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    Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

    Step right up. The wonder of the Ages. It walks; it talks; it crawls on its belly like a
    reptile. Only ten cents. One tenth of a dollar. Yes, folks, for only one thin dime
    you too can see this amazing, this stupendous, this attraction of the century brought
    to you by the McGinnis Traveling Museum, Menagerie and Circus.

    Watch out for the guy wire, Folks. No ladies or children allowed. The next show starts
    in five minutes.

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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Whaddya think? Should we have a themed thread? What memories do you have of the
    circus or carnival? That's your mission, should you decide to accept it. As always, should
    you or any of your MI force be captured or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge
    or your actions.

    One of the stars of Mission Impossible was Peter Graves. Had the dice been thrown with
    a slight twist, coulda been me. Both Peter and I had a background that was Minnesotan,
    Methodist, German and Norwegian. Anybody remember the name of his older brother?

    Lilac, great to see that you were up to a long post. I'm so sorry about all your problems.
    There should be a limit on how many health problems one can have at a time. And
    constant pain is so fatiguing and demoralizing. I really haven't had any since last winter
    when my back was so bad. I should probably cross my fingers, or maybe my vertebrae.

    I agree with you on cruises. Wouldn't go on one even if it were free.

    SG, No black, stormy skies here. But we did have some rain yesterday. And just a
    tad the day before. Sounds like the news on DH was as good as it could get. Hope
    it stays that way.

    With regard to all those termites and crickets, have you considered a pangolin
    or some similar beast. The pangolin is the mammal that looks like a reptile. It
    is an anteater, and most anteaters eat all kinds of bugs. Call the folks at Anteaters
    R Us and see if they can help.

    Freida, your comment on the naked lady who was doing yoga while in the clutches
    of hypoglycemia, made me chuckle. Didn't actually LOL. Well, I'm not a very
    demonstrative kinda guy.

    BTW, Oliver Sacks wrote some similar books. One was titled "The Man Who
    Mistook His Wife For a Hat." Sacks was a neurologist. He wrote "Awakenings"
    which was made into a movie w/ Robin Williams playing the part of the doctor.

    Well, better go before my post goes poof. Hugs, Everydobby.

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    Interesting subject! Hmmmm.....pulling up any recollections of a circus and I do remember when the kids were young, the small traveling circus was coming to a shopping center close by so the kids and I went down to see them unload the animals and set up the giant tent. It was lots of fun.....kinda....but the kids didn't want to go back to see a show. I had hoped to get some "elephant poop" but after I took a look at it I decided to pass!!!!!!!!!!!

    We did go once to the big top when it was in L.A. Lots of activity in all 3 rings, actually I think it was almost too much to take in, but once is enough for me.
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry, Rock, I have couleraphobia (spelled incorrectly), a fear and hatred of clowns. No circus for me. Also, I don't think many of them take good care of the animals. Even if they do, it isn't natural for those kinds of animals to be shipped around, living in small cages. Was just talking to my daughter, who wishes I lived closer to them. I told her that, even if I could afford to move, I can't as long as Simon depends on my for his daily breakfast. She is one of the few people who would understand that. It's like I have an unwritten contract with God to watch out for him the best I can. If her were feral, he would be used to hunting but I'm sure he's homeless and has been horribly traumatized so he needs a helping hand. I do agree about cruises, when it comes to me; however, many people love them and come home refreshed (and 10 pounds heavier :).

    Yes, Sunflower Girl, my neighbor is really being foolish about her diet and believing she can eat everything and anything because she is on a statin. Every time I'm at her condo, she and DH are eating raised donuts dripping with sugar icing or cinnamon rolls. AACK! Both have gotten so heavy that they can do very little. His back and knees are bad and he's having back surgery. I'm sure all this extra weight isn't helping. I had asthma in CO and had to use my rescue inhaler but I almost never need it here in FL. When I do, though, I don't hesitate to use it. If I'm just having labored breathing in general, I use my nebulizer with albuterol and it clears my lungs right up. Again, I almost never need it. My heart rate is always high but rarely over 100 unless I'm working out. To find one's target rate, deduct one's age from 220 and multiply that by 80 percent. That is the target rate to work out at for 20 mins., three times a week. If one doesn't have a way to check one's pulse, one should just try talking and if one can't work out and talk normally, the heart rate is too high. By deducting one's age from 220, it gives one the maximum heart rate one should achieve. It's not good to work out at that level for long. I can now tell I'm in the zone without having to check. It's already paying off in lower BP and heart rate, both active and resting. I'm back down to the 15 pounds I lost. This exercise makes me feel better. I'm still fatigued but not nearly as bad as I've been.

    Leah, prayer can do wonders. I know we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep your spirits up and keep us updated. I also pray your fatigue improves. You are loved.

    Yesterday, I stopped in at B&N to buy a book on Windows 8.1. It's from Microsoft and is the manual they should have included with the computer. I just can't learn by watching the tutorials. I learn by reading. I'm sure the tutorials will make sense once I read more. I have a sneaking suspicion that 8.1 won't be with us for long, but I could be wrong. Us old folks don't learn as easily as the kiddies and maybe they like it. I also got a double black ink cartridge at Comp USA/Tiger Dot Com. The battery on my old standby workhorse laptop is shot. The guys at Comp USA told me to go to Amazon to find one as it would be cheaper than buying it from them. I love those guys. I got one on Amazon for $29.99 plus $7 shipping. Retail is $129 and I think it was $80 at Comp USA.

    I went to the bank and hope I have finally gotten my mortgage straightened out. I'm putting payments toward the principle to pay it off early and they keep trying to make them regular payments, which they are supposed to be drafting from my checking acct. automatically. Then, they tack on fees and take interest out of my principle . What a mess! The banker was sooooo nice and helped me with it. From now on, I'll write a check and take it to the bank and make sure they code it to go on the principle. Why does incompetence reign supreme when competent people can't find work?

    Still have to call BC/BS to find out why they would only approve one month's supply of clonazepam. The explanation they faxed to Target made no sense. Neither did the co-pay for "out of network" x-ray which wasn't out of network. These are only a few of the things on my plate recently. I know I'm whining again but I've handled serious health problems and pain better than these little pains in the arse.

    I need to spend more time learning, besides the 8.1. Think I'll get out my keyboard and play something even if it sounds rotten. I've been singing in the car and it's starting to sound a bit better than it did when I sounded like a cat caught in a wood chopper. Leah, I feel guilty whining about my singing when you are struggling to talk. Just look at me like the wimp I am. Again, I think our prayers and your efforts will bring your voice back.

    Finally, I stopped at Publix yesterday. They honor competitors' coupons and I had a dilly--$10 off a $50 purchase. I actually spent $80 because $20 of it was for wine, which doesn't count, and Valentines. DGS is skipping rope for the American Heart Assn., maybe because my Mom died of a heart attack. Anyway, I'm sending $20 in his Valentine toward the cause. I'm so proud of him. He canvassed the hood and has $200 in pledges. If he can get another $50, he'll get a nice set of headphones. Remember when we wore those big headphones and then, everyone got ear buds and made fun of large headphones. Now, huge headphones are in again. Everything old is new again (expect me :)

    OK, gang, I'm gonna go. Had to do a little moderator housekeeping before I came here. Thanks to everyone who keeps an eye out for problems. My love, hugs and prayers to everyone and everyone I missed and all our MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    HI Rock, et al,

    Thanks for starting up the new Porch. Everyone don't forget to check out the last Volume for posts from Joan, Julie, me, Sun and others I can't remember.

    Mikie - Glad that your NRG is getting a little better. Maybe we can send some our voices to LEAH to strengthen hers. Gee, I surely do wish I/we could.

    I have to laugh at this posting about the circus and clowns. I went a few times to the circus with my aunt to NYC's Madison Square Garden when I was a kid. Clowns were OK, but nothing special. Somehow my kids , mostly the girls didn't kike the clowns. Not sure why but they just didn't like them. Maybe some of the weird facial makeup or what. We didn't go to many circus' but when we moved to Tx we went to lots of Rodeos and those clowns were trying to keep the mean bulls from getting those bull and horse riders from getting hurt after falling off.

    Thinking of everyone. I had better go and lie down on my Denneroll as I haven't done that in probably at least a week. Also need to some other exercises . We will see how much I get done. Lately it hasn't been much. It is suppose to get warmer today, hi 50's. We will see with no sun so far. Tomorrow may be a bit warmer and then cooler again but hopefully not as cold as it has been.

    Special hugz to Leah, Sun and Diane !

    Granni :)
  6. rockgor

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    Hi Gang

    Spent much of yesterday napping. Back was acting up; got out the heating pad. Hadn't
    used it since last winter. I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come. BTW, "The
    Harbinger" is a book. The subtitle is "The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's
    Future". From the description, it is a "religious thriller".

    You can never tell though. I got a book about Ann Miller last week. I thought it was
    a biography, but when I looked at the index it had chapters on UFOs, The Lost Continent
    of Atlantis, Ghosts, etc. I knew Ann was light on her feet, but didn't realize she was
    also light in the head.

    For anyone who is a fan of such topics, I will amend that statement to: I knew Ann was
    light on her feet, but didn't realize she was also enlightened. My brother who believes in
    astrology, smoke reading, palmistry, and tarot cards would probably love the book.

    With regard to circuses, the best one I ever saw was a small family-sized operation.
    Saw it in the early 80s in Oxnard, CA. Isn't that some name! When I was a social
    worker St. Paul, MN, I had to write to Oxnard to get a birth certificate for someone
    who had applied for welfare. I though that was the craziest name ever. Just looked
    at Wikipedia. Town was named for Henry Oxnard. Here I thought it was an Indian
    or Spanish word.

    Well, anyway, used to live in the Ventura-Oxnard area. Went to the shopping center w/
    my son who was about 10. There was a large tent in the parking lot and a barker. We
    went right in. There were only a few performers, and they all did multiple tasks. One
    teenage boy was a juggler. At the end of his act, he did something I've never seen before
    or since.

    He threw his straw hat which sailed over the heads of the crowd and then flew back
    to him like a boomerang. He had 3 or 4 of these hats which he said he found in S.
    America. Kept them all in the air at once.

    Reminds me of the old joke: I had a little trouble remembering how to throw a
    boomerang, but eventually it came back to me. That might have been a quote
    from Mikie or Dar.

    I agree about a big circus, SG. Took the family to see Ringling Bros., B & B at the
    Los Angeles Coliseum. Three rings was just too much to watch.

    Oops! Gotta go. I stood up to get my lumbar support. Kinda forgot I was wearing
    earphones. Yanked the speaker and the mouse off the table. Said, "Uhhh! which woke up
    Gordon in the next room. Uff-da! I'll be back later. Like a really slow boomerang.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, I haven't gotten much done lately either. My NRG comes in jumps and spurts. I just go with the flow. I have to wait until around 2:00 this afternoon to see whether Barbara will need a ride home from the McDonald's where the bus leaves the cruisers off. Another friend may pick her up but this friend isn't the epitome of reliability so I have to be available. My money's on my having to pick her up. So, you lie down on your dinner roll? Well that's one way to avoid gluten and carbs.

    Rock, I always liked Ann Miller. She was very striking looking, even into old age. Maybe if you lie on a dinner roll, it will help your back. If not, you can butter it up and eat it. I had heard the joke about boomerangs but am not clever enough to think it up by myself. There is a Ringling Bros. Circus museum up in Sarasota, about an hour or so up the Coast from me. I've never been there but fans of circuses (or is the plural circi?) say they loved it. I try to avoid any place where I might encounter clowns. Most of the time, I have my feelings of repulsion under control, but sometimes, I freak out. We had a clown who used to come through my checkout stand at Publix. I didn't like him, even without his makeup and even before he told me he was a clown. He works at the kids' hospital and I know lots of clowns do volunteer work. There is no explaining phobias and clowns just happen to be mine. It's not the clowns at rodeos which turn me off; it's the exploitation, and injuries, of animals. I'm from the West and I know it's heresy to hate rodeos but my love of animals is stronger.

    Speaking of which, Simon didn't show up for his breakfast this morning. He usually doesn't on Sundays. Maybe he's in church :) I think a more likely explanation is that he doesn't like the wet ground from the sprinklers. He once came out in pouring rain, though, so I guess it depends on how hungry he is. As soon as it started to get light out, the nasty blue jays were screeching and lusting over his food. I brought it in. At least, the crows have left. We have tiny yellow finches which are sooooo cute. The jays are bullies and try to raid the other birds' nests.

    It's gray and foggy looking outside for about the fourth day but the sun always comes out and burns it off. I feel as though I'm living in CA, not FL. Today is my day off from water aerobics but I'll be glad when it's sunnier. Cloudy days cause the pool to feel cold when I get in. Of course, as soon as I start running and jumping, I warm up. I try to go no later than 10:00 because there are a lot of Snowbirds and visitors down here and the pool fills up in the afternoon. This cardio is paying off in lowered BP and heart rate. I just hope it helps with my cholesterol too as I don't want to take a statin. My Mom's side of the family all die of massive heart attacks so I try to keep my heart healthy. One of my pills, Cozaar (losartan) reduced heart attacks and strokes by 16 percent in studies. It also works with BP pills to help lower it.

    I may laze today. Haven't decided. I hope everyone else has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Mikie, Rock, et al,

    I am on Losartan too but probably the stronger version I am guessing. DH is also on it but he takes it half the strength that I do. He also takes something with it, a diuretic but different from mine. I also take Verapamil along with the 100 mg Losartan. Hope you don't have to go and pick up Barb for a change and hope she had a nice trip.

    Speaking of water aerobics. I should probably take it but in the summer they have it and not the winter. Is your pool outdoors? It would be pretty cold here if they had it now. It is early in the morning for one thing and that water had better be pretty warm for me, like almost HOT! Can't stand the cold or cold water.

    Gee the porch sure is lazy today. I wasn't even here till just now, not even on the computer today. Not that I did anything very exciting today really church, and a wash, and lying on the dinner roll :)!!! he he Oh, I put my music back in order after loaning some out to new girls so they could copy some pieces. Guess your weather , esp in the winter is warmer than here. Today it finally started to warm up. It took almost all day to get into the 60's I think. Tomorrow will be cooler and the rest of the week not to bad, not warm but warmer than it has been. It has been so cold , gloomy with rain and ice the last week or so. This winter has been stinky,):!!

    Hope all is well with everyone. Please excuse not posting to all individually. Need to go take a HOT shower and then watch some of the Olympics.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I've been on several cruises and enjoyed them for the most part. You can do your own thing, eat what you want and join in or not. One cruise I needed to lay down and nap during the day and it was very easy to excuse myself from whatever. I don't particularly like eating that much so now it would be a real waste for me to go on one. When we went to Portland for the week we ate a large breakfast (free at the hotel) a late lunch and a snack for dinner.

    I had pool physical therapy about 18 months ago.......I hated it and after 7 times I quit. It was indoors and the chlorine smell was very strong and the pool was too hot. The PT said that some people with FM can't stand the chlorine, making them more ill.

    I talked to my son in Portland last night......he was walking to a lounge (3 miles) where some musician friends were appearing. The city was hit hard with snow, he said about 8 to12". He said that most of the buses were up and running again with chains on and the lite rail, but some people were using cross country skis to get around. Luckily he told me today he got a ride home with one of the band members otherwise he would have been walking home at 2 a.m.

    Did anyone watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Totally the best ever.
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun,

    I missed the opening ceremonies. I had forgotten about them. Saw some of the competitions last night and I thought that the skating would be later tonight. So I missed part of them. That is the best part for me.. However, I also loved to watch the snow boarding, skiing and all. it is amazing what they all can do . I couldn't even stand on a snowboard going no where, let alone a moving one and doing all those twists and turns, upside down , etc.. The skating is wonderful. I did see the little Russian girl and missed the American skate today who I think got second. I forget her name. I will watch the pairs skate later I think. I like Davis and White but they all do so well getting up that far.

    I heard about Portland getting so much snow. Guess your son is fine thank goodness. Best for you to stop the aerobics in the pool if it made you sicker. I am to lazy to get myself down there so early in the morning but it is in the summer and it is hot inside and out but early in the morning. I am not a good morning person.

    I'm off to watch the rest of the Olympics too. Sorry I missed the opening ceremonies and watching all the people that will be trying so hard to get medals for their countries. Yes, I forget who mentioned it but the USA sweaters are beautiful and so unique !!!

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    We used to have a formal class in water aerobics. Only problem was this it wasn't aerobic. It was just plain ole easy stretches in water. I have to get my heart rate up and keep it there to make it aerobic. Then, I have to keep it going at that rate for at least 20 mins. I gradually warm up by walking but the water's been cold so I start moving fast as soon as I can. Our pool is outside right next to our condo bldg. My windows look down on it. Ambient temps in the winter are in the 70's and 80's but when we have a cold front, they turn the heater down until it passes. I think someone forgot to turn it up. In any case, it doesn't matter what I do; I run, jump, do high stepping in place, and do jumping jacks. I run sideways and backwards, anything to break the monotony. It's the longest 20 mins. I ever endure. I can run inside with my Wii but it's no better on the joints than running on a sidewalk. They say even using treadmills is hard on the joints. Stationary bikes are OK but I hate to go to the gym anymore. So far, I'm down 15 pounds from my highest weight. Hope to lost the next 15.

    For some reason, I'm just not into the Olympics this time. I used to skate and ski and always enjoyed watching it but, like so many things, my interest is fading. When I watch a sport I used to do, I can still feel my muscles mimicking what is happening on the tube. I used to skateboard but never tried snow boarding. Too many older people were breaking their shoulders so I decided not to try it. I'm sure that now, even skiing would be a challenge, I haven't done it for so many years.

    I did pick Barb up from the cruise bus. She took me out to lunch at The Outback, our favorite restaurant. We like the little sirloin steaks and sweet taters. We always get a gin 'n tonic. The Outback is dark and quiet in the bar area where we always eat. We don't sit at the bar; they have booths in there too. I'm sure she's glad to be home but is talking about her next cruise already. I think this one was her 30th. I'm not against cruising; it's just not something which interests me. I'm sure if I went on one, I'd enjoy myself but will likely not go.

    Well, that's about all the excitement happening down here in the jungle. I woke at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I was sooooo exhausted yesterday when we got back that I came inside and slept. I'm not used to this exercise and it's grueling in its own way. Good news is that (knocking on wood here) my hip feels so much better. The first time I did it, my hip hurt all night.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes Freida,

    Is there a reason that the docs know or not know about why you have temporarily lost your voice. A gal in my line dancing class DH had something similar happen. They do not think it was a stroke or anything but I do not think the doc knew what caused it. He is going to therapy, speech and some other too I think, He seems to be doing better. I need to talk to her more about it. Did it all happen at once, both speech and having trouble eating or swallowing? I do not think he had his thyroid removed.. That is really puzzling if it was not stroke related. Glad you seem to be doing a little better anyway and hope it stays that was and or gets much better. It may just take some time, little by little. Thinking of you and your struggles, kiddo.

    Hi to everydobby. - Spring Water, Julie, Rock, Sun, Dar, Joan, Elaine.. I am missing so many !!

    Jam - Seems like you are doing pretty well, all things considered. We are back to our cold and rainy weather. Tomorrow is supposed to get worse, even colder and maybe ice and stuff. We'll see. My daughter in NC who is hoping to move down here soon says it is supposed to get really cold with quite a bit of snow in a day or two. It is already pretty cold.

    Julie - I hope you and kiddos are doing well with no major sicknesses. I am sure you are helping Lindsey and hope that she is able to eat well or better than her last pregnancy.

    Joan - Hope to hear from you again soon and are able to log in easier. I do not have to log in every dime so you shouldn't either.

    Love you all,
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Jam,

    Sorry I missed the Beatles special last night. Yes, that is one thing I do have left is the rhythm for dancing or just plain moving and singing. The rhythm also helps with my singing. I also do some small instruments and whistles, maraccas, etc. in our small singing group. Do you get your GL Gelatin in a special place . Have you checked prices a lot. I did a bit but not any big bargain at any one place.

    Gotta run and get ready for dinner and then chorale practice tonight. TTY and All later on.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I didn't even get here yesterday. I sat out on the Balcony for coffee and went to the pool to exercise at 11:00. The water is much warmer than earlier. Saw some neighbors. One is dealing with a husband who had a massive stroke and nearly died. He went to rehab and started to improve to the point he was close to normal. Then, suddenly, he started to regress. He is really bad now with dementia, a Sundowner, and gets up and falls at night. She has messed up her back trying to get him back up as once he's down, he can't stand back up by himself. All his tests have been "normal" but he gets his brain scan on Thurs. They won't have results til the 27th. She lost her job after shattering her elbow. When I look at the problems I deal with, I think of them and I send up prayers for them. I think they can use them.

    Leah, I hope our prayers are helping. Hang in there. Long winters used to give me SAD and I went to the tanning booths just to stop the depression when I lived in CO. Down here in sunny FL, I don't have to deal with that. I pray the improvement in your voice continues.

    Jam, thanks for thinking of me. I may just give it a try. I slept til 4:00 this morning but I went to sleep about 8:00 last night. It's not that I'm not getting enough total hours of sleep; it's just that they aren't at the ideal time. I got up feeling refreshed this morning.

    Granni, glad to see you here.

    I'm taking Barb to the dermatologist this morning to have a non-melanoma skin cancer removed from her neck. She has to take a blood thinner so she'll be there about 3 hrs. to ensure she doesn't bleed too much. I'll go to the condo mtg. and pick her up when she calls me. After I came home from the pool yesterday, I got in the shower and cut my hair while it was still wet. It came out well. An old neighbor stopped by and Barb and I sat with him on the Balcony for quite a while. He's a really sweet guy and always makes us laugh. We had several other visitors and the afternoon and evening got away from us. I didn't eat lunch til almost 2:00. Exercising is causing me to have less of an appetite. I'm down 15 pounds now. I was down 15 but gained 5 back. Now, I'm back down to 15. Yea!!! I feel so much fitter too. I can do some really good exercising because there is not much jolt to the joints. My back is a bit sore today because I swam some laps. Don't know why it hurts my back but then, most everything hurts my back. I hung in the deep end to let my spine lengthen out and let the water pressure move my lymph fluids. Can't hurt--might help (like chicken soup).

    One neighbor is getting anxious to go to Joe's Crab Shack. We usually make one trip downtown by the river to eat there. They serve big steaming pots of crab, clams and corn on the cob in spicy Cajun sauce. Mmmmmm! Perfect with a beer. I told her we'd go the first week in March. Feb. is getting filled up. If Barb is up to it this week, we are going over the river to the Cape to shop at an Italian market and a New Age crystal shop. She got word last night that a lifelong girlfriend had died. It was so sad. I hope she's feeling better today for her surgery.

    Well, Kiddies, that's about it from here. Hoping everyone has a great day. I'm off to read my e-mails and the e-version of our newspaper.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Kids

    My back has been acting out, but was some better yesterday. Just woke up. So far
    it's just sitting there. Not doing much. Probably plotting to cause more trouble. Like
    a sullen teenager.

    I watched a screwball comedy over the last couple days. There are lots of complete movies
    on Youtube now. I watch in ten minute segments. This one was called "The Awful Truth"
    and starred Cary Grant and Jean Arthur. Today I watched a bit of one I never heard of
    before: The Gracie Allen Murder Case. Alas, the script was awful so quite after
    20 min. I'm so old I remember hearing George and Gracie on the radio.

    I think I reported on a book I read recently. Can't remember the name. Well, anyhoo, I
    sent an email to the author's website, and got a reply. I can't even remember the name of
    the book, but our library only has one of his novels. He said the other two are available
    electronically. I guess that means Kindle or something. Am currently reading a book
    on the great movie composers like Max Steiner, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, and John Williams.

    Did you see the news that Diahann Carroll died? Turned out to be a hoax. She was born the
    same year as Julie Andrews. So they are 5 years older than I, but look about 30-40 years younger. (On proofreading, I see I should have said they are 5 years older than I apiece!)

    And there was news about some historic resort in New York. Named after Lake Mohonk.
    Big outbreak of norovirus. A pompous announcement from the resort about how proactive
    they were being and doing every thing possible by calling in some cleaners.

    Some wag posted:
    The historic Mohonk Mountain House has issued an additional statement: As a
    further proactive step, all guests have been provided with an complimentary bumper
    sticker: Mo-HONK if you're infected!

    Mikie, glad to hear you are able to exercise. And even more amazing, that it has some
    positive effect. Hope Simon shows up. With all the terrible problems in this world, should
    one be worried about a cat? Yes, because we can't do much about the world's terrible
    problems. Simon can be helped.

    Granni, I haven't watched any of the Oympics, but I did see a brief video of a sport that
    I don't think is in the Olympics. Ski dancing. Like figure skating only on skis. Sounds
    kinda crazy, huh? Well, it is. But it was also amazing. The skier was jumping and
    turning and doing handstands on his ski poles. Looked to me like a good way to get a
    bad owie. Or maybe break one's neck.

    Hugs everydobby
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again. I got Barb to the doc's and am waiting for her to call me to come pick her up. I am praying all goes well. Went to condo mtg. and it was decided that we would finally get a website for our hood up and running. It will save a small fortune when finished because everything from mgmt. and the board can be sent out on e-mail rather than snail mail. We can also download forms we may need. There are a few holdouts who refuse to learn how to use computers but the overwhelming majority can, at least, open and read e-mails. Guess a big fight broke out in one of the other bldgs. They are always feuding over something in that assn. Same as the one next to us. I swear, something is in the water or air making people ornery. We try to keep things calm in our assn. Once in a while, we'll have a tiff but it never lasts.

    I'm watching the dog show but didn't get in on the first of it. I think this is a rerun of the first night. I love dog shows. I love dogs (and cats).

    Rock, you are right. I always think of the Serenity Prayer. I can't do much about a lot of the world's ills but I can try to make life better for a homeless cat. I'm just worried about him when he doesn't show up. He has no one he'll let get near him if he gets sick or injured. He's been gone three days in a row before but if he doesn't show tomorrow, I'll really think something is wrong. He still has all his original equipment so he may be out tom catting or, as my Mom used to say, "On his Honeymoon." Exercising is getting better but, like all old people my age, I have aches and pains after. I swam laps yesterday when I finished my aerobics and that always wakes up some of my lazy old muscles. I feel tired but better. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but I usually feel tired and crappy. Now, I just feel tired. Improvement.

    Julie, I worry when you talk about running on reserves. One can't keep doing that. Take it from someone who did that and suffered the consequences. Hope you can get some rest. I love the idea of the Valentine Gram but I hope everyone gets one. How sad that people's nearby families don't even bother with their older members. I felt bad enough having to stop visiting Mom's friend but if I had family, I'd do whatever necessary to visit. Sending up a prayer for Lindsey and the baby.

    Not sure whether I mentioned that my battery on my workhorse laptop, the Toshiba, wore out. Guy at my favorite computer store told me it's cause I always left it plugged in. He said to charge it, unplug it, and not plug it in again until battery is dead, or almost dead. He also suggested I go online to buy a new one. I went to Amazon and got one for $29 plus $7 shipping. It just came and is already charged and running. They retail for $129 and the computer store couldn't sell one for less than $80. That's why he suggested I go online. Gotta love a store where they put customers before profits. Just hope they don't give away the store and go out of business. Once in a while, things actually work out.

    I had been under a dark cloud where everything I touched turned to crap. I prayed for a turnaround and I think things are improving. I hope so. I don't deal well with life's little aggravations. Like I always say, I'm a whiner!

    Again, I send my best to everyone for a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Ski dancing, you have got to be kidding :)! Skiing or skating the way these competitors do is amazing enough by itself. I know what you mean about your back just waiting to out on you. Mine pretty much hurts all the time or should I say annoying but other times it is just debilitating. I hear you and understand. When it gets bad it is just hot pads, not to much activity , being really careful . Hope yours doesn't start up on you again. You and we all can do without it.

    Julie - Oh my girl, you wear me out just thinking about your schedule, especially all that driving back and forth between home, and your dad's facility, the Amy's etc. and or to chiro ( your long distance one). How far is it to our dad's facility and to Amy's home? I guess when you live in the country of sorts you get used to all that driving. Actually here you have to do more driving than we used to in the big city, even think we weren't actually in the heart of the city per se. Hope Lindsey can hold that baby in. She has so much on her plate now and then some falls on you to help. I know you don't mind but hope it won't hurt your ability to ward off any illnesses. This weather certainly hasn't of much help.

    My daughter and family in NC is supposed to get from 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow. Hope it isn't to horrible for all of them and area. So many are getting weather they never had before, or seldom had. It is COLD here but it is just in the 30's today like your warming trend JULIE.

    Mikie - Glad you are back too ! Did you say you got a new battery or a laptop for $29. I can't believe that it could be the computer but that is what it sounded like in your explanation. I have found you can get some pretty good deals on a lot of things on line. Seems like other than a grocery store that is about the only stores I frequent lately. Of course WM is an almost everything s I don't count WM as just a grocery store. :)!!

    I need to leave for our small singing group practice soon so I need to go and do some exercising of lying on my Denneroll - no butter with that one :)!! I really have been bad lately but did do it yesterday for the first time in maybe a week or so.

    Hi and Hugz to everydobby - Dar, Sun, Joan, Jam Spring Water Freida, Diane and Windy, Geogia those other MIA 's too. Bye for now and try and stay warm.

    Granni :)
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just back from the library and the Chinese market. Gordon had to buy some cilantro. Kinda
    funny since he grows the stuff. Gives it to people frequently. Just didn't have any that was
    ready today.

    He gave some to our mechanic. Gordon has been using the same guy for over 30 year. He
    is from Cambodia. Uses lots of cilantro. I got my car back. Over $700. I probably couldn't
    sell it for that much. It's 26 years old.

    The City of LA has decreed no more plastic grocery bags. The store will provide you with a
    paper bag, but they scan the bag (for the price) and charge you ten cents. Does that mean
    a double bag for your heavy items will cost 20 cents? Yes, it does. Today the bag boy was
    a girl. She was putting 3 half gallons of milk in one bag. I barely refrained from calling her
    "Honey" and pointed out we were two feeble old men who could not carry that.

    As Mikie said, '"Incompetence is the current standard". Which reminds me, Gordon went
    to a Social Security office yesterday. You remember he went to one last week that had
    moved, but didn't bother to change its address on its website. So he decided he'd try another
    office that might have more space for parking.

    Same story. It too had moved, but not changed its address. I shudder to think what this
    country will be like in another decade or two. The world we grew up in is gone forever.
    Or as many folks say nowadays, "The world we grew up in is gone forever?"

    SG, my brother sends me weather reports from Portland too. Just got one. Goes on for
    3-4 paragraphs. And these are bulletins that he sends to many people. I wonder if he has
    that condition that is similar to Autism. He does seem to be disconnected from people in
    some ways. At least when they get snowstorms, he no longer has to drive a snowplow.
    He is retired.

    Mikie, your cantankerous neighbors remind me of one of Dave Barry's columns. He
    speculated that there was some sort of giant weirdness magnet in S. Florida that accounted
    for all goofy news that emanates from there.

    Julie, Hope you and Keira have a nice day tomorrow. Any projects planned? Baking
    cookies. Making valentines? Having a really looooooooong nap?

    Granni, my back is OK right now. I'm wearing my lumbar support. I suspect it's the
    same thing ladies used to wear and refer to as a corset. But I've been in this chair about
    the maximum amt. of time. Gotta go lie down. Will start my new library book.

    Hugs, Guys
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: We were at Whole Foods in Pasadena and the same thing with the bags. Charged us ten cents....she said some people are refusing to pay so just put everything loose back in their carts and push it all out to their cars. I've got some of the cloth bags so need to just start bringing them into the stores. I guess plastic bags are going the way of dinosaurs......and they're soooo handy to use when cleaning out the litter box.

    I'm in a huge amount of pain again so here I am in the wee hours of the morning. Took a pain pill and made some caffeinated coffee to help with the pain. I see the doc next week and going to ask him WHY I'm having such troubles with bursa throughout my body. My foot is hurting so bad that it's hard to stand on it. I've done some searching and I'm sure it's the bursa or plantar fascitis which I've had in the past. Darn......I hate this body I've been given!!!!

    1. Julie: Have fun with Keira. I like to keep some ready made cookie dough in the frig for when my.....GRANDS
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: GRRRRRRRRR.....