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    Hi, Jam,

    I don't eat much cheese so I don't worry about whether it's soft or not. My NRG comes and goes but this fatigue isn't CFIDS nor FMS. I'm pretty sure it's from the latest knock on the noggin. Time will heal me. On a good day, I do a lot of work.

    Super Bowl is usually never the best game of the year. I try not to make judgements regarding which activities and sports people enjoy, except for those which exploit animals, such as rodeos and dog racing (bless the greyhound dog rescue people). When I lived in Denver, I was a fan of football because there is often not much else to do on snowy days except gather with friends and neighbors and watch the game, unless one is skiing. For those who understand the game, there is much more to it than the physical part. The longer one is a fan, and the more one knows about the game, the more one can see and enjoy all that goes into playing it. Otherwise, all one knows it that it is people doing physical damage to one another. I do agree that it is too physical and the head injuries can leave players with lifelong health issues. I honestly don't know how they keep doing what they do week after week. I hope the new "intelligent helmets," (is that an oxymoron?) help keep down the head injuries, especially amo ng teams with young players. There are sports and TV shows which I don't care for but I figure that's why the TV comes with many channels and a remote to shut it off. Down here in FL, there are always a lot of other things to do in the winter besides watch football.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hmmmmm, didn't realize this thread had two pages so only replied to Jam's post at the end of page 1. I've not been the sharpest knife in the drawer lately.

    Dar, hope you are better after moving that table. Ouch!!! Little secret: most of us with curly hair wish for straight hair and, I'm told, vice-versa. Ah, the grass, or hair, is always greener...

    Rock, you just explained how I feel; pretty much everything is irritating me. That, along with my headaches, is typical of a head injury. Now, if I can just keep my foot outta my mouth til this passes. Probably not. We have a condo mtg. today and instead of just a group gossip session, it's a bona-fide board meeting of the governing board for the whole hood. So, during the meeting itself, no one else is supposed to talk.

    I must be missing something. See no posts from Springwater at all. I have to wonder whether she inadvertently got on my ignore list. I'll go check.

    Slept off and on all day yesterday. I have to get into the shower and get ready for the meeting this morning so hope that will spur me on to better things. I have a $10 off $50 spent for groceries at Publix so need to check their ad. Their ad changes on Thurs., and if I still can get deals on $40 worth of groceries, I have another coupon for $5 off. Hate to lose out but my fridge and freezer are full. It would have to be staples. The $5 coupon is good through Sat. By then, I'll need more fruit and veggies.

    Our power has been going off in the mornings for just seconds--just enough to screw up our TVs. Then, we have to wait for our hundreds of channels to boot up. This happened before when there was a bad transformer in our area. Comcast is having mega problems here too. Their trucks seem to be here 24/7. We are on a first name basis with the techs because they visit us so regularly. I ask them questions and have learned a lot. Seems as though equipment required to stream a lot of video puts out a lot of radiation, enough to interfere with avionics on planes flying overhead. If they can overcome that obstacle, cable will become obsolete. Here in the hood, we cannot put dishes on our bldgs. so we are stuck with Comcast or Prism, which isn't as good as cable. I'm going to change to another package deal to lower my costs.

    Got a lab bill for more than $600. Yikes! Called my new ins. co., BC/BS, and found out they capitize their labs and they just haven't paid them yet. So, I owe nothing but a bill like that can scare a person to death. Lately, if it hasn't been one snafu, it's been another. I think most of us can take big bad news fairly well but it's the day-to-day stupid problems which get us in the end. No wonder I'm irritable :mad:

    Thanks for letting me vent-psssssssssst. Ah, that feels better. :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Hmmmmm, no one is being ignored so that isn't the problem.

    Rock, did Springwater post about those sweets quite a bit ago? I'm confused but then, that's not unusual for me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Sorry that it seems your head injury is the cause of the fatigue. Since you've gone thru that route before I guess you know what to expect and how long for healing. Hey.......I understand about the "keeping the mouth shut"......when I'm not feeling good and hurt all over it's best for me to just stay away from others.

    Rock: We all go thru the crankiness. And I have to tell you, for someone who thinks alzheimers is coming on your brain and recollection is amazing. Perhaps I never put enough in it to bring up all the details you can remember on writers, singers, etc. I applaud you! Keep it up. I was just thinking the other evening that I need to start reading more biographies, other than health/improvement books or novels. I feel like I'm getting stagnant.

    Spring: I'm happy to read that the "funeral activities" have now come to an end. You will heal and go on with your life.

    1. Barry: I did the taste test husband picked the expensive one! But I still like the sharp Irish cheddar I buy at Trader Joes. I'm just a cheeseaholic! That would be the hardest thing ever for me to give up (hope I never have to though) I can do without wine, without chocolate, without sweets (I need to break this cookie habit I've developed though) but not cheese. I'm back to drinking strong coffee and living it.......decaf is just NOT coffee in my opinion. By the way, I have no idea where that number 1 showed up and why! This board's habits are a mystery.
    Granni: Hope by today you've got heat.......BRRRRRR.

    We get the results today on the pathology. I think we're both to the point that whatever will be will be.

    Two more days of driving him 30 mi roundtrip for his coumadin shot. I'm come to the conclusion I DON'T like driving around EVERYDAY. Some days because of rush hour traffic it's turned into a 2 hr. trip which I find draining of energy. I've been hitting the bed several times a day for a nap and bed by 8:30. It's dry today and a bit warmer so I'm going outside to do a bit of yard cleanup. I find that being outdoors energizes me.
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