The Porchlight is on for Vol. 577!!!!

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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hi y'all. Hope no one got stuck in the door.

    Please check in on Julie on the other side and I think Spring and dear Joan (Lilac) and Gail. I am trying to remember and my brain isn't working to well :)!!

    It is hot here so will bring some cold drinks and snack to open up this new volume.

    Today haven't done much other than a wash and dinner and working on the computer some. Tomorrow will not be to thrilling just working outside and some exercising that we need to do for the week. We usually do it 2x a week if we can. Probably should be more but with my FM and no NRG and everything going on we usually don't get there that often. I usually also mostly do the treadmill along with a few other weights. Nothing that heavy or to strenuous.

    Julie - so happy those babies are staying inside mommy for awhile longer. That will be so much better for her and the babies. I am sure however, that she is ready to pop and feeling very uncomfortable esp. with 2 of those little ones in there. Especially towards the end just one feels like two or three in there :)!!

    Gail - Thanks for popping in to see us and congradtulations on that little grand baby !! That is so exciting I know.

    Hope some of you can pop in here some this weekend. I miss you all when you don't come visit !!

    Hope eveyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and congratulations and lots of blessings to David and all those who have served our country now and in the past.

    Have a great weekend and love you ALL !!

  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    im good here;

    Julie - tks for the thots

    appreciate all of u so so much

    hope situation with yr SIL improves

    Happy Memorial Day

  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i think i witnessed a miracle of sorts the other day

    i was stressing so badly about my brother; my stomach was on fire
    and i was palpitating excessively while trying to hide it from daughter

    one morn very early i got up went out and sat opp the church which
    is on other side of road and took in the greenery and quiet and said
    "God, you ve put me thru so much; and i accept it, at least help me
    get thru, giv me a sign im not alone? that you and the angels are
    there with me; well nothing happened then but i stayed some more
    time and went back to bed and fell aslepp immediately and my stoamch
    is completely well, no jitters nthing.

    and ive remained calm and been able to keep up with my dh and daughter.
    in fact daughters marvelling at my energy.

    we went to boston - (a dream of a trip) and then ny on last thursday
    stayed 3 nites, another dream trip, while in ny i enetered this huge
    church near central park, such a beautiful church, so full of quiet
    calm, and went in front and just prayed and the tears flowed freely.
    had made my people wait outside.

    what a lovely experience.

    today i was able to talk to home, my brother spoke in such a strong
    voice, told me he is holding upto five days of chemo so well, and
    my SIL told me not to panic if i dont get tickets to return soon.

    she has things under cntrol her family is all there as well as our help.

    and the high lama who we always consult told brother that he will get
    better the doc also told him that he has cured seven cases of this kind of
    stomach / liver cancer. also, daughters friends dad wo we mwt for a meal
    in ny told us last year his 75 year old mum underwent chemo for stomach/
    liver cancer and she didnt even lose her hair and is now pronounced
    cmpeletely well.

    so its encouraging. w are back in daughters uni town. havent got
    tics back yet; waiting but at least cn brethe easier.

    thanks for the prayers

    god bless

    lov u all

    praying for u all too

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring - So glad you are doing so well and the family to after all your prayer. Do you remember the name of the church you went into in N.Y.? I'm sur4e it was beautiful. We lived in NY but had not visited many of the NYC churches. We were out on the Island (Long Island) where both of us grew up. Glad you have been having such a lovely trip and were able to stay and enjoy !! Hope and pray for a healing on your brother. There are so many that need prayer sometimes I forget to name everyone. How wonderful that you have been hearing of healings of stomach andliver cancer. They can be brutal, I know. Glad that your brother is remaining strong and hope it all continues. Glad your tummy has been behaving and that you got some needed energy to finish up your trip.

    Julie - I'm so glad that those babies are haning in there literally and hope Linds can hold out too. I can imagine how she feels.

    We just got back from shopping at WM this morning after working outside a bit before it gets to hot and then went in the a/c workout room where we did the treadmill and a few other machines. So, I am worn out already. No company today, just us and will have cold boiled shrimp ( already cooked I might add) and some salads. So the dinner will be easy !!!

    Thinking of everydobby, inc all the MIA's . No time to mention everyone's name . Please know that I do love you ALL and am thinking of you !! Have a nice day all of you that are getting to gether with friends and family.

    Love and blessings,

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - its cool here or am i finding it so becoz im used to warmer climate?

    Julie - Yes. What David and others do is so much to be appreciated; protecting
    this beautiful country. Im so amazed by everything out here; the vastness,
    the prosperity, so much resources, water, power, the amount of food, the lifestyle, the infrastructure...good Lord, it is mindboggling.

    today we went to marshalls and target and completed our present
    shopping; great bargains; dh went into Dicks or something and buoght
    a golf club and golf shoes; he was so engrossed in looking, we went
    out leaving hm there nd did our own shopping,lol

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Unfortunatly I had to get up early todaydue to DH's doctor appt. Spent a restless night due to my lower back giving me fits again. This happens sometimes if I sit to long or anm in the wrong position, etc.

    I don't like DH's systolic (upper ) b/p as it seels to like to spike up eso when he is busy running around and trying to get things done. His lower pressure is fine. We have to go see one of the other doctors who is there in what used to be a practice with 3 doctors. One changed to a membership practice, they have lots of extra things for prevention and such but at the cost of $150 a couple ( I think) a month. We can't afford that kid of thing. The, other doctor saod she could no longer make money and left foe California. They ar now trying to get another doctor, hopefully a woman I think. There is only one young man left and hope he stays or will not know where to go. This insurance things happening to is is scary and the docs are leaving and many others, inc. my daughter in the medical field have been let go, inc. techs and therapists. That is so worrysome esp docs that take or do not take medicare.

    Spring - If you were around the Boston area that is usually much cooler than here in TX or down south. Glad you got to do some shopping and DH got some golfing bargains too.

    Julie - How lucky you are that Den is so handy making all those things for the outside fun and protection. I'll be the young ones will love the pool outside. Mine always did. We never had a big pool jut for wading or sprinkler.
    Glad Lindsay is hanging in there, literally or the babies are.

    Have to run for now and finsih some thing before off to the docs. Hope to get back later on.

    Love Granni
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I just opened the porch # 577 and now I see Granni beat me to
    it by hours. Land O Goshen! Oh, well.


    Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    First couples out, curtsey and bow.
    Side couples out, ya'll know how.

    Now a grand chain, left and right.
    Gonna dance all through the night.

    Ladies join hands, and circle round.
    Gents stay put, feet on the ground.

    Now star in the center and promenade.
    All go home. Have some lemonade.


    Band: Virgil Peterson, fiddle
    Patty Oleson, piano
    Sam Schwartz, accordian
    Barry Reburn, drums
    Laverne Bigalk, spoons
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - So nice to hear from you. Was beginning to worry. I too just love the square dance call and sill do miss it. I miss dancing period but somehow it is never on my DH schedule or want to do list. Even if I feel terrible I could push my body around to do some kind of dancing :)!!

    Julie - Glad Lindsey is doing well and nothing going on for a few more weeks anyway, hopefully. Yides, she must be getting very uncomfortable with two babies in there and she is such a small young lady herself, normally I think. That baby Raine doesn't sound like to much of a little baby anymore. That s a cute age. Wonder how she is going to feel at not being THE PRINCESS in the family? She will have to share with a baby brother and sister. After the initial shock she probably will be wanting to help with them all the time and letting everyone know when they need some attention or feeding, even when you and Linds may think they are fine :)! I had 4 girls 2 years apart many moons ago and the older ones were such little mothers, sometimes to much so?? It could be verry cute. Luckily you live close by as it is going to hard for awhile esp too try to nurse the babies and give Lorraine the attention she will want and need too. She can be the BIG sister even though she is not the BIG:)!! Kiera, when she comes will really be the big COUSIN but she may want to be the big BOSS:!! That little boy may be a spoiled one :)!! They are different though. Our son had so many mothers, poor kid. However, he has said that growing up with 4 older sisters has gotten him very into his feminine side. He was about 5 years younger than our youngest dauaghter and about 11 - 12 years younger than our eldest daughter. You are going to be busy busy people !! Thinking back to those days. Thanks for the memories Julie - whew I'm all worn out :)!!

    Thinking about everydobby and missing so many inc. MIA's . Be back later.

    Love to awl,
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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - good to hear from you! Glad to see you check in.

    Granni - its scary to think of even medical docs leaving because
    they cant make money; is the money in the nursing field or something?
    Its right that you are taking note of your dhs blood pressure issues,
    not something to be scoffed at. How is yours doing?

    I cant imagine having many kids. My two were wearing out enough.
    One distant relative told me 'people should have at least five, so if
    something happens to one of them, there are others left.' Hmmm.
    But theyre so expensive to hv these days especially in a country
    like ours.

    Julie - your house renovations sound so good. The gazebo and all.
    Lovely for the kiddies. Glad to hear Lindsey holding up.

    Keira is going to be boss of them all isnt she? I know she is going
    to mother them. :)

    Today we sat on the green outside the college with daughter. She
    studied for her evening class and dh and i read.

    Then she left and we went back home and daughters friend came
    by and took dh to the driving range, where they will hit balls i guess.
    Since im home im going to cook.

    Last eve we went to see Men In Black 3 and then after that to Marshalls
    for shopping. I loved the movie.

    Bought groceries.

    We could only get tickets back home for 3rd but have to pay a few hundred
    extra $, so DH phoned SIL and she said to come on the scheduled date,
    things were under control back home.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Took Zippy for his walk. The hollyhocks are in bloom. They grow
    about 2 feet taller here than in MN. There's a park near us on the
    east edge of Hollywood. It has a "Hollyhock House" designed by
    Frank Lloyd Wright. I'd tell ya about it, but I've forgotten whatever
    I once knew.

    I read a biography of Wright a couple years ago. Did you know
    he just walked out on his family for another woman? Wright
    had six children, and the women he ran off with (to Europe) was
    also married with children. I was shocked when I read that.

    Julie, I was sorry to read that Urkel died. Your father must feel
    very lonely. Especially with your mom gone. He's lucky you
    and the girls can come see him

    What kind of a gazebo do you have? A temporary one? Our
    neighbors put up 3 canvas structures in the back yard last
    week. They are tents with no sides, just a top. One big as
    a garage and too smaller ones. They had a party last weekend,
    but no loud music for which I am very grateful.

    Gail, good to hear from you. Yes, indeed, money doesn't buy
    happiness, but it buys a lot of necessities and comforts. So
    is your new GS named Cy or Cye? Did you know Cy Young got
    that nickname because his fast ball was like a cyclone?

    BTW, Young and wright were born in the same year shortly after
    the Civil War. Both died when I was a teenager.

    Lilac, your overflowing toilet reminds me that I've been treating
    the pipes with an enzyme. The tub was draining a little slow, so
    I put some yellow powder down the drain once a day. Takes
    6-7 days to get results. I know it works cause I used it on
    the sink last year.

    You see the news about the British Castle for sale? You get
    about 50 rooms and no bathrooms for $4,000,000. Well,
    the place was built 5 centuries ago. The modern toilet
    only appeared in the middle of the 19th century.

    Car racing reminds me of the time our high school band went
    to the county fair. The racing cars were whizzing by making
    loud noises and the trombone section was blaring back.

    All fro nwos

    Jeepers, myu typing is getting so bad. Well, ya know what I mean.
    Lately I spend as much time proofreading and correcting as I do
    working on the original.
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here I am like Granni. Talkin' to myself. Ha Ha! That hasn't
    happened for along time.

    Wish I could still dance, Granni. We used to do lottsa dancin'
    when I was a teen. In the summer there was a weekly dance
    at the gym and various dances during the school year. And we
    did all kinds of stuff. Square and folk and the waltz and two step
    and schottische. That last one can be done by a couple or by
    two couples who take turns being in front. I kinda forget the

    Well, Shoot! I'm typing this on the wrong server. No spell check.

    And then, of course, we were the first teens to dance to rock and roll.
    Elvis and Johnny Cash and Ricky Nelson and Pat Boone and Marty
    Robbins and Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells and Teresa Brewer were
    all new. And the established stars like Bing Crosby and Kate Smith
    and Kay Starr and Perry Como were still recording hits.

    And the ones I forgot like Guy Mitchell and T.E. Ford and Patti Page
    and Jo Stafford and gee, so many. And whatta we got nowadays?!
    Trash! Ha Ha! I sound like an old person.

    We never had a band at a dance. Just records. And that was enuff.

    Springwater, glad you're back home. Did DH buy any golf equipment?
    Am reading a thriller where the bad guys ship some guns via airplane.
    The box is labeled 'Golf Clubs'.

    An unusally thriller. It was not set in NY, LA or Washington DC, but
    in the Midwest. The only writer of bestsellers who sets his books in Minnesota.
    I know is John Sanford (a nom de plume). For some reason it's generally
    very cold there.

    Well, I'm sure your family is glad to have you back. Is there any
    good news about your brother? Are you glad to be back to
    familiar cooking? How are Hobbs and the doggies?

    Tomorrow is Gordon's birthday. Have to see if I can find a suitable
    card. The bookstore where I used to buy them seems to be going
    downhill. No longer carries cards.

    Big hugs to everydobby
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Happy to read your post and laughing about you talking aboaut talking to yourself here on the Porch. I have done that quite a few times lately. Yes, it is ashame that alot of the little stores around are either closing or changing what they used to carry. All the Rock and Roll, C and W artists, etc. that you were mentioning were the ones I all remember. Could we be gettingold or what? However, I do like alot of the old music better than some of the new. I usually do like most music of all types. Sorry but I do not consider RAP music - he he.<

    Julie - Thanks for posting. You talking aboaut Lorraine was so funny. I reminds me of mine. Yes, many of them will hide their eyes thinking no one can see them at that point. That is to cute. Yes, the male voice is lower and I guess sounds more atthorative (sp?) and sometimes scary . However, they do get more used to it i as they get older (LOL).

    Glad all is going well at your house. Hope Lindsey doesn't pop to soon, poor kid !

    Gotta run and get dressed to go outside and do some work. Copped out on it yesterday.

    Lots of love and hugz to all !


    Edited for errors. I had Julie popping instead of Lindsey :)!!! [This Message was Edited on 06/01/2012]
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - Not back home yet; a couple more days. I havent seenhollyhocks for
    a long time now but rememberthem at my inlaws place many years ago.
    Those giant ones you mentioned. Dark magenta i think they were.

    Happy belated birthday to Gordon. Did he cook something special? Today
    we went to this Chinese eatery where there were literally hundreds of dishes
    for the buffet dinner. As a vegetarian i had less choice but did enjoy the
    miso soup and egg drop soup. I was wondering how they make a profit
    but the place was huge and the patrons came nonstop so i guess the volume
    of the business is huge.

    We also went to Marshalls again to exhange some stuff and to Walmart to
    buy curtain rods and sundry things for daughters room.

    Granni -how is the weather there? Here, they are forecasting rain putting
    a damper on our plans to go out. We'd tentatively planned a tripto Rhode
    Island but daughters friend said theyd forecast rain for the whole week.

    I guess the DH can go to the gym and i can read. I got some good buys
    at Barnes and Noble.

    Julie - always encouraging to hear of Lindseys progress. Werent those a few
    anxious days the first time she started contractions? Whew. So Den is getting to be the disciplinarian. Even now my DH leaves the laying down of the law
    to me, where daughter is concerned making me the nasty one.

    Yesterday we went again to Boston. Took the train. We took in the Park
    there and went on a 40 minute historical cruise at the harbour, the sea
    looks so much bluer at Boston than at New York. Dont get much chance
    to sail in our country so enjoyed thoroughly. Im surprised at myself. All
    that gadding about and walking, and yet i managed to walkback home
    from the station. About half an hour! Mind over matter, at work here,
    Im guessing. Back home, couldnt hav done it.

    I still feel twinges of anxiety thinking of back home, but managing to
    enjoy all the same. Been praying too. Im so surprised. Here, theres
    a church every few blocks! And theyre so beautiful.

    Well, you all take care; I hope all our dear MIAs are well

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Hope you have a great day today . Any special goodies being cooked up by the birthday boy himself? Hope all is well !

    Spring Water - If you get nasty weather where you ar enow in the u.S. please send us sosme rain here in TX. It is getting pretty dry again and need more RAIN. Gladyou are having anice trip. Glad you could go to see DD , attending her graduation and see of some of the U.S. as well.

    Julie - Have a great weekend and try and rest a bit ( LOL) ! I can'tt hink of anything else right now but I have to get dressed before DH gets back home and then we will probably go out and so some mre cuttindf down or brush, unruly or dead tamall trees or bushes and some weeding. Not fun at all for me although it really needs to be done. Many around here have help to do their gardening, not us ):!!

    I hope to check back later on. Nothing much going on here except our daughter without a job will be moving in tomorrow evening to DS and LIL's home. The boys will be gone and she needs to concentrate on making herself look well and also going job hunting !

    Hugz and love to everydobby, inc. all the many mia's,
  15. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    SW, so glad that you are having a good trip. You are in a part of the country I hope to visit someday--so much history there.

    My friend will be leaving for Nepal in several weeks, and she is looking forward to it. She is going with World Vision.

    We've had quite a hot spell--close to 100 degrees. It is supposed to drop to 70 tomorrow and rain! Can't figure this weather out.

    I started my volunteer job at the animal shelter. Met so many sweet kitties yesterday--one in particular was draped over my shoulders, and sat in my lap for quite a while. Would love to take him home, but can't with the Rottie here.
    Rottie had her nails cut yesterday--she doesn't fight me so much now, as she gets tummy rubs between clippings and a treat afterwards.

    Granni, hope your daughter can find a job soon. Good that she has a place to stay.

    I'm doing transcription again for the Mormons. It has been too hot to knit. Am working on the interesting UK parish records from the 1500 and 1600s.

    Hello to All--

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - glad that you are enjoying your volunteer job with those kitties. I am sur eit is fun! Yes, I donpt think that Rottie will really enjoy having a kittie around. Now if they had grown up together MAYBE they would be more tolerant of each other :)!! How big is Rottie now. I know they can get pretty big. Does she think she is a lap dog when she wants to get her tummy rubbed :)!!

    Transcription for the LDS should be fun. I need to try and reinstall my Family Tree Maker that disappeared when the computer died last time. I have info on there that won't open up but I am hopeful it will if I can get that FTM installed again. I am getting tired of trying to put this back on. I already did that a couple of times, actually aftiend helped me to do it before. Genealogy is so much fun and I still have alot to do with it and make it so it is easy for all to ready and understand it.

    Spring Water - Sorry the bad weather was promised to keep you from making another trip, was it to Rhode Island? I forgot what you mentioned. Hope you are having fun anyway. Do you know when you will be going home yet? Hope the rest of your trip is fun and relaxing for you.

    Julie - I guess you are the usual busy Grandma trying to keep Lindsay quiet and relaxed so she does';t start any prematuare labor. Although time seems to really be zooming by, doesn't it? Was she originally due in July? If so, she surely is getting close to that now that it is June.

    Rock - Hope all is well with you and Gordon. Did he survive his birthday :)??? and you too??? Hope to hear from you and all tomorrow some time.

    Love to awl,
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - I hope your friend will like Nepal. It will be different from America, that much is guaranteed!

    Its lovely to hear about your volunteer work & the kitties. Maybe one day Ill try and volunteer at our Animal Center.

    Granni - yes, its been raining here now altho today morning was nice and sunny.

    Good to know your DD has moved in; thats what parents are for, isnt it,
    to be there when needed and I pray she soon gets the right job and housing.

    Julie - Yes, we cancelled Rhode Island trip because of the weather. Was going to go because of the beach.

    Yesterday it rained but Ds friend drove us to this Indian buffet restaurant and after that to the bowling center. It was the first time I bowled but i did pretty okay. Didnt make a spectacle of myself as I'd feared.

    Today we took advantage of the warm morning weather and went to a flea market. D picked out a wooden chair for her room and some crockery. I was determined not to buy any useless but pretty thing and succeeded in keeping my head until my daughter was paying and i espied this delightful little pink and white stuffed doggie with long floppy ears & surprised expression and just had to have him. D rolled her eyes but paid out the extra $2.00 for him.

    D then took us to Yo ways, a yoghurt place where I had the most delicious yoghurt with chocolate and cookie toppings. And D and her friend and DH played a board game. I didnt because Im not good at that. Something like noughts and crosses.

    Then we got dropped back and after resting a bit, D took me to Price Chopper where we bought groceries. Im supposed to cook for all the girls in the apartment as a farewell. Ugh. Hope i have the energy!

    Daughter has mid term for her summer class subject tomorrow, so DH and i went out to dinner to let her study in peace & quiet. Now she is out in the kitchen studying, while im here and DH is snoring on the makeshift divan.

    Im due to leave this week. Feeling really bad bout leaving this beautiful country while looking forward to being with son and my brother and the doggies.

    God Bless

  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Again I am so sorry that I am so pokey gettting back on here with you.

    I have had a bad two weeks. I have been in so much pain in my left leg and back. I guess it is all caused by my stenosis and my awful old knee. i use a walker at all times except sometimes in the kitchen when I can lean on the cupboard and go along it. I have such horrid pain when first standing in my whole leg----up to my groin. I idon't know what is in store for me and it scares me. I can still walk! That is a small blessings.

    SW: I hope that you go home with many wonderful memories of the eastern part odf our country. I haven'ti seen a logt of it myself.

    So glad that those sweet babies are staying where they belong!! How many mofre weeks have they to go, normally? You will probably be a busy, busy gfrandma, as if you aren't already!

    My mind seems to be too tired to think about what all you deawr people have said.

    Rock: with your hollyhocks, have you ever made hollyhock ladies? My friend and I used to make them with the hollhhocks close to the road. They were do sweet! Remember, I do typos!!

    I had planned to go to Rens. and pick up 3 Rxs today but i decided that I was too tired and my leg hurt way too much to go to the grocery. I plan to go tomorrow but e of my friends want to go ut to eat at noon. I hope that I have the ENG to do it. i am out of milk, yogurt, pudding, (can't make instant without milk!), have 1 dinner left, ------I just need some food. S and GS are coming Sat. for chores and plan to take me to the grocery store and to WM if needed.

    This is the grandson that just returned from Africa and the Peace Corp. Thaat did not work out at all!!!! they had to leave Mali as the insurgents were invading. So, when you have finished the project where you originally were, you are out of the Peace Corp. That seems iodd to me. He gtook at bus to Uganda. He was helping Missionaries that he knows but they have 5 children and he decided he was just a babysitter. He got home last week. Anxious to see him. Of course, it has months since I have seen his brother and sister.!!!!!!

    Friday, our 2 tentive grandchildren, will become premanent!!! That is their adoption day! They are having a party and would come after me but I have a dental appt. on fri. that I have put off too long. I don't think that S minded not coming aafter me----at least I was invited. Now I have 7 grandsons, and 4 granddaughters.

    My heart breaks though as my youngest has said that all of us are not her family anymore. She married, I thought, to the sweetest young man who is a youth pastor. They live in the parsonage. I can't believe all of this. Her mom said "What will she tell Jesus!". I have written 3 note/letters to her, I tried to call her and it said"Her mailbox is full", I wrote to hubby through the church, she changed her phone number-----I have done nothing to her and it certainly hurts to know that I am not her grandma anymore. She says that her family is there at the church! but I now have a new, cute Philipine granddaughter. (Those 2 girls are now "sisters":. I personally think that is the problem.But-------=-~

    I feel so lucky that GD sends pictures and videos of her 3 sweet ones---3, 5, 7. on FB and on E-Mail. Maybe someone of you has seen them They live in NC so seeing them personally is almost none.

    Ii have talked many times about our lady pastor. well, next Sun. is her last time in the pulpit!! She is taking a leave of absence as her hubby who lives north of here has a strange disease ane she wants to be home with him. Yestterday, she was so sweet to me!!! I feel bad that she is leaving---she has been her for 8 yrs. and knew Harley. Our new pastotr is 25, just got married the past weekend and will be her the last Sun. in June. He is only 25 and will work with the younger generation.

    I am tired and guess I will take my shower before i eat. What will it be? A cold boiled egg, heated micro some veggies that aare in the frig, 4 strawberries that need to be eaten and ?????? Guess that is enough!

    Sorry I didn't talk to all of you personally but my ENG ran out. hope to get back sooner and talk to you.

    Love to all,'Lilac

    Gentle Hugs to all.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your new adopted grandchildren. That is so wonderful ! I can't understand why your granddaughter is cutting everyone off from her "family". Do you think it could be because of the adoptions? Could she be jealous? The whole thing is very confusing but very sad indeed. . I can imagine how you feel. That is so sad for everyone in the family. I can't understand why her pastor husband is putting up with this unless she is telling him stores that are not true about the family. I am so sorry to hear about that.

    Sorry that you older lady pastor is leaving you all. I am sure she will be missed but hope this young one will be good for you and your church.

    I can imagine when you are by yourself you don't feel like cooking most of the time and just will eat what is around and you dont have to bother with. I have to cook most of the time but if I were by myself I probably wouldn't do a lot of big cooking for myself or cook a BIG meal and save some or freeze some for another time. I have, therough the years gotten to be a very lazy cook. I've been cooking alot for most of 50 years, probably like you.

    It is very hot today. Just did some shopping after line dancing for the first time in some time. it was fun and I actually remembered most of the dances. Was on the computer and did a wash today. That is my big accomplishment. Please don't be a stranger and come back again to porch soon. I have seen some of your little darlings on FB and you too. You look great and they so cute.

    Two of our grandchildren graduated this year from HS. One of them is on FB. Look up Meegen Barr. She's a real cutie and will be on to the Univ. of Alabama in the fall. Grandson graduates on Sat. He has some LD's and got called for an interview at WM/ So, hope he gets the job.

    Love to you and everydobby else,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH has gone to the store I guess before I got up. I went to check e-mailn and it will not let me in. However, I can get into Yahoo, FB and PH. Slomething weird is going ont though. I am guessing itis on their end and surprised I can get into Yahoo, etc. Will see if this posts too.

    Glad you had fun with Lorraine walking along the wa we :)!!! They are so cute at that age but know also that they can get real stuffobn as they get close to 2 years or even before.

    Hugz to all, Will try and check backlater on.