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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    We are here Kids. Hello Linda!
    Woken early, so I do it, "K"?
    Hey the new Kid is going' to Mexico today. I'll bet that sounds great to you and Marta as well as many others.
    Hope all goes well with the appts. today.

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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, I jumped out of the starting block a bit early in chang-
    ing the Post, but at least no one was caught in the transition. Lots of nice new Porchies keeping the thread
    moving right along at a brisk pace! It's great to make new
    friends, isn't it? (More folks around when one needs a loan)

    Warming up around the Bay after the rains of last week. Jodie
    will be seeing George Hamilton arriving any day now to use
    her POOL up north. Georgia will be the first to feel the
    warmth in the inland Valley. Almost too warm of summers for
    me there anymore.

    Ifin' I feel a bit better, I'd like to take that Anthrax
    Train that I mentioned last week. Leaves Oakland, thru
    Sacramento over the Sierra (Donner Pass) into Reno, Nv.
    Has to be a clear day in order to be able to witness a
    panoramic view of that area of the Sierra in Winter! Gonna
    take some planning with the weather bureau and maybe some
    short notice to manage that!

    Gotta go shopping this mornin'! Yep, the house mates, are
    complaining again about my being out of food! I wonder how
    that happens so quickly?? Oh boy.

    Ck-Carla: Sent your a reply E-Mail on Sunday about the
    Antique Chair etc. You probably haven't had time to go to
    your mailbox having to attend to everything back there.

    Marta: You know, lots of my Friends parents were "closet
    alcoholics". My Dad didn't start drinking heavily until
    after my mother's death. He was in his mid-60's then. He
    would have a 7&7up every night after work b-4 dinner and
    on occasion two drinks. But he loved the Weddings and Bapt-
    isms. Gave him an opportunity to have some "real fun".

    Well, gonna warm up this coffee Kids! Ewe awl have a great


  3. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    We were all really chatty yesterday...I love it!!!

    I had a whole message typed out to try to talk to all...went back to check something someone had said and I lost it all.

    I really had some nice things to say, but now I'm to pooped to pop...Rock, is that politically correct?

    We are having a GIRL...son just called and said everything was on schedule and it is happy, healthy and spoilable...I don't think I will make it til June.

    Julie...Your trips sound wonderful...We have a couple in our church that travel to South America...they adopted their daughter their years ago...It makes you cry to listen to the sad stories that they tell when they come back. We support one congregation there and they send us letters to update us on the progress they are making. We helped them purchase a boat so they can get some of the members to the church...and we just get in out car and drive.

    Bevy...send us some of your warm weather...Carla is going to dig to China if the rain and snow doesn't stop flooding her yard.

    Georgia...I need another slice of strawberry bread...I'll put on a fresh pot of coffee.

    Rock...I didn't know that you were out resident millionare. Glad your rains stopped long enough yesterday to get the nascar race in...Did you peek at the red carpet on Oscar night. I am so out of touch, the biggest winners were people I had never heard of.

    Elaine...I can't believe that you haven't been to our porch..We have traveled and partied together and I just assumed you had been here too.

    YC1 and granni...are you guys here yet? Granni...everyone is finally getting over the flu. It is hard to shake the cough, but at least daughter was able to go back to school.

    Jody...sending good wishes on the mid terms

    Mr Dad...I thought that the pengys were rustleing in the bushes, I didnt know it was you with your spy glasses.Son got me a pair of binoculars for Christmas...I love watching the wildlife up close and personal.

    I've missed a lot of people, but I will catch you guys later, gotta go feed the turkeys

    hugs to all

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  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Mrdad what are you doing up at the quack of dawn? You beat me today because I was putting the finshing touchs on the big, fat ooey, gooey, cinnomon buns I made just for Lacey, but I am sure she will share...won't you Lacey

    Lacey do you have a moat around your house yet. All I need is a knight in shining armour to come to my rescue-any offers??

    Rock maybe you can hire someone save me from my mud madness, all I need is some BeeKeeNee clad beauties for mud wrestling and MrDad would be here in flash.

    I forgot to tell you, when I went into work on Fri, there was a Lone Ranger comic book on the counter. I could not find a date on it but would imagine the 60's, I don't remember the 50's as I was a wee tot.

    Hey Elaine glad you decided to come see what we are all about. There are no rules here, no calories, just good stories. Dislaimer- the facts may be changed to protect the innocent or poster. You have a chair and a blankie with your name on it waiting for you.

    Pasra-don't know if you catch this before your trip and have wunnderful time and have a drink for us or maybe 2,3, ect. Take the sunscreen.

    Marta you seem to be feeling much better and hope Soapie likes her new menu, cats can be so finiky, won't eat the high end cat food but will chase bugs and eat those, go figure.

    Have you thought of putting catnip in the food? Just thought of that one. I have had 2 real head to toe bady massages in my life. My wonderful lady boss gave me gift certificates to her massuese for Christmas the last 2 years I worked for her. But at $60 a pop that was all for me.

    Linda I hear you about the shoulder pain getting old and unbearable, maybe I can get the jet out and come get you and go find our own private massueses. I hope you are able to get to your appt without any major weather issues.

    It is raining now but suppose to change to snow tonight. I would rather have the snow right now, I thought I was going to have throw the girls a rope when they walked over the quick mud to get to their potty spot this morning.

    Well I have bills to pay before the mail lady gets here and going to sketch some more today on Missy's picture and maybe edit my videos to post on yourtube. I wish I had one of those things that blurs the naked people on tv, so I can blur my fat behind in my baggy sweats while playing with the girls.

    Hello to all I didn't mention-but you are all in my thoughts and prayers,enjoy the goodies which includes hot choclate, coffee and tea and what ever you dream up-have a great day Carla
  5. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    Hope everyone has a good day!

    Mr. Dad, we get temperatures up here over 100 during the summer, and I love it! We have a dry heat, which is good. I love the City, too. I'm thinking of parking my car in Vallejo, and taking the ferry in one of these weekends. I don't drive in the City, so always take the ferry, and hoof it where I need to go.

    Your trip to Reno sounds wonderful, and it will be beautiful in the snow.

    I have two loaves of strawberry bread, and a pot of chicken soup to share with everyone.

    No baking today, as I need to work on my quilt.

    I sent Mr. M. to work this morning with chicken soup, tortillas, and serrano chili peppers. He eats those things whole, one after the other. If I eat one, my mouth feels like it is on fire. I'm sure Mr. M. has no problems with high cholesterol!

    Marta, I know what it is like being alone, too, for so many years. I've worked hard for what I have, as have you, and am afraid to jeopardise it. It is scary.

    Elaine, sounds like you are doing well on Ebay! I used to sell on there, but haven't since my digital camera pooped out. I sold handspun yarn.

    Hello to All--


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  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    wet, wet, wet here and gales too. Extreme weather all round.

    MrDad, the trip into the Sierras sounds wonderful. I travelled to California 3 times when I lived in Vancouver, twice hitched it there and back. Met some lovely people and thought the countryside and SF were beautiful. Big Sur especially.

    Lacey - 'we're having a girl?' Are you about to become a grandma??

    Rock - I thought you were a silver haired, dapper 'young' man but never in my wildest dreams did I think you were a 'millionaire' -

    Carla hope you can keep your lovely dogs out of the mud.

    Everyone else, hope you have a nice evening. Wish I was off to Mexico too.

  7. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I feel bad for all that have the extremely snowy, wet weather. I was born and partially raised in Cleveland, OH.
    Last time I was back there I spent 3 months helping take care of my Grandfather while he was dying....not a fun trip by any means, but the snow didn't stop. It snowed until late April.

    So on that note, we had record high temps yesterday, 94 it was almost too much, I thought I would have to turn on the a/c. but we toughed it out and a cool front blew through last night, and highs in the low 60's.

    I did manage to clean up the back yard, thank goodness for my son and niece, they are such great helpers...and not even one!

    Jodi, my daughter just took her quarter-finals as well, I hope you don't stress as much as she does.

    Sheep, do send the recipe for Strawberry bread. I have been making tons of banana bread lately. We have a Strawberry Festival here in S. Tx, it should be coming up end of March, beginning of April. Loads of fun, but the strawberries aren't cheap. 50 - 60 dollars a flat.

    Hi to everyone else...early out for the kids today gotta go.


  8. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    I used two baskets of fresh strawberries, and blended them with a little bit of orange juice in the blender. I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil. I didn't use this much sugar--sugar can also be replaced with Splenda for baking.

    3 cups All-purpose flour
    2 cups Sugar
    3 teaspoons Cinnamon
    1 teaspoon Baking soda
    1 teaspoon Salt
    1 1/4 cup Vegetable oil
    4 Eggs
    1 1/4 pound Fresh strawberries; sliced -OR - Unsweetened frozen berries, thawed, drained and coarsely chopped
    1/2 cup Walnuts, coarsely chopped
    2 (8-1/2 x 4-1/2-inch) loaf pans


    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour the two loaf pans. Mix the flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add the oil, eggs, strawberries, and walnuts. Beat until the dry ingredients are just moist. Pour into the prepared loaf pans and bake for 1 hour. The breads are done when they start to come away from the sides of the pan and an inserted wooden pick comes out clean.

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  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    just checking in to let you know I'm still here hiding in the bushes. I can't believe how many new "porchies" there are now. I could not keep up before but now........WOW! I do want to welcome everyone.

    I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and the wonderful sound of rain. What a great day to relax. We need each drop of rain that we can get.

    Linda...I am so sorry that you are feeling so bad. I wish you relief soon.

    Sorry I can't address everyone but sending hugs to all.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Have been running around doing errands with DH this morning, including going to the gym. I did a little on the treadmill and then the leg push machine where yu do it either sitting up or lying down. It was similar to the one they had at the gym at the rhab. place where I had some PT. In about a month and 1/2 I will have another bone density test. I hope that it will show SOME improvement since I am getting off the Forteo )injectablae subcut) (only 2 years worth is allowed). Then we went to an early lunch so now I do not have to cook tonight. I also will be hOME tonight so can do what I want.

    Sorry but forgot to attach this new volume to my new post so I can't check back to see what everyone else is talking about. If I have to depend on my brain - well you can forget that !

    YC1 (Candy)- be sure you check the last two porch volume for my posts and also those of others who have spoken and welcomed you. These last two days the posts have been flying by so fast and furious. I cant keep up either as someone else said. Oh, well I will just do what I can.

    So sorry to hear about everything you have had to deal with along with yur sickness. So sorry to hear about your sister having ovarian cancer. That is a really scary now, especially since my husband's mom died of it at age 51 or 52. Now I have 4 daughters who have to be vigelant and really watching for signs which as you know is very difficult. They do call it the "silent killer" for obvious reasons. I know or sure that taking care of everyone else has not made dealing with your DD's any easier. Thayt is probably how I satrted with lots of STRESS.

    Also sorry to hear about your FIL and that he isn't taking much if any solid food. My DH father had alzheimers and had the simmilar problem at the end. My prayers are with you at this awful time.Geez, I just zipped through this volume so fast and can't remember what all I read.

    Linda - sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Is work making it worse ??

    Georgia - that recipe for strawferry bread sounds wonderful. Now I need the energy to bake it (-: !! I can smell that in the oven.

    Jodie - Hope all is well with you and Cody and that your midterm tests are over. Glad Cody got his brace off.

    I think I saw Elaine here again. Glad to see you here on the porch. I know you can keep up !!

    Sweetie - I saw you at the bottom of the post. So glad you could pay a visit and hope you are doing OK (all things considered).

    A great big HI also to Marta, Mrdad, Rock, Julie, CK, Lacey as welll as Jim Bob, Mary Ellen, Elizabeth,John Boy and all the rest.

    BTW, I ran into Joan (Lilaclover) on the worship board. She was asking for prayers for her husband. So, she is struggling with that now. I told her that we were thinking and praying for his recovery.

    Bye for now. I am not going back so please forgive all my many typos (which I am sure I made in my rush) !! Sorry I lied, I did fix a few typos but sure that was not all of them.

    Sorry I forgot what you all said - darn it !!

    Gosh, I am sorry I can't rememaber who said what on this volume.

    Hugs and blessings to ALL,

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  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I really need to catch up. It is one of those days here at work. I am so busy, I don't even have time to go to lunch today. I will just eat while i work.

    MRDAD - You are up early, WOW. I will take the Inland Valley any day compared to this St. Louis weather, YUK. I think you should take that train, however, would you go by yourself, or are you going to have company. That would be fun. When you go shopping can you pick up my groceries as well, I hate grocery shopping. That is one thing my husband does do.

    LACEYMAE - Don't you hate that, I do that all the time. The other day I spent 1/2 hour trying to type a good message and went back and lost everything. Oh well. Now, I just print it out so I don't lose it again.

    CARLA - We had rain this morning (all morning) and now it is snowy, i guess our weather is the same as yours. Can you pay my bills too???? Pretty please.

    S-ELAINE - Look at my profile, this is my doggy Jack. By the way, I was the one that told you to put a picture of yourself on the profile, so thanks for doing that. Now I know what the person looks like that i am posting.

    GEORGIA - You and your cows. I would love to have temperatures over 100, I love, love heat. I hate, hate, cold. Thanks for the Strawberry Bread recipe, I just got one of those great mixers (can't think of the name of it) for Xmas and it can do all kinds of things. I can't wait to make it. YUM

    ROSIE - Hope you get better weather too. It is rainy and snowy here too.

    BEVERLY - I am so jeolous, 94. I definetly have to move. By the way, I love, love, love your dog. He looks so cute in that picture on your profile. I bet he is a hugger like mine.

    JULIE - Oh, i feel for Keira, 3 shots. I bet she screamed when they shot her, poor baby. I'll have to check out your profile pic after i post otherwise I will lose what i post.

    SWEETIE - I don't think i have met you yet. My name is Mickey and I am kind of a newbie here too. I love when it thunders and rains, only if it is warm outside. Everyone here knows how much I hate, hate, the cold. Gentle Hugs to you too.

    GRANNI - i Miss you, i haven't posted you in awhile, you sound so busy, as busy as I am. Rush, rush, rush. That is all i ever do. I am sure that is why i am so burnt out at night. Take care and Gentle Hugs to you.

    Well back to work, I will probably be working at least 10 hours today. So so busy.
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  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    What a nice picture. You two are so cute together and what a beautiful place in the background. Looks like there is lots of land there.
  13. sheepwrestler

    sheepwrestler New Member

    Thanks for the information on the camera--I'll check it out. I have more junk I need to get rid of. I'm not spinning yarn anymore, as sitting at the spinning wheel aggravated my lower back pain.

    That is good that you have a good doc, and that you are Ebaying--that is a job! My MD doesn't want me working anymore than 20 hours a week--phooey!

    Am going to bake more banana bread this afternoon for everyone. Don't know where this urge to bake came from, but will stop as soon as the weather warms up.

    I just got back from taking my Rottie for a walk, and it is already close to 70 degrees.

    Hello to All--

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  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well i worked my 10 hour day and i am beat. I just took my medicine as my body feels like it has been through the ringer tonight.

    It is about 9:00 and i think i am going to go to bed and read for awhile.

    Thanks S-Elaine, I think my doggy is adorable too. He is a hugger and lover.

    Where has MRDAD and Rock and everyone been. Are you guys out there or are you still hangin out on the porch talking it up.

    Miss you guys and see you in the morning. My porchlight is going out now.
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, I did get my Groc. Shopping done today, so the house
    mates are happy for the moment. "Oh, didn't they have any
    'Mint Chocolate Chip' ice cream at Safeway Mr. Joe?
    "NO, they were all out guys"? Well, almost happy. Gee-whiz!!!

    Went to the Park, SF 66 degrees today but probably warmer in
    my neighborhood as I live in the City Center. 'Posta be nice
    all week and even warmer where Jodie is to my North. Couldn't stay awake and napped alot of the day! I'm fortunate to have
    the time Liberty to do that! Don't know how so many of you
    keep going when you really can't seem to function?

    So great to see so many of the "Newbies" back today. Do hope
    you are all enjoying as much being here as we "Oldies" are
    having you a part of it all!

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to see so many people on the porch today and newbies too ( at least to the porch).

    I have a luncheon meeting tomorrow so may check in tomorrow morning or afternoon. Have to do some cleaning around here. Have a meeting over here abaout a possible Alaska trip this year,.

    Gotta run to see the news and go to bed. DH just got home.

    Glad you made it Candy (YC1) today. Nite nite to all.

    Hugs all around to everyone !

  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I guess I beat you all to the punch and am getting one last post in before you close 191.

    Today is really cold out, about 15-20 degrees. However, it is not raining or snowing so that is good.

    Hope you all have a great relaxing day. I am going to try to especially after my long day yesterday. I am still at work but I can at least take it easy today, for the moment anyway, unless something comes up.

    My hip and knees are really bothering me today, I guess because of the cold. I had to take one of my tramadols, which i hate taking because it makes me tired, however, I am in so much pain today I really need it.

    Today will be my day to go out to eat for lunch, now brown bagging it today. We are taking one of the girls here out for her birthday.

    Take Care All and Talk to you Later.

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Wow this porch has been hopping- Good to see so many new people here.

    As mentioned before do not feel you have to answer each and every post, that would be impossible for most of us fog heads,lol

    I spent my day yesterday relaxing on the couch with my girls, then we made some videos and I tried to downlaod to you tube over night but dropped the connection before it was done I guess, will try again later. With dial up it takes hours.

    It snowed here and I am so happy, means no mud. Yesterday was the pits with the rain and muddy paws, I have restricted their outings to the minimum.

    It is so thick, that is sticks up in between their pads, under the nails, ect. I have done more dog laundry than my

    I use a dry towel for the worst, then go back with a wet soapy wash cloth and then dry towel again,ughhhhh.

    Did anyone watch Regis and Kelly? The dog breaking the
    ballons was just too cute and her puppies where were adorable.

    Elaine- Lacey doesn't want a moat- it is just we have had so much rain here lately you can't help but have one,lol

    Bevy-glad to hear you are having some warm weather, now I am happy with the cold freezing my mud pit.

    Julie- you sure are a busy lady, I think you and Granny are about head to head now. I can't imagine what is like to make such a life changing desicion, but I am sure God will provide you a way to make this work.

    The picture of you and Den is great, is it at the resort that you got to spend a few days at? I still don't know about the out house at night, I think I would have to have a coffee can for those midnight runs,lol.

    Mickey-I feel for you having to put those long hours in, doesn't leave much energy for a life other than work.

    Georgia- I am so happy things are good for you now, sounds like you are having a good time and you deserve it. Thanks for the strawberry bread.

    Lacey did you get your rolls I brought yesterday, they are all gone this morning

    Sweetie-go glad you stopped by, I am so glad you got the rain, I would send you all the rain if I could.

    Granni planning a trip to Alaska-how exciting. I have always wanted to go there. Are you doing a cruise?

    YC1- thanks for telling us some about yourself, sorry you have so many mulitple issues, I do to but somehow manage to muddle threw most days and when I don't that is ok too.

    Linda I hope your neck is getting better, I use the lidoderm patches on my T-spine area. It is very hard to get it on, I have to stick it to the wall then back up to it and slid up and down the wall to get it to stick. I just fold the top over to stick it to the wall.

    Mrdad- glad you got the grocery's,you know you can't please everyone all the time. Send them the next time.

    Rock where for art thou???

    Will I better get busy and get some things done that I didn't get to yesterday- I did get my bills paid and drew some pics of the girls. Not a lot for a whole day.

    Hello to everyone I missed but I know you understand-Take care-Carla
  19. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Gosh the Porch sure has been busy lately. I haven't posted much on the Porch lately since I've had increased fibro pain and fog. The Porch has been so busy it makes my head spin just trying to post. LOL.

    I go in tomorrow to have some more epidural nerve root blocks done but this time instead of steroids they will be using cortisone. So, I'm preparing for a few yucky days and if it helps that will be a bonus. I just started going to this Pain Clinic which was referred from one my dr.'s It will be interesting to see if they can help more with the pain.

    Mr.Dad - Glad you finally went shopping. Mint chip ice cream is a must have in this house as well!

    LacyMae - Congrats! Oh, how precious a little girl is!

    CKBall - Hey I'll send Randy over to help you with digging those ditches. He takes orders very well! LOL. Every year he digs me either a new flowerbed or widens the existing ones. I consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful man!

    S-Elaine - Nice to see you on the Porch. I hear ya about Ebay. I need to get some stuff listed as well but a major flare has taken care of that task for this week.

    Sheepwrestler - Thank you for the recipe. My (SO) Randy loves different kinds of bread. I just made him a loaf of blueberry bread and it is so good. Strawberries are his favorite so I will be sure to add this one to my recipes.

    Rosiebud - I love rainy days....I just cuddle up in bed with my kitties and listen to the rain fall. Too bad the only thing falling lately here is SNOW and that has become a four letter word around here. Sick and tired of all the white stuff!

    Bevy2most - OMG --- 94 degrees.....that is a bit warm but heck it is better than snow.

    Lydia1 - I loved seeing the happy pic. of you and hubby! I hope you and hubby enjoy retirement! My son, Jackson, had the flu a couple of weeks ago and he was down for a good week. Poor baby!

    1sweetie - I love the sound of rain as well. Glad to hear you are getting so much needed rain.

    Granniluvsu - Holy cow, woman you are busy. You are making my head spin with all of your activity!

    YC1 - Hey, Candy it sure is nice to see you again! How is your sister doing? Sorry to hear the bad news about your shoulder --- nothing is worse than adding more to our already long list of ailments. I'm glad you found us on the porch.

    Fibromickster - Sorry to hear you are so busy at work. How do you manage to keep working with this DD? I just started the process of SSDI since I don't think I will be able to go back to work for a while.

    Lincamp - Sorry to hear you're in pain again. The epidural didn't work so great, huh? I'm so tired of snow as well. It seems when a storm system starts to move in I get horrible pain. Does the storm systems affect you as well? What a yummy dinner for your brother.....sounds so good!

    Sheepwrestler - 70 degrees sounds just heavenly! I've always wanted a rottweiler, they seem like gentle giants. Maybe, someday I will be able to get a dog, but then again if it is a large dog maybe I will have to ride it around like a pony. LOL.

  20. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    At least the sun is out here and melting some of the snow...Carla...we need a boat instead of the moat.

    Lincamp...girls are precious...more worry, but they are worth it.

    Elaine...glad to see you sitting on the porch. I got a digital camera for Christmas, can't figure out how to download to the computer yet. I want to share my puppy pics, I'll figure it out though.

    Georgia...can't even remember 70* it is in the 20's here

    YC1...have you ever went to watch the Brickyard 500? We are huge nascar fans

    Granni...think I'd be going to Hawaii. Alsaka is so cold.

    Julie...hope you don't get the nasty flu bug, daughter is having a rough time getting over it.

    CKBall...the buns were delicious. Suns out and it's starting to melt the snow. Looks like we will have more coming in a few days.

    Monica...hope all goes well with the epidural...We are really excited about the baby. Son tried to email me the pics from the ultrasound, but he is computer dumb like his momma.

    Howdy to Rock and Mr Dad and everyone else I didn't mention.

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