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    Good morning, everyone! Supposed to be one more day of single digits, then really warm, like in the high 30's! :D

    Lindsey is continuing to have problems, but hanging in there. Still some clotting and bleeding, but the doctor says there is nothing medically that can be done. We have found some supplements and teas that are supposed to help the placenta heal, and she is doing her best to be careful not to lift or put too much pressure in that area (as with vacuuming, etc.)

    I am headed to Amy's later this afternoon, after I stop by and see my dad. Will stay overnight and take Keira to school tomorrow morning...she gets out early tomorrow, so we will go do something fun. After Amy gets home from work, I will head home.

    Was going to go back on Friday to go to Keira's Valentine's Day party, but Amy asked to get off work early and the scheduler worked it out...Amy is more excited than Keira, I think, lol! Working moms do have different "stressors" than others do...

    So, that will free me up to go to the party at the care center. They are doing "February birthdays" (my dad's is the 20th) and Valentine's Day combined. The activity staff had sent out a letter asking if family would like to buy a "Valentine O'Gram" for their loved one who lives in the facility. They are giving a balloon, chocolates, and a stuffed bear...I will pay for my dad's, and for a couple other residents who might not have family to take care of it.

    So sad, that some of these residents have family in the same town, maybe just blocks away...that never visit or participate in any of the activities. I try to see my dad at least once a week, even with all the craziness around here. Shouldn't judge, I guess, since I don't know what some of the situations are.

    Den is going to take tomorrow off and spend it with his I just need to make sure the house is picked up and something here for them to heat up for lunch.

    A big "hi" and hugs to everyone! I am running on whatever "reserves" I can muster, so this is about all I can get typed. Think about you all and continue to pray for healing, less stress, etc. for all.

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    Hi, again. I got Barb to the doc's and am waiting for her to call me to come pick her up. I am praying all goes well. Went to condo mtg. and it was decided that we would finally get a website for our hood up and running. It will save a small fortune when finished because everything from mgmt. and the board can be sent out on e-mail rather than snail mail. We can also download forms we may need. There are a few holdouts who refuse to learn how to use computers but the overwhelming majority can, at least, open and read e-mails. Guess a big fight broke out in one of the other bldgs. They are always feuding over something in that assn. Same as the one next to us. I swear, something is in the water or air making people ornery. We try to keep things calm in our assn. Once in a while, we'll have a tiff but it never lasts.

    I'm watching the dog show but didn't get in on the first of it. I think this is a rerun of the first night. I love dog shows. I love dogs (and cats).

    Rock, you are right. I always think of the Serenity Prayer. I can't do much about a lot of the world's ills but I can try to make life better for a homeless cat. I'm just worried about him when he doesn't show up. He has no one he'll let get near him if he gets sick or injured. He's been gone three days in a row before but if he doesn't show tomorrow, I'll really think something is wrong. He still has all his original equipment so he may be out tom catting or, as my Mom used to say, "On his Honeymoon." Exercising is getting better but, like all old people my age, I have aches and pains after. I swam laps yesterday when I finished my aerobics and that always wakes up some of my lazy old muscles. I feel tired but better. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but I usually feel tired and crappy. Now, I just feel tired. Improvement.

    Julie, I worry when you talk about running on reserves. One can't keep doing that. Take it from someone who did that and suffered the consequences. Hope you can get some rest. I love the idea of the Valentine Gram but I hope everyone gets one. How sad that people's nearby families don't even bother with their older members. I felt bad enough having to stop visiting Mom's friend but if I had family, I'd do whatever necessary to visit. Sending up a prayer for Lindsey and the baby.

    Not sure whether I mentioned that my battery on my workhorse laptop, the Toshiba, wore out. Guy at my favorite computer store told me it's cause I always left it plugged in. He said to charge it, unplug it, and not plug it in again until battery is dead, or almost dead. He also suggested I go online to buy a new one. I went to Amazon and got one for $29 plus $7 shipping. It just came and is already charged and running. They retail for $129 and the computer store couldn't sell one for less than $80. That's why he suggested I go online. Gotta love a store where they put customers before profits. Just hope they don't give away the store and go out of business. Once in a while, things actually work out.

    I had been under a dark cloud where everything I touched turned to crap. I prayed for a turnaround and I think things are improving. I hope so. I don't deal well with life's little aggravations. Like I always say, I'm a whiner!

    Again, I send my best to everyone for a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock - Ski dancing, you have got to be kidding :)! Skiing or skating the way these competitors do is amazing enough by itself. I know what you mean about your back just waiting to out on you. Mine pretty much hurts all the time or should I say annoying but other times it is just debilitating. I hear you and understand. When it gets bad it is just hot pads, not to much activity , being really careful . Hope yours doesn't start up on you again. You and we all can do without it.

    Julie - Oh my girl, you wear me out just thinking about your schedule, especially all that driving back and forth between home, and your dad's facility, the Amy's etc. and or to chiro ( your long distance one). How far is it to our dad's facility and to Amy's home? I guess when you live in the country of sorts you get used to all that driving. Actually here you have to do more driving than we used to in the big city, even think we weren't actually in the heart of the city per se. Hope Lindsey can hold that baby in. She has so much on her plate now and then some falls on you to help. I know you don't mind but hope it won't hurt your ability to ward off any illnesses. This weather certainly hasn't of much help.

    My daughter and family in NC is supposed to get from 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow. Hope it isn't to horrible for all of them and area. So many are getting weather they never had before, or seldom had. It is COLD here but it is just in the 30's today like your warming trend JULIE.

    Mikie - Glad you are back too ! Did you say you got a new battery or a laptop for $29. I can't believe that it could be the computer but that is what it sounded like in your explanation. I have found you can get some pretty good deals on a lot of things on line. Seems like other than a grocery store that is about the only stores I frequent lately. Of course WM is an almost everything s I don't count WM as just a grocery store. :)!!

    I need to leave for our small singing group practice soon so I need to go and do some exercising of lying on my Denneroll - no butter with that one :)!! I really have been bad lately but did do it yesterday for the first time in maybe a week or so.

    Hi and Hugz to everydobby - Dar, Sun, Joan, Jam Spring Water Freida, Diane and Windy, Geogia those other MIA 's too. Bye for now and try and stay warm.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Just back from the library and the Chinese market. Gordon had to buy some cilantro. Kinda
    funny since he grows the stuff. Gives it to people frequently. Just didn't have any that was
    ready today.

    He gave some to our mechanic. Gordon has been using the same guy for over 30 year. He
    is from Cambodia. Uses lots of cilantro. I got my car back. Over $700. I probably couldn't
    sell it for that much. It's 26 years old.

    The City of LA has decreed no more plastic grocery bags. The store will provide you with a
    paper bag, but they scan the bag (for the price) and charge you ten cents. Does that mean
    a double bag for your heavy items will cost 20 cents? Yes, it does. Today the bag boy was
    a girl. She was putting 3 half gallons of milk in one bag. I barely refrained from calling her
    "Honey" and pointed out we were two feeble old men who could not carry that.

    As Mikie said, '"Incompetence is the current standard". Which reminds me, Gordon went
    to a Social Security office yesterday. You remember he went to one last week that had
    moved, but didn't bother to change its address on its website. So he decided he'd try another
    office that might have more space for parking.

    Same story. It too had moved, but not changed its address. I shudder to think what this
    country will be like in another decade or two. The world we grew up in is gone forever.
    Or as many folks say nowadays, "The world we grew up in is gone forever?"

    SG, my brother sends me weather reports from Portland too. Just got one. Goes on for
    3-4 paragraphs. And these are bulletins that he sends to many people. I wonder if he has
    that condition that is similar to Autism. He does seem to be disconnected from people in
    some ways. At least when they get snowstorms, he no longer has to drive a snowplow.
    He is retired.

    Mikie, your cantankerous neighbors remind me of one of Dave Barry's columns. He
    speculated that there was some sort of giant weirdness magnet in S. Florida that accounted
    for all goofy news that emanates from there.

    Julie, Hope you and Keira have a nice day tomorrow. Any projects planned? Baking
    cookies. Making valentines? Having a really looooooooong nap?

    Granni, my back is OK right now. I'm wearing my lumbar support. I suspect it's the
    same thing ladies used to wear and refer to as a corset. But I've been in this chair about
    the maximum amt. of time. Gotta go lie down. Will start my new library book.

    Hugs, Guys
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    Rock: We were at Whole Foods in Pasadena and the same thing with the bags. Charged us ten cents....she said some people are refusing to pay so just put everything loose back in their carts and push it all out to their cars. I've got some of the cloth bags so need to just start bringing them into the stores. I guess plastic bags are going the way of dinosaurs......and they're soooo handy to use when cleaning out the litter box.

    I'm in a huge amount of pain again so here I am in the wee hours of the morning. Took a pain pill and made some caffeinated coffee to help with the pain. I see the doc next week and going to ask him WHY I'm having such troubles with bursa throughout my body. My foot is hurting so bad that it's hard to stand on it. I've done some searching and I'm sure it's the bursa or plantar fascitis which I've had in the past. Darn......I hate this body I've been given!!!!

    1. Julie: Have fun with Keira. I like to keep some ready made cookie dough in the frig for when my.....GRANDS
  6. sunflowergirl

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    :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: GRRRRRRRRR.....
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    Good morning, Porchies,

    Granni, I'm sorry; I thought I had made it plain that it was the battery which had died. It was a battery I bought online. It's in and working like a charm. This Toshiba is a big 17" screen with a Blu Ray player in it so I want to keep it going. It was expensive. I've gotten so much out of it but am not ready to let it go yet. In fact, if I don't sit down and learn Windows 8 for my Surface2, I may just keep on using this one. Granni, I also belong to the bad back club and hope yours is doing better.

    Rock, CA is always so forward looking. Don't people there use the reusable cloth bags? I have a bunch of them and there are always plenty in my car. They cost 99 cents but I have a bunch of ones I got for free when I donated food to the local pantry. Publix has such pretty ones that people buy them just for the looks. Some decorate them and use them for beach bags. If you buy four bottles of wine, you get a little cloth wine bag for free which holds the four bottles. I use one for a cleaning supplies caddy and one for my tools and gardening tools. The tool caddy holds enough different types of things that I can do most small jobs without having to get into the big bad-boy tool box.

    I've seen ski dancing/acrobatics and it's beautiful and graceful. You can buy very short skis which turn about like ice skates. My skis are outdated as now, everyone is using the very short parabolic ones which used to be for beginners only. I guess as we old near Baby Boomers age, we don't have the muscles to turn skis like we used to. I'm two years too old to officially be a Baby Boomer and my kids are two years too young. I say we're all part of the huge bulge in the population with which the world has had to deal. I've been skiing all my life til I moved here and probably wouldn't have a problem turning them. Still, if one can glide almost effortless, why not! When I do my aerobics in the pool, to prevent boredom, I do all kinds of different stuff. One of them is hopping side to side as though I'm skiing moguls. In reality, I've always hated moguls but the same movement can be used straight downhill.

    Sunflower Girl, I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I pray it lets up. In one way, I am glad to see the plastic bags go away but I recycle mine at Publix. They also recycle foam containers. When I worked at the store, we had so many older people who wanted us to put paper bags inside the plastic bags. I use the paper bags to hold my paper recyclables but I make them last a long time except when I recycle shredded paper. I put it in a paper bag and staple the ends shut. I recycle, or repurpose, everything I can. I did use the plastic bags to hold kitty litter clumps when the cats lived here.

    Speaking of cats, Simon wasn't here again this morning. This makes four days in a row. I fear he may have met his demise. If so, I'm going to really miss seeing his cute little face each morning. I left the food out just in case he shows up. When it's light out, I'll check it and bring the bowls in. Barb has a friend who spent the night and I'm glad. She could help her if needed. The surgery went well and they got all the cancer. I was exhausted yesterday waiting to go get her. She was supposed to be there three hours and was there six. Oy! This friend, who is staying, has had to have a number of basel cell cancers removed. They have to dig deep to get it all.

    Yes, Rock, FL is a strange place to live. There are young people here, many of them attending the colleges and universities. This time of year, though, with all the Snowbirds, it looks like a sea of white and gray heads, kinda like seabirds at the beach. Politics here is a mess. Jeb Bush was the closest person we have had for governor who seemed normal. He wasn't great but he wasn't that bad either. The present one looks like Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" books. Before becoming our "esteemed" governor, he took the Fifth more than 70 times to avoid prosecution for Medicare fraud in the medical facilities he owned. He basically bought the election, spending $70 million of his own money. Now, we have Charlie Crist running against him as a Democrat. Should be an interesting campaign season. Most are not happy with the one in office now but some wouldn't vote for a guy who changed parties. No wonder we are the butt of political, and other, jokes. No matter who is in office, it seems that it's always business as usual down here, even at the local and county level. At least, we are diversifying out from tourism and development to provide jobs. Maybe there is hope for us yet.

    Today, is my pool workout day. I need to hire someone who will hold a gun to my head to make me do it. One would think I'd get some color on my pasty Irish/German skin--NOT! Guess I'll have to get out the tan in a bottle. I woke in the middle of the night with an upset stomach and it continues this morning. Maybe I can milk it in my mind to avoid going to the pool today. Since I go three times a week, and there are seven days in a week, I always have a "fudge" day.

    Well, kiddies, I hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Give the Great Lakes Hydrosylate Gelatin a good trial....I could say "I hate my body at this point"...but it's happened and why give it more negative feed? I hurt all over but manage and the Great Lakes is helping and even with SLEEP. The company says some take up to 9T per day in their liquids/foods and I take probably 4-6T per day thru the day..... I added more cayenne powder to my topical concoction and will get some mustard powder at our Coop tomorrow and add a bit of mustard......

    Consider Prolotherapy too for the points that are so pained....I talked to an old friend yesterday, she is only about 55 and is going to call my rheumy and probably do Prolo for her knee.....she does not deal with FM/CFS etc but her joints are aging too.

    Just finished my morning coffee with about 2T of the GLG in it..... I'm not giving up and continue to keep going as little as I do, but I walk and have used an ankle support for over 2 yrs.....jam

    On the plastic bags, they've been outlawed here in SM for over a year, I never forget my cloth bags....BUT the produce dept is still full of plastic bags for the we reduce plastic bags and I'm betting there is good in that, but will destroy more trees for the paper....a vicious cycle of our lifetimes here in the U.S. But, I wouldn't care to be anywhere else.........
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    Good morning, almost afternoon to all,

    Well, my daughter just e-mailed that they just started to see some snow flurries. They are bracing for a possibility of 8-12 inches of snow. They can get snow up there but don't normally get a lot when they do. Hope they don't get the awful ice storm with it. All I can say is hope all stay warm and safe and glad that weather is not here.

    Mikie - Did you make the water aerobics today? I know what you mean about just getting there or to any kind of exercising is half the battle but I am so lazy about that stuff but go when DH wants to. Not looking forwards to next week or the next 2 weeks as I have so much happening. Our small group has 6 or more performances coming up. In between is my mammogram and dexa bone scan and my perio cleaning for my teeth and gums. I am worn out thinking about it plus having one car is sometimes not easy to juggle when DH needs to go someplace too.

    Sorry to hear that Simon hasn't been by. I hope he is OK, maybe hiding out or something but OK. I know you love and will miss him if he is gone.

    Sun - I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I know the feeling, very frustrating when not a whole lot can be done sometimes. Hope the doc can take care of your problems soon. Hope also your DH is feeling better and gaining some strength and has gotten a bit of positive attitude. I know that is not easy esp when you are the one to have to pick him up and give him pats n the back, etc. Prayers for you both,

    Julie - Missing you but I know you are busy with the kids and going to Keiras but forget when it was. You wear me our just thinking about what all you do.

    Jam - you must have been posting at the same time I was. Will check out the GLGG again soon.

    I finally got my beef in the crockpot, not to cook but to marinate for 3-4 days. I didn't do this last year for DH birthday but I figured that you had better do it this year. He loves his Sauerbraten and so do I but you have to fuss with it a bit and plan a day when you have little to do to cook it afterwards. His birthday is the beginning of the month so it better get done this month :)!! I gave up on the home made potatoes balls (dumpling) esp when a person from Germany told me that she just buys the mix - either Panni or Knorr but all stores do not carry it. The marinade is also used for the gravy and add crushed gingersnaps and a bit of sugar. The gravy is sooo good.

    Spring Water - Hope you are OK as I haven't seen or heard from you in awhile. Please drop in when you can.

    Hugz to all inc. Rock, Dar, Freida, Joan, Jam , Diane and so many others !! Thinking of so many of you !

    The past day or so my nose has been dripping which it doesn't usually do and have a bit of a cough. Hoping this won't turn into anything as I will be singing next week. Sort of a scratchy throat too. Will start taking ( If I remember) more GSE this afternoon. I already take it 2x a day.

    Granni :)