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    Julie - Just curious . Do you know if the Amish ladies or young girls get to pick their husbands if they are not allowed to even hold hands till married. To me that is a bit extreme but some of their old fashioned ideas may be good !

    Hi to everyone - just wanted to check in to see if anything interesting has been happening. Glad to hear all is well or pretty well. I need to go start my exercises I start with the lying down [part for now I am up to 10 and 1/2 minutes.

    So glad to see you SPRING WATER and that you are doing OK. Hope you get through with your chores soon. That lavender soap and oil sounds great.

    Dar - Can't believe that house guest was being so rude in YOUR home and not picking up HIS messes. You were right in getting him to leave. Thanks for the info on supps and all. I take some of the same things but was wondering about the sleep aid. I am on Flexeril also and 1/2 Klonopin (generic, at bedtime. Hope to get off the Klonopin if I can. I was on the Ginger and Tumeric also but then went off when trying to figure out what was causing my rase. Still really don't know. Still have a little, it is weird.

    Love to awl,
    Granni (off to start exercising) With my aches and pains not sure what is from what and or the exercises !! :)
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon brought 5 plants home from his orchid meeting. Par for the course. What I didn't
    find out until the next morning was that he brought a 6th plant. It's 5 feet tall! Land O
    Goshen! I think it's a euphorbia. Anyhoo it's wrapped in plastic so it's hard to tell.

    He's gone to Wal*Mart this morning. It's about 40 miles away. The trip is too
    exhaustening for me. I quit going last year. I don't approve of Wal*Mart anyhoo,
    although I admit they do have bargains like groceries and drugstore stuff. But the
    slippers and the belt I bought there fell apart in 2 months!

    The future of this country looks bleak on so many levels. I guess we older folks as well
    as our parents and grandparents lived through the best times along with some of
    the worst. I feel sorry for our young people.

    Springwater, Gordon buys lavender soap too. Decades ago I bought some Irish Spring
    soap. He did not like that. His sense of smell is acute. So I let him choose anything with
    an aroma like cleaning agents, candles, etc.

    His brother is a bum and does not buy anything for the house, so no problem there. It
    seems a little strange to call someone who works 6 days a week a bum, but in the 3 years I've
    been here he has never bought anything the entire household uses: like cleaning supplies,
    paper products, light bulbs, condiments, cooking oil, etc. He pays no rent. The only thing
    he does pay for is the gardener.

    The gardener is a Mexican who speaks no English. He walks around with a leaf blower for
    about 2o minutes a month. That's all he does. His fee is $60. That a an hourly rate of $120
    an hour or so. All the gardener accomplishes is to frighten Zippy and blow bits of leaves
    into his water dish.

    Uff-da! Makes me mad to think about it. Why should an old man (that would be me) with
    multiple disabilities whose sole income is social security be contributing to the support of a healthy man 20 years younger? Gordon does not even want to discuss the issue.

    Julie, I wrote down 42 by your name. I wonder why I did that. Wow! Pushing a stroller
    and pulling a grocery cart. Sounds like one of those goofy English races where they push a
    bed or carry an egg on a spoon.

    Winday, the subject of painting reminds meo the time I saw our old landlord painting in the rain. True, it was a light rain, but even so I thought he was mucho loco. Our neighbors
    paid several thousand dollars to have their house painted. 5-6 years later they
    said it needed another paint job. I asked if it was because of our desert sunshine.
    They said it was because modern paint doesn't have lead in it.

    Well, better quit. My typing and spelling are getting worse. Plus, with this new keyboard I
    have to smash the space bar in order to get it too work. That old slogan "You Get What
    You Pay For" is a big lie. A great deal of the time you get less.

    Back Later,
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    Lunch is over...naptime for some of us. Great-Grandpa (Den's dad) is asleep in Den's recliner, Den is asleep in our bed, Lindsey is putting her kids down for naps, David is getting some rest before working tonight.

    I get to clean up and wait on my little brother to come...his wife is at a quilt show in our local town, so he is going to come out and kill some time. He will probably pitch right in and help Den.

    We were all sitting around the table at lunch, and Lorraine said, "We are eating like a family!" I said that, yes, we were all family. Then, without any prompting, she told her Great-grandpa "thank you for coming to Gma's house for dinner."

    I would like to mix up some cinnamon least I can feed Gpa when he's here...will see if I have time before taking him back home.

    Rock, the only "42" I remember recently was that Den's dad's class reunion included classes from 1938 to 1942...he was in the class of 1940.

    Granni, Amish young men and women do choose who they are going to marry. Ruby told me that a couple might start "dating", but even decide that they aren't quite right for each other, so they just quit dating. When they get serious, and have been dating for a year or more, it us usually assumed they plan to marry.

    But nobody knows for sure until they tell their parents and immediate family about six months or so before the wedding. Then it is announced at church about six weeks or so before. Of course, it's not really a "secret"...they gossip just the same as we do, lol! But parents don't have anything to do with their choice of a mate.

    While courting, they may spend time "on their own" while traveling from one place to another, but have to have the top down on their buggy. Usually, they are with a group of other "young people" or at a church or family
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    Julie - That is so interesting about the young Amish couples. Glad that unlike other couples, get to chose their own mates.

    Wow you are so busy with all those people coming and going in your family. How cute of little Lorraine to thank her great Grandpa for coming to be with you all. Something tells me there is a big brain inside that little body but also I suspect a hard head at times too, I know. How nice of her to be so respectful and thankful for him coming to be with you all. She is being taught some very good lessons. We need more of that teaching today to our little ones, and bigger ones too :)!!

    Did some wash today and my knee is hurting possibly from the knelling down I have to do for some of the back exercising. So I may lay off that for today but I need to go and do the rest of it, or at least some.

    We went to the gym and I did some treadmill and leg pushy thing ( don't know the name of that machine). It is so cool today, with the rain we have had and lack of much sun today.

    Rock - Hi there. Where is Gordon going to put such a big plant - in a corner someplace in the house? You keep saying your spelling and typing is bad but it looks pretty good to me, unless you go back and do lots of editing. I do my share when I have the time to go back and edit. I may not always get to and I type sometimes to fast.

    Hi to everyone - now I need to get off here and do some more exercising - ugh ! Only did the neck thing on the Dennerroll. Hope everyone has a great weekend !!!

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Dear Porchies, Can you believe it was in the 60's this morning? ill get to slow to mid 80's today. That is great, at least a touch of fall. Towards the end of the week it will get to the low 90's again I believe. It will feel cool going to church this morning.

    Just wanted to pop in to say hi to awl. Almost time to leave for church.

    Julie - I'll bet both you and Lindsey just love nap time, even when you are not napping, you and Linds can enjoy the quiet and/or do whatever you need to do. I remember that time well. I never would have gotten anything done without the peace and quiet of naptime :)!!!

    Spring Water - Hope you get through with all your work soon. Miss seeing you around as often !!!

    I can't think of much else right now. I probably should go and do my Denneroll before church. We'll see !

    Have a great day and hope to see you all later.

    Granni :)
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    Hey Granni and everyone! We have 63 degrees, with an expected high of 72...can't get more perfect than that for me, lol!

    We got another rafter up yesterday!!! Well, Den did, with help from his dad and my brother...and me sort of cheering them on and cringing inside at the same time. I get so scared that it is going to fall, or break apart, while they are putting it in place. Den says I obviously haven't been around construction much, lol!

    My brother was only here for a couple hours...his wife had a booth at a quilt show in our nearest town (about seven miles away.) He did get to sample a homemade cinnamon roll, before he had to go pick her up ;)

    Den is off work the next three days, Mon. thru Wed. We can work together those days, except when I have to go help at the preschool (where I used to work in the kitchen) on Tuesday afternoon. Will make it worth the trip and go see my dad also.

    Going to put a couple chickens in the roaster for lunch today. I got up too late to make it to church...Den was being quiet because he thought I didn't feel good and needed to sleep.

    Still family "drama", but I suppose things will all work out as they should. I do believe that God is the ultimate judge...not only that, but He knows everyone's hearts and the reasons they may or may not be doing something. I guess as long as we keep in communication with those involved, we can step in if it gets too bad. At least Den and I are not alone in our concerns, and other family members are doing something too.

    Have a great day...will check in later.
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    Julie. I love hearing about your little ones, especially the very mischievous one! LOL. Did I understand it correctly that she "baptized" another kitten the other day? Is your SIL a quilter or was this a booth for antique quilts? I think I would be very scared too, putting up the beams. And I keep meaning to ask how long you were in Belize?

    Our weather has turned more fall in so. calif also. What a wonderful change. We had to turn on our AC daily almost all day long, and have been having problems with it, or perhaps it's the circuit breaker. The AC man is searching for a new part for the circuit breaker (the house is 50 years old) and having trouble locating one. He told me if it blew too many times it would ruin the AC so I'm now happy for cooler weather. I need to call him again and see how the search is going.
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    It seems everyone is getting cooler temps. It was 50 here this AM (not that temps are a contest), but I was stunned. It felt great!! It'll also be in the 80's here today. We went out for dinner last night...normally we get in right away, but we had to wait. We waited outside and it was marvelous! Wish we could have eaten out there it was so pleasant. Fall here in OK day of summer...then one day of winter. It's approaching and it's a relief. Very, very humid this summer...ugh!!!

    Yep, paint does not last without lead. When we repainted inside a few years back, once the paint was dry I could wipe it off the wall with my hand...pure dust!!:mad: The maker (Valspar) said it was "guaranteed", but only ended up having to take it back to Lowe's for an exchange. Absolutely no reimbursement for the labor. So, all of what had been done had to be redone. The painter was happy, but I certainly wasn't. I hope the new outside paint will last...we had Marine paint put on when we moved here 13 years ago (with lead) and it's lasted so well.

    Fascinating to read how Amish courtships are handled. I'd like to think their marriages last far better than so-called conventional marriages.

    I loved reading how everyone feel asleep after eating...that sort of thing only happens here when it's Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's such a warm feeling...a pure sense of satisfaction.

    Reading about the gardener is similar to getting help keeping up our pool. Locally, they want $100 per visit plus whatever chems are used...and they're here no more than 5 minutes!! We rent a house in another state and that pool company charges $70 each month and that includes weekly visits plus chems. So, guess who takes care of our pool here...MOI!!! Sometimes it's pretty hard on me, but I keep telling myself I need the exercise (I'm not as dedicated to that particular pleasure as Granni is.:))

    Went to Wally World this AM (our main source for "anything" in our town). Didn't need much, thankfully. But, I saw a funny post on Facebook this AM and "it fits". It said: "Do you ever experience road rage while pushing a cart in WalMart?" I wish I knew animation...I'd do a brief film of a person in an electric cart getting cutoff by someone who thinks their life depends on gaining that split second advantage...then, I'd show the person in the cart running repeatedly over the offender. Yep, my sick sense of humor is showing.;)

    WalMart's quality has gone down the tubes since Sam died. Women's clothes in particular only last maybe 2 to 3 washes (if that). (I'm currently wearing a linen top I bought at WM easily 15 years's a terrific top of nice quality. I love it.) They used to sell shoes that lasted...those days are now gone. Pure trash these days.

    I stopped growing orchids a short while back. I totally understand how hard it is to NOT buy orchids. Whenever I pass some really nice ones, I have to practically run past that section or I know I'll succumb. They are so elegant and there's such a wonderful variety.

    I'm off to add a few rows to a sweater I'm knitting, then it's "nap-thirty".

    Hope everyone has one of their better days...

    Work in progress:

    Front1a.jpg Front2a.jpg Front3a.jpg
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    Is this what you are building or your DH? I see the garage and what about the rest. It looks so long. Didn't have time to read all this and NO I do NOT like to exercise at all. I go with DH maybe 2x a week which I probably wouldn't do if he wasn't around. Also, the other stuff is from the chiro and I think it is giving me more aches and pains ( just what I didn't need) from the back exercises. Didn't do them yesterday just the neck. exercises Thanks for newsy post.

    Hi Julie - I need to start my exercises now as it I later in the day and I haven't done a thing other than go to church, Hope you have a nice quiet day today with no problems or stress. More later.

    Love to everydobby :)!!
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    Granni. When I was going to PT about 4 months ago, the exercises I was doing was also making me feel worse than ever. I had to stop it all because terrible jaw pain from the traction. Now here I am in the same shape as before I started everything. I understand what you're talking about. I wear heat and ice wraps around my neck almost all the time to help cut the pain. Have you ever tried them?
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    Hi Sun,

    Yes, I have used something like you are talking about but you can put it in the freezer or microwave. I got it from PH. I probably need to use it more. However, I am dong exercises for both neck and back. Yesterday I skipped the back ones mostly and the ones I had to get on my hands and knees as my knees were really hurting especially one of them. Almost seems like you can't win but I still have a few months to go.

    I can't afford to go any longer as it is out of pocket, after the initial treatment which is about two more months. He had said 4-6 months for the 3x a week but I can't afford any more, after the 4 months. People that are still working maybe but not I ):!! . My problem perhaps like yours is that we have more than one problem. However, I will trudge on for awhile longer. I am sure he will want me to continue no matter what shape I am in but I may go for a day a week or something like that for a bit. That is expensive enough. We will also see how I feel at that time

    Thanks for writing to me. Need to do some prepping for dinner and then come back and maybe try a few of them that I missed yesterday and haven't tried today. Will see how I feel as to continuing. Figured it was worth a try since they are believers in all things natural. He 7is really very gentle and uses mostly gadgets which really do not hurt, at least for me who is used to pain 24/7. Had this crap for over 30 years - not a fun thing. I know you understand.

    Gotta run for now and hope to check back later if I don't wash my hair early. I had better do it tonight as this week will be quite busy and tomorrow night is dress rehearsal for Chorale Society performance on Tuesday night.

    Hugz to you and all,
    Granni :)
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    Rock, you've got a tad stubborn man there in Gordon, who refuses to look at the situation. In my humble opinion things should be split 3 ways. That way no one suffers. When I'm not in a 7-9 pain scale, I try to use the blower we have, front and back. The neighbor across the street, just bought the house, has a large sycamore tree, planted 3 families ago. Every 5,785,000 leaves blow into my garden and cover the walkway and driveway. What a mess!!!!! Two weeks ago I had to hire the neighbor's gardener to blow it all out and pick up the leaves. Less than an hr. and I paid $45. My husband is blowing everything today. Let's see.......if I charged just $20 a crack (about an hr for front and back), figuring I do it at least 20 days out of a month.........? Actually I'm hoping the neighbor will want to pull the tree out and plant something else. I would even be willing to kick in some $.

    And the euphorbia that Gordon brought home, is it this? I just had my husband transplant a large one today from a pot into the ground. Be VERY careful if it is, because the "milk" is dangerous.
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    Hi, everybody. Whatever bug I've had has morphed into something quite different and I've been sick with swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, body aches, etc. It's almost as though I've had a light case of the flu. Anything is possible.

    Windy, I'm not sure I explained myself about the belt situation. Engines have external belts which drive things like the power steering. The timing belt or timing chain is inside the engine compartment. You are right about the drive belts; when they start showing wear, you replace them. You can tell by looking when they are showing wear. With the timing belt, it is crucial to know whether it is a belt or chain and when the manufacturer recommends replacement. It's wise to get this done when recommended, especially if breakage causes engine damage. I took a chance because if mine were to break, the car would only stop. I just decided it wasn't worth taking the chance of having my car stop and have to be towed. I'm glad I got it done. Cars usually only break down when it's the weekend or at night. I have AAA but don't want to have to leave my car at the mechanic's after hours. Yes, we women need to be knowledgeable and have a trusted mechanic. Not easy.

    To Granni, Julie, Dar, and Springwater, I'll stop back in when I'm feeling better to catch up. I wish everyone a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    My therapy stop[ped last week. I loved the arm even though I think that I hurt more the next day. What I loved waas when she put Biofreeze on my neck shoulder and arm. Than afterwhile she massaged:confused: I think that i have already told you that! Oh well. And she used so my pressur e and I felt later as if I could curl up in a chair and nap!

    We also have Flexercise 4 days a week. It is the same routine every day and it is good, but it is a little too fast and hurts. One of the therapists said do all slowly! I can now fasten a necklace behind my head now.
    That is an accomplishment:) And I can hang my robe and gown on the hooks over the door!!! I realize that when I sit in my recliner for too long, I hurt when i GET UP! But unless it is potty time, I don't get up and move

    Awww Julie!!!! Thaat was so sweet of Lorraine to thank her grandpa for coming to her house! You never know what is in a child's head. And when it is gthat sweet, it almost brings tears, doesn't it?

    Windy: Back when Wal-Mart sold White Stag slacks was great! They always fit---never had to try them on. And I liked their other White Stag clothes. Oh well, I don't get there anyway. I have also gotten 3 pr. of sandles that I havfe really liked. I think that they were Earth Spirit (can I say all of that?). the always fit and were sturdy. I had 2 pr beige and 1 pr. white. I have worn all out except 1 pr beige. Maybe they will take all of this out ?;)

    Well, just like the rest of you, it got much cooler this a.m. I ended up turning the furnace on to take off the chill. My 5:30 shower really cooled me off.

    how many of you remember when we were all so excited because we were approaching Vol. 300. When was that? :D Oh yes, a looong time agoooo!

    I forget who was on Klonopin. I still take a 1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m. Would like to get off of it but want to ask Dr. how and when.!

    My back is hurting so will bid you "so long, it's been good to meet you". Where in the world did that come from!:oops:

    Gentle Hugs, Lilac/Joan
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    Joan - Thinking about trying to get off my 1/2 Klonopin to at night. Need to find a substitute. One thing to remember is to taper off slowly. Like go to 1/4 pill for awhile and maybe then off. Not sure how to get even smaller. I need to go wash my hair now - it is a project - not the washing but the curling.

    See you all tomorrow hopefully. It will be a busy day.

    Love to everydobby,
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    hi all

    i was real glad to hear georgias been off cigarettes for so long yay!
    keep it up.

    mikie - swollen lymph nodes! praying for cures for all here.

    good to hear from dear joan too!

    granni - used to curl my fringe in college, that was decades back,

    never used a curler after that, i agree with u, its a hassle

    julie - good to hear of our family meal, grt granpa n all

    windy - is that where you live? love it, so spacey..airy
    i hate being confined

    sunflower - i hear you about trees and falling leaves
    if we didnt clear ours every day in a week we wd be
    wading thru to get to the gate, must be why our neighbours mostly have
    hedges n shrubs

    rock - gordon s love affair with his orchids is standing the test of time,
    innit'? u remember he used to bring them home years back.
    i had one , sadly never bloomed

    my cacti does tho...and my, do it look pretty! a tall slim one
    with white flowers yellow centre

    well, i just had beaten rice with tea. nice if the stomach is
    acting up..

    altho mine is kinda settled, hasnt acted up since my
    two friends gave me healings and i took ayurvedic

    i just found a funny co incidence

    my pranic healers the two of them who gave me joint healings
    for my stomach

    the lady shares her b day with my daughter

    the guy s b day is same as my sons!!!

    we were laughing heck lot when we found out!

    we hv decided we are a soul group gravitated

    towards each other in this lifetime from other

    past lives...when the guy was here, we used to

    spend a lot oftime together, and now

    also i spend a lot of time talking things

    like healing, crystals, angel therapy

    to the lady friend and she skypes and

    does joint meditations with him regularly.

    God bless
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Something is strange :confused: Windy, thought you had posted something about the belts and I felt I should explain but now, I can't find your comments. I've been sick and am still soooooo tired so maybe I dreamed it.

    In any case, didn't have the energy to post more. Still don't but wish everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Got "caught up" on my reading, but no time to post this AM. Just checking in...

    Will try to reply this evening.

  19. Darrae

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    Hi All,

    Windy, after having spent 2 years with my herbalist, I've come to be a major "label reader". I'm very careful to buy only supplements that have optimum benefit and none of the "junk" that is found in some brands. My herbalist told me which brands to look for first.

    He also gave me a good rule of thumb, the more ingredients it has, the more you avoid it. The more ingredients it has you can't even pronounce, run! And, of course, fresh is best. When I have the time, I'm going to seek out fresh turmeric root and fresh ginger root to replace the capsules I have now.

    Problem is, having had a gastric bypass in '83 and only having 1/5 of a normal stomach, I cannot absorb enough nutrients from my diet alone. The doctor who did the bypass told me this was the "down" side and that I should take a good multi-vitamin, which I do. It's not enough, however, to give me what I need to deal with the fibro. Since I went to the herbalist and began my supplement regimin, I've steadily improved enough to work like I do.

    Had I not, I'd still be sitting at home, "totally disabled". He made a believer of me. He took me from unable to even walk half a city block to logging 10 miles a day according to my pedometer at work on my shoe. Not including what I do outside my job.

    You're right though, some supplements are "junk". One has to be careful which brands to choose and which to avoid. Water solubles are the best, but hard to find now. That's what he used to give me. But, over-the-counters can be beneficial if you know what to look for, and which brands to seek out.

    Thanks for the atta' girl on the house guest. Darci and I are much more relaxed now. He was being more trouble than a help.

    To Granni, Julie, Joan, Rock, Mikie, Soul, Spring and anyone I failed to mention,
    Have a great day! I'm off to work now.