The Porchlight is ON Vol. 177 (Closed)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wear here Kids!
    Hope I didn't catch anyone on the other side of the Porch!

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I don't see anyone on the other side of the porch. There is somebody over there on the far side...probably Gary Larson.

    Well good grief, I no sooner pick up the computer than the connection goes out. Now I have to get off line, sign in again on the board, sign in again for the mail. Why does everything happen to me? Life is so unfair.

    (If you take cognitive behavioral therapy, the above is what they tell you not to do.)

    Gordon says the problem is that the phone lines get wet. These scientific concepts are a little too new fangled for me. Only recently I read that electric current does not travel thru the wires. It travels on the outside surface. that make any sense to you?

    And another thing that never made any sense to me; if lightening really traveled down that kite string, how come it didn't blow Benjamin Franklin's bifocals right off his head?!

    I made some notes so I could respond to people. Unfortunately I made them last night. During the interim they all became illegible somehow. The only things I can make out are "Granni-shirts and Kylob-orchid".

    We didn't go to the thrift shop after all, Marilyn. Got too rainy outside. We are having two weeks of rain. The scenery is beautiful here. The smog is washed out of the sky, and the mountains are sprinkled w/ snow.

    Kylob, most orchids need to grow outside which is why you have to grow those suitable for your climate or spend thousands on a greenhouse. Gordon says even the cheapest greenhouse in LA costs $3,000.

    It's raining now. When Huckle and Mama find out I'm up, they will knock at the window and ask to come in. They like to sleep on the carpet. even better, they like to sleep on a towel on the carpet. Huckle likes a pillow too: a shoe, a book, whatever he can find.

    All for now

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Most of our Porch friends must yet be asleep. Guess they had

    a much "funner" Saturday nite than we did! The thing about

    electricity flowing atop the lines is perhaps demonstrated by

    the number of Pigeons in the neighborhood with only one, or

    a crippled claw! Sizzle-sizzle!!

    Well, guess I'm gonna find some breakfast. Say a hello to

    Gordon and I'll be back later.


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  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Finally. I find the Porch quiet and I have nothing to say.

    Oh, yeah. Anybody have a printer brand they like? Seems as if you get a good price on the printer, it costs the earth to buy the ink cartridges. My oldest son actually told me that they figured it was cheaper to buy a new printer after a short period of time. There's something very wrong with that reasoning but I can't quite figure out what it is. I suspect it has to do with cluttering the Earth....

    Hugs alllllllll around, near and far,

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been trying all morning after church to get ready for a dinner party. It will be an interesting one since two couples already called in sick and were supposed to bring some of the food. However, one person's husband brought the chil and I can deal with the appetizers.

    They are due to come at 6 pm our time. The cobbler is as we speaking cooking in the oven. No, I did not make it from scratch but should be good anyway. Good old Sams Club saves the day again !!Also have ice cream to put on top. I made Anne Theresa's cabbage soup which tastes pretty good from what I can taste. May be a bit salty though as the veggie boullion cubes are the latrge ones. I didn;t even know they had them until this recipe came along. So, I guesses. Also, not used to having much salt since i have hi b/p.

    Linda and Anne Theresa - are you here ?? Let you know how the soup comes out also Anne Theresa whose recipe iot is. I did end up doubleing it after I started the first batch and DH thought it would not be enough. Then we had the 2 cancellations from our dinner group - both sick. Sounds like a stomach bug or something going around.

    Are the veggie boullion cubes the same sixze as the chicken and the beef ones. These were much bigger?

    Mrdad - Thanks for the startup again on this volume. Watch out for the pigeon 9s) (-: !!! and those electric lines !!!

    Talk to you all later. HOpefully tomorrow but that should be a busy day too. Hope I can get up after the party tonight.

    Toodles for now,


    Rock - sorry about all the rain. Yes, and I am sure the scenery is lovely !!

    Marta - Glad to see you here again today.

    Hope all are well today. Gotta get off soon and work some more.
  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Speaking of printers!!! mine (whatever i am trying to copy)comes out of the printer faint and blurry. The black ink cartridge is fairlly new and hasn't been used much.

    S#1 was here yesterday and he couldn't f igure it out. I got out the instruction book and waaaay in the back are a few things to try. i anm using up some old light blue paper and the book said to begin with white and print out that "thing" you are supposed to do first. Never got around to doiong it this afternoon.

    My eyes are blurry and my fingers are tired and I need to go to------you know where!!!!

    So long for now and see ya soon.

  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    How you are? Very slow today here! Is it the weather? Sunday? I do nut know! Anyway, just got a short email from
    the Linda from a Internet Coffee House asking me to inform
    friends here on the Board that she is having "puter problems
    and will get back to the Porch ASAP!! She was having some
    Earlbell green tea and a Beagle at the time! She sure
    knows how to live, does
    she not? What? No "Crispy Cream" places in N.Y.?

    Well, took it easy at home this Sunday. Listened to my Politico programs and tried to find an SF '49'er game to no
    avail! They must have a bi-week, or playing tomorrow night!
    Anyway, hope awl had a great day!

    A slow day at the Park as well! Just those girls from
    Wisconsin and Minisoda again! Ya think they would be tired
    of looking at me.

  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It seems Mr Dad closed the last porch up on me and I was still there, but it's ok, yur still the best speedo wearin, ironing surf boarder, money maker I know.
    You take such good care of us and it is always appreciated.

    So I did a copy and paste of my post from last night, just too tired to post a lot tonight. I have been in a slump of sorts, the whole back thing started it. I just can't stand it when my body wins over my heart and soul.

    I am still so young, never thought I would have heard myself say that, but when your back prevents you from doing things that you need and/or want to do it is hard to accept more limitaions than I already had.

    I may seem to get a lot of things done but I spend equal time in down mode and seems more so lately. Oh well no one ever said it was suppose to be easy did they?

    I tried my hand at water color yesterday and failed miserably and just sitting in the chair was hard on my hip and leg. So I gave up and flopped on the couch the rest of the night and most of today.

    I did take the girls for a ride today and I did a short walk then ate and back to the couch. I have been spending some training and play time with the girls. Taught them to roll over, but they both need work but Missy got it pretty quick, Twy needs a little help still

    Marta see my other post below from last night, the whole printer ink thing is rediculas, the ink cost more than the printer.

    Granni I hope your party went well and you had plenty of soup for all

    Linda and Kylob where are you gals, don't tell me your at Wally's racin the eletric buggys down the aisles.

    Rock I see by watching the SAG awards and E preshow that it had stopped raining in LA. But I bet you let the critters in to take a nap this afternoon.

    Now for my post from last night- See ya'll later-Carla

    I just wanted to drop by and let you know I am fine, just busy.

    First I'll try to respond to who guys cause I am wingin it here and the fog is still thick here.

    Marta- Thanks for the muffin and HC, good on the cold evening. I feel your pain, remember what I went threw last summer?? Isn't it weird to be talking on the phone to someone that is inside your computer?? It took me nearly 3 weeks to get all the stuff off and reloaded. Go to Wally's and get you a cheap little printer for less than $50 of course they get ya on the ink. Don't buy the HP 1320, it's $30 but won't feed photo paper or envelopes, but I don't use it for that anyway. It's always sumpthin isn't it

    Joe- so ya startin your own printing co, you got that high speed DSL and your off and runnin. I would by me a new pair of running shoes...just in case one day you need to make a quick get away.

    Rock-you always make me smile, I love the way you spin a tale and tell a story. Have you ever thought of writing a book of trivia? I still do not know how many houses are going to be across the road but they are starting a good distance from me, from the road side it drop fairly steep and long, then levels out at the bottom. I don't think it will ever be like some subdivsions in those cookie cutter houses.

    The news was talking about the real estate and financing and CA has the worse financing issues. It seems 72% of home owners owe more than their house is worth because they borrowed on it for upgrades or what ever, then the market fell and now they have to ride it out. But when you pay $1,000,000,000 for a 2 bed 2 bath home what do ya expect?

    Kylob-glad to see you did out a bit, but slow is good, I was starting to get cabin fever myself with my teeth being held hostage. I did get them tho on Fri they called me at 8am and said be there at 9:30- it's a 30 min drive.

    Then I had to hang out for 3 hours and then go back. So I went to Value City and got me a new coat to wear riding the cart and walking the girls. The one I have been wearing is 13 years old. It is still a great coat for warmth, it is a special sky type material, but it has shrank over the years and I can no longer zip it.

    Granni I did do on my coat, I have never seen one like it before. it's a man's coat, just basic black so unisex. It has a zip out liner that is another jacket and it is reversable. The inner jacket is a slate gray felt like materail and the other side is the black fabic and it is all washable. Zipper pockets everywhere and so warm.

    I took it on a test drive today, it was in the 20's and I was warm and toasty. Now I need to go get some battery socks, because my tooties got cold, even with 2 pair of socks and my furry line boots.

    Hi Jin- thanks for dropping by, sorry we were all doing something else, but we do know how to have a good party-don't we guys.

    Linda-what have you been up to, still back to back appts, I am getting ready to go threw my 3 month cycle then a new gastro Dr, mine left, I am due for my colonoscopy, lovely :)

    Which disc is herinated? I know you have told me but that mean anything,hehe. I have had improvement but yesterday standing at all those racks shopping didn't feel good and if a move a certain way it feels like it wants to give out in the front hip then down the outside front thigh. But everythiing else is back to normal now otherwise.

    She wants me to do PT but I don't want to, just lazy. What type of excercises do you do? How often?

    Has anyone been watching the Ms USA pagent on TLC. They moved the 52 women in one house and gave them all makeovers, tonight is the pagent. I got stuck on it a few weeks ago when I was down with my back, they ran a all day marathon so now I have to watch it tonight.

    I have been practicing painting and lord knows I need it,lol. I have to learn the watercolor process all over again. It's all in the dampness of the paper, too much is bad, not enough-bad.

    Then going back to school with the color charts and figuring out what colors to mix to get the one you want. I'm going to give it one more shot, then retire to the sofa. I have been in my studio chair and the golf cart today and the back is not happy.

    Hello to all, you know who you are :) Carla

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---my friend Carla-Ck!! You're way too kind, but want you to
    know that (when I get things perfected) there's gonna be a
    couple of U.S. Grants headed your way. Glad that you are back
    on solids and able to play "fetch the ball" with the "Girls"
    again! My Son's GF is from just outside Louieville or "Lou- Vil" I think they pronounce it back there. She is as sweet as
    she is pretty. Gonna ask her if she has ever been to the Derby
    some time! I was on a Cable Car here in SF one time!

    Granni: Hope that "pot luck" dinner went well! They are always fun! It can be a problem, however, if people are
    unable to come and fulfill there part of the food thingy.
    But I'm sure all went well there, you're so innovative and creative!

    Watched opening scene of a new program on CBS right after
    60 mins. A schoolmate, Joe Spano, was killed in an opening
    scene. He seemed to have lasted much longer when he played
    the slight built Jewish detective with the Bow Tie on the
    show "Hill Street Blues" years ago. Funny thing, I looked him up in the school year book and he had NO contributions
    in the field of drama, and the school was well noted for it!
    Guess he found his niche after High School somewhere else.
    I know he was in a play a few years ago over in Berkeley.
    Haven't seen him in anything else in quite a while. (I can
    see you are all falling asleep in your chairs now) Or is
    it the heat from the Porch fireplace?

    Good nite my good friends!
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  10. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    Thanks for the viola joke site! I must say, however, my viola and I have been to Juilliard so we don't squeak, like the sound of stepping on a cat's tail. So ugly that sound is.

    I also play fiddle so I could be useful at some of those frontporch parties!

    My sleep study was pretty crappy. Still could not sleep at study, got two hours of sleep that was broken up in sections so never got any answers yet, still have to pay for study though. ARGHHHH. I kept telling them to hit me over the head with a 2x4 and I would sleep fine!

    Got to have MRI today. Such fun all of this is. I really do need my doc to write me a script for a Hawaiian vacation, you know the kind, cabana person, drinks with umbrellas, lots of sun and warm water. More drinks with umbrellas!

    Take care porch gang.

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  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Someone came to the PORCH earlier and put on some coffee and
    built a fire in the hearth! What a nice way to start the
    week. We think on Monday as being the first day of the week when in reality, it's Sunday.

    I've had two people in the past month phone me on a Sunday
    afternoon to ask that I participate in a survey! What ever
    happened to leaving people "rest" on Sunday? Right Rocky? Told
    the person a few weeks ago that I was not pleased that I was
    contacted and disrupted on the Lord's Day to answer a Survey!
    (Had to turn down the volume on the '49'er game so she could
    hear my objections) But you get my point, right?

    Jinlee: Best wishes that all goes well wiff the MRI. I read
    your BIO a few weeks ago and you're a "brave little soldier"
    Girl! I have one of those done every 13 mos. Don't know how larger people than I can get on that narrow spot comfortably? And they wouldn't let me take my coffee and
    do nut into the tunnel thingy wiff me!! Next time I'm gonna
    try it wiff a hot chocolate and begel! Oh boy.

    Still raining here and snowy in the mountains. Some reservoirs are not even at 40% even wiff awl this water!
    So we can use more rain to make up for a dry year last!
    Rocky, bet you haven't seen so much water since Minnisoda
    days! For So. Cal, yose guys have received LOTS of h-2-o
    the past few weeks! Have the construction guys taken a
    break from the rain? (Or have they finally completed the job there?)

    Well, I guess all have noticed how fast my new DSL hookup
    has been! I actually wrote this next Wednesday, and it is
    to you "guys" already. Oh, techknowlogy!

    "Talk" later Kids, "K"?

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, MrDad, That sure is some machine if you posted next Wednesday. The Lakers play the Knicks tomorrow night. Like to predict the past?

    I looked up your friend Joe Spano on the net. Quite a career. He's been in 50 some movies, both big and little screen. He won an Emmy. He's acted on Broadway. I wonder if he based any of his characterizations on you. Hmmmmm?

    Jinlee, you went to Juilliard. Wow! I can't even spell it. I have no musical talent, but do have a huge collection of LPs.

    Do you know what two popular singers went to Juilliard? Here's a clue. Both had the first name Jane. (Talkin' half a century ago.)

    Carla, you're right. These DDs make us old before our time.
    Good thing we can still be immature.

    How did that soup party go, Granni?

    Gordon and I went to a couple thrift shops and the 99 cent store yesterday. You can see we don't fool around when we shop.

    Looked at a lot of shirts. Good brands: the Gap, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Nordstroms, Bill Blass, and I forget who all. Gordon found some maybes, but we didn't buy any. I did get several paperbacks for 29 cents @ tho.

    Found something exotic at the 99 center: pale orange cauliflower. (Tastes the same.)

    Well, w/ an eye to Prudence and her sister Charity, I'd better stop, cease and desist before this all vanishes in the electronic black hole which, by this time, must be bigger than the one in the ozone layer.


  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I already predicted that Laker Game on Tues. Feb 5th with my

    Super Tues. election predictions! I predicted that I would

    NOT win!

  14. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    It sure is nice to sit on the Porch and gab with everyone. I haven't done this in a while since I've been in such a bad flare. Just making dinner is a huge chore.

    I was wondering how Granni's soup Dinner went? I bet that soup was wonderful! It is definitely on my "to do" list is make some batches of soup.

    Well, I'm just going to make myself comfy and watch the world go by here on the Porch.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Esp to Linda and Anne Theresa who told me about it. It was Anne Theresa's recipe . It was delicious. I did do a double batch and two couples had to drop out due to illness... So I have lots left over and will have some tonight.. Love those kind of dinners, just heat it up. The evening was also wonderful with conversation and meeting some new people.

    Have to run sorry. Some gals are coming over to practice the one dance we can sort of remember this afternoon. Tomorrow we go to a local assisted living place to do our singing and dancing. Hope I remember it since out dance studion closed down.

    Then have more stuff to do(planning sort of ) for DH surprise party - The surprise thing is killing me. Not easy to keep stuff from him - the nosey little feller (DH)(-: !!!

    Linda, sorry to hear about your puter problems (found out from Joe) and so adding this while trying to fix all my typos)

    Hi everydobby (-: !!

    Blessings and hugs,

    Granni[This Message was Edited on 01/28/2008]
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I came here with good intentions but Sophie is walking back and forth in front of my eyes. It's hard to type with a cat in your face.

    I'll be back tomorrow. I show her; I come here while she's sleeping.

    Hugs alllll around!

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Pets are oft times like Kids and tuff-luv is sometimes

    necessary. Did you tell her about the "Pitt Bull" at the

    shelter you're "thinking about providing a home for"!

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It looks like the Rocky and Bullwinkle show on the porch, with a few spinkles of the ladies

    Jinlee- welcome to the porch, wow a real Julliard grad, we are very honored to have you here. Linda's husband plays the guitar, so maybe you could get your fiddle warmed up and we could have a little ho down on the porch. We love to have great parties here. We fire up the hot tub, have a bonfire outside and a big fire in the lodge, ooh sounds like a lot of pyros here,lol. But we do have fun.

    I can totally relate to the sleep study. I one done a few years ago. It looks like the glue they use all over you would be enough to knock you out, but kind of hard to sleep when you are hooked up from head to toe with a 100 wires and clips.

    Mine too was inconclusive, my problem was my ox levels would drop to the 80's in my sleep. I was put on ox at night and did feel better for awhile, then I lost my insurance and had to stop. Now I have my medicare but do not want to have to go back threw all the testing again to get recertivied.

    If your Dr sends a note for Hawaii, see if he can give us one too. Sounds like you could use the vacation. Failed surgeries are no fun and hope your MRI is ok.

    I haven't been here a lot the last few weeks, I go threw periods when I have to get the lap top off my lap and actually get things done,lol. So welcome.

    Linda is having computer probs??? What is going on, seems to be a virus going on with the hardware. I hope see gets if fixed soon, I miss her!!!!

    Marta can you call the Geek squad to go her house?? Glad your puter is better, hope you find a printer that doesn't cost a fortune for ink. What is up wiff Miss Soapie intruding on your porch time. Yep, I'll tell her about that big dog you were pettin the other day.

    Granni glad your dinner went well, you sound like you have a great life with lots of freinds, fun and entertainment too. Good luck with your dance, that is great you gals do these things.

    Monica glad you came to sit a spell, it is more quiet than usual, one of our porchies is in Belize doing charity work, Julie we miss you! We have some great people here and always welcome more, so get your blankie and get cozy

    Mrdad all that rain finally made it to KY :-( I was enjoying having my yard frozen. It started warming up yesterday and was getting that soppy (is that a word) feeling again.

    Now I have puddles and had to clean muddy paws this morning. UUUHGGGGGGGGGGGG. 8 paws 10 times a day is too many paws. Gonna restrict the potty trips, they will just have to learn some control!

    Rock glad you and Gordon had a good day shopping and you added to your collection of paper backs

    Kylob where are you, I hope you haven't out done yourself and are back in bed, get well, we miss you too.

    A big hello to everydobby else and come on up and sit a spell-Carla
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It is very cold today! About 45 in SF! Was snowing up North
    near to where Barry lives in Mendicino County. They even
    closed one of the Hyways due to snow. Very unusual! More storms on the way too!

    Carla, it sounds as if you're doing better. You just
    always seem to have the good sense to keep one paw in front
    of the other. (Just like the "Girls") Glad to send ya a 'lil
    of our rain. As much as we need it, it's getting old! Need
    some sunshine about now.

    Marta, I need to hook up my printer also to my "new-used"
    'Puter. I think I have the instructions in my file cabinet,
    if I can find that. Oh, there it is! Well I'll be---
    I might wait 'til apres brunch to tackle that issue on a full tummy.

    Getting enuff rain down there Rocky! Maybe we up North here
    won't have to send yose guys OUR water for YOUR swimming
    pools! Things may even start growing in the Owen's Valley
    again this year. Remember "China Town"? But we like ya anyhow my friend! You are worth the sacrifice.

    Well gonna go fix that brunch. I have a call into my Son
    but he must be practicing music at his studio at the moment.
    So I'll just eat at home.

    "Talk" later, Kids.

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  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    The weather has been stinky, just getting a bit warmer and sunnier now and I understand some more sold stuff is coming but it doesn't sound too bad. I am still sitting here with a sweater on.

    Just got back from singing and dancing at a local Assisted Living place. Fixing dinner or waiting for it to cook anyway.

    Well, as I said before the soup came out great and the dinner was fine. Now hae to get this surprise party for my DH on saturday over with. The weather has been bad so he hasn't been out and playing golf so can't call people I need to while he is here about the party.Not even sure what time to tell the people to come since he never gives me as straight answer about when he will be returning. This may be very interesting. Trying to find out who elseI know who may be going to this thing so I can make sure DH gets out of the meeting in the timely manner. My nerves are shot -AAACK !!

    Jimlee - Welcome. I do not think I have gotten to meet and talk to you at all with all my comings and going lately. I am so glad to meet you and see you have been meeting some of our gang who normally are here almost on a daily basis , but not counting special occasions and weekends of course. It is such a fun placae with great people. Hope you are feeling OK lately. Or should I say not to bad !! I know thaa feeling - yucky alot but have to go on and try to keep positive. As I have said before, my singing and dancing too (although I don't tap dance to much anymmore since our studio was sold) is really my THERAPY. It helps me from getting to blue, if you know what I mean.

    Big his to Rock, Mrdad, CK, Marta and whoever else I have forgotten. Maybe after this week I can think straight (-: !!

    Big warm hugs to you all,


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