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    Hi, Julie, I sure hope you aren't getting what I have or one of the other bugs going around. I'm still running a low-grade temp but it's come down almost to normal. I'm tired of doing nothing much. I'm just taking on jobs around here which don't require much in the way of physicality.

    Will check out Publix's ad today which is in effect tomorrow. I have a $5 coupon if I spend $40. There is nothing in the current ad I want so, hopefully, the new ad will have something. My freezer is full but I can always get kitty litter and food. My appetite is just now coming around since getting this bug.

    Took a picture of Sylvester inside a shopping bag. He's all wrapped up with only his head sticking out. If it's good, I'll post it. He's a longhair black and white cat who looks just like his namesake as opposed to Tweety who is a shorthair pure white. They are brother and sister. Yesterday, I called their guardian, Jeff, and made the commitment to keep them permanently. We are finally into a nice routine which is not stressful for me at all now. Simon, our homeless cat showed up for his breakfast this morning.

    I'll check in later. Julie, take care of yourself so you don't get sick.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning! Yes, it's still good, even though I feel like I've been run over by a truck :(

    Will have to go get Gpa when he calls, but I may not be of much good for anything else today. I don't know what's going going to call the doctor and see if I can get in yet this week. I am hurting all over (for several days now) and just can't seem to shake this "head stuff." I don't like to take meds at all, but if I have a sinus infection or something, I will take whatever the doc recommends.

    Mikie, I'm glad you and the kitties have settled into a routine...

    I love how you get such great bargains.
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    Good morning everydobby,

    Julie - surely hope you are not getting something bad. You have enough on your plate dearie :)!! I am pooped already and haven't done much. Go to a luncheon meeting today/. DH is at his usual Wed. meeting and possible lunch out, It depends on how many men show up and what they all have going that day. Hope you can get to help Den some without making yourself feel worse. Hope Grandpa is doing well. It is so wonderful of you to drop by to see his as often as you do considering the distance. 1/2 hour is long enough for me but of course depending on the traffic and where it would be located. I know you are a brave YOUNG driver :)!!!!!

    One of the gals who is 90 years old and was still driving physically lost her car in an accident, which totaled the car and she probably won't be getting another. She wasn't sure who was at fault. The driver was a very young one.. One of those things, it was a very bad place and coming out of WM ):!! Not good !!! Luckily she was not hurt. There is another in our small group older than the other who also doesn't drive and has had a small stroke I think. Her memory is not as good and is getting frail but she seems to remember the music OK but the problem is trying to find it in her book :)!! I know it would be hard for her to eliminate singing. Her husband has died and she has a big house on the water. Luckily some gkids stay with her at night. It is so hard to see friends go down hill in health and memory. Not so great myself but I can pass OK I guess. I just feel awful and look great as people tell me - ugh !! LOL

    Have to go and get ready for my ride to pick me up for our meeting/lunch. Her husband no longer drives due to health problems and my DH has our car so she has offered to pick me up since here DH doesn't drive any more due to health issues. We used to take turns.

    Need to run now and hope everyone has a great day. Will talk to you guys later. Will have a hard time getting any exercises in today . Maybe give my body a rest :)!!

    Mikie - Love hearing about those kitties. So nice of you to take them in.
    Love ALL of you,
    Granni :)
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    I got in to see a NP this afternoon...she diagnosed acute sinusitis. Also said it may not be just in my frontal sinuses; could be ones in the top of my head that are involved..and they drain down the sides (back) of my neck. That's the place the chiro always adjusts in my neck, but it just wasn't helping enough this time.

    Prescribed Augmentin, which I have taken before, for my sinuses. I got the first dose in before I even left town, but will have to get up in the night to get the other dose down. Gonna take some NyQuil helped me get to sleep last night, so I'm gonna do it again.

    Den just keeps plugging along, whether or not he has any help. His dad can do some things, but we try not to let him keep going...he gets out of breath so easily. I remind him to use his rescue inhaler. We just want him to know we still value him and whatever he can do, but don't want him to get sick because of being here.

    Guess I will go crash...see you all tomorrow.

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    Julie - So sorry to hear you are sick again. No wonder with all the running around you do. Glad you got in at least to see the NP today and that you got some meds to help you. Hope that you start feeling better soon. You do so much you cannot be sick or feel bad with so many responsibilities. Make sure you have no temperature hon. If you do, go to bed and forget everything else. You know the routine . Please get well coon. How far do you have to go to get to the docs office.?

    Yes, it is good for Grandpa to feel like he is still valuable. If he can help Den that is a very good thing, even if just a little. Hope you can get the framing or outside done enough that you don't have to worry about that for the winder months and can go ahead with the inside stuff. Will Den be able to get that far before the cold snow and BAD weather comes in? It is starting to give us some cooler weather , off and on, usually towards evening, overnight and early morning. However, it is not that steady ! Today it was in the 90's. The other day it was 70's and 80's I think. I know when it starts with you it can get VERY COLD and nasty. Hope Den can get the outside done for you but I know the cold weather may be coming soon. How far are you anyway ??

    Mikie - Get well soon sweetie. Hope you are on the last part of the bug you have /had. It is no fun to be sick. Today was an off day for the chiro but had a luncheon meeting to go to which was fun. Tomorrow and Fri I have the chiro and will be rushing around.

    Spring Water - Hope some of your chores are done and are feeling up to par. We miss you too when you are not around. I know I haven't been that great myself lately but hope to see or hear from you soon !! Hope you will stay well.

    Hi to Dar, Sun, Rock, Soul, Diane, Georgia and everydobby else I can't remember at the moment.


    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    hello all

    i had written a post on ending of vol 645 and dont know how to
    copy it here, since our old computer with the mouse broke down and i dont hv a mouse
    for this one.

    anyways, julie, i hope younget over this flare soon, sounds miserable, as sinuses
    always are. i read in the book 'you can heal your life' by louise hay, sinuses can
    be a sign of extreme irritation at someone else (your SIL)? im a grt believer
    in physical disease is mental unease manifesting when it is unaddressed.
    i think right now im going thru a slump because of having a help steal from
    me, using duplicate keys for doors, cupboard...been going on over a year
    as i put together...its an assault on ones sense of security and trust in life
    and along with things like brothers ongoing treatment, neighbour sudden death
    etc...contributed to my spiralling back to where i had tried so hard to
    claw my way out from.

    bit overwhelmed. lots of chores piled up. no energy.

    granni - i do come on and read every day almost but dont hv a lot of things
    to write....i hope i will soon get a handle on everything and be able to
    post as regularly as before. right now waiting for the fatigue (body and
    mind) to lift. i hadnt felt like this for a long time. had almost forgotten
    what it felt like!

    on good side, i sprinted out yesterday and bought some lace to trim
    one of my indian dress sets. the trim is for the hem, sleeves, and
    shawl sides. dress is green flecked with white and lace is white.

    also got two of my doors locks replaced...with other 'safer' ?locks.

    hanging in there has a prayer request post for her niece who suddenly came down
    with terrible symptoms, pls pray for her...i am quite amazed at how a serious illness
    can suddenly attack one. reminded me of 2000 and my own illness.

    pls pray for her , its on spirituality board.

    well, everyone take care

    milie, wer u able to watch the reincarnation story
    on tv? wht did you think?

    God bless
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    Hello, Folks

    I was typing that and thought of an old commercial from the 40s. It was a

    Halo, Everybody, Halo.
    Halo is the shampoo that glorifies your hair.
    So Halo, Everybody, Halo.
    Halo Shampoo, Halo.

    It had a catchy tune, although you couldn't really call the words poetic.

    Gordon has been telling me to exercise. I've been telling him that it's difficult to
    do that when one has impaired balance, no energy, and can't bend. (In an earlier
    life I worked out at the gym, and was known to get in and out of cars without

    Anyhoo I put on five minutes of music by James Horner and did some mild exercise.
    There are no immediate benefits to report. Horner, BTW, writes film scores. He
    has written many including the best selling film score ever, "Titanic".

    Springwater, I will try and move your post. Are you going to sew your lace yourself?
    I can sew on a button. My mother taught me that just before I left for college. Also how
    to iron a shirt and how to play bridge. Do you have Queen Anne's lace in Nepal?
    It's a plant, not a fabric.

    Granni, did you have your concert yet? I had to laugh at your comment, "I will be rushing
    around." Somehow I got the impression you do that everyday. As Rex Beach put it,
    " As busy as a cross-eyed boy at a three-ring circus."

    Julie, hope the nasty old sinus trouble goes away. My mother had the same thing. Funny
    thing is, her health improved considerably after age 50. I think it probably had a lot to
    do with the fact that she and my father spent a lot of those years apart. BTW, we have
    sinuses at the top of our head? I didn't know that.

    Mikie, I saw a book in the Daedalus Catalog that made me think of you. "A Freudian
    Slip is When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother." 879 funny, funky, hip
    and hilarious puns. Author Gary Blake.

    Our library doesn't have it. Oh yeah, meant to say your "planet" pun the other day
    was new to me. It isn't often one discovers a planet.

    Waves to everydobby who isn't on this page.
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    Springwater's Post:
    hi all​
    i was real glad to hear georgias been off cigarettes for so long yay!
    keep it up.

    mikie - swollen lymph nodes! praying for cures for all here.

    good to hear from dear joan too!

    granni - used to curl my fringe in college, that was decades back,
    never used a curler after that, i agree with u, its a hassle

    julie - good to hear of our family meal, grt granpa n all

    windy - is that where you live? love it, so spacey..airy
    i hate being confined

    sunflower - i hear you about trees and falling leaves
    if we didnt clear ours every day in a week we wd be
    wading thru to get to the gate, must be why our neighbours mostly have
    hedges n shrubs

    rock - gordon s love affair with his orchids is standing the test of time,
    innit'? u remember he used to bring them home years back.
    i had one , sadly never bloomed

    my cacti does tho...and my, do it look pretty! a tall slim one
    with white flowers yellow centre

    well, i just had beaten rice with tea. nice if the stomach is
    acting up..

    altho mine is kinda settled, hasnt acted up since my
    two friends gave me healings and i took ayurvedic meds

    i just found a funny co incidence
    my pranic healers the two of them who gave me joint healings
    for my stomach

    the lady shares her b day with my daughter
    the guy s b day is same as my sons!!!
    we were laughing heck lot when we found out!

    we hv decided we are a soul group gravitated
    towards each other in this lifetime from other
    past lives...when the guy was here, we used to
    spend a lot oftime together, and now
    also i spend a lot of time talking things

    like healing, crystals, angel therapy
    to the lady friend and she skypes and
    does joint meditations with him regularly.

    God bless​
    springwater, Sunday at 8:13 PM Report
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    Good morning, friends! I ignored my alarm clock three times this morning, but got up a few minutes after the last one went off. I am fortunate because I can set an alarm, but if I don't have to get up, I can go right back to sleep. If I do need to get up, I drag myself out of bed. I prefer to get up early...feels like I have more of the day to work with, lol. But some days it just doesn't work out that way.

    I am trying to be extra kind to my body (okay, even a little kind will do, right?) while the meds and I fight off this infection.

    Springwater, you are so right on, about the mind/body connection.
    Spring, you certainly have had a full plate, for quite awhile now. I am so sorry for all you have to deal with. But your dress sounds lovely...sometimes just doing a little thing for yourself can make a huge difference, true?

    Rock, thanks for moving Springwater's post...I should have done it the other night, but just didn't have the energy or working brain cells.

    I'd better get a few things done, at least. A young couple is coming over this evening...they are being sent to Belize as full-time missionaries, for three years. They got our name from someone and want to ask us questions and get some pointers. Den is all excited to talk to them, I can only think of reasons for them not to go...they have a two month old baby and a toddler...very hard on everyone. I am so glad we didn't continue on the path we were on...was rough being away from our kids and ended up to not really being our calling. It has been rough, taking care of our parents, kids and grandkids, but would have been impossible from so far away.

    Granni, we only have two rafters up, but are doing this project differently than anyone else would...putting the roofing on as we go. The peak is 20' off the ground, and we have two huge scaffolds set up. Den also "ties himself to something solid" when he is working up that high. I haven't been on the peak, but get on the tallest scaffold to I can hand things to him while he's up there. As I lineman, he has no fear of heights...

    Will check in later on...
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Julie, I hope you start to feel better. These bugs going around just seem to haaaaang on forever. I'm still running a low-grade temp and have no energy. You're always so busy that this must be so hard for you.

    Speaking of busy, Granni, you are always sooo busy. So sorry to hear about your friend's loss of her car in the accident. WM parking lots, like many of them, are a nightmare to navigate in and out of. I've almost been hit when backing out of a parking spot by some idiot who is speeding down the parking lane. They always honk indignately even though the close call is actually their fault for speeding ("indignattely" is underlined in red but I've tried everything to fix the spelling so it'll just have to stand as is).

    Springwater, hope you are doing better. Yes, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed when we have no energy and everything seems to be piling up. I always try to remind myself that every time, I've managed to climb out when things improve. I go into survival mode where I just do what's necessary, like paying bills. Dust, dirt and clutter wait. Feel better.

    Rock, glad you liked the planet pun. I love the Freudian Slip bon mot. Why not name your planet after yourself like the scientists do. Sometimes they just give things numbers. Why not "Rock 646" after yourself and the Porch no. My favorite talk radio station for morning drive in Denver once did a bit on getting fired. If you are fired from Victoria's Secret, do they give you the pink slip? If you are fired from Green Giant, do they can you? There were some good ones. This was a great station for my then commute. On St. Paddy's Day, the played the "Irish Leprecan Song" off and on all day. Everyone loved it. Again, I've misspelled "Leprecan" but, again, I've tried in vain to fix it. Too tired to walk to the other end of my condo for my dictionary.

    Slept til almost 5:00. Once again, Simon didn't show for his breakfast. He may be getting fed somewhere else too. I mix a variety of food, treats, and catnip for Tweety and Sylvester every day. Simon gets gourmet too because he gets what these two leave behind from yesterday plus more. It's gray and rainy again today and everyone is tired. I am tempted to just sleep all day again but have to shower and go shopping. Bad case of cabin fever. Am still sick but think I can manage a trip to the store.

    Hope everyone is getting better or staying well.

    Love, Mikie
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    ATTENTION, ATTENTION to the porchies!

    This is reply #30, so I am going to start a new volume in just a couple minutes. Also going to move Mikie's post over there, so nobody misses it.