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    Rosin on the Bow and here we go!

    Honor your partner; curtsy and bow.
    The time has come; that time is now.

    All join hands and circle round.
    Like the pioneers we're onward bound.

    Swing your corner; swing your gal.
    Now shake hands with your favorite pal.

    Then allemande left and away you go.
    When you get home you do see do.

    All go forward; then scoot back.
    All the way on the same old track.

    Then Oh by golly; Oh by Joe.
    Form a wheel and there ya go.

    In for a dollar; in for a dime.
    All go home; it's quitting time.

    Be sure and talk to Myrtle or Pauline during the break about our trip to Portland.
    Remember, Folks. The square dance is Oregon's official State Dance.

  2. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Have fun y'all ;)
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks Rock for posting that Square Dancing exhibition and getting this new volume started. It reminded me of when we did that. It was a lot of fun and good for the brain to. Now I am not sure if I have one ( a brain that is) :)!! We did it for quite a few years and were quite involved.

    BTW, I posted on the old Porch volume a bit ago. Nothing exiting but go check if you would like.

    ******Dar, SW and Julie I think I dropped you a post on the last volume.


    Julie - Thanks for your newsy post. It is fun to read about those little ones. Wait till Lorraine becomes a teenager :)!! She is so funny. Our son was about 3 when he finally decided to get out of diapers. The girls seemed to be much easier but they had older sisters to copy, except for the oldest one of course and she wouldn't want to be wet or dirty. She was always my neat and clean girl to this day. Our son didn't care and was to busy to worry about using the bathroom. I just guess the light went on in his head about 3 yrs. Hope Lorraine's light will turn on soon :)!! I know how frustrating it can be, especially when there are other younger ones with diapers to change.

    Yes, it is so funny how different twins can be. Our twins a extremely different although both good boys. Are your twins considered fraternal? I am guessing different sexes could not be identical :)! Our boys look so different and have such different interests, etc. One into sports and the other into books and extremely bright. I think both are smart but the other is more social and has to be reminded to study , etc. The other one doesn't have to be reminded. on honor roll, etc.

    DH is out taking a friend to get his car fixed so I need to go get dressed before he get home and wants to get started on some project. Whoops, he just called so I had better get started. He is shopping now for some groceries..

    Hi to Soul, Windy, Joan, Georgia and others.

    Love and big HUGZ to all,
    Granni :)
  4. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Just finished a piece of lemon cake Gordon brought home from some office party. The
    cake actually had some lemon taste, but the frosting was flavorless. Not only that, it
    was half an inch thick. I left it on my plate with no remorse.

    Dar, sorry you are so worn out. You'll have to try and throw yourself into your work
    with a little less abandon. What kinda cards do you play? Gordon and I used to have
    card parties and play canasta and killer Uno and other stuff I can't remember. We
    played in bridge tournaments. But no more. Just can't remember the cards.

    Good for you, Georgia. Great that you stopped smoking and great that you feel better.
    I quit smoking about 15 years ago, but it was no effort. I was just a social smoker
    who smoked 2 or 3 cigarettes in an evening of playing cards or whatever.

    Granni, the square dance video was posted by Soul. I don't have the necessary know how
    although I once posted a video by accident. I had intended just to post the URL so folks
    could go to Youtube and see for themselves. (Did you know "autopsy" means "see for

    Hope your neck is better. I think people should be built like the "One Hose Shay". In good health till the end; then just collapse. BTW Folks, if you don't know this wonderful bit of Americana by Oliver Wendall Holmes, look it up.

    Mikie, has Jeff been over to visit the kitties? Sounds like Tweety really misses him.
    Hope the car repairs go well. We are lucky to have a capable mechanic. He's been doing
    Gordon's cars for about 3 decades.

    Julie, that's nice of you to wash those heavy comforters for your friends. Slowly the
    Amish are getting dragged into the 20th century. (Yes, I know. The rest of us are in
    the 21st. Except for the ones that are somewhere around the 7th or 8th and the ones
    who are still in the Middle Ages. Funny how religion is like a time machine.)

    Springwater, you haven't said much about the electric supply for a while. Does that mean
    it's more reliable now. That reminds me. There was something in the news about Nepal
    a month or two back. Some sort of international gathering? I meant to ask, but my
    brain is like the famous bucket with the hole in it. You know that song? We used to
    sing it in Bible Camp. "There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza."

    Just checked. Yup, it's on Youtube.

  5. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: A little bit of a bribe for Lorraine will work wonders. I believe my granddaughter got new shoes or something like that. Of course she had to go to the bathroom at least 5 times to earn it. Some little ones potty train earlier than others, of course you know that Grandma. And I agree on the crying, but it took me a long time when my kids were babies even after I listened to the lecture from their pediatrician.

    That must have been a huge amount of work for you, washing up those comforters. You're a good neighbor.

    Rock: thanks for the video and the call. When we were first married we took square dancing lessons. Darn, it was hard to remember everything and what to do. I basically was pushed and pulled into what I was supposed to be doing by the experienced dancers ! LOL. When I got PG I had to give it up along with bowling per the doctors orders, so never went back.

    Granni. I really hope the chiro is helping. Are you supposed to do the exercises while watching or just remind you of what you're to do?

    I'm in a world of hurt again so I'm wearing all my neoprene today. I made a neoprene vest with velcroe awhile ago and I also have a back brace of rubber. I find that moist heat helps heal the muscle more than a dry heat. I've got the exercises from when I was having PT but darn......when you hurt it's hard to do anything.

    Friday I had my handyman replace an old faucet connection in back that I continually kept hearing water running. Well yesterday I had to call him back because there wasn't any water coming from the sprinklers he had repaired. After he checked he found a broken sprinkler pipe. Hmmmmm....seems like our leaky water has been watering the neighbors trees. No wonder they're growing like crazy!
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Popping in for a minute. Have to go do my exercises before I leave for our small group singing .

    Sun - The video is a good reminder of what to do and how to do it. Most are easy to do but a few are tricky. Sorry you are hurting so bad. I think the chiro and exercises are helping some, much more flexibility in the neck especially. However, with the exercises, not sure what is getting some of my muscles to hurting, the exercises or the FM :)!! Sorry about your broken sprinkler problems.

    Rock - to bad your lemon cake wasn't that tasty :)!!

    Sorry I have to run and go do some exercises before I need to leave for singing.

    Julie - Thinking about Lorraine. She must keep everyone hoping - smart kid :)!! Yep, and you have to be careful of what you say as they do tend to repeat it, esp the stuff you don't want them to.

    Love to all inc all those I missed,
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Boy am I behind. Had to go to last Porch and take notes.

    Rock and Soul, thanks for getting an old square like me enjoy watching others dancing. I've often seen older people square dancing and wonder how they do it. That takes tons of energy.

    Rock, I always liked the Hal Wallis movies when I was growing up. Lots of variety. I don't think the cat mats are something extraordinary, just something I happened to try and they love them. I went to Joanne's today and bought some fleece in a black, white, and brown animal print. I made little cushions for the top and inside of the little "hut" I bought the cats. They ignore it but at least now, it looks better in my living room (or former living room B.C ((before cats))). I had some fabric left over so made two little mats to go with their other mats. It's all matchy and animal like--very exciting! My living room is now the cats' playroom.

    Jeff came last night to visit them and they ignored him to show him they are mad at him. I know it meant the world to them but cats have to shun you to impress you with their disgust. After he left, Tweety got in the kitchen window and let him "pet" her through the glass. He's allergic to her. Speaking of shunning, everyone in the hood is shunning the mean woman now. The hope is that if she has no friends left, she will move. She's talked about it before. She threatened to put the cats in her car and dump them somewhere. A former friend told her to get out of her house and never come back. It's really a shame but it's of her own doing. The best part of Jeff's visit is that he could see how healthy and happy the cats are here. Of course, Tweety would love to go out but Sylvester loves living inside.

    Granni, Wow! You are busy, a funeral and the chiro. I hope the chiro is helping. My car is 11 yrs. old but looks new as it's only got about 35,000 miles on it. Toyota recommends a new timing belt at 5 years or 60,000 miles. Belt changes depend not only on miles driven but also on time. Mechanic said the old belt looked surprisingly good. I haven't been to the pool for a few months while I've had this UTI. I'm anxious for Barb and me to go over and use our new noodle barbells. BTW, I did answer that message and got tech services on it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Julie, sorry about all the drama again but glad you had a good weekend with the kids.

    Gloria, I'm so glad you are doing well and have quit smoking. That's something to be proud of. Good for you!

    Dar, so sorry you're in a flare. Happy belated birthday! Take it easy til the flare goes away, soon, I hope.

    Sunflower Girl, I had to laugh at the neighbor's trees doing so well on your water. One of the pipes in our sprinkler system broke and it lifted the sod in a big mound in the yard. It looked like a waterbed.

    Barb and I picked up my car at 8:00 this morning. The bill was $100 less than the estimate. She left hers for an oil change and we picked it up after the condo mtg. Then, we went to Olive Garden for soup and salad. I even had a bread stick with no problems. I really think I can tolerate a bit of wheat as long as I don't overdo it. With Lactaid tablets, I can have most dairy. Then, we went to Joanne's for my fabric. The cats are totally ignoring the pads I slaved over on the sewing machine. They prefer those other little mats. Oh well, I'm glad something makes them happy.

    I put some Velcro in my back brace so I can put ice packs in it without their slipping out and falling on the floor. Just when I thought the cats were sleeping all night, they kept me up last night. I'm going to tape the carpet outside my door and lock them outta my bedroom. I'm beat! How quickly my life has changed.

    Ooh, ooh! A new "Survivor" premieres Wed. night. I've never missed a one but couldn't tell you who won what. I just enjoy watching. Seems that most of the shows worth watching will all be broadcast on Sun. evenings at 9:00 and 10:00 Eastern Time. So, I end up watching a lot on On Demand. TV was my life; now, it's TV and cats. Interesting stuff on Oprah's network but, since I've already written "W&P" here, I'll save it for another thread.

    Love to everyone,
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Mikie, et al,

    Just saw your message. I should be getting off now anyway but wanted to peak in anyway. Olive Garden is good and so is Tpyota. They take good care of your cars. We love our Hylander. I think that is the name. Those cats are like having babies all over again it seems like :)!! Yes, just close the door all the way or they will be in there with you.

    I can't keep up with the TV programs and a lot of stuff I don't even like. I guess I am getting old :)! like some of the cooking shows and fun to watch the shows where they are looking for houses and fixing them up . Fun to watch some of the people looking. These very young kids want houses with everything perfect for their first home. You should have seen what I lived in in our first home when we married. It was an apartment and our kitchen was so tiny you could touch each wall when you stretched out your arms almost. No eat in area but had a small bridge table in our almost bedroom outside of our kitchen. Did have a small living are where you could also see our bed :)!!

    See you and all in the morning some time. I need to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is chiro and then maybe some shopping, not sure, mothering exciting just WM maybe.

    More later on. Have to get ready for beddy bye !!

    Love to awl,
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I was wondering how you're doing with the two cats. Hope you have good luck with the double stick tape. One of our cats was furious when we first started closing the bedroom doors to them. She ripped the carpet up in the corner and pulled out pile. It took a few days but now they don't bother when the door is closed. And all that sewing! Ingrates.
  10. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Am not up to much of a chat at this point. But I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement. My flare is still in a flare! I hurt from my hair folicles to my toenails. I'm spending every moment I do not have to be on my feet in bed. Trying to let my body re-boot, so to speak.

    Rock, we play 7-up, euchre, 500 rummy, uno, phase 10, king's corners, got it!, in-between poker, po-ke-no, cribbage, spades, hearts, crazy eights, (and a couple other card games I can't remember the names of at the moment). We also play dice games like bunco, leapscotch, and Oh shoot. Course, at home we use another more crass form of "shoot". We also play dominoes, boggle, and tri-ominoes. I've forgotten how to play canasta and pinochle.

    Oh shoot has become a favorite here at the house and it's a favorite at work. Once you play and learn how to score the game it's truly addicting. Everywhere I've worked, the residents have fallen for this game.

    Well, sorry all......I need to get flat. Just took my meds and am going to go horizontal now.

    Thank you all so very much for thinking of me and the "well wishes". They are deeply appreciated.

    Night everyone.

  11. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    P.S. Thanks for the belated birthday wish Mikie. :)
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hi all

    kinda out if time, but will def wTch the sq dance vid

    tks soul

    rock tks for starting up, i dont know wht event tht was, i dont
    like the news here, i spoke to daughter yesterday, felt a wave of longing
    for u s a and its green n flowers, tree lined streets, and desserts

    georgia , eh, great to see yr post good,to know y doing good

    julie- yr SIL is one of a kind, tk heavens. dont need more of those.
    stay strong, relax. enjoy the wedding

    mikie - love hearing about cats..hope u will soon
    see back of mean lady, i saw episode 2 of season 5 the big bang theory,
    it was as funny as the others, har har har.. i love big bang, it is one among
    my arsenal against feeling down..

    dar - what a week, hope you recover soon n happy belated b day

    granni - i saw a tiny apartmt like u described in new york, it
    was daughters friends place, he finished his studies n works at hedge funds
    was below street level, was novelty for me..

    sun - recover soon from the aches n pains..sorry to hear, i hv lost countless stuff to puppies sharp teeth
    table chair legs ipod wires books even bed sheets. never again ..too exhausted

    windy - how did u choose the name? wind is my fave compared to earth, fire, air

    yesterday i went to monastery, down to south, felt peaceful

    came back n had to deal with broken plumbing urrgh

    happy coz i fixed my computer so it doesnt add capitals on

    its own

    nor does it now try n auto correct and drive me mad by doung

    wrong things

    today is full moon, i shall be meditating

    take care all u fine people

    god bless
  13. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I came up with the name "Windytalker" because I'm just that...long winded...LOL. I thought if it not long after Nickolas Cage's movie "Windtalker" had come out. The movie impressed me...about how Native Americans were used as radio operators in the Pacific during WW2.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Yes, the first few nights were like having a newborn in the house--up every two hours. I like the Olive Garden. Their salads are so crisp and fresh and the Zuppa Tuscana--Magnifico! Toyota used to take good care of my car until the local family sold it to Auto Nation. Now, they want to do all kinds of unnecessary service. They got me for $450 for something that should never go wrong on a Highlander. It had just been in for cleaning all the injection areas where carbon builds up. Had the same problem when I had a VW. The local family sold out to Sonic Motors. All of a sudden, every time I took it in for an oil change, they told me I needed about $200 in some kind of electrical part. As soon as Mom's VW was off warranty, they started that stuff with her. That's why I'm so glad I found an honest, and good, mechanic. I think I mentioned he is certified by AAA and they guaranty his work. These national chains just look at their service depts. as cash cow centers to gouge customers. My neighbor works for one of the Sonic dealerships and even she won't take her car to them.

    Sunflower Girl, I slept all night but could hear the cats trying to scratch the tape outside my door. Ever since I hung one of those heavy jewelry armoires on the back of my door, I can't lock it. I'll have to use the doorstop wedge. Finally, at about 4:00, Sylvester pushed his way in and ran to the litter box in the shower. I leave the lanai door open and there is a box out there. They don't use it much. At least, he didn't leave a surprise for me out here. It's amazing to me how fast they are acclimating.

    Dar, don't know what I'll do if I ever have to go to "the home." I don't like cards. Used to like poker but don't like any card games now. I have my Wii and computer so guess that'll have to keep me out of trouble. Hope you're feeling better this morning.

    Springwater, I also love "The Big Bang Theory." It's done by the same people who do "Two And One Half Men" and "Mike and Molly," both of which I like. I like "The Good Wife" and "The Americans." I just hate trying to remember which shows premiere on which weeks. Life used to be simpler when fall shows premiered in Sept. and after the season, the summer replacements started. Some of the biggest shows, like "The Carol Burnett Show" and "The Sonny and Cher Show" started out as summer replacements. Also, every September, all the new cars came out and we all rushed to the showrooms to see them. Nowadays, all cars look the same and they don't change much from year to year. See, I am an old fart, being nostalgic over the past. Well, there was a lot to be nostalgic over in the past but the future is exciting and I really have no complaints over the present. That still doesn't stop me from whining. Once a whiner, always a whiner!

    Those little animal print fleece pads I made for the cats look so cute. If my livingroom has to look like a daycare center for cats, it might as well have some style. After I made the little triangle pads for their small hut, I had enough material for two little mats. I put one of them on top of the loveseat where they cats like to nap. It should help with their hair. I cleaned off enough to spin into yarn and knit a hot pad :)

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: The tape has to be sticky side up on the carpet, that's why I use wide shipping tape doubled over. It sticks to the carpet and also to their paws. (the double stick tape is really expensive) Cats hate for anything foreign on their paws.

    It's shameful how auto repair shops rip off their customers. I'm glad you found a reliable one. I couldn't tell you one car from another if my life depended on it. Back in the 50s/60s it was a big deal come October when all the new cars came out. I think the only one that really impressed me was l957, the fins but don't ask me if it was a chevy or ford. So long as it drives smooth and the seats are comfortable and heated and there's AC that's all I ask for. I drive a Honda Pilot but couldn't tell you what year! LOL When we got it (used) I told my DD to go with DH and find one I liked, and this is what she came home with. I still love it. He's drives a Honda civic barebones and I refuse to ride in it because it hurts my back every time.

    Springwater: I just couldn't bring myself to watch the Big Bang Theory. Couldn't stand the main character's voice. Then last week I watched "Who do you think you are", with the actor tracing his roots back to France. Hmmmmm.....I think I like him now as a person so maybe I'll go back and watch them online. I don't watch much TV anymore, maybe an hr or so with me getting up and walking around. Bad back and I have to sit on a high bar stool, which is now giving me heck with my legs. GRRRRRRR.

    I spent yesterday with an upset stomach....apparently DH had it the day before and never told me otherwise I would have been dosing with oil of oregano. Went to bed at 7 PM and with all that sleep you would think I would be caught up, but still feeling really tired.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids,

    I tell you. Woman's work is never done. I had to get Gordon off to work and feed Zippy.
    Gordon put out the trash bins. One truck already made a pick up so I had to bring in the
    Hyacinth Bucket. Now I have dishes to do. Uff-da! These days when all the servants have
    the day off are just exhaustenizing.

    Serially, I read an interview with one of the elite a couple decades ago. She said the family
    fell on hard times, and she had to let one of the gardeners go.

    SG, how do you pronounce oregano? Julia Child always said or-ah-gan-o.

    Mikie, have only seen a few minutes of The Big Bang Theory. (Weird name of a TV show, huh?) Anyhoo, ya gotta give a lotta credit to people who can be successful in show biz when they don't have the advantage of being beautiful people. People like: Johnny Galecki, Dustin Hoffman, Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman, Will Rogers. Perhaps the greatest example was Marie Dressler who was born shortly after our Civil War ended and won The Best Actress Oscar 60 some years later.

    By the way, I read a book some years ago by a zoo keeper. He said the zoo acquired two rheas and the staff was invited to suggest names. He offered "Gonna and Dia" but neither name won.

    Windy, it's an established fact that it takes wind to talk. I was wondering if you played a
    wind instrument. Saw a crossword puzzle where the clue was "Horn". The answer was "Oboe", but an oboe is classified as a wind or reed instrument. I believe the people who write news articles today are generally as clueless as the compiler of that puzzle.

    Remember some months ago they had an article about guns with captions that were all wrong. The reporter didn't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun wedding.

    Better go before my post does.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi AWL,

    Just a quick one before I start my exercises = again. Just got back form shopping and having a manicure and pedicure. My nails were so BAD!!! Toe nails were snagging on the sheets in bed and were all ripped up - ugh !! Nails were better but they are never really good.

    Gotta run. DH needs the puter be back soon.



    Dar - So, sorry that you are still feel so bad. Hope you feel better soon..

    Mikie - Sorry also that you had those problems with your dealerships. So far ours have been doing OK. DH knows all about that and wouldn't be paying for extra stuff not needed. of course they try and make you think you need it bad, at times and sometimes try to take advantage of women that go in there that they figure don't know what is going on. So you have to be on your toes.

    Julie - Hope things are settling down for you and the family. Please TRY and REST will you :)!!!

    Sun, Windy, Rock, Spring Water, Georgia, Joan/Lilac, Soul, Diane and everydobby else. Love you all and sorry that I can't write individually to you all as my exercises await me. UGH !!

    Big HUGZ,
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Guys,

    Thanks, Sunflower Girl, I can put some of this wide tape sticky side up. I'm going to removed some droppings from the inside litter box and put them in the outside box. Don't know why they don't want to go out there.

    Rock, I think a Rhea is a type of bird but not sure. It's in the crossword puzzles. Oboe is in them a lot too. Some words with two vowels or two consonants together seem to fit the puzzler's needs. I find acme and apex are often used and one has to find a word which crosses in order to know which one it is. I find the New York Times crossword puzzles often have a secondary puzzle built in and I like that. Makes it more interesting. Back to rhea--never had gonno but spent the morning on the john with diarrhea, vomiting at the same time. And, here I didn't think I was a multi-tasker. Hope it's just the 24-hr. thing going around.

    Granni, I'm not vulnerable to buying the "extra, unneeded" services. What I'm talking about here are real repairs which need fixed once the dealership has gotten its greedy hands on the car to do oil changes. These things are real and cause engine lights to come on. Can't prove they are messing up cars on purpose but it's pretty plain that these things don't occur until the dealership is sold to a national chain. They also squeeze their employees to do more work with fewer employees. The employees seem stressed to the max. They know what's going on isn't right. I'm just glad I found this honest guy.

    We are having our mandatory gully washer this afternoon. Sylvester loves sleeping on a chair on the lanai when it rains. Tweety prefers sleeping on the loveseat. She always came by before they moved in to nap at my place when it rained. If she got wet on the way, she would come in complaining loudly. She thinks I control the weather. She has her own little soft towel and I would always dry her off. She liked that. Sylvester slept under the balcony out of the rain down at Jeff's.

    Just paid my credit card bill. The repair will be on the next one and not due for more than a month. It's a reward card so, at least, I'll get something out of the deal.

    Love to everyone,
  19. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Day 10 of not smoking--I'm amazed how much better I can smell!

    Hugs to All--

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - So glad you had a great time at the wedding. I was sure you would. It sounded so interesting. Have a nice rest after ALL your activities..

    Mikie - I knew you wouldn't be vulnerable to any of the sales crap they try and sell you when you go in for your car's "checkup" and what really NEEDS to be done. However, some women might be. Boy those Cats are getting the royal treatment :)! Hope they appreciate it :)! I'm sure they do even if it is quite different than what they were used to outside most of the time.

    I was just popping in a bit before dinner. Just got the chicken and stuffing casserole in the oven. Now it heats up and we will have some veggie with it. Tomorrow the ladies are invited to go to the Men's Luncheon and program so I most likely won't have to cook dinner tomorrow night - yay !! I'm good with that. I am so jealous of friends who have husbands that really know how to cook and they don't have to do much.

    Georgia - Congratulations on 10 days of not smoking. That ia great and so much healthier for you :)!!

    Have to run now to go talk to DH and get ready for dinner.


    Granni :)