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  1. mrdad

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    Mornin' fellow and fellowette "Porchies"!

    Please return to Vol. 98 as you can so as not to miss

    any of the valuable, friendly contributions there!

    MARTA: So glad that you are feeling better! I'm very

    proud of Soapie for allowing you to rest when you

    most needed it. A few "Pounce Treats" maybe in

    order here, ya think? Or, maybe a teaspoon full of

    some French Vanilla Ice Cream! Probably would pre-

    fer that instead.

    I swore I could hear those Cows crowing this morning

    all the way from the "Cow Palace" But "hay" the

    Rodeo is only here once a year for just a few days!

    Or is it, Rodeo?? Merle Haggard is 70 y.o today

    according to NPR this morning. And you know how

    the "Old Hippies" here in S.F. love him. When I lived

    in the North Sacra. Valley he bought a "ranch" about

    twenty miles west and use to advertise as a favor on

    T.V. for a Ford Truck Dealership his Friend owned.

    "And football's still the biggest thrill of all" Happy

    B'Day Merle!!!

    I'll be up later to help celebrate with some Ice Cream

    and a few of them Corral Cookies!

    More coffee now, are we all awake?
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    ----it should work now!! I banged the side of my iMac

    as I think the message roller was stuck!! Someone

    try to send a message again, "K"? I believe the pro-

    blem is fixed.

    Hi to awl!
    JOE aka MRDAD aka (the Guy that just L-O-V-E-s
    to "hear" himself write!!!
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Cool cows in SF, wonder what they think of them thar "hills"?

    Yes Mrdad, I did finally find Craigs and sent you a memo.

    Marta- I am sorry to hear you had that horrible crud, critters know when we aren't feeling good. I think Soapie is much happier than you give her credit for. I spent some real quality time with Smitten night before last. I put the girls out and I brushed her or should I say she brushed herself,lol. I would just hold the brush and she rubed her face and neck all over it.

    When it gets warm again, I want to take her out on the deck. The girls aren't too sure about it yet. It looks deceiving since I don't have any spindles on the bottom yet, looks open but there is screen in it. They walk over and their noses hit the screen and they back up not sure what to do. Tw of course was looking for an escape route, she is my lil Houdini.

    Jodie- let Leo go physically and emotionally. Look at it as a life lesson paid for. I had my ex lie to me for over a year about his "lung cancer". When I offered to help him get disability because he was unable to work but found out he was using crack which gave him that bad cough, and asked for medical papers -seemed he didn't have any. It has been 5 years and I haven't seen a dime of what he owed me. Just mark it paid in full and walk away. I know it is hard when we think we can "save" them but they don't want help, just to suck us dry of our life energy and money. Sorry, taking up Granni's slack since she is so busy right now :).

    Well the constuction is done!. I still have to re powerwash my 52ft front porch. The washer broke and it seems small engine guys, mowers and such are VERY busy right now. Plus it is suppose to in the 20-40's for the next week!

    I still have to finish staining the ceiling rafters on the back porch but it is fully functional now. Did I mention it is suppose to snow 2-4 inches tonight. At least I will have a nice view of it. I still can't beleive the view after taking the trees down, a million dollar view for 15 grand, my freinds laughed at me when I bought my "lil treasure dump", but now I am the one laughing as they all have neighbors 10 feet away on each side,hehehe.

    I can't wait to get out there and start working on my glass again. I just got another shipment of supplies so HOPEFULLY I will find the rest of my brain I have lost the last couple of weeks.

    I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday weekend if you are traveling. I am staying home and relaxing, maybe work on the menu for our big 100th porch party!

    Well consummers are pulling in the lot so I better post before it kicks me off- See ya at the party-Carla

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well Prchies and Porchettes,

    I have been busy shopping today in two stores and I am pooped trying to get stuff for my company and what we think we might need. The lines in WM were unreal - of course not enough checkouts were open as they should be . I am guessing that that don't have enough personnel to work ALL the many checkouts !! My back and feet are lkkilling me. BTW, I went to Sams (like fome of your Coscos) first and wore myself out trying to find what I needed that didn't come in a drum size (-: !!

    Don't have much time to write to all individually as I have to grab something to eat first and then get ready to go to church and be there by 5 pm. It is now three. I would like to take a nap !!

    Just want to say that ckball Carla gave Jodie some good advice. Please take it . I know how hard it must be and Carla gave you some good examples of why not to go back to get you stuff or should I say to call him about it. Enuff said about that !!

    Carla ck - G;ad your porch is coming so well.. We might have to have a porchwarming for it !! It sounds great !!!

    Marta- I am so sorry you were and are not feeling well.. I know the crud is bad and prevalent this time of year -still.ill. Glad Soapie did better for you while you were really bad. Hope it contineus while you are well.

    Well, I am afraid I will be in and out for our 100th Volume Anniversady. I will drop off soem wine and stuffed mushroons to get things started. Then I may be in a dn out. My company comes tomorr w from NC till the next say. In between I will have other siblings come to see them too. Also, hope I get through all this singing. Next week I have three performancew to Nursing Homes while my company is here. NOt much I can do about it, I a afraid.

    I'll try and check on the party going on when it hits 100 but I can't promise to be here for the whole thing or most of it !! I may have to throw in my goodies (-: !! and run. SORRY !!

    Lots big hugs to all,


  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    You've been an M.I.A. for a few days and know that

    you weren't feeling up to par. We are just concern-

    ed if you will feel well enuff on Easter Sunday to

    participate in the hunt for the "Golden Easter Egg"

    wiff the rest of we Kids? Get better and "hop to it"


    You're like a "missing plank" on the floor of the PORCH

    Linda, a rumor that someone saw you down there
    in Florida on the beach in a brand new B' Kee Nee!
    Warm sand between your toes and warm ocean
    salt spay on your lips. Lots of folks ya left behind
    wish they were there wiff you! But glad you are wiff
    your folks and Family, having a great holiday!
  6. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    /Well this week at the new job hasn't been to eventful. First few days were uneventful, just HR stuff. Spent today on the floor I'm going to be working on. Well, let's just say, they really have room for improvement. I really wanted to slap the nurse that was training me a couple times.
    We were giving one of the vets a shower and when she was washing his feet he was wincing saying ow, and she said, oh now you just need to stop that, that doesn't hurt. I thought, who the hell are you to tell him how he feels.

    ANyway, I have done zip for studying on my spring break. Kind of feel bad about it, but not really. I needed the break from that stupid stressful anatomy nazi.

    Mr. Dad- I'll take my coffee strong with 1 sugar and some good tasting creamer!

    Jodie- listen to your little sister. He has your picture, and frankly you getting it back is the furthest thing on his mind and he's not going to call you to get your things back. Spend your energy on something else, the idiot is not worth your precious energy and there are so many other things you can focus on and he is just not one of them. If I worried about every guy I dated that kept something of mine and wouldn't give it back, I would have been in the looney bin a long time ago. Life is short, choose your battles wisely.

    Well, the kids need a bath and Jason isn't getting up to do it for me like I asked him. I think he's decided since I only work 40 hours a week that he doesn't need to do a darn thing around here.

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    neck and back fibro stuff.

    ck i didn't know you had t deal w/nearly the same topic as i did w/the exbf saying he has lung cancer....that so stinks.

    well marta thank you for the acknowledgeent on my gpa...pretty cool for me...

    sorry you are sick thought wishing you a quick rcovery.

    jen i will try my best. just po's me off you know what i mean.

    sorry jason thinks your wonderwoman w/fibro.

    love you all


  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Granni: Gee. You are always so-o-o busy but at
    least a lot of it is fun stuff but still don't know how
    you find all the energy as I believe you are about
    my age! But Ido wish you a good Easter as I as-
    sume you were invited to South Fork for the Egg
    Roll on the lawn wiff J.R. and Linda!

    Jen and Jodie: It's great that we have a "set" of Sisters
    on the Board and Porch! Jen, don't worry about Jodie
    she's gonna be fine in a short period of time! We're
    gonna find her someone who is deserving of her!

    Solar: Still would like to speak with you about a con-
    nection concerning a question(s) you had of me. (?)
    Maybe next week when you are not as busy.

    A goodnite to all for now!

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    no cooking for me...and no easter egg coloring anymore we are too old for it. and i don't think i can lay anymore golden eggs. i am getting too old. maybe we can find a deserving man for me...w/o the drama...i had a 23 year old wanting to go out w/me last night...he has a baby... and a job. but he is just too darn young. i keep getting the young one's wanting to go out w/me....what do i do to draw them toward me. i guess i have been told enough i don't look my age...but inside sometimes i feel 100 years old...

    i stayed in my jammies all day today and talked to a friend of mine for a few hours...she has her hands full w/kiddos two twins that just turned 5 and a 4year oldd...all boys.

    she is waiting for the day they go to school then she can go back to work and get a break from the bickering and stuff... you would be proud of me, i had that friend that had borrowed some $$ and vaccumm from me come over w/her eviction notice. she didn't come right out and ask for the money but i did not offer either. cause i have too many people that owe me and i don't get paid back...

    so i even have the ssa that still owes me over 15k...i need talk to my congressman on that one still....again, it is a repeated record over and over....

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Although I'm sure that you are very attractive, it seems

    that you also have a perpensity to be a magnate for

    young men needing a Mother !! Maybe just concen-

    trating on School for awhile would be a good strategy

    as I'm confident that good things will find you on their


    It's been quiet on the Porch but I'm sure most are

    busy with either Passover or Easter! I be goin' to my

    SIL's for 'Easter Brunch" tomorrow in San Bruno. She

    usually has a managable number of adults and Kids

    and doesn't get overwhelming. Too bad for are

    Friends that the weather is so horrible in so many

    parts of the Country, even for your Sissy. Gee, wonder

    why we have 30 million Peeps in "Kaliphonia"? The

    weather, however, looks not to be what we would like

    here for Easter either.

    "Talk" later. "K"?
    Hello to all,

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just for a few minutes. Marta Joe told me you have been as sick as I have. I hope you are starting to feel better, there seems no real turning point for me as yet, though felt well enough today to cut my hair. Haven't felt this sick in years for sure. I hope you feel better. It would help if the waether wasn't like winter here in NY state.

    Jodie, I think what you keep doing is judging yourself against what men feel about you. If you could manage it a complete break from men and time to reassess yourself as the good woman you are may help, otherwise you will just keep attracting these user types who, mrdad is right, want you to take care of them or will take advantage of your kindness seeing it as weakness. I am always telling my niece that she meets all these men because she goes to the wrong places to find dates. Discusion groups, college club activities are better places.

    I have been trying to read and have a bit of brain fog so here is wishing you all a good easter and let us hope pain free one.

    Love to all,

    Annie C
  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Thanks for the shout out MrDad! I think I found the rock that Rock was stuck under for awhile and have been trying to hide from things...too much stuff going on for me. I would like to find the "Golden Egg" though.

    It is so cold here....windy and low in the 20's. It's breaking records and destroying all the buds on the plants. I am disappointed that we will miss all the beautiful blooms on my scrubs and trees. It was becoming so beautiful. This will be devastating to our strawberry and peach growers though. It was in the high 70's and 80's this past week. Oh well....not under my control just like so many other things lately. sorry that you have been so sick. I relate to the "only child" thing since I am one too. Although after dealing with my DH's family, it makes me appreciate that status most of the time.

    Annie...It was good to hear from you. You've been missing a lot also. I hope you and your family completely recover from that virus. We miss your words of wisdom.

    Jodie...Glad you are doing better and I am proud of your grades. It had to be hard to concentrate with all that is going on in your life. Please stay away from those really young guys. I have a 25 yr. old son. I love him dearly and he is fairly mature BUT not mature enough for a lady that is that much older than he. They just haven't seen enough of life and can cause too much heart break. He has been worrying me lately....wrong choice of girls and he doesn't see it. She is only 19 and when I think of her it makes me think of your "Leo" and it is breaking my heart. Hope he sees what is happening before she really messes up his life. I hope
    that just the right person will come into your life and Cody's.

    Jen...Glad that you survived your first week at your new job. You sound as if you are compassionate person and will be a real asset to the patients.

    Granni....You amaze me (and make me tired). Ask your daughter from N.C. if she had ever visited the N.C. zoo. I live very close to it. I think you said she lived in Morrisville. That is about 60 to 70 miles from my home.
    Enjoy their visits!

    Rock...Hope you resolved your medication issue. I have been cutting back on some of mine also. It's amazing how much it can cost when you have so many prescriptions to purchase and most of them are so expensive. I hope you and Gordon enjoy the holiday.

    To all my fellow Porchies, I wish you a blessed Easter. If health allows, I'm going to my daughter's for a combination Easter celebration and birthday party for my SIL.

    To everyone I wish you a Happy Holiday and hope to see you for our #100 Porch thread.

    ((((Hugs)))) to All!!!

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear fellow Porchies,

    I just wanted to get on here to wish you all a blessed and Happy Easter (coming tomorrow). We just heard that our daughter and all are on their way here by rental car. So for a week I will be truly busy. So, if you do not see or hear from me I have not died fro exhaustion (I hope ) !!

    Sweetie - My daughter and family live in Mooresville, not Morrisville ! Sorry you have not been feeling well either. Hopefully I can pop in for our annicersary volume party (???)

    Jodie - Yes, listen to little sis, Mrdad and Sweetie. All their advice is right on the money !!! Yes, you do deserve alot better than "Leo" and I am sure with patience you will find someoe alot more seserving and more mature for you and Cody. Great for you on your GPA. We know you can do it and always don't need a man to get satisfaction and somewhere in life.

    It has gotten colder now and we have the heat on again. Bundling up for church tonight and tomorrow. I still have lots to do for the company and will be out tonight so I have to run again (from the porch) and back to reality with all my duties around here.

    I guess I do what I do cause I am afraid now that I have found things I love to do, that it all of a sudden might come to a screeching halt and I won't be able to do much. While my kids were growing up and also while I was a kid I really never was able to do alot of what I wanted, either due to lack of money or crazy school situation (what I call - reverse busing, if you know what I mean ??) It was make the bus after school or walk - and it was not close let me tell you. My dad worked weird hours and there was one car in the family !

    Jen - BTW, believe me I understand what you mean about immature teens or in their twenties and they don't necessarily mean just boys.

    I had lots of problems with a dauaghter who did not listen who was also somewhat immature , dated and married another immature young man and 15 yrs. later they have divorced (three sons later - one with PPD-nos and another with Leumkemia.) Unfortunatly the oldest 16 is living with the dad and I am so sorry for him. It was his decision however. The children don't always see the problems and just love and want to please that parent, no matter what. Sorry to get a bit off suject but that is just what happened.

    Marta - hope you are feeling better and that Soapie lets you rest some.

    Don't worry if I am not around for awhile. I will just be super busy without much time to check on the computer, most likely.

    Lots of warm hugs and blessings to all, inc those I have not mentioned such as Linda, Rock, Mrdad, etc. Hope I make the Party !!!??

    A very happy and Blessed Easter to everyone,

  14. jens2angels

    jens2angels New Member

    First off to my sister---

    You are never too old to color eggs. As a matter of fact, it might be fun for you and Cody! Just because he's a teenager does not mean we have to act grown up all the time!

    I also never said good for you on your GPA, I know I was pretty proud of myself for making the Dean's list last term. I don't know how I manage it, but we do what we gotta do.

    On that note, I gotta go color eggs with the little people.

    Happy Easter!
  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you all make me feel so loved by each and everyone on this board.

    jen cody just doesn't care about those easter eggs..then he doesn't like potatoe salad. so it's just a waste of time and money. need to set up a time to meet w/you this week...we can be flexible pretty much...i will need to check out the ferry schedule....and hopefully we can have some decent the restuarnt you were thinking of called the slanted door? my friend went there for her b-day and said the food was good.

    well need to do some grocery shopping and pick some late birthday mom's b-day is today....i just havent' been feeling like doing much lately. and just going grocery shopping has not been a priority to me. when my hand tendon is strained and the right elbow surgery seemed to fail because of the assualt in february it just makes me cringe when i need to lift something like bottle waters and such..

    told cody i need him to go to costco w/me for the lifting stuff.

    got to run get a mini shower and lookk halfway presentable.

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes. Next week I'm open with the exception of Tues.
    as I have to do a Sona Gram for my Liver. No big
    deal as they do it about once a year! Last time they
    said they weren't too concerned about the hardening
    as the one on my left side seemed soft and healthy!

    The Slanted Door is great food. I think you will enjoy
    it. Best to go apres the "lunch crowd" about 2:15 or
    30'ish. Don't expect to see Chelsea or Bill there this
    time, but who know's, hey? We can sit in the back
    by the firedoor encase they don't honor the "2 fer"
    tic we can "duck out the door" quick like! (Be sure
    to wear your Nike running shoes just in case)

    It's gonna be fun! Cody is more that welcome to be
    my guest as well. He can hold them off if'in we
    need to make a "get away". Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    P.S. "Google" Golden Gate Transit District for Ferry
    times.[This Message was Edited on 04/07/2007]
    [This Message was Edited on 04/07/2007]
  17. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I figured I drop in and see how ya all are doing~ Can't believe it's already time for your centinial party!! You'll have to have a combination Easter/100 post party on the porch!

    Love ya all, just can't keep up wit ya!!

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Now that you've arrived, it's GREAT timing for US !!

    NOT so good for you!! Being as how YOU are the

    professional at this, we're gonna be 'putin YOU

    in charge of the CATERING !!

    Great to see ya,

    A big hello to Hubby Joe!
  19. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    I've morphed into a bunny in honor of the occasion.
  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----Spring? Well, the weather person made a "fibber"
    out of me when I "spoke" wiff you guys yesterday of
    the less than perfect day expected here. It is beauti-
    ful! So glad for the 'Lil egg hunters! I feel horrible
    that other parts of the Country are less pleasurable
    weather wise.

    I do hope that ewe awl are havin' fun! Good food, good
    company and Family with lots of hope that Spring is
    to bring us all a renewal of optimistic visions for peace
    and happiness!

    My best to all !
    MRDAD aka JOE