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    Hi friends! Porchlight #645 was getting long, so I am starting up a new one here. Can't stay though, have a date with my sweetheart (well, we have to make a run to town for more screws and might grab some supper while we're out, lol.)

    Please go back and catch up on the last posts...Mikie has been pretty sick. Hang in there, Mikie...hope this passes soon.

    I will check in later tonight. There are plenty of homemade cinnamon rolls left, and a peach pie from our Amish yourselves!
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    Gonna try to get Joan's post moved over here...heading out pretty soon.

    1. My therapy stop[ped last week. I loved the arm even though I think that I hurt more the next day. What I loved waas when she put Biofreeze on my neck shoulder and arm. Than afterwhile she massaged:confused: I think that i have already told you that! Oh well. And she used so my pressur e and I felt later as if I could curl up in a chair and nap!

      We also have Flexercise 4 days a week. It is the same routine every day and it is good, but it is a little too fast and hurts. One of the therapists said do all slowly! I can now fasten a necklace behind my head now.
      That is an accomplishment:) And I can hang my robe and gown on the hooks over the door!!! I realize that when I sit in my recliner for too long, I hurt when i GET UP! But unless it is potty time, I don't get up and move

      Awww Julie!!!! Thaat was so sweet of Lorraine to thank her grandpa for coming to her house! You never know what is in a child's head. And when it is gthat sweet, it almost brings tears, doesn't it?

      Windy: Back when Wal-Mart sold White Stag slacks was great! They always fit---never had to try them on. And I liked their other White Stag clothes. Oh well, I don't get there anyway. I have also gotten 3 pr. of sandles that I havfe really liked. I think that they were Earth Spirit (can I say all of that?). the always fit and were sturdy. I had 2 pr beige and 1 pr. white. I have worn all out except 1 pr beige. Maybe they will take all of this out ?;)

      Well, just like the rest of you, it got much cooler this a.m. I ended up turning the furnace on to take off the chill. My 5:30 shower really cooled me off.

      how many of you remember when we were all so excited because we were approaching Vol. 300. When was that? :D Oh yes, a looong time agoooo!

      I forget who was on Klonopin. I still take a 1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m. Would like to get off of it but want to ask Dr. how and when.!

      My back is hurting so will bid you "so long, it's been good to meet you". Where in the world did that come from!:oops:

      Gentle Hugs, Lilac/Joan​
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    I guess I goofed up by starting a new porch...still some posts being added to the last one.

    I'll bump this one up, but go back and read news from #645...
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    Hi Kids

    Don't be silly, Julie. You did not goof up. The board is a goof free zone. Gee, peach
    pie. Haven't had peach pie or even a decent peach in decades.

    I've sung this song, but I'll sing it again,
    Of the people I've met and the places I've been.
    Some of the troubles that bothered my mind
    And a lot of good people that I've left behind, singing:

    So long, it's been good to know yuh;
    So long, it's been good to know yuh;
    So long, it's been good to know yuh.
    But a long time since I've been home,
    And I've gotta be driftin' along.

    By Woody Guthrie
    Big hit for the Weavers, Joan, when I was in grade school. Sounds like you get more
    exercise than I do. I did help Gordon transplant his euphorbia yesterday. It takes two
    people. The darn thing is five feet tall. Shortly after we completed the process, the
    ornery thing toppled over. It's really hard to help some plants; and some people too.
    The server (whatever that is) was acting up yesterday. I lost two posts. Gordon
    cunningly fixed the problem by turning off the computer for a brief period. I'm
    gonna try and turn myself off for a little while. See if I can fix myself. Wouldn't that
    be great if we could do that?!
    Well, time to give Zippy his midnight visit and snack. Hugs to everydobby.
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    Still recouperating from whatever bug I have. Most symptoms gone but fatigue is sooooo bad. So, I'll just wish y'all a good day and stop back when things are better.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh man, I think I know what happened...I posted on the last volume, letting everyone know that I was starting up a new one. But when I went back to see the last posts, mine wasn't nobody knew! I must have forgotten to hit "post reply"?

    At any rate, I just want to also wish everyone a good day and week...Mikie, you have been through the wringer...hope you feel better (and more energy) soon.

    Rock, that silly plant! Could you save it again, or was this the end?

    Sun, I started to answer your questions about Belize yesterday, but got interrupted. I'll get back to them...gotta get out and help Den, while he is off work.
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    Mikie: I figured you had gone from bad to worse. I hope with all you've had in the past 6 weeks or so that you will soon start to feel like a human again. We're all familiar with that!!!! I know there's a stomach flu and also bad sore throats going around so. cal. as per my daughter's reports of absenteeism at grammar school. A pretty good indication of the nations health! LOL

    My stomach bug lasted about 3 days. I've been taking oil of oregano daily now (5 drops in l tsp. apple juice concentrate) because in the past I would get bronchitis or pneumonia. It's is an amazing natural product. I don't know what did it but I laid down for a nap at 5:30 last night, woke 3 hrs. later, age some crackers and almond butter and hit the pillow again until 8 a.m. Unheard of for me. I think I'm terribly sleep deprived.

    Julie: I look forward to reading all about Belize.

    Rock: did I miss a post about peach pie? I get confused as to which one I've posted on or what I've read where.
    My husband and I drove up to Mt. Baldy yesterday but no turning of leaves yet and it was a tad chilly which felt good after all this heat we've had. We did see a smashed tarantula in the driveway and everyone was looking at it. Then my husband said he saw a sign as we were coming out of a restaurant "tarantula crossing" and about how a tarantula molts for about 5 years then is an adult. ugh.....are there leavings of a tarantula around town? I saw a large one near where my daughter lives, crossing the street. Well, I HAD to stop and get a close up look, but not too close. They're really scary looking.

    I got the restaurant we shared a piece of blackberry pie ala mode and some coffee. First pie I've had in at least a couple of years.

    Hello to everyone else. I really love to read how everyone's life is going.
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    Thanks JULIE for starting us up again ! I see, you moved Joan's post from the last volume, about Klonopin and I thought I answered it. Thought I was cracking up but did find it over here but on the older volume. Hope all is well at your house and beyond :)!!!

    Wanted to tell /LILAC not go off Klonopin cold turkey. That is one of those drugs you need to wean off. I want to do the same as I taking 1/2 one with Flexeril at bedtime. I need to decide what I want to try if I go off it in place of it. I tried to get off it once but my head was driving me so crazy I went back on it again - even though I am not taking a large dose. Tried melatonin and some other stuff in place of it. It seemed to work for awhile but then quit. So if anyone has any ideas for sleep let me know besides the Flexeril. If things work out maybe I can quit that - hmm, maybe wishful thinking !!!

    MY PCP said Klonopin is one of the drugs that they suggest for older people , like us NOT to be on. Afraid of falling I guess.

    Had more than normal posts on the last volume. I forget who posted there. So you might want to check for your post if you don't see it here :) LOL

    Mikie - Hope you feel better soon.

    Sun - I don't even want to look at a Tarantula - yuck !! Yes, they are ugly and scary . Just in time for Halloween next month :eek: !!! That pie sounds really good.

    Spring Water - Hope you are getting your work done and all is going well for you and all.

    Hi also to Dar , Rock, Soul, Georgia, Carla, Elaine, Teacher and any MIA's, old and new peeking in.

    Have our dress rehearsal tonight for our big show tomorrow night. Tomorrow is the show for our Choral Society.

    Granni :)
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    Hey, Kids!

    Julie, you may have had the same experience I did. My post disappeared after I posted it
    due to the problem with the server. No, the euphorbia fell over, but it didn't bite the dust. Gordon has the pot weighted down with a brick so it won't fall over again unless we have one
    of California's you know what.

    Last time we had one in our neighbor was a decade of so ago. The ground shook early in
    the morning. People who had fireplaces had their brick chimneys collapse. Our neighbors' grandfather clock fell on its face. Dishes fell outta cupboards. Nothing too terrible.

    SG, no, you didn't miss a post re: peach pie. Julie had just remarked bout Amish pies. As
    for getting confused, I do that all the time. Pretty much unavoidable since many of us
    have brain fog. It might be a good idea to merge the lounge and porch threads. Simplify
    keeping track of this, that and the other thing.

    Granni, you need a secretary to keep track of all you social, musical, church, and other
    doings. Have the exercises and chiro adjustments lessened your aches and pains?
    Hope the choral society do goes well. Oh yes, I do lots and lots of proofreading.

    Time to go lie down for a bit. Hugs to all.
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    Awww, here we are...all back together again, lol! It's been a bit hectic today, but we are about to wind down.

    Sis brought Gpa over this morning...I was staining boards, so didn't go out of my way to chit-chat. Got to a stopping point, then came in and made lunch for Den, Gpa and myself. The guys got in "nap position" while I cleaned up and hung some clothes on the line. Then I came in and took a 1 1/2 hour up in time to take Gpa home.

    We are trying to be careful and not let him get too worn out, but it doesn't take much for him to get out of breath. We feel it is important for him to know that he is needed and that we treasure his company, but have to find a "happy medium."

    A couple of the neighbor girls are here till 8:00 pm, while Lindsey is at Aikido. David is too tired to go on Monday nights, so Lindsey usually goes alone. The girls come to keep the kiddos occupied so David can rest a bit, do homework, or whatever he needs to do. He is so close to getting his master's degree...

    Lorraine and I got to watch the newlyweds' house get moved today. David was the escort and called to let us know they were close (they will be living about a half mile from us, on some of his parents' property.) We got in my car and drove close enough to neat to see the sheriff's vehicle, lights blaring, pop over the hill...then a few minutes later, there was the house! Will take a while to get it ready to live in, but at least it is there.

    I need to get a few things done in the house this evening. Need to go get Gpa in the morning, then work at the preschool in the afternoon. So will get lunch stuff ready and the guys can take care of themselves. I tried to get out of working, but the teacher didn't have anyone else to help, and it was too short of notice for me not to be there.

    So, hope all is well...see ya later!
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    Forgot to mention a very important date...tomorrow (Sept. 24) would be my mom's 74th birthday. Wish I could mention it to my dad, but he has already been sad enough...last week he said he really misses Mom and it was making him feel pretty blue.

    This happened to be the day before their 56th wedding anniversary...I mentioned that, and told him it might be why Mom had been on his mind so much. Not sure if I should have said anything or not, but thought it might ease his mind a little bit. But I don't think I will bring up her birthday...I'm sure he won't remember on his own and no need to make him feel even more sad.

    My "sign" for her is a shooting star...we saw one of those on the way home from town last night. That, and pennies...I always think of her when I see a penny on the ground.

    Have I mentioned that I "plant" coins for Keira and Lorraine to find. All along the path from Lindsey's house to our house...and in lots of places on our front cement patio. Lorraine gets really excited and has to run and put it in her piggy bank. Den's dad found one the other day, and when I told him what I did, he just discreetly put it back :) That would be hard to do, for someone who lived through the Depression. But I assured him that the girls would soon find it again.

    Anyway, I am off to bed. Tried a new roll out sugar cookie recipe tonight. Den and his friend, Fred, thought they were just fine. I don't make sugar cookies too often, but wanted to practice so I can help Keira and Lorraine make them for the holidays.

    I guess a couple of the tricks are to chill the dough before rolling it out. And putting the tray of cookies in the freezer for a couple minutes before baking them...suppose to help them hold their shapes better. Well, I made these all round, so wasn't really such a "test"...we'll see how it does with snowman, Santas, etc.
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    I guess we will just keep having two porches going at the same time, lol! Dar posted on the last volume, so go back and read it.

    It is chilly this morning, with a little wind. Our "job site" is in the shade, which makes it colder still. I told Gpa it might be better if he didn't come over today...if he gets sick while over here, Sis will blame us. Even though we only have him come over so he can "get away" for awhile.

    We are realizing that we're not going to get the shell up before winter, so are just doing the best we can and going to try to fix things so the weather doesn't ruin what we have started.

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    Wow! Looks as though I'm not the only one who is confused or lost posts. I actually answered one and can't find the original post I was answering. That's pretty bad. In any case, yes, here we all are again or, at least, some of us.

    Dar, from your post on the other thread--you are the poster child for taking responsibility for your own healing. Good for you. I'm so glad the supps you are using are working for you. Finding just the right ones can be a long trial-and-error ordeal.

    Julie, I love it that you get shooting stars from your Mom, and pennies too. My Mom sends feathers. We don't get as many as we used to but I think it's because everyone now realizes that she is always watching over us and praying for us. She used to always say, "Oh, Honey, it'll be alright." Last year, on the 10th anniversary of her death, I sat outside feeling a bit sad when I saw the most beautiful rainbow. I now associate rainbows with her. The fountain in the pond behind my condo has a rainbow in it almost every sunny afternoon. Reminds me of Mom. I will always miss her but the loss isn't as raw as it was during the early years. Now, it's just a hole in my life that nothing can fill.

    Sunflower Girl, I hope you are feeling better. I am running a low-grade temp but feel much better. This went into my chest yesterday and I have a very small dry cough now and then. I didn't even get out my bong (nebulizer) but probably should have. I didn't go to the condo mtg. but probably didn't miss anything. I think I'll try to do just a couple of things around here today. Nothing too strenuous. I hope you can catch up on your sleep.

    Granni and Lilac, thanks for your good wishes, Granni. Yes, no one should ever go off Klonopin (Clonazepam) cold turkey. In fact, if done correctly, it can take a year to wean off of it. Going off cold turkey can cause seizures. Even though I'm better, I've pretty much decided to stay on my Special K for the duration. It has helped me so much and now, my Medicare Advantage plan covers it. My doc thinks it's one of the best meds for people with our conditions. Dr. Cheney believes it stops brain damage in PWC because it stops the mis- and over-firing of our neurons.

    Rock, mmmmm, pie!!! Yummmmmm! I have been experimenting and have been able to tolerate a bit of wheat. So, if I want some pie, I can have it. I just don't eat wheat every day. I love the Van's GF Ancient Grains waffles. I've been eating them without syrup. Still can't get breakfast sausage down since being nauseated when this bug started.

    I decided to take on several tasks which I hated to do: Call the lab over my lab bill which they said my insurance co. didn't pay. Had to call the ins. co. so they can duke it out with the lab. Good news is that my eye doc is in network. My Advantage plan is changing from an HMO/PPO to an HMO only. They won't pay for preventive dental exams and cleanings next year. Co-insurance for hospitalization and outpatient surgery have jumped. I have to fish out my surgical bill from my knee to see just how much more I would have to pay under the new benefits for 2014. I'm going to check out Florida Blue's Advantage Plan and decide whether to change.

    Everything is costing more. All licenses have gone up as has car registration/license plates. Our house taxes are going up. It's negligible for me because I am homesteaded and have two additional exemptions, one for being old and another for being old and poor (well, not poor by my stds but by the county's). I do live below the poverty level. It's only a few dollars here and there but it adds up. I just hope the cats don't get sick. Vets cost more than it costs to take kids to the doc. I'm going to check to see whether there is a low-cost vet for more than just the routine checks and vaccinations.

    I just called Jeff and told him I do want to keep the cats. They have settled down and like living with me. I enjoy them too. I guess their Auntie Julie came over to take Tweetie out to run free while the mean lady was gone. I must have been sleeping because I didn't hear her knock. I don't want Tweety to go out as it will just get her confused and fired up to want to go out again all the time. She is acclimating to being an indoor cat and is happy inside. Evidently, Julie told him about they cats' clawing my carpeting. They have stopped doing it. Now, Sylvester meows at my door when he thinks it's time for me to get up between 5:00 and 5:30. He's a furry alarm clock.

    We have a routine established. After I get up, feed Simon and feed them, they play and wrestle. I've found that they use three distinct kitty martial arts: Worldwide Cat Federation(WWCF) wrestling; WWCF with some Kung Foo moves; and, the Kitty Slap Down, where they both sit up on their back honches facing one another, like groundhogs, slapping one another in the head. What a hoot!

    We have been getting heavy rains from that tropical disturbance in the Gulf for days. It's not likely to let up until later in the week. Up the coast from us, they are getting much more and there is flooding in areas here and there. The rain makes me and the kitties tired. They are both sacked out now.

    "Morning Joe" on MSNBC (don't let the network deter you; they are very bipartisan on his show) is starting a book club. The first book is, "Five Days At Memorial," by Sheri Fink. It's about that hospital where patients were euthanized after Hurricane Katrina. It's fascinating to have the author make you feel as though you are there in one of the most mishandled catastrophies in just one of the places in NO. Everyone dropped the ball and left these poor people to fend for themselves after the dikes broke and it flooded. It's both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. I'm only about 15 percent into the book but it's hard to put down.

    OK, Kids, gotta go. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Julie, et. al.

    "Et. al." is Latin. Somebody asked Nero where all the cupcakes went, and he
    replied, "I et al of 'em."

    Gordon came home with big news from the office. Reorganizing and people
    moved around and let go. New procedures. I'm so happy to be away from all
    that stuff. I am a man leisure now. Reminds me of "King of the Road".
    "I'm a man of means, by no means."

    Roger Miller loved puns. I woke up one morning and found that my subconscious
    had figured out the pun in his song, "The Last Word in Lonesome is Me." (Mikie
    alert.) I met Roger in Las Vegas. He introduced me to his mother who was wearing a
    strapless, white evening gown.

    If she had an orchid corsage, she could have gone to a prom. Gordon has an orchid
    in bloom that is a cross of the prom orchid with an arboreal orchid called a laelia.
    (Lay-lee-ah) An oncidium has been in bloom for the last month. Orchid flowers last a
    long time if left on the plant.

    That's pretty exciting for the kids to find money. I remember sprinkling some change
    at a bus stop so my son could find it when he was about 7 or 8. I also remember when
    he was 9 we came across some pennies in a park; maybe 7 or so. I pointed them
    out. He said, "They're not worth anything." He was pretty much right too. When
    I was a kid you could buy a piece of candy or bubblegum for a penny.

    Well, I did a little watering yesterday afternoon and hope to do some more today.
    Maybe I'll do like all the ignorant, but wealthy pro athletes and give it "110 %".

    Sending good vibes to everydobby. Hope you all feel 110 % better.

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    Another quick HI to awl. Go up late, dropped hot tea all over myself, and broke the cup (not a great one) and then put aloe vera all over it. After rushing through breakfast I went to the docs for my thyroid blood draw. Got out early so rush thru WM to get a few things I was desperately in need of like my decaff. Green Tea and some with fruit in it. Good stuff !

    This afternoon I go for a wuick practice for our small group and then home to change for our big concert for the County Choral Society tonight. We have BBQ dinner first if we want to eat and then warm up before the concert. Hope the rest of the day goes well, after spilling the tea.

    I need to go fix lunch and do a few exercises before this afternoon gets too hectic. At least I do not have to fix dinner tonight.

    Hugz to Julie, Dar, Sun, SW, Soul, Rock, Georgia, Joan and everydobby else I forgot to mention.

    Love ,
    Granni :)
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Guys,

    Rock, I know I'm not up to par today but I'm not seeing the pun. This is most unusual but, like I said, I'm not up to par. Like you, I'm very glad to be out of the corporate rat race. Problem is that it's usually the rats who are running things. They gnaw their way to the top on the backs of the lower rodents.

    Granni, did the aloe vera mend the cup? Sorry, that was really lame. I'm sorry about the tea and hope you didn't get burned (but if you used aloe vera, you must have).

    I'm watching "Katie," and she's having a show on reincarnation. Katie looks really good for 56 but I'm sure she's had lots of help. Is it just me or does her shoulder area look strange? Maybe it's the new types of clothes she is wearing.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone,
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    HI Mikie, et al !!

    Sorry you are still not up to par. Hope you feel better soon. It is not fun especially when you really never feel great ):!! It has been to long with me. Yes, my cup broke and my right thigh was all red after the pretty hot tea spilt on it. However, I took my PJ bottom off first and luckily I had some aloe vera gel that I had gotten a few years ago for the boys when they had sunburn. It comes in a pump bottle and I have used it many times myself for minor burns. Now, the area is no long red or pink That aloe vera is really good stuff.

    I need to go get ready for my first small practice before we have to sing for our big program ( the County Choral Society. I am so glad it is not far away, just doe the highway from where our subdivision is located. BTW, that was a pretty old cup that someone had given me when I was doing childcare in my home.

    Rock - It surely has been some time since I heard - SO long its been good to know ya, ssng. I also still remember the words :)!

    Have to get ready to leave for practice and then sing for real :)!!

    Love to everydobby,
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Mikie

    "The Last Word in Lonesome is Me." Not at all obvious. I only became aware of it
    years after the song came out. Yes, I had the same reaction to the injured cup.

    Just had can of lima beans for lunch. I'm trying to eat lots of fiber, and I like them. Later
    on I'll be noshing on a bolt of corduroy. (The King's road.) Lucile Ball starred in a Broadway
    musical half a century ago called "Wildcat". One of the songs was titled "Corduroy Road".

    Sylvester is the wild cat, right? And he's now coming to your door and calling for you?
    Sounds like he's mellowing. About time for a nap, I think.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, glad the redness is gone. Yes, AV is wonderful. My Mom had 3rd degree burns from a cup of coffee at Burger King once. Medicare had to send out a visiting nurse to change her dressings for weeks. Their coffee is waaaay too hot. Mom was there on her own and no one offered to help her. She called me when she got home and I called her doc and we took her right in. She really suffered pain from that burn.

    Rock, Sylvester and Tweety are the tame cats which now live inside with me. Simon is the homeless cat that is so skittish you can't get near him. He must have had weekend plans because he didn't show up Sat. nor Sun. This morning, it was too wet; he never comes out in the rain. I also remember the "So Long" song. I saw a movie on Arlo Guthrie once. He was married but had the wanderlust and couldn't stay home long. His wanderings during the dust bowl era were the inspiration for his music.

    I love the songs I heard in my childhood. So many of us will be gone and I fear all the music we loved will be gone too. It's too bad kids don't appreciate our music. Of course, I don't much appreciate theirs either. I've pretty much enjoyed music from the 40's through the 80's but not much else except for classical. Even some of the music from the 20's and 30's is great. The only time I hear it is in period movies.

    Hope y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Tuesday evening...busy day, so pretty worn out. I did some cleaning at home this morning, then got ready to go to town. Had time to stop and see my dad before I went to work at the preschool. I didn't really have to do that much, just be a second pair of hands, eyes and ears for the teacher...12 four year olds can really keep you hopping :)

    Ran some errands when I got done, and grabbed some supper for Den on my way home. Stained some more boards and played with the kiddos this evening...thinking of going to bed pretty early tonight. I think the stain must have given me a sinus headache, even though I was working outside.

    Not sure what's going on, but I feel sort of "flu-ey", if that makes any sense. Been hurting all over for a couple days. Den is home from work tomorrow yet, so I hope I can actually be of help to him. Gpa wants to come over again, so will make a trip for that.