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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids! Gonna go ahead and start the new Vol. and start the new week off wiff a clean sheet! Hope all are having a good Sunday and have all said a few prayers for us all today!

    I'll "talk" to ya's later, K?

  2. ckball

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    Mrdad I was getting ready to make a new one and you beat me too it.

    Thanks for the prayers to all, could you do a healing prayer for me???

    Thanks JOdie and Jen for your sympathys for my smashed finger. I don't think it is broke, just smashed really bad. I can't believe I did it, everything had been moving along, getting things done. Set that last brick in and I use a big rubber mallet to hammer the brick in place and got distracted with the dogs barking.

    I said more than a few choice words, cried like a baby, screamed at my dogs, then was afraid to look at it. I felt bad about yelling at the dogs, poor things didn't know what was going on. I did play with them later and they were fine and snuggled with me on the couch.

    I see the foot surgeon to get my pin out tomorrow and will have him look at it. It is mostly the nail and not a joint, but it is not pretty. May lose the nail. Oh well *hit happens,lol.

    I'm going to take the girls for a walk then see what I feel like after that. I hope everydobby has a nice Sunday. Carla
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have you visited Carla's site. You can see her glass work and her amazing home restoration.

    I hope you can anyway. I could only see a couple of the house pictures, but what a transformation! Better than "This Old House".

    Carla, I hope your finger heals up w/ no complications.

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Now Carla! If YOU don't quit hurting yourself we're gonna have to put you on restriction of some kind! Poor Kiddo, always seems as if the "boo-boo's" find you. It's like "life"
    itself, just not fair! Heal quickly and be careful out there!
    (HILL STREET BLUES) Book'em Dan-o!

    Rocky: Interested to hear your 'scription of Gordon's Mama! I have some Chinese past work associates and friends who are Chinese. They seem to have a very difficult time with the English language even though they have been here for years and
    years. One of those friends has an Engineering Degree and had
    worked for Bechtel Corp. so it is certainly not a question of intelligence! It's just a cultural barrier in that the Western languages are so "foreign" to them. Although I've known Italians etc. who never attempted to even learn the language as it was most likely just easier to participate exclusively within that previously large ethnic enviroment!
    Now, there is less need to even learn English as for many ethnic groups, one can function outside the "dominant" cultural framework! Not making a "value judgment" here but rather just stating facts concerning my own observation and
    experiences. Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Well Kids! I live about 1 1/2 miles from the SF Bay so I'm gonna take a bus ride and take a look at the oil damage. I go there about once or twice a week and am anxious about the
    situation. I'll give all a personal report later, K?

    Hope all are havin' a great day!
  5. gardengirl12

    gardengirl12 New Member

    hi everyone i went to carlas web page it is awsome i can,t beleive what a wonder women she is .the house remodle is to much for words.I love when you can make something out of nothing .her house is so cozy looking i want to jump in and have coffee.she is to funny i went and saw her you tube with the dogs her drivingdown the road was to funny

    I felt like i was at a theame park.its nice she even has a guest book to .well the weather is not to pleasing here today no sun as almost always for the winter .But what can you do .I can look at all the pretty pictures on pro health.well bless you all linda
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    CK - What, another boo-boo !!! What will we do with you? Oh, I can't imagine hitting myself anywhere with a mallot - double OUCH !!! Hope it isn't to sore right now. I can imagine wht it looks like. I bruise really easy and I wouldn't hava to hit myself with a mallot either.

    BTW, I checked out your remade site & I left you a message. The whole site is great and all your works are lovely. You also did wonders with your repod house.. The girls and Smitten were really posing up a storm for you, werent they?? Do you make house calls ?? - like I asked in my note on your site?? (-: !! Hope your finger feels better soon so you can do more of what you like to do.

    Gsrdengirl12 - Hi there . Glad you could visit the porch. I saw you visited CK's site too. It's so fantastic.. Hope you come by and visit us often on the porch. Lots of neat people here. I read your bio to -neat picture. Yes, I agree, keep moving is part of the way to keep your sanity if you feel like ---- all or most of the time.

    Mrdad - Thanks for the prayers and starting up the new volume too. Hope you have a great sunday. Yep, you have gotten that aright with other ethnic groups really not NEEDING to have to learn English !! We have made it much to easy. I know my mother was an immigrant and came to the US as a child after both parents died and no one helped her out at all. She and my aunt were really hard workers.

    Rock - Hope you are doing OK with yoru newer puter and are feeling OK !

    Hope all are well and having a nice sunday too. It is preety warm here in Tx. Are you sure it is November and almost time for Thanksgiving, Santa and all that stuff? Hope it cools off a little bit more soon. It is nice and sunny here today anyway.

    Bye again to the rest of you all that I didn't mention.

    Hugs to everyone,

  7. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    Sent the husband to the store so Brooklynne and I can finish our no bake cookies. We were 1 cup short of sugar.

    ck, I would have yelled at anyone within 50 feet of me too.

    I watched The Pursuit of Happyness earlier. Now that is a VERY good movie! I am a big Will Smith fan and he does such a wonderful job bringing the character to life. I recommend that movie to anyone that likes a good movie about sheer determination and doing what it takes to take care of your family.

    very nice, i was just handed a big marshmallow with toothpaste all over it, apparently it's the latest tasty treat according to my daughter.


    well the sugar is here, so i'll check in later!
  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    You guys make me blush, strong sountern accent :) You have to realize that it has taken me 5 years, 3 years was the house.

    I AM accident prone, have been all of my life, :) It's usually because my mind runs 90 mph, but the body can't keep up. Plus the more you do the more chances for injury.

    I really have been lucky considering some of the things that I have had to do on ladders and such. I didn't expect to get threw the last 8 weeks with the pins in my foot to go without incident. 2 dogs, bad foot, it is bound to happen. I just pray I didn't do any serious damage to it, I guess he will do a xray before the pin comes out to see if the bone fused.

    Thank all of you for your words of kindness, taking the time to come into my world and being here for everyone of us. Life was meant to be shared, so thank you for allowing me to do that.

    Now I am going to wrap my boo-boo and go take a long bath, but will rest the bad foot on the edge so as not the cause any problems there. Carla

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  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    sunny out here today so much of a 360 degree turnaround from yesterday's weather...

    didn't do much just hung out w/a friend,(female one).

    i am getting hungry now...

    talk to you all later...oops i forgot..

    cody's team have to meet at one of the coaches home to be interviewed about the upcoming football competition...we are hoping will make it to the oakland raider's coliseum like last year then,,,

    we wait over night for the selection for that state bowl playoff the middle of december....

    we are the number one seeded team...most likely to win....

    we got a we get extra practice time...

    well i will update you all..

    cody's coach really wanted to make sure cody was there tomarrow...

    his dad and i were both saying can't cody play in the game anyways...his knee is feeling much better...but the acl is not fixed...that is just an option for atheletic people..

    we were chatting as parents that were proud of their son and how it is so unfornate he can not play like he should have all season...well most season..atleast he played when it counted most.

    the poor kid's father isn't doing so well-they can not operate on his brain...i think i am repeating myself from another post..

    well gonna fly now

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am sorry to hear the dad and outlaws have become a issue.

    It is so hard to tell our adult children what to do when we see them making mistakes. Ask her to do this exercise. Write down all the reasons they are NOT together. I don't know if she left him or he left her, but the fact is he wasn't there for her.

    He sounds like a manipulater and needs anger managenment. Amy can not see that, but just because he is the father doesn't mean he is the "dad". From what you have said about his parents, I don't see him changing anything soon.

    Just talk to Keira and try to lead her with facts not emotion and maybe she will see him for what he is. My prayers are with you. She has to raise her baby, not a father. I have dealt with his type and they never change.

    I have to get ready for the Dr and I am taking my angel to my boss, she had a little girl last week, 6 pounds 4 oz and 19 inches and a full head of hair. I can't wait to see her.

    Eveyone take care-see ya'll later-Carla
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, I went down to the "Dock of the Bay" yesterday to assess the damage from the oil spill. Was rather surprise that there
    wasn't a large "oil slick" etc. as I had expected to see. I could clearly see the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge about 1/4 mile away and wiff my 'noculars didn't see any large oil formations. Small clumps of oil were apparent on the water but not what one would image considering the amt. of oil spilled in the immediate area! Much of it had already gone out with the low-tide as beaches to the North and West etc. were evidently effected much more! Hundreds of birds were
    in oil and many died according to news reports. (But the pigeons, thankfully, seem to be untouched)!

    They warn people that they should not eat fish from the Bay do to the oil pollution! (Like I would anyway!) When it rains, where do you suppose all that water ends up after cascading into street drain pipes and down these Hills! Yuck!! (Sushi anyone?)

    Well Kids, 'posta rain here abit today. We need all we can get! Gotta keep these Hills clean! Ya know what I'm sayin?

    "Talk" later, K?
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  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    My friend was here for 5 hrs. and all is well except-------for E-mail!!!! I don't know what is the matter. I truely thin k it's the "old" computer and the "old" person on it! I am soooo discouraged.

    Help~~~~~How do you keep track of what you all do and say?? I can't remember most of you and what was your concern of the day. Help??

    I do remember Carla and her "boo-boo". Ouch!!!! Did you hit it on the nail? Well, that means a black nail and a falling off. Yes, I am the bearer of good news.

    I think that I missed another vol.~~~~~~ I can not get all working well___________

    Gentle Hugs

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So please excuse me not talking to everyone individually today. However, I might remember a thing or two if I am lucky I might remember something about what I have just read.

    Went way down town today for a funeral it was so sad and so many people there and lots of Kof C there to honor him. He was a great guy .

    Julie - Oh dear, I know how you feel when your dauaghter married a lazy guy and everything is her fault and now they have three kids from 17 to 6, one with LD's and the other with leukemia. However she is still alot happier than she was with her xh. When they were together he never gave her anything to live on anyway, not much different . However, at least he is not beating her down all the time. No wonder she was always feeling sick.

    She is doing somewhat better now even though it is a fight to earn money, get insurance and all for all of them. Thank God she now has a dear man friend who is being great to her andhelping alot with her and the kids, even though he doesn't have alot of money either. However, that is not the most important thing in life I know.

    Carla - How is your booboo- the finger now? Don't be doing any more things to yourself now (-: !!

    Joan - TRY not to get so discouraged about your e-mail. Believe me I know it can drive me crazy. It is just a machine ----- aaack !!! Sometimes I want to take it and throw it out the window or something when it doesn't behave.

    Mrdad- That oil spill out there is terrible. Yes, I do not think I would be eating any sushi there anytime soon. Not sure seafood from that area might not be that safe with all that oil floating around out there ! Be careful !

    Bye for now all of you. Gotta run for now.



    Have to go and fix dinner and then go out to choral practice.
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Joan, you don't need to reply/comment to everybody. I only do that on days when I have sufficient energy. I read the previous posts and make notes, some of which I can actually read later.

    But today, I'm just posting.

    Gordon was cooking yesterday. First he baked cookies which set off the new smoke alarm. After 5 minutes of having it beep and repeatedly climbing on a chair to shut it off, he dismantled it and set it on a table.

    5 minutes later it beeped again. Like one of those horror pictures where the monster won't die.

    And then he made shrimp/broccoli stir fry. (N.B. Shrimp not from San Francisco Bay.)

    And then he made smoked turkey soup. The only tricky part is hanging the soup up in the smoke house.

    So, time for me to summon up the energy to pay a bill. It's been sitting by my computer for two weeks. I think I can cope w/ it today.


  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member thanks for the oil slick forecast. they are arresting people that offer to help or are helping i should say....

    i am too tired to even to try to get arrested to help w/the oil...what is wrong w/me i usually seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.hee hee

    well just a slow day, cody has no he is playing w/the gf...i had to listen to him cuss her out for about 2 hours last night on the it is all good again..

    i just can't see that relationship ever working out to the marriage part w/o counseling...she screams at him...he tells her to listen to him....then he starts cursing at her...and calling her names...cause she is going on and on...all becasue he did not call her this weekend while he was at his father's. and he must not love her...yuck...

    well that is about it for now...


  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my son's friend anthony's father died today from his stroke at the age of 50....

    this is his son's senior year...he last saw him from the football stadium during the game his son was playing in...

    the he was rushed to the hosiptal...they still have a daughter in 5th grade...they have two older daughters in college....i don't think the mother worked...she was always busy w/kids...

    jerry always volunteered at all the events to do chain gang on the filed to bbq at the concession stand...

    i just wrote a blog on our local paper to his family...basically told anthony that now his father has the best seat in the stadium to watch him play....
    i know this won't make him feel good...but what the hell do i say toa 17 year old that has major football games coming up....

    we are 10-0 right now...cody isn't supposed to play in the games cause of his knee...if anthony can't keep focused...and who could blame him if he could not....and if we lose and anthony is not playing in the game...i do not want anthony to feel like it is his fault...

    i felt my heart go out when cody only(severly injured his knew), but to have your father practically die at one of our biggest wins this year ever...that has got to be something said there...the coaches did not tell anthony until after the football game was over that his dad left in an ambulance.

    our team has already set up funds at a local bank....for the family for donations...i would like to donate something myself but the child support is not coming in...

    i have offered my house and driving anthony to and from school...

    i hope i can make it through all of this saddness around me, not to mention my own personal things going on....

    i where my heart on my sleeve...i've known the mom and dad for fours since they were both freshmen in high school...both big kids...

    well gonna go dry my eyes..
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I will be so glad when this food drive for our County and sponsored by our (subdivision) is over. It is tomorrow and so much has to be done at the last especially when there was a fire and distroyed most of our communications. Finally got that fixd but now hope the people see it in time.

    Jodie - I am so sorry to hear about Coreys friend and teammate's dad. That is terrible esp with it being such a young family really with children to support. What a burdon on this young mans shoulders. You are being a good friend to him and his mom and that is a good thing, offering to help drive and such.

    Rock - Wow those meals that Gordon fixes sound wonderful. Give me some notice next time and I will be very happy to stop by for some soup or that shrimp dish. It all sounded wonderful. Hope you have figured out your "new" computer !!!

    Linda - Hope you get some more energy soon. Thanks for the kind words.

    Gotta run and so some work around here. Have to go to practice this afternoon and dh has another turnout for a KC member who died yesterday. He did not know him well but he was a "brother" .

    No rest for the weary ! Maybe I can breathe after tomorrow and can start thinking about Christmans. Thanksgiving a is at my son and DIL so not much to do there. Thank goodnes for that.



  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello.

    Jodie that is awful about Cody's teammates dad, things like this make us grateful for what we do have. That is very nice of you to offer your help, I am sure the family appreciates it. You find when giving to others, it makes us forget our own problems.

    Linda- sorry you aren't feeling well, this nasty weather doesn't help either. I hope you get back your energy and are able to enjoy this time you have. Did you start your sewing project?

    Julie- they make several good books on codependency. I loved a great man but he was a alcoholic. He could not overcome his horrible childhood, it was really bad and I thought I could help him. Wrong. A book called Co-Dependant No More really help me take back my life and let him go. Amy has to realize that "dream" is not going to become a reality. It took me many years to learn that, I hope she doesn't take that long. I would also consider retraining orders if his anger gets out of control.

    My guess is he is not providing any financial support so he really has no right to visits. It may seem harsh but with his history, I myself, would make it clear- no money- no rights, any threats need to be reported to the police. You don't want to mess around with men like this. They are very good at telling you what you want to hear, but always fail to follow threw.

    On the good side- I gave my boss her angel yesterday. She loved it, I even found a really cool card about Angel's and hope her angel is always with her. She is such a tiny thing, just a little over 6 pounds and a full head of thick hair. That was the first time I haven't held a newborn in many years, they are truly a miracal.

    I am really tired today, had a big day yesterday, got a lot done but paying today. So this is it for me today, my brain hurts. Hello to granni, Rock, Mrdad, Gardengril, Darkwaters and any others that I have forgot today-Carla
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  19. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I don't think I can find the porch.

    I hope that I have everything fixed on this #$#$$#@# computer. Had to redo the printer...then hubby(the big baby)had to have the cordless mouse because with the other one he couldn't move fast enough to win his game.

    He sounds like a woman sometimes...hey I whine,but it is my right as a female...he has no excuse.

    I'm sitting here watching the turkeys in the barnyard. They are the most amazing things to watch.

    Hope everyone is having a good week.
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gonna do a Post b-4 I go back to the Kitchen and cook up some

    grub! ("Grub" is city lingo for food.) Isn't that right

    Rowdy? Anywho.

    Think I'm gonna do my "infamous" chicken alfredo wiff broccoli

    mixed in! 'Lil garlic and celery salt and we are there! I'll

    make a big enuff batch to bring across town to my Son tomorrow

    as he likes it much-o! (Moo-cho)

    Linda: I heard Wolf Blitzer mention on CNN today that He is

    from Buffalo! Tim Russert and Wolf too? Must be those cold

    snow blown Winters wiff nothing to do but talk politics etc.

    Actually, Terry Jeffrey a conservative Republic politico

    proponent is a native San Franciscan who I believe was

    Jesuit schooled here??? ( Seldom has lunch wiff the Demo-

    cratic lady politicians from this area) Ya think it's the


    Hello to ALL, better get that GRUB a goin'!! "Talk" later,