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    Good morning! Not sure why I woke up at 3:30...decided to get on up, after several minutes of tossing and turning. I see signs that Den has been up also, sometime in the night...I never hear him, or if I do, it's so vague that it doesn't wake me.

    I thought I might have a hard time waking up when my alarm went off at 6:00 because I took NyQuil and it took effect right away...well, such is life.

    Mikie, I hope you can finally start feeling A LOT better! Myself, I fight depressive feelings every time I get sick. I'm picturing what this farm would be like if all our cats had access to catnip, lol!

    Dar, glad you are out of your flare...and got new shoes! I need to get my eyes checked again...was having the starts of cataracts also. I just don't know where to go optometrist died a year or so ago. I have my records and I know where all his patients are being referred to...just not sure if that is the place I want.

    Rock, we are going to a pumpkin patch for Keira's birthday, a week from Saturday. Besides, getting a pumpkin, there are lots of activities for kids and adults. And Amy has a space reserved for having cake and ice cream and opening presents.

    Granni, no worries about getting on the wrong volume...hope you are doing okay.

    I should confess my big accomplishment yesterday. I am working on getting some buildings cleaned out, etc...whatever I can get done before winter comes. I knew we had lots of pop cans, piled in a shed...some of them from when my parents lived here.

    We pay a 5 cent deposit per can when we buy the pop, so have to turn them back in when we are done...if we want our money back. I knew there was a pretty good pile...even though we have stopped drinking pop.

    Den's dad told me about a place that is in the same town as my "local" chiro, so I figured I would bag some cans up and take them there. Ended up with 2, 265 cans and brought home $113.25!

    Wow! I got so excited, I finished bagging and counting when I got home (in between helping Lindsey get kiddos to bed.) My grand total of cans is 4,436! I will wait to take the others when I go back to the chiro in a couple of weeks.

    I'm gonna save this money for our trip to Texas, maybe this winter, for Uncle Harvey's 75th birthday in February. Den wants to go down and see my brother and sis-in-law sometime too, so now we have a little seed money, lol!

    Well, I've had a little snack, so think I will try to go back to sleep. I brought my pillow out to the living room, and will sleep here so I don't wake Den.

    Have a good Wednesday!
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    Hi all!

    Julie, Thanks for bumping up my post. I have a hard time keeping up with the threads. More cats?!! I believe that your home has officially become a "cat house". LOL Holy mackerel!

    Sun, Glad you feel like painting again. I went to the new Hobby Lobby they just built recently on my side of the river in Moline. Last week I got myself some new stretch canvases and more paint as well. Much cheaper than Ben Franklin Crafts! I haven't had time to pick up a brush yet though. Was nursing that flare. I just started to feel human again yesterday.

    I really need to get my house painting done so I can get the furniture off the front porch. Daughter Darci and I are really wanting to use the porch for our studio. (She paints as well). The light out there is awsome. It has 12 windows in it. It measures 24' X 10'. Nice space. Your still life is beautiful!

    Rock, Thanks for the info. re: the cataracts. Mary Jane's are those shoes with the strap that goes across the top of the instep and buckle. In my case, velcroe.

    Gotta run! Time to go to work.
    Love to all and those I did not have time to post right now. Have a great day one and all!

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    Hi, Fellow Porchies,

    Granni, thanks for your good wishes. Eye exam went just fine. No glaucoma, no optic nerve problems and no macular problems. Plenty of tears in the little "tear lake," which means no Sjogren eye symptoms. I also have no placque in blood supply to optic nerve which means probably none in blood supply to my heart. Yes, kitties are making me happy except when they decide to get wild in the middle of the night. They started up at about 3:30 this morning. I was awake, though, because I had to pee. I will be happy to see the urologist on Fri. Hope he can help. Normally, even if the cats are ripping around and wrestling, it doesn't wake me up. Thanks for getting the new Porch going.

    Dar, soooo glad that awful flare is done with. Also glad you got some good shoes. It's horrible to have painful feet. I have had very small cataracts for years. I'll likely die before they have to be removed. They never grow. I got new glasses about three years ago. They were designer types from Italy (I've since learned that almost all brands are made by one company in Italy for all the other companies' brands). I don't need new lenses but started thinking about whether I could still get new ones. I invested in several colors of arms for these and would hate to have to throw them out. So, I asked the optician. She said the company was sold and, while I can always get lenses made, the little clear plastic nose pieces and screws are hard to come by. They have to be bought in a kit, including all three pieces. A kit costs about $90. Yikes! I told her to order a kit because $90 is still cheaper than having to buy new frames. If we can get a kit in, I can relax, knowing that I will be able to keep wearing these for a long time. I love these glasses and don't wear my contacts now that I have such lightweight glasses. I wear progressive lenses so they are always in focus. Some people can't get used to them. I can't get used to bifocals or, in my case, probably trifocals. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most; I miss my good eyesight the second most.

    Rock, all I know is that Johnny Bench did a "song and dance" for us, praising himself profusely. Then, he danced right outta there fast. Having family (inlaws) in show biz and having had my DD and DSIL work in the movies, I realize that, like people everywhere, celebs are nice and not so nice, regardless of talent. My favorites are the talented ones who are nice. Roseanne, Shirley McLaine, and Chevy Chase, were just some of the people who helped my DD on the set. She also said Bill Cosby was nice and very helpful to aspiring actors. One of her favorites, and a friend of the family, was Farrah Faucett. It was sad to see her die such a slow and painful death.

    After the eye doc, I stopped at the bank to open a savings acct. I had had everything lumped into my checking acct. I think I would save more and have more control with things separated. I need to save more and I want to pay off the principal on my mortgage with extra payments. They offered me a credit card which pays 5 points instead of the 1, 2, or 3 on most reward cards. The reward cash is automatically paid against the mortgage principal. Good deal so it was a productive day. Have been wanting to do that for months.

    After that, I stopped at Costco. I got some of their shrimp salad. I rinse the mayo off the shrimp and cut it up for the kitties. They love it. I don't get it often as the price has gone up by about another 50 percent. Still, the cats enjoy it and I get meals for 3 or 4 days. I got a huge box of Lactaid so I can enjoy some dairy. It's expensive to buy it in normal sizes. The rest was just snack stuff.

    Finally, I got news from the insurance home office that they had sent my wind mitigation form and photos on to my ins. co. I had already sent it certified mail but, evidently, they lost it. Par for the course. Is everything so big and understaffed, or staffed with idiots who don't care, that it's next to impossible to get things done? On "Morning Joe," Mike Barnacle was saying how difficult it is to do anything online with a govt. website. Why are simple things made so cumbersome? If I only had one or two instances of incompetence, I wouldn't generalize like this but it's everywhere we turn. It all adds up to stress on everyone's part.

    Don't know whether I mentioned that I ordered refills for the cat calming pheromone defuser. I think I'll only run it at night for a while. I think they are too calm during the day. I know cats are nocturnal critters but I need my sleep. Like most cats at 3, they sleep most of the time. They are just calmer about having to stay inside. I cleaned up Simon's barf yesterday when I got home. Looks as though he was eating grass. Must have had a tummy bug. Or, he ate someone who disagreed with him, like a gecko.

    OK, I've written "W&P" here so will move on. Love to everyone,
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    Making sure I was on the right VOLUME :)!!! I don't think that I was the on one posting on the wrong one :)!!

    Went to the chiro this morning and would have gone to WM but need to pick up from his meeting soon and I wouldn't have gotten done in time. So I will go after I drop him off. Need to start my exercises too. Didn't get a chance to do much exercising yesterday ):!!

    Hi to Mikie, Julie, Rock and awl. I like what you said MIKIE about what or who Simon ate :)!!!!

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better and those in your house also or Lindsay's.

    SW - Miss seeing you my friend. I hope you feel better and get your work done soon.

    May get back later today if I finish my shopping and exercises. If not you know why ):!!!!

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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, as usual, you're on the go. Geez, when I saw a chiro, I never felt like doing anything else. Glad yours helps you.

    Feel a wee bit better today. Cleaned out both litter boxes and took garbage and recyclables down to dumpster area. Got my mail. My ins. co. is dropping my orthopedic doc and his practice. I'll be looking to change if this keeps up. Of course, another co. may be no better. It isn't ObamaCare which is causing this. It's the insurance co.'s greed but they word their letter to make it appear that it is the ACA to blame. Fortunately, there is another good orthopod in town but who knows whether he will be on the new HMO. Also, they can drop docs at any time, even after open enrollment.

    Our weather is still hot but there are those nice fall breezes coming in. Our beautiful fall/winter weather can't be far behind. The cats are enjoying the lanai. I'm on the second floor so they can survey their pond and get a whole new perspective. Of course, I'm sure they would rather be down among all the wildlife but they are really adjusting well to being condo cats. They look so much healthier now. Both love drinking the cool filtered water from my fridge. That's good because some cats don't drink enough and have crystals in their kidneys. I use the scoopable litter and the pee chunks are the size of my fist. Looks as though everything is working well as far as their plumbing is concerned.

    Ran into a neighbor at the mailbox and we had a good chat. She, Barb and another neighbor are going for their flu shots. Another neighbor brought her little dog in to visit the cats. It kinda freaked them out because it's the first visit from a dog in the condo and not outside. The dog found a ball and was happy with that. Well, that and the treat I gave him. He's a real cutie.

    We are going to be doing some new landscaping around the bldg. It's long overdue. We did the front a couple of years ago. We will be doing the staircase atria on both sides. I'm getting a bit excited about it. We also have to paint the top rail of the railing on the stairs and balcony. Our bldg. is 20 yrs. old and we have to keep it up to date. It still looks just like the new condos which are being built--pretty simple, classic style. Our hood has the look of Southern gentility. We have live Oak trees which line the entry. No Spanish Moss, though. Some places have it and some don't. I'd just as soon not.

    Heidi Daus is selling her gorgeous jewelry on HSN. I can't afford it and it's pretty dressy--lots of crystals. She does a lot of Art Deco pieces. I love to look at it. At 3:00 QVC is having a sale on silver jewelry. Oh, oh! My downfall. Gotta rev up my willpower :)

    Well, think I've done enough for today. I think the double whammy of the UTI and whatever bug I had is going to take a while to recover from. Hope everyone's day is going well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Sorry Granni...I must have misread that you said you got on the wrong volume...I can't trust my brain these days, lol!

    Had great plans for today...did fall back to sleep and barely heard Den leave for work...I can only tell because I sometimes hear the overhead shop door opening and closing (and sometimes opening and closing again and then "CAT!", as he yells at the ones who have tried to sneak in while he had the door open to leave...the door senses something is there and doesn't go ahead and shut...drives Den bonkers, lol!)

    I was going to allow myself to just sleep in, but got a text from Lindsey at around 8:00 that they needed help...David was exhausted from working all night and Lindsey was vomiting. They had both been up in the night (David got home at 2:00 am) and the kids were all awake.

    So I went over and got the kiddos some breakfast, scrubbed the kitchen floor (trust me, it needed it or I wouldn't have bothered, lol) threw a load of clothes in the washer, changed diapers, found clothes for everyone...and then it was LUNCH TIME!

    So, I found some lunch stuff, did all that over again...cleaned up from lunch (David was up by then and helping) changed diapers again, rocked Isaiah to sleep, got situated at my house to get Liora down for a nap but when I went back over she was asleep in David's arms and he was laying on the couch. Lorraine was settled in with cartoons, so I just came on home.

    We have heard that David's family won't be coming. His dad has been having lung and heart problems, and in the ER a couple times in the past week. They took him again today, and are keeping him in the hospital for a few days. I hate to say this, but it is probably a good thing...the kids don't need company and none of David's family need to be exposed to whatever we have.

    I say "we" because I am feeling sick to my stomach also. Had already called and got the antibiotic refilled for the sinus stuff (don't know if it is really helping, but maybe will keep me from getting worse.) Seems like this might be viral, and I know antibiotics won't help that, but might be a secondary infection hanging on too.

    I won't try to get on here anymore today...skimmed your posts and thinking of everyone. Prayers and good wishes certainly appreciated.

    Oh, and David is supposed to be gone Thurs-Sat to Guard training, but with the gov't shut down, that might not happen. Life is interesting, isn't it?
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    Julie: It must be EXTREMELY hard on you, to be ill yourself, and having to take care of your family. But then that's what mothers/grandmothers are the energizer bunny we keep going, and going, and going and going....... I do hope all these bugs pass for you and family. And the poor little ones!!!!! When our 3 were young everyone got the flu/throw ups except my husband. He ran from one bed or crib to another and I just couldn't get out of bed myself to help.

    And Mikie: you too, hope you get over everything and start to feel like your old self again. Glad to read that you're getting in lots of sleep. Even when I'm really sick, thinking back to pneumonia and bronchitis bouts, I just couldn't sleep longer than 30 min. at a time. So I wandered the house, trying to keep busy until the body said OK...time to sleep.

    Darrae: What type of painter are you? Abstract, realist, landscapes, ? Lucky you to have that big open airy space with lots of light. I have a bedroom with sliding glass door, We removed the carpet years ago down to cement. I also took out the closet doors and made long shelving in there, plus lots of storage space above it. I found an old library table at a yard sale years ago and it's perfect since it's in bad shape anyway. Has two wide deep drawers which hold tools, tape, drawing materials, etc. But I have a lot of stuff stored so my actual space to work is maybe about 4x10

    Rock: You mentioned about a $40 pumpkin at Ralphs? Was it a huge, special one like one of those ghost pumpkins? I was at trader joe's yesterday and I was really tempted to buy an unusual one, like the warty ones. I think they're so cool looking.
  8. Granniluvsu

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    Mikie - Darn it, I just lost a good sized post. I am so MAD - grrrr !! - I DID post on the 647 the other day, which was the OLDER POST who knows what day that was.. In fact another person posted on 647 today and maybe you can help them. Not sure what this poster was wanting. Maybe you can help. Her or his name or handle was Jumpshot. Go check it out if you can.

    Sorry to hear about your insurance mess. Hope you can get something that will be helpful to you. Still not sure what will happen with our insurance. We are mostly on Medicare but have some extra from DH work. So we will see. Hope there aren't to many changes. Sounds like you are having fun with those cats even if they keep you up at night occasionally :)!!!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Julie - Sorry you are still feeling yucky. It is so hard with young ones around things get passed back and forth. Sorry also about David's dad but you are right they do not need to come to your house with all those bugs running or flying around waiting to jump on someone. People too who have heart or lung problems have to be especially careful. Get well sweetie. Are you still bringing Keira to a new chiro or doctor or are you meeting them there, or what? I have forgotten. You my dea

    Dar - Glad things are straightening out for you and Darcy. Hope you get your porch or painting area all fixed up soon. Hope work doesn't tire you out to much so you can get your room all fixed up for your painting. That should be fun for you both.

    Rock - OMG, who would spend $40 for a pumpkin? I have seen them all around lately but not quite that large. Hope you are doing well today? Do you have any pumpkins or fall tings around the house? So far, I have zero decorations. I have gotten so lazy with that stuff and if kids don't come we don't always bother.

    Gotta run for now. I actually finished my exercises, or at least did what I am going to do.

    Well I need to leave for now and do a few more things. So mad I lost my post before .

    Love and hugs to everydobby even those MIA and not mentioned inc. Georgia, Spring Water, Sun, Soul et al !
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    Hi Kids

    Granni, how can you say you have gotten lazy? Nobody who does as much as you despite
    the aches and pains could be considered lazy.

    SG, the expensive pumpkin was about the size of the lamp on my computer table.
    Ha Ha! It was probably 2 feet high, but slimmer than your average bear, I mean
    pumpkin. Less round; more oval. Nobody I know would pay that price.

    Julie, nothing wrong with your brain. Granni did say at one point she was on the wrong
    porch. I am posting here to try and get the most recent porch on top of the board. Ha ha!
    You're right; we live in interesting times, but I'd prefer times that are more sedate,
    sane and secure.

    Mikie, ask yourself two questions: do I need more jewelry? If the answer is No, but I
    want it anyway, then the next question is, can I afford it? Remember when Thelma
    Harper got hooked on shopping shows? I think Gordon has the bug. For the last year or
    two he's been buying stuff, mostly cookbooks, from QVC. We get something from those
    folks every week. If he didn't buy it, his sister did. She has her packages sent her cause
    she lives in an apartment, and no one is home to accept deliveries.

    Now then, if we've determined you don't need it and can't afford it but want it anyway
    because it will be therapeutic for your mental health, snap it up. Good mental health
    is a necessity.

    Here's an old jewelry joke I like:

    A woman decided to have her portrait painted. She told the artist, "Paint me with diamond rings,a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets, a ruby broach, and gold Rolex."
    "But you are not wearing any of those things," he replied.
    "I know," she said. "It's in case I should die before my husband. I'm sure he will remarry
    right away, and I want his new wife to go crazy looking for the jewelry."

    Dar, never heard of Ben Franklin Crafts, but our law office shared a building with Joann
    Fabrics for a few years. Their retail store was across the street. I went in and asked if someone could do some sewing for me. Figured some of the clerks might pick up a little extra
    cash that way. The lady I talked to gasped and pretty much gave the impression that I had
    committed some great impropriety. I left wondering why she was allowed to interact with
    the public.

    And speaking of Joann, Hi to Joan/Lilac and Springwater and all our good friends.
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    Hi to all on the Porch!

    Mikie--I'm so glad your eye appointment went well. It's always a relief when you find that something isn't wrong! I appreciate your info. re: cataracts. Makes me feel better and less concerned than I was. Now if your urologist could just get the rest of you under control, that would be wonderful! Am praying for you. You've been so sick for so long. I truly feel for you.

    $90 for nose piece kit. Ouch. But if you love the glasses you have it's worth the expense. Unfortunately, my Gloria Vanderbilt frames could not be salvaged. So, instead of my beloved designer frames I paid $180 for years ago, I was reduced to 2 pair of $9.00 Walmart frames. Oh well. At least I will be able to see better. That will be a boon when I finally get time to paint again. (Be nice to see what I'm doing). :cool:

    My siamese, KoKo, used to love shrimp until she overate one day and "yacked" them back up on the carpet. She hasn't eaten a shrimp since. Oh, FYI, the "I miss my mind the most" line.....I've used that one for a long time. LOL. So funny. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Hope your insurance dilema gets itself worked out. I have my fingers crossed for you.


    Julie--In regard to finding an optometrist, I posted earlier, I couldn't afford what mine wanted so I went to Walmart! Thank you, Julie, for your support through the flare. It's good to have friends who understand and grasp these things. Sounds like you're still running around like flatulance in a whirlwind. Don't wear yourself out too much. Don't want to see you in a flare.

    You are such a great parent and grandparent. I love reading about your relationship with your kids and grands. So much fun. Take care of yourself please.

    Warm thoughts,
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    Granni. I used to love to decorate the house and front door with seasonal things. Now I'm lucky to pull in our live tree from the back patio and throw on a string of lights and some bows for Christmas. So nothing for Halloween, maybe a pumpkin or two for thanksgiving time (but this year we won't even be home anyway). I have boxes of very old Christmas decorations but haven't pulled them out for at least 12 years. It's been about 11 years ago come early December when we went to Sanibel Island in Florida and I brought home two boxes of shells I picked up. I came home and drilled holes in all of them and put fishing line and decorated the Christmas tree with them. Now with this live tree, I don't even do that anymore.

    Good joke, Rock. I've never heard it but a wonderful idea.

    Last week the two chairs I had ordered 5 weeks ago were delivered along with the yard of extra fabric. The one delivery guy asked if I sewed? Yes. Then he proceeded to tell me about his friend getting married on the weekend and his 'best man shirt" was too big and he didn't know anyone who sewed. He begged me if I would take it in for him. Nope, but I suggested he call some dry cleaners in the area because a lot of them do sewing. I guess it's hard if you need sewing done at a reasonable price and you know no one who sews.

    And about the chairs, I couldn't believe it but they had covered them in the wrong fabric so they had to go back....probably for another 5 weeks wait. But the extra fabric was correct. Go figure.

    I'm sooooo tired today and feel like I'm coming down with something. Must be the weather change. It's only 6:45 and I'm heading for my bed.
  12. springwater

    springwater Member

    Hey All

    Just wanted to say i am still reading all your posts and enjoying getting to hear
    what all you are doing.

    I get a little fuzzy about whos doing what if i read fast tho, lol! brain fog.

    Im still not completely up to par yet. Still tired a lot of the time.

    Julie - wish you could rest and get some TLC when youre ill yourself

    i know some hackers logged into my account yet again, lol, so posting editing

    in case i lose.

    Anyhoo, Julie hope everyone recovers really soon. Poor Lindsey she must be

    so exhausted too. Three little ones and not feeling well her self.

    Granni - i hope things settle around here too pretty soon and i can

    post like i used to.

    Dar - good to hear you are over your flare. Cant be easy what you

    do where you can be taxing dealing with elderly all the time

    but you seem to just love it and thats great

    Sun - how did you learn painting, was it on your own, like you have the

    gift or did you also attend formal painting lessons? My father was an

    artist, and he painted in everything oil, watercolours. he also did patchwork

    art. painted in scenery of Tibet and made the peoples hats, clothes, shoes with

    real cloth and stuck them on. Those were what sold to tourists those days. back

    in early 60s. He also used to make these little stuffed dolls which he would then

    stick onto a stand. I have not inherited the arty gene from him. sadly.

    Rock - i loved the advice about the jewelry. I go thru phases where i dont

    care a fig, to seeing a beautiful piece and desiring it strongly. Lately i have

    hv been giving my older pieces to be remade into more modern designs i like.

    I havent really been able to afford new stuff. I satisfy myself by cutting out

    pictures of beautiful pieces and sticking them into a scrap book. I have been

    able to make a collection of what i really like from the pieces i hv been given

    or bought over the years so cant complain.

    Mikie -hope you are back to A okay health soon. It is so much fun to

    read your activities, taking care of the kitties, it would be a brave soul

    to just take in strays like that! and where you shop , the deals you get,

    etc. I love America!

    I was imagining going pumpkin shopping. for halloween.

    well, im upto my ears in needs to be done cleaning.

    we got rid of our old bed, (I was getting some bad vibes from it)

    DH had bought it second hand from the Indian Embassy at an auction

    and he got in a new one. but i had to clean up the whole room, so much

    dust under the bed where the screws had to be undone to take the old bed

    down, and swob and place the new one, and then noticed the fans and

    a/c , everything , on tops of cupboards needed a good dusting,, ewwww

    tired tired tired,,,had to move loads of stuff, really needto declutter.

    due to my slump i was mostly lying down instead of tackling all i should hv

    well all take care

    God Bless
  13. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Sun,

    My daughter works in oils. I prefer acrylics, though I've considered trying oil paints. I don't know how I would classify myself as a painter......I do like to do landscapes, but I also paint abstracts and stills. I guess the only way I can explain my painting technique is comes into my head and falls out onto the canvas.

    Most of the time, I have no idea what I will paint until it just appears most of the time. I don't do portraits. I paint people, they just don't exist. They come from my head, so to speak. As often as not I, myself, am surprised at what winds up on my canvases. And even more surprised that I like them when I'm done. LOL. :)

    It sounds like you've made yourself a "cozy" little set up though. Right now, mine's a storage unit for furniture. I'm hoping over the next month or two I can reclaim that space. I hope you are faring well healthwise. I love that you decorated your tree with the shells. Neat idea.

    Take care of yourself Sun. I do hope you are not coming down with anything. Am also sorry you feel crummy.

    Am sending "get better" vibes to you

  14. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Thanks for your kindness. Sounds like you are really on the go! Take care of yourself. Yes, Darci and I are getting happier and much more relaxed here now.

    Loves N Hugs
  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Rock--

    Jewelry joke fractured me. :D Ben Franklin Crafts may just be indiginous to my area. I don't know if they have stores in other states. Sounds like you came across a somewhat "snooty" sales person at that fabric store. Very often, the right people wind up in the wrong line of work and, alternately, vice-versa.

    I can picture the woman looking at you as if you'd broke wind. LOL. $40 Pumpkin? Good Lord! That pumpkin better be able to tap dance, or at the very least be gold plated! Oy!

    I've always avoided the shopping network. I'm afraid if I got started I'd become a "junkie". I think you may be right about Gordon. If you get that many packages regularly, disregarding those for his sister. But, at least he has a hobby. I'm also guessing he makes good use of the cookbooks from some of your posts.

    Every time I think of Johnny Bench, I think of the bit Bill Cosby did describing his wife while giving birth, and the doctor sitting there waiting on his stool to catch the baby like Johnny Bench. Funny bit.

    Take care Rock,
    See you on the flipside.
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Spring,

    Sorry you're still feeling so tired and foggy. I am glad you're still popping in though. Hope you start to feel better some time soon here.

    Prayers for you,

    To all our other Porchies, Joan/Lilac, Windy, Soul, and others, hope life is treating you gently, that you are enjoying good fall weather as we are here. I wish you all the best.