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  1. mrdad

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    I'll be bacccck!

    Please read previous contributions on Volume 84 at your

    leisure. Thanks

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  2. mrdad

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    Thank you "Porchies"
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you Marta and Mrdad- glad you like my new peice. It really is something unusal for me. It took me at least 5 days from pattern making, glass choice then assemble.

    Most could do it in 2, the glass around the plate is a utter pain, I had to recut all of it because they wouldn't break right, this is how I learn patience,lol.

    Mrdad you could be on to something with the hemo and immune system. I did my inital research but have not done much over the last 2 years.

    I do beleive your teeth can make you sick. I heard something on the news today that an infection in your mouth can cause heart problems and is linked to heart disease in woman.

    It makes me wonder if having my teeth pulled is a major factor in my recent "recovery". Once my body got over the intial shock, I started feeling better. Along with my Vit D per Dr orders and the other B vits.

    That is the only change and I feel like a new person again. My biggest issue now is my upper back scolosis, killer when doing glass.

    Mrdad I live about 2-3 hours east of Charlotte.

    Annie- I hope your taking before and after pics. Isn't it great to be able to do things yourself. It is harder but far more satisfing. I still sit in amazment of what I have done with my house. I watched the video I have kept as a diary and can't believe how utterly filthy this place was. Now it is my cozy nest for me and my critters.

    Looks like I have started a novel here so I will stop for now except to say good luck Jodie on the math quiz and glad you BF has something that can be treated. I hope he gets its.

    Good job on the switch and thanks for the warning for SMG and the beads-Carla
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon just left for the Chinese New Year dinner. His family has a big dinner to close out the old year and one the next night to open the new year.

    Gordon is taking egg rolls. I helped w/ the assembly. My job was to take the won ton skins out of the package and separate them. I was also allowed to do the dishes.

    If anyone wants to know, the filling is minced pork, shrimp, napa cabbage, carrots, onions, sesame oil and seasoned salt. All neatly wrapped up and deep fried till golden brown.

    Thanks you for your observation re: Gordon, Jodie. Did you know there is a school for psychologists in Los Angeles? About a quarter century ago I went there for therapy from a graduate student. I had no job, money, insurance, etc. Only paid $5 per visit. He was an excellent therapist.

    After he graduated he moved to an office in Beverly Hills. I saw him a few times until I got Kaiser coverage. All the therapy I got over the years has been from psychologists and social workers. All I got from psyciatrists was meds. The vending school approach. You put money in; they give you a prescription.

    Very nice bullfrog, Marta. Do you like cartoons? I love to get a book of cartoons from the New Yorker, Charles ADams, etc from the library.

    Linda, at least 20 years ago I read that tinnitus is now showing up in 30 year olds due to the abuse people subject their ears to. One of the reasons I don't go to the movies anymore is that the sound is deafening.

    Plants are great, Charlotte, even if one doesn't have a green thumb. Gordon has a tiny orchid in bud right now. The plant is mounted on a piece of wood. I water it every day. The stalk is about 4 inches long. There are several buds, each tinier than a grain of rice.

    I was thinking about posting an epitaph thread, but maybe some people wouldn't like it. I have decided on mine: I KNEW this would happen.

    Probably the most famous celebrity epitaph was Dorothy Parker's: Excuse my dust. She doesn't have a tombstone, but her joke was put on a plaque where her ashes were scattered.

    Tony Randall said he wanted: Here stands Tony Randall. I am not taking this lying down.

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes Carla. I'm sure that the extractions have indeed been
    beneficial for you. Bacterial infection from the mouth
    can lead to heart problems. Also any mercury fillings you
    may have had are no longer a possible factor! I do be-
    lieve that much of my current problems are bacterial or
    a combo of chem and bacterial from years of furniture
    refinishing. Gonna' be tested soon for the Lyme thingy
    as well. Have all the paper work, just have to go do it!!

    Linda: I just finished an Email to ya! I went to a con-
    cert in the Mid-80's of the Beach Boys and America and
    we stood up front near the speakers! Had ringing in my
    ears for almost a week! (Oh, did you say something to

    Jodie: We'll have to do the Farmer's Mkt. thingy at the
    Ferry Building on a Saturday! Lots of real good "stuff".
    Organic foods, fruits and veggies too! But they won't
    say what kind of "organs" they grow them in ??? Many food
    vendors as well. We ain't gonna starve, you know what
    I'm sayin'? Hope all is going well and you are getting
    a bit of rest this weekend.

    Now I made myself hungry and better go "Cook" dinner!
    Bye 4-n0w,

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  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    The epitaph I love was the one I mentioned on the Board
    several months ago. It was placed on the Headstone of
    the town Hypochondriac. "SEE- I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK"

    P.S> Happy New Year to Gordon! Egg Rolls--yummy!!!
  7. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Well, I actually made it through the whole 85 post, but now don't have the 'eyes' to write much lol.

    Hi Joe, thanks for the new porch, you are on the ball as usual!

    Rock I love funny epitaphs, bring 'em on. A happy lucky and prosperous New Year to Gordon!

    Carla ck wonderful work as usual - I love the ones with the plates, so unique.

    HI LINDA!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME???? I take earplugs to stuff like that.

    Hi Marta, good to see you - great painting! There are so many talented people here.

    I hope everybuddies weather is ameliorating (I'm practicing my big words so I can at least SOUND smart)

    I have invited a good friend of mine to join the board and our little group, I hope she comes, you would enjoy her. She is down there with youse guys in Caliphonia.

    Hugs to all!
  8. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    I posted a piccie on my profile of my latest obsession (besides food). A new hobby that doesn't fill my bed with wood chips. This is my first amateurish effort. Ok, I think that's spelled wrong, so much for sounding smart!

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gee, thanks great Gretchen that we may have an addition to
    the Porch. A friend of yours is a friend of ours!

    Is it raining in th Willamette yet? 'Posta rain quite
    abit by Thurs. down here. I'm glad they got those guys
    off of Mt. Hood but think Winter assaults of high altitude
    terrain should be against the law. For THEIR egos, other
    people have to put their lives in Danger to rescue them.
    I understand that it is all at Tax payers expense in Ore.
    from what the News reported? How much of that Mt. Hood
    is Fed and State?? They still have three bodies that I
    know of that maybe will never be recovered?

    Hope you're brushing down that Pony for my "Spring visit"!
    Ride'em Cowboy!!! Can't wait!


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  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but cody starts track this saturday in fact at drake high school. they didn't last year have them every saturday but we can figure out something that will work for the both of us.

    oh yeah saturday is my bob segar night....that track meet better not interfer w/my man bob and i. leo may go w/me not sure. he doesn't like concerts, but this one will be more mello than justing timberlakes i think, a little older crowd...oops did i say older, i mean wiser.....

    practice makes perfect, wiff age comes wisdom...and i have 42 years of wisdom. and yes, i must say i have made a few mistakes, but i am only human.

    i am trying to figure out how to lose an exbf that keeps calling my house still....darn it all cody has told him twice that i have a boyfriend or i mean i am at the bf's house whether it is true or not. he called again last night as i was getting ready to go to leo's house.

    we went in his backyard and shot pellet guns at cans w/a friend of his. i love to shoot guns...i know some people are against them...but i like to target practice.

    leo got to meet my exhb on sunday. so that is all out in the clear now on my end. so i don't have to feel like i am hiding any hurtful things from the exhb. not that i should care, but just respect. i called the exhb last week and told him about most everything. then the next day he calls me and i knew he was not himself. i asked what was going on w/him, just the winter blues...well i believe it is bipolar stuff and not treatment..but not my problem anymore.

    well need to shower and go to class today 1:30-3:30 pm .

    math test is tomarrow, i need to review a few things before the test. i had a mental mind fart yesterday and forgot how to do something simple.

    starting thursday i will have classes from 1:30-7:00 pm...thank god i have friday off!

    and no i am not an energerizer bunny, i wished i were. put a new battery in and i would be happy.

    gordon made egg rolls, sounds good....

    not sure what this momma is going to whip up for dinner yet.

    need to get a shower before class...

    love you all

  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Foggy- I love your work. Is it a wood burning on a gourd? Very creative. Do you do it just for fun, gifts or do you sell them?

    Short term memory here, I knew who else I wanted to mention so I didn't do the word thing.

    Good luck Jodie on your test and Sing along for me Bob segars concert when they sing "Turn the Page"

    Linda- I went to see Ac/DC in the early 80's OMG- I had to drive a 45 mile ride home in a car without a radio. All I could hear for 3 days was this hissing noise, sounded like I had a head full of snakes.

    Rock glad you like my work, altho I'm feeling better I still have to give my body a break. I have scolosis in my upper back.

    Well it is late, think I will turn in early and be able to finish my panel tomorrow. Just so you all know I'm not super woman. When I do glass, I don't do anything else. The house cleaning, laundy just waits until I have a creative block, then I clean :)

    Of couse only having me to worry about helps too. I don't know if I could work again. It is different when you work at home, it's your schedule not someone elses. Then there are those days when you sleep until 11 if you want. I am very blessed in deed. Nity-nity Carla
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well Porchies and Lodgers it is alrady getting late and just had atime to check in for a quick one. It was a very busy day for me on tuesday.

    Went with DH this morning so he could get the good new about his surgery. He took off the rest of the "bandages" or whatever you call is it certaily is nothing like the usual bandages. He could even shower with them on and no stiches to remove. Had singing practice this afternoon and evening.

    I will be good tomorrow and got to church really EARLY for Mass and ashes. Unforunatly DH was to go to the early one so it is like waking up in the middle of the middle of the night. I do no wake up well anyway.

    Sorry no time to talk to you all separately tonight. I am really tired. Hope all is well with everyone. I'm glad that Eric seems to be doing better and Jodie is coming along with her studies. Just curious who gave him the big scare to begin with about 6 weeks to live, and maybe being cancer. Unless he is just scared and was thinking al the worse things.

    Bye to all of you. Bug warm hugs !!
    Granni (Marilyn)
  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hello, Porchie Lodgers ~ I've tidied up the Lodge just a bit. Seems that Jerome went out last night with the cook and they overdid the Absolut. I thought Jeeves was the only one we had to worry about with the A. but obviously not.

    Carla, I just posted to you on your other thread. According to my DDS, there is no corelation to illness and mercury because, he says, if that was the case, every DDS would be sick after handling it for so many years. I still don't agree with him. I do know that decay is infection so getting rid of that can't hurt - at least not medically.

    Linda, can you hear me now?? Whadda night you had and then work? You're getting bedder, girl.

    Rocky, love eggrolls and Gordon's sound deee-vine. Is Gordon Chinese? My DIL is and you've prompted me to wish her a Happy New year. She has a huge family, maybe they're related. Have you seen a tall, handsome "white boy" (that's what they call my son - the Chinese consider themselves yellow and not white which amazed me) with a beautiful Chinese woman at these events or are they a bit chaotic for you?

    I don't do cartoons but I loved the whimsy of things like I did for the cats and kittens and for nurseries.

    Gretchen, beautiful work! Amateurish??? Not at all. It's lovely.

    Jodie, I know how you can get the x to stop calling, you can wave your gun at him. No shooting, 'ya hear? Those things scare me.

    Marilyn, good to see you and to hear that DH is doing so well.

    JoeDad, I've been asked to try to get your email address for our friend. Of course, she's currently all pooped out from typing so we needn't be in a hurry. Good thing because I'm not here as much as I used to was.

    I'm off to the shelter today in spite of Sophie's busy night trying to keep me wake. Guess what she's doing now? Right. Sleeping. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Hugs all around the porch,

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  14. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    I hope everyone is doing ok. We are having a warm up with the temperature. For the next few days the temps will be in the 50's and sunny. I attempted to pull weeds out of my flower bed yesterday afternoon and it's just too darned muddy. It rained yesterday evening, but with the weather change, maybe I can get a few weeds out tommorrow. I only spent an hour out there, but boy do I feel it today. I've decided to dedicate 1 hour a day, as the weather gets better in the flower bed. That's all I can handle. I don't know how many varieties of flowers I have, someday I'll count them. I just keep adding to it each year and it's beautiful for spring, summer and fall.

    I've neglected the housework for yesterday and have to get on top of that today. I try to do one positive thing each day. I got my books I ordered a couple of weeks ago, with yesterday's mail. I started reading one yesterday, while resting after the flower bed work. It is Sins of the Father, about the Kennedy clan. It's so interesting, I had to stop myself or I would have never gotten anything else done. Two others are All the Kings Men, based loosely on Louisiana governer Huey Long and Anna Karenina.

    Carla B, I love your new glass work. I'm so glad you're feeling better physically, sounds like you're doing good.

    Linda, I'm hard of hearing, I jokingly say it's all the concert's I went to in the 70's, but who knows? I hope you don't wear yourself out with those late nights. How's the part-time work pursuit going?

    Rock, your description of the new orchid bud was very visual to me. My favorite flower is the lily. I have many varieties in my flower bed. The asian lillies are my favorite. Does Gordon do outside flower gardening, also. When they bloom, I'll have to put a pic for you guys. The epitaph info is ok by me. I dig the one you picked out.

    Mr. Dad - Beach Boys rock, I went to their concert back in the day and they were great. The best thing about them is, you can understand their lyrics, unlike John Foggarty or Mic Jagger. Lol! I agree with you on out-lawing those climbs in winter. I hope you're doing well.

    Gretchen - I only see your pic with the boys. I'll check later for the new pic.

    Granni - I'm glad your DH is doing better.

    Jodi, we'll have to start calling you Annie Oakley soon, haha.

    Marta, thanks for the cleaning the porch, gonna have to put a little Absolut in Sophies midnight snack, it might give her some rest.

    Everybody else I can't recall at the moment, have a great day.

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm havin' my coffee and wishing I had some of Gordon's
    Lemon Bars! Oh well. I'd love for our Canadian Friend to
    have my email as I miss her conributions much and would
    love to be in contact as she is able. Do you have email
    contact with NL-Carla or Annie? They as well as Freder-
    icka have my address. It would be great if you had it al-
    so so we could better plan your Senior Prom we shall be
    attending this Spring. I have a Friend in his early 50's
    that still has his original high school '57 Chevy Nomad!!
    They are as ( we say in the City) as rare as Hen Teeth!

    Marta, your gonna have ta become Nocturnal like Sophie in
    order to get some sleep! Oh boy! Gotta finish my laundry
    but I did get to have lunch wiff the Son yesterday. Rented
    the movie "Sophie's Choice" that I originally saw big
    screen with the Former in the early Eighties! Well done
    but not an unlifting film. Love that Netflix and the re-
    turn is very quick. Understand that Blockbuster is offer-
    ing the same service now.

    Hope your havin' a good day at the Shelter.
    MRDAD aka JOE
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick hi to you all. Hope things are warming up for all you people in the North ad middwest, etc. Can you believe that it is about 80's today? I think it is supposed to be very warm for a few days and then get a little cooler but nothing like it was.

    Charlotte - Yes, DH is much better and trying to get all his strength back shall we say for having is front tooth pulled on monday. Doesn't that sound like FUN??? He is really dreading it after he has spokento others who have told him that pulling out the front tooth can be a - - - - - ! I am hoping that it will not be too bad.

    Mrdad - Yes, some of those lemon bars of Gordon's sound like they would be really delicious about now. Of course all you have to do is mention food and my ears perk up !! Hope you are still feeling fairly well after your crud ! It sounds to me like you are almost up to your usual vim and vinegar (-: !!

    Marta - What are we you going to do with that Miss Soaphie who has her times all mixed up, just like little babies. They are up at night and want to sleep during the day !!!! Hmmm, what can we put in her milk or cat food. Did someone also mention Absolute? That might not be a bad idea. Hon, I do wish I had some really good idea for you. It is ot fun when they keep you up all night when you haven enough troubles sleeping.

    Ckball and froggy - you both are so talented. I already had checked Carla's work the other day and I just checked out Froggies gourd or whatever it is called. It is very pretty. Such talent on this board !!

    Linda - Hi there. Hope tigs are warming up for you in your neck of the woods, at least a little bit. Can you hear yet after that concert!???

    Jodie - Glad that things are sort of slowing down to a dull roar for you and hopefully he will get better. Do you know what treatments he is on yet? Antibiotics? We had better be nice to yuou or you might get that pellet gun out (-: !!!

    I had better go and do something productive today - ha , ha !! Warm hugs and luv to all .

    Please excuse those I did not mention individually Rock, Gilley, Ali .etc.

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just took my math test this time i got a B, i can retake it once for a better grade. that wasn't too bad for missing a couple of lectures and trying to figure out this stuff on my own.

    but i will need to really focus and and re-do some homework to bring up my grade to where i will be happier. an a is my goal but if i get a b that will just have to do.

    marta the exbf keeps calling...i don't know how many times i have to have cody say i am at my bf's house. i can't make threats as we all know. eventually he will just have to move on. thank goodness he doesn't have my cell #....

    well gonna do some errands and take a nice shower and maybe go out tonight w/leo...since i don't have to be to class tomarrow till 1:30 pm. i will have some time to play and best of all i have my homework done for tomarrow. yippee.

    i made it to pilates today, teacher will let me make-up two of my classes that i because of stress and a uti...

    i am striving for an a in that class as well.

    also i need to get my financial aid forms filled out due on march 1st. i don't think i need to do my taxes cause i don't have enough taxable income. we'll see.

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Jodie: Will have to plan for a Saturday when we know from
    the weather report it will be a nice day. That should be
    soon. Oft times Spring can be beautiful here as you
    know b-4 the Summer fog sets in. Congrats on the "B" in
    math as I was always happy to get a "B" in Kolledge.
    Have you ever tried the "mirror" trick where you view the
    target in a mirror and aim while having your back to the
    target? Peeps get really impressed with that one.
    But, don't try it at home!!

    Granni, Linda, Gilley etc., I'm having problems wiff those
    forehead ashes continuing to fall on my eyelashes! Wonder
    how long we 'posta keep the ashes on the brow? I'll have
    to ask SMG when she arrives home from New Orleans! The
    only beads she better have are the ones she prays with!
    Are we gonna give anything up for Lent?

    Hope the weather is getting better for most Friends on the
    Porch and Board! "Talk" to all later, "K"?
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ask the Doc Friday to do the Ferriten blood test as it
    is so simple. Have you been diagn osed with any disorders
    relating to joint and muscle aches?

    It was a cold and cloudy 57 today and heavy rain with
    snow two feet or more in the Sierra expected tomorrow!

    I like your Mother, she must be Italian? They al-
    ways were more liberal minded than the Irish and got a-
    long real well with US.

    How are Hubby and the "Kids" doing?

    "talk" tomorrow,

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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Rock! I just Posted that Chile Relleno Casserole

    Recipe to give Gordon somethin' to make for the Contract-

    ors crew this weekend! Maybe there will be enuff left

    over for you too!

    Look for it on the Chat Forum separate post, "K"?

    Good night Rock, Gordon, Granni, Linda, Marta, Char,
    Jodie, Carla(s), John Boy, Mary Ellen, Billy Bob, Grand
    ma, Grandpa, Grandpa? Grandpa? Grandpa????


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