The Porchlight is ON Vol. 363

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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    All join hands and round you go.
    Not too fast and not too slow.

    Ladies to the center and form a star.
    Gents stay put right where you are.

    Now do-see-do and alamande right.
    The fun will last all through the night.

    Promenade home. You know where.
    Now everybody stop for a breath of air.

    Be sure and thank our band tonight, Ernie and Arlo. Alma Jean will be along later
    if Gunnar can get the pickup started.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Didn't have too much pep last weekend. Went to the market
    Saturday, the 99 cent store Sunday, and helped Gordon with
    his tax returns. That was all I had pep for.

    I was hoping to go visit my old friend Renee and see the new
    cocker puppy. Well, maybe today or tomorrow.

    Cate, have you been to Youtube to see all the squirrel videos?
    There is one that shows a fellow w/ some babies he's rehabbing.

    There must be money in printer ink. I get ads for it in the mailbox all the time.

    Mickey, where you be? Left a message for you on the previous post. How was the wedding shower?

    Georgia, what kind of tomatoes did you plant? Just read a book of memories from life on an Iowa farm during the depression. The author says the favorite tomato was the Abe Lincoln variety.

    Thank you for our kind words, Granni. I put a note by your name: Gulenbury? I don't know. Well, hope you have a Happy Gulenbury.

    Gordon plants peppers now and then. No matter what variety it is, he says the same thing. "Oh,
    they're not hot. They're just for flavor."

    Elaine, any word on your dog? Sounds serious, but I hope it isn't.

    Better quit before this thing blows up again. Back soon.

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    Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I just can't believe how busy i am here, it is nonstop literally. This is going to have to be short as I have a bunch of stuff that has to go out the door ASAP and you all know how i hate staying past 5:00. LOL

    Rock - OMG - you are definetly the most hilarious person I know on this planet and i am not kidding. Your post on the previous porch to me was so funny. I copied it and put it here for everyone to see.

    "Don't make two dips. You work too hard already. Just make the bean dip. When your hostess says, Thanks, Mickey. Where's the crab", you smile and say, "Oh, he's home watching some ballgame."

    That would have been a perfect comeback. However, I went ahead and made both dips, they were easy and cheap to make so no big deal.

    Anywho guys/gals, i need to get back to work so I will try and come back later if i can get this stuff out the door.

    Love you all,

  4. Granniluvsu

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    It just seems like that is what my life has been lately - lots of this and that and never getting anything or very much finished. I search all over for my Easter decorations (not that I hae much) but I could find very few. So, I changed the dinig room tablecloth to one looking more springy and did some moe wash. Yes JULIE I think you have been dropping your wash in on me again. DH took me out for a chopped beef brisket sandwich which was pretty good. Then, I came homeand fixed my music for the performance this afternooon at one of the local nurshing homes. I have to do that also for my church music. I only got that about 1/2 done or so. I also need to dist but I hope to do some of that tomorrow. Easter dinner will be at our house so have to clean it up some (-!!

    Geoergia - sorry to hear abaout the problems with your old doc and hope now that you will get back in the groove. I too an hypothyroid and take meds. Was hoping that would help my FM. Maybe it did a little bit but the aches and pains are still there. Hope the rest is helping "Grandpa".

    Cate and Julie - my son is also epileptic ahd had taken Dilantin for manyy years. He probbly took it to long and is now taking something else. Don't know when he has had his last Grand Mal seizure. If he did he wouldn;t tell me. There were times when he would not tkae his med and probably just hoped it would all go away. However, it is still there !!

    Cate - Hope you are feeeling better. Yes we did get a new printer but DH is waiting for DS to come and set it us. I know he could do it but it would probably take him alot longer . He is a smart guy but technical things and putting things together is not his strong point - mine neither but I have more patience (-: !!

    Julie - you have so much going on with yourself sweetie and you are still worrying about everyone else (-: ! I posted to you and o others on the Worship Board yesterday I think. Thee is also another I thought I posted and is not thee or at least I cannot find it. Gee, I wish that search feature we are supposed to have on the boards worked. My rain has left the building. I do like to read on the Worship board and have noticed some of the problems and missed the last fuss but I can guess what it was about. Hope you will not leave there, you have a cool head and explain things better than I would. I just came backk from thee trying to find my original post. Oh well - gone froever probably ! Hope all goes well with everyone during this busy week for you.

    Big hi and hugs to all I cannot take the time to mention. Please do know that I do love and miss you all. Special hugs to those MIA inc MrDad, Joan, Swettie , Monica and those busily taking careof their loved ones inc pets like ELAINE and their homes like Carla.

    MICKEY - Take care of yourself and dont wear yourself out at work.



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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm back. Took me an hour and twenty minutes to get here. Had to sign in 5 times. Couldn't get
    a Reply Button. Messages wouldn't open. Landsakes! as my great aunt Anna used to say. Sometimes
    she said "Land O Goshan".

    Georgia, what does Bertha look like in your mind? I picture Bertha as a plump, comfortable
    grandma type. But I looked it up. There were some Saints and a couple Queens named Bertha:
    England and Norway.

    Perhaps the name will become popular again. All it would take is some rapper named Bertha. Or
    maybe Madonna will adopt twins and name them Tiffany and Bertha.

    Springwater, I put two more Little Lulu books on hold. Seems to me whenever I watched a garden show
    and salvia was mentioned, it was always blue. Didn't know it came in any other colors. I read it
    is related to sage, or maybe the same thing. Well, I don't know. Doesn't look the same to me.

    Julie, here's a little joke. You can decide if it's suitable for your father in law. Should he seem a little
    nervous before the carpal tunnel surgery, tell him to "Get a grip!"

    Found a book on the net yesterday called "Barns of Iowa". Has photos and text. It said about
    a thousand barns disappear from Iowa each year. Who woulda thought there were that many to
    begin with?! Tried to get it from the library, but for some reason they don't have a copy.

    How old is Jackson, Monica? I hope he comes home with wonderful memories of his trip.

    Cate, Vienna sausages?! Peanut butter?! What is this guy's name? Jethro? Purvis? Gomer?
    Land O Goshan!!!

    Did you get to Youtube yet, Jole. It has all kinds of wonderful videos, but often they won't play or
    they freeze up.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot:

    Go to the above to see an interview w/ a fascinating woman. Mayor of a city that is NOT in debt. She
    is serving her 11th term! Her name is Hazel McCallion, I think. You can read about her on

    Should be of special interest to you, Georgia, and to Jean who is, I think, from Toronto.

    Well, let's see if this will post.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I began a post last night here and guessed it, after a para the lights went off.

    Im still in a funk. But not such a great one as i couldnt make it to cousins home with aunt and all. I did go. Even managed to bathe, feed the doggies and go buy some eatables to take her before aunt and her daughters came to get me. We had to take my husbands car because theirs was being used elsewhere.

    One married daughters family car was being used by her mom in law and sis in law. So Aunt was teary and full of woe because she thinks her daughter is being oppressed in that joint family. They wont let her take a job and even scolded her when she wrote an article for a lifestyle magazine.

    But she didnt show any signs of sadness. She exclaimed over my mulberry tree and the fruit and started gathering mulberries in a plastic bag to 'make jam'. She told me why dont you make jam! all this fruit! I looked at her hopelessly and just smiled. How do i tell her for a person who is feeling disinclined to even wash her face and do necessary chores, 'making jam' is the furthest thing from said persons mind.

    Anyways we all went off and we spent what would have been a fantastic time at their married sisters home. She has a such a beautiful home, just like married sis no.2 but unlike married sis no. 2, also has a wonderful loving husband and joint family. She had made meat dumplings and rice and some dishes altho she and her hubby are veggies. We went all over her extensive gardens and she even took us to visit her own two sis in laws houses which are built in the same compound..but each with a private railing and garden. She only let us go after a quick dinner of chicken noodles and tortilla type bread and potato curryand all of us were feeling so stuffed coz we had just had lunch.

    I enjoyed it but was aware throughout that i was not 100 percent there. My brain is so foggy that at home, i left the gas stove on for a good hour while i took my bath...and later i found i had not switched off the iron...(altho since lights werent there, it didnt make a difference :)!!!
    Hahahaha. I hope my brain clears soon before i make some big foggy mistake that really costs me.

    Well, the hubby has returned and i shall go heat his lunch. I might go out to take the air and clear the head a little. maybe it wil do me good. Shall hitch a ride into town from DH.

    Elaine - praying your doggie doesnt have any serious illness.

    Cate - I thought i read about you having a scary episode with a neighbours dog and hope you ve recovered well enough and from that snarky lady. I didnt know where to look for the post to reply to it. So posting it here.

    Everybody hugs to you

    God Bless

    PS I was looking up my old diaries and found i always have a nasty episode of the blues during March/April....hmmmmm.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You should see our kitchen. It has been transformed into a thing of beauty by a vase of
    cymbediums. Some are pink and white and some are yellow w/ maroon spots on the lip.
    And, Ripley's Believe it or Not, one of the flowers has a double lip. Each stem has 10-12
    flowers the size of a tennis ball.

    Gordon was busy in the kitchen making dim sum-piroges yesterday. Similar to the
    kolaches we recently discussed. He made a filling of mashed potato and cheese. Sounded
    good to me, but he wasn't happy with them. I haven't had a chance to taste them yet, but
    I figure anything w/ potatoes must be pretty good.

    Cate, I have the same problem with days and dates. Part of it is due to not working, and part of
    it is Alzheimer's. I do know today is Wednesday though. It is the day to go to the library and the
    day to apply my B12 patch.

    Did you ever hear of carnivorous squirrels? I read somewhere they sometimes kill and eat baby
    birds. Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees can be carnivorous too.

    Springwater, I don't think I have ever seen a mulberry tree. Looked on the net. Says they come
    in three flavors: red, white and black. The berries are enjoyed by birds, other animals and people.

    Never had mulberry jam either. Soon as you get some pep back you can make some and
    bring it to the porch.

    Julie, a lot of people have been saying they can't post on the new board. Would like to see Keira, the
    race car driver. I hope you will get some NRG soon too. You've been kinda droopin' for
    a while now. I know you are weary of bein' weary.

    My brother in LeRoy just sent me a DVD of his grandkids. Or did I already post that. Landsakes!
    Can't remember nothin' these days.

    One of their cousins was playing with them. All boys w/ blond hair and blue eyes. Minnesota is the
    land of 10,000 lakes, lefse and Norskies.

    Mickey, I told Gordon you thought I was funny. He said, "Wait till she meets me." We'll see
    what he says when I relay Cate's comment.

    Well, let's see if this will post. If you hear a loud scream, you'll know it didn't.


    Ok, hasn't posted so far. Dum-de-dum....

    OK again. I posted an addendum and now I'm cutting and pasting same. Good Night Shirt!
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Julie, I make all kinds of errors in my posts and e mails. Then I proofread. Then I proofread some
    more. Then I still have errors.

    Anyway I'm sure you figured out I was talking about problems with posting Pictures. Several
    people said they couldn't do it anymore.

    Georgia, glad to hear there was no midnight cooking. For some reason that sounds like a book
    about ghosts in New Orleans. Also reminds me of Patsy Cline.

    Was reading a bio of Patsy. She absolutely refused to record Walking After Midnight. Said it
    was a pop tune, not a country tune. The book says she was finally persuaded (ordered) to do it.
    Was her first hit.

    Cate, Bingo! Now I remember: Linstrom and the lake country. The coffee pot water tower. It
    all (or at least some) comes back to me. Welcome back.

    When I was a kid the Libby plant in Rochester had a water tower shaped and painted like an ear
    of corn. It was still there the last time I was in Rochester. The Libby plant is something else
    now. Doesn't have a name; just some initials on the main building.

    And Dayton's, the biggest and most important dept. store on Rochester's main street is gone. The
    building is still there, but it's something else too.

    When Thomas Wolfe said, "You Can't Go Home Again", he really meant you can go there, but it's
    all different. You ever tried to read Thomas Wolfe? He's supposed to be a great writer, but
    I sure can't get through more than a few pages.

    Well, see if this will post w/o going thru two falls outta three.


  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    FIrst I want to tell Granni I am so sorry for the lose of your freind, but now she is in peace.

    Elaine I hope your doggie will be ok, I know how hard it is to watch them suffer and dread the day I out live my girls. I know you will fo the right thing for you furbie.

    Well good news- I HAVE A ROOF ON and I didn't have to do it. I made a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere when I went to the metal place to order it and met a man that resuced me and did a great job and did it for a great price, I am very happy. I still have to get the roof on the deck as we ran out of time, the weather was turning nasty. He will come back next week to finish.

    I have still been fighting the cold and chest thing and other personal things too. I won't be going to PA, my daughter has many issues of her own that she needs to work out on her own, so I am stepping back. I feel her marriage is failing and she is too ashamed to admit it and can't hide the truth from me if I am in her life so she has shut me out. Not much I can do but accecpt it and move on with my life.

    The same day I talked to my daughter I found out my art freind Diane told me her husband has lung cancer that has went to his brain and only has a few months at best. They are a wonderful couple and have had a blessed life so she is grateful for what they have had.

    He had a chest exray in Oct that showed up a small spot on his left rib but radioolgy said it was a artifact or flaw in the film and to not to worry. That small spot is a large mass now. She is the one that had back surgery last year and wore a body cast them rolled her car and reinjured her back, broke her right hand and injured her shoulder.

    She is a RN and may not be able to go back to work and she loved her job so she has been depressed and they went on a trip the week before and while gone he started feeling bad so they came home. The next day he was acting odd and uncordinated so she took him to the ER.

    They admitted him and she asked for a chest xray and the mass was discovered, he was having brain swelling which caused his problems. He was fine the week before, then over night it all changed. I feel so bad for them, they are truly wonderful people.

    I also found out the same day, that my half sister that lives hours from me has leukemia, she said it is the "good" kind and is taking it in stride, she is a incrediably strong woman of faith. So that is why I haven't been here.

    I am doing better, but it was a rough week but getting my roof on was a big help, so this week I am just taking it easy and am working on a new art peice.

    I have peeked in from time to time but just was't able to respond to everyone.

    Cate i spoke to one of my mother's friend this week and they cut a tree down a month ago and saved a baby squirell and did talk to a vet and has been taking care of it and is looking at a sanctuary that takes these little cuties in, she is so in love with her but knows she can't raise her and let her go, I thought of you when she was telling me this. I hope you are recovering from your incident and are feeling better.

    Georgia sounds like you and grandpa are having a time too, you must have posted about a neuro appt then deleted it, I hope you or he won't have to have surgery. How is Urs doing, stealing any more fish??

    Julie busy as ever taking care of everyone, I hope you can get some rest too and get back to yourself, would love to see the pic of your independant Keira.

    Springwater I have the same depression in Oct and hope you get threw it sooner rather than later. Glad you are able to still get out and socialize with your family.
    I loved your pictures, beautiful place you live in.

    Jole hope it warms up your way and you are able to get out and enjoy the warm sun on your tired bones. I did get out on Sun and worked outside and it did feel good then it turned cold and snowed 2 days later, not much but from 80 to 20's in to two days is a bit extreme.

    Rock always appreciate your humor and sorry your puter has been a real pain, it does take the joy of it sometimes. Your perogies sound good but have never had one. Glad the flowers brightened your kit and day

    Mickey did you get the prom thing worked out? Are you doing a Easter dinner with the family?

    Well I better post this before I lose it, Marvin just called and is on his way to finish working on my cart, it runs great but the brakes need work so I need to get ready.

    I will try to be back more often, I really am ok, just trying to stay busy and can't wait for the weather to warm up, we have only taken one ride on the cart due to the weather.

    Hello to everydobby else I didn't mention to any newcomers I did see a few new names just jump right on in and tell us about yourselves. Take care and know I think about you all and miss you very much- Carla
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to everydobby,

    Sorry but not much time to check in with everyone individually. Have so much to do with my music to great ready for tonights practice. Then we send every day till Easter. I could sing Easter but Ill be having company and would not be able to fix dinner for all.

    Hope all are doing well that have not posted. Georgia glad you survived your doc appt.

    Julie - is runnung around without her head as usual.

    Rock - I forgot to tell you thanks for starting us up with a gteat call , now that it is almost time to start another one (-: !

    Mickey - I am sure youwill have a fun Easter. Hope you survive work and all the x tra stuff since they et others go.

    Carla and Elaine - Hope you are both having some fun and doing a bit of relaxing. Maybe a ride on the golf card Carla? Elaine, be good my dear and enjoy.

    Don't now what else to say since I am not sure how much I will be popping in on you al this week. To much to do and I had better go do something.

    Hi there CATE !!

    Hope all are feeling and doing as well as expected.

    Love to all,

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I got my meds. It has taken three weeks and the combined incompetence of the
    doctor's office and the pharmacy, but I finally got them.

    Well, good, so you're happy at last. Not really. I got 30 days
    supply. Was supposed to be 90 days supply. It's time to start the charade all over again.

    The good news is Gordon also brought home a huge yellow
    cake. Unlike most of the stuff from the supermarket bakeries, this is from Costco and
    actually has some flavor. I have already had a slice and a half.

    And now, boys and girls, here is today's riddle. What do surgery, golf and cake all have in common?

    Used to be a poster here who frequently posted riddles. As
    you would expect, can't remember her name.

    The landlord was here for almost two hours yesterday. He
    was wrestling w/ the plumbing in the kitchen. Had to put in
    some new pipes and drains.

    Jule, do you make tater tot hot dish? I am a son of the
    middle boarder; like hot dishes and bars for dessert. My sister
    sent me an article from the Rochester paper a couple years ago.
    They were selling tater tot hotdish on a stick at the MN State
    Fair. Came w/ a cup of dipping sauce which I suppose was
    mushroom soup.

    Glad you like the square dance call, Granni. I have no patent,
    copyright or infringement. You can do the same yourself.

    I have an uncle in MN who is an orthodox Lutheran, but his wife (who comes
    from a family full of Lutheran pastors) is
    not. She said she and another aunt are going to observe the
    Eastern Easter (which is a week later).

    I suggested they just do like the ancient pagans and dance naked on the grass. One is
    80 and the other is in her 90s. With the
    late snows this year, I doubt there is any grass in MN.

    If they actually do same, it will probably show up on Youtube.
    I'll keep you informed.

    Carla, what are the roads like where you and the girls take
    your outings? They look like dirt roads in the videos. Are
    they too muddy to use right now?

    That's great that you found a serendipitous roofer. Hope the
    job is soon finished.

    Anbody solve the riddle? The answer is "Slice".

    All for now

  12. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I thought I would hurry up and get on here before I get bombarded for the day. I was here until about 6 last night trying to get caught up. Whewww, have to do whatever to get the job done. Then when i got home Lindsay and I went to Dilliards and got the most beautiful dress for Prom. It was quite expensive but she offered to pay 1/2 which i thought was fair. She has really turned around since that incident we went through. Oh and by the way, I met the boy she is going with and he is a really well mannered, clean cut kid and Lindsay and him are just friends. She doesn't like him as a boyfriend or anything. Also, one of her best friends is going so she will know others there as well.

    I also ordered her class ring finally. Been waiting to order it becuase of funds. We did get Ashley one so it was only fair that Lindsay got one too, plus I never got one and wished i would have so I am glad that they are able to get a class ring.

    Her camp dues are also due, geez where am i going to get all this money????? I am going to try and go through my church to see if i can get a discount. This camp is wonderful and she has been going to it for about 6 years (except last year). I don't know if you remember but was cancelled last years because she had gotten into trouble. She was devastated, but that is what happens when you don't do the right things in life, you definetly are not going to get rewarded. This camp is a methodist camp (we are not methodist) and they prayer nightly around a campfire under the stars. They also do a lot of fun things, hiking, swimming in lake, etc...... you know all that camp stuff.

    Ashley has been doing awesome at school, so far she has all A's in her classes (only a month left) and has still been working the 3 jobs, 12 hour shifts at hospital every other Sat, Sun, & Monday, Lowes hardware and Bass Pro Hunting Store. My hubby has also just registered her last night at our community college by us for her to take a couple of online classes during the summer, that way she won't have to spend triple to take them at the College in Columbia next semester. It just wears me out all that she does, but then I do have to remember she is only 18.

    Well as you can tell, I am a little proud of my girls and that is probably all i ever talk about, but they are the apples of my eye and if it weren;t for them I probably wouldn't have anything to talk about. LOL

    Carla, you sure have been going through a lot, I am so sorry about your daughter, you friends and your sister. No wonder you have been down girl. I have an idea, why don't you take a trip here to my neck of the woods and have Easter with me and my family. I guarantee a great time and great food. We are all down to earth people that is for sure. It is not that far of a drive from Kentucky ( i think that is where you are). I would love to have you and i really mean it. I feel as if i have known you forever so you would just fit right in.

    Yes all, I am having Easter with all the families again. I thought my sister was going to do it since she finally got a house, but no, her husband doesn't want to, and she can't afford, lol. That is funny, she goes out to the bars EVERY weekend and gets to go on vacations at least once a year. I know this because i watch her daughter a lot on weekends, which i don't mind that because i love that little girl so much and I am her favorite Aunt Picky (yes that is what she calls me). My family hasn't been on a vacation in 3 years and can barely afford to go out to dinner once a month. LOL Oh well, whatever. I want to see my family so I am going to have it. My hubby family is coming over too, so it will be a house full. I am only making my famous fruit salad and that is it. Everyone else is bringing stuff and i think we are going to get KFC chicken.

    We also have our annual easter egg hunt for the little ones too, they just love that. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and just being happy for a change with my family. It has been since Xmas I think since we have all gotten together.

    Well I am done talking about myself now.

    Rock you stumped me on that riddle, does it have something to do with cutting?????

    Oh geez, i am being paged, gotta go. Love you all, I will be back.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Cate – Father what a waste! Hahahahaha. That was a scream. Reminded me of the handsome vicar in the English comedy series ‘Keeping Up Appearances’…who often gets into trouble with his wife because the parish ladies fancy him. I hope its wasn’t anything serious this health scare of yours. I have an aversion towards hospitals maybe because the last two times I was there, were stressful in the extreme, caring for parents who succumbed to cancer.

    Mickey – I can understand your pride in Ashley and Lindsey. I would be over the moon if my own kids achieved all A’s. My daughters stumbling block last semester was soemthing called Transnationalism which she had never taken here and she said it bored her to bits. My son? Well to be honest, Im happy when he passes all his subjects, heh heh.
    But I am training myself not to have panic attacks over his academic performances…just guide and help him do the best he can and leave it in the Almightys hands.

    Rock – oh my mulberry tree is a major feeding magnet for all sorts of birds. Sparrows, mynahs and crows. I noticed crows come at around 3pm and theres a major feast then.They are really clannish. Theres like 20/30 of them at a time.

    I just saw on Animal Planet some kind of apes tearing to pieces another primate of a different kind and eating…it was a young one…and very startling and blood curdling to see a species eating one of their own. Nature is cruel.

    Georgia – glad to hear the Ambien is working. It really does seem to be a wonder drug from what ive read on these boards. Seems like Ursula likes to push your buttons sometimes just like my Tinku does. She just chewed the back part of my sons sneakers today morning. Now they are of no use.

    Carla – good to see you drop in. Great to hear about the roof. I don’t really understand why your daughter retreats away because of her circumstances…mums and dads never care about those, they love their kids any how, which way, I pray your girl soon sees this.

    Granni – what what comprises of Easter decorations? I love these traditions there. I am going to see if I can buy an easter egg this year. Last year they didn’t have them and when I asked they said they thought the boss forgot to order easter eggs made.

    Julie – what a day you had! All that driving. I hope lil Keira soon gets over her cold. You are right, we should cherish every phase of our lives..and try and make something of each to look back with fondness when we get older.

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im glad to report my bout of extreme lethargy of body and spirits lifted this afternoon.
    (I spent most of the morning/early afternoon on my bed doing breathing exercises and meditation). But pouf! What a relief to come back to the land of the normal if late in the day.

    I took advantage of the burst of energy and bathed Poopsie, and put some medicine on her back, she is coming out in a rash there. And handwashed sons pants. My middle brother came bringing his son and daughter with him and I made them pancakes. He and nephew left and niece stayed behind. My husbands uncle came with two people for some measuring of the wall or something, but they didn’t stay…admired my garden and then left.

    Yesterday, I had a good long walk in the touristy side of town. My husband asked me where should he drop me and I told him “I don’t care, I don’t know”…I was so depressed and tired….i forced myself to go out in case I hit myself on the head with the frying pan to make my sluggish brain cells activate themselves. He tut tutted and told me oh you are going to be a tourist in your own town? And let me off near where he had a meeting…from there I walked and reached a bookstore, good idea..browsing there took my mind off a little..and on way back I stopped at a little place where a boy was making and selling falafel with chicken and other things….it said Israeli food. Lots of foreigners clamouring for the stuff so I threw in my lot and ordered 3 chicken falafel. It’s a yeast bread wrapping with fried chicken/veggies and different kinds of sauces on it which you get to choose which you want. I also saw the sauerkrat we talked sorts of veggies in jars including whole cucumbers. A young foreigner asked me ‘you like this israeli food? I said I didn’t know. But I wasn’t in mood to talk. My husband absolutely loved the falafel.

    Today my elder brother phoned and asked me if I was all right and told me today is a holy day, (its Full Moon and signifies something) and I should go to the monastery, but it was too late for I just lit a butter lamp and prayed. He kept askingme if I was all right and I wondered if he had a bad dream about me. My father used to hav these dreams and would phone me and ask me to take care of myself. I remember one unsettling incident when my father told me to be careful he had seen me covered with sores….i told him I was absolutely fine, (I was) and not to worry. A week later, I came down with one of the severest & longlasting episodes of depression I ever experienced. He also kept seeing dead relatives in his dreams and a month later was diagnosed with cancer. He died five months later.

    Well, I am ful of pep right now, so I will take advantage and go iron. And maybe clean although it is 10:30pm. I remember once I got the urge to clean at 11pm and the hubs thought I was mad when he saw me mopping and wiping our bedroom. Who knows, I may feel like a dead zombie again tomorrow morn so I better take advantage now. A dead zombie is a zombie who is dead AND cant walk around for those who don’t know.

    God Bless all you dear porchies, including Elaine, Jole, Linda, Monica and others who are yet to come on
  15. jole

    jole Member

    I waited a bit to hopefully not jump into the middle of Spring's cont. post, but haven't seen it come up yet and thought if her electricity is gone I may be waiting for awhile.

    It's been good to read about everyone and feel like I'm back up to date, but have been having another bad headache and just hurting worse. I'm finally thinking it's because of one of my meds...called my doc...and had a heck of a time getting it changed. Thought of you, Rock.

    When the pharmacy finally sent my med to me, it was a completely different med than I was suppose to get. Called back to the doc...they tried to blame it onto my pharmacist, so I called him. He said he had gotten the one script a few days before (even before I called the doc) and the other one saying to disregard the first after he had already sent it to me.

    I hate it when no one will 'fess up to making a mistake...after all, we all make them! It's a good thing I caught it, 'cause it was the antidepressant that had sent me to the bottom of the pit the last time! They have it in my records that I can't take it...both places, so I'm not sure how it slipped by both of them. At any rate, I finally got the right one and hope to be improving before long.

    It sounds as though everyone's spirits are improving a little...a roof on, flowers blooming, family gatherings ahead, baby squirrels, etc. Me, I'm still hoping for the wind to quit blowing, some rain, and warm weather. I really don't ask for much.....

    Hope to be back soon. Love to all***Jole***

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say hi to EVERYDOBBY . I really need to go study some of my music for tonight. So much new stuff this year with the new director. She is also a composer as well as director. She expects more results out of us ! Work !!! I do like her though. Then I really should also do some mroe dusting and sometime I need to vacuum. MICKEY AND JULIE WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU (-: !!

    Glad to hear from almost everybody. Not to much is new here. DH did take me to lunch though and so I do not have to cook much before going to church tonight. I have to be there early - 6:30.

    Sorry but I cannot remember what everydobby has said and really need to get off here before all the time has gone.

    Not sure I will see much of you all this week end but will try and pop in when I can.

    Elaine - sorry but I forgot about your doggie and hope he/she will be OK. Please let us know. I had forgotten to mention it to you when I posted last..

    CARLA - Hope you get to feeling better soon and getthe roof on your porch.

    Early Easter blessings to you all, inc those MIA !


  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, DH is out shopping and I am here typing and not even d dressed yet for the day.

    Have to going again this afternoon for Good Friday. All this running around is a hassle but it is whAt little back I feel I can do for HIM. At least it is the afaternoon and not evening so can stay home Then, maybe I can check in again if I am not doing something else.(-: !

    Georgia - Gee tht doggie Urlula is such a food asatcher. Better be carefyuk and start hiding all edibles and put way out of reach. I am guessing she is a pretty big dog. Naughty girl eating your cookies.

    Mickey and Juiie- you cn pop in any time to help me vacuum and dust. Julie, tht tater tot casserole would have been great when all my kids were home now it sounds like a pretty big casserole. It does sound wonderful but not enough people around here to eat it or it would take awhile. It does sound yummy though. Mickey - stay cool hope all gets done at work so you can go home. Gotta go get dressed and so something worthwhile around here before I have to go back to church.

    Rock - I liked your call last time but if I made up my own it wouldn't sound so good. Sorry, I forgot what else you and all had mentioned .So, I had better get outta here and get dress. Boy am I lazy. Just listening to JULIE's plans I am tired out.

    SSpringwater - You were asking about decorations. For some reason this year I cannot find most of mine which is realy very little. I have a basket of colored eggs on my DR table and a little nest with some little eggs i it (not real and a funny looking Easter bunny type scarecrow hanging in the DR also. I can't find my Easter Egg Tree or my Easter candle. Sure I had a few other little things but I hid them in a very good place as iuaul. I may never find them again. I don;t think I have to many doecorations for Easter though.

    Elaine - how is that doggie doing. Hope she/he will be OK. Found out anything new yet?

    Early Happy Easter to all,



    Just know I am thinking of you all . More hopefully later on. Everyboddy gettin ready for Easter.

    [This Message was Edited on 04/10/2009]

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