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    Com'on in, Folks. Pull up something and sit on it; a chair, a glider, a bale of hay, etc.

    I read Tim Conway's bio recently. About Betty White, he said: she was a lot of fun. I
    guess she's pretty old by now. Wonder what she's doin'."

    Just to inject a serious note into all the fun and games we have here, Betty White did not
    grow up in St. Olaf, MN. Neither did Rose Nylund. There is no such town in Minnesota.
    There is, however, a St. Olaf township where few hundred people live. And there is
    St. Olaf College from which my aunt graduated about 70 years ago. Her aunt
    was a Professor there for 40 years.

    St. Olaf College was founded in 1874. Two years later the James and Younger gang robbed the town bank. The intrepid pioneers who lived there shot the gang to pieces. The Younger boys survived, and went to prison for life, but were pardoned 25 years later. Cole Younger was still alive when my dad was a kid. So was Frank James.

    But the real point of my post was to tell you that St. Olaf College has hired a new member of the faculty. He is both a Professor and a Lutheran minister. In the press release, it is revealed that he is a firm believer in time travel. His name is Pastor Present.

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    Mikie - BTW, I added on to the last post of the last volume, go check it out telling everyone to come over here to post . That will work if we all remember to do it :)! he he Remember is the key ! Glad to see you posting so often. it is great to see you here.

    Really need to go and wash my hair tonight. It is at that bad stage again . It won't do anything at all when it gets this dirty, only about 4 or 5 days I think . I hate to do it but I guess I have no choice.

    Julie - Hope you and all are doing well. I know you need a break !!!!

    Hope all is well. Posted quite a few times on the last volume and come and check it out for those wanted to read posts from Dar, Sun, Rock, Frieda, et al. Hope some of you are starting to warm up. It is much better today and tomorrow but will get cooler again next week. Hope it won't be as cold. I don't think so but who knows.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Porchies,

    Rock, Thanks for the new page. Interesting and enlightening information regarding St. Olaf. Neat stuff. Tim Conway was my favorite cast member on the Carol Burnett show. I liked him in McHale's Navy, but he really got to shine on the Burnett Show. He was so incredibly funny and quick with the ad-libs. Pastor Present! Ha Ha! Good One.:D

    Sun, Regarding your question about your Aunt...........This is typical. The one thing we learn very quickly in this field is that, when dealing with Alzheimer's, a change in routine or moving them can, and will often, set them off and can even send them into the next stage of the disease. If it doesn't send them into another stage, it will still be very uncomfortable for them.

    Your Aunt is simply reacting to change. Given time, she will settle in. If they have a good Activities Program and good caretakers that can get her interested in something she likes and she begins to form friendships, (which she will eventually...even if it's just one good close one)
    , things will begin to settle down for her. If she is still in the early to mid-stage, that's actually an expected reaction.

    That being said, we also learn when dealing with residents with this disease that paranoia is common. Depression is also common. The more the disease progresses, the more paranoid they become. They think the world is out to get them. This is due to their inability to "process" the world around them anymore in a normal manner. This even deteriorates into combativeness in later stages. There are meds to help with her symptoms. Cognex and Aricept are commonly prescribed. She will, likely, need an antidepressant at some point if she isn't on one already.

    The best thing her family can do for her, first and foremost, is to educate themselves about her disease. Stay positive when with her. Speak of "upbeat" events. Praise her for any positive thing she says or does, particularly when she gets a memory correct. Don't correct her if she doesn't remember things right though. It will only be upsetting to her and accomplish nothing for her. Correcting her won't change her forgetting and will make her feel more confused.

    Her paradigm is going to change drastically. "Her" reality will not be "their" reality but her reality must be validated. They will have to step into her world because, eventually, she will no longer be able to navigate theirs. Taking her "home" for holidays and outings is not advisable. Again, it is CHANGE. A calm atmosphere and regular routine is very important. When visiting, however, take her for a stroll of the hallways and grounds when it's nice out and just "be" there. Arrange to have meals with her there sometimes or bring in some of her favorite foods to enjoy with her.

    Be there for her no matter how "poopy" she may behave. Visit often. Bring her things that help her to keep her past memories, (pictures-old, little things she's treasured and loves), alive because her new memories will fade quicker and quicker as she progresses. Sing her favorite songs with her. (Or ask her to teach you one). Music is something they seem to retain the most. The old memories are the ones that will remain with her the longest. Be supportive and understand she didn't choose this. No one would.

    Most importantly, family must remember to always show love. No matter how bad it gets. It's not about them. It's about her. It's her disease. It's her life that she's going to lose her grasp on. She's going to hurt their feelings sometimes. She will say and do outrageous things down the road, worse than it is now. They must be prepared for that and not take it personally. She will not be able to help herself. Value her "lucid" moments, as they will dwindle.

    And, finally, my best piece of advice.......Never, NEVER, talk about her as if she were not there or as if she cannot understand. Often times they may not be able to express themselves with what one would consider appropriate reactions, but they do understand more than families think they do.

    This is my best "A" answer. I hope that I have been of some help to you. Love and patience are the best medicine.

    Granni and all, thank you for your kind words of praise and support during the last couple "flood" weeks. It's been hectic but my residents are worth so much to me. The pay is okay, but the gratification and privilege of being able to know them and do what I can for them is God's gift to me. They make my job a joy to come to and to do. Gotta love em'! :)

    To all on the Porch,

    May the road rise up to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    And the rain fall soft upon your fields,
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

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    Dar: thanks for all that info. Unfortunately she lives in Ohio and I live in calif. Both cousins of mine had mothers who died from alzheimers. My uncle died from it and what I heard had to be put in a safe place because he got mean and violent. Both my aunts just slowly disappeared. I guess I was very lucky because my mom was sharp until the very end.....made it to almost 99. Strange how 4 of her siblings suffered from alzheimers.

    My aunt has been very depressed for awhile......don't think she's on antidepressants though. She was a nurse and VERY stubborn. She told me she just wanted to die in her home. I've told her she's a compassionate person and maybe she can reach out and help other residents. At this point she's just angry and says she doesn't belong with them.
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    Hello Porchers, Not to be confusiated with portiers which are curtains. Yesterday we went
    to the doctor and the library. Later today we visit the chiropractor. Oh, our life is just a
    whirlwind of activity. One delightful frolic after another.

    Granni, nice red alerts you posted on the previous porch. Reminds me of red stop signs.
    You guys see "Roger Rabbit". At the end of one scene the camera zooms in on a pointless
    close up of a bright red stop sign. It is particularly stupid since the film was set during WW II
    and stop sign at that time were yellow. Well, the 3 guys what wrote the thing were too young
    to remember.

    The music for the film was written by Alan Silvestri who has done lots of other films and TV
    shows. "Forest Gump" and "Back to the Future" for example. My secretary was also a
    musician. At one time music director for the Pointer Sisters. She had to give it up; fear of
    flying. Anyway she said whenever she thought of Alan Silvestri, she pictured the tall, skinny
    kid carrying a guitar that she had known decades earlier.

    Dar, thanks for the beautiful exposition of Alzheimer's. I sure hope the bus I'm on
    makes its last stop before I get to that stage. You and your coworkers should get a
    medal, or at least a pat on the back, for your heroic coping with the floods.

    I have seen the verse you quoted referred to as "An Irish Prayer". The last line is
    somewhat different though. "May you be in Heaven an hour before the Devil knows
    you're dead."

    SG, I applaud your wisdom in traveling light. When Gordon and I used to travel, I would
    drive him nuts by not packing till the night before. He wanted to take lots and have it
    ready days before the departure.

    As Antoine de Saint Exupery said, "He who would travel happily must travel light."
    Antoine was a French Count, a pilot, and a writer. His most famous work was "The
    Little Prince". After decades of wondering how to pronounce his name, I looked
    on the net and found an audio example. It's something like An twan dee sahnt
    X ah zoo pay.

    Mikie, Post a picture of your mop hair do. Possibly while wearing a mob cap.
    Gordon has some coffee filters that look like mob caps if you turn them upside down.
    I think Curved and Cormorant is an excellent mnemonic device. I used them
    extensively during my school years.

    Remember the old, 'In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the
    ocean blue"? I got a little confusiated when some fellow student told me, "It's
    in fourteen hundred and ninety three, Columbus sailed the deep blue sea."

    So then I had to invent a new mnemonic. True rhymes with blue so it was 1492.

    Going back to bed. Hugs, All.

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    Hi, Gang,

    Granni, nice job of the red alert in last Porch. I think it's very helpful to keep people from posting which might not otherwise be read. I think I'll imagine a new Porch for each new volume. The one I am imagining for this one is a big old-fashioned wraparound porch with simple, but lovely posts holding up the roof. Between each one hangs a huge Boston fern. On the wooden porch are little groups of chairs and tables where we can bring our coffee, lemonade, etc. One the railings between the posts are flower boxes filled to overflowing with purple, yellow and red flowers with some vines spilling over. The temperature is perfect with lovely little breezes blowing through. There are some rocking chairs and two porch swings at the ends where it wraps around. There are soft cushions and pillows to snuggle into and some nice soft wraps if we need them. The conversation is always brilliantly scintillating and interesting, taking us to places and ideas which appeal to us. What a lovely vision to start my day.

    Rock, reading about your Pastor Present made me very tense. Still, I enjoyed it. Time travel fascinates me and I enjoy movies about it. I've found as I get older, I think about the past and with hindsight (which isn't always perfect), I have a whole new perspective on things. I could have done a mop hairdo today because it's still rainy out but decided to just blow it out straight. Funny thing--men are the ones who comment on the mop; they like it. Who knew?

    Dar, my Mom's best friend has Alzheimers and lives in a facility. She doesn't remember who I am unless I talk about Mom and the old days. Thing is that it embarrasses her not to be able to remember. Seems my visits made her feel so bad about herself but she did also enjoy them. Problem is that her daughter, who is horrible to her Mom, gave her a list of friends' phone numbers. After a visit, she would call me incessantly, as she did with others who visited. She would call me after I was asleep and I would miss the call. She would call in the daytime and hang up right away. When I called back, the staff always said she wasn't in her room. She would call and then, call right back because she couldn't remember having just called. The visits would trigger the calling. I finally made the difficult decision to stop going. It was getting to be way too much for me when my health was failing there for a while. I figured if she didn't know who I am, it probably wasn't painful for her. I just couldn't keep it up. Her kids don't want to be burdened with her and they expect others to take over for them. For a long time, I did when she still lived here. She has a lovely granddaughter who visits weekly and brings the GGD, a beautiful and loving little girl. On my last visit, I gave Mom's friend a beautiful pearl and crystal necklace I had made for her. It had a pink and clear crystal dragonfly pendant on it. I feel guilty and yet, I have had to do what is necessary for me to keep myself going. This lady is an amazing 97 years old.

    Sunflower Girl, good luck with your aunt. I hope we find a cure for this horrible disease. My doc thinks that eventually there will be a peptide for it. I hope so.

    Ilona and I drove Barb out to the McDonald's next to I-95 where the bus takes people over to the Port of Miami for cruises. We went early and had breakfast while we waited for the bus. Barb packs like my Mom did. Only problem is that I'm not as strong as I used to be and hauling around a big, cumbersome 50 pound suitcase is almost too much for me. It took both Ilona and me to get it into the back of the SUV. This just reinforces my lack of desire to cruise.

    After sleeping for two days, I'm still exhausted. I don't get it. All the rest of my symptoms are gone so I don't think it's the CFIDS. I'm not going to fight it. I'm going to sleep until all desire to do so is gone. Hope everyone else has a peppy good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Have little or no NRG is not much fun, just forcing oneself to whatever needs to be done, etc. Hope it isn't the CFS, again!!

    Glad you and ROCK liked my red alerts even though I am not sure it is red or bright orange. I find that when I use those colors for the letters they do not always turn out the way I think or hope they will. However, it is OK it does make the letters stand out more usually.

    Waiting for the lady to come and help with some of the heavy housework and that what needs a lot of bending and pushing that heavy vacuum cleaner. She usually doesn't come on Saturdays so I hope she didn't forget.

    Hi to everyone including Dar, Sun, Julie, Diane and all I cannot remember or have the time to name. I probably need to get off and do a few other things around here and check the wash. With winter here and everyone in long pants and all it seems like the washer surely fills up fast. It is warmer today. Guess it is in the hi 60's or more but our home is quite cool all the time with the insulation, heavy 2 pain windows, tile on a lot of the floors, etc.

    Dar, all the things you were saying about Alzheimer patients is right on. DH's father lived with us for years after his wife died of ovarian cancer at 51 and he died at almost 86 with us. He also had Alz. and we put him in a facility when he got really bad and he died 3 days later. I guess I, in a way it was a blessing, not to much suffering for him but he was no longer the same person he was. He was a wonderful guy and vcery helpful for me and the kids till he got so bad.

    Love you all,
  8. Darrae

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    Hi Porch Dwellers!

    Sun, You are welcome. Good luck with your Aunt. I hope my "flood" of information wasn't too overwhelming. I am passionate about my work. I've seen so many just left to this frightening condition with no support. It's always so very sad. We can't always control our life situations and geographic locations. That's understandable. It's the families who live close enough, have the financial means, are in good health, and have no excuse not to "be there" that are so lamentable.

    I was grateful, when my own Father developed Vascular Dementia, that our family all lived close. He had my Mother, Brother, Sister and myself visiting regularly and sharing the load. We kids were the same with my Mom before she passed away. She was exhibiting signs of dementia for a few years before her death. She, however, passed quickly due to either stroke or heart attack, unlike Dad, who's process was very slow and sad, encompassing years. They didn't do an autopsy to determine cause due to her advanced age.

    Mikie, What a lovely vision indeed! I love that. :) Tense? I see no future in it. LOL. I too, am highly fond of Time Travel books and movies. My passion began long ago with the reading of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. I was hooked! One of my movie favorites is The Lake House, starring Keanu Reeves. The Time Traveler's Wife is another really good movie of the same genre. And, of course, Somewhere In Time, with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, is just a classic!

    Please, for my edification, define "mop" hairdo. I am, obviously, somewhat out of step with the times or the fashion, or both. I'm curious.

    I know the heartbreak of not being recognized by my own Dad. But, I also knew the gratification of making him feel as safe and comfortable as could be accomplished up to the day he passed away. I will always treasure those lucid moments when he did, for a moment here and there, realize who was feeding him his favorite tootsie rolls and snickers bars. Dad loved his "Pogey Bait" as he referred to it.

    I understand, very clearly, how hard it is to cope when you are in the throes of your own illness. My accident, and onset of FM, took place in May of '95. My Pop passed away in April of '96. I was very ill with no treatment, or even diagnosis yet, during that span. It's hard. Had he lived longer, it would have been a more major trial for me. But, he'd already been ill for several years. His passing, when he did, was a blessing for him and for the family. He was at peace.

    Alzheimer's can claim a person in as little as 3 years or as long as 20. The long end of the scale can be brutal on family and close friends. Particularly if one is contending with their own illness. Don't feel guilty. One can only give what one has to give. You did your best. Hope your NRG returns soon. It's been great reading all your posts of late. Get some cleansing rest.

    Rock, I'm certain you will have years to go. You are still VERY lucid. You may have some memory slips, but your marbles are still intact, (even if you've lost the bag they came in). LOL. ;) I have memory slips and cognitively bad days like that with the FM. I joke with my residents about having my marbles, but have you seen my bag? I've lost it again. They laugh. I think it gives them the feel that I am more of a "peer", which technically, I am for many of them. We have more and more baby boomers these days. People my age and within a stone's throw of my age.

    I recently saw pictures and scans of the brains of FM sufferers. They remind one of a walnut gone bad inside the shell. Oddly, there is brain shrinkage similar to those with Alzheimer's. So, one must assume, that there will be similar symptoms. We already know short term memory is affected along with cognitive function. We may be riding the same bus. LOL. :confused: Life is not about how long you live, but how well you've lived and who remembers you fondly when you're gone, I think.

    I'd love to run across that Rheumatologist that diagnosed me, initially, again. She told me in 1997 "I'd be in a wheelchair in 10 years". "Don't pick up your grand kids, they're too heavy for you". "Here is a pain killer and a muscle relaxer.....this is your life". Ha Ha!! She should follow me through my days at work! Fooled her didn't I? :D

    Re: The Irish Blessing......I was aware of the difference in the last line. It hung on Mom's kitchen wall in cross-stitched glory while I was growing up. I have the same blessing framed on the wall behind my desk. But, for consideration for my residents, I changed the last line. We try not to dwell on the whole death thing at work. It is a beautiful blessing though, isn't it? I think I may have mentioned that I have an entire book devoted to Irish Blessings I inherited from Mom. Wonderfully colorful and rich imagery.

    Re: Roger Rabbit and the stop sign.......You see a lot of anachronisms like that in films. Funny though, I didn't catch that one! Very perceptive! Now I gotta watch it again.

    Well, I'm still a little "thore" from all the extra exertion at work. I'm gonna medicate, get a hot soak, a hot cuppa tea, my full body massage mat, and go make like a sloth.

    Love to all,
  9. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Hi Granni, I was posting as you were posting. Your red alerts was a great idea. :) Sorry to hear about your DH's father. But, sometimes the "passing" spares a lot of undue suffering. Quality of life counts for a lot. I've always said, if I can't recognize my kids or communicate in any way any longer, pull the plug! I'm done.

    I so envy you your 60's weather! We got 1-7 inches of snow last night and our high today is 23 above zero. My DD came over with a friend and shoveled me out this afternoon. I knew I had kids for a reason. What's the point in having "dwarves" if they don't do chores? Lol! ;) She's a sweet girl.

    Well, I'm off to slothland again.

    Bye all!
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    Hi there Dar and all,

    The Red Alert thing was a great idea , compliments of Mikie, until I decided to check it out. I do not think it was my idea to highlight the first post of a new thread giving the new volume of the Porch light . We hoped that this would keep peeps from posting on the wrong threads, and no one would see their posts ( if they weren't posting on the right thread). I tried to do that or check it out and found that at that stage you couldn't find the icons to do that. So she came up with the idea of highlighting the last of the old Porch volume post. Hope I haven't confused you just trying to explain it. So I tried it and it worked. Now all we have to do is remember to do that :)! he he

    I like your imagine of making like a sloth, very interesting !!!

    Leah - Hi thee sweetie. Hope you are doing a little better. Every little bit helps. Yes, if you can find some exercises on line at all they might be able to help you. Didn't know about youtube having any help but they surely might be. They have so many different kinds of videos on there now. After that you might also want to try some googling if you have the NRG to do so. I may even try and do a little bit of goggling myself for you but not tonight. Time to try and get ready for beddy bye.

    Sun - Hope you are hanging in there along with your DH !!

    Do either of you take anything to help you sleep? I take a 1/2 generic Klonopin and a flexeril which seems to help me.

    Thinking of everyone I haven't seen this weekend and hope I will see soon. Julie, Spring Water , Joan where are you. I know Julie is probably busy as a beaver as usual.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, no the idea to post at the beginning of the new thread was your idea. I've seen so many posts after a thread is closed that the idea to post a "stop sign" at the end seemed like a good idea to me. Whatever helps us. If anyone else is like me, I often sail through things without realizing what is happening. Just picked up my Rx for clonazepam and, instead of 180, they gave me 90. Every time they have to call the doc for a refill, it gets messed up. I didn't think to look. Oy! I have to go back for one more Rx so will take it back to complain, nicely, of course. I'm better today and have decided that there is no other explanation for the off and on fatigue than my head injuries. Doc says it can go on for months or years. So, there's nothing to be done but to go with the flow.

    Dar, I think "Somewhere In Time" is my favorite. What I call my mop is what is sometimes known as a moppet. It's just tight curls all over my head like when I was two. It's actually not an unattractive look. My hair is naturally curly and, with a little help from products, it curls up beautifully. I can pull on the curls to loosen them up if I want to. If I didn't use products, I'd have a white woman's "fro." Now, that's not an attractive look for me. Thanks for all your info and insight on dementia. I really struggled with my decision to stop visiting Mom's friend but, as far as I could see, it upset her more than helping her. Also, it was so very hard on me when it triggered the phone calls. I am glad some of her family visits her.

    Leah, I pray you continue to improve and for the time when you can come and sit with us a bit longer. Your posts are great to read, always so upbeat.

    Julie, so sorry to hear of the passing of your DB's MIL. I so glad she went peacefully. Ronald Reagan, who was in total dementia, became what appeared to be lucid just before he died and looked into Nancy's eyes. I think there is a time just before we leave that we are aware. Good news about DSIL's improvement. Yes, no one should ever underestimate God. My usual advice to take good care of yourself.

    "Mama Mia" is on TV. I have it on for the music. Personally, I am embarrassed at seeing the past-their-prime actors dancing and prancing about in latex, bulges and all, at the end. Now, they certainly look better than I would but I have the good sense to cover my abundant body flaws. Some of those flaws are shrinking as I continue to try to lower my total cholesterol and increase my HDL cholesterol with diet. Watched Sanjay Gupta's special on preventing heart attacks. Much of the advice given by other docs is totally inconsistent with specialists' advice on reducing cholesterol. Also, may of them advise using soy, not a good idea. They say, "No oil of any kind." Some oil is beneficial, like in salmon, avocados and nuts. They emphasize eating whole grains, including wheat. Obviously, none of them has read "Wheat Belly." Why can't these "experts" get their stories straight? One has to look at their advice with a grain of salt.

    Many advocate going vegan which is not realistic for most of us. President Clinton claims to feel better and have more energy on his vegan diet but I don't think he looks healthy. I certainly couldn't do it. I think, for me, exercise is more important. Tomorrow, I'm going to the pool to do my aerobics. It's been too cold to go today. It takes a day for the water to recover the temp. My doc emphasized aerobics for reducing cholesterol. The day I felt well and did a lot was great for my body and I felt so well after. Then...CRASH! It's not CFIDS or FMS, though.

    When Dar talked about the brains of FMS patients, it reminded me of another Sanjay Gupta special on Marijuana. MJ, like clonazepam, helps to stop the constant misfiring and overfiring of the neurons which send out pain signals in the brain. It's this constant pain messaging which causes the brain to shrink. Dr. Cheney said that clonazepam helps reduce pain and frying our brains. Well, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I'd hate to think how I'd be now without my 13 years' of taking my Special K. MJ, grown without the THC, helps stop seizures in children. It's this seizure activity in CFIDS/FMS patients which causes us not to be able to sleep, have unnecessary pain signals and have sensory overload, among other symptoms.

    Had coffee with Ilona on the Balcony this morning. Larry, from across the street, joined us and I gave him a cup of my wonderful Hawaiian bold brew. Then, I set out for Target. I also got a few groceries while I was there. I'm really enjoying all the fresh berries I eat on this diet. Best part is being able to eat dark chocolate now and then. I need to go downstairs and replant my Chinese Evergreen bush. I didn't plant it high enough and these rains are threatening to rot the roots. Always something...

    I hope y'all have a good day. Love, hugs and prayers,
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Leah,

    You and DH are right. You know your own body and health and your limits better than any experts. It's only after we decide what we are capable of that we can utilize the experts. This is what most of us eventually learn with these conditions. Medicine shouldn't work this way, but it does. I'm not against using all the medical help I can but if it weren't for my own initiative and research, I would never had been able to get to the point where the docs could help. I was lucky in finding good docs. If it weren't for finding this website and all our wonderful and caring members, I would likely still be bedridden most of the time and on opiods for my pain.

    Keep on keepin' on and let us know about your progress. We are all praying and pulling for you.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, WINTER IS BACK AGAIN !!!! It is cold and wet and just above freezing tonight I think. Do much for thoughts of spring.

    Julie - So nice to read your post but sorry about your MIL . Hope she went peacefully. It seems that she did. Glad to hear bout your TX SIL and hope she will continue to do well. God bless you and try and get some rest, dear girl.

    Mikie - You are so right about knowing our bodies and what we can and cannot take. Doctor's advice is good but you know if you can get it done or not and if not, don't push it or you will get worse. Glad that LEAH is doing only what she knows she can do with the help of her DH.

    Leah - So glad to hear from you and that you are taking your time in whatever you are doing. No need to try and overdo and then get worse. Just know we are thinking of you. Have to go and get my appetizer ready to bring to the Super Bowl game today at a friends home who is having a very small party of sorts. I do not care about it and will eat and be busy chatting. Will probably be forced to put in some money in the pool - AACK. My DH and all the kids know so much more than I do about football. Didn't grow up with it but our son played it for years and never got hurt and he LOVED it. Most of the girls follow it more than my son :)! and that's a lot !!

    Gotta run for now ! I am going to try and stay warm. I just changed my shirt to a heavier turtleneck. I cannot stand the cold as I have mentioned before. Thinking about all inc those MIA 's. STAY WARM AWL inc those not mentioned.

    Love too you all,
    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: My condolences to your family, but it's a total blessing that she's passed away so peacefully. Please take care of yourself........if you can't make any of the viewing or services then so be it, just don't push yourself.

    And you think CFS is coming on? I'm like you, know next to nothing about football and could care less. We went to my DHs clinic to get his coumadin shot today and then on to Pasadena to buy some freshly ground almond butter from Whole Foods. Everything there is more expensive than elsewhere but their almond butter is outstanding.......and that's my staple in my diet. I bought some beets, and fresh fish which we'll have tonight along with the coucous. DH also bought some grape leaves and a small wedge of VERY expensive hard's hard for me to justify almost $20 a better be outstanding for that price. I have some good Irish hard cheese and I'm going to cut some and let him compare both of them.......a blind fold test! LOL

    Leah: I'm really expecting a healing for you. God knows exactly what he's doing......though we question his wisdom.

    Mikie: I would LOVE to have hair that curled up into a mop. A few weeks ago I saw a special with a famous songwriter......she wrote with Burt Bacharat..........the most wonderful curly lucky you, enjoy it. And who knows what brings on the bad fatigue. I'm sure it's stress for me. I wake after almost 10 hrs. sleep and still feel wiped out
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Sunflower Girl,

    Yikes! $20 a pound? Yes, it better be good. My tastes are on a lower level. I get a good deal on smoked Gouda at Costco. Love to eat it with my Gala apples. Of course, I have to take a Lactaid tablet first. Good news with lactose intolerance is that I can eat most everything, except ice cream, if I use the tablets. I agree that we can't always know what causes our exhaustion. This isn't the same as the CFIDS exhaustion so I'm guessing its from the head injuries. I'm also getting headaches at night, something new for me. If it keeps up, I'll likely see the doc.

    I've decided I'm no longer a Denverite. I told my friends not to put money on the Broncos. Just before the game, my daughter in Denver texted that she just hoped they didn't embarrass us. I only watched the idiotic decision to try to return the kickoff from deep in the end zone with the Seahawks bearing down and the first snap which ended up in an ugly safety. I said, "That's enough for me," and watched an old movie. As well as the Broncos can play, they have always had a tendency to choke under pressure. Now, the only good thing about living in Denver is the ability to buy MJ.

    I woke early with, not only a headache, but also, a sore, stiff and achy neck. Now, if I can just rule out bleeding into the brain from the injuries and meningitis, I'll be happy :eek: Mentally, I've just felt lazy lately. Not only do I have no NRG but I don't care. Super Bowl was just the icing on my testy little cake. I need to laugh. Ilona usually cheers me up. Maybe we'll have coffee on the Balcony this morning. If not, I can just sit inside and brood by myself :( Just kidding. My problems are few compared to so many.

    My prayers go up for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Sunflowergirl, I'm still laughing about your planned blind tasting of cheese for your DH! I hope he picks the right one! I am a cheese lover myself, and about once a month treat myself to a small wedge of a sheep cheese (called Lambchoppers), so for about five or six bucks I get about a quarter of a pound. Richard only likes cheddar, so I get all the "special" cheese for myself. Are you going to stuff the grape leaves with couscous to make dolmas? I have not had those in a while. Happy eating!..

    Mikie, I'm sorry you're having the blahs. It is nice that you are able to socialize with your friends in your condo! I must have missed when you bonked your head.... Do see your doc if the headaches continue; preferably sooner than later. I've worked in a hospital. And hey, I love Gouda, smoked or not! I eat Fuji apples (daily basis), but haven't eaten a Gala yet. Or a Honeycrisp. I've got to try those, broaden my horizons! I've stuck with Fujis because they are not dry, are very juicy and sweet!

    Well, Richard calls, so I must flee this machine for now....

    Hugs and Love to All,

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2014
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI to everydobby,

    It is so chilly in this house. Tomorrow the guys should come and fix out furnace. Thank God one of them works on one side of the house, Our bedroom isn't to warm but we will sleep under lots of blankets. Glad they are coming tomorrow. I tis in the 40's right now. I guess it could be worse outside.

    Talking about cheese sure sounds great as I love almost all kind of cheese.. That Unexpected Cheddar sounds really good , Jam. I don't think I have ever had it. Cheese can make almost everything and anything taste better, especially if it is melted.

    Hi Rock and Sun ! Hope all is well and your DH, Sun is feeling a little better and is a bit more upbeat for you. I am sure if he is sad it makes you the same way , or at least it makes it harder. Also hope your weather is a bit better than it has been.

    Have to eat early tonight as we have horal Society practice so I need to start fixing a few things. Left over chicken, maybe a sweet potatoes and a veggie and or salad.

    Julie - Hope all is well at your house my dear. You are always running hither and yon and helping someone. Hope Lindsey is doing better with her pregnancy. Are thy still house looking?

    Diane - Hope you are feeling a little better and less anxious. Let us know how everything went and how you are doing after your counseling appt. I think it is in a couple of days. Hopeit helps for your doctors appt.

    Hi to SW and everydobby else I may not have mentioned.

    Granni :)
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    ive been reading off n on but too tied up with errands/chores and too busted at other
    times to post.

    i tried to take a few days off after last n final week prayer function which went
    swimmingly well. lot of no shows coz it was a new year for a lot of people, and
    some more had gone to india for pilgrimage (bodh gaya) annual function.

    luckily knew before so prepared food accordingly. after that i was tying up
    some odds n ends (the ashes n ground bones need to be taken to a clean
    running water and thrown in) that means out of city.

    then looking after a cousin brother who has come for funeral from india.
    he is staying with my brother, but came for lunch and few hours and is
    coming again today on his way to departure for home.
    it is getting really hot. my daughters friend that took us to boston n ny
    when we were there also came during the prayer ceremony times and i
    was so stressed with everything, trying to get her stuff to be taken by friend
    and entertaining said friend , i just made lunch once and dh took him golfing.
    i had to prepare a saree, (indian dress,) stitch the petticoat blouse, and saree fall
    lining. luckily found a tailor who ws able to do all that and deliver in six days
    falt. thnk goodness. also sent her box of indian sweets (laddoo) and a
    few pieces of costume jewellery.

    well, this post has taken a lot of editing and finally had to switch to laptop
    the usual little manoueuvering wasnt working...grrrr

    take care all

    Julie - happy to know your brothers MIL passed peacefully, my heart
    feels for the void she has left in that family tho..Ive been bawling a lot
    for brother now that the immediate things have been done with

    frieda - prayers for your healing as for Sunflowers dearDH

    will address all later when i hv more energy
    god bless
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2014
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Not much time to post. Spent the weekend on ice packs when not on the computer. I knew I shouldn't have helped move that table in the coffee nook at work........:( I got home from work, made myself a quick B.L.T., read my e-mails, returned Bob's, (my long standing date partner). Thought I'd look in and read some of the posts.

    Julie, my condolences to you and your family. I think, too, that sometimes there is a moment of clarity before God takes us. Glad your SIL is doing better with the cancer treatment. Any improvement is good news!

    Mikie, thanks for the definition of mop. I should have that problem! My hair is straight as spaghetti and I have to braid it wet and brush it out the next day to have any body at all. It's too long to put curlers in, (doesn't hold the curl anyhow), and I'm allergic to perms. Oi!

    Leah, good to see you posting even if it's only a little. I am praying your voice will continue to improve every day.

    Sun, That had really best be some good cheese. Yikes!!

    Barry, good to see you on the porch. I recently discovered Honey Crisp apples. They are a great pairing with sharp cheddar.

    Granni, It's cold and icky here too.

    To those I may have missed, love to all!

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Was just watching "Antiques Roadshow". Had to quit. I can't stand all those people talking
    in questions. Statements have disappeared from our language. Everything is a question.

    "I got it from my mother? She remembers that it was in her grandparents home?"

    "This was made while the artist was living in Rome? These pieces are highly collectible?
    I think at auction it would bring between eight and ten thousand dollars?

    I must be under-medicated. Pretty much everything is irritating me today. Good thing
    I spent most of it sleeping.

    Dar, I had a tomato from our garden yesterday. Haven't had a BLT for years. Can't chew
    bacon anymore. I remember about 20 years ago telling my secretary that we were growing
    tomatoes in pails. Was going to have a BLT when I got home. She was very health conscious.
    Said, "Bacon? People still eat that stuff?

    Springwater, hope you can catch up on your rest. I looked up laddoo on Wikipedia. It
    said sweets made with flour and sugar and a variety of other flavorings. Laddoo (also
    laddu) are small round balls, but last year, for a festival in Indai, one weighing several
    thousand pounds was created. How in the world would you cook something that big?

    Granni, how long has you furnace been out? I've been cold most of this past week even
    though the temp has been in the 60s here. Took an extra diabetes pill in case it's due to
    high blood sugar.

    I like to experiment with different cheeses, but many of the imported cheeses are $15 to
    $20 a pound. Too much for me. I used to buy a Norwegian cheese made from both
    cow and goat milk. It was called Gjetost. Was brown in color due to the caramelization of
    the milk. It disappeared from the supermarket a couple decades ago.

    Never heard of Unexpected Cheddar, Jam. Sounds like the names Tom and Jerry give
    to their ice creams.

    Used to try every new apple that showed up at the store, Barry. I was a real applephile.
    Can't eat them anymore either. Did like those Honeycrisps and Pink Ladies. Seems to
    me one of those is a drink.

    Well, the rest of my post vanished. When I hit the "Post" button I was gold I'd have to
    sign it. But I had already signed in. Tried to save the post in my mail box, but that didn't
    work either. Uff-da!