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    Hi gang! You might want to pop back to the last porch (#644) and see news from Joan, Rock, Granni and myself.

    Granni, I would be so glad to hang your sheets on my's one of the household tasks that I actually love! Especially on a day like today...when it feels like the clothes are in an outdoor dryer, lol!

    I need to make this really quick...we are having a severe thunderstorm. It had let up a bit, but as soon as I started typing, it cut loose again. I might not be on anymore tonight...but will check in when I can. Tomorrow is my full day of taking care of the twins, so Lindsey and David can take Lorraine to see trains, is about three hours away, so will leave early and be home late.

    Take care!
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    Julie - Thanks for starting us up again. I need to go take a shower and such but wanted to check in again to see if I missed anything. Lately, it seems like I am :)!! missing a lot ):!! grr

    Hope you don't have storms that are too bad for you and in your area. We all need the rain or most of us do except perhaps parts of Colorado with those awful floods, etc. Hope everyone is good for you tomorrow. At least it will just be the babies and Lorraine with be with Mommy and Daddy :)!! Nice for them to have some time with each other without the babies for a change. At least you know where the babies are when you put them in their beds. Do they have a PLAYPEN or is that old fashioned.?

    I do not know what I would have done without mine and 5 kids 2 years apart. At least the 4 girls were and then almost 5 years between last girl and dear son :)!!! Do the babies scoot around everywhere touching and pulling up everywhere. I expect so if not pinned down :)!! They are at a busy body age if not in their beds. I just LOVED my PLAYPENS. Now many young parents thing it is cruel to l keep them pinned down. I think it is safe, of course unless you have just one and you can watch them ALL the time - that is hard to do. They of course do not have to be in the playpens all day but maybe when you cannot watch them. Mine liked it for the most part.

    Hi to everyone again. I cannot believe that it is Thursday already and will be Friday tomorrow. I go to the chiro tomorrow morning and hope I get home before it decides to RAIN. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Sat. We will see. I will believe it when I see it.

    Joan - Hope I see you soon again. I wrote you a note on the last volume about not being visited all the time and missing your dear kitty Maggie. Chin up sweetie and hope you feel better soon and get some more company. If you got a kitty she would keep you company !!! That of course, is your decision as they are a bit of work even if you love them.

    Mikie - Hi there sweetie. You surely are a busy one. Hope you are feeling a little better. I think something was bothering your besides that dumb UTI. Hope your car is in tip top shape !

    Now. I know that no one would take advantage of you my dear young friend. Your head is screwed on to straight, even if you may have some brain fog from time to time :)!! LOL Has Barb tried out her new swimming noodles yet that you fixed for her.

    Georgia - Good for you on 10 days without smoking? Does Grandpa smoke and if so what does he think of you not smoking? Is he going to try and stop too? I known it is very hard when one person stops or tries to and the other doesn't. It makes it quite difficult. Hooray for you and may it continue ! It is so much healthier for you and as you say you and house smells much better too. The only thing worse than that is the cigar. My DH's dad used to smoke them and couldn't get rid of the smell. I used to smoke too till I realized that I was wasting more than I was smoking and the prices went up and got so high. That was before we really realized how bad they were for you.

    Hugs to Windy, Dar, Sun. Spring Water, Rock and everydobby !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Dar and all - Bumping up the new Porch for us all. DAR just posted a long one on the OLD volume. Please go back and check it and come back here to post.

    Love you all,
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    Hey Granni...the wind has stopped; now it is just raining. I did see on fb where some friends of ours lost part of their garage roof, and lots of tree branches down.

    Oh yes, I have a playpen at my house, and Lindsey has one at hers, lol! But we each also have gates to close off parts of our houses. The babies have full range in our living room; we have a big gate across the wide "doorway" that goes to the dining and kitchen areas. If we keep a gate across the door to the "foyer" and one to the bathroom, they have a pretty big area to play in.

    Since our shop house is all open, I can be in the kitchen and see everything they are doing. The new house will be the same way, with a "half wall" separating the play room from the rest of the house...sort of like at a daycare or nursery, etc.

    I know kids want to be wherever the adults are, but we are going to try to limit the amount of toys, etc. that they drag into the living room...maybe just one or two things at a time. Den is so good about not tripping over things, but I always have to be extra careful when one of our dads is here.

    Right now, the play area is against the living room wall and the furniture sets out a ways and creates sort of a "boundary"...that and the big cardboard box that Den brought home from work ;) But whenever the kiddos have been here, it is easy to tell. I don't make them always pick up...depends if there is time. Sometimes I just let their parents get them "out of the way", lol, and I do it myself.

    Still folding and putting away laundry, so better get back to it...
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    Hi All,

    Sorry, I didn't realize 645 had been opened. I left a rather long post on 644. Thank you for catchin me up Granni.

    Loves n hugz
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    Boy I sure wish calif. would get some rain. We had some slight sprinkles last week, for about l0 min. but it hardly even wet the ground.

    Julie: The amish wedding sounded really interesting. Does the bride wear white? And that must have been a very special wedding for that many people to attend....400? And what type of gifts do the bride and groom receive. Of course with regular folks, it's the usual toaster, etc. I'm think maybe a lot of home made gifts, like a quilt or linens?

    Dar: Nothing like just family in the house. I can understand having to let go of your friend. What is it they say......visitors and fish stink after 3 days?
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    Granni, thanks for directing everyone over here to the new porch.

    Dar, I'm so sorry the arrangement didn't work out, but glad Darci could get some work that is so flexible and there are people near by. Hope you continue to work out of that flare...hard to do when you still have to show up at work.

    Sun, Amish brides get to choose the color of their wedding dress...this gal's was purple...then they wear a white apron and white cape-like thing over the top of the dress (covers the front and back.) She and her attendants wore black caps for the wedding...usually the women wear white caps, and black bonnets over that. I need to ask the reasoning, when I see our neighbors again.

    The bride asks her female servers to wear a certain color of dress, so they all match. The guys wear black pants and vest with white shirts. Most of the women guests wore dark colored, navy, purple, dark burgandy, some black...nothing too bright. Men in the same black and white as the servers.

    I had bought Isaiah a black pin-striped suit, with a purple shirt, black pants and vest...size Two T...he had grown into it, so Lindsey dressed him in it yesterday...he looked like a little Amish boy! The girls had matching silver dresses, Lindsey wore a long black skirt with a purple top and I wore a plum 2-piece skirt set.

    So funny...they had two wagons parked near the was labeled hats, the other bonnets. The men just tossed their black hats in their wagon and the ladies put their black outer bonnets in the other one...they kept on their white caps, though. I have seen our neighbor's hats up close...they do have the names written inside them.

    I don't believe I want to be Amish myself, but I do respect their ways and their simpler lives.

    I had the groom's mom give us gift ideas...she made a list that included garden tools, ladder, canning jars, clothespins, water jugs, and ice chest. And anything with grapes on it for the kitchen. We gave them a 5 gallon water jug, a 48 qt. ice chest, and two kitchen rugs with clusters of grapes on them.

    They probably got lots of things for their household use and things for outside work as well. The bride's parents own a greenhouse and a variety store, so I imagine many guests just chose something that they had on hand.

    The kids built a basement on his parents' property and are having a house moved from a few miles away. They requested that David be in charge of the move. And they have the frame of a barn looks like they will be set. For now, they will live in her parents' basement.

    Our neighbor told us that the parents of the couple start stockpiling linens as soon as it seems the couple might get engaged. And another neighbor told me that they use bath towels (in colors the couple has requested) as "gift wrap" for other things.

    Well, I have been pretty chatty tonight, lol! It seems as though the storm has moved on, but we are still getting a gentle rain. I hope it's nice out tomorrow, so I can take the babies to town. Off to bed for this grandma...
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    Hello, Kids

    Just woke up. Fed Zipper. Gordon will be home from an orchid meeting pretty
    soon. I was very busy today. I did the dishes and moved my car from one side
    of the street to the other. PA-thet-ic with a capital PA!

    On the other hand, it's better than 2 weeks ago when I couldn't drive the car. LOL

    Dar, you could move your post over here. (Or I could if you like.) Cut and paste
    is the most sophisticated computer skill I've acquired. Am reading a thriller
    about a criminal hacker. Not sure if all the computer stuff is accurate, but
    apparently these brilliant but lawless people can get into just about any computer
    or system and do anything from snooping to pranks to crimes.

    Julie, I haven't experienced a thunderstorm since moving to CA back in the 60s.
    We almost never have lightning, thunder or rainbows. Thanks for all the info on the
    Amish. Reminds me of Ken Burns documentary on the Shakers about 25 years ago.
    There were only a dozen left; all women, of course. Well, what can one
    expect when having babies is not permitted?

    Would love to see a pic of Isaiah in his go to wedding suit.

    Granni, playpens are cruel? Wow! There's a concept I never would of thought of.
    Playpens were originally a great safety measure. The little ones were safe. People
    wouldn't step on them or trip over then of spill hot stuff on them when they
    crawled into the kitchen.

    SG, my mother used to give kitchen utensils as a wedding gift. She said this was stuff
    people needed to start up a household, and it was pretty certain they would not be
    getting the same thing from other guests. Now, of course the whole concept of furnishing
    the new household is out of date.

    See all yous nice peoples tomorrow.
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    Good morning, friends! I need to shower and get a few things done before I go "on duty", lol! Had a hard time getting to sleep last night...I guess it must be the stormy weather, causing joint and muscle pain.

    The rain is over, for now, but it feels a little chilly outside at 63. Our lows have been in the 60's and low 70's...tonight's low is 42 degrees! Yep, it seems as though fall has it's the game of seeing how long we can wait before we have to turn some heat on in the house...

    Rock, that is a great improvement, to be able to move your car...especially a stick shift...a lot more muscles involved to drive one of those. I hope your back continues to behave and not give you any more problems.

    The kitchen is one place where I just do not allow babies to crawl many opportunities to get hurt. Yep, the playpen comes in handy lots of times...we don't put them in it together too often (Liora uses Isaiah as a stepping stone to climb out, lol) but it's good if Mom needs to take a quick shower or vacuum, etc. and wants to know that both of them will more than likely "stay put" for at least a few minutes.

    Granni, Liora can walk unassisted across a room, but still prefers to drop down and crawl if she wants to get there fast. Isaiah has been walking, using push toys or a bigger person's hands...he gets so excited and giggles the whole time! He follows Liora's lead...she is the climber. He tries, but can't get everywhere she does yet...only a matter of time :)
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    Reading about play pens brought back memories...and they were good ones. I know there had to be parents who might have kept their kids in them too long, but I would have been lost if I hadn't a way to keep my son "entertained" while I had things I had to do (and some of it outside). I'd take it out with me, put him in it and hang laundry on the line with no worries. He loved to nap in it and when we'd travel it would go with us, there was no problem with him sleeping in a "strange bed"...he'd go to bed easily. How things have changed...

    What a fun read about the Amish wedding!! I've read several Beverly Lewis books (along with others) and really enjoyed them. I find their culture so fascinating and admire them for walking to a different drummer. People think they have a simple life...but I doubt it's easy. They appear to be very hard workers. Heck, you can't get a modernized kid to even mow a lawn these days. I lived briefly in a Mennonite community. They were also very hard workers and would volunteer to help at the drop of a hat.

    I agree...whatever happened to gifts helping newly weds set up their homes with essentials? There was no such thing as a "registry" back in the dark ages. Gifts were generally "practical" not that a special piece of silver, crystal or something similar wasn't appreciated, too.

    No, CA doesn't get the thunderstorms like most eastern states. It was quite an awakening when we moved here from CA. After 20+ years, I've gotten used to them...but some can be heart pounding especially the night when the tornado hit Joplin. We had lost power and had no clue what was going on around us. If it weren't for cell phone calls asking if we were okay, we would have never known anything until we got power and TV back.

    We're getting the outside of our house painted (been 3 years in the "thinking"). I was thrilled when I found someone who would "do it all"...power wash, then wood repairs, then paint. We have a large home plus 3 smaller structures and finding this guy has been a blessing. The people who work for him even clean up before they leave at the end of the day...HURRAY!! No work's raining (and we need it). We're spending the kids' inheritance!!:)

    Reading the repairs on the Highlander made me pause and think. The timing belt needs changing every 5k? I just bought one and I only have to have it serviced every 5K and, even then, they don't change the oil but every 10k. Guess that tells me how much the newer model cars have improved. (As said, we're spending the kids' inheritance...LOL).

    My apologies for not commenting on everyone's posts...I haven't even read Dar's latest yet.

    Hope everyone has a better day than yesterday,
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    You're so right on, Windy...yes, the Amish life does only seem "simple" in so many ways, but I do admire how my neighbor ladies keep their homes running so smoothly. Ruby (mother of 11, including our Kathryn) has charts made up...the kids (and parents) alternate different chores. The boys take their turn in the kitchen and laundry, and the girls take turns with the milking, spreading manure, etc.

    Added to the regular household chores, many families have a "cottage business" in their homes. Many hands make light work, but I'm sure there are often mornings when they would love to just "roll over and go back to sleep", lol! Ruby says that if the someone takes longer than ten minutes to roll out of bed, once they've been woken up for breakfast, they have to help in the kitchen the next morning, no matter if they are officially "on duty" or not.

    Well, I just did a "test run" to see if I could fit the twins' double stroller in my little would only fit in the back seat, leaving no room for the babies. So plan B was to load the single stroller...I will push Isaiah in the stroller and carry Liora. After we visit my dad, I only have to make one or two more stops...hopefully we can find a "silly cart" (that looks like a little car or truck added on to the shopping cart) that will hold both of them.

    I am either one brave grandma, or "not too smart", lol. Just thought it would be a good way to see my daddy...and everyone loves to see a baby! So, here we gooooooooo! :D
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    Holy cow! Lots goin' on over here on the Porch. Hope I can remember what I read on the last one.

    Julie, I used to love hanging my laundry outside. Didn't have allergies when I was a kid and loved climbing into bed with fresh sheets smelling of the outside air and sunshine. Doing most anything under a full moon is magical. Just watch out for those trees; they'll jump right out in front of you.

    Windy, Toyota suggests changing the timing belt at 5 years or 60,000 miles. The wear on timing belts is a combination of miles driven and time. They recommend an oil change ever 5k miles but I use synthetic and the mechanic says I can get by with only one oil change a year unless I put more than the 5k on it. I usually only put about 2k on it now. Used to drive it up to Atlanta to see my kids but it's just too much for me now.

    Joan, sorry you are not feeling well. I'm sure you are missing having a kitty around. I would miss these two but at the same time, it kills me when Tweety cries to go out and I can't let her. She seems to understand but it still breaks my heart. Feel better soon.

    Granni, I think the UTI just got me run down and made me vulnerable to this stomach bug. I'm still iffy and tired so am vegging out another day. I don't know what I would have done without a playpen when the kids were babies/toddlers. It kept them safe, allowed me to get housework done, and showed them they could play by themselves just fine for a while.

    Sunflower Girl, I think we are getting all your rain here in FL. It's even been flooding in some areas. We have retention ponds everywhere and ditches to handle our strong summer rains but there is only so much they can hold. Temps have been falling a wee bit so think fall may really arrive on time this weekend. Still, we are slated for more rain.

    Rock, glad you are up to driving even if it's only across the street. I'm so tired that I'm not sure I could manage it today. Whine, whine, whine!

    Dar, I'll have to go back to read your post. Don't remember seeing it. Maybe I posted after you did. In any case, I'll be back...Wow! I did miss it--sorry! I'm glad you are rid of the houseguest. Too bad he was such a taker. I hope you feel better.

    I don't have much to post about things here. I've not done anything since Tues. when I made those cute little animal print cushions for the kitties. At first, they didn't like them but now, they are sleeping on them. I moved the kitty condo out on the lanai and they aren't using it much at all. It's just too big for inside. I hope they will use it more. They don't take to change well. It was Wed. when the stomach bug hit and I thought it'd be gone by yesterday. Well, my stomach is still feeling strange and my appetite is strange as well. I'll be throwing out some food this week. Hate to waste it but better to throw it out than up. AACK! Still soooo tired. Think I've just had too many things in a row and it's wearing me down. That worries me, considering my old CFIDS.

    I surely hope I didn't miss anyone here or on the last thread. I think my brain is as tired as my bod. Hope everyone else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow everydobby, how nice to read everyone's busy posts. Not sure I can post to everyone separately today. Haven't started my exercises yes except for lying on the roll.

    Julie - How wonderful you were able to go to that Amish wedding. Thanks for explain all about it or at least what you understood :)!! Those babies must have loosed so cute all dressed up - Isiaah in a little tux,sort of. They must have been so cute. The wedding sounded very interesting. I like you enjoying hearing about the different cultures and religions but not sure I could have done it. Of course if you are brought up that way that is almost all you know until you see other things. The simple life is great but how hard is it to do all their chores without, I suspect any modern conveniences like washers. It sounded rather colorful other than lots of black.

    Dar - Glad you found us and are doing a little better. How your flare disappears soon !! You mentioned herbs and natural things for pain and sleep. You might want to conversation me sometime if you have the time and NRG to do so.

    Windy - Did you say you live or lived in Joplin during that awful tornado. Some of DH's family lives there and his cousin's son's daughter's house was totaled and they had to get another. They finally did. Lots of awful damage. Did you have some also? Lucky to get away safely with your body and minimal damage to home, if possible. Luckily, the family was away at the grandparents for a birthday party or there would have bodily destruction, I am sure.

    Hi there Mikie, Rock, Sun, SW, Joan/Lilac et al . Sorry no time to write to you all. Just know I love you all. Need to start my exercises again - ugh !!

    Granni :)
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    Wonderful day so far...the twins and I left around 9:00 am (right after Lindsey, David and Lorraine.) Took us awhile to actually get going...I had everything, including babies, loaded into my car and decided to check the tires one more time...I had somehow missed one of my front tires going very low. :oops:

    Didn't want to take a chance, even if I aired it up at home, so reloaded all of us into David's least the double stroller fit in the back of it. I tied it in, so it wouldn't blow out as we went down the highway. The only thing with the truck, is that it is VERY TALL...I have to hang on to a bar and pull myself in...same way when I fastened the carseats into the backseat. Nearly wore myself out, just trying to leave home, lol!

    My dad was glad to see us, of course...wanted to make sure we had gone up and down the halls so all the staff and residents could see the babies.

    Then we went to the grocery store, and ate at the deli...only charged me one dollar each for the babies. I had them in the stroller, so I could keep track of them...then moved to high chairs to actually eat. Isaiah fell asleep while we were getting groceries (I pushed them in the stroller and pulled the cart behind me.)

    Got home around 2:30 and they are having a great time, playing with all Grandma's toys, etc. Just changed diapers and now time for far, so good. One thing I knew...not to have any expectations of how long things would take...and if they got fussy, I could always cut the shopping short.

    So funny how other grandmas were watching out for grandma got a cart for me and another one helped me get things in the truck when we were done. Lindsey sent me a picture of Lorraine and Sir Topham cute. She said Lorraine has been telling them all kinds of Bible stories and other made up ones, lol...sounds like Lorraine is enjoying having Mommy and Daddy all to herself. :)

    I bet we will ALL sleep well tonight, lol! ;)
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    Julie - you are one brave gal with the babies today. It was just you, wasn't it? I am guessing Den was at work as usual. Nice you had some help from other grandmas :)!!! That was nice too that Lorraine could be alone for a change with Mommy and Daddy. She sounds like a little chatterbox , especially like my eldest girl.:)!! Nice that grandpa could show off those babies to the staff. I am sure they all loved it.

    Glad you all had a great day with no problems. I guess you will have a busy weekend as usual. Finished my exercises for today . Tomorrow is double duty my chiro. exercises and the ones at the gym ( mostly the treadmill) with a few others. Don't think we'll be doing anything that exciting this weekend or eating out - darn it !!

    Have a great weekend but pop in when you get the chance.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    hello all

    just popping in to check up on everyone...

    bit swamped here with overdue chores but wanted to say hi.

    i m using lavendar soap n lavendar massage oil bought from a

    new age store n loving it!

    god bless
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    Hi everyone!

    Sun, you're right about house guests. The after three days comment......What started out as a help for my daughter turned out to be a nightmare. I am never letting another male within 50 feet of the threshold of my home. (No offense to our male pals on the porch). I expect anyone who enters my nest to respect my space, privacy, things, and most of all, wishes in my own dwelling. I work very hard to pay for this dwelling and all that I have acquired within it.

    It's not about the money it costs. It's about what I go through to make it. I work very hard through a lot of pain. It was making me sick watching my home being treated like a "boarding house". The straw that broke the camel's back was when I asked him not to put a hot pyrex dish from the microwave on my wood drop-leaf table in the kitchen without a mitt under it.

    He just went ahead and put it down right on the bare wood as if to say "I can do whatever I want to your table". That did it! I lost my cool and pointed out to him how rude he was, that I was tired of his taking advantage, and if he couldn't behave like a decent human being in my home, TO GO TO HIS OWN HOME and stay there!

    This has been coming for some time. My friends and family didn't understand why I put up with his behaviors for as long as I did. But, A) I have a very long fuse, and B) I thought he was looking out for my daughter, when in point of fact all he was doing was using my home to "lounge" in and expected us to clean up after his nasty rear like we were his maids.

    Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!!! (Movie quote). Darci and I are much happier in what is slowly becoming my clean nest again. She didn't have to watch the boys today, so she spent her whole day cleaning, dusting and vaccuming the downstairs. She was in a "Manic" phase. (She's bi-polar). She's happier now that she has a little spending $ in her jeans though. Life is good! I was a little worried about her though. She forgot to eat all day and hadn't checked her blood sugar. I made her eat right away and take her sugar check.

    The Mega-flare is slowly beginning to subside. I'm still babying my body at present. I will be spending a late morning in bed until I have to get up to shower before company comes for card night. Sunday, I'm not getting out of bed for anything but a "potty break".

    Julie, you are "Super Grandma"! Your depiction of your Amish neighbors is so very interesting. I like the information you impart regarding the wedding and their way of life. Pretty cool info. Your "gully washer" storm hit us here last night. Quite windy it was! Thank you for the words of encouragement. Darci and I will do fine. Our new arrangement will be better for both of us now. She's close to help if she needs it most of the time when I'm not home.

    Rock, You had a good idea. I thought about trying to move the long post, but was just too tired and befuzzled to do it at the time. Haven't been too quick on the up-take here lately. So I just figured if anybody was interested, they'd go back and read it. So, now you're reading about lawless hackers eh? I'm still re-reading the Left Behind series by Barry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. There are 12 books in the series. Quite riveting reading. Hope your back is settled down and you are feeling better now.

    Mikie, Hi! Thanks for the vote of confidence. He was really bothering Darci more than I knew. This will be much better for her. I am, slowly, beginning to recover. Just taking it very easy for a while.

    Granni, Thanks for the heads-up on the new thread. I'm feeling some better. I'd love to chat with you about herbs and natural remedies. I'm very much into homeopathic methods. I'd be grateful for your input. I've started taking Turmeric and Ginger which should help with pain and a myriad of other bodily ills. In lieu of Ambien at night, I'm taking Calms Forte with my flexoril and lodeine. It is helping with my sleep situation.

    I also "upped" my vitamin B regimin. I'm now taking B-1 along with my Niacin, B-12 and B-6. I have also added Magnesium to the Calcium and Zinc when I take it. I have to watch which combinations I take together, when I take them, which ones require lots of water, and which ones need to be taken with meals, and which ones not to take with my synthroid and other medications. I feel like I'm constantly taking pills, which I am. But I think they're helping the flare settle down.

    I also take glucosamine/condroitin, cinnamon tablets, cranberry tablets, Vitamin C, D, and E, fish oil, as well as 4 potassium tabs daily. Oh, and a multivitamin. And, when really stressed out, I take St. John's Wart. It really does work well. That's what got me through my 5 year long divorce. Oy!!! No wonder I don't eat much. No room at the inn! LOL. This is all, mind you, under my doctor's supervision. So far the only thing he's told me to change was to "up" my Niacin intake.

    Joan, Windy, Windblade, Soul, and anyone I forgot to mention,

    Live, love and laugh as if it's the last day you'll ever have every day. Sometimes, it's all that gets you through a day. Love N' Hugz to all!


    P.S. I finally found an avatar that I believe expresses the inner "me". LOL :D
  18. lydia1

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    Good morning, everyone! Beautiful day here...57 degrees, will get to a high of 64. I know that's too cool for many, but it feels just right to me :)

    I do like your avitar, Dar...glad you pointed it out, I sometimes miss things.

    My husband was missing when I got up this was the tractor, so I decided he was "out back", brushcutting the old railroad tracks. It is so neat to go back there; the tracks are in a sort of "valley" with trees higher up on either side. Lots of good black raspberry picken' spots, if one wants to brave the poison ivy...

    I called Gpa to see if he was wanting to come over today; Sis is going shopping with a neighbor and they are going to drop him off here first. We'll get him home later this afternoon. He enjoys coming over and "helping" Den work on the rafters, and we enjoy having him here. He may be almost 92 and not able to do a lot of physical work, but his mind is still sharp and he has lots of building experience. The moral support helps a lot too.

    Better get around...we will have leftover chili for lunch (always better the next day, true?) but I need to come up with something for supper. Saw Lorraine for a bit this morning; she is still talking about her trip. Her mom and dad bought her one more train engine to go with her collection.

    Her only disappointment yesterday was that Thomas the Tank didn't talk, like in the cartoons. Otherwise, it was a perfect day.
  19. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Dar...Yes, disrespectful "house guests" DO smell like fish!! They need to GO...good for you!!! I used to take a ton of supplements and still felt awful. I decided to stop (after reading about how some are chems...not authentic) and was surprised how much better I felt. Please make sure they all are authentic...if you're taking one that isn't, might be wise to find a better option.

    Julie...I wonder what would happen if I applied Amish rules in this house? I highly suspect I'd be in deep trouble...LOL. Reading your posts wears me out...I don't know how you keep up!!

    Granni...We live a little over an hour from Joplin. The storm that night did hit in our area, but we weren't affected but 2 areas close by were hit with small tornadoes. So glad your DH's family was safe...but still the loss had to be difficult. I'm happy to report Joplin is recovering pretty well...still many bald spots. Probably by people who can't afford to rebuild.

    Mikie...I guess I misunderstood about when the timing belt needed replacement. Years ago, I heard if one belt needs replacing, it's best to replace them all...and I tend to do that. I'm sure you'll agree...we gals need to keep a well maintained car. Breakdowns are NOT fun!!

    Springwater...Hope you get caught up soon!

    To all others..."Hi"!!

  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    LOL, Windy! Yep, Amish house rules would be a bust around here, for least some of them.

    Our community also has a "no contact" courtship...meaning, they don't even hold hand until go from one extreme to the other in one day...whew!