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    Hi friends...I have been down for the count this afternoon, but just checked and saw that it would be a good time to start a new porch, while the last one (#647) is down the page a ways.

    So, we'll give it a go and I'll be back after bit.

    Oh, BTW...apparently Den and Lorraine found a NEW KITTEN in the same shed where "Mama Kitty" (not Red Mittens) had her two white ones this spring. Lindsey said this one just barely has its eyes open. It's a KITTEN EXPLOSION around here...eight new ones have been born or somehow just appeared out of nowhere ;)
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    Is this from a stray mama cat who got the word about the Kitty nursery? That must have been a giant shock to Den and you. Are you giving some of them away or? And where would the mama be.....probably giving birth to more since there's always at least 4.
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    Hi Sun...boy, I don't know where this one came from. But Den was a little bit off, as to the age...this kitty is a few weeks old at least. Eyes WIDE OPEN, lol, and so fat and fluffy! All grey, with white tummy and white socks on all feet. Didn't try to run when I reached down for it...

    Mama Kitty was walking around, sort of protectively, because Gabby (spayed) and Red Mittens were also nearby. I felt, but couldn't tell that Mama would have been nursing...but I'm not sure. Could she have had the two white ones in May, then turned around and had more just a few weeks ago?

    This kitten business is all new to us, well, new since Sapphire had her kittens under Lindsey's bed about 15 years ago, lol! I know I need to get the females spayed, and had almost taken Mama...glad I didn't, if she had a new baby!

    That seems to be the pattern around the farm...only one or two per litter, except for Red Mittens (maybe because she was inside and outside both and stayed close to or in the house.) I think there are either lots of tom cats around that kill the babies, or other predators.

    Mama Kitty had Patches a couple years ago (we kept seeing more than one, but I found one lying in the yard and another one seemed to disappear.) Then last year Red Mittens just showed up out of the blue (as a young, but weaned kitten).

    Then Mama had these two (white and grey tiger) Siamese looking ones (that we can't pet yet. And there is an all black one kitten that just showed up, and none of the females seem to claim. Oh my...we are going to have to come up with some money for the vet, and soon!

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    Oh my Julie - What are you going to do with all those kittens :)!!!! Guess you have lots of space outside for them on the farm. I guess you provide the food for them or at least some of them? What happens when a n adult cat or even a mommy cat refuses to nurse the kitten? Sounds like one of them you just found is awful new with eyes not quite opened yet. Hope there is a mama cat around to feed it. Yes, I guess you will have to bringing the momma cats to the vet soon before there are any more babies born.

    Hope you feel better after your nap. Will probably check you out tomorrow. Have an 9:45 apt at the chiro. again ! Maybe I will check back later after I take a shower, etc. Wow, it surely is busy at your house with real babies and baby kittens all over. They are so sweet when they are tiny . I like cats anyway even if Dh is not a big fan. I think he also may have some allergies to their fur. One of my daughters used to have 3 cats. They are now gone but she now has another a couple of doggies too. You usually don't see the cat though most of the time. One of the dogs is not to tiny but want to be in your lap and petted all the time:)!!

    Gotta run for now.

    Thanks Julie for starting us up again.

    Granni :)
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    Our mama cat had 3 litters in one year, the last being ready to give away at Christmas. We could have sold those, we had so many calls for them. So it's possible that this belongs on your farm considering most give birth in the spring and then the summer again.

    One year she got distemper when she was PG. She had a litter of 6. Some of them were really crippled, and one was perfectly OK. We took the remaining 5 to the vet to be put down at around 3 weeks, but decided to keep the strongest and gave it to a friend when it was ready. It got over the cripple stage and went on to be very strong. I bottle fed all the others until we took them to the vet since mama refused to nurse them. A doll nursing bottle comes in handy but if this kitten is healthy it's been nursing. And I would say to save your pennies and have all females spayed. Maybe your vet will give you a good deal.

    I've spent yesterday and today painting. I'm back working in oils and loving it. I get way laid with other chores around the house and forget that it's creating that brings me joy. Not only joy but it also makes me forget how I feel.......until it's clean up time. I've got 6 new ones drying in my bathroom and studio. I just got back from Michaels where they are having a buy one get one free frame, totally unexpected. Now that's really a blessing because I saved over $48.
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    Wow, so many kittens! I have a hard time just keeping up with these two. I also have a hard time keeping up with the posts. I'm exhausted! Still running a low-grade temp and imagine it's from the bladder. Seeing the doc on Fri. morning so hope he will give me something for it. I'm not really happy with this egotistical man.

    I did read all y'all's posts. Everyone is so busy. I've not been because everything I touch turns to crap. I'm swearing so much I'm bound for hell. So, I mostly just sleep. The cats sleep all day. I don't know what they do at night but they got me up at 4:00 this morning. Sylvester wants to use the litter pan in my shower. There is one on the lanai but, evidently, it isn't to his liking.

    I have to order more of those pheromones because they do calm the cats down. I hate to see them so lazy but it's better than their wanting to go outside all the time. I can't decide if this place has turned into a cat house or a flop house.

    It's good to read everyone's posts and I send my love, hugs and prayers. It helps to know y'all are cooking and doing other things. Enjoy!

    Love, Mikie
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    Good beautiful morning! I wish I felt the same way (would actually settle for "presentable", lol!) But....seems this crud has settled in for awhile. Liora is feeling the worst, of Lindsey's kiddos...Lindsey is taking her to the doctor this afternoon.

    I had such hopes for this antibiotic, and thought I was feeling so much better, but I guess it's not just a "simple" sinus infection any more. I will probably go back to the doctor if I can't shake it by the end of the week.

    Mikie, I'm sorry you are still suffering so much. Our symptoms seem to return at the change of every season...that's what Lindsey's homeopathic doctor pointed out, several months ago, and it seems to be true. And the extreme temp. changes the past couple weeks didn't help matters, even if it isn't officially fall yet.

    Sun, that's exactly what I have been thinking...just get the females spayed, and worry about the males when I can.

    Granni, how many shall I ship to you? I know Joan wouldn't really want a kitten, but Red Mittens is a wonderful "lap cat."

    Sorry, I'm not full of any real news this morning. I have to get out and pay our taxes...we don't own the farm, but own some of the buildings, so the taxes get billed to us. And I have to pay for my parents' mobile home.

    This will be a crazy week (when is it not, lol)...David is working a double shift (today and tonight) and will be gone Thursday thru Sat for Guard training. And his family is coming on Sunday thru next Wednesday.

    Tomorrow I go back to the chiro and Wednesday I am meeting Amy and Keira in a town about an hour away (halfway between each of us) to take Keira to a specialized chiro (for her back and neck.) This chiro was recommended my our more local one for "cranial" work. I took Keira by myself last time, but Amy is able to go this time, so I am going to meet her as it will be her first time to meet this chiro.

    No wonder I am not shaking off this junk...I know, but we have already rescheduled Keira once and it is hard to get her in because we have to plan on school days that she gets out early.

    Don't know if I mentioned how Keira's parent/teacher conference went...the teacher had nothing but praise! Said Keira is a model student and is the first one to comfort other kids if they get hurt on the playground, etc...or even get their feelings hurt.

    Made us all very proud...much different than last year, when she kept getting in trouble for trying to get out of "clean-up", etc. and kept hitting the other kids (at daycare and preschool both.) I like to think that the little talk I had with her made a difference...maybe...but mostly she is probably just maturing.

    Better go...
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    Will try and get back later. Have to go and do some things on the computer for DH.

    Julie - I am thinking that the little talk you had with Keira plus the fact she is not a little more mature has helped her attitude . That is great. Keep giving her praise for all her progress, Sorry you are not feeling well. All those germs around you is not helping I am sure.

    More later alligators :)!!! LOL

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    Hi Kids

    Slept till ten. Had some of Gordon's ham/bean soup for breakfast. I added some ground
    up high fiber cereal. Used to buy it at Trader Joe's for 2 bucks a box. The price is almost
    double now. My income isn't though. Ha Ha! Haven't got enough teeth to masticate
    properly now. (I can't remember ever using that word before. SOL)

    Glad to hear Keira is doing so well, Julie. Sorry you're not. These darned chronic problems
    just hang on forever. Now and then we feel a little better, but seems like that doesn't
    last. It would be refreshing to have something for a short while and then get over it!

    I hope your chiro is as good as ours, Granni. We have been going to him for a long time.
    Maybe 20 years. We are his long time patients. We still pay what he charged way back
    when. I asked him some years ago if he fee hadn't gone up. He said, "Not for you guys."

    Anyway there have been several times where I couldn't walk. The orthopedic doctors don't
    do anything but prescribe an Xray and a pain pill. The chiro has always gotten me
    back on my feet.

    Congratulations on your framing feat, SG. I always saw lots of pics and frames for sale at
    the thrift shops. Years ago I bought some of those hidden image pictures at thrift shops.
    Hung them in my office. I used to go to thrift shops all the time to buy records and
    paperbacks. But now records are obsolete, and I can buy books cheaper at the library.
    Post some of your pics here when you can.

    Mikie, there is nothing wrong with swearing. It provides an emotional discharge that
    is very therapeutic. I read most swear words were just Anglo Saxon everyday terms.
    The Normans who spoke French regarded the terms as vulgar rather than sinful.
    And here's a historic oddity. The age of the Viking began and ended on precise days:
    From the attack on Landisfarne Island to the invasion of England.

    But, the Normans who invaded England were descendants of the Vikings who had settled
    in France in the area that came to be named Normandy. So it was essentially the Viking
    who brought an end to the age of the Vikings.

    BTW, I feel sorry for kids who are studying history now. There's 70 more years to study
    than when I took it. On the other hand, I have the impression that kids don't learn anything
    now anyway.

    Do you read the sports page? There was a scuffle in a major league baseball locker room over
    which players are the smartest. The pitchers said they were. They have to constantly
    consider which pitch to throw to which batter and the sequence of throws. The shortstops
    said they had the most demanding job. Had to figure out when the batter was going to
    hit the ball. But on one thing they all agreed. The catchers didn't know squat.

    Gotta go
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    Julie: I think you've got a nurturing, caring little girl there. The world needs more of those. And I'm sure you have contributed greatly to what she is becoming. By the way, does Keira have some back or neck troubles? I hope this new doctor will be able to help her. I know you've mentioned before that you've taken her to your chiro.

    Mikie: I'm sorry you're still under the weather with so much. I've never heard of pheromones for the cats. Darn, wish I had known about those years ago, but now my 7 year olds rarely pick up their heads during the daytime naps.
    People all around me are coming down with "stuff" so I'm trying to take my oregano oil daily. And about the litter pan, does the sister use the one on the lanai more? Some cats don't like to share. I've got two right next to each other, and when we go on a little vacation I put out a third in my studio which just has bare concrete.

    I'm planning on doing some still life sets ups today. I've got some red and yellow pears and the other day I bought some 4" pots of bright red and yellow spider chrysanthemums that I hope to work into a pleasing look. I had some special old fabric that I sometimes used as a background but about a month ago I did HEAVY cleaning and now I can't find what I'm looking for. DARN. Hoping to get some good ones to use on the front of blank cards. Last year I worked for hours on designing some that I could use for Christmas cards. So many regrets in my life, but among the tops is I should have learned photography at an early age. Now it's just me and my little Canon, but it fits my lifestyle........and my brain that refuses to learn/retain.

    Rock: I think we were posting at the same time. It's good that you've found the excellent chiro that you seem to have had all these years. Maybe the problem with me is I didn't.

    You're such a font of knowledge and love to read about all the history you post. Thank you.

    All this talk on both posts about soup! Does it count if I'm pulling out some split pea from the freezer today?????
  11. Granniluvsu

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    Hmmm, getting hungry for soup - especially Split Pea and ham. When I make a big pot I have never had enough to freeze, even with making a big pot. We just keep eating till its gone.

    Sun - Yes, it does count if you took some out of the freezer. The last soup I ate I got out of a can and it was pretty good, Progresso I think. Pretty good for canned soup other than probably more salt that I need.

    Hope you will be able to post some of your new art work. You are so talented and I envy those who can do that and do it well.

    Julie - Are you going to be going to an MD or to the Chiro and Lindsays bunch too? I wish I could afford to go to a Chiro and no natural healing if I could afford it.

    Do you use any natural therapies recommended by your chiro that you use? If so let me know. You can conference me if you would like to, if you have anything you might want to mention to me. I have used or tried some things from PH for sleep and pain and they didn't really help me. I don't really want to do heavy drugs which I have tried some time ago but would rather not.

    TTYAL !

    Granni :)
  12. Goatwoman

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    Rock, that is very interesting about the Vikings. My brother had DNA testing done, and we found out we are about 62% Scandinavian--thought we were a higher % of English. Then again, the Vikings were the ones who conquered England, so makes sense we would test as Scand.

    So many kitties! Wish I could get a cat, but Rottie doesn't like them. My first Rottie loved cats, and she would sleep with the old Tabby I had. They were best buds.

    Have a little over 3 weeks of not smoking. I'm on the Step 2 nicotine patch, so will be done with them soon. I never want to start up that nasty addiction again. I'm feeling much better since I quit. I still have the achies from the FM, but not as badly as when I was smoking.

    Mikie, I hope you feel better soon.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hi Georgia , et al.

    Glad to hear from you and that you are still going strong on the stopping of cigarette smoking . I know it must be hard to especially if someone else in the family smokes. Does Grandpa smoke also? Congratulations on your three 3 wk anniversary :)!!

    Our good friends were on and off for some time. Her daughter smoked and x husband. When one of them would quit the other would start and they would be back again. That was until the doctor told her she had better quit or that would be the end of her. She has quite a few problems including lots of coughing and respiratory problems , also a fib problems just to mention a few things. So far they have both done pretty well. Knock on wood !!

    That is interesting how you are finding out more and more about your ancestry.

    Wanted to pop in to visit but need to do a few other things and then go take a shower. All of my bones, and muscles ache.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  14. lydia1

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    Late Monday night...we had a pretty hectic evening. I watched Lorraine and Isaiah from 3:00 till after 6:00, while Lindsey took Liora to the doctor. Hopefully, the remedy she is on will do the trick. Isaiah must be getting something too...he was so whiny and he usually so happy. I rocked him for just a few minutes, but he didn't want to fall right to sleep (like he usually does) and I had to get supper.

    David came and ate with us...but had to leave again...double shift today/tonight.

    We were trying to hurry and get "put back together" because we were having company this evening. A young couple from the local Mennonite Church is going to Belize for three years and wanted to visit with us about our trips there. We had rescheduled a couple times, but just didn't want to put them off again...they are living early December.

    Luckily, they were a little late, because I got a call from the care center, saying I needed to call my dad's insurance provider right away. It is his Medicare Part was going to be cancelled at midnight. I thought the social worker at the care center was taking care of it, but she was gone for the day. So, I called, but they didn't have record of me being his POA and couldn't talk to me...but said they could talk to the care center. Anyway, it all got figured out, but pretty stressful for a little while.

    These kids are young and have a 2 1/2 year old little girl and 3 month old little boy. I'm not sure I would be able to do what they are doing, but we enjoyed giving them some tips. We sat at our kitchen table for over two hours, looking at pictures and sharing our experiences.

    Sun and Granni...this chiro that Keira is going to is a specialist who deals with things like traumas from the birth experience (which is what she thinks is Keira's problem, causing neck and back pain.) I don't know if that's for sure the problem, but figure it is better to work on something while she is still young.

    I wish I had had some help when I was much younger...would have saved me lots of pain, I'm sure.

    Granni, our local chiro doesn't really offer anything other than the adjustments he does. His office manager handles the Standard Process supplements and I have been on something for adrenals, but I think that is all. The chiro has had me do different exercises at different times, but I don't even remember what they were for. I hope you can get some benefit from all you are doing.

    Next Tuesday, I am going to the chiro that is three hours away. My left arm/hand numbness has been a lot worse lately...he is the one who helps it the most. So funny, all three of our chiros do some completely different things...each seems to have their own speciality.

    Georgia, I'm so happy for you, to be kicking the smoking habit. You are surely adding YEARS to your life, and can enjoy those years even more. Congratulations to you!!!!!

    Yes, sure would be good to just get something, then get over it and be done. Doesn't seem to work that way with most of us, though...

    Hi to everyone...Springwater and Joan, hope you're doing ok. Dar, I know you don't have much energy or time to post during the week...thinking of you anyway. Diane, hope you are doing much better after your scare the other day.

    Off to bed...just hope I can get to sleep instead of tossing and turning.

  15. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Things are quiet here. Gordon went to Lowe's to get a garden clipper. He says the good ones
    cost $100. He came home with 6 metal poles, 8 feet tall. Reminds me of the lady who went
    shopping to get a dress and tried on a lot of shoes and came home with a purse.

    I've started a new book by Patricia Cornwell. She's the author of all those books about
    Kay Scarpetta, the medical examiner. Anyhoo, in this book the author has headed down
    a different track. This book features colorful character and loony situations. It's as though
    the author has been collaborating with P.G. Wodehouse or Carl Hiaasen, or Dave Barry.

    Georgia, good to hear from you. Congrats on your no smoking campaign. That's
    wonderful that you are already getting positive results. I never knew that DNA tests
    could tell us something about ethnicity or nationality. I found a site that had lots
    of info, but the font was too small too read. If one made the font bigger, the sentences
    were too long to fit the page.

    But there's lots of info on other pages. Here are a few things I found out. You can buy
    a test kit at a drug store. The cost of on line testing varies from $100-$300. Famous
    people who've been tested are Vanessa Williams and Robert Ballard (the guy who
    found the Titanic).

    There are 3 types of tests. Actually, there was so much info it made my head spin. Note:
    If the test makes your head spin all the way round, you are probably related to Linda Blair.

    Julie, that was nice of you to share your Belize experiences with the young couple. I'm not
    sure why there are going to Belize though. Are the people there modern enough that they
    need to change? Did you mention your left arm numbness before? I can't imagine how
    you can get so much done. I sorta figured you had 3 hands all this time.

    Granni, sorry to hear all your bones and muscles ache. I think it was 9th grade science
    where we learned the human body has 207 bones. Don't know about muscles though.
    Must be a lot more.

    SG, I never heard of pheromones for cats either. You know cats were sacred in
    ancient Egypt. Maybe you are thinking of Pharoah moans? Your mums and pears
    sound like a good start for a still life.

    Hi to Springwater and Dar and Mikie and Mrs Calabash
  16. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Wow! Y'all are still busy. That's good. I hope to be when I get this infection cleared up. I'm thinking of changing docs but will give this one another chance on Fri.

    Julie, I'm so sorry your crud is still hanging on. You always have so much to do that it can't be easy not feeling well.

    Granni, soup sounds so good. If I make any, I'll have to eat it all because my freezer is full. I honestly don't see how it can always be full.

    Rock, love the baseball joke. Did I ever mention I met Johnny Bench? He spoke at a sales reward dinner in Bermuda. He was kind of a jerk. I got a little hard hat signed by him. Gave it to my DSIL who loves that kind of stuff. Usually, the celebs hand out the awards and shake hands. He spoke and left so fast that we couldn't believe it. Blue Cross Blue Shield didn't get their money's worth out of him. On the other hand, we were treated like royalty the rest of the time and didn't have to attend boring meetings. So little time, so much booze. I would love to take a course on Western European history. Judging from answers on the street, kids today either don't take history or just don't pay attention. All the textbooks come from one place in Texas and are not factual but slant history to rewrite it in order to make certain groups appear more favorable. So, maybe it's a good thing they don't pay attention.

    Sunflower Girl, the cats have always shared a litter box and don't seem to mind. With two of them, it keeps me busy cleaning the boxes. I noticed when I cleaned the one on the lanai that it had been used more so guess they are finally taking to it. Looooove the scented clumping litter. So much easier than in former days. I haven't had a cat in about 15 years. Yes, the pheromones are amazing. The info stated that it might take up to three weeks for them to work. These cats are so much calmer now. They aren't trying to race me to the door to escape. They seem to enjoy living inside, especially Sylvester. I just ordered four more refills for the difuser. Not cheap but worth it. I sometimes unplug it to save on using it. Kinda expensive.

    Georgia, good for you for quitting the nicotine. I did it years ago and am so glad. It's probably the most, or one of the most, addictive substances in existence. I know it isn't easy. Once I quit, I noticed I can hardly stand the smell of stale smoke on others' clothing, cars, houses, etc. On the other hand, when someone just lights up, I remember how good that first drag was. Even so, I'm not tempted to start again. I now have light COPD and the occasional asthma so smoking would be disasterous for me.

    Yesterday, I got up and showered and put on makeup. Had a cup of juice with Barb out on the lanai. Mental and physical fatigue are my worst problems. I quit trying to do much of anything until I feel better. Getting my eyes checked this morning so will miss the condo mtg. Slept til 5:00 this morning and that is always good instead of waking at 4:00. Sylvester didn't make a running break for the bathroom litter box so he may be using the one on the lanai now. He's out on the lanai all curled up on one of the kitty condo shelves. The shelves are rounded to cradle the cats. Each one has one of the little catnip mats on it. They love those mats. They even love the little animal print mats. Tweety is curled up on the one on top of the loveseat. That's become "her spot." Sylvester loves being on the lanai. The longer I have these little kitties, the more I love them.

    Unfortunately, everyone in the hood, except the mean woman, misses them so much. I've told them they can visit and even bring the cats' friends, their dogs. I keep doggie treats handy. Simon was here this morning, sleeping on my chair. He puked something at the top of the stairs. I thought it was thoughtful of him not to do it in my chair. Will clean it up later. AACK!!!

    Gotta go bathe and get ready to go to the eye doc's office. That's probably all I'll get done today. Hope everyone else feels well and gets everything done which needs doin'.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granniluvsu Member

    Bumping up the Porch. I think some people may have posted on the old one. I didn't check but it was ahead of the new one.

    Please on this newest post. Thanks ! Hope I didn't do that. I didn't even check ):!!

    Not to much time to post now but did want to at least pump this newest one volume to the Porch .

    Mikie - Good luck with the eye doctor tomorrow . Hope all goes well. Glad the kitties are doing well and making you so happy. Hope Simon is not ill after he threw up and just ate something not to good.

    Hi to Sun, Rock, Georgia, Joan, Julie and so many others.

    See you all tomorrow, sosmetime.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Guess what, it was me that posted on the old volume - DUH !! SORRY !!!!! :oops:

    Hopefully now this one will be bumped up. After I posted on the new volume the first time it hadn't bumped so am doing it again.

    If you want you can check on the old one but don't post on it PLEASE SO IT DOESN'T GO AHEAD OF THE NEW ONE AGAIN 1!!

    Love to everydobby,
  19. lydia1

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    Well, here is Dar's latest got on the last porch I moved it over here.

    Hi all,

    Granni, Hope your practice went well.

    Julie, Hope you are holding up ok and start feeling better very soon.

    Mikie, wishing you better sleep and hope you are feeling better asap.

    Rock, Sun, Windy, Joan, Soul, Windblade and anyone I forgot to mention---Love to all.

    On a personal note, I am finally out of the flare entirely. I picked up some new homeopathic supplements, (3). I think, between those and some of the newer vitamin and mineral supplements I started a few weeks ago kicking in, I have found some relief! I feel better right now than I've felt in months. I no longer need the Ambien to sleep. The bulk of the pain I still have is in my feet, across my shoulders, in my low back, and hips.

    At least I don't feel like I've been hit with a full body shot from a wrecking ball for now. LOL
    Some of that may be due, also, to my house guest departing. It's quiet and calm in my house now. Daughter Darci and I are much more at ease. Much less stress. We are so much alike, that we cohabitate quite amicably. We're both quiet, cerebral, artistic and have twisted sense of humors.

    I got a new pair of prescription shoes, (New Balance), and the tech that I got my first ones from said that the tennis shoes should be better for me. They seem to be working. My feet still hurt after 8-10 hours on them, but they don't hurt so bad and don't burn! We also decided that, though I need the arch supports, my feet don't like them!! So she put a different insert in these. A gel insert.

    I took the arch supports out of my original black "Mary Jane's" that I got from the same foot doctor, and now they feel better too. Just the gel inserts now. So, for the price of the Mary Jane's, ($180.00 out of pocket), since they were guaranteed for a year no matter what the problem---I now have 2 pair of prescription shoes that work. Boooo-yaaaa!!

    I get to pick up my new glasses on Friday. Can't wait. Tired of seeing "fuzzy". It's been 3 years since my last lense upgrade. The good news is, the optomatrist says my eyes are in fantastic shape, though I do have a slight astigmatism in the eye that was the good one. The right eye still has the same astigmatism it had, but has not worsened. She said my prescription won't change that much. Now when I try to see the football scores I won't be seeing a double image.

    The bad news is, she said she saw the very beginnings of cateracts developing. She told me not to worry about it, that it'd be years before it will become a major problem. She said, Whatever you've been doing, keep doing it because your eyes are in great shape for your years". I was quite happy until she used the phrase "for my years". o_O

    Well, gotta go hit the racks!

    Nite all.

  20. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Glad to hear you no longer have that wrecking ball feeling, Dar. Quick, everydobby. Name
    two famous people who rode on a wrecking ball.

    If you ever actually need cataract surgery, Dar, I can give you the particulars of mine. The
    main points are that it was a quick procedure and completely painless. My vision improved so
    much I was able to give up wearing glasses. I had been wearing them about 45 years. Now I
    only need reading glasses.

    Are Mary Janes those shoes little girls wear when they take tap dance lessons?

    Mikie, You didn't previously mention Johnny Bench. Figured he must be an athlete, and
    Wikipedia confirmed same. I see he had a great career, has won numerous awards and
    accolades, and he played the lead in the musical "Damn Yankees" 3 decades after the
    original opened on Broadway. Gwen Verdon from the original cast was also in the show.
    Ya think Johnny can sing and dance?

    Granni, I had a quote I was gonna post for you, but it disappeared, and I can't remember
    it. Shucks a rooty.

    We went to Ralphs market last night. They had mounds and mounds of pumpkins. In many
    sizes and 4 different colors. Cost per pumpkin: anywhere from one to forty dollars. My secretary gave me one of those mini ones every Halloween for umpteen years.

    Oh yeah, the wrecking ball riders: Smiley Virus, Thelma Harper (Mama's Family) and
    Homer Simpson. (D'OH!)