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    Day 10 of not smoking--I'm amazed how much better I can smell!

    Hugs to All--

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    Woo Hoo, Georgia! So proud of you, and so happy that you have gone so long...keep it up, sweet lady! Do things taste better also?
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    Julie - So glad you had a great time at the wedding. I was sure you would. It sounded so interesting. Have a nice rest after ALL your activities..

    Mikie - I knew you wouldn't be vulnerable to any of the sales crap they try and sell you when you go in for your car's "checkup" and what really NEEDS to be done. However, some women might be. Boy those Cats are getting the royal treatment :)! Hope they appreciate it :)! I'm sure they do even if it is quite different than what they were used to outside most of the time.

    I was just popping in a bit before dinner. Just got the chicken and stuffing casserole in the oven. Now it heats up and we will have some veggie with it. Tomorrow the ladies are invited to go to the Men's Luncheon and program so I most likely won't have to cook dinner tomorrow night - yay !! I'm good with that. I am so jealous of friends who have husbands that really know how to cook and they don't have to do much.

    Georgia - Congratulations on 10 days of not smoking. That ia great and so much healthier for you :)!!

    Have to run now to go talk to DH and get ready for dinner.


    Granni :)
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    Hi everyone,

    Spring, thanks for the belated birthday wishes. Mikie, we also play WII Bowling where I work. We have many physical games as well as table games we play. We play Jarts, horseshoes, bean bag toss, wheelchair tennis, shuffleboard, and we have a putting green.

    Heck, at our fourth of July party we had a seed spittin' contest, pie throwing (at me) contest, we go to parks for walks. I take people out shopping every Monday. We go out to lunch once a month. We have at least 8 to 16 music events per month. We do a lot. Or, I should say, I do a lot with my residents. Last week we went to a park and had a picnic. I had 3 picnic tables full of residents.

    Last month we went to Circa 21, a dinner theater, and to the Botanical Center. I keep my residents very busy and engaged. If you ever need to move to a "home", move to mine! You'll have a great time!

    Well, I'm still healing up and spending as much time flat as possible. I just took my meds so it's off to beddy bye for me.

    Love to all,

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    Whew! I had a good nap, fixed a quick supper for Den (hamburgers on the George Foreman) and just need to work on some laundry and pay a few bills. Still not a lot of energy, but I felt it was important to go to the wedding.

    Out of all those guests, Lindsey and the kiddos and I, and one other lady, were the only "English people" (besides the drivers, who had brought guests from out of state, etc.)

    Granni, your casserole sounds good! We have been eating more chicken lately...bought 20 (already packaged and frozen) and have spoken for 20 more. That was one reason I needed to get a new freezer, lol! But we know that these are "free-range" chickens, fed organically, etc., etc. And the price of $2.75 per pound is much cheaper than the same thing at a grocery store.

    Sun, that little stinker, Lorraine, does not seem to care about any rewards...she has been getting a little better since we have "special candy" that she only gets when she goes potty. Lindsey is trying to stay away from artificial colors, flavors, we get expensive, organic candy. I had the same problem with Lindsey (mind of her own, lol) and eventually she did quit going in her pants...I don't think we had pull-ups then...just cotton training pants with plastic covers.

    Springwater, still lots going on with you, it sounds like. Any more birds in your bedroom? I understand, I think, about you yearning for the USA...I get homesick for Belize lots of times, especially when we sing songs at our church that we also sang in Belize. Den and I both get teary-eyed.

    It must be very hard to have your daughter over here. I can't believe that Den and I actually considered moving to Belize as full-time missionaries...I just don't think we actually have what it takes. I know I would have been very miserable to be so far away from the grandbabies.

    I need to get off here and get the supper dishes cleaned up, etc. Will have to catch up with everyone else another time. are wise to rest as much as possible during your flare's flare...praying that you feel much better soon.

    A big "hug and hello" to everyone...
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    Julie, I'm glad my multi-tasking gave you a laugh. It wasn't funny at the time but looking back, I'm smiling too. Still a bit weak. Think I'll take another day to rest. I have no appetite.

    Dar, bless you for all the fun you bring to the residents. No wonder you need to be flat when you're not there. I know a lot of facilities use Wii's. I haven't been using mine for quite a while. My DGS loves to play Puss 'n Boots on it when he's here. I have a difficult time playing the games and using both the numchuck and controller at the same time. Can't keep all the buttons straight. I have the sports games and exercise DVD's for it. If I can ever get over my serial illnesses, I plan to use it and my BOSU ball more.

    I ran into the Lounge thread first so my main post is over there. Nothing much to tell anyway. Cats are doing better and so am I. I actually got sleep all night long and the cats are getting used to being shut out of my bedroom at bedtime. From the looks of the livingroom, they had a good time out here while I was snoozing away. Think I'll do some laundry so I don't feel as though today is a total waste. I need to run the dishwasher too. It's loaded. Just waiting to finish my coffee so I can wash my big mug.

    Hope everyone has a great day today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh dear, Mikie! I just reread your post...didn't realize that your multi-tasking episode was so recent :( ...hope you feel better and better today. I have found myself in that "position" so many times...used to have stomach/intestinal problems that would, for some reason, mainly hit in the middle of the night. Felt like a shark was circling around inside my body and when he got to my abdomen, he took a huge bite! Had to have lots of tests, take all kinds of meds, but I don't know that anything really helped, and it eventually resolved itself.

    I have decided that so many health issues may have been hormonal...seems like it took about ten years to get through menopause. I am five years "post" now, and a lot of things have cleared up on their own. Hoping that a "cleaner diet" will keep some problems at bay. But I have got to stop "stress eating", especially when the "stressors" aren't as bad as I often perceive them to be...

    Glad the cats are adjusting better...Peace Sign (the one Lorraine dunked in the dog's water bucket yesterday) is doing okay and back to running around, being ornery. :p

    I feel a little proud of myself this morning...was so worn out after the wedding and had to crash. Supper was late, I was grouchy, etc., etc....but around 9:00 pm I got a "second wind" and decided to do some laundry and hang it on the clothesline. Springwater's full moon provided plenty of light, and most of our 12 cats provided "security" ;) so I ended up washing three loads and filled up over 100' of clothesline! :D

    A big plus is that I didn't run into the tree between the house and clothesline...something I have done, while trying to maneuver out there in the darkness, lol! So different to live in the country, than in town...and we are a quarter mile down a lane, so there isn't any traffic, except for buggies that come and go from our closest Amish neighbors.

    This morning when I went out around 9:00, most of the clothes/towels/etc. were almost dry...we have to put them in the dryer for a few minutes anyway, to kill any allergens. It looked like I was "super woman" and had gotten up really early to do laundry!

    Am trying to get my house in order today....get to watch the babies all day tomorrow. Lindsey and David are taking Lorraine up to Boone to see Thomas the Tank and all his friends. They will meet Sir Topham Hatt, and there will be lots of kids' activities. Boone also has a train that goes over a big trestle bridge...I went there as a child, and we took our girls when they were little. Lorraine is fascinated by trains, so this will be a real treat...and she gets Mom and Dad to herself for the day :) I will take the babies in to see my dad and the other residents...

    I imagine on Saturday that Den's dad will want to come over and help with the house...I tell him it's his job to supervise. Den is taking Mon., Tues., and Wed. off next week, so I will not schedule anything for those days (except I already promised to help at our old preschool for a couple hours Tuesday afternoon.)

    I'd better get busy again. I always feel like I have so much energy, then suddenly it goes poof! Some people can just keep going and going and going...if I do that I go SPLAT! Very frustrating, when my brain says I still have so much to do, but my body says "No way!" :eek:

    Hope everyone is up and going as much as possible. I do realize that so many of our friends on the boards are home or bed heart goes out to you all! :)
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    Hi Kids

    Was listening to an opera broadcast made when I was a junior in High School. I am in much
    worse shape than I was back in the 1950s. The recording, on the other hand, is in much
    better shape since it was refurbished by a computer.

    I also have a fascinating CD of two Irish tenors. John McCormack with recordings from 60
    to 90 years ago and Frank Patterson with recordings 20 years ago. And they're singing duets.
    The McCormack songs sound like modern recordings now. Most of his recordings were made
    before the microphone was invented.

    Julie, I can see you in my mind's eye hanging the clothes under the light of a full moon
    while Doris Day and Gordon MacRae sing "Get out and Get Under the Moon".

    Never heard of Boone before. Looked it up. 12,000 people. Big by my standards. I see it
    is named after the son of Daniel Boone who explored the area.

    Dar, Never heard of Jarts. Didn't know if it was a typo or some new high tech recreation. I
    asked Wikipedia. Turns out it's lawn darts. Are these some modified darts that are made outta
    Nerf or something so they are less lethal?

    How did you get to the picnic? Did you have multiple vehicles and drivers? I remember taking my
    3 y/o son on picnics. We lived a block from the park. And I remember real picnics when I was a
    kid. You could picnic beside a stream or a pasture. No farmer would ever complain. Sometimes
    we took the 22 and stalked and shot tin cans. Real food with real flavor in the fresh air. Great
    memories. Sometimes we could even wade in the creek and catch crayfish. (We let 'em go.)
    Your residents are lucky to have you.

    Granni, did you see the exercise video on the news yesterday? Some pro athlete was doing push
    ups. One hand on the floor and the other on a ball. Reminded me of Mikie's Bosu Ball. I know if
    I tried it the ball would roll across the floor, and I'd fall on my nose. Still, there was a time
    half a century ago when I could do 50 pushups and 20 chin ups. What a difference a day makes.
    Only in this case it would be more like 21,000 days!

    Jealous of wives with husbands who cook. Ha Ha! My mother used to get annoyed when people
    said that to her. "They should have to clean up after him," she'd mutter.

    Springwater, is it easier to meditate when the moon is full? Are you sure it's full and not
    just gibbous? Ha Ha!

    SG, Soul, Mikie, Windy, sending good vibes your way. They should arrive anon. Remember
    air mail, folks? When I was a kid it cost a penny to mail a post card, 3 cents to mail a letter, and
    another 4 cents or so for air mail. And the rates never changed. At least not until I was an adult.

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    Hello again: i can't believe how much has been going on. I love, love to read about the kitties! I miss mine so much but still am undecided about getting a new lady. My apt. is just a studio and that is small! (Cost!!) I kept the littler box in the bath as there was a spot between the vanity and the poty that it just fit. I had her food dish, food sack and new litter next to the coat closet and it all fit fine. her dish was there too and since she had decided that the water in the toilet was fit to drink, there was no water dish. I think about cat fur once again all over my dark slacks, emptying the solids from the littler box ahd all the extra and I decide no. Then I hear you talk about kitties and it makes me want another adult. But I know I could never love one as much as I loved Maggie.

    This is a hurting day. Everything hurts! My skin (anyone else have that happen?), all of my joints from arms to legs and all inbetween. I got nothing accomplished to day, I had to fill my 7=day med. box amd put new batteries in my hearing aids! Not much involved there! My room was cleaned while I was at lunch. But-------i need to dust a few pieces of furniture. I guess that it is my fault as I have too many things on tables, ect. but I love them===heirlooms so I guess i will have to get enough energy to dust!!!:eek:

    Here in the Assisted Living they dio keep a person as occu[pied as you wish. Since therapy is finished i do go to
    Flexercise 4 days a week----I can't keep up with what they do----I will learn it sometime. I go to the wellness clinic that is once a week. And there are music event from 5:30 to 6:30. I have learned what I love----and what I don't care for amd go home. There are only 2 that are boring to me.:rolleyes:

    Son #1 is coming Sat. He always asks me to keep a list of things I need ior want done; Have a long list, one for him and one for daughter when she comes. I don't have much company-----my famkily here in the city don't come at all. of course, they have adopted 2 foreign children and are busy with them. if I let myself, I feel very sad over thaat. Coming to see me, bringing the kids over and wife coming to see me or call was one of the incentives that was held over my head to come here to this city.So, I have learned to live with that------I am happy here and have new friends plus all of you!!!!

    i wish I could go one but my fingers are NOT hitting the right keys and my mind is tired. Love to all of you. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow and smile, smile, smile. Rock, you still make me smile:)

    Gentle hugs, Lilac
  10. lydia1

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    Underneath the bright, silvery light, you'll be feeling better soon. So pick up your hat, and close up your flat, and get out and get under the moon...I looked it up, Rock...found several on utube!

    I am still at it today...decided the temp. was perfect and the wind blowing just right...everything is drying so fast! Taking advantage of this beautiful day to wash bedding, rugs, etc. Only too soon, my fingers will be freezing when I try to hang out clothes. I use my dryer more in the colder weather, but our Amish neighbors hang things out year round...stuff freeze dries, lol!

    Joan, I'm glad you can keep busy...or not...depending on how you feel on a particular day. My dad has therapy three mornings a week...if he doesn't show up, the therapist will go get him. But if he's having an extra tired or confusing day, they don't make him participate. Of course, with the Alzheimer's...he often doesn't even know what day or month it is...last week, he asked me what we ought to do for the 4th of July. I told him we would plan to go see some fireworks...something to look forward to...

    I think it's good that you don't dwell on your family not coming to visit very often...sad that it didn't turn out the way you had hoped. I like to believe they have good intentions, but "life" just gets so crazy. My dad lives a half hour from us, but I do good to go see him every week or 10 days....

    We will keep up with the kitty stories...I'm sure it would be hard to replace Maggie. You'll know in your heart if you should get another one or not. We are going to have some big expense soon...getting the females spayed and the males neutered. And shots for at least the little ones.

    It is so funny when the two almost feral ones come around. They are Mama Cat's babies, but she is pretty cranky with them. We never got to pet them, because she kept them hidden for so long. It seems as though they have been adopted by Red Mittens...they are a couple months older than her kittens, and almost as big as she is, but they seem to consider her their mom.

    I can't pet them, but once in awhile, when they come and eat with all the others, the male will forget he is scared and will rub up against my leg. Then it's as though he has been shocked...he jumps up and runs a few paces away...then comes right back for more.

    So good to hear from you, dear lady! Keep in too, Rock!

  11. Granniluvsu

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    Julie, Lilac(Joan), Rock and awl,

    Joan - I know it is sad when some of your family doesn't come around that often. How close do they live to your facility? I imagine that is how it will be with us, as we are not adventurous drivers that love city traffic and all. If we lived closer I would go with or without DH to see our Grandson play his football games, etc. He is sophomore in HS and his brother with theatre productions. Some people around here, old or not drive all over the place to see their Gkids . We also do not have a house that holds a bunch of grand kids, either. Now most are pretty grown up. The youngest right now is 9 years old who live in the Ft. Worth area, quite a few hours drive for us and them. The twins are now 15 and into so many activities.

    Other gkids are living with x sil or x husband of one daughter, still looking for a job - bad situation !! I miss seeing my kids and gkids but not much I can do if DH cannot or doesn't want to drive in cause I wouldn't do so myself. A drive to see the closest ones is over an hour and 15 min or so with sometimes bad traffic. Would they be visiting you that much if you still lived in the house you moved from?

    Try not t feel to bad hon but glad there are things you can do at the Assisted Living home. At least you have places to go and things to do in there. It is nice that they have various activities for you all. Yes, I agree with Julie. if you decide to get another kitty you will know when the time is right for you. It takes some work on your part, I know but she or he would be great comfort for you .

    Julie - Wish we lived closer than I could hang my sheets on your line :)!!! Just what you need, more people's laundry to hang :)!! Hope you have been getting a bit of rest, now and then.

    Dar- Hope you are feeling a little better dear.

    Rock - Keep the puns coming. We all need to be woken up around here, especially me . We also seem to have a lot of the same thoughts since we both are about the same age. Hope your back is holding up. Don't do to much, now.

    Spring Water - I seem to miss you when you post. I am not always with it when I check in or get to go one line at the right time. Hope all is well and that you are feeling OK . Who knows if I read your post and it goes poof out of my head ):!! Miss you too when you don't get to post.

    Just got home from a luncheon and speaker for Men's club with visiting ladies ( mostly wives). I need to go change clothes as I am getting HOT in here. Then I need to go and finish my exercises..

    Hugs also to those not mentioned at this time. Still love you awl !

    Love to all you dear and wonderful Porchies,
    Granni :)!!
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    Guess we are at the end of this porch...I will start another one...look for us over yonder...
  13. Darrae

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    Hello All,

    I'm beginning to feel not quite so much like a wrecking ball landed on me. Still not close to optimum, however. Some earlier nights in my bed and new prescription shoes are helping. I also added Calms Forte to my nightly regimen. Seems to be helping, along with a lot of other homeopathics I recently added. Mostly vitamin supplements and minerals. I'd stopped using the Ambien months ago, and wasn't sleeping well at all. The Calms Forte seems to help.

    Last Sunday I never got out of bed at all. Plan to do the same this coming Sunday. I just so overdid myself at work that I kicked myself into one of the worst flares I've had since last December. I think ousting my friend/house guest who was watching my daughter through the day helped. Less stress.

    He'd gotten to the point where he was becoming disrespectful of my home, my things, and my wishes in my own home, was going through our mail, leaving messes all over the house for Darci and I to clean up, wasn't bathing, wasn't changing clothes unless we insisted, and was even getting rude with my friends on card nights.

    Darci got a baby sitting job just a few blocks from my home for a dear friend of hers while he works. She gets the 2 boys off to school in the morning, naps if she wants to, cleans if she's bored, keeps the boys after school until he gets home, or their mother pickes them up, he keeps the right foods in the house for her diabetic condition for her, he lives in an apartment (so there are people on both sides and across the hall should she have an episode), and she gets a little bit of money to make her feel like she's not being a burden. (Which she's not).

    He gives her $ under the table to do this due to her SSI case still going on. It's not much money, but at least she has a little. And she's not endangering her health by trying to go back to a regular day job, which her body wouldn't handle anyway.

    Thus we no longer required his help to watch her, (which I found out recently he wasn't even doing)-----Darc said all he did was sleep all day and didn't get up until he heard my car pull in). Darci really did not like him and, he was making her crazy too, she finally admitted.

    So, he's going back to his sleeping room full time. We didn't have a flare up or anything like that, but I cannot allow him to take advantage, using everything in my home, water, utilities, food, soaps, doing his laundry here, the way he has been and find he wasn't even awake to know if she needed help.

    It wasn't like this at first, but the longer he was around my house, the more intolerable he was becoming. I was tactful about his retreat, and he understood, no harm no foul. In my estimation, however, friends do not behave in this "entitled" manner under the guise of helping when they, in fact, are not helping.

    Both Darci and I agree we like having our quiet, un-stinky, nest back. She is relieved not to have to listen to his constant "babble" all day, or stay in her room to avoid it, when he wasn't sleeping. (I didn't realize that this had been what her days were consisting of with him here). So, end of problem.

    Well, I need to turn in early again. Help my body heal up. Love to all.

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    Dar - Please post this long thread or the next one on the next Volume. Julie just started it up. I THINK It is VOLUME 645 . See you over there !!

  15. Darrae

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    Thanks Granni :)