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    Hi gang...I think it is still early enough in the day, that it might be a good idea to start up a new porch. I am going to add Mikie's post (from the last volume) to this post.

    She is still under the weather, and I am just started on meds for sinus infection...I'll be resting most of the day, so won't be back on for a bit.
    Hi, Everyone,

    Julie, I hope you start to feel better. These bugs going around just seem to haaaaang on forever. I'm still running a low-grade temp and have no energy. You're always so busy that this must be so hard for you.

    Speaking of busy, Granni, you are always sooo busy. So sorry to hear about your friend's loss of her car in the accident. WM parking lots, like many of them, are a nightmare to navigate in and out of. I've almost been hit when backing out of a parking spot by some idiot who is speeding down the parking lane. They always honk indignately even though the close call is actually their fault for speeding ("indignattely" is underlined in red but I've tried everything to fix the spelling so it'll just have to stand as is).

    Springwater, hope you are doing better. Yes, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed when we have no energy and everything seems to be piling up. I always try to remind myself that every time, I've managed to climb out when things improve. I go into survival mode where I just do what's necessary, like paying bills. Dust, dirt and clutter wait. Feel better.

    Rock, glad you liked the planet pun. I love the Freudian Slip bon mot. Why not name your planet after yourself like the scientists do. Sometimes they just give things numbers. Why not "Rock 646" after yourself and the Porch no. My favorite talk radio station for morning drive in Denver once did a bit on getting fired. If you are fired from Victoria's Secret, do they give you the pink slip? If you are fired from Green Giant, do they can you? There were some good ones. This was a great station for my then commute. On St. Paddy's Day, the played the "Irish Leprecan Song" off and on all day. Everyone loved it. Again, I've misspelled "Leprecan" but, again, I've tried in vain to fix it. Too tired to walk to the other end of my condo for my dictionary.

    Slept til almost 5:00. Once again, Simon didn't show for his breakfast. He may be getting fed somewhere else too. I mix a variety of food, treats, and catnip for Tweety and Sylvester every day. Simon gets gourmet too because he gets what these two leave behind from yesterday plus more. It's gray and rainy again today and everyone is tired. I am tempted to just sleep all day again but have to shower and go shopping. Bad case of cabin fever. Am still sick but think I can manage a trip to the store.

    Hope everyone is getting better or staying well.

    Love, Mikie

    Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing
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    Going to "reply" to myself, lol! Mikie, and Rock...I love puns...nothing in the written word can make me smile or even laugh out loud, like a pun.

    Mikie, I imagine Simon does make the rounds. You treat those kitties so well, I'm sure they appreciate it.

    Our two month old babies have sure made themselves at home. Since their mom gets to come inside once in awhile, they feel they should also. I opened the door this morning, and all four of the kittens rushed was like trying to herd rats, lol! Or ants...they were all running different directions, and I would put two back out and the other two would rush back in!

    All I had to do was put some kibble out on the patio and they settled down. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine what it will be like when the weather gets really cold...

    Okay, I am really getting off here now. Hope everyone sees that we have changed volumes...but no matter, it's all good to hear from so many anyway :)
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    Julie - Hope you are feeling a little betting on your meds. Those kitties scurrying around everywhere inside must have been very cute to watch. Hope you get to nap !

    Anyone interested in our chorale concert - please go read the Lounge. Diane and Sun had asked about it so I mentioned it and some of the songs we sang, and the program, etc.

    Also a big HI to Spring Water, and Rock and anyone else peeking in. I have to go and do some more exercises. Did enough today but the chiro wants me to do it daily - not really fun. They are supposed to get better he said after I have done them awhile. HMMM, we'll see. The ones especially for my back is not great. Not a lot of strength there and the exercises when I have to used my legs, arms and upper body.

    Gotta run everyone. Bye for now.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    JWU. That's my abbr. 4 "just woke up". I expect it will become very popular
    with people who tweeter and twit. Or is it twitter and tweet? And what about
    texting? I am clueless about most of this electronic stuff as well as the folks who do
    it. Ah well, doesn't bother me a bit.

    Gordon's camellias are in bud. They have gorgeous flowers. Need to be pruned though.
    I'm going to do it soon as I get some you know what. Ha ha! Gordon's pepper
    plant has one red pepper about the size of a pack of cigarettes and one half as big.
    In the past he has grown lots of smaller peppers. The big ones didn't turn out
    so well. Probably due to lack of water. If you want fruits, you need to provide
    plenty of water.

    I'm pleased to say I watered today. Also did the dishes and fed Zipper a couple times.
    My back is not bothering me. I am even cheerful. That doesn't happen too often.
    I am still wearing my lumbar support tho. Makes me feel more secure. Of course
    it was made in China. On the front of the box it says, "It can be worn for a long
    time." On the back it says, "Avoid wearing this for a long time." Most of what
    it says is in Chinese characters. Gordon can speak Cantonese, but he can only read
    a few characters. The most popular ones have to do with good luck and prosperity.

    Mikie, I liked the getting fired puns. I suppose you are most likely to get fired if your
    job is driving a hook and ladder truck. If you worked for Florsheim, would you get
    booted or just shooed away? If you worked for Duracell, you could be discharged, and
    if you worked for Craftsman Tools, I guess you'd get axed. Folks who work at
    Hefty Trash Bags probably worry about getting sacked.

    Oh, yeah. Can you check your spelling on the search window? That's what I do.
    My spelling and typing have gone Hell in a hand basket, and that basket was made
    in China. Good thing I'm no longer a perfectionist.

    Granni, I'm going to the Lounge to read about the concert. Your post reminded me
    I still have to do my five minutes of exercise today. Just need to find a CD with a
    piece of music that lasts 5 minutes.

    Julie, the next time you try to herd kittens, get Den to video it. What are their
    names besides peace sign? Do you finish the staining, or is that postponed?
    Hope you feel better.

    I wish everydobby would feel better. As good as I do today. Remember the big
    1950s hit "Sha-Boom" aka "Life Could Be A Dream"? The same group followed it
    up with "Too Bad It Isn't". This did not become a hit for some reason. So far as
    I know, Sha Na Na never had another hit.

    Well, as the old saying tells us, Better to have had a hit and lost, than never to have
    watched a chicken cross the road or count your bridges.

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    Hi all!

    Jeepers! I've missed a lot here! I've been really loaded down at work and haven't had the energy or time to post this last week.

    Julie, hope you are feeling better. Nasty ol' bugs! Kitties sound like a hand full. They're at the really "cute" stage now. Chasing all those kitties was fun to read. I would have referred to it as "herding turtles", Or about as easy as "putting a girdle on a worm". LOL

    Mikie, Get well soon. Sorry you're feeling sick. That's no fun.

    Rock, I missed the whole punny conversation! Rattzzz. I love puns. I was so happy to hear your back is feeling better and you're in better spirits. Clever these Chinese eh? Funny, wear for long time---don't wear for long time. Right up there with the old "Chinese Fire Drill". I think one must be a lil' nutzy to understand the oldest civilization and their odd way of looking at things. In this case, contradictory.

    Granni, keep plugging away at those exercises. Maybe, eventually, they will help. I'm sure it's not happening over night. As they say, "No pain, no gain". I'm just curious sometimes, exactly what one gains. Exercises never did much for me. Not near as much as the Rehab people said they would. The only thing I think actually helped was the water exercise. Low impact. Helped me get my balance back. Good luck sweet lady.

    Good news. My flare is abating. Finally! I'm beginning to feel not so much like my whole body is declared all out war on me. Now it's getting back to the usual aches, spasms and pains. I can deal with that.

    To anyone else popping in, Hi friends. Hope everyone is as good as they can get tonight.

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    RFB...(ready for bed)! That one was for Rock :)

    I see everyone is finding the new porch...Yay! I am so glad I got in to see the doctor yesterday. Have only taken four doses of the antibiotic and already feeling more "human." Ready to tackle the world, but have been pacing myself (surprise!) I don't want to have a setback.

    Sun, I have been using the nasal rinse bottle...also "steaming" my head over a pot of hot water, using colloidal silver in my nose and ears, taking a decongestant (only once in awhile, due to high BP.) I think just getting run down and all the stress the past few months finally did me in.

    Granni, I did go read about your concert...very nice!

    Rock, we will be staining wood all winter, as we make up "pre-fab" rafter kits. This way we can buy supplies a little at a time, and be ready to go again in the spring. I have a tendency to get impatient to get a new/bigger house built, but have to remind myself that we do have a roof over our heads now, so it doesn't really matter how long the new house takes.

    It would be nice to get all of our "stuff" in one place, though...and have room to unpack and actually use things. As it is now, I don't even remember some of my is like Christmas when I look in boxes for household things, tools, etc. ;)

    Dar, I'm so glad you are feeling better. So hard to get caught up while working...I've been there, but glad you are coming along and thanks for letting us know how you are doing.

    I made myself stay inside today and just putter around the house. Tomorrow, I hope to get some flower bulbs planted and clean up some of the hanging baskets, etc. and get things put away. Everything is just such a cluttered mess...time to fix that!

    Hi to everyone we haven't heard from lately...hope all is well.
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    What happened when the cat swallowed a coin?
    There was some money in the kitty...

    That was for our cat lovers...boy, there are a lot of cat puns on the internet. Just Google "cats" and have it open in a new tabby, or a new window...whichever you pawfer.

    Good morning to everyone! I woke up with a monster headache...must be those sinuses in the top of my head. That's where the pain is, anyway. Have steamed my head and drank a couple cups of coffee...time for the nasal rinse, and see if that helps. Feel like I need to go back to the chiro, but will wait till my appt. on Tuesday.

    The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day...I am determined not to waste it :) At the same time, I know I still need to "pace". So a big "Hello" to you all and I hope you can find something good about this day...I am off to the kitty rodeo ;)

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    Julie - Have fun at the Kitty Rodeo. That was a cute one. Yes, and please TRY and take it easy.

    Dar - Glad you are doing well enough to post some.

    I have a very early chiro appt. so was up early and trying to get some read for the lady who comes and helps me clean every 6 weeks or so. I still do a lot myself but find it hard to vacuum and wash the floors for the most part,lso do the bathrooms. She doesn't takiel upstairs but every blue moon when company is coming. That isn't very often.

    I had better post so as not to be late. Also almost lost my post but could go back, and was very lucky about that.

    See you all later.

    Granni :)
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    Good morning everyone. It's sunny here but only 53. It sure feels good.

    Julie: Glad the meds. are working for you. I understand you're right now living in your shop? I guess everyone else knows how come you're in the middle of boxes, etc. If you don't mind, fill me in on a few details. And the new that next to your shop where you're living? And you've now got a roof on it or what? All those stories about your kitties brings back memories of my growing up years. We always had a litter of kittens and so much fun. Yes, when they're all running around your feet wanting to be fed it becomes chaotic.

    Granni. Do you find that the chiro has over all helped you? You've inspired me to get down on the floor first thing in the morning (I sit on a heating pad and one to heat my legs) and do about an hr. of stretching.

    Dar: glad to read you're now over the nasty flare and just the usual aches and pains to deal with.

    Rock: do you remember when Sha na na had a TV show? Loved it! There's a new group out and about and I caught them on PBS. They're called, Under the Street Lamp, and they sing all those wonderful songs that we all know from our younger days. I've got to check the internet and buy a CD from them.
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    Hi Sun and Granni! Granni, I know you probably feel you have to sort of "clean" before the cleaning lady comes? Glad you can get someone to do the vacuuming and heavier stuff. Hope you can see lots of good results from the chiro.

    Sun, boy, where do I start...well, I will leave "Belize" for another day...that is a long story.

    But, yes, we are living in our shop. Our farm is a "Heritage Farm", meaning it's been in my husband's family for over 150 our priority, above anything else, is for it to remain in the family as long as possible. (No problem with our generation or with our girls...what happens with the grandkids will be long out of our hands, lol!)

    Den and I moved into the main house in 1979 (we moved back from Virginia, where Den had been in the Army.) The house was built in 1848 and over the years, we and his parents, completed remodeled the house and put up some more outbuildings.

    We have a little cabin, that we built for Amy and her first husband. And we have my parents mobile home, that we moved (along with them) to the farm, so we could take care of them. (They both were diagnosed with Alzheimer's within six months and we had to move them to a care center within eight months.)

    The girls have lived with us as adults, off and on, in the big house. Amy moved in when she got a divorce and was pregnant with Keira, Lindsey and Lorraine moved into the house (the weekend after Amy got remarried) when David got deployed to Afghanistan (they had been living in the cabin...he left when Lorraine was a month old.)

    David returned from the war a month after we moved my parents to the care center, so they were living in the mobile home when they got pregnant with the twins.

    So, we had a big decision to make. Lindsey was having a very rough pregnancy (even worse than with Lorraine) hyperemesis so bad she had to have a PICC line put in and go get fluids every day for three months (driving half hour to the next town and it took 2-4 hours each time.) I quit my job to take care of Lorraine and help out. David went back to work, but helped as much as he could.

    With my CFS, I was reaching my limit on what I could do. Den had built a new 48' X 64" shop in 2009, and had always teased me that we should just move into it, but I never dreamed we really would.

    It was my decision to have the kids move to the house, and we would build an apartment in the first stall of the shop, so we did that in January 2012. My mom died in March (of liver cancer), the twins were born in June. Needless to say, last summer was crazy....

    We are doing okay in the has a loft on three walls, so I do have an "upstairs" for storage and laundry. And I have made a little area up there for sewing/crafts, etc. and we have a little "guest room." But it is really too small for having family dinners, etc., etc. Plus, even though we partitioned it off from the main shop, it is still noisy and we get fumes from "shop chemicals", even though Den tries to be very careful.

    So....even though we had limited savings, we decided to start out, adding a house onto the part of the shop where we live. We have the cement done and are just building rafters and adding along as we go. But, no, the roof will not be on until we start up again next spring.

    I had envisioned moving into the new part this winter (at least the kitchen) but things just cost so much and take so much longer than a person would I am deciding to be grateful for what we do have and practice patience. Yes, the cabin and my parents mobile home are now empty, but they are even smaller and I like the open area of where we are the utilities are much cheaper, since we would have them on in the shop anyway.

    I don't know if that makes any sense or not...mainly, I knew that I wouldn't be able to help Lindsey as much if they moved off the farm...and we have found such a support group in our local Amish neighbors. I believe that Lindsey has some of the same symptoms I do (and that I had when I was her age.) So I understand when she gets "brain fog" and has no energy. It was for a purely selfish reason that I wanted them to stay close...made it easier on me, lol!

    Amy has no desire to live on the farm herself, or even in the country. She likes the advantages of living in town. So when the girls inherit the farm from us, it will just be a matter of Lindsey buying Amy's share from her.

    I'd better get busy again...haven't made it outside yet...wanted to find a stopping point indoors. Still have this silly headache...
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    thank you so much for filling me in on all of that history. OMG, aren't you lucky to have that old house. I love antiques and had always wanted an old house but here we are in a mid century modern house, almost all windows and glass doors. It was hard at first to get used to kitchen window looks out onto an atrium and a long walk to the front. And that winter was really hard because we just couldn't heat it without spending a fortune on gas and electricity. My older son walked around with a snow cap on his head! We've lived here 29 years and in the last l0 have upgrade most of the windows and doors to double pane.

    I get headaches a don't laugh but I have a frozen gel pack that I velcroe around my head. Of course no one except my husband sees me with it but it does help dull the pain.
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    Julie et al - Thanks for going over the history of the old house and all. Of course I remember some of what you have told us over time. It is wonderful that you have such history in your home. I can't say I have anything like that. I guess the oldest home we lived (Queens county, NY) in was originally built in the 20's or so on Long Island. One of my uncles lived in it before we did and we moved in when I was little, in the forties. When I started HS. we moved farther out on the Island in Nassau county. I checked the oldest home on line and it is still there, maybe a little bit renovated.

    We lived in the newer home from 50's and we sold it after my mother had passed away in 2004. The original homes in that area were small but when renovated were either extended up and or out. The people who bought our last home we grew up in was probably was almost completely redone.. All the rooms were small and my brother and I each had a bedroom upstairs with no bath - just stairs going down to the main floor to the bathroom. There was only one of them. When we were growing up I really didn't feel deprived but I guess didn't have to go to the restroom all the time like I do now :)!!! There was no dining room just a very small kitchen and dinette. I am thinking there were many people who had those conditions in those days. I consider ourselves lucky and nothing like some of the homes today.

    Sun - No I didn't clean for the cleaning lady :)! LOL . However, I do try and remove stuff from the dresser and night stands so she can dust and the stuff or most from the bathroom counter. I used to do the vacuuming but lately the newest vacuum I bought is just to heavy for me. It works well but is heavy and I just don't have a lot of strength there anymore and also hate to wash the floors and bathrooms. A couple of ladies that I sing with use this lady. She is a sweet and nice lady who is Hispanic but is not a affluent speaker of our language. Got a pretty good deal so I can't complain. Didn't think I would ever pay anyone to help clean. Growing old is not for sissies, as they say ):!!!

    Hi to Rock, Mikie , Joan, Georgia, Dar, Soul and awl !! Need to do a few exercises before my helper comes :)!! Gotta run for now.

    DIANE - hope you are feeling a little better after your scare. It may take a little time. HUGZ to you sweetie !

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Julie - P.S. You had said before that Lindsay and David had been thinking of moving out of where they are not, not to sure where, but not as close. Have they rethought the idea and want to stay closer to you and the family? She surely does get a lot f help from you which I know is sometimes necessary when having babies close in age or twins.

    Hope you got to rest some today Julie.

    Just curious !! If there has been a change of thoughts for them.

    Not much new should go and do some exercises. I have been interrupted with the cleaning lady here and other chores and haven't gotten to do many of them. I did get to lie on the Denneroll for 12 1/2 minutes though. It is not the most comfortable thing to lie on. Bye for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    hello everydobby

    rock - thank you for shifting my post. the porch is going by so
    quickly these days, its nice! dizzying, but nice. i laughed at
    the chinese labels. wear for long time. dont wear for long time.

    julie, lovely to hv so much history attached to your home. i
    love the atmosphere one feels around old homes. and then you
    have the Amish living right next door!

    granni - good to know you hv found this nice cleaning lady.
    a blessing when one is feeling not quite spritely.

    i must go read about your concert after this, good to know
    it went well.

    dar - im happy you are over your flare, there are far too
    many of us ' walking wounded', for my comfort. i wish
    all of us in these flare/slumps get well and back to normal
    sooner than later. but the up time you had at the dance
    was kind of worth it, im thinking. dont kill me. had so much
    fun reading about you all dancing that evening.

    sun - i imagined you walking around with that gel bag on your
    head, must hv looked like a star trekker. i remember one time
    my daughter being in a hurry and her pajama elastic breaking
    and no safety pin to be found, she had put a clothes peg to hold it up.

    yesterday i visited with my MIL. she was nice n mellow. we also
    made a date to go visit someone whos mother recently expired.

    i hv been pretty out of touch with our community members.

    it rained little and the weather became heavenly after that. not hot.
    mellow sunshine.

    god bless
  15. Darrae

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    Hi all!

    What a legacy you have in that home! The house I live in is the one I was raised in. Five generations of this family have celebrated holidays in this house for over 70 years. It tears me up that I can no longer keep up with it and need to downsize.

    I so wanted to keep it in the family. But my oldest son would somehow manage to lose it or sell it, my oldest daughter lives with me so goes where I go, my youngest daughter just bought a home, and my youngest son couldn't afford the payments and has an established job in Missouri. So I will have to put it on the market.

    I'm glad to hear the antibiotics are helping you. Love the Kitty Round up comment. Take it easy like Granni says. Try to stay on the mend.

    Loves n hugs
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    I know you said don't laugh, but.............I can just picture your En Vogue head cauture, (gel pack with velcroe. Sounds like something I would do. Hey, if it works, it works! I must admit it is an ingenious answer to a headache. :)

    Stay well Sun. Sending you good thoughts.

  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Hope you are feeling well with all this exercise goin' on. Thank you for the well wishes. I think they worked! I didn't realize you had some home help that comes in to clean. That's a plus. Hope your chiro appt. went well and affords some relief.


    To Mikie, Rock, Joan, Soul, Windblade, and all others: Have a restful night and happy dreams!

  18. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    For Rock.....I was reading a book bout anti-gravity. It was impossible to put down.

    I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomarang, but eventually it came back to me.

    There was a sign on the lawn at a Drug Rehab Center that said 'Keep off the Grass'.
    (I think we've all seen at least one sign here or there just as silly).

    Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

    Chuckle, chuckle. :D

    Have a wonderful night.

  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Friday evening...I worked outside all afternoon, but took a nap with Den, when he got home from work. I am determined to get things "under control" around here before winter, lol! By that, I mean, things sorted and put where they belong.

    We gave David the garage last fall, so he could have a place to park his squad car. I had all my gardening things in there, so moved that stuff to the cabin. But he discovered that the doorway messes with his radio antennas on the car, so he has been parking outside all summer.

    So, I am going to move my things back in and let him have the cabin as a workout room...still have the heater in there, so it will work good for him. He plans to just leave his car outside and cover the windshield to prevent snow and ice buildup.

    I did some "purging" while I was at it...filled the back of the pickup with trash and things we don't need (but aren't really good enough to donate anywhere) and threw it in our burn pit.

    I will be so glad when everyone is settled in someplace and we can quit moving our things here and there...but we are getting along fine, and the kids just go along with whatever I suggest. I do get their opinions first, but they are so busy with the kids, etc., that they don't really care...they know we will all get situated sooner or later :)

    Granni, they decided not to leave the farm...would be kind of silly to move away, then just wait for Den and I to not be here anymore, then move back. And we like having the grandkids so close...I have been really good about "doing my own thing" and just helping when they ask or I see that they need it. But nothing like last summer...whew!

    Yes, our farm was homesteaded by Gpa's ancestors, before Iowa was even a state. They could acquire 40 acres of land, I guess from the government...they just had to live there and show that they were making improvements. I don't know when the farm grew to the 126 acres it is now...all that information was in Gpa's safe, when some guys broke in and stole it. We could go get the deed, etc., redone, but just don't have the money right now to do it.

    Dar, I'm sorry you will have to sell your family home. I hope someone gets it,who will appreciate the history. We have Amish all around us, and a couple of them have mentioned (to the man who does the farming for us) that they will own this land someday. Lindsey said, "Over my dead body!" But, who knows if future generations will be able or interested in keeping up.

    Love your puns...hope Rock sees them too.

    Sun, I think the ice might work very well...I will see what I can rig up for myself...

    Granni, hope you are doing well this evening. All that exercising...hope it does you a lot of good.

    Springwater, yes the porches just fly by these days! So good to have so many different ones keeping in touch. Glad you had a good visit with your MIL.

    After my nap, Lorraine came over...they were gone all day (David's day off, so running errands, etc....I read books to her (eleven, to be exact, lol) while Lindsey put the babies to bed. Then took her home and she wanted to rock with her daddy.

    Den is on call and had to go to work, so I am home alone right now. I had stuff for him to heat up for supper, in case I slept later than he did...but I haven't eaten since noon (it's almost 9:00 pm) so will see what I can find.

    We are to have thunderstorms tomorrow, so may not do much on the house. Not to worry, I have plenty to do inside...hope everyone has a good weekend.
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Julie: About the frozen gel pack, I drop it into a knee hi which I have sewn the rough part of a piece of Velcro at the toe. This grabs onto the knee hi and it works really good to stay around my head. There's no way I could ever just sit and not do something.