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    Rosin on the bow and here we go!

    Ya ready, folks? Then here we go.
    Not too fast and not too slow.

    Bow and courtesy; Gals go round.
    Gents stay put. Feet on the ground.

    Then doe-see-doe and allamande right.
    Turn around; we'll dance all night.

    Wave to the caller; wave to the band.
    Now form a chain, hand over hand.

    Honor your partner, corners all.
    Wave to Aunt Myrtle across the hall.

    Around once more and all...go...home!

    Caller: Dave Boe
    Fiddle: Junior Myron
    Accordion: Iola Bolin
    Washboard: Ralph Oleson
    Piano: Gert Harstad

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  2. rockgor

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    My poor mind is fast fading away. Yesterday I
    put on my vitamin B12 patch. I wear one behind
    the ear (which ear? Oh, I just pick one at random.) anyway, wear the patch one day a week.

    Only I promptly forgot I had it on and took a shower and washed my hair. Didn't get much
    benefit outta that patch.

    Then a friend sent Gordon a happy birthday wish which reminded me that I had forgotten his birthday again. I thought of it 2 weeks ago, but
    forgot about it on the day in question.

    And yesterday I bought gas. Had to go to 3 gas stations and wait in line. The joy of living in a vast metropolis.

    And, of course, the computer was sulky and recalcitrant. But that's pretty much a constant.

    Enjoyed the pictures, Carla. That one of the roller coaster looks like a snake rearing up. I used to go on roller coasters when I was young and foolish. Now that I'm old and foolish, I don't.

    I'd still be willing to go on the spinning teacups though.

    Julie, there is nothing like the fun of picking colors to bring the family together. Did you know men can only perceive 7 colors? The average woman can perceive 14 shades of white: bone, ivory, eggshell, offwhite, kindawhite, sortawhite, dirtywhite, etc.

    Women know colors men have never heard of:
    mauve, taupe, ecru, smoke, dusty fawn, forest
    moss, concord grape, anti-establishmint, bruised purple, thanks vermillion, etc.

    Pippi, tell your neighbor he is absolutely right and smart as a whip. Or, perhaps in this case we should say, "smart as a whippet".

    Georgia, I am wondering if the brat will notice
    the cuzins puttin' dead fish in her drawers. I
    applaud your behavior which is assertive without
    being aggressive.

    Good ta see ya again, Monica.

    Have to come back and finish this later. Well,
    I could hardly finish it earlier.

  3. Pippi1313

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    You should add a special square dance call just for me:

    "round & round she goes
    Here comes Pippi, Watch your TOES!!!"

    LOL! That's what I say when I get on a crowded elevator in my "BratMobile", cuz it's so much heavier than my manual wheelchair.

    The "watch your toes" part, I mean. :D

    Good mornin' porch peeps!
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    Pippi, yes, my doggy did fully recover. He is like a baby to me, a big 99 lb one. LOL. When I was growing up i always had small dogs until i got married and my hubby only agreed to getting a dog if it was a lab. Boy and i glad i agreed, he is so so loveable more than any other dog i ever had and he is MY dog for sure.

    I am sorry you are treated that way, it is horrible how the system works. You have a wonderful attitude about it. I bet your parents and brothers are so proud of you.

    Rock - great opening of the porch. Gosh, 3 gas stations, i am surprised you didn't run out of gas trying to find gas. Poor baby, that is horrible. I can totally understand why you want to move. I can see you in a country setting somewhere where it is quiet and lots of kitty cats around. I hope you get to do that.

    Julie - Don't wear yourself out painting and working your hiny off.

    Springwater - So, son has a girlfriend, that may be good you know. Sometimes the boys will grow up a little when they have a girlfriend so that could be a good thing. Have you met her yet???? Do you like her????? Oh, and i loved the joke, that was great. I always wondered why guys do that., LOL

    Elaine - good luck with the surgeon today, i am sure he/she will put your mind at ease.

    Well, porchies, the rehearsal dinner was really good last night. When Lindsay and I were walking in it looked liike it was about ready to storm, when we left and headed back to the car the sun was out and it was beautiful.

    Tomorrow for the wedding the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 80's, perfect for a wedding. I am in charge of putting all the flowers on the jackets for the guys and helping decorate the reception. Oh boy, fun for me.

    Ashley will be home today so that is good i can't wait to see her. She will be home for a week and a half.

    Talk about country setting, her and 2 other girls will be moving into their new house on 9 acres ( i think that is right). Perfect for her. The rent is only 825 p/month split 3 ways. Much cheaper than staying in the dorms for college. She is so excited. I can't wait to see it.

    Julie i think it is close to where your SIL lives, outside of Columbia, MO.

    Have a wonderful day Porchies and Peepers, i will check back in later, love ya all.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am up and atem this morning as I have be out and about on a tour with our decorating group. I even had to fuss with makeup which I do not necessarily do, unliess I am actually going to see people that I know and do not want to scare them : !! I am writing quickly so I can get this done before I leave.

    Rock - thanks for the call and the great job starting us up again. We, at least I always need as much help as I can get. Tey not to worry so about some of the lapses in memory as well as other things going wrong. Not much you can do about the long line at the gas station for one. I amsways seem to have some problem with computer soo so do not feel to badly about that one either. As far as forgetting I am pretty good at that myself - the forgetting part !!

    Wish I could remember what everyone said in the last volume. Geez !!! Here is my attempts!!

    Julie - Have fun painting my dear. You are alot better than I. Plus you are also younger . It is all I can do to clean or do anything at my house let alone someone else's. I know you will do a great job. What color did you decide to paint Grandpa's room?? I am glad DH likes topaint plus also is no longer working. Nowas could I do much painting,maybeafew spots, a little at a time.

    Springwater -glad you are doing better with your ups and downs. Hope they are more ups than downs. I know that I do not acatually get depressed but I do get very frustrated with the constant pain and I am sure I take itout out DH at times. It gets me mad sometimes too that he seems to forget I have this constant pain. Gee, I surely do wish that I had loads of money so we could hire people to do do the stuff that is hard for me to do anymore - the stuff that usually sits there and waits for me like cleaning blinds, cleaning cabinets, and of course washing floors and bathrooms.

    Georgia - glad that you are doing OK dealing with all those disfunctional people at work. Yes, I am sure it has got to be very hurtful when youhear people say things about you that are not flattering Talk about rude, and esp when that person doesn't even really know you that well. Like my mom used to say - if you cant say something nice don't say anything at all. I know sometimes that is hard not to esp when others arre saying not to nice things about you. I just can't imagine some of these people. Try and stay cool sweetie. We al love you - your wit, knowledge and just being plain nice. How many days did you say you have to work there. Hope it isn;t much !! Good grief !!

    Mickey - Hope the wedding goes well this weekend and don;t wear yourself out decorating.

    Carla - Hope you are doing well after your trip. It sounded so neat. I know you lved seeing your daughter and Haley again. Watcha up to now - more painting and catchup work ??

    Elaine - Hi there sweetie. You busy sewing now or what? I forgot when you said your guests will be coming to visit and for how long they will be staying. I think you lil bro was supposedly there for the duration (hope that works out well for you, however it turns out). Yes, keep on practicing your cartwheels and your singing and dancing. Maybe he won't like it and will leave :) !!

    Linda - Hope you are doing well after your surgery.

    Hi to all inc Pippi, Cate, Joan, Sweetie, Monica, Marta, and everydobby else.



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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Extra verse:

    Back and forth and round she goes.
    Here comes Pippi. Watch your toes!

    Hey, Monica, how far north did you go? When I lived in Minnesota we used to
    have northern pike or wall-eyed pike. Delicious! Northern Minnesota was a paradise
    for hunters and fishermen. Not good farming country. Thousands of lakes and woods.
    I worked up there for one year as a social worker. Lots of Chippewa Indians.
    Lots of poverty. Wonder if it's changed in the last half century.

    Hope you are recovering from your fall. I haven't fallen, but I wobble a lot now.
    Drop things. Spill things. Maybe we should go around w/ pads; pillows strapped on?

    Granni, is your reunion going to be in Disney World? I looked up admission prices.
    $80 for an adult. $67 for a kid. That's almost $300 for a family of four. I bet
    Walt would be horrified.

    Did you know Walt had an apartment at Disneyland? It was on Main Street above the
    fire house. National Geographic ran a picture of it decades ago.

    Mickey, I WAS afraid of running out of gas. I had meant to get some 3 days ago
    when I went to the market, but I got confusiated. Didn't find the market and
    forgot about buying gas.

    I don't keep much gas in my car. It's been broken into a dozen times or so. I
    figure there's no sense keeping gas in the tank for the benefit of thieves. Now I
    don't bother to lock it. Saves on replacing windows.

    I looked up the Lewis and Clark restaurant. Looks like a nice place. I assume it's
    named after Jerry Lewis and Clark Kent. Haha. Ok, fellow brain foggers. Who is
    it really named after. Hint: St. Louis, MO. 'Nother hint: Louisiana Purchase.
    Got it?

    Speaking of attacks while walking the dog, Gordon was walking Zippy (around 16 lbs)
    one night when a patrol car pulled up alongside of him. Cop asked, "Did you know
    you're being stalked by two coyotes?"

    Yes, Gordon did. He always carries a 5' metal pole to ward off attackers.

    Jole, Oh, I know that joke where you forget the punchline. In fact, I know a lot of them.

    What do you mean you stayed out of it? You did not. Anyhoo, thank you for your kind
    words of support. It's harvest time now? Is this winter wheat? It grows in the snow?

    I'd look it up, but don't want to lose my post.

    Julie, good luck outrunning a headache. What do you think the outcome would be if
    life were fair with regard to headaches? Ok, Folks. Decide on your answer before
    reading on.

    Pippi, I haven't worked with personal injury lawsuits for about 30 years, but most
    cases have some value. If only to end the expense of litigation. E.g., it's cheaper to
    settle for $2,000 than to keep paying attorney fees of $500 every month.

    And the amount of the verdict depends on what the jury decides. And with an unpopular
    defendant, that value could get pretty high. Anyway, it's not the law or the judge
    that decides the value of a case, it's the jury. And juries tend to be emotional rather
    than rational.

    Quiz answers: Lewis and Clark explored the United States before the territory was the
    United States. Ca 1804. Assisted by Sacajawea whose namesake can be found on
    this board.

    Ok, with regard to headaches, would the alternatives below all be fair?

    Everybody has terrible headaches all the time.
    Everybody has one headache a year.
    Nobody ever has a headache.

    Now, I have to see about finishing the dishes and re-ordering some Holy Basil
    (which Gordon call Holy Moly).

  7. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Yes, is there at least a MEAL named after me????

  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    The lawyer did talk about that; the emotionalism of a jury. He said that even if a disabled person wins their case, the only issue remaining is, how much did the malpractice cost the victim?
    Being on disabilty, my answer would be that it didn't cost me any money. No lost wages. No additional medical expenses (I have full coverage). "Potential future income" is also a factor. As a disabled person, the law basically is telling me I don't have any potential to make money in the future. etc etc...
    That leaves punitive damages. He said that even if a jury says "give her 10bazillion dollars", a judge will nix that. Judges don't let huge settlements stand, against big corporations. Not for "people like me"...
    He said that a winning case with a small settlement, isn't worth a lawers' time.
    As for the lawyers corporate-health-care would have to pay: They keep them on staff. "Corporate" has the resources to drag things out til I give up.

    The lawyer said elderly peeps fall into the same category, cuz their "earning years" are behind them, not in front of them. It's that "future income potential" again.

    OK. I admit I know jack about the law. Heck, I don't even watch lawyer shows on tv. I know you're speaking from experience.
    That's why I want to be SURE you understand I'm NOT contradicting you at all! I'm just telling what this guy said, & the other 2 we saw agreed with him.

    The lawyer looked at my case & said I'd win. He had no doubt. I already had all the evidence, too, & there wouldn't even be any investigation involved. Like he said, "slam dunk for me". And nobody will take the case.

    That's the thing, I guess. Small settlements aren't worth their time, cuz their cut would be less than they'd spend on a nice dinner...

    So.. I know my place. That's why I don't go along with whatever the doc says, especially in the hospital. That's why I'm extremely picky about who I allow to be my doctor. That's why I stand up for myself in the hospital, & don't allow them to get away with ANYTHING. That's why I insist they completely inform me about everything.

    You'd be surprised how many times some orderly has come into my hospital room, intent upon taking me to some procedure or test, that I know nothing about.
    I always stop them & ask: What test? What's it for? Who ordered it? What are the risks involved? Why wasn't I told about this?
    Of course, the orderly always replies: "I dunno (looks at clipboard) the doctor ordered something & I'm supposed to take you there". That's generally followed by comments attempting to get me to hurry up & go along.
    I look them right in the eye & inform them I'm not going ANYWHERE until somebody gets their A** in there to explain things, & ASKS me if I want it done!!!

    I don't even tolerate hateful or rude nurses.
    When I encounter one, I contact the nursing supervisor, inform her/him of what happened & demand that the offensive nurse be removed from my case & NOT come back into my room for any reason.
    That's a right all patients have, but few are aware of.

    Before I became an "isolation case", & had hospital room mates, I always shared that info. I started doing that when I saw a room mate being mistreated by her nurse.

    Now, I even take a small digital voice recorder with me. When anyone is explaining a procedure, test, etc, I sit it right on the table & tell them I'm recording everything, just so I don't forget any details when my family arrives & asks about it.
    Some of them actually stop & send someone else in to do the explaining! (It's actually pretty funny).

    Anyhow... This long-winded rambling is just my way of trying to explain that, since I know my place, I have to do my best to protect myself.

    The ER doc the other day, simply got away with it by lying & saying my real doc had been contacted, when he hadn't. & as I said, Mom or Pop didn't happen to be with me this time, & i was too sick to challenge her.

    You're right about your original point. I could have eventally gotten some tiny settlement outta the malpractice case (cuz it was extremely severe). But I woulda had to have done it w/o a lawyer. Or I coulda hired a lawyer & paid him more for his services than I'd win in settlement...

    It did shake up my entire view of the world as I knew it, when I learned these things. It severely impacted my view of myself.
    Now, I just deal with it the best I can...

    (PS: The reason I came online was to ask you where your post about reincarnation is! I've been looking, but haven't found it. I'm fascinated & want to read it!!!)

    (PPS: SJ! You should invent a dish & name it after yourself!) :D[This Message was Edited on 06/04/2009]
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from Youtube. Heard Kate Hepburn in a couple interviews. I saw her
    live at the Los Angeles music center 38 years ago. She was playing CoCo in the
    musical of the same name.

    The musical was so-so. (All the reviewers said: "CoCo" is so-so! Well, what
    would one expect w/ music by Andre Previn? Name two good tunes he's written. I can't
    even think of one.)

    Of course Kate couldn't sing, but she had the kinda songs that can be spoken with
    music playing in the background.

    Anyway, Kate was wonderful, and the audience loved her. I never could see any
    merit at all in the great love of her life Spencer Tracey. He was too religious to get
    a divorce so they had an affair. This was more virtuous?

    But then, one's reaction to a movie star is all emotion. No reason to it. One likes 'em
    or not. End of story.

    SJ, I don't know about a meal at the restaurant. We'll have to ask Mickey. I suppose
    a Sacajawea Plate would include American game like trout, buffalo, and antelope.

    Pippi, I admire your fierce approach to medical care. I hope to never see the inside of
    a hospital again, but if I do, maybe you'll come with me. Last time I was in the mental
    health ward, I kept telling the doctors I had an inflamed appendix. I was examined by
    3 doctors who told me I didn't. What did the crazy patient know?

    Shortly thereafter I had peritonitis. I told my attorney to sue for malpractice. He
    wouldn't. I don't know why. I was in too much of a depressive fog to know what
    was going on.

    RE: reincarnation, I only wrote a couple sentences. I'd look for them, but then I'd have to
    sign in again, and I'd lose my reply button, etc.

    I just said I was recently surprised when my aunt told me reincarnation is the only theory
    that makes sense to her. She grew up in a family of Lutheran ministers. Her father
    was a minister and editor of the Lutheran Herald newspaper.

    I forgot the exact numbers, but one of her great uncles was pastor to a church for
    40 or 50 years. When he died his son took over for a similar period. Saved the
    church the cost of a new sign and stationery.

    When I was a kid I read that the people who lived the longest in this country lived in
    the coldest states and worked as farmers or ministers. Seems to me the people
    who live the longest are the rich and the powerful: the Pope, royalty, senators,
    dictators, the wealthy. After all, they have a lot to live for. They WILL themselves to
    stay alive.

    And now, I must will myself to take a nap.

    Hugs and waves to all just like old horse face across the other kind of waves.

    I dunno why so many Americans are impressed with British royalty. We fought
    two wars to get away from those stinkers. They weren't nice people, you know.


  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    you were going to the surgeon today or real soon. Hope all goes well. Thinking about you my dear !! Let us know how it goes. Sorry but I gotta run now .


  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Georgia - The Brat might have a MySpace under a nickname or a false ID. Just watch to see who she's chummy with, & casually ask about it. (I'm sure her chums aren't the office genuises.)

    Rock - Heck yeah, I'd go to the hospital & stand guard for ya!
    They might think I'd back down, but it'll take about 3 seconds to relieve them of THAT misconception!
    But, I do know what ya mean about the times we're too sick to fight them. That's why we MUST have a relative, friend, or SO (one with backbone!!!) to be present & advocate for us in that sitch.

    & I've been thinking a lot about the seeming validity and/or invalidity of the reincarnation issue. I'm always interested in hearing others' opinions on the subject.

    SJ - I agree. I think the trout plate should bear your name! LOL! :)

    Elaine - HUGZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Granni - is it milk & cookies time yet???

    Lydia - What was the final paint color choice?? Did ya already say? Did I miss it??

    Hi Springwater!

    Love 2 all my Porch Peeps, named & un-named!!!

    PS: Rock: I'm with on the issue of "royalty". I mean, seriously! It's not even like in Ye Olden Days, when royals actually had a JOB (running a country). "Royals" are no more impressive than the air-head bimbos our society fawns & swoons over, IMO.

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  12. jole

    jole Member

    Pippi, your post made me so's not just you, none of us have any worth, and I've wondered for the past year or so just how long it's going to be before the government decides we're too expensive to keep around. Has anyone else had those thoughts?? Especially now that there's no money left for SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. I've always been told the day would come when people of no value would be euthanized in this country....hope I'm no longer here if that day comes. Sorry, not a positive thought!

    I too believe we should all have another person with us when we go to the hospital....heck, even the doctor. For one reason, I never remember to take my list of questions :) and never remember what they answer even if I do. Plus I've noticed a real lack of interest in my care since I've gotten on Medicare.

    I was a nurse for 30 years and never treated anyone different regardless of their ability (or not) to pay, but times have changed in that regard. Also worked in a nursing home for several years and loved the old people. It's so sad the way their dignity is stripped from them in most places. So many of them would pull me down for a good night hug or kiss after their final medications were given for the night, and I became their "family". It was really hard to quit that job, but I simply became too attached, and forgot my "real life" was my kids.

    Mickey, hope the wedding is fun today, and you enjoy your time with Ashley. It should be great enjoying time out by the pool together with your girls, hubby and doggy this weekend. Will be thinking of you!

    Springwater, wishing a safe trip for your hubby. It sounds really worrisome over there with all the violence going on lately. I hate wars, but think these small militant groups are even worse, because there's no way to know where they will strike.

    Elaine, wishing you good luck with your company. Sounds like you're keeping occupied with the sewing machine....oh, I never did get a pattern to you for my new dress, did I? haha

    Georgia, that stress at work is a killer. The pain and fog were terrible, but the stress is what finally was the last straw for me. Since I quit I've come to the conclusion that all the people I thought were so horrible really were, but the over-stimulation of the workplace, etc. was the real cause of me not being able to cope with those people. Please take care of yourself and don't let it get you completely down, okay? I worry about you. It's hard to have people not understand that this DD isn't to our liking either.

    Granni, keep on keepin' on! I love hearing about all your visits with friends, etc.

    Monica, sorry you have those darn migraines too, and hope it didn't completely ruin your vacation time. Isn't getting out in nature relaxing though? I love just sitting at the lake where it's quiet (unless the grandkids are They have a bunch of geese there running around eating the stickers, and honking away. Also the stray snake, which isn't so great....

    Rock, well, I guess since I'm neither rich nor famous I'd better enjoy life quick! Oh, by the way, I remembered my joke! All you blondes cover your ears though.

    There was a bi-level bus going to a convention loaded down with young women, divided into two groups. All the brunettes were on the bottom tier, and the blondes on the top tier. The brunettes were singing, telling jokes, laughing, having a great time, when suddenly they noticed there wasn't any sound coming from the upper level.

    One of them went up to check, and found the blondes all riveted to their seats with these terrified looks on their faces, some staring straight ahead, others with their eyes covered. She said, "What's the matter with you girls? We're having a great time down there, singing and laughing". One of them replied, "Yes, but you have a driver!" hahahaha

    Nothing new here. Oh, yes, our wheat is winter wheat. It's planted in Sept/Oct. and comes up in the fall, then goes dormant over the winter, then greens up again in the spring. Harvest has been about the 20th-25th of June the past few years....a little earlier than it use to be. Hopefully, we should be through harvesting by July 4th, but this year is strange so we'll see. We've already heard that Texas and Oklahoma crops are not good, and the harvesters are very disappointed.

    Last year's fuel prices put a lot of farmers on the brink of going under, so a failed crop this year may mean a lot of farms for sale. I hope not. Farming is a real gamble...prices up for repairs, fuel, etc. and never knowing what the weather is going to do. Crops can be wiped out in 5 minutes with a hail storm.

    Anyway, I'm so ready to get our camper back and go to the lake for a weekend. We borrowed it to our niece to use for a youth group campout this week. She had cancer and has been fighting it for 3 years spread from her breast into her bones, so camping in a tent is simply out of the question. She is my hero! Continues to do so much good...home schools her kids, heads a youth group, runs her kids to activities, and still goes for treatments every week. Never complains to anyone........Love to all***Jole***
  13. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I wanted to address your post right away before I forget. We went to Chetek, WI which is about 50 miles (I think) to the twin cities.

    I have one rule on vacation. No fish will come back on the boat with us unless they are over 44". LOL. I don't clean or cook fish so if the guys want fish they have to go out to eat. LOL.

    BTW, my father use to go ice fishing up on Big Winnie in Minnesota. I can't remember the real name of the lake but it was an indian name. He loved going up with the guys and drinking, fishing and hitting the casinos. LOL.

    OK, back to reading so I can address everyone in a different post
  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Heck yes, I've wondered that! How long will a society "tolerate" nonproductive peeps???
    Gosh! I thought I was the only person wondering about that.

    It sounds far-fetched to those who haven't had to deal with the REAL society we live in. But some of us know, it's not such a far-fetched sceanrio at all.

    I guess those-of-us-who-know have to all really stick together, in this world!

  15. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I came across this funny story and thought I'd share a chuckle with my fellow porchies--------

    "A man worked in a post office. His job was to process all mail that had illegible addresses. One day a letter came to his desk, addressed in shaky handwriting to God. He thought, "I better open this one and see what it's all about." So he opened it and it read: "Dear God, I am a 83 year old widow living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had a hundred dollars in it which was all the money I had until my next pension check."

    "Next Sunday is Mother's Day, and I had invited my last two friends over for dinner. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with." "I have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?" The postal worker was touched, and went around showing the letter to all the others. Each of them dug into his wallet and came up with a few dollars. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected 96 dollars, which they put into an envelope and sent over to her.

    The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of the nice thing they had done. Mother's Day came and went, and a few days later came another letter from the old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened. It read, "Dear God, How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me?" "Because of your generosity, I was able to fix a lovely dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day, and I told my friends of your wonderful gift. " "By the way, there was 4 dollars missing. It was no doubt those thieving bastards at the post office!!!!!!"

    SJ----yes there is a meal named after you, it's the #12 at McDonald's. Includes; a McElk sandwich, fries, and a medium drink. Maybe you can pull a few strings and get us some coupons! I'll take a shake instead of the pop:)

    Pippi----Take em to small! I'm not sure what the jurisdictional limit is where you live but....perhaps you can create enough press that the hospital would offer to settle. It just get's my goat that hospitals and doctors can get away with so much just because attorneys won't take the case unless there is a big fee in it for them.

    Elaine----Big yet gentle hugs, hope everything went well.

    Fibromickster----Let us know how the wedding went :) more lam blasting the royals, I am British ya know. So what if I moved to the states when I was 3. What? What? I forgot my :)

    And I can't remember who posted what now I will just a "hello" to everyone know who you are!

    Have a great day everydobby!
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just back from visiting the ma in law. And the market nearby and a homeopathic clinic after that. So I did what is standard practice for me after an outing – I collapsed on my bed. After a little exhausted snooze,I woke up and lay there,just watching myself laying there. I think that passes off for a little bit of mindfulness exercise. Must have worked because I was able to get myself off the darn bed andcome here and look over all the posts. I must say i laughed hard at some of them; great lift, this board! I need to go get some ironing and packing done but I can feel the strength slowly seeping back into my legs and arms.

    Rockgor – your comment about how we should start strapping pillows to ourselves because of our clumsiness really made me laugh, as did most of your post. I never knew there was colour called anti establish mint! Do you have a crush on Kate Hepburn? Since you went and looked her up on utube. There never was a finer jawline on another than the one on Kate Hepburn was there? Tho personally I prefer Audrey Hepburn. Roman Holiday is one of my all time favourite movies.

    Pippi – if you look up to chit chat board post titles there is one by Waynesrhythm re reincarnation… gives a website where theres a video playing of a little boy who remembers his previous life as a fighter bomber in world war II. If you are really interested the utube is filled with stories like these.

    this is a docu about a little Scottish boy who remembers a past life in another part of the country and a investigating team takes him back to that place.

    Where I live it is taken as a matter of fact and most of our religious activties are based on gaining merit so we can progress onwards in our next life…if we suffer misfortune, we take it as our karma manifesting from what we have earned in our previous lifetime. The opportunity to erase bad karma always being there by doing good deeds as far as we are able and praying for others.

    Julie - good lord, all that travelling back and forth AND swooshing paint mixes and painting whole rooms!!! No wonder you have a headache. I used to get terrible nauseous headaches at the in laws place and when i was younger and as a child..whenever i overexerted. Strangely i have noticed they disappeared for a few years now. I notice i have not had to send for a brufen for ever so long. But then the cfs turned worse, i always was fatigued but not like nowadays where i collapse. Please go easy on the paint jobs them out..that was cute about Keira, I have a couple of photos where my toddler daughter is wearing her dads shoes, hahaha. My husband once walked into the bedroom and found our two year old son, with his daddys golf hat on, putting one of his daddys cigarettes into his mouth and looking at himself in the mirror. My husband was so mortified, he gave up smoking from that day on. He'd already cut down on the drinking when daughter was born. Now he does neither. Unless its a glass of wine at a party.

    Well better get this posted.
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mickey – yep, the son has a g/f now. No, I havent met her tho he asked me once if would like to.I begged off. Im nervous. Told him I would but not right away. Haha. Tho I have met her older brother who was my daughters classmate and buddy and he has come over with his friends. Yesterday son told me she has jaundice and would I pray for her. Im still getting used to this other lady in sons life.

    Elaine – I hope the surgery is going good.

    Jole - As a child ive always wanted to live on a farm…all those bales of hay to play in and jump from. And all those cute goats kids and lambs frolicking…but then I realize it’s a lot of hard work and one doesn’t get to keep the animals. The blonde joke was great, Im sure Mickey loved it too, even tho she is blonde, she’s smart and she knows it.

    Debra – I love the royals…Age 19 onwards was spent idolizing Princess Diana..tho my opinion of her changed somewhat…later on. ..I love the English castles and really envy the queen her great big balmoral estate…that post office joke had me guffawing..this thread has been really entertaining with everyones really funny jokes.

    Monica – sorry to hear the weather was bad but glad you got a vacation…the place where we went last year In May in India is flooded! There was a tropical storm Aila and it caused landslides and de railing of the train tracks in Darjeeling. I remember it was too foggy even last year to go on the train…it runs thru scenic woodland otherwise.

    Granni – I hope the tour with your decorating group goes well….i too don’t usually wear make up but once in a while its nice to sort of pretty up isn’t it? We hav this Indian shopkeeper in a mall who sells makeup and shampoo and stuff and he is king of salesmen. You go to buy one item and he shows you 30. And he talks all the time. And you walk out with at least three items instead of the one you meant to buy. Now I have become crafty as him. I wave my purse at him and say I only brought enough money for that one thing I meant to buy. And then he says, “this is your shop only, madam. You can pay anytime. I tell him Im scared of credit transactions. And hurry out.

    Well, Im off. The hubby is here and I haven’t got started on the ironing and last min packing.

    Cate, Carla, Texangal, Barry, Marta and all thinking of you

    Hugs everybody

    God Bless
  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Mornin' Porch Peeps!

    Is it extremely weird if I dreamed about meeting a purple poodle with a broken leg who could see ghosts at my old school?

    If it is extremely weird, forget I mentioned it!!! LOL!!!


    The way the dream ended was:
    A car drove up & a man & woman got out. The dog was theirs & they'd been looking for it.
    The woman said her children missed their dog. She walked toward the dog (several feet away) but the man stood beside me. He sadly shook his head & quietly told me their children were dead...

    When I woke up, (before I was fully awake) that made perfect sense. If the children were ghosts & hadn't left home...

    Strange dream, huh? I've often wondered if there is significance in dreams, as some peeps say, or if it doesn't really mean anything...[This Message was Edited on 06/05/2009]
  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    My grandma could do that - knowing what would happen by paying attention to her dreams.

    My mom had dreams that later came true. She saw specifically what would happen.
    But Grandma knew what the symbolism in her dreams meant.
    If my dreams are significant, I'd have to understand the symbolism.

  20. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I just got back from running a few errands. I feel MUCH better today, pain-wise!!! I'll be even better after my IV treatment next week. That should be all I need to get back on my feet, & outta the BratMobile again. (yay!)
    Until then, I sure am glad it's so easy to get around town on the city bus. The system is wheelchair accessible, & most of the drivers are SO nice!

    Julie: Me too, but a purple POODLE??? LOL!

    I didn't know about my Grandma & Moms' dream-thing until the day after my Grandma passed away.
    I had a "dream" of my Grandma, that was so clear. The things she told me & the images I saw were so clear, I told my mom & aunt about it.
    That's when they told me about our family's "ability".
    Mom was very matter-of-fact about it, but it had always been kinda freaky to my aunt. LOL I was amused at my eldest aunt being freaked out, but of course I wasn't disrespectful & didn't laugh or anything.
    (We were in the car at the time. Luckily, Mom was driving.)

    It did occur to me that was why Mom had always listened to me, ever since I was a baby, when I told her what I had dreamed the night before.

    Hope everydobby is having a good day!

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