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    Hi everyone...this seemed as good a time as any to get us going again. Hope Springwater or anyone else who might be up at this time of night (for me,'s after 11:00 pm) will be able to find us.

    I'm afraid we have full blown sickness again. Lorraine is asleep on my couch, but breathing pretty rough...I am getting ready to do another nebulizer treatment by just holding the face mask up to her as she sleeps.

    Lindsey is dealing with Liora right now...coughing and crying, also getting two more molars in. Thank goodness, Isaiah was sleeping when I went over to hold Liora while Lindsey ran over to my house to see what she thought I ought to do for Lorraine.

    Yes, it certainly does take a village....

    So...I will check in again tomorrow morning...hope all is well around the world, at least with our Prohealth family.
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    Good Morning, Everyone,

    Julie, thanks for starting a new Porch. I'm so sorry everyone is sick again. This seems to happen a lot; families just get over one thing, and along comes something else; or, the first bug comes back again. Fall and winter can be so hard on us when it comes to viruses. I hope everyone is feeling better.

    Paula, so glad you stopped in. Your life sounds ideal to me. I've been single a looooong time and I have done so many projects on my own.

    Granni, yes, it was wonderful seeing the cats. Tweety just stared wide eyed and surprised at first. Then, she seemed a bit confused but when I started to pet her, she took to me like we've never been apart. Sylvester ran under a table in all the confusion but as soon as I called him out, he came and drank in the love. He rolled over to bet his belly scratched. Julie is such a good Auntie to them. I am so relieved she took them.

    Guess today, I'll try to plant the new elephant ear over in the other atrium and move a fern which looks just like a stalk of lettuce. It's light green and beautiful. It'll contrast beautifully with the deep red Tai plants. I keep saying the project is done but, like with most things in life, it seems it's never done.

    We are supposed to get rain and if it doesn't show up, I'll have to go out to water some things myself. I've been trying to wade through the book about the patients who were allegedly euthanized during Katrina in a NO hospital. I'm only about halfway through and it's not a page turner. Still, it's interesting to see how much chaos ensues during such an emergency. Everyone was woefully unprepared for that storm. I can't remember whether the doc involved was convicted so the ending will still be a surprise.

    Love and hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    My big project yesterday was making Jello. It's much better this time. Used real
    whipped cream. Although Gordon insisted I make it, he hasn't eaten any. Oh well,
    maybe knowing it's in the fridge provides him with some sort of comfort. Ha Ha!

    As for his own cooking project, I haven't seen any cuttlefish soup yet. Maybe it's
    all a joke.

    Julie, you coffee-spitting belly laugh over my Bach pun was entirely appropriate. Ya
    know why? 'Cause Bach wrote a coffee cantata. Honest! In Deutsch it's Kaffe
    Kantate. His duties in Leipzig were to provide music for two churches and instruct the
    music students.

    Coffee was introduced to Europe shortly before Bach was born. Coffee houses were a
    new feature of town life. Bach used to take his students to Zimmermann's Coffee House
    on Friday nights. They often made music there. You can hear the cantata on you
    know where. It's short; only requires 5 musicians and 3 singers. Hope the grandkids feel better soon.

    Mikie, Glad you got to see Tweety and Sylvester. Happy to hear their new home is a good
    one. Gordon transplanted two ferns yesterday. I helped by keeping our of his way. Ha Ha!

    The Patsy Cline recordings were made in the 50s for the armed forces radio. Sometimes it
    is just Patsy and her guitar. Other times she has one or two musicians with her. There's
    a piano on one track. Might be Owen Bradley playing. He was a musician, arranger, record
    producer, engineer, and Vice President of Decca Records. He and Chet Atkins are generally
    credited with the creation of the Nashville Sound. I used to have a 10 inch record of Owen
    playing classical organ music.

    Hi Paulac, drop in anytime. I have never taken my computer apart, although a lot of times
    I'd like to smash it to pieces. Then my computer could sing, "I Fall to Pieces". BTW, I
    read that Patsy didn't like the song, the arrangement or the fact that the Jordanaires were
    going to sing backup. The biographies I've read about Patsy indicate she generally had
    strong opinions and expressed them forcefully.

    Granni, sounds like your kitchen is gonna like real spiffy with the new brushed nickle
    hardware. My cousin's wife in Reston, VA got the same thing a couple years ago. My
    cousin told me his wife was somewhat irked with him. She wanted brushed dime, but
    he wouldn't pay for more than brushed nickle. Tsk, tsk.

    Joan, hope you'll feel up to posting again. If you lived a little closer, I could come and
    visit you. Good thing folks can now communicate with computers even if they do
    drive us crazy now and then.

    Back later. Here's to absent friends. With the hope that wherever they are, they are
    drinking a toast to us.

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    Awww, how sweet coffee tastes...lovelier than a thousand kisses...smoother than muscatel wine...

    Rock, I found "several" videos of this, lol! Dad trying to get daughter to quit drinking coffee...if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even know some of these things exist...:p...I am getting my "culture" through you!

    I've been to Reston, VA...when we lived out that way, just outside of D.C. I will be happy to just have a bigger kitchen to move my old cupboards, etc. into...that is, until Den gets his wood-working shop going and builds new ones.

    I love jello...whipped cream on top is a bonus!

    Mikie, sounds like so much fun around there, with all the new plants, etc. I know it wears you out, but I would love to see how you've pulled it all together.

    Glad the kitties are doing so well with Aunt Julie. Red Mittens is going to the vet today...her surgery will be tomorrow and I will pick her up Friday morning...besides the fact that we don't need any more kittens, I don't want her to have to go through all that again. She is so tiny, one of her kittens that was born in June, is already almost as big as she is.

    Lorraine coughed and cried out during the night, but never woke up completely. Around 7:30 this morning she was coughing pretty hard and sat straight up and asked for a nebulizer treatment. I haven't heard from Lindsey so I don't know how she got along with the babies.

    David would have gotten home sometime after 2:00 am and would have helped if needed. But he needs his sleep sometime today so he can work again tonight.

    I am thinking we will probably reschedule our birthday celebration with Gpa...I don't want to leave Lindsey alone this evening with crying, coughing, sick kiddos.

    Anyway, my day will be spent with this sweet girl...she already instructed me that the babies are NOT to come over to Gma's house...guess she just needs time away from them, lol!
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    Back again for another 'drive-by' posting....

    Mikie--thanks for the kind life is far from ideal, but it's peaceful, and I think that counts for a lot....I just do what I can, when I can.....the more I'm single, the more I like it, and wish I would have done it a long time ago....coulda, shoulda, woulda..... sure have your hands full with your family...hope everybody gets over the 'crud' quickly....I can't even imagine having a houseful of sick children...I never had any, so you are awesome to help out as much as you hat is off to you, lady!!

    Rock--I hear you about wanting to smash your computer and making it 'Fall to Pieces'....I love me some Patsy Cline also!!...I built this computer as a gaming system, so I have a little too much $$$ invested to kill it just yet....need to get a laptop sometime again (my last one died after 9 years of use and abuse), so I don't have to fire up my game rig everytime I want to check something...I can do it on my phone, but it's not a true smartphone, so it uhmmmm.....struggles...

    Just got back from a Chiro appt...feeling much better since she 'pulled my head off' so to speak...nothing planned for the rest of the day, which is nice....gotta have those lazy days once in a while...sunny and in the 40's here...dogs are outside laying on the porch and life is good...

    Paula >^.^<
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    Hi there everyone,

    Just got on and it is almost time fix dinner before choir practice. I should have been exercising and practicing my choir music. Went to the chiro this morning and then home to switch some washes and then to go pick up DH from his meeting and then go to the dealership to get a new batter for my car clicker. Thank God it must have died in my garage the other day and we have another one for DH. Luckily, it works. Glad it didn't happen at night at church for choir practice coming home - aaack !!! Those clickers are great but how do you know the battery is dying until it just dieds. There was no warning and it didn't say anything to me on the screen.

    Julie - I can't believe that sickness is at your house again or should I say Lindsay and Davids but you are to close to them. Hope they get well soon and you stay WELL ! Hope you don't have to cancel your special date with grandpa but know he will understand. Lorraine is so funny about those babies are not to come to grandma house with the germs or whatever she said.

    Paulac - glad you feel better after the chiro and having your head pulled off :)! I know what you mean about that but I usually mostly get the gadgets.

    I need to go now and start dinner as I need to leave early to practice. Hope this finds everyone doig well or better than normal.

    Hugz to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Porchies all!

    Julie, does it ever end you poor thing?! You are such a "trooper". Sorry to hear there's so much sickness in the family again.

    Hi Mikie, Glad you got to see kitties Sylvester & Tweetie. What a sweet reunion. I wish I had time to garden. I haven't even got my hastas dug up to thin out and it's already snowed here once. Never enough hours in my day.

    Hi Paula, I've been single 14 years now. The first five were tough, raising a 13 year old boy to the age of 18. Once he was on his own though, I learned to revel in my single life. On my 50th birthday I got a tattoo on my left calf of a fairy that says "Tink" below it. It was sort of a rite of passage. I was 50 and no longer responsible for anyone but me!

    During therapy with my girl's dad, the shrink told him he was looking for another mother, his Wendy. What he had here was "Tinkerbelle". That always stuck with me. Hence the tattoo. I date, but I like my single life. Been dating the same guy 12 years and still haven't given him more than a kiss goodnight. Any guy who sticks around this long under those conditions and still tells me he thinks I'm beautiful is worth keeping. Enjoy your freedom! You sound like my kinda gal! Coulda, shoulda, woulda........went through that a long time too.

    Hi Rock, Jello Hmmmm? Good stuff. I'm a jello, banana, whipped cream sorta jello-hound. LOL. FYI, I'm a Patsy Cline fan too. My fave was Walkin' after Midnight. Love the fall to pieces reference to your computer. Fractured me! Been there, had the same urge on occasion. Very interesting info. on the subject of coffee.

    I'm a "tea" person myself. Nothing I love more than a hot cup of Earl Grey, a chunk of biscotti, (I have an Italian entertainer who makes his own biscotti from scratch and brings me a batch now and then), and peace n' quiet. That's my idea of a great weekend morning. In the summer I like to brew a pot of chai tea, add some sugar and cool it down for iced tea. It's wonderful! Nothing like fresh brewed "good" tea. Yes, I'm a tea snob. (I do not use tea bags or HEAVEN FORBID, instant tea......blechhh!).

    Granni, sounds like you've been a very busy lady! Glad you've stuck in there with your exercise regime. You've done so well! Power to you!!

    Joan, Spring, Windy, and anyone else I forgot to mention, Best of health, life and love to you.

    Hugz, Dar
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    hello all

    julie - thnx for starting us up.

    sorry to hear of the children getting the sniffles again! i dont remember keira
    getting sick so often, do you? when she was a little toddler? she was pretty young
    when i started on the porch. i hope the bugs go away soon for good as the smaller
    ones get older.

    i hope carla is recovering well, had no idea she had been in a car accident, i must
    leave a message on FB. ages since i went there. and no posting.

    it was good to read everyones doings...
  9. springwater

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    i went n voted but i just did it for my uncle, hv no idea , been out of the
    loop. ts good to hv obligations here n there, gets u to do stuff u wouldnt
    bother otherwise. had to walk a good hour one way n back. my son also
    went with us this time.

    my lady help still out of action, still not completely well.

    still swamped with work i am. sigh....

    pc acting up, hv had to edit like six times

    god bless
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    Wow! So good to see so many or our Porchies posting.

    Julie, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everyone gets, and stays, well. You always have so much to do. I pray Red Mittens comes through her surgery just fine too. It will probably be a relief to her not to have to go into heat and have kittens; however, I do know how much mama cats love their kittens. Simon still has his original equipment but no one could get close enough to neuter him. Since we don't have a community of feral cats here, I don't think he's a problem. The county will come out and trap colonies of feral cats and neuter them and return them to where they were picked up. I think it's a good idea for areas overrun with the cats. I still think Simon used to have a home and something terribly traumatic happened to him. Bless his little heart; he was waiting for his breakfast this morning. He is looking good again. We all want him to stay healthy because he has no one to help him if he gets sick.

    Rock, got to see Chet Atkins in concert back in the 90's. He seemed to be such an unassuming and humble man, even though he is was one of the world's leading guitar players. A lot of people who love his C&W music didn't realize he was an accomplished classical guitarist. I went into a used CD store with DD when she was in college. I found an almost new double CD of his songs. What a treat. I also love k. d. Lang and have one of her CD's too. A lot of the new music just sounds mindless to me. It may just be that I'm an old fart or it could be that kids today love mindless music to match their mindless texting and other electronic escapism. Yep, I think I'm an old fart! Don't get me wrong--I enjoy playing a game or sending a text. It's just that those things don't consume my day. Why would I waste my time on that when I could be sleeping :)

    Paula, to me, peaceful equates to ideal. I live in a small condo village in SW FL and will likely be here for the duration. Don't think I can afford to move. On the other hand, I have friends here and the weather is usually pretty good. We do have too long a stretch of heat and humidity in the late summertime but it makes the kind of weather we are enjoying now all the sweeter. I used to help my ex, Mr. Home Improvement, and I learned a lot which has come in handy all these years. I don't think I have any more projects left in me, though. Condo is pretty much updated and done. This gardening project has killed me but it's a one-time thing.

    Granni, can't you just use the key to unlock your car when the bettery quits? Just a thought. My car is 11 yrs. old so maybe the new remotes are different. I would imagine this is the busy time of year for your choir. I can also imagine how rewarding it must be to have such a talent and share it with others. Still, it's a lot of work with all the practicing and, yet, when you perform, it probably looks effortless and polished. Good for you!

    Dar, my fashionista DD always says, "Woulda, shoulda, Prada." Yes, seeing the cats in such good condition and so happy warmed my heart. Julie had all the stuff they had at my house to comfort them at her house, even the little animal print fleece mats they love. Tweety took to some wrapping paper, you know, the newsprint kind but without the print. Anyway, she started sleeping on it. Crazy cat! So I gave it to Julie and Tweety still sleeps on it. Besides the mats I made them, I bought ones which hold catnip but Tweety loves her paper. Cats are strange animals. I keep finding toys hidden here and there and drop them off in front of Julie's unit. Constant Comment is my tea, when I drink tea. It's so soothing.

    Springwater, hope your computer straightens itself out and your helper gets well. I'm impressed with your walking. I really need to start running in the shallow end of the pool. I've worn myself out with this landscaping project and haven't been able to do the kind of exercise I need.

    Yes, I did get the elephant ear planted over on the other side. I also moved the lettuce fern. I'm concerned about it's making the move OK. That side is looking pretty good and I think they can add some potted plants if they want to to make it nicer. I keep buying plants for my lanai and, when they get too big, I put them downstairs.

    I need to go install my printer cartridges so I can print out my 44 page manual for my new phone. So far, it works well but can't get online with it. If I try 3G, I get a screen which tells me that webpage is no longer valid. If I try to use an available Wi-Fi, it keeps asking for my Cisco password. I do have a Cisco Linksys router but neither the password for it nor the key code satisfies this phone. It must be a big problem because lots of people have posted online about it. I'm going to have to e-mail TracFone because you can never actually talk to anyone. Lousy customer service. I think I'm about through with TF. I'll use the minutes I have and go buy a phone and get on one of the least expensive plans. Of course, I don't use my phone for anything but making calls anyway but since it's a smartphone (and, I'm beginning to wonder about that) I might like to have some apps for it. I did manage, after a bit of trouble, to get the 600 minutes I'm entitled to on the new phone. Sometimes, you have to call a 1-800 number and, sometimes, you have to go to the TF website. I activated the new phone using the phone but when I went to the website, it had my old phone so I had to add the new one. Evidently the phone no. and website do not communicate. Well, it's only a communications co. What can I expect (note: sarcasm here).

    Today is Barb's birthday and I'm taking her to the Outback for lunch. We'll get a small steak and have a gin 'n tonic to celebrate. It's her favorite place. I'm going to wear the little necklace she brought me when she came down this year. I haven't been wearing much in the way of jewelry lately, considering my activities. Shoulder I had surgery on is a bit sore. I don't think digging is a good thing for me.

    Well, that's about it from the tropics. I keep all my Online Family in my thoughts and prayers every day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Although it's a good morning, I have some very sad news...Carla's Twyla passed away in her sleep during the night.

    Carla posted on facebook a short while ago. Doesn't know what happened; it had been an ordinary day, going for a run with the golf cart, etc. But later in the day, Carla could tell that Twy "just didn't feel good." They went to bed and when Carla got up for the bathroom, she noticed that Twyla had died.

    Some of the "older porchies" remember Carla's dog Missy, who saved her life when her house caught on fire...unfortunately, Missy got scared and didn't leave the house, and was killed.

    Lorraine just up, gotta go, sorry.
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    Hi Diane, I've missed you, but do understand. Glad to hear that you guys are okay.

    I just popped back on to vent a bit, so I don't blow a gasket :mad:

    Gpa has been saying all week that he didn't know what or if Sis had anything planned for his birthday. So since we had to cancel going out to eat last night, due to sick kiddos, etc...I called to see if Den and I could take him out tonight.

    So Gpa finally said that Sis is having "close neighbors" over for a party this evening. Not any CLOSE FAMILY, mind you...she won't even answer my inquiries about any plans.

    Gpa said, "I still want to see you guys, but...." I told him we wouldn't just crash the party and put him in "trouble", so we would do something another time. Then he said, "Well, you do know where I live and you can come see me any time at all."

    After we hung up, I started thinking about what if this would happen to be his last birthday and his own son didn't get to see him (it would be different if we didn't live so close.)

    So, Den and I are going to meet after work and take Gpa his gift and card...then graciously get out of the way before THE PARTY starts. Sick and disgusted...that's how I feel. But I am not surprised she is doing this...well, actually, I thought I was just being silly to think she would have a party and not invite at least Den...but this gives you all another idea of how she operates...
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    Forgot to mention that the vet called and Red Mittens is out of surgery and doing fine. I was relieved to hear that she wasn't pregnant...I was so afraid I hadn't taken her soon enough. Poor thing, she would have had another rough time, I'm afraid.

    Diane, no really is funny, in a way. But so sad too...

    Well, off to town to do some birthday shopping. Then back to help Lindsey try to get ready to go to Tennessee...they leave Saturday if the kids are well enough. They don't want to postpone their trip cause David's folks are not in good health and they want them to see their grandkids.
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    Hi Kids

    Sad news about Carla. She used to be a frequent poster here. She has many videos on
    Youtube. Most of them involve Missy or Twy. Missy was a counting dog. You can find
    the videos by searching for ckballl (with 3 "L's") or for Missy and Twy.

    Carla, hope you are making a speedy recovery from your car crash.

    Gordon wants to go to a nursery and buy another saw. He is waiting for the rain to
    let up. We are supposed to have showers for a few days. Whenever we get rain, the
    number of traffic accidents doubles. Was a huge traffic jam earlier caused by a semi
    that slide into an overpass or underpass or something. Guess the details don't matter.

    Part of the fun living here in this tropical paradise is that roughly half of our drivers:
    have never had any instructions from anyone but a relative; cannot read road signs
    (or anything else of that matter); have no license; no insurance; and the actual owner of
    the car is a relative in some foreign country.

    Julie, you might want to get your SIL a party horn. Tell her to blow it backwards. Ha Ha!

    From Wikipedia: A party horn is a horn formed from a paper tube, often one that is flattened and rolled into a coil, and which unrolls when blown into, producing a horn-like noise. Unusually, the item is not known consistently by any term in English, also being known as a blow-out, blower, noisemaker, tweeter, blow tickler, squeaker or a fizoo.

    Diane, computers are getting like cars. Families went from none to one to multiples. Back
    in the 1980s one of the attorneys in our office was fascinated by computers. When the office
    got some, he would stay at night and study them. I ran into him at the courthouse 4-5
    years later. He proudly told me each member of his family now had a computer. He had
    five girls!

    Mikie, Chet Atkins on guitar was the equivalent of Floyd Cramer on the piano. His "Last Date" came out when I was a sophomore in college. Was a gold record. I've heard 3 different sets of lyrics that have been added. You can hear Kay Starr and Joni James on Youtube. Maybe Pat Boone too.

    Gordon has some K.D. Lang CKs. He especially likes her version of an old Patsy Cline number; Three Cigarettes in an ash trey.

    Good for you for voting, Springwater. Do you get something to wear like a badge that says:
    I voted. I don't know if it does any good to vote here anymore now that we have voting
    machines and a Supreme Court that won't review such cases. Hope you get some energy.

    Have ta go. Gordon has been sitting here talking to me about mortgages for ten minutes.
    He has never done this before. Maybe he developed a brain tumor overnight. Uff-da!

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hi Everydobby,

    Just a note to tell you I have read all your posts. I am pooped and spent half my day in WM looking for gifts and stuff for the Thanksgiving dinner. It went from 7 - 10 people in a flash and that is along story too. Not much time to post. Glad to hear that you are all doing pretty well. I promise to try and post a much longer one tomorrow or so. I feel so out of it with posting. My feet and back and everything are killing me and I haven't done any of my exercises today and probably not going to The thought right now of having to cook for 10 people is tiring, which I used to do almost every day way back when.

    I am so sorry to her about poor Carla's Twyla. I surely do miss her posting too and hope she is in less pain then she was after the accident. Not sure I knew about that until just recently. Carla has really been through so much as is such a neat gal.

    Hi there Mikie, Julie, Rock, Diane, Dar, Spring, et al . I am going to try and do better with my posting when I see all these long posts I feel badly that I haven't been doing so either.

    Mikie - You are so lucky to have such a good friend you can do things with living so close by you. My only VERY close friends I have had for years live in other states. The birthday lunch sounds great.

    Julie - stay well and I hope things stay on an even keel with your family situation.

    Sorry, I have to run and hope to get back soon. I apologize for not being able to post so often. More later !!

    Hugz to awl including all the MIA like Joan , Carla, Jole, Teacher etc.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Thursday evening...just got back from Den's dad's. Gpa was so glad to see us!!! As soon as we walked in the door, I quietly told him not to worry, that we weren't going to stay long. We were there about an hour...

    The party supplies were all sitting out on the kitchen table...I showed Gpa the left over homemade napkins (I made them two years ago for his 90th party), but none of us mentioned anything about the (obvious) tonight's party.

    Dennis worked on a couple things for Gpa (mower part and chairlift had quit working) then we got ready to leave. As we both hugged him goodbye and told him we love him, he started crying! Then he composed himself and said, "I'll be okay, I'll be okay."
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    I have to pop in here to say how very sorry I am for Grandpa. I think you've hinted before that grandma was basically the same way, so at this point I don't think he's going to change. She's in control with him and she knows it. Now if sister would just want to get married to this new dude it might solve all the problems.

    Hope the little ones are better.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Well, we had some rain yesterday. Means we won't have to water for a while.
    Gordon transplanted some of his orchids. It's a time consuming job since he
    often divides the plant. Gives the "new" plants to friends in the orchid club.

    He made West Lake soup which is named for its Chinese place of origin,
    translated as Hangzhou or Zhejiang. It's on the far East coast of China, not
    too far from Shanghai.
    I looked on the net. There are multiple recipes. Most involve beef, but some
    use chicken. All involve egg and corn starch which gives the soup a silky texture.

    Gordon went to the library yesterday. There was only one book to pick up. "The
    Book of No" by Susan Newman. A good book to read if one has trouble saying
    no to the requests of others. The library is starting something new. It's called
    the Library Store. I think it's a bookmobile, but instead of lending books, they
    will be selling them. They already have a book sale every Wednesday, and sell
    donated books. Some of them are even first editions; autographed; or really
    old. 19th century. The prices a cheap. Well, at least they were when they were
    doing the selling inside the library.

    Hi Dar, hope you have pulled yourself together and are no longer fractured. Was
    listening to another CD from the library by a Patsy contemporary: Johnny Cash.
    14 songs on the CD and only 3 of them are worth listening to: all classics.
    Sea of Heartbreak; Memories Are Made of This; I've Been Everywhere. All the
    other songs were so terrible it was hard to believe that they were written by


    was a dog named Earl Grey. It might have been a Laura Childs book. Her
    detective runs a tea shop.

    Hi Julie, Hope David and Lindsey and the kids get off to Tennessee OK. Have
    you ever been there? What do you think they'll see? What Arkansas?
    Never been to the South except for Georgia which is also right next to Tennessee.

    Spent 5 weeks in Atlanta. Saw Stone Mountain. The monumental sculpture
    was completed about a decade later. Gutzon Borglum (there's a Norskie name
    fur ya) worked on Stone Mountain. Then left to create Mt. Rushmore.

    (The park is named after the man who donated the land; not the Northern
    General.) The cyclorama is a huge painting with figures displayed in front of
    it. You can see most of this stuff on you know where.

    SG, did you finish Fannie Flagg's book. I loved it. I think the title should have
    been shorter and the novel longer. I read "Standing in the Rainbow" and
    "Can't Wait to get to Heaven" a couple times. I hope she writes a few more
    book before she gets into a Cadillac or an elevator that delivers her to Heaven.

    Too bad we're not closer. Gordon could give you a transplanted orchid. Many
    of them are easy to grow (the epidendrum, for example). Has more than
    a thousand species. Would grow well in the climate of Georgia or Tennessee.
    At any rate, not so tricky as growing a plumeria. SOL

    Hugs to Mikie, Paulac, Granni, Springwater, Joan, Diane and Mrs. Calabash,
    where ever you are.


    Well, I typed the above in my mail box because I figured it would take too long
    to type it here. Less chance of having it all go poof. So I copied and pasted, but
    it didn't work out so well. Some of the sentences disappeared and the paragraphs
    got doubled spaced. There is a lesson to belearned from this, but it's not
    really one that we want to know.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Julie, thanks for letting us know the sad news about Carla's Twyla. I'll send up a prayer for her. Also for you guys and GPA. Even without all the info, I understand the dilemma you are in and how hard this is on everyone. I don't think GPA is brainwashed so much as he is in denial because it's just too hard to admit one has a child who does such horrible things. Please know you are the only sane touchstone he has in this situation. He needs that. Bless you for your restraint and how much you guys love him.

    Diane, hope you can get your computer situation worked out. I haven't even had time to mess around with my new one until I get some other issues resolved. My "smartphone" won't let me online so will have to call a techie at TracFone to try to straighten it out. What a pain!

    Rock, Floyd Cramer was another favorite of mine. Last night on the "Colbert Report," he had MIA do a number. Boy did they do a number on what they think is music. It was like techno meets rap. OMG! How does anyone listen to this crap? Oooh, I just rhymed; maybe I'm a rapper and don't know it. Between the "music" and constant connection to electronics, I think our kids' minds are way messed up. Of course, our parents worried about us and the evils of R&R so I hope I'm wrong about our future. I try to keep up with the times and find something redeemable about them but it's getting more and more difficult each year. I say it again--I'm an old fart!

    Sunflower Girl, good to see you. I'm worried if sis would marry the dude, both would move in with GPA to take further advantage of him. It usually takes some kind of rude awakening to get through to people like her. I pray she has an epiphany. Deep down, she cannot have any self-respect or peace of mind. Unfortunately, it is everyone else in the family who are paying for her problems. Don't know what the answer is but I can pray for resolution. BTW, are you painting?

    Granni, our lunch was wonderful. The Outback has added three new sirloin steaks. I got the bloomin' onion steak. It came covered with the fried onion sticks. I never buy sirloin steak to eat at home but the way they cook it, it is soooo tender and tasty. Barb and I always get gin 'n tonic drinks. I just have one as they make them strong and I usually drive. Barb drives fine but since losing the sight in her right eye to a stroke, she prefers it if someone else drives. Not long after we came home, two boxes of chocolate-covered giant strawberries arrived from her daughter. I had one for my dessert and it was a meal in itself. Sooooo good. Ten people for TG dinner? On the one hand, it sounds wonderful to have a table full of family and friends but the work... I'm just not up to it anymore. I couldn't get that many in my small condo. Kudos to you.

    Before my divorce, I dreamed of Thanksgiving dinners with my kids around the table. Well, we are all scattered around the country and my kids' lives are beyond hectic. DSIL who is a pilot is in Dallas for orientation for the merge between Southwest and Air Tran. He was having a hard time finding a slot so decided the holidays were his best bet. His parents live in the area so kids will be having holidays with them when DGS in out of school. They will likely move there from Atlanta when merger is complete. Kids in CO are so busy that, until DD gets her BSA in nursing and her MS, she works nonstop. She is an RN but graduated from a nursing school. She has to get the BS in order to get her MS. SIL is sales mgr. and teaches at the local community college at night. Geez, where do these kids get their NRG?

    I've been invited to TG dinner at the Legion but am staying home. It's a very noisy place requiring Special K just to get through it. Think I'll stay home and eat a Hungry Man turkey dinner. Don't even want to cook for one. Good thing I'm a homebody and enjoy just knocking around the condo. It's only a couple of weeks before I go to CO for a long weekend. Gotta dig out the cold weather clothes. Can't wait to see my kids. DD wanted me to change flights to stay longer but I got a deal on my tickets and can't change them.

    Right now, I'm slaving over our budget and think I'm going to have to call the mgr. to set up a short mtg. There are a couple of things I need to straighten out. Budget time is usually routine but, every now and then, changes cause it to be a pain in the neck. It's actually good fortune which is causing the monkey wrench in the books this year so I shouldn't complain. But then, I'm a whiner!

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Mikie, et al - Thanks for your newsy post. I need to go and get dressed before DH gets home from shopping in the rain. Early on it was pouring really hard and he had to come back but tried again, later on.

    When did you say you would be visiting your kids? I didn't quite catch that part. That is wonderful if you get to go though. As you say the kids these days are busy and doing so many things besides work.. Many times esp. for Thanksgiving we don't have that many here. The extras this year are DD's X husband (without her) and two of the youngest boys who are now with her while she tries to get her life back on tract. Still doesn't have a full time job but is doing something on the computer from home and is sharing the rent with someone. Don't even know who it is. She is so close mouth about anything but is getting her 1 yr. chip for being sober for a yea next Friday. The boys will give it to her. Had to go through the X husband to find out what little bit he knew about her, after we helped her and gave her money. Then we said we just couldn't anymore.

    She had had an interview for a FT job in her field months ago. I guess it didn't go well as that was the last I heard from her. She has no phone, that I know of but luckily at least she has the computer and e-mail. Otherwise there would be no contact at all. I do not even know her new address. I plan on writing her a nice e-mail soon again. Crazy situation. Years ago her x husband had a drinking problem but never did get help that I know of and just blamed everything on her, that was before they divorced. She did most of what was needed to be done at that time and I am she sure his dad finally convinced him to do what was needed to be done for the kids. He did work and had crazy hours which did not help. She was the one who usually brought the youngest for his leukemia treatments. BTW, he is now 12 years old and seems to be doing well. We will get to see him and his brother who is learning Disabled on Thanksgiving. Haven't seen DD's X in years. This should be interesting. Glad we kept in contact with DD's x's parents, now his dad as his mom died a year or so ago of emphysema. I had his e-mail address so I could find out something about his son and kids.

    Sorry for venting or thanks for letting me do so. I need to go get dressed for DH to come home and will have lots to put away and I know he wants to go work out - great. Haven't even done all my other exercises in a few days. Also have a periodontal appt. today at 3 pm.

    Hugz and love to awl,
    Granni :)