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    Hi, everyone, Julie thanks for moving my post. I woke at 1:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep. I probably will while watching "Morning Joe." I can barely type so will not post much right now. I'm so grumpy that even the cats are giving me dirty looks. My love to everyone, Mikie
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    Good Saturday morning! We are just waiting for the heavens to open up and dump a bunch of rain...inside projects today :)

    Sun, thanks for the tip on the ice jell pack...good to find things that work, true?

    Mikie, sorry you are feeling grumpy. Hope you can get some more sleep...I'm sure the cats will forgive long as they got their breakfast ;)

    I am anticipating a rough day myself. Not sure when I actually got to sleep...probably after 3:00 am...although the last time I got up (and moved to the living room so I wouldn't keep Den awake too) I refused to look at the clock and told myself it was 10:00 pm.

    It was all in vain, though, because my phone rang before 6:00 and a frantic David was on the other line. Seems as though he was sleeping beside Lorraine (all the kids are getting the crud again) and got a call to go in early to work (his shift doesn't start till 8:00.)

    But all the commotion woke up Lorraine, who panicked because Daddy was leaving...she was crying and woke up the whole house. So I went over and found all the kids awake and crying; and Lindsey said she had gotten to sleep sometime after 4:30 because Liora was crying with her teeth all night.

    So.....I brought the girls back home with me (Isaiah was still sleepy and wanting to go back to sleep) and made us all some breakfast. We were trying to be quiet, but Den got up anyway and entertained the girls while I cooked french toast, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.

    I just checked on Lindsey and Isaiah and they were sound asleep...big sigh...not how I was planning on spending my day, but "this, too, shall pass." I can definitely see a nap in my soon as Lindsey can function again.

    Now, Lorraine is asleep on the couch (feels feverish, but I will let her mom take care of it when she checks in) and Liora is WALKING (all the time now, lol) all over, playing with Gma's toys. Den is working on David's truck, so Liora can watch him through the shop/house window.

    Life in the fast lane, lol! Wishing everyone enough sleep and a great day!
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    Geez, Julie, sounds as though you had a night like mine. I woke up at about 10:30 feeling better. I decided to watch a little TV before trying to do anything. I did feed the cats and actually played with them a bit. They are snoozing soundly now.

    Nope everyone isn't getting the crud. I'm just getting over mine. It leaves one completely worn out.

    Hope everyone else slept better than we did and hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Loved the puns, Dar. Shakespeare did too. Used lots of them. I especially like
    "Now is the winter of our discontent made summer by this son of York" Steinbeck
    used part of that for the title of one of his novels.

    And speaking of Steinbeck, Another title was "East of Eden". Do you know
    what was east of Eden? If you do, nod your head.

    A shame about the family home. I kinda feel the same way about our family history.
    Not much interest in that. I told my sister in law that her ancestors started the
    first farm in our county. She said she had never heard that.

    The homestead law was mentioned in the book about teachers that I'm currently
    reading. It said the law started in Lincoln's administration and ultimately gave away
    about ten % of America's land. There were 3 requirements. You had to file a claim;
    live on the land at least 7 months of the year for 5 years; and make an improvement
    (usually a log cabin).

    Wow! You're really busy today, Julie. Oh, no. That was yesterday. Well, you are
    really busy everyday far as I can see. I wish Gordon would do some "purging" around
    here. Last night he reported a strange odor, like gasoline, near the back porch door.
    It turned out to be paint thinner or some such. That's right where we put Zippy's
    din din and water. I moved them

    It is with great difficulty that I have refrained from saying those satisfying words,
    "I told you so!" Last summer I suggested we get rid of half a dozen paint cans, etc.
    that have been quietly rusting away for 3 decades. No, he didn't want to.

    Mikie, I think being grumpy is a perfectly natural symptom. You're probably not
    annoying anydobby including the cats so much as your are annoying yourself. I
    hate it when I feel "out of sorts" as folks used to say when I was a kid.

    Granni, that leg pushy things is properly called a lower body extender toner-upper
    and musclelization enhancer machine. Is that diner roll comfortable to lie on?
    Do you listen to music when you exercise?

    Gordon has been vigorously telling me to exercise for at least 5 minutes a day. So
    I have for the last 3 days. I put on a CD and march around with exaggerated high
    steps and swinging arms. Then I do the exercise the chiropractor told me to do:
    lie on the back and pull the knee up to the chest. This exercise is also recommended
    for those who plan to do synchronized swimming in the next Olympics.

    SG and SW, have to catch ya next trip.
    Hugs everydobby. You are all just wonderful!

    Oh yeah, the land east of Eden was called Nod. Cain was exiled there.

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    Hi awl,

    I posted on the lounge if you want to check it out. Nothing to exciting there. I need to go and do some of dumb exercising . Going to lay off some of the ones for the back where I have to get on hands and knees and lift my arm and opposite leg, etc. My left leg especially is driving me bats. Have a hard time lifting it to get into bed.
    Hope you awl have a nice weekend. Not doing anything exciting except for church tomorrow and K of C Corporate Communion with Mass and then breakfast and a speaker.

    Special hi to Dar , Julie, SWand Rock who posted. Thanks for your nice posts and sweet thoughts for me. Right now my neck is more flexible and I can do more with it but the rest is questionable. I still have more adj. to go and exercises but right now not sure what is FM and what isn't. I may have to either keep on exercising till I croak or quit one day. Also, If I slow down after awhile maybe some of this extra hurting in other areas will quit.

    Julie - somehow I figured those kids weren't going to move away from you. HMMM, wonder why :)!!!?? LOL

    I thought Julie mentioned a new Porchie - Kitty something in the name. I didn't see her post. Hope she will post back. Welcome Kitty ? I don't remember your name, sorry ! Everyone is welcome here.

    Love to all Porchies ! Work to do - more exercising for one thing.
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    Lazy day, sort of...Den has just been out in the shop. He did put David's truck on the carlift and changed the U-joints. And something else, but I forget already. I think he is just sort of puttering now...

    Lindsey came over after she and Isaiah woke up...traded babies...I gave Isaiah breakfast and she took Liora over to her house to give her a nap. But there must be something going on in Liora's ears...every time Lindsey would lay her down, she would wake up screaming.

    I fed Den, Isaiah and Lorraine lunch, then rocked Isaiah to sleep. Was making a pot of beef stew, but had to do it in two "hitches." Finally got it all put together and finishing it up in the crockpot. Wanted to make cornbread, but no mix nor cornmeal...guess I will make biscuits instead.

    The stew tastes sort of blah...what does anyone else put in to season theirs? I used fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, black pepper, and a couple bay leaves. Can't use onion cause it upsets little tummies...I did add some garlic powder.

    Oh, baby boy is awake...
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    Julie - I was going to mention garlic or garlic powder if it doesn't upset the babies tummies. Maybe some oregano, but a little at a time. We love garlic on anything. I am trying a scallop recipe and hope it comes out well. I calls for garlic but I will use it from the jar. I had no shallots so I am using inions. We will see, it sounds interesting and fairly easy. Always looking for easy but yummy recipes. Maybe a little more pepper if it doesn't upset the babies. If you have to cook for Lindsey I guess you have to stay rather bland. Onions are so good and I always use them.

    Do COOKED onions bother the babies a lot? Speaking of babies. How are they with eating table food and are their likes and dislikes similar or very different?? Do you have tomatoes or tomato sauce in the stew? That could give it a little more flavor to without much seasoning except probably some salt.

    Have to go do a few more exercises. I have done little today. Hair washing night tonight so probably won't get back here till tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Thanks, Granni! After I read your post, I did add some oregano...smelled heavenly immediately :) And then I took a chance and put in some chopped onions...I think I have gotten away with that before. It did taste better...I think with my sinus infection, I can't smell (or taste) as well. Lindsey thought it was really good.

    I haven't been cooking so much for the kids, just if I am making a big pot of something or trying a new recipe, or like today, when Lindsey had her hands full. They have been managing pretty well...Lindsey also cooks for Den if I happen to be gone at mealtime.

    The babies don't whine and cry for me to hold them at my house, like they do their mama at home. I think because they can see me (the whole area is wide open, except for the baby gate across the big doorway.) And they have different toys, books, etc. to keep them occupied. So, I can do whatever I need to do, for the most part.

    The twins are eating very well...Lindsey has never done actual "baby food". She does what is called "Baby led weaning"...waited to try different foods, then gave them "regular" food that they could pick up with their hands.

    Liora loves cantalope...Isaiah loves just about anything, lol! They eat a pretty wide variety of foods and have never choked on anything. They do go in stages of preferring one food over another (fruits over meats, pastas over anything else) but I would say they have pretty good appetites.

    Lindsey has weaned them, except for nap and bed times. She is going to have to get Liora weaned from wanting to nurse all night long, though...but I have voiced my opinion and am just letting Lindsey "find her own way." Sometimes, that's all a mom can do, true?

    Will be interesting to see how it goes when Den and I have all three kids overnight in a few weeks. Lindsey and David are going to a National Guard Ball, out of town...

    Gonna wrap things up for the night...I did get a nap after Isaiah woke up. Den and Lorraine were asleep, so I took him to Lindsey and laid down myself. Got up in time to make the biscuits for supper. Getting ready to mix up some Monster cookie bars...easier than cookies...printed the recipe off from facebook.

    Goodnight to all. I will watch the kids tomorrow morning for awhile. David has to work and Lindsey has to sing at's okay, I don't feel like going anywhere anyway.
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    Julie - Thanks for the newsy post about the babies. I need to go and wash my hair. That is such a pain - not the washing but the drying and curling. I would leave it straight but it is short anyway. However, DH wants some curls so I do it :)!! Glad Lindsay is weaning the twins . That has to be very hard esp on any kind of schedule. Hope she gets Isaiah weaned at night soon. Do they drink from sippy cups ? Good, you get to rest some tomorrow :)!! However you will have the kids awhile. So, I guess you are on WATCH duty :)!!

    Thanks again for your newsy post. I have to run.

    Love to everyone who might also be peaking in :)! Everyone have a great day tomorrow. I may get to peak in tomorrow afternoon some. This exercising every day stinks and hurts too. ):!!

    Granni :)
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    Good morning! It is a beautiful day here...the sun is shining and it is to be in the 60's all day. Since we had rain yesterday, I don't need to worry about doing any watering. Lindsey will be bringing the kiddos over soon, so she doesn't have to drag them to church with her (with them not feeling well.) She has already had to reschedule her song once before, but is just going to do that and come back home.

    Would be nice if I felt a little better, though. I think the antibiotic was helping the sinus infection, but now it feels more like a full blown head and chest cold :( This seems to be similar to what the babies and Lorraine have...don't know why I would be surprised...don't know if I got it from them or GAVE it to them, though.

    Hope we can all get straightened out before next weekend...David's folks, sister and nephew are coming for a few days. Time to pull on my big girl panties, I guess, lol! (or Grandma panties, anybody else remember those?) Or as some would say, "Suck it up, Buttercup!"

    Today is Clinton's (Amy's husband's) birthday...he is quite a bit older than she is, but is such a good man...husband to Amy and father to Keira. Amy was feeling pretty beaten down (from her ex-husband, and then another boyfriend after that)...Clinton came along and helped her be the strong, beautiful (inside and out) happy woman that she had always been before.

    Better get with the program here, I'm sure the cat nation is looking for their breakfast, lol!
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    Hi Kids

    We went to the chiro yesterday. Afterwards we stopped a Trader Joe's, just a couple
    blocks from from the D.C. There was a striking young woman shopping. Tall,
    attractive, young and slim. And absolutely no taste in clothes. She was wearing short
    shorts that looked like they were made outta lace.

    I said to Gordon, "Look!" He said, "Oh, yeah. One of the gals at the office showed me
    those on the computer. She said you can buy them at "Tramps R Us.'"

    After Trader Joe's we went to Ralphs market and then to Smart and Final. Three
    grocery stores in one trip seems to be a bit much and possibly even more than that,
    but Gordon was determined to find a Tri-tip roast at a reasonable price. He never did,
    but he bought one anyway.

    Here's a riddle I found on the net. What is a waist of time?

    SG, do I have this right. You are wearing a sort of turban made out of a sock puppet
    and frozen gel? If you add tin foil can you contact the mother ship? Ha Ha! I think
    we have all reached the state where we'll do almost anything legal to try and get
    some relief. I wonder when folks will stop talking about tin foil. It was replaced by
    aluminum foil over half a century ago.

    If you add some bib Levis to your ensemble, folks may say, "SG has an eclectic look

    Springwater, I was looking at an old National Geographic at the chiro's office while
    Gordon was lying on the roller bed. There was an article about Mt. Everest. So I
    told him I had a friend in that area etc. I said even though it is a metropolitan area
    with millions of people, they have problems with electricity and water. Too much
    or too little of the latter. He said, "Don't they have springwater?"

    I read the Wikipedia article on Katmandu again. When people talk about "Katmandu"
    are they including the surrounding cities?

    So your stew is better, Julie? Gordon puts seasoned salt and a bay leaf in almost
    everything he cooks. I remember an old Julia Child program. She wrapped up
    some spices in a muslin cloth. When she took it outta the pot she gave it a hefty
    whack with her spoon and said, "Looks like a dead mouse!" I hope Liora is
    feeling better.

    Gordon is planning to make bean soup, among other things, today. There was a pot
    of white beans soaking on the stove last night. Don't know what he did with it.

    Answer to the riddle: a belt made of watches.

    Oh, yeah. The chiro's question is not a joke. He really said that.

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    Julie: I like that, "suck it up, buttercup". I'll have to remember that. Poor babies and Lorraine. At that age they just are miserable when they're sick, well, grownups are too. I hope you have an easy time with watching them today. A Military ball! How wonderful. What is she wearing? I'm assuming it has to be long? And I'm happy to read that Amy has found the perfect man for her. It's hard when our children are having troubles.

    When I was in HS the mother of a friend worked for a military academy in our area. She needed dates for all the guys. So I was matched up with one for the weekend. A day football game, and then a military ball. So elegant, all those handsome young men in uniforms, walking under the crossed swords before the opening dance. I had a strapless ball gown my aunt had sent to me (one of her many castoffs) wore long over the elbow gloves, and my mom's rhinestone necklace and earrings. It was a wonderful memory.

    Rock: You're really on a roll today! LOL LOL A sock puppet! Hey, maybe if I put on a smiley face on my "sock puppet" my husband won't come home and ask if I've got a headache again. I was born on Dec.7 and I've always said that those I know who share the same BD "walk to the beat of a different drum". I don't go in for astrology anymore but it IS amazing how accurate something I read of what I was like from the time and date I was born.

    What! You didn't enjoy that little bit of "out of the ordinary" at TJ yesterday? I'll have to check out that website just so I know what the tramp of the day buys. LOL About 10 years ago I had wanted to get a second hole piercing in my ears so I could wear two earrings instead of one stud. My DD was mortified at the thought, said it was very trampy. So here I am pushing 69, and at my age I'm happy I didn't.
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    We've had some pretty good rain but luckily the heavy stuff stopped as we went to church and then to the restaurant for the breakfast and program. We are supposed to have more today and tomorrow too, I think. We cannot complain as it has been pretty dry around here.

    Sun - Even if you didn't get your second ear piercing done, aren't you glad you didn't get one in your tongue , nose or other area:))) Ouch !! Personally I don't know how those kids can stand that stuff. It even looks uncomfortable !!!

    Oh yes I remember the good old days when we went to church we had to wear hats, dresses, gloves , high heals and all that. Now, I shutter the way some of the people dress, even in church. When my kids were little (the girls) they wanted their ears pierced and we told them when they became teenagers they could, and they did. However, my distant cousin who has a little girl age 4 I think wanted to have her ears pierced. Her mom and dad said yes so she did. She was happy with he "pretty " earrings even if she sort of cried afterwards. At that age they do not always know what they want. Nowadays too some little girl babies get their ears pieced right away after being born - usually Mexican or other ethnicities. They do look cute though.

    Rock - You really crack me up. Love it and keep it up. I can't think that fast:)!!

    Julie- Hope you have an easy day with the babies and that Lindsay feels well enough to sings her song very prettily. Sorry those germs are going around again. Yes, you do wonder, who is giving it to whom :)?? Hope Liora feels better soon.

    Yes, as far as suggesting weaning or anything else to, grown kids. You can only suggest and then let them do whatever they want. They usually do so anyway :)!! That is better than causing a rift !

    Need to start the exercises again as I haven't done anything yet. I guess I will start with the Denneroll. It is not that comfortable to lie on it but you gotta do what you gotta do, as they say.

    Mikie - Hope you feel better soon !! Those kitties sure have an easy life :)!!! TTYL !!

    Granni :)

    Hope EVERDOBBY has a good day.
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    So much going on today. Have been in and out all day with DH. Then have our small group practice in the afternoon. Have to pick up an older lady in our group who has had a car accident and so no longer has a car, at this point anyways. Haven't even started any exercises. So I need to get off and do something productive. Nothing new happening.

    Julie - Hope that your household is feeling better, you and all the kiddos. Take care and hope you are starting to feel better.

    Mikie - Hope you start to feeling better soon too and that you have slept better last night.

    Sorry no time to mention everyone- Dar, Sun, Georgia, Rock, Spring Water and everydobby :)!.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi all,

    Granni, Hope your practice went well.

    Julie, Hope you are holding up ok and start feeling better very soon.

    Mikie, wishing you better sleep and hope you are feeling better asap.

    Rock, Sun, Windy, Joan, Soul, Windblade and anyone I forgot to mention---Love to all.

    On a personal note, I am finally out of the flare entirely. I picked up some new homeopathic supplements, (3). I think, between those and some of the newer vitamin and mineral supplements I started a few weeks ago kicking in, I have found some relief! I feel better right now than I've felt in months. I no longer need the Ambien to sleep. The bulk of the pain I still have is in my feet, across my shoulders, in my low back, and hips.

    At least I don't feel like I've been hit with a full body shot from a wrecking ball for now. LOL
    Some of that may be due, also, to my house guest departing. It's quiet and calm in my house now. Daughter Darci and I are much more at ease. Much less stress. We are so much alike, that we cohabitate quite amicably. We're both quiet, cerebral, artistic and have twisted sense of humors.

    I got a new pair of prescription shoes, (New Balance), and the tech that I got my first ones from said that the tennis shoes should be better for me. They seem to be working. My feet still hurt after 8-10 hours on them, but they don't hurt so bad and don't burn! We also decided that, though I need the arch supports, my feet don't like them!! So she put a different insert in these. A gel insert.

    I took the arch supports out of my original black "Mary Jane's" that I got from the same foot doctor, and now they feel better too. Just the gel inserts now. So, for the price of the Mary Jane's, ($180.00 out of pocket), since they were guaranteed for a year no matter what the problem---I now have 2 pair of prescription shoes that work. Boooo-yaaaa!!

    I get to pick up my new glasses on Friday. Can't wait. Tired of seeing "fuzzy". It's been 3 years since my last lense upgrade. The good news is, the optomatrist says my eyes are in fantastic shape, though I do have a slight astigmatism in the eye that was the good one. The right eye still has the same astigmatism it had, but has not worsened. She said my prescription won't change that much. Now when I try to see the football scores I won't be seeing a double image.

    The bad news is, she said she saw the very beginnings of cateracts developing. She told me not to worry about it, that it'd be years before it will become a major problem. She said, Whatever you've been doing, keep doing it because your eyes are in great shape for your years". I was quite happy until she used the phrase "for my years". o_O

    Well, gotta go hit the racks!

    Nite all.


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    would somebody set up a thread for me? don't know how & new. jackgarvey's sonridgehealthcenter
    in FLA. comments on radio wave machines killing pathogens, asking for comments.

    p.s. for energy my-b-tabs (adenosine) or ask your doc to compound it in l00 mg troche and nadh in 20 mg. troches, but your ins. most likely won't pay for it, mine won't but it helps so does 5 hr. enery (CFIDS mine) extra strength to get up in mornings thanks jumpshot in KY
  17. rockgor

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    Hi Jumpshot

    Welcome to the board. Are you a basketball player?

    To start a new thread, you need to sign in or register. Then you click on Create New Post.
    You may also want to read the board rules (top of the page).

    The threads labeled "porch, porchlight, lounge" have no specific topic. Folks just drop in
    and talk about anything: kids, pets, recipes, jokes, music, old cars, etc. The other threads
    are on more specific topics like certain meds or health problems. If you click on "forums"
    at the top, you can see other discussion boards like chronic fatigue syndrome.

    How are things in Kentucky, that dark and bloody ground? I am from Minnesota (land of
    10,000 lakes), but have lived in CA for the last several decades. CA has better weather.
    MN has better people. LOL

  18. Mikie

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    Hi, Jumpshot, welcome to the Chit Chat Forum and the Porch. We are now on thread #649. You can post over there. If you want to start your own thread in any of the forums, on the main forum page, there is a place to click at the top of the page to start a new thread. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Jumpshot,

    Mikie and Rock gave you some good advice. Welcome to the boards. Lots of great people here. Will check out that site you posted.

    Good luck !
    Granni !!!
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Please go to the next volume. I think it is 648 . Don't know how far up or down it is. We might even need to go to 649. I need to go check it out. We have been posting on two volumes :)!! Oh well, I', not much help either - he he !