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    Hi Kids

    C'mon in. Help yourself to whatever. The Irish have a song about "Whiskey
    in the Jar". Here we are more likely to have salad in the jar. But, who knows.
    If you hunt around you might find something more suitable for sippin'.

  2. rockgor

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    Hello, Dear Friends

    Gordon found a book for ten cents at the library book sale. It is a small
    paperback entitled Women Who Joke Too Much. It has quotes from a
    number of funny ladies ranging from Zsa Zsa to Roseanne to Miss Piggy
    to Minnie Pearl and Lily Tomlin. Here are a few samples.

    I am only 75, and I don't look a day younger. Phyllis Diller.
    It costs a lot of money to look this cheap. Dolly Parton.
    I was the toast of two continents. Greenland and Australia.
    Dorothy Parker.

    Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was
    so smart my teacher was in my class for five years.
    Gracie Allen.
    I like men who are prematurely wealthy. Joan Rivers.

    An archeologist is the best husband a woman can have;
    the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.
    Agatha Christie.
    Her husband (second) was Max Mallown whom she met an an
    archaeological dig in the Middle East in 1930 and married
    2 year later. They were together 44 years until her death. Max
    was in the RAF during WW II and taught at a number of British
    Schools. He was knighted, and Agatha was a Dame.

  3. Mikie

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    Hi, Everydobby,

    I'm writing this on #808 but will not post. Instead, I'll copy what I have and post on #809. OK, here I am. Another night of good sleep with the kitties' coming in early and climbing in bed with me until 6:30. When they start to make noise, I just tell them no in a hushed voice and they stop. Never in a million years did I think we'd get to this level of cooperation. Of course, I have to give them treats early when they come in and again when I finally get up. Oh well, it's worth it.

    Yesterday, had to deal with exterminator who was supposed to spray the pool but only did the perimeter. He called me and is showing up tomorrow morning to do the inside pool deck. If he hasn't gotten a key from mgmt. by then, I'll have to let him in the gate. He sounds as though he's a really nice guy. A lot of what I have to deal with is a pain in the neck but then, when things get done right, it is rewarding.

    The biggest pain in the neck is coming from a board member during this adapting of new rules. She is very emotional and defensive. Oh, good! Just what I need. NOT!!! :mad:

    Rock, thanks for starting up a new Porch. I redid the title on the old one, closing it. That book sounds very interesting. I love funny ladies. Of course, I also love funny men. In considering a male companion, a good sense of humor has always been paramount. Of course, other attributes are important too. My ex was really funny but was horrible husband material. I remember watching Phyllis Diller and Erma Bombeck on TV and laughing myself silly. Both were anti-housework and homemaker duties. One of them once said, "My neighbor brags that you can eat off her floors. Well, you can eat off of mine--cookie crumbs, peanut butter and jelly--it's all there." Dorothy Parker's humor was often very sophisticated. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of those salons back in the day. I think that's what I loved about Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris."

    Dar, sooooo good to hear from you. I'm sorry about DD. I hope she gets the pump. Isn't there someplace you can file a complaint or appeal for her? I hope she gets the pump soon. Good for DS! I hope you get your synthroid if you still need it. It's dangerous to just go off of it as it can bring on other problems, like cardio. With all you do, you need to be well. You are in my prayers.

    Granni, I see where so many places are flooded and I think of you. DD near Dallas said her home sits high and the back yard has several levels so the lowest can flood if need be. That's the way their home in Atlanta was situated. Smart! Hope DH's biopsy comes back OK. Geez, I really have to get to the dermatologist. I'm getting an x-ray of my kidneys before my June 1 urologist appt. Hope the stones haven't grown. Treatment doesn't sound like fun. Oh, how I wish I could find a really good Mexican restaurant with good Margaritas and a designated driver. :)

    Sun, I agree--the cats are really good, especially considering they had to leave their outdoor playground to be captive in a condo. I was going to leave them for the three days I was in Orlando but the lady downstairs loves them and wanted to come up. Still, I left those tall self-feeder and self-watering bowls for them, plus bowls on the lanai. I just left the sliders open enough for them to go in and out at their leisure. In some respects, they seem to be happy to be inside, loved and spoiled. I know they are better off. I agree with you about pillows. I have a king size pillow on the bed which is juuuust right. That alone may make the decision to stay with a king size bed when I get a new one. My gold locks come from a bottle but I still have Goldilocks Syndrome. ;)

    Spring, a psychic once said on TV that we all have lived lives of violence if we lived back in violent times in other lives. Our lives since then have been for us to learn and grow spiritually. Yes, he did say people will volunteer to die in mass tragedies to wipe out a Karmic debt incurred by others. If this is true, it bodes well for us to be so kind and it makes me realize that we really are all one in God. When I pray, especially when I'm in bad shape, I say that if I'm paying off some karma, I am happy to do it while here. If I am suffering in order to grow in spirit, I want to accomplish my spiritual growth. I believe there is a reason, or reasons, for our suffering on Earth but, in our human form, we often can't see the big picture. That is where trust and faith come in. I am glad you and yours are OK but I know you have suffered during these horrendous earthquakes. I keep you in my prayers as well as all those who are injured or have died and their loved ones.

    Julie, those salads in a jar are an excellent idea. I'm lazy so buy those salads in a bag at the grocery store. Of course, I have to add other things. They can also be used in the Nutri-Bullet. Sounds as though you had a marathon day. I hope you are able to rest. How's the neck doing? I am thinking about putting my bed back down to see whether it will help my aching hips and legs. The Zantac seems to be helping. My dry cough is all but gone and my froggy voice is back to normal. No more, "Ribbitt." :)

    It's a beautiful morning here but will get scortching hot this afternoon. I am watering the plants, including orchids, more than usual right now. In the summer, they get rained on almost every day. The orchids have excellent drainage so the rain doesn't kill the roots. That old rescue orchid continues to open up but sooooo sloooowly. I can now see that it is a ruffled purple bloom. Can't wait til all those little clusters open up. Want to show my friend that it's blooming. She looks pretty bad and I hope she is still around to see a pic of it.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Darrae

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    Hi Rock, Sun, Spring, Granni, Julie, Mikie, and all on the Porch!

    Thanks Mikie! Good to be back. Darci's attorney is appealing Darci's SSI, her Advocate with the County is working on Medicaid and the pump. Yes! I'm very happy to be back on the thyroid med. I was incredibly tired. My TSH came back very low of course.

    Doc called in my scrips yesterday and I immediately took my Synthroid and Flexoril when I got home. Slept like a baby last night for the first time in months and my RA didn't wake me up as it has been in my right hip. Yay!
    I declined the pain med.. I do fairly well with my supplements and the Flexoril. The supplements just weren't effective enough to staunch the RA pain. He said try Tylenol. Heck, I've been taking that junk like candy! Ineffective.
    So, I will just have to live with this. No biggie. I can deal.

    Love to all,
  5. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Awl,

    DH is off to his breakfast and Ihought I would have time to chat on the Porch. However, just got a call from my cleaning lady and her daughter who can come early. So I am hustling around trying to get ready. They were supposed to come in the afternoon but can come around 10:30 or so. I need to go and get dressed before they get here.

    Whoops, something turned off the computer in mid stream and then Windows updated so I just left and got dressed and did a few things. DH got back and is off to Sams to get gas and supplies. It is almost time for the cleaning gals to come so I need to do a few things around here. I just put ina wash after trying to get the stuff ready for them to clean.

    DAR - So nice to hear from you again,. I sure hope the SSD gets OKed for Darcy and she gets her pump. That is an awfully bad way for her and you all to live, until the next emergency episode. I know what you mean about taking Tylenol and IBU. They don't help much but maybe better than nothing.:rolleyes: So many of us just make do instead of taking heavy doses of drugs, etc. and just keep on hanging in there.

    JULIE - How nice you could go to Keira's practice. I'm sure she just loved you being there . Keira surely is looking so tall these days. Just wondering how you get to rockabye her. Soon she will be doing it to you :)!! LOL he he Those salads in a jar sound great but it seems I don't have time to even think of stuff like that but a neat idea. I think I have heard of it before. It certainly is a great idea when you feel like a salad but don't want to make one :)!!!

    MIKIE - Sorry one of the board members is bugging you. I think that is what you said. You do NOT need any stress with all you do around the hood and taking care of those kitties. Glad they are behaving for you.

    Hi also to SUN, ROCK, SPRING WATER,, DIANE, ELAINE, JOAN, and everydobby else not mentioned. Thinking also of all our many mia's.

    My cleaning ladies are here so gotta run !!!

    GRANNI :)
  6. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: I'm so sorry your other aunt didn't get there in time. But tell was God's desire that this should happen so tell her not to beat herself up. So now there will be a funeral to attend. And you did what you could by alerting everyone.

    I'm sorry you're still in pain with a headache. Been there sooo many times and I understand. Try alternating ice and heat on your neck. And when you see the chiro be sure to tell him about your jaw. All this pain is probably directly related to in and around the neck.

    I dug out an ice bag and I'm going to make a narrow type covering for it with velcroe so I can attach it around my neck for when I need it.

    I was talking to my pool man today who has terrible laryngitis......seems he's got this "cold" that's going around and had the bad fatigue like I did on tuesday. I have some errands to run this morning, before the rain comes.......I hope it comes!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Wow, got a lot done since I was here last. Nothing really big but just a lot of picking up clutter. I had been stacking my recyclable mail til I could get a chance to mark out my name and address to avoid ID theft. TV news shows have been warning people not to put their junk mail in the trash with their names and addresses on it. It's amazing how an ID thief can use a little bit of info to completely steal a person's ID. I have one of those stamps which blacks out a person's info but it still takes time. Seems as though some of the people sending out junk try to use my name in as many places as possible. AAA is the worst! I also managed to get several loads of laundry done.

    Not only am I dealing with one trouble maker on the board but a second one has joined her. Both seem to me to be nit pickers. One is only here part time and the other works full time. Both want to be heavily involved in everything and seem almost paranoid that some little detail will escape him or her. She comes to mtgs. with both her kids and breast feeds one. She wears low cut tops and is well endowed. It is a distraction, especially for the men and seems unprofessional to me. Since she started working full time, she expects us to move all our mtgs. to evening mtgs. That puts a big strain on our mgr.'s time and NRG. We do have our board mtgs. in the evenings but we still meet on Tuesdays just to discuss things. I'm not caving on this one. I hate to say it, but a lot of younger people make changes in their lives and expect everyone else to adjust their lives to accommodate them. Do I sound like an old codger? :)

    Dar, I surely hope the atty. can get some action on the pump. This is part of the problem with our healthcare--it's red tape on top of more red tape. In the meantime, the patient suffers and may get worse, costing ever more and more money. This is not a way to cut healthcare costs. I've been jumping through hoops just to get a referral to see my urologist to follow up on my kidney stones. Yikes! Glad you are getting some sleep. Wish the Tylenol helped you. I have found the acetaminophen found in Tylenol isn't nearly as effective in reducing inflammation and pain as plain old store brand ibuprophen. I can take 800 mgs. three times a day. I usually only take it twice a day. Take care.

    Granni, before Microsoft Windows updates, there is usually a little yellow icon down in the strip at the bottom of the screen. If you click on it, it offers you the option to let it update later but you have to be quick when the icon appears. I choose postpone for 4 hrs. When I'm done, I click Restart on the Start Menu and Windows will update then. It's maddening when it happens suddenly. Windows used to have a pop up in the corner to offer you options but they don't do that anymore. That probably happened in an update! :mad: I'm dealing with those two board members by basically no longer dealing with their silly concerns. I tried to talk to them at first but that only encouraged them to start arguing and sending longer and longer convoluted e-mails. She is young and thinks she knows everything and he is an acknowledged pain in the neck in the hood. No one knows how he got elected. Hope your cleaning ladies got everything ship shape for you (I NV you, Sun and Spring your household help).

    Sun, oooh, did I hear you say, "Rain?" I hope you do get some; y'all need it. We are still getting promises but no rain. At least, we aren't in a drought situation--yet. Our precipitation is down for the year and there are brush fires breaking out. I bought two of those C-shaped neck pillows. I keep them in the freezer. I can use one while freezing the other. I can also put them in the microwave if I want to. I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond and they weren't expensive. Of course, I used a coupon to save even more. Hope you and your pool man don't relapse. Everyone down here who has had that crud has had it come back. AACK!!! :eek:

    Julie, I'm so sorry about your aunt. I agree with Sun that when death comes, it happens as it was meant to. I also know from being with Mom that no one dies alone; loved ones come to get them from the Other Side. Even when someone has been sick and death is inevitable, it is still a sad time for family. I'm sorry about the headache. Did you ever try icing your head and warming your hands? I know I've mentioned it before so don't want to nag but it has helped me. I woke with a headache but realize it's because I've been drinking decaf. This morning, I had strong full-caf Starbuck's coffee. Hope this sad death doesn't stress you out too much. Try to de-stress and rest.

    Think I'll just take it easy now. I am getting hungry and have some roast beef, taters and a veggie I can eat. I had a huge fruit salad for lunch with pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, red raspberries and blueberries. It was delicious. A nice frozen drink wouldn't be out of the question either. Hope all y'all have a blessed evening.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - So sorry to hear about your aunt passing away and your other aunt not making it in time to see her but that is that way it goes sometimes. Not much we all can do about it especially when most of us don't live that close to our loved ones anyway.

    Wow your chiro surely must a gem to drive 3 hours to get there. I just know I could never do that, no matter how good he was but you don't mind driving, I think and most places you go to require a bunch of driving. Although here requires more driving for us that it used to when we lived in Houston. Although here on the lake or around it they have been building a lot more stores that when we first moved here. It all started when they made the 2 lane road into a multi lane highway . There goes the nice quiet neighborhood or at least the road is wild and noisy. We don't live on that road but it is the main road coming out of our subdivision. Good luck with your chiro and hope he helps you a lot.

    Hi SUN and all. I need to get off again as DH needs it. He can only do so much on his phone.

    HI MIKIE - I see you were posting as I was . I forget what you said as I was reading to fast and need to exit pronto.

    Love to everydobby !
    Granni :)
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's a quiet day here. Rain is expected. I watched a National Geographic
    program this morning about ocean predators. Learned about a new
    one (to me). The fire urchin. It's poisonous. And can be lethal. As
    Jack Benny would say, "Yikes". Picked half a dozen tomatoes this
    morning. Too bad the only ones I can bring to the porch are the virtual kind.

    Julie, about those salads in the jar. How long do they last? The same as if
    you had the vegetables in the fridge? Sorry you headache is persisting. I
    have various problems, but almost never have a headache.

    Speaking of food, Gordon brought home a box of crackers from Ralphs.
    There's a recipe for dip or fondue on the package. Two kinds of cheese,
    (Parmesan and Swiss), Mayo, onion and garlic. Bake.

    Gordon made this or something very similar a long time ago. Maybe 25 years.
    We served it while playing bridge. Everybody agreed. Delicious but
    terrible rich. I think he made it 2 or 3 times. And then never again.
    Gordon just walked by. He reminded me that he added chopped artichoke
    hearts to his concoction.

    About the funny ladies above, I think it is only fair to note that many of
    the quotes in the book are from scripts or gag writers. Many of whom
    were not women. The most famous gag writer at the present time
    is probably Bruce Vilanch. He was on Hollywood Squares for some
    years and has won several Emmys. Some other observant wit
    described him as "looking like a Muppet". And he does too.

    Dar, glad to hear you got your meds. Good luck to Darci with her

    Granni, did you have high winds in your neighborhood. I read there
    were going to be storms in Texas and continuing North all the way
    to Iowa and the Dakotas.

    Mikie, I am a great admirer of Dorothy Parker. In addition to her brilliant
    wisecracks, she wrote some great short stories and poetry. Did you hear
    about her stint as a screenwriter? She was at the end of a corridor that
    had very little traffic. After a while she got a bit lonely. So she put
    up a sign on the door that said, "MEN".

    Glad to hear you are no longer croaking. Reminds me of a school not far
    from us; just off the Glendale Freeway. The name of the school is Ribet
    Academy named after its founder Jacques Ribet. I often wondered if the
    school mascot was a frog. Just looked it up. It is a frog. The teams
    are called "The Fighting Frogs". Uff-duh!

    Sun, the rain get to your neighborhood yet? Hasn't hit here. You see
    that the 710 freeway was shut down for an hour this morning? All
    due to a graffiti vandal. The police thought he was armed. With a gun.
    Not just a can of spray paint. Lot of people late to work.

    Good luck with your ice bag project. Maybe you can combine it with
    a Hermes scarf so you'll be chick while sick. Cool, huh?

    BTW, Julie, I started another dectective story by John Sanford, the
    Minnesota author. A Kubota tractor is involved.

    Hugs, everydobby, Diane, Barry, et. al.

  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: YES.......rain which started about 1:30 today. I emptied my rain containers this morning, using the plastic water jugs I save. I also stopped at Big Lots and bought a big plastic container to catch water. I've got two more containers waiting for transfer of water from the of those large canning jar containers which I'l NEVER use and another old wash boiler. If it continues I just might run back to Big Lots for another large container. It just kills me when I see the water coming off the roof where we didn't put gutters.....about 3/4 of the roof. Think of all the wasted water, but nothing like the majority of the southland that runs down channels to the ocean. The last go around for rain I saved about 50 gallons of water, all of it in plastic jugs on my side patio. I pray that we get some big storms for northern california mountains where it would turn to snow pack.

    I was wondering if they had a frog as a mascot as I was reading your post........cute. Hmmmmmm.....I like your idea of using a nice looking scarf for my ice bag.......can't afford the Hermes though, maybe one from Marshalls or Kohls though.

    Mikie: Someone should tell that young mother to feed her baby BEFORE the meeting. How many people are on the board?
  11. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt. My sincere condolences to you and to your family on her loss.

    Thank you for your prayers Mikie. Sad to hear you're still having problems with other tenants. I hope things lighten up on you soon. These maddening situations take such a toll on one.

    Granni, I've tried Ibuprophin, (800 mg), doesn't help either. I just have to tough it out. Thank you for your well wishes for my daughter. Our health care system is really broken. Particularly in Illinois. We have Chicago and Cook County to deal with. It's a mess. Illinois is so far in debt.

    Sun, we're getting our fair share of rain here. Too bad I can't send some of it your way. It's making it difficult to get laundry out to dry here. (I don't have a working dryer at the moment). I'll see about having a word with the "Big Guy Upstairs". Maybe He can shift some rain your direction. ;)

    Rock, thanks for the welcome back and thoughts re: my meds and daughter. I'll feel better when the Synthroid has a chance to build up in my system. I just finally could not keep going as I was. I just decided it was time to take care of "me". I have a habit of putting the kids needs before my own until I get so sick I can barely function. I was so incredibly tired and was beginning to experience small "chest pains". Nothing serious. Doc told me not to wait so long on getting myself taken care of from now on. He was very supportive of my homeopathic approach and the supplements I take. Gordon's recipe sounds yummy. I've missed your creative banter. :)

    Last week my eldest son, Damon, gleaned a bumper crop of morel mushrooms. He texted me that he had 38 lbs. and didn't want them to go bad so would I come out and pick some up? I almost ran to the car! (Almost is about the gate of a snail) :rolleyes:. He only lives about 6 miles away in a little house on some land with a barn and outbuildings. His driveway is very long. If you didn't know there was a house and barn back there, you'd never know it from the road. He often has to wait for the deer to get up and move so he can drive up to his house. They like to lounge in his driveway. LOL.

    He sent 3 zip lock bags full home with me. All my kids are "fungus consumers", so Darci, Chris and I had a feast for a couple days. I can't get out and walk the hillsides like I used to to hunt them so I was elated! He called me again yesterday and said he had more. I'm awaiting his call to find out when I can pick up some. Nectar of the Gods!

    I'm off to partake of some "Just throw everything in the pot" vegetable beef, barley and jasmine rice soup. One of those "Oops, forgot to take anything out to thaw nights". Soooo, I diced up a frozen steak I had in the freezer and we just rummaged the kitchen for ingredients. Smelling pretty tasty.

    Have a great night everybody!

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Dar - you have hills nearby where you used to go walking? and here i was, thinking you lived in the heart of the city,
    maybe because of your frenetic job and pace earlier on. Your soup on the stove sounds pretty tasty. ive only ever eaten three kinds of mushroom, those button ones, the fan like ones, and dried black ones.

    Rock - i wouldve loved to be there where you were rummaging thru those treasure trove of the sale.
    well, it mightnt have been a treasure trove but the fun of it is in looking thru and discovering what what was to be found, isnt it?

    Julie - im sorry your aunt passed, but not sorry for your aunt, she must be discovering a whole new dimension of peace.

    Granni - everywhere neighbourhoods are getting busier with shops mushrooming. even our neighbourhood is unrecognizable since we first moved used to be full of green fields where crops were grown, now theres houses everywhere, but shopping for anything at all, is a stones throw away and one can get public transport from the main road any time of the day from 7am to 7pm.

    Sun -
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI DAR - 38 lbs of mushrooms, wow !! I love mushrooms but do not think I have ever had those kind. I love mushrooms almost any way even raw in salad although most do not have a lot of taste when not cooked. Just the dressing in the salad and whatever else is thrown in. You can send some my way any time :)!!! That last minute steak soup sounds pretty good. So happy you got your meds and they are helping, so far.

    ROCK - We had some more rain this afternoon and rained pretty hard. DH an DSIL were going to go to the K of C meeting this evening but decided not to go with the bad weather still about and DH said that the area where the hall is fairly low. The other day we had some heavy winds you asked about. There were all kinds of branches strewn about about a week or so ago when this all started. Trying not to complain to much before we probably go into the dry spell with no rain and we all have to pray and do rain dances.

    Hope to go and get my hair done tomorrow. The lady that does lives kind of off the beaten path shall we say and it could be muddy and full of water. I need to call her in the morning to see how it is. I already have had to cancel my hair a few times for various reason. Talk about shaggy for one thing. My hair is so thick, and straight the opposite of DD's.

    MIKIE - would you give me some of your curls ?????

    Hugz to everyone and hope JULIE is feeling better after her chiro adjustment. Wow, that 3 hour drive would do me in.

    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - im like you where saving water is concerned..even the water in which i wash rice and veggies, pulses i throw into the bushes/trees/flowers downstairs...our tap water from kitchen goes down into the backyard and empties out into the trees there..

    Mikie - i suppose for the breastfeeding lady it may seem natural, but she needs to know its not the done thing. Suns right. I do not envy you the oversensitive paranoid ladies on the board...make sure you breathe and dont let them get to you..maybe the white light shield will come in handy?

    even the anxious energy they project is energy and you can programme your shield to not let in their anxiety and over reactions into your energy field.

    I tbink i remember Allyssa saying they had some wonderful sunny days in Scotland, now that would be paradise in such a beautiful country!

    These days i just try and make it thru the heat. Its pretty warm when it shines. Ive just had my boiled egg and tea and about to attack the mess around the house. Some pipes in the house hv been affected by the quake and the plumbers are busy/fearful to work right away. Lol. The plumber told our help guy he isnt stirring out of his house for two three days in case another 'big one' came.


    OMG! Another big one came! and i had to run down..its beginning to feel like we 're in training for the sprint at the Olympics...ot to worry shook a lot but not like the earlier ones

    Ill just close this one down now..

    My brother spilt his tea tryng to get outside the house...

    I came and posted this after wards....

    God Bless
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Cats slept til 5:00 this morning and I got up for good once I let them in. It's so funny how they get used to a routine. I went into the bedroom and Tweety jumped up on the bed crying for me to climb in like we've been doing. I had gone in to get my TENS unit as my back was hurting. I hope to lower the bed back down today. Just hope the acid reflux doesn't get worse at night when I'm sleeping flat. Have to let the guy into the pool area at 8:00 this morning so he can spray for the ants. Decided to get up so I'd be able to eat, get online, and take a bath before he comes. I can't get into the tub until 7:00 so I don't wake the late sleepers downstairs.

    I quit responding to the two pain-in-the-neck board members and there were no new e-mails for me this morning. Hope they get it that I'm tired of the whole thing. Some people don't want to be president but want to control everything. I hate game playing. I'm not a prude and believe women should be able to breast feed when the baby is hungry providing a blanket covers things up. It just seems to everyone that this woman flaunts her big boobs and she is more disgusting when she isn't feeding the baby because everything is on parade, front and center. She's had a couple of close calls when it comes to keeping those girls corralled.

    Rock, we have big ugly red urchins in the Gulf. Once, when we took Andy to the beach, he hung out with some older boys and they all caught things in their nets. Those boys were so nice and told Andy what the sea life was in their nets. They warned him against the urchins. Later, when he saw a little girl about six kicking at the urchins, he tried to warn her. Her parents were nowhere nearby. Well, the kid kept kicking at the urchins and, sho 'nuff, one stung her. She shrieked nonstop because those stings are really painful. A nurse got some ice and put it on the kid's foot but she continued to scream. Those stings can cause one to go into shock and, if that were my kid, I'd be on the way to the ER. Ever since then, when we go to the beach, I carry tweezers to remove spines and an antibiotic spray which numbs. We have sting rays in the summer and we have to do the "Sting Ray Shuffle." If you don't pick up your feet, you won't step on one. If you nudge one, it will just swim away and not sting. That's cute about Dorothy Parker and the "Men" sign. I know that there were some women who wrote jokes for comedy shows in the 50's. I don't think they got much press though.

    Granni, hope you can get to the hairdresser. I know how it is to need a haircut. It's funny but those of us with curls want straight hair and vice-versa. Trouble with curly hair is that, in humidity, it often frizzes up and goes its own way--not necessarily in an attractive way. I want rain too but, like with you, I don't want gusty winds which are destructive. My poor orchids in the tree sway in the wind but they seem to like it. At least, it isn't as bad as the snow the kids got in CO which broke big tree limbs. When I first moved here, there wasn't much in the way of shopping but stores started cropping up near me. Now, growth is down the coast and I have to drive if I don't want to go to the mall half-way to town. Thank God for Bealls and Target which are about four blocks from me. Costco too. Lowe's, Home Depot and Wally World are close by as well.

    Sun, very smart of you to capture rain water. Think I mentioned that almost everyone in Bermuda captures rain water from their roofs in big barrels. There is something in the slate tiles which makes the rainwater really good. Someone in our newspaper stated that we don't need the oil pipeline. We need a water pipeline which carries water from the often-flooded areas to the West where it is needed. I think that would be smart. If we don't do something, farmers in CA won't be able to produce food for the nation. Areas here are under water restrictions due to such a dry month. We never got rid of our restrictions in our county from the last drought. I'm glad because, otherwise, golf courses would use way too much, wasting it. We have seven board members, elected each year. There is such widespread apathy in da hood. That's one thing we are trying to change. There is a small group who seem to care and I value their input.

    Dar, how do you use that many mushrooms? I also love them. I pray for all of us here but especially when I know someone is really needing something, which is most of the time, unfortunately. I'm glad to see you are putting yourself first for a change. That's the number one rule for caregivers. Otherwise they can't take care of others. It's so stressful and NRG sapping. When I had to take synthroid, if I stopped, I got heart palpitations. A nurse told me that a healthy heart depends on hormones' being in balance. Since the peptide injections, I don't need Synthroid but I still need to keep my estrogen and progesterone balanced. I no longer take Rx's but take the supp, pregnenolone, which is the mother of all hormones. My body can make its own estrogen and progesterone from it. I'm lucky my body can do this as it's getting more and more difficult to get docs and insurance to cover hormone therapy. Will be glad when your synthroid gets built up in your system.

    Geez, Spring, more quakes/aftershocks? I wish things would settle down there. No way can anything return to anything resembling normal with this continuing. I know what you mean about the heat. After hurricanes, we have to endure the heat until electricity is restored. I can only imagine the damage which may have been done to the buildings still standing. Hope your plumbing is OK. Can you drink your water or do you have to boil it or use bottled water? Our tap water here is horrible. In CO, our water came from Rocky Mountain glaciers. Here, it's ground water from the aquafiers. My fridge has a filter and dispenses cold water which tastes pretty good. Otherwise, I like to drink Smart Water with the electrolytes. BTW, drinking it hasn't made me any smarter. :( Hang in there; I pray these earthquakes and shocks stop.

    Wish y'all could see Sir Vester. He's lying on his back with his cute little knees in the air and his raggety looking tummy showing. I really have to groom him today. He is sleeping with an expression of pure bliss on his face. His markings are almost perfectly symmetrical and his little face is adorable. Tweety is sleeping on top of the packing paper my new purse came shipped in. I've made them sleeping mats and bought them too but she prefers two pieces of crinkly paper to sleep and play on. Just like kids. Well, I need to head to the bath and soak in some Epsom Salts to get myself going for the day. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to check the PORCH and all my dear PORCHIES. Not much time to post really but nothingnew. Have to go get ready for the hairdresser after I call and make sure there is no heavy water where I have to go from all the rain including what we had late yesterday afternoon.

    SPRING WATER - I can't believe you had another quake or aftershock. Eitherway is scary and potentially harmful. Glad you are OK sweetie. Hang in there girl !!!!

    MIKIE - Hi to you and hang in there girl with those potential complaint departments people on the board.

    DH is home and will need the computer and I need to get dressed.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, we had rain most of yesterday. When I was a kid folks used to say,
    "Good for the crops". I haven't heard that since leaving Minnesota. (But
    it's still true.)

    Mikie, I read a book of interviews with gag writers a decade or two back.
    They agreed that Jack Benny was the best to work for. He paid the most
    and gave credit to his writers.

    Jack and Fred Allen had a mock feud going for years. One time when Jack
    was on Fred's show he said, "You wouldn't dare talk to me like that if my
    writers were here." The writers also agreed that Red Skelton was the worst.
    Didn't pay much and often fired people. He said, "Ya gotta keep 'em shaken up."

    Springwater, you have the strength and fortitude of our pioneer women. I
    hope all the shaking is over. I watched some videos from Nepal on
    Youtube. In some cases a building would simple collapse. Sometimes
    leaving its neighbors still standing. The poor kids must be frightened
    and bewildered. I read that our Marine helicopter has been found.
    It crashed; the crew all killed.

    Granni, I agree. I've never encountered any mushrooms that had any
    flavor until they were cooked. Some butter, garlic, bread crumbs, etc.
    make a great improvement.

    When I lived 70 miles North on the coast was had a mushroom farm
    nearby. Never visited, but I was told it was in a cave. There was a
    terrible flood. An alligator was carried away from an animal park
    farther North. The local paper put out a book about the flood.
    One of the more dramatic pics was a teenage girl beside the dead
    alligator; it was over 15 feet long.

    Sun, Hermes was the messenger of the gods; associated with a whole
    buncha a stuff like flight, mischief, boundaries, thieves, etc. I 'spect
    there are lots of other pretty scarfs. I think the last gift I sent
    my mother was a scarf from Chinatown. She had admired it on her
    last visit. It was very dramatic. Gold and white and one other color;
    maroon maybe.

    I wonder if you could paint a scarf. Are there paints for fabric? I made
    a T shirt about 40 years ago. Traced a record cover. Can't remember
    what I used to color it. Magic Markers?

    Gordon has to drive his brother to the garage today. I have nothing on
    my agenda. Seldom do anymore. Finished my John Sanford thriller.
    Have 4 more books waiting at the library, but will wait a few days to
    pick them up. Already have another half dozen to enjoy. Thank you,
    Johannes Gutenberg.

    Diane, Barry, drop in when you can.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So glad to see more visiters to the Porch today. I let the pest control guy in over at the pool and he talked my leg off but he is soooo nice and I learned a lot which will come in handy. It isn't enough to just leave everything to the pros; I actually have to know this stuff in order to know what we need to ask the pros to do and when we need to do it. Also, it makes my job more interesting.

    Fortunately, the people downstairs with the ant infestation saw his truck and came out so he sprayed inside their unit while he was here. He actually found two ant nests and sprayed them. I think this guy is a keeper. Found out his company also does landscaping and irrigation. I'll keep them in mind in case our present guys, who are basically on probation, don't work out. I hope they do, as I'm very fond of our acct. mgr./supervisor but I have to do what's best for the community.

    Ran into my friend, Nancy, out walking her beloved and adorable little rescue dog. I love him so much; actually, I love her too. She had a cataract removed and her eye is still swollen with a condition I can't remember. She is seeing the retina specialist on Mon. Been asking St. Lucie, the patron saint for eyes and visual health, to help her out. We had a nice chat in the shade from an old live oak tree. It's still really beautiful in the mornings as long as I don't have to exert myself. Even the early morning sun is brutal.

    Granni, keeping my fingers crossed that you can make it to the hairdresser OK. Good news, the one fellow on the board who was being a pain is coming around and wrote me a nice e-mail. One down and one to go.

    Rock, I never did like Red Skeleton. Maybe I could sense something about him. When DD and DSIL were working in the business in LA, I found out who was nice and who was not. I always liked Roseanne and was glad to find out that she is really very nice and helpful to young actors. Same with Shirley MacClaine. Same with Bill Cosby but now have to wonder why he is good to young actors. DD also loved Farrah Fawcett and Chevy Chase. Acrylic paints can be used on fabric. Barb used to paint beautiful flowers on one shoulder of her tee shirts to match her Capri pants. Acrylics can also be used for watercolors and, if an additive is used, like oils. Also, there is a website which will print one's art work on fabrics or finished products, like pillows, shower curtains, comforters, etc.

    Julie, oh, I'm so sorry for all the illnesses in your family and your aunt's death. I remember when all Mom's brothers and her sister were going through this. Mom outlived them all, even her younger brother and it was hard on her. It's also hard on their kids, as you well know. I surely hope the chiro's treatment helps you again. I'm glad you have him.

    I'm trying to decide whether to go out today or tomorrow. I need to get keys made for our pest guy at Lowe's or HD. Bealls is having a sale and coupons and I still need to find some better casual clothes. There is an extra 50 percent off their clearance items. Sometimes, they have expensive things on clearance but they are still too high. I'm champing at the bit to check them out. I'm hungry and may just go to HD and have one of their Italian sausage sandwiches with sweet sautéed onions on it. Mmmmm! OK, I'm drooling--HD it is! See y'all later!

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Woo Hoo!!! Went to Bealls and found just the thing--a lightweight jacket in a small ethnic black and white print with a larger border print with a bit of lime green. I don't need to buy another thing. I have black pants and white pants and black, white and lime green tees. With a bit of showy jewelry, this will be just dressy enough to wear when eating out. If I find another different one, I'll get it so I don't always show up in the same thing. It was originally $74 but I got it on sale and used my coupon and got it for $36, including tax. That's less than half. Oh, I do loves me a good sale!

    Julie, bless your heart for getting in touch with the relatives as best you can. I had to do that when Mom died but her hometown in NE is so small, and everyone knew her, that what family was left (mostly her nieces and nephews) all let each other know. Step-dad was a doc, deceased when Mom died, and in a small town, everyone knows the old family doc. Almost everyone on the plane from Denver to her home town knew them. I even had a step-brother on the plane whom I hadn't met. I'm glad your aunt didn't suffer for long too. When Mom started having trouble breathing, they gave her a huge dose of morphine and it quieted her breathing until she passed in peace. I hope you know we are all praying for you. This is stressful even when it seems to be a blessing when someone is no longer suffering. It's still sad and takes its toll. I always found it a comforting thought that when someone passes, there is a big party in Heaven for them.

    Heard a noise and it's a good thing I went down to investigate. A gardener was digging and was going to plant the new philodendron on the wrong side of the atrium. This is like Murphy's Law: Everything which could have gone wrong has. While I was out, I bought two more pots and plants to try to block out the ugly metallic purple pots the people downstairs put in their side of the atrium. There is one I can't completely block out or I'll block out the sprinkler head. These people are renters but have signed a three-year lease. They are otherwise good neighbors so I grit my teeth and bear it.

    Gotta go eat. I took my credit cards with me but no cash so couldn't get the Italian sausage sandwich. I have something here so I'm gonna go fix it. Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    I know what you mean about the time it takes for a new orchid to open!!! When I
    started growing cymbidiums I could only wait until they got 'puffy' and then would
    peel back the petals to get a peek to see what the lip looked like. I was told that
    this was one of the joy of growing seedlings, the unknown - BAH!!!! It takes about
    4 - 6 yrs to bring a seedling to bloom. I now only buy/grown orchids I've seen (don't
    even trust the photos on the vendor's website).

    Well, the committee members of orchid club have been busy getting donations from
    various vendors. Some drive as far south as San Diego and North to the Santa
    Barbara Area. They have to keep them until the day of the auction. They also take
    care of the set-up of the room, tagging the plants and setting up the orchid 'hotel'.

    All for now.