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    Rock: Lucky Orchid club members! Ask Gordon what he plants his epidendrum in......potting soil, bark or what? I used to have 5 gallon plants of them, blooming like crazy, but don't know what the problem is now. I think I repotted about 4 years ago and now no flowers. The notice for Fanny's new book came in and I have until Dec 3 to pick it up so will do that when we get back from trip. I don't want to take a library book with luck I would lose it.

    Granni: I was wondering how your DD was doing. It's very hard to break and addiction but it's the person themself who has to want it bad enough. Someone very close to me is still going to AA meetings every morning, this after 30 days in a rehab two years ago.

    Mikie: I hear you about the smells, noise and confusion at the Legion. I used to love all of that but now carry ear plugs with me to cut the chaos but that's why I choose most of the time to forgo something. When are you leaving? I hope you have a wonderful time and no pain whatever.

    I've been busy sorting thru things I HAVE to bring on the trip. We leave sunday for 8 days. Top of the list is my heating pads, rice filled assortment, meds, muscle rub (can't put in carry on anymore.....such restrictions on lotions, gels, etc.) The temp in Portland is in the 40s or lower. The cold doesn't bother me but the rain and cold is hard to take. I went to Kohls yesterday to buy some long sleeve pullons for my husband, picked up a few for myself too. I like to layer since I get HOT a lot of the time. This morning I was burning up, took my temp and I was barely breaking 95. A broken body I would say!!!!

    The gas company is finally doing something about all the gas leaks in our neighborhood!!!!! Over 5 years we've all complained of the terrible smells. One neighbor had all her bushes and trees die from it. My neighbor on one side of us has a sick looking tree and we figured that was probably why it dropped all it's leaves early. The neighbor on the other side had a leak fixed 3 weeks ago. I talked to a supervisor yesterday as I was driving by. He told me sooooo many bad leaks, and they're working on replacing all the lines. I told him I hoped it wouldn't turn into a San Bruno situation.
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    Hi awl,

    Sun - In answer to your question about DD read above on this volume by me and I spoke some of the situation. It is very strange. Can't really talk to her much and she doesn't say that much when she does on line and I have to drag it out of her. May be a bit depressed, I am guessing. Trying to uplift her some with a few mails since she has no phone. Won't see her for thanksgiving but hoping maybe for Christmas as DS's house. She is afraid to be around liquor as I am sure we will drink some wine. As I mentioned above she is still going to AA and will get her I year chip next Friday

    When are you leaving on your trip and Mike too? Gotta run right now as I have been busy and then gone to the dentist and did some shopping in the afternoon. It has been rather rushy and then tomorrow morning it is choir practice since we will not be there on Wed. due to the holiday.

    Hugs to everyone,

    Granni :)
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    hello all

    ive downloaded the chirp of nightingales (from utube) and playing it, how lovely.

    im sorry to hear twyla died. oh dear. passage of time. i did lose tommy and hobbes
    in the interim. i do think the way she went was better than my two sweeties who
    were il for a longish time. my chinese friends alsation died like that. all of a sudden.
    he was fine and just didnt wake up,one morning. how they cried, which surprised me,
    friend is kinda strong types.

    been plodding. resolutions to do a thorough clean going down the drain coz
    i had to nip off to buy electric blankets for my big brother who is unwell. here
    they say the electric heater saps sick persons energy so SIL doesnt allow brother
    one. its really cold and he is very weak, so i suggested this.
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    heck, even i prefer some sort of heating now, pretty cold at night. ive sent for
    some groceries noodles etc which i will then make and send withnthe blankets.

    Julie- your SIL is a case. really unpleasant. im glad you dont hv to liv with such.
    why yr FIL is so attached is a mystery but can be explained by karma. acc to our
    religion, of course.

    dar - its admirable the amt of work u do given your health...inguess you are very
    strong and driven. and caring for is soul satisfying.

    sun - i hate gas leaks, i remember took me a while to learn to change gas cylinders,
    coz i was scared. here we dont hv gas pipe lines. they come in cyclinders. for
    heaters, for cookingstove.

    Granni - my middle brother has been on a dry spel for a a bit now hope its
    permanent. i hope you hearfrom your dear DD soon. and she is fine.

    Mikie- i too wonder and am awed at your kids energy levels, bless them.
    your project might hv tired you out but im guessing it was well worth it
    just listening to the descriptions give s one a feeling of a nice living atmosphere

    the labourer has sent me three samples of granite..which are nearest to matching
    existing one, the one i hv is out of circulation house was built like 30 yrs ago.
    i mean the counter around the sink. it will need a part of granite removed and
    i dont wnt a differnt colour piece joined in. the sink is bought i think and ready
    to be fitted once they aquire the granite.

    Rock - you seem to be doing good now inspite of energy crunch. i think it
    must be nice to hv Gordon gardening and cooking up a kind of lifts
    one spirits to hv a person like that in the house. i m alone a lot. so get tired
    of chores and then once i sit down....takes forever to get up back and start
    working again.. something or other always needs attending. a phone call

    that repair, finding this item that and the days gone by

    well i better get started its such a cold day


    God Bless
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    Hi everyone! Seems like it has been a long day, even though I did have a two hour nap this afternoon. The kids have decided to wait until Sunday or Monday to leave for Tennessee...will give the little ones more time to get over the "crud" and not risk taking anything contagious down to the other grandparents, etc.

    Carla asked me to thank everyone for their kind words regarding Twyla's passing. She posted a video of her and several pictures.

    Called Gpa this morning and he was so glad that Den and I went over last evening. He said he just didn't know what to do about the situation. This evening he told Den that it worked out better than anything he could have thought of (us going over before the party, then getting "out of the way" before it started.)

    I could cry right now, just thinking about it...I told him that we might not be welcome to the house, but he was still our dad and we weren't going to dessert him. He said that it was still his house...

    I must report, though, that Red Mittens is home and doing great...she prefers to sleep on Den's recliner, so will get to do that for a few days, while she recovers from surgery. The staff at the vet clinic all told me what a loving cat she is, and I agreed. Her babies sure did sniff her a lot when I brought her home, lol! They don't like being outside, but I just can't have four or five cats in the house...Mittens has wanted to go out, but I just put a litter box where she can get to it and am making her stay in and take it easy.
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Found a bandage dangling from one eyebrow. As Shakespeare reminded
    us in his plays, the tragic and the comic are often mixed. Anyhoo, I engaged in some reckless
    conduct yesterday evening and wound up in the emergency room. The reckless conduct was
    trying to get outta bed. The result was I crashed to the floor.

    Ya know how those folks with a reporter's microphone shoved in their face always say, "It
    happened so fast". That's what I thought. It didn't feel like a fall. It felt like gravity was
    yanking me down and smashing me in the face with a manhole cover.

    As soon as I saw the pool of blood on the floor, I was pretty sure I had a fractured nose. Gordon took me to the hospital which was only about a mile away. Had X rays and a cat scan. I have an acute mild fracture of the nose; plus lacerations to the arm and hip from crashing into the furniture.

    The nose required sutures, but not surgery. The doctor said no anesthetic for the nose. So while he stitched away, I pretended I was the hero in a cowboy movie having a bullet removed. Didn't hurt as much as my tattoos.

    The arm was cleaned and bandaged. The hip was x rayed but not treated. The bad news is I can't wear glasses for at least a week so I won't be able to read. The doctor said I could come back to have the sutures removed, or Gordon could do it at home. Gordon winced. In the meantime my nose is clogged up, and I can't blow it.

    The doc used medical Super Glue on the other wounds. He said the wounds would heal in about a week and the glue would fall off. The doc also gave me an Xanax plus one to take home. Xanax is for anxiety, so I don't need that.

    So that's what's going on at our house. Hope things are less bloody and more cheerful at your
    house. Interestingly, sanguine applies to both terms.

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    Good grief, Rock. I hope you are doing OK. I was having a flashback to when I tripped and was on my face before I even knew what had happened. I was more fortunate than you, though, as I landed on my carpet. All my blood came from my leg lacerations. I did have a head injury, though, so watch out for signs of anything amiss, like nausea, seeing double, etc. It's a shame you can't wear your glasses as reading is a great way to take your mind off your aches and pains. I pray you heal fast. I guess the docs use Super Glue instead of Gorilla Glue so the patients don't go ape. Yes, Shakespeare was right; there is humor in tragedy. Well, there is for us punsters.

    Julie, glad Red Mittens made it through her surgery so well. When I had the cats, they slept wherever they wanted to. I put pads and throws where they slept the most to cut down on cat hair. Still, I only had two, not a house full. I miss them but am glad they are in Julie's capable care so I can get this place cleaned up.

    Springwater, I am a big believer in Karma. Grandma used to say, "What goes around, comes around." That kinda describes Karma but, as I understand it, Karma may be spread out over more than one lifetime. When bad things happen in my life, I never ask why. I just figure it might be Karma or something I asked for before my incarnation in order to grow in spirit. To me, it's the only belief which makes sense. My heroes and heroines are people with great disabilities and problems. They are struggling to grow in spirit through the human condition. Thanks for your kind words about the landscaping project. We are enjoying it immensely.

    Wow, Granni, eight days. I'm only going for a four-day weekend. I don't like being away from home very long. Only exception is a trip where I stay at a hotel and not with kids. Bless you for all you've done to help DD and now, the kids through the ex. I hope your trip and TG go well for you.

    Sunflower Girl, I leave on Dec. 6 and return on the 9th. Not long, but I travel to Denver early and, with the time change, I get there around noon. I don't get home until about 11:00 p.m. on the 9th but that means no hurry to get to the airport early. Thanks for your good wishes. I know it will be a good time and, I'm sure, I'll wish we had more time together but it really is time for my kids to come visit me, even with their hectic lives. DD is thinking of taking the summer semester off this year. I hope she does. She could use a break. She is a psychiatric nurse and I know how demanding that can be.

    Had coffee on the Balcony yesterday morning. Think I'll do the same today. Part of being retired is being able to slow down a bit and enjoy things like a cup of coffee outside in our beautiful weather. I just ate one of Barb's chocolate-covered strawberries. They are soooo good and one is like a meal. Yesterday, I cleaned up some things which haven't been put away due to their use in the project. I did all my laundry and cleaned the windows in my kitchen and storm door. Neighbor wants to give us a bid to power wash the front of our bldg. so I'll likely have to do it all over again. Still, we need it washed.

    Got my ducks in a row with other board members so we will be ready to publish our 2014 budget. That is a big relief. I laugh when I think how I hated accounting in college and now, I use it to help keep our finances in line here in condoland. I also had to use it extensively in one job I had. I'm more right brained so math type things are not my forte. Still, I can do it if I have to.

    Well, guys, the sun is coming up so guess I had better get my coffee mug and head out. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock: I'm so sorry this happened to you. So Gordon is squeamish and you'll have to see your doctor about the stitches. Did the doctor think it was positional vertigo? It's very common as we age and accounts for the majority of falls, especially getting out of bed. Little calcium "rocks" break loose and get into the ear canal in the wrong place, touch the hairs. I've had it several times and it's awful. I can now only sleep on my left side because of it.

    I'm tying up loose ends for this trip, just need to put my clothes in suitcase tomorrow morning.
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    Oh my goodness, Rock! I'm so sorry you fell!!! Hope you are not feeling more soreness today...:(

    Mikie, you and Rock are so much fun, with your puns! :p

    As far as Karma goes...I do believe in generational sins...I can see lots of similarities between that and what you and Springwater describe.

    Sun, you and Mikie were so "right on" in your comments about Gpa and Sis...

    I will be praying for a wonderful, fun-filled trip for you guys...have a great time!

    I am making chicken/black bean/rice soup for supper. It is Lindsey and David's 11th wedding anniversary...I offered to babysit if they wanted to go out for supper or something, but they are too worn out...and still trying to get ready to go on their trip. Will go to church, then back home to "regroup" then head out tomorrow least, that is the plan.

    "Hello" and hugs to everyone who might be reading...hope everyone is having an ok weekend so far.
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    Super busy and some puter work and choir stuff. Glad to read all is fairly well with all. Maybe you will get some ime off Julie when the kids leave. How long will they stay on their trip?

    No more stalling, off to do my denneroll and some exercises. I have gotten so BAD. A longer post later on.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Since I'm back up at 1:00 am, cause I couldn't get to sleep...I'll go over and start a new volume.