith. Also popped in to my friend from centre
    who I haven't seen for long and we had an coffee with cream topping. Didn't like it
    tho. Too creamy.

    Also day before, got called by dhs aunt for nieces gathering for b day but had to tell
    Her I couldn't stay...I stil hv the theft problem, can't leave the house without keeping
    Someone else in charge. I did visit tho, met briefly and aunt packed the party food for me
    to take to son and for myself.

    Yesterday in between the lock errand I dropped off this friends b day present to
    her sisters office since I was too rushed to take it myself. It's her b day today.
    Will just call.

    MIL called yesterday. She was worried because I hadn't been to her place,
    for ages. Told her was having bit of emergency.

    Well,all take care

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Good ta see ya, Springwater. Well, over the years, we've had virtual parties on the porch. No
    reason we couldn't have a dance. Personally, the only mashed potatoes I've encountered over the
    decades have been on plates, not dance floors. However, I found a couple of examples on Youtube.
    The main characteristic of the dance seems to be repetitive sideways movements of the feet. The
    girls doing it seem to be having fun.

    I read that one reason English is difficult to learn, is that it incorporates words from
    many languages. Thus , many of our words have multiple meanings. Tart means a sour flavor.
    This can be good or bad depending on what you want. Many pickles are tart and people expect them
    to be that way. A tart is also a pastry similar to a small, one crust pie. I bought a couple at a
    Persian bakery a couple months ago. A pasty crust topped with a thin layer of chocolate, then
    custard, then fruits. Delicious. About the size of a large cookie. Price: 2 bucks @. And, as you may
    have hinted, a tart is a lady of the night.

    As for electricity, you already know all you need to know about it. It is your friend. It enables
    machines to do lots of work on your behalf. On the other hand, it can kill you. Ha Ha!

    Hope you have a ball with your exercises, Granni. Just don't try and stand on it like Mikie w/
    her B-Ball. "B" stands for bisected. I like your attitude: "I would probably fall off it anyway."
    That's exactly the way I feel. Based on prior experience as a rather clumsy and unathletic
    bi ped, I would probably puncture the ball, damage the furniture and hurt myself.

    Julie, 6 loads of laundry sounds like too many to me. Two is all I ever do in one day. And I'm not
    even doing that now due to my back which has turned on me. Would that make it my front?
    Well, anyhoo, it has stabbed me in the back. But my new girdle is helping. The dr. said it was
    a lumbar support, but Gordon says it's a girdle and threatens to buy me a matching bra. He
    thinks he's funny. Well, actually, he is pretty funny.

    One time I fell outta bed and he said, "One turn to many, Sonja." (A reference to the Norwegian
    Olympic skating champ who became an American film star.)

    How many of Red Mittens kittens have mittens of their own?

    Back later
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    Hi Kids After Now why did that fool font change? Doesn't it know we need big fonts for folks
    with failing eyesight? Like me. Just finished a Rosamunde Pilcher book. It was in LARGE TYPE which
    was a big help. On the other hand, the book was 800 pages and weighed about as much as Zippy. Really
    a strain for feeble folks with failing eyesight and pretty much everything else...such as I. Ha Ha!

    Anyhoo, after mentioning Sonja Heine in the previous post, I looked her up. Discovered she
    had a husband with the same surname as I. If we are relatives, must be pretty distant. The name
    is Scottish and he was from Canada. He was also a skating champ and appeared with her in some
    movies and in her ice shows. Apparently the couple that skates together, mates together.

    Julie, Gordon and I went to a cat show a couple decades ago. They had also kinds of exotic
    cats that one seldom sees and which cost beacoup bucks. For some strange reason, they also
    had some reptiles including a python about as long as some cars. For a small fee you could
    have your picture taken with it draped around your neck. I like snakes but not that big and
    not that close. Hope you and the Amish girls get your chores done and have a nice outing.

    Lilac, sorry another post bit the dust. What in the world were you going to say about descants?
    I know two kinds. The kind in music and the vino kind where you pour the stuff out so it
    can breathe. Wine people can be so pretentious. Well, I guess most of us can. My ex wife had
    a brother in law who was constantly buying expensive wines by the case. He didn't drink them.
    He saved them in the basement as a investment. Have no idea how that turned out.
    Oh wait, it's decant the wine and sing the descant. Oh well. I guess one could do both at
    the same time.

    Windy, that's very interesting about your Scot's Guard gr-granpa. If I found out something like
    that, I wouldn't bother to tell my relatives. They just ignore this kinda stuff. RE: Jane Powell,
    I saw her on stage twice. Took my son (age 10) to see her in "I Do, I Do" with Howard Keel
    at the famous Pantageous Theater in Los Angeles. (They used to have the Oscar Cememony
    there.) I talked to her years earlier in St. Paul fallowing a performance of "110 in the Shade".

    That musical was adapted from a movie (Burt Lancaster & Katharine Hepburn) which was adapted
    from a play. Since been made into a tv movie. And another movie. Couldn't kill it with a stick.
    The problem with the musical was that it didn't have any good songs. Anyhoo Jane Powell
    looked lovely and was very nice although I really don't remember the conversation. Oh,
    wait, I remember one thing. I had a 2 record set of her singing music by Learner and Lowe, and
    I told her I greatly admired it. She smiled.

  6. Mikie

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    Good morning, and I do mean morning. Had to get up to pee at 4:00 and the cats were yowling and ready to go. So, got up and fixed their breakfast. I give them a mixture of dry food with a few dry treats mixed in and a smattering of catnip, just to keep it interesting. Simon was outside ready for his breakfast too. Then, it's time to fill the toys with catnip. Each has a mousie which holds catnip in it's belly with a Velcro closing.

    Each also has a small activity mat, just like the ones for babies but for cats. There is a little mousie which fits into a pocket, where I stow a bit 'o the nip, and a small zippered pouch where I also put some nip. There are feathers on the corners and crinkle material inside which makes a nice crinkly noise. They looooove those mats. They have one of those plastic things with a runner around the side with a ball which runs around the track. It is impossible to get the ball out but they keep trying, especially Tweety. Of course, no morning would be complete without World Wide Cat Wrestling matches until one cries "uncle," and they stop.

    Julie, 101 degrees? Yikes! I hope your sinuses clear up soon. Barb has a full-blown sinus infection and had to have an MRI. She was afraid she would have to cough but made it through OK. Red Mittens has been such a good Mom that I'm sure the kitties don't stray too far. I love that, "Daddy is a hero." How sweet. And, yes he is!

    Granni, what kind of video is it? Is it a big old VCR tape or a DVD? If it is an old VCR, someone probably has a player to give you. There are services which will transfer almost any kind of medium to whatever will work on your system. I hope the exercises work for you. I am a big believer in therapy and exercise to heal things. Good luck.

    I had the UTI for 3 weeks before seeking medical attention because the symptoms would come and go. When I did see the PA, the culture showed Klebsiella, so I took Bactrim. Evidently that cleared up the Klebsiella but the next culture showed a different kind of bacterium and she never called me to change the ABX. So, when I saw the doc himself, he wasn't pleased and put me on a new ABX. Even if the PA made a mistake, that ABX cleared up some kind of infection somewhere in my bod, judging by the Herxing and my feeling so much better. Now, the symptoms are still with me on the new ABX. Doc thinks I don't empty the bladder (I think he's right) and may give me something for that. Oh boy! Another Rx.

    Wow! Springwater, you've been busy. It's dizzying just keeping up reading about it all. I'm only good for one or two errands usually these days. The mean lady lives next door where the cats' baby daddy, Jeff, lives. The cats always lived outside and we all enjoyed them. They were the little ambassadors for the hood. This woman has alcoholic fueled rage issues and she claims the cats' jumping on the car hoods was ruining them with scratches. Two of our neighbors have brand new black cars and the cats haven't scratched them. They don't use their claws when the jump on cars. Jeff had a heart attack at age 31 and the stress from this woman was causing the same symptoms which led up to his attack. I took the cats in because we were afraid she would harm them. The cats are doing so well and Jeff is less stressed. Another neighbor has a friend who has horses and a barn and he may take the cats. I hope so. As much as I love them, I really didn't want pets at this stage.

    Rock, I remember Sonja Henie (probably misspelled that). I love watching her old movies. She was really cute. She continued skating into old age but was depressed when she got older and her looks faded. She was an Olympic winner and it's interesting to watch her jumps and spins compared to the triple jumps and combo spins the skaters do now. I think a lot of the grace and beauty of ice skating has been lost to the technical requirements. Ice dancing still retains some of the beauty though. When I was with my friend, Richard, we won a sales trip to Bermuda (we worked together). The hotel had a very luxurious breakfast buffet with some of the most delicious little tarts I've ever seen. Every time I came back each morning with the tarts on my plate, Richard would say, "Tarts for the tart!" Funny--ha! Ha!

    Well, Kids, as bad as having a UTI is, being so run down has allowed whatever Herpes-Family viral infection I have to come out of latency and rear its ugly head. The whole right side of my face hurts and I have a sore throat and sore spot in the roof of my mouth. My eye hurts too but there is no lesion on it. I also have a small lesion on my lip, a cold sore. I'm taking Acyclovir and putting ice and Abreva on the cold sore. Whine, whine, whine.

    After the condo meeting yesterday, Barb and I went to Target to pick up the other cat activity mat because Tweety was hogging the one and wouldn't let Sylvester have a turn on it. I now put them on the cat condo when they are through playing with them and they sleep on them. Did I mention the lady downstairs gave me one of those expensive carpeted cat condos? Her cat has another one and doesn't like this one. The whole neighborhood pitches in when something happens. I am so lucky to have friends and neighbors here like this. That's why I call this our FL Family and I call our friends here our Online Family.

    We stopped at a barbeque place for lunch. I went ahead and got a pork sandwich on garlic bread. Every now and then, I'll eat something with wheat. Since I no longer eat it on a regular basis, I can get away with a bit occasionally. Still, I felt a bit bloated and tired when I got home but it was worth it.

    Not much else going on in my life. Hope nothing but good stuff is going on in everyone else's lives.

    Love, Mikie
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    I must be going crazy as I have looked and looked and couldn't find Spring Water's post. Was she on the other volume? Sorry if things have been disappearing, Spring Water. ( I got that from Julie's post I think). Could it be your help or what? I don't know what was missing but I am sure it is disturbing.

    Just got back no to long ago from the chiropractor. I am half way through the first period or what ever you call it of my RX. I know they want me to continue when I am through with this portion. I am not going to afford to go as often as they want me to go. I will have to pay for it myself , so it won't be totally what they want me to do. The test (scan they did today showed that the inflammation in my back is better but not so much in the neck. I knew that would take a good while even if it does get somewhat better. My neck is more flexible I think.

    Need to go eat lunch and start some of my exercises. The gal at the office said that she would find out the type of reader program to access the websites exercise videos. I can only get the words. Hope she finds out soon.

    Hi to Mikie, Rock, Julie and awl. Hope to come back later depending on how things go.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie...Once again, I'm concerned about you and this long term bladder infection. And, frankly, I'm not surprised you were given the wrong med at one point in time. Hope you're drinking a ton of water. I suggest once a day you add a "real" lemon slice (1/4 of a lemon) to a tall glass of water...this will do 2 things. Replenish your potassium (can be lost when drinking lots of water) plus the acid might help squelch that blasted bladder infection. This has to be wearing you would most people. Added critters doesn't help...I do hope the curmudgeon moves but that could be wishful thinking on my part.

    Granni...Glad you're making progress with your PT. Are these exercises ones you can do at home...paying for PT "out of pocket" can get expensive and I'm hoping you have alternatives. BTW, I did reply to your computer question just a bit ago.

    Rock...Oh, I'm so envious you got to meet Jane Powell. As a kid, I thought she had the loveliest voice...I'd try to sing with her and end up crooking. Altos can't make those high notes.:) Speaking of expensive cats...I'd love to have an Egyptian Mow. I think they're so beautiful and unique. But, best I just stick with photos. I love it that you and Gordon kid each DH and I do and a little laughter never hurt a soul.

    I've never found a reason to hide any of my family's is what it's all fun to me. There's also the family story of how one branch held the Hope Diamond as collateral on a loan (learned this when I was very young). I was skeptical about this but then one night on the History Channel they did a feature on the diamond...and how it was used for collateral for many loans over the years. Ta-da! So, the family story is true (but no proof).

    Walking down the stairs at the Pantages, I'd pretend I was Loretta Young in a flowing skirt presenting myself to my adoring public...LOL. Beautiful theater! The last time I was there I saw "Cats".

    SFG...Oddly enough, I have heard of "stone soup". I also love soups...and I make a good potato soup!! I made a pot of beans for "Killer" today. He said he liked them...he knew if he complained he'd never see another bean in this house for a year...LOL.

    Julie...Just out of curiosity, do the Amish pay you for your gas? I lived in a Mennonite community for a while...great people...very generous!

    Springwater...I'm out of the loop. Were you robbed since you're looking for locks, etc.? If you were, I'm so empathetic.


    Sorry I'm so "out of it" here and not up to date.

    I took a bad tumble last week and thought I was OK. On day 3, the pain set in and it hasn't been fun. The pain is now easing, thankfully. I debated about seeing my doctor early...I have a Friday appointment. I decided I'd wait to talk about this then. The hardest part is I can't take anything for pain...MCS is a total drag. I try to grin and bare my everyday pain, but added pain makes me reallllllly grumpy!