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    Hey Guys I am making this quick so not to get anyone caught in the door. Did anyone notice you went from 390 to 400?? Blame the brain fog.

    I am going to type my next message in my mail box as my connection at work is finicky and don't want to lose it.

    The pool is still open, clean towels and suncreen are on your chairs and the wet bar is open-enjoy and I will be back... I hope-Carla
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    No, I didn't notice that, LOL. Carla you are one smart girl. Yes, the pool is still open but the water is almost too hot to swim in. It is not even refreshing anymore, it is like a hot tub. Oh well, hopefully by next week it will be cooler. Anyway, the pool on the porch is much cooler so i will go to that one.

    Well Lindsay comes home from camp tomorrow, can't wait to see her. She is having a blast and doesn't want to come home yet, so i guess that is good. LOL

    My boss is closing the office at 3:30 today and i am off Monday and Tuesday, i will really try to get on here at home guys i promise, but just in case you don't hear from me that is where i am at, home relaxing away from the puter.

    Take care all and I am glad Pippi that you are better. I do feel for you so much and please know you are always in my prayers. I really look up to you, you have a wonderful attitude and it is OKAY to rant and complain every once in a while Honey. That is what we are here for too.

    Love you

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    I am sorry I have been mia but I have had so much going on that somedays I haven’t even been able to get to the board. In brief, there is big trouble between my granddaughter and her mom and now after my daughter shutting me out for so long calls me for support after she did something really bad to Haley. She didn’t get it, I don’t roll that way. I won’t be jerked around and she made her bed so now she gets to lay in it. But the stress on me and the emails, phone calls to other family members has drained me dry.

    First I want to address Pippi- girl I am glad you are somewhat better and glad you were able to get back up after feeling so low. We have all been there, we understand. Just have faith that god has chosen you for a reason, just as everyone else said, to share your journey, lift and give others inspiration by living your life like you do. It is ok to get down and have those days as long as you get back up, dust yourself off and carry on, we will hold you up.

    Elaine- I am so glad you are having your procedure and wish you all the best. I am also very proud of how you stood up to your sis and her SO. Sometimes we just have to say no I won’t take your cwap any more and be done with it. I am so glad you have JS to lean on, you know one day it would be nice to see a pic of him. Glad you had a good time playing the crazy aunt with the kids and your bro is on your side.

    Julie does it ever end with you?? I pray that everything is ok with your mom, yes that is scary that they won’t wait 3 days, god bless you. I do not see how you deal with all the things you do, I know by what little I have had to do has wiped me out but with all the people in your life it never ends so that you can get a day for you. You are a saint in my book.

    Jole good to see you hear more often, I had to laugh at your “going swimming” story to your DH. I guess you never made it to lake with the camper. Boy you sure do some baking don’t you, if I did that it would never make it to the freezer-lol. I love snickerdoodles, one summer when Haley was with me we baked them at least twice a week, then sit and watch movies and eat em all.Glad you are doing better and came visit more often.

    Joan I see you are here too more. Oh what a story about the pumpkin pie- oh I can imagine how red you were, we have had those moments of one kind or another- my worst was YEARS ago I was a waitress in a Bob Evan’s and we were slammed with after church business and I leaned over to grab the honey mustard bottle from fridge, it had a long funnel type spout and when I picked it up it was screwed on good and the plastic bottle dropped and the honey mustard shot up like a volcano and hit me right in the face, glasses, hair and all- oh I was so mad and I hate that stuff anyway. But still had a full section of people to take care, My other waitress story was I was carrying 6 plates of lobster, and was approaching the table when a waiter came out of nowhere and ran into me and I lost all six plates right in front of the table. This was a very high end place and the chef was not a happy camper have to fix all those lobsters again. So chit does happen-lol

    Mickey Happy belated birthday and glad you had a good time. You know I love watering my grass, I have been struggling trying to grow grass in this one section of my yard and finally got some to grow then we hit a drout the last few weeks. After I take the girls for their walk/ride I sit in my golf cart and hold the hose then back up and do the next section, it makes me very relaxed for some reason. I even have a sprinkler I can sit down but usually just do it myself.

    Georgia sorry about your SIL still trying to stir something up and glad you put a stop to it. I hope Urs is ok, did she eat something that she wasn’t suppose to, not that she would ever to do that ?

    Granni sorry you have been sick, I hate bronchitis so hope your are feeling better and glad you had a good time with the GK’s.

    Rock oh you poor thing, it seems your computer is more of a pain than a pleasure and hope the bugs are out of it now. How are your critters doing, you haven’t mentioned them lately. Any more skunks or possums?

    Springwater I see you have been on a roller coaster of up and down lately. Wouldn’t you like just for a week or even 3 days just to be on a even keel? I know you have a lot of family obligations and do a lot of visiting which makes it hard sometimes but it seems you enjoy them sometimes too, it does make us feel better to get up get out. Hope things level out for you soon.

    Teacher I see you have been giving some wise advise here and glad you have made yourself comfortable. The more the merrier.

    Well it has taken me awhile to get this far as I have been interrupted a few times, I am at work so I guess it has to be ? I will try to be back more this weekend. Every time I think I have time to visit something else happens, but I hope the worst is over now. Haley has moved out her mom’s and is now staying with her new in-laws to be. Hello to everyone else I didn’t mention but my back is hurting and need to relax a bit before anyone else comes in. Have a great weekend and take care-Carla

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    Cough, cough !! Sorry, I didn't mean to cough on you all. Maybe I will be through with this coughing some day. I am missing all kinds of stuff this week because of it. Oh well !!I am also getting tired of sucking on cough drops all day.

    Carla - Yep, thanks for getting us started again. I see that it should have been 391 instead of 400 but that is OK. We'll see whta we do next time :) !! I know when changing the Porchlight volume I have had to go back and check it out before posting the hopefully correct somume number !! We'll just go with the flow !

    So sorry to hear about whatever problem it is with your daughter and granddaughter. Hope it resolves itself soon.

    Julie - so sorry to hear aboaut your mom and the tumor. I hope they can take care of it right away and it is treatable. I am sure that has been scary to hear.

    Georgia - glad you are had such a nice group of knitting ladies together. I am sure you had a great time. What all are you knitting on this very HOT day?? I know that you all will be ready for the cold weather, for sure.

    Elaine - Hi there kiddo. I got my Valerian with LB today but am not going to take it till I am off all my other meds (for the bronchitis). I will stick with what I am doing for now. Go girl, I am so happy to hear that you back to your old upbeat and funny self.

    Pippi - glad to hear you are back home again It also sounds like you are back to your cute n funny self too. Hope you now have a little more NRG.

    Well, I have to get outta here and start thinking about dinner - very esy, stirfry chicken and veggies. Most of them are frozen. Yep, that is easy !

    Hugs to y'all !


  5. jole

    jole Member

    Carla, good to "see" you again! I'm sorry about your daughter/gdaughter situation, but you're right, what comes around goes around most of the time. I hope you and your granddaughter can stay in close contact at least.

    Yes, I do feel much better. The winter is always so much worse with the fog and fatigue. Still have the pain when I overdo...which means not much...but summer and I get along a bit better (especially the depression), except for weather changes, which puts me in a terrible flare every time.

    Love your way of watering the lawn! You are so creative... lol... I can just picture you, forward..backward..forward...backward, driving your doggies crazy not knowing what the heck mom is up to!

    Granni, it must seem strange to you to be mostly stuck at home lately. I hope you get better soon so you can be out and about as much as you want.

    Georgia, it's great that you're having fun with your classes. Sounds like a good turnout and a good bunch of women. I can hear you all talking and laughing as you knit! Would love to be there with you, although I would feel a little out of place with my crochet thread and

    Mickey, enjoy the weekend and Lindsey. Actually, your pool with the warm water sounds good to me. The cool water makes me hurt I may have to come visit before it cools off! I'll bring my camper along on my jet so I won't be a bother. I just need to borrow a floatie since I can't swim a lick...but can sink like a rock!

    Nope, I didn't notice the volume miscombobble. No wonder Elaine and I were partying pretty much Spring started it!!!!!

    Took a nap for the first time in quite was nice! Now I need to go out to the camper and clean. Haven't done that since our last lake adventure a couple weeks ago. I usually get it done the day after we get back, but this time I just did the towels/bedding and left the camper a mess.

    Hope everyone has a great evening! Jole
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  6. Pippi1313

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    Thanks for all your love & support! I am feeling better emotionally today. I've been sound asleep since returning from the horse-pistol this morning!

    Granni: Mom had that respiratory stuff, too. It hung on for a LONG time, but it's finally getting better. It's "mizzable" but hang in there!

    Rock: Now I'm waiting around "with baited breath" too! LOL! You mentioned a tuna sandwich & it sounded so good I had one. That's all I ate today.
    BTW: U got SKUNK probs in LA???

    Jole: I never had a snickerdoodle. What's in them? Just the name sounds yummy!

    Julie: I'm prayin for your mom. Having a loved one get sick is SO hard! We feel so helpless when that happens. That's what I meant earlier, when I said I'd rather it be ME who is sick, instead of any of my family...

    Elaine: You inspire me! Yay 4 U & YAY for J Smith! Tell him he better be good to ya, or I'll run over his toes TWICE!!! LOL! (Does he have a little brother???) JK!!!

    Georgia: Do you sell your knit-wear online? (Ooops! am I even allowed to ask that here?). I'd LOVE to buy some ofyour stuff! Sockies, hats, etc!

    Hi to Teacher, Springwater, Mickey, Joan (w/x-tra hugz!), Carla, & Everydobby I didn't mention!!!!!!!!!

    (I won't say "whirrled peas" this time! Honest!!!)

    LUV 2 ALL!
  7. lilaclover30

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    i did it again!! I opened up the vol. and a new window but-------when I submitted, it flew away. Of course, many of you were writing when I was fiddling around writing. Oh dear. Not so smart as I thought I was.

    Be back Sun.

    God bless you who are fighting a battle.

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  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi again!

    I'm visiting the porch a lot today between naps, cuz I just really need to be here today.

    Mom called a few minutes ago. She surprised me with something she said (& I thought it was really sweet of her!):

    Mom says that once I get thru this crisis-phase of my illness & get solidly stabilized, I need to take a retreat or a trip to someplace where my mind & spirit can relax & recover.
    That remark was completely unexpected, & I thought that was SO cool of her to think of it!

    There's a place I used to go by myself (not as part of an official group retreat or anything). It's a good place, with good peeps (who happen to be nuns).
    I could spend time talking with them, or I could be left alone for peace, quiet, & solitude. It was all about me, getting what I needed.
    2 of my relatives were sisters in that order (the Sisters of Divine Providence) & they're buried at the nuns' cemetery.
    I stayed at the convent w/my nun-friends even when the retreat center was closed for holidays. I was sorta like extended family...
    I haven't been there since I moved back to my hometown, & the Boss-Nun (LOL) a sweet little munchkin-like lady named Sister Carleen, has moved on to another job (working with the poor). I don't really know the new lady in charge, & wouldn't feel comfortable asking to come & stay awhile. (They never charged me money to be there.)

    There are 2 other ideas I've been tossing around, tho.

    I know some peeps who have been to Sedona, AZ. They say it's a spiritually rejuvenating place (If ya can avoid the new-agey tourist traps).
    Are any of y'all familiar with Sedona?
    I can only get as close as Flagstaff via train, then I'd be on my own...

    My second idea, is a convent/retreat center near Mt. Angel, OR.
    They'd charge a fee, I'm sure, but I bet it'd still be cheaper than Sedona.

    I'm considering Mt. Angel cuz I have a friend who lives near there.
    I could stay at the retreat center, & visit with friend-girl & her mom, w/o imposing on them.
    I know there's a NW train, but I have to check with AmTrak to see how close I can get.

    Obviously, I DEARLY love to travel by train. I also hate driving. I don't mind riding in cars - just hate driving.
    I love flying, but only in little planes, like Cessna's & stuff. Don't care for the big jets.

    Mom's right! I do need a spiritual/emotional retreat! I need it now, but of course, I hafta wait til the crisis has been resolved...
    Believe me. In our family, we do NOT use the word "crisis" lightly!

    Do any of you dear Porch Peeps have any other ideas about retreat places? Places that will be safe for me to travel alone, yet not cost a small fortune?

    Just knowing I'm gonna go do this if I survive the crisis, makes me feel better! I have something specific to look forward to!

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby!!!
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry you lost your post, Joan. I just lost one
    on the Alzheimer's board. Absolutely infuriating!

    Got an e mail from my sister in Rochester, MN.
    She lost her job. No other info. Her husband is
    disabled. I suppose he gets some sort of aid, but don't really know.

    Plenty of troubles to go round in this old world.

    Good to see ya, Carla. You need "a keen eye and a quick wit" to keep track of the numbers around here.

    That's sort of a quote from "The Music Man". Tried to look up the correct lyrics, but no workee.

    Hope your getting over the coughs, Granni. Did you see the thread about sleep problems on the
    Fibromyelga board? Full of contradictory info.

    One could spend a lifetime reading about these DDs and still never know anything for sure.

    Julie, hope your mom's problem is less serious than it sounds. A plate of your baked goods
    must be greatly appreciated by the workers.

    Pippi, Snickerdoodles are sugar cookies that are
    rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Gordon makes them at Christmas time. He calls them sniggerdoodles.

    Glad to hear you had your treatment and are feeling better. Is there a bad reaction afterwards?

    Jole, thank you for your kind words. Are you having hot weather? Here in LA it's been in the 70s for the last several weeks.

    Springwater, what river is near Katmandu? The
    Bagmati? Any improvement in the power to the
    people movement?

    Georgia, is Ursula any better? Glad to hear your knitting group is working out. Gordon was knitting some slippers for his sister the other day. He used some left over yarn. A gray ball and a yellow ball. The result looked sorta dirty yellow. But that's ok. She won't be using them
    for formal wear.

    Joan, did you have a story about pumpkin pie?
    I couldn't find it. If it had been a real pie, the aroma would have led me to it.

    Mickey, hope you had a nice 4 day weekend. Ask Lindsay if they sang "Tell Me Why" at
    Bible camp.

    We used to sing it when I was a kid. Have never encountered the song anywhere else. Never seen a recording of it. Maybe we can get Elaine
    to sing it at her next concert.

    Hi to everydobby: Barry, Teacher, Marta, Linda, Heckle, Jeckle, Chip 'N Dale,...

    Well, boys and girls. That's about it for today.
    Be sure and send it your boxtop and ten cents for the free secret decoder ring. See you all
    tomorrow, same time, same station. This is
    NBC, the red network.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pippi - Now, have you picked out that bedtime story bood yet? I am having a hard time trying to find just the right story for you since you said you didn't want one with a super happy ending :) !

    Gee. that surely sounds great for you t go off someplace for nice little peaceful trip. It sounds like a wonderful thing. Hope you can get to go soon. Will you go by yourself? Do you need any company? Both of your ideas souded really neat. Hope you get to go soon and have a wonderful relaxing visit. You Mom sounds like a real sweetie pie, your pop too,

    It sounds like a good idea for me too. However, I don't see going anyplace very far away for awhile.

    Rock - Oh I know all about sending for stuff they advertized on the radio or the early TV. Was I upset when I didn't get it or it is what I thought it was going to be. Yep, and I do remember Heckle and Jeckle, and Chip and Dale too

    Hugs to everydobby ! Nitey nite and don't let the bed bugs bite !!


  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    was seeing if Granni had a stash of bailey;s under the porch, i don't drink but one sure would taste good about right now,

    Pippi you reminded me myself, I haven't been around as much as I use to, I have been able to accomplish more than I thought I could, but pay the price somtimes, hence my absence.

    I have always wanted to go to Sedona, I flew over it when I went to Vegas and the grand canyon in 2001- I swore I would go back and see Sedona up close. I have no one to travel with but I have my 2 dogs so it makes it hard for me. I was hoping to get my grandaughter to cross country drive but now she is getting married and moving to Germany in Aug.

    I like the train too, I rode it from Ashland threw WV and the New River Gorge in the sping, would love to do it in the winter. She makes special shedules for the foilage tour.

    I have had my money saved for sometime trying to figure out what I was going to do. I took care of my mom at home for 3 years and then another 3 and haf in a nurshing home. I gave up a lot to do it but don't regret it. But I promised myself that I would do this for myself but it would be better with a freind or family member.

    The town my Grandaughter is moving too is a 2 hour train ride to Paris- yes gay paireeeeeeeee.
    I want to see the Louve. But I can't do them both so will see which one wins? My mom died a year ago in April and I have been trying to get my life bacl to some kind of normal, but as everyone here nows-there is nothing normal in my life-LOL.

    Thankfully I live in a beautiful place so most of the time I feel I am out in the boonies and love listening to the crickets, frogs, birds, ect. just pure peace-you are more than welcome to "come on down". We could get in the golf cart and run over all kinds if toes!!!!!!

    Well Rock I had sumpthini to say you but I think my bed time pills have stolen my memory. oh - you made me snigger when you decscribed snickerdoodles to Pippi -never head of sniggerdoodles before, thanks for the giggle

    Joan you are going to have to write your post in your email box then maked sure you are logged in and hit reply and when the window opens copy and paste what you typed in your mail box.

    Granni hope you get some sleep with out the cough.

    Georgia are you ok- how is Urs?

    nitynity for now Carla
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    with the porch vol no. jumped from 390 to 400 straight...but i am bad in math and this will convince ya all. LOL. Sorry. Can you imagine me trying to blunder thru life with that kind of math? heh heh.

    Rock - the river he (the bearer of fish), is located near is Trisuli. And it is a mighty rushing river. The road out of Kathmandu towards India winds alongside it and many an overloaded bus, jeep has plunged into the gorge killing thousands till now. Bagmati is our own dear river located in heart of Kathmandu, it winds thru the city..and on its banks lies Pasahupati nath, the Lord Shivas (HIndu) holiest shrine where for one day in February pilgrims come from all over India to worship.

    On the embankment, there are funeral pyre structures....and it is very common to see a whole deceased one burning on the wood as people get cremated. I remember when the King got assasinated with his whole family, they got carried in an open stretcher along the streets with millions of people wailing on either side, and then they televised the whole cremation, I saw the Queen burning in her red saree and it just brought home the fact that the body is nothing but a tangle of nerves, skin, muscles. Which goes back to the earth.

    Carla - family complications, i think most of us suffer them. My sis in law (middle brothers wife) gave a surprise visit from Israel where she works as caregiver to see what my brother was upto and cried on the phone to elder brother because she found my brother has sold off most of the house things, to pay off debts. Even the little gate oustide he sold! And his sons computer and household appliances. As usual my elder brother phoned me and i told him, what did she expect? she didnt send money for a whole year citing illness. We paid the kids fees and basic house expenses but we couldnt cover everything! I havent talked to her for two years because i found out even when she started earning, she never made an effort to send a dime towards the loan they took out on the house to send her to Israel in the first place. Instead she bought jewellery for herself. And my husband is paying off the loan now to keep it from getting taken over by the lending institution. I do feel torn because i know my brother is a lousy husband and that the family is knee deep in debt. But she made her bed and she has to lie in it. The amount of effort we took when they first eloped 20 years ago to impress on her family that my brother wasnt capable of earning, that he has not gone beyond grade 4. Please dont make this mistake. No use. My brothr was being given a big stipend for a little work because my husbands factory was going great guns and she wanted a piece of that stipend. Well, she better take the bad now too.

    Bah. I bettr log off now. Talking about my family always gets me down. As if I dont already have a chemical imbalance.

    I suppose some of us have our share of dysfucntional relatives.

    God Bless

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  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Not exactlly shooting on all cylinders this morning so I will pick two highlights.

    pippi - is there a lake near by? or a mountain cabin lodge type thing? I'm thinking resort. this is going to sound silly, but you may want to thnk about a downtown hotel for a weekend. rates are usually lower on the weekend and you don't have to be bothered to do anythng you don't want to. I did this for spring break at a hotle that had a spa. got a pedi while i was there.

    Elaine - I have a friend that does alterations on the side. She charges a flat fee. Same price for hems as for takeing something in. I know she does businesss and formal wear. not sure of her fee for those. takes in what she can handle and she does well. good luck

    everydobby esle - enjoy the pool party. sounds fun. will join when camp meeting over. today the littlle kids sing during morning service. tomorrow, orchestra plays for evening service. i think we have the only orchestra that has an accordian! hee hee

    anyway, sunday is last day. it's been a good meeting.

    have fun!
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is at the store picking up some weed killer since we haven't been able to get out and pull weeds much lately. Then he is going to do some spraying. I may have to go out and help doing some pick up or something for awhile untill it starts really getting HOT this afternoon.

    I slept pretty good last night, with all the meds and cough suppressant. I did get up one or 2x (I can't remember)but went right back and didn't have any coughing spasms.

    Elaine - How great that you can sew and do alterations. I could probably have some done but most of them would be altering them latger and not smaller (the bottoms). That is wonderful that you are so handy with sewing. I can hem , sew on buttons, and sew a seam or two but don't push it :) !! Good luck with your business. I am so proud of you. My mom was a good sewer, like you. She used to make alot of my clothes when I was young.

    Georgia - How wonderful tht Mr M is going to be able to go back to work. I am sure you are both soooo excited about that. Maybe one of these days when our son and DIL if she ever gets pregnant again, you can knit a baby blanket or sweater. I do hope that she can get pregnant again and hold the pregnancay. Right now I can't think of much else to make in our warm weather. So glad also that your knitting class is doing so well. It is therapeutic for you ALL besides just the knitting, or other needlework projects, part.

    Have a wonderful time in Mexico with Mr M. When are you going??

    Julie - I know what you mean. Hopefully the visit with Keira's dad will be beneficial rather than the opposite way around. Try and think positive, If, of course you see behaviors that woude not be good for her to be around, that is something else. Just pray that the visits go well. Is she gone for the whole weekend or just one night? The whole weekend might be long for her if she hasn't seen him in awhile anda then extend it. We had similar problems with our x sil but there was nothing we could do anyway and they are much older than Keira.

    Springwater - Hi there sweetie. I can't remember all that you had spoken about - brain fog. Yes, it seems like all of us have some kind of family problems, or whatever you want to call it, even if it maybe mostly extended family.

    Pippi - Hope this finds you feeling well or better this morning.

    Well, I am expecting DH to pop in at any moment. Therefore, I am going to sign off for now\ and hopefully check in later on.

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and as pain free as possible.


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  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Today feels different. Better-different. A bit calmer, I think.
    That makes it a better day.

    I already forgot who asked (sorry!) but yes, the treatments have some side-effects. So far (knock on wood) they seem to be fairly mild.

    Teacher: I like your idea for a get-away. The 2 best hotels in the state are within walking distance of my building. Those are the Seelbach & the Brown Hotel. Both very ritzy (& allegedly very haunted! just my cup o' tea!).

    Georgia: I'd be more than happy to share my e-mail addy with ya!
    Can you knit a "newsboy" style cap & matching scarf? That would be massively cool!!!
    And speaking of COOL: Mexico! WOW! Have a blast & stay SAFE!!!

    Elaine: Some ladies here in my hi-rise do alterations, & business is booming! I design the signs peeps post in our lobby, advertising their services (sewing, errand-runnung, apartment cleaning, etc). I'm the unofficial official graphic designer here.

    Julie: I hear ya about letting the "babies" go off alone with a "questionable" parent. My mom is seriously concerned about some of my nieces & nephews when they are forced to spend time with their "mothers".

    Springwater: Your posts fascinate me! My only familiarity with your culture, is what I see on PBS tv. What is normal life for you, seems so exotic to an American Kid! But, regardless of cultural differences, what I see is a global similarity. Peeps are peeps. Relatives, neighbors, religions, governments, environments... They're all so different, yet the peeps involved are all so similar!

    Carla: Yay! A fellow train lover! I once spent 3 days on the California Zephyr, going solo cross-country! It was an epic odyssey!
    I watch every traine related documentary I can find. And my great-uncle was a "big wheel" (my nickname for his high position) with the L&N RR, back in ye olden days. Musta been a pretty lucrative job, as the man was wearing silk suits & sending his DAUGHTERS to college during the Depression!
    When my Gram was a little girl, she often took the train (it's no longer running) between here & Cincinnati to visit relatives.

    Elaine: I can't sing either, which makes me think we should begin a duet of "The Song the Doesn't End"!!! LOL!!! I even have a "Lambchop" puppet!!!
    Lambchop was B4 my time, but Mom loves the puppet. It brings back memories for her & Auntie.

    Granni: One of these nites, I'm gonna stay awake long enough to hear that bedtime story! U can make one up! My VERY fave memories of my beloved PawPaw, is remembering the tales he told about his boyhood.
    Just don't forget the cookies!

    ...which brings me to:
    ROCK: Is a sniggerdoodle funnier than a snickerdoodle? Or is a snigger just slightly more snide than a snicker? ...Which made me wonder: Is there a cookie called a "chuckle-buckle"??? If not, U should ask Gordon to invent it!!!!!
    Also - I saw the "secret decoder ring" thingie in that movie about the little boy who wanted a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Hilarious!!!!!

    PS: I never heard of the song "tell me why". Perhaps they stopped singing it cuz nobody could answer the questions???

    Love & Hugz 2 Everydobby (even those I didn't mention by name!)

    PS: I forgot to mention: Between the family & the neighbors, peeps are checking on me several times a day. Even if I have an emergency, it will NOT go unnoticed! And I really am feeling better today!!! :)[This Message was Edited on 06/27/2009]
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I just read budmickles post about “(sic)” on chit chat and laughed so hard, because so many brain fogged (but lovely) people were trying to make sense out of abbreviations.

    Actually I loved reading this porch thread; so much happening..and some nice things taking place. One gets such a sense of the vast kaleidoscope of life isn’t it, on this porch?
    Sometimes theres angst, sometimes life is chugging along, sometimes upbeat things taking place…and such a variety of experiences to learn about.

    Pippi – your retreat…I guess somewhere the weather suits you, somewhere peaceful, actually if you prefer Sedona, cant you or the family write and explain youre recovering from a treatment and ask for a discount; it would seem to me some hotels would be open to doing that. And yes, it was very insightful and sweet of your mum to think of this idea.

    U are so right about people being same everywhere in the world..irrespective of location, colour, creed, religion. Their humanness is same and shows in their dealings with each other.

    Julie – you have a busy time ahead of you..but good to see you bustling around.. Today I almost made a courtesy visit to my SIL because if she goes back to Israel which will be soon, I wont see her for some more years; I dont want her to go back with this thing hanging between us..and on contemplating things, I thought maybe I should end this spell of not talking. I will just show her I wont hold past grudges; that I acknowledge she is family, but also that she or my brother cannot continue to take advantage of us. That they have to grow up and be responsible. And it wasnt only the money thing which i hold against her. It was her infidelity towards him when she was living here and he was in the states working his backside off.

    Granni – looking after a lawn is pretty time consuming isn’t it? Especially when it rains and the weeds just sprout up. I solve that problem by ..doing nothing. Lol. Pretend it’s a jungle.

    Georgia – those are some nice things to happen. Your lunch group sounds like fun with all those talented people. And real good to hear about Mr M!

    Elaine – you really have the entrepreneur spirit in you! It would be wonderful if your idea took off because you so seem to enjoy sewing….much like Georgia loves knitting.

    Carla – wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could visit your GD AND get to see the Louvre and sit in those lovely outdoor cafes they have in Paris?

    Teacher – would love to hear the camp kids play … daughters school when she was in grade 5 had a terrific orchestra, and singing group, but the music teacher resigned and then I don’t know what happened, even my daughter switched schools.

    Rock – the power situation here seems to depend directly on amount of rainfall. It rained heavily day before, so the power has not gone off for as long. In fact today, we hve had power for the whole day!

    will post this
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Since it was threatening to rain, the sky was overcast and not so hot. The pain in my muscles has let up for been wondering what chore to tackle. I did bake the fish. I didn’t get a recipe, the net was so slow, (I did hear the demise of Michael Jackson even slowed down the net) but I just put lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, salt and pepper and oil and it turned out yummy.

    I was given some neem tree leaves by same bearer of fish, because they grow profusely in the hot climate down there, and I spread them to dry…they make a very effective insecticide…to keep silver fish away…I put them inside my woolens and winter rugs and stuff in the storeroom. Mothballs kind of melt away after while and have a pungent smell. These don’t. One can drink neem tea to treat high BP but what a bitter taste!

    Its 11:00 pm Im enjoying this my pain free and somewhat light mood moment. I just want to sit still and enjoy feeling ‘normal’. But I will try to go to bed before 12:00. Guess some ironing awaits me. I purged the fridge of a lot of leftovers….bits and pieces of bread and stale raw veggies. Felt good. Any sort of ‘purging’ feels good.

    Linda, Cate, Vivian, et all thinking of you

    God Bless
  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    What time zone do ya live in?

    I'm in the eastern time zone.
    I only went to the chat room twice. The first time, nobody was there. The second time, I chatted casually w/someone for about 5 minutes.

    U pick the time, & which room.

    Or, I can just post my e-mail addy here, but I think that's against the rules. Is it? I wouldn't mind at all if my Porch Peeps have my e-mail! I can just block any spammers or marketers or perverts.

    Just lemme know when 2 meet up w/ya at chat!

  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'll set my alarm clock, in case I'm overwhelmed by another ninja-nap B4 then! LOL!

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is against the rules to post your email here. You can find the
    rules in the upper right hand corner of the page.

    Glad to see you're feeling a little perkier.

    Here's a little humor I find in a thriller:

    Officer: Sir, did you know your wife fell outta the car back there?

    Driver: Oh, thank goodness. I thought I'd gone deaf.

    (Smiling out loud.)

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