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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Marta608, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Marta608

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    Hello again, gang.

    I've dusted off the chairs and fluffed up the blankets. There's a nice fire in the big fireplace. Grab a cup of something and have a seat. The new Porchlight is on.

    Sweetie, I groaned out loud with the pain of your mother's comment to you about taking care of her. Dear as they are, they sure can poke those sore spots, can't they? I want to go have a nice, quiet talk with your mother.

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  2. Cromwell

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    Cat Litter: You mentioned the weight of it. However, some time ago, we discovered a great litter called cederific. A great big bag is very light, but here is the other neat thing. You can scoop the poop and then spread the rest of it(it is very fine grounds) under trees as a mulch.

    We have four cats and the other great thing is no smell. The only thing is our cats do track it a bit, but it is worth it.

    It also lasts longer than anything else we tried.

    Anyway, for those of us who have trouble lifting things and the cost of disposal, this is a blessing.

    Thought I would "dig the dirt" with you on this!!!

    Nothing much else to say today. Left leg has been bothering me esp. bedtime thru night but had another massage today and she thinks I pulled my hamstring from the thigh all the way to ankle.

    Sorry not much else to say. Hope this helps Marta.

    Love Annie Cromwell
  3. 1sweetie

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    Oh Marta, I wish you could talk with both of my parents. I am an only child and we were close. We have always had a strange relationship. For as long as I remember, I took care of them in certain things but they were always great grand parents. My Mom has never talked to me or nurtured me with words. She shopped with me, cooked for me when I was sick, and totally spoiled my children.

    My husband was close to them too until...I really crashed with CFS and later FM. They still think I was under too much pressure at work which means they think it is all stress. They do not understand how "one person could have so many things wrong with them". I've never had one word of encouragement or any advice...just that they think I should be well by now. When I was suicidal from medication and depression and tried to talk to them, I was told it wasn't a good day. Everything has changed since that day. I cried for weeks. They do not know what to do so they do nothing other than to occasionally take me to an appointment and then I feel like I am being an imposition many times. If you had told my husband and I four years ago that our relationship with my parents would be like this, there is no way we would have believed it. Until then I was still "their baby girl". I could tell you so much more but it's so strange that it doesn't sound believable. I wish I understood but for my sanity I've had to distance myself from the hurt and have to belive in my heart they just can't understand and maybe they are just getting older. I look for any excuse that will make me feel better.

    Thank you for being willing to come to my defense. You may be able to explain it better than I have to them.

    You seem so conflicted about owning a pet as I am and I have one. There is no way I could have one without having a fence though. Maybe you should pretend like Linda and her daughter had to do with "the baby". I could not do it if I were alone all the time. It is very hard for me when by DH is traveling yet he does guard me and I feel much more safe with him around.

    Carebelle, Loved your picture and yes, I think I did see you at The Porch recently. Please come back again.

    Carla NL, Sleep good, keep warm, and feel better soon.

    I am exhausted. Will talk with all of you


  4. 69mach1

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    novato high school won again! 57-0. so next game is in santa rosa california next saturday. then if they win that one. they get to play in the oakland raiders coliseum. then if they win that one they go to state down to L.A.

    that one will be 12-16.

  5. atiledsner

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    I thought I might be here all by myself, seeing as I drug this huge bag of tulip bulbs along with me. Marta 608 you are the only volunteer i have so far to help.

    I got one of those 20 pound Mantis tillers- cultivators to prepare the soil.It nearly bounced all the way to the moon in this hard soil,well maybe that was an exheration!!!!!!!

    Ant way the bulbs were finally on sale 50% off so I purchased 87.00 worth. All colors all kinds, all bloom around Feb-April, all about 18 inches tall.

    Should be grand and glorious in the early spring.I planted for hours today until my hands were going numb, body was acheing..So come on and help me with the rest of them.

    Maybe if we have a little sip of that absolute it will make to time go faster and the pain go away.

    Thanks so much for dusting off the seats and fluffing the blankets.

    When I came in today my sweetie warmed a blanket in the dryer for me and tucked me in for an afternoon nap.Heating pad helped the pain some, took no pain meds, just tried to endure.

    Someone tell me a happy story about the old days, lets laugh and enjoy the sunset togather. Dianne
  6. rockgor

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    Not much traffic on the porch or on the board either. I hope that's because folks are busy w/ the holiday and not because they are extra illish.

    Thanks for all the people who have asked about my back. I have seen the D.C. twice and it will be back to normal in another week, we both think.

    I think it is amazing that people who are sicker than I are concerned about my problem. Wish I could bring you a real treat instead of a virtual one.

    Gordon made potatoe pancakes today which is a good way to deal w/ leftovers. He suggested I pass this along:

    Add some liquid to your potatoes if necessary (milk, water, cream, not Absolute). Stir in an egg and some flour for a binder. Add a little baking soda for lightness.

    Pour out your pancakes and fry, excuse me, saute. Very good and very little trouble.

    All for now. Ha det bra. (That's "have it good" in Norwegian.

  7. Shannonsparkles

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    This made me laugh. I was at a karaoke party once where a young guy picked "Life goes on" as his turn.

    The lyrics on the screen went:
    "O-bla-dee o-bla-da
    Life goes on
    La-da-da-da Life goes on."

    I don't know if the guy knew the song very well, because at the "bra" part he didn't just make one long, meaningless wail out of it like in the original song. He just said, "Bra." Man, was that awkward! lolol
  8. Marta608

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    Hello Everyone. The sky is just beginning to lighten in the West. I love early morning, it's my favorite time of day - good thing 'cause I never see the other end of it much.

    Anne, Cedarific! Teriffic! Thank you so much for the tip. I'll look for it. I do think I could enjoy cats again if it wasn't for those heavy bags of litter. Both the clay kind and the "sandy" kind really weigh up with two litter boxes and an owner determined to keep them very clean.

    Sweetie, I have extra big hugs for you this morning. I can relate very deeply to what you say about your parents. It's so hard when we want more from them than they can give us. Once we accept that that's just who they are, we can get on with growing up even if it means keeping our distance. Growing up, by the way, is a lifetime job. Been there, doing that. You know what I also found? I realized that I could love my parent(s) but not like them very much. And that's OK! That's where the saying came from that "we can't pick our family but we can pick our friends" - or something like that. I believe that families are the lesson-teachers and friends are who supports us through the lessons.

    Jodie, YAAAAAAAY! It's so exciting to watch these sports events. I was a swim team mother and lived in major humidity for four years, loving every minute of it.

    Dianne, That's a LOT of tulip bulbs! But I said I'd help and I will. I brought a bag of bone meal along to put in each hole. It will be gorgeous in the spring.

    Rock, I suppose I could eat potato pancakes without Absolut if I had to. They sound delish. Wish I had some potatoes now.

    Hugs also to Carla NL who need to get some sleep, and to Shannon who I'm so glad to see here this morning with her welcome sparkles.

    In fact, hugs aaaaaaaaall around,

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I have been looking for you all since they moved the porch and I couldn't find you. I didn[t realize I had to get on the main board first for which board you wanted. I was looking on the FM/etc. board/ Glad I found you but I hae to fun to church now.

    Please save me any goodies that might be around !See yoa later todayt, hopdrull. Just got rid of all my company .

    Love ya,

    Marilyn (that Granni)
  10. 1sweetie

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    Great news...nice weather until next Friday. Yeah!!! Highs in the mid to high 60's. No high winds or torrential rain fall this week. This is great news for me.

    I love flowers so count me in on planting the bulbs or hiring someone to do my part. I can't wait until we see them next spring Dianne. Do you think we could plant a few daffodils also? It was good to see you back on the Porch. Jole planted wildflowers but we have not talked with him recently. I will be happily anticipating Spring to see the beauty of all we've planted.

    Shannon good to see that you were at The Porch again. How have you been?

    Rocky...glad to hear you are improving. I love potato pancakes but I always had trouble with them staying together and I used to fry them too, not saute them. Tell Gordon thanks for the recipe. He probably solved my problems with them falling apart.

    Jodie...Congratulations! I am really happy for both of you. That win is quite an accomplishment. Are you feeling better?

    Marta...Great advice and I appreciate it. I will definitely remember what you said and apply those principals in my life. Growing up is hard. I really needed that talk with you. It helped me with my perspective. You need to do a Dear Abby column. You would be perfect.

    Carla NL...I hope you got some sleep and that you are feeling better.

    Talk to everyone


  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    .... and on my way to guess where? Yup. My granddaughter called and wanted to know if we're going to the shelter today. Of COURSE we are. Shhhhhhhhhhh, I'm not telling her I've been in bed for two days since our last trip.

    Marilyn, I've been wondering where you were. Glad you found us. Your chair is over there by the railing just waitng for you; that, and hanging on to that stack of wreaths. Call Jerome. He'll move them right off for you and dust off the chair.

    Sweetie, good to hear that at least your weather is bearable. You need a break. I'm glad what I said made some sense to you. It came from a whoooooole lot of my own experience.

    Jodie, yes, I hear you. I got tired just reading all you went through with the girls. If the head honcho is there at the shelter today I'm going to tell him I have to take a pass on Callie. Sniff.... But it wouldn't be fair to her. But NINE CATS? OMG. The shelter is also awash with cats. They sure can use one heck of a lot of litter.

    OK, y'all, I'm outta here to pet kitties, scritch dogs under chins and watch my granddaughter be happy. That has to be good for a few spoons, don't you think?

    Hugs all around,
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Marta and ALL,

    Thanks alot Marta for turning on this porchlight and saving me a seat and getting it ready for me. Boy, was I in a hurry this morning. So many typos I coud hardly read it myself (-: !

    Sorry all, I just scanned the porch quickly and so do not remember everything that was going on. Glad to see alot of the same "faces"(names) after checking in again.

    Unfortunatley I have so much to do today to try and get the house back in order after my company was here for the weekend.

    We had a BUSY time especially since my grandson who was here (2 1/2 yrs) was dxed with mild to moderate autism. So, we were all very busy, including him. We even went to the park at least I did with daughter and grandson. He just loved the swings. Now I have a wash going and have to do some vacuuming,bathrooms etc, Doesn't that sound like fun?

    Well I would rather be on the porch just hanging out with you all and chatting. Please also excuse, now that I have found you, I will also have to be out alot with singing practice and performances since it is into to the Christmas season. I am tired out already and have loads of cards to do and other stuff.

    Luckily, in a way, when I couldn't find you all I started writing my Christmas cards !!! What a chore but I do love hear back from people.

    Sorry I gotta run and really work - I'd rather take a nap. DH even said he would help to do some vacuuming so I had better get outta here.

    Big warm hugs to you all - Marta, Carla, Sweetie, Rock and everyone else . Please excuse if I do not call you all by name. I am not sure if I saw Mrdad/Joe here today. The brainfog is with me again or should I say still. Bye for now and hope you all are not feeling too badly today and had a nice Thanksgiving weekend !!

    That Granni (Marilyn)
  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Marilyn, so glad to see you got back here and had a minute to put your feet up. It sounds as if you were and are as busy as you could be. When my kids visit for any length of time, I'm grabbing the dirty laundry, the vacuum and the dust cloth before they're out the driveway. It's a way for me to move on and not sit down and cry.

    I want you to know that I told the leader of the pack at the shelter today that I could not foster the collie. I felt bad but also relieved after reading - and remembering -all the work a dog can be, especially a large one. Poor girl, she was in a cage all day today with the open house at the shelter but she's fine. One woman walked her and returned with her hair blown back. That collie is a speed demon.

    Now I'm trying to decide about a cat but today I'm done with all I can do.

    Hugs allll around the Porch,

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am eating leftovers w/ a turtle for dessert. (A turtle is a chocolate, carmel, nut candy.) Half a century ago I went to school w/ Mary Lou DeMet, the turtle heiress.

    You could recognize the package by the orange and white stripes. Today Nestle owns DeMets. (Wonder if Mary Lou went w/ the deal.)

    Shannon, Ob La Di was on the Beatles White Album, generally regarded as one of the best albums ever. Two years ago the BBC reported that Ob La Di had been voted the worst song ever in a poll.

    How times change. When my son graduated from High School I took an old photo album to the party. I asked if he wanted to look thru it. He said, "No. It's just you and mama in funny old clothes."

    I was stunned. I guess he looked at clothes from the 70s the way I looked at clothes from the 20s.

    So you were exposed to major humidity, huh Marta? For some reason that reminds me of the Livermore twins. Can't remember if that was their name or the town they came from. Anyway they tended to wear scarfs a lot.

    Paul, one of my silliest roommates, insisted the scarfs were to cover up their gill slits.

    Carla, if your friend has nine cats, would that be the equivalent of 81 cats?

    Sweetie, if your potato pancakes still won't stick together, just add eggs until they do. Then tell people you are serving the latest omelet as recommended by Marthla.

    (Not a typo. Gordon always refers to her as "Marthla.)

    My back is not fully restored to health, Sweetie, but I am going to walk the dogs tonight. They are small, so no problem

    Best wishes to you all from "the boys" (That's Chester and Zippy) and me.

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my son's computer is crashed. he is fixing the problem.

    i spent t-day w/my friend that is going thru divorce. her exhb to be had to bring the mistres. i had her spend the night last night. and she has her little pug.

    we went out for some dinner and a couple of drinks. met an interesting man that is involved in the movie industry. he has our numbers. said he was going to invite us to one of his parties in a couple of weeks.

    thank you for everyone responding the my son's team win.

    i have to google the local marinij paper about the game and such.

    cody didn't get to play much. but they still won. next year he will be a senior then he should have his turn on the field.

    well good night all. i have to read psychology. and i have friend in distress over her exhb. last i knew he was at the family b-day party and she chose not to go to it. because he was going to bring the mistress again.oh and he is drunk and on the phone w/her. she is normally in bed by 10 or earlier.

  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    If I get up any earlier it will still be night. Not that it's that early but we expect rain so it's overcast. I'm sure you all wanted to know that.

    Carla ck, so you picture me with a fluffy thing in one hand, huh? Would that be a c.a.t. by any chance? Yes, animals are very good at sensing our moods which, since I was so depressed, was one reason I didn't bring anybody home right away.

    I'm sure the collie had issues, after all she was always wandering the streets and it appeared that she was kept outside all the time. She's also a great barker.

    Getting out does help; it's just a toss up between whether we want to be depressed from isolation or half-dead from exhaustion. I'm hoping to reach moderation one of these days.

    Rock, LOVE turtles, the chocolate nut kind. How interesting that you met the heiress. She's probably counting her money somewhere warm now.

    I didn't know that you had dogs. Musta missed it. Good thing they're small or you'd have a back adjustment that you don't need or want.

    Jodie, how wonderful that Cody can fix computers. I still think this is the neatest thing. Maybe a lot of kids these days can work on them but to have your very, own, live-in guru must be great. Hmmmm, some guy making movies and having a party? Guess I'm a suspicious sort but be very careful. He may think he has a number you don't want to give out.

    I must get back to doing a few things that are needed around here, like the library, the car wash, the gas station. I'd rather check out my bed again but that will always wait.

    I didn't bring food this morning since we must all be stuffed from Thanksgiving goodies. But I did bring some very creamy hot chocolate and Jerome started a big pot of fresh coffee. Mmmmmm, love that smell.

    You all make it a good day, OK?

    Hugs alllll around the porch,


  17. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Marta sorry to hear the sky is gray. Those types of days make my depression worse. I understand the early mornings. Lately I have been lucky because my body wanted to sleep(which is unusual) but unlucky because the dog has awaken us for 4 mornings straight at 3:30 to 4 am. My husband got up the first 3 nights (he promised to take care of this dog when he brought him home) and this morning the dog went back to sleep but I didn't. I am telling you this to reinforce your decision. My DH says ever thing worth having is work. He doesn't have CFS. I am still as conflicted with this gigantic lab as you are with the Collie and we've have him for 2 1/2 years. Nearly every day I sway between finding him a wonderful home where he could run and play in a creek or giggling, laughing, and loving his kisses. But I am not a cat person either. I like them outside just like I like dogs outside. I don't like the hair or mess they both cause in my home. My son has a cat and I play with him. He is definitely not like a dog. One second he is rubbing against you and the next he bites you and runs. He is strange but funny. You should see this big dog and cat play together.

    Rocky, I will use the eggs the next time I try to make the potato pancakes. That makes so much sense. I do not know why I have not thought of doing that. What would we do without Gordon! I am glad you were able to walk your dogs. Like Marta, I did not remember that you had dogs. Your dogs sound like they are a more manageable size. I'm glad that your back is still improving.

    Carla NL, you need to check in if you are able. We have not heard from you and I want to make sure you are OK. I put out an MIA on Lola on the board and she is not feeling good.

    Marilyn, I could crash just reading everything you are doing. I'm glad you can. I am so glad you found this thread we have missed you and so many others.

    Jodie, I am impressed with your son also. The two of you seem to have a great relationship. I am close to my son too. When his Dad and I were between marriages, we took care of each other....still do. He can read my mind and knows my feelings without me saying anything...which is not good some times.

    Anne, We have not heard much from you lately. I miss you and we need a family update. How was Thanksgiving?

    Where is mrdad? Is he still visiting his ex and her husband? I miss him.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    MrDad is in Oregon, Sweetie. He went to Portland and Eugene of Turkey Day. Should be back shortly to liven things up.

    Decades ago I used to have co workers from Eugene. They always said it was the best place to live. Mild climate and no tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc.

    W/ re: 2 climate, we are having our first rain in Los Angeles since last winter. This is a semi tropical climate. We only get rain for a couple months in the winter. Usually about 15 inches, roughly half of what we got in Minnesota.

    Hot chocolate sounds good, Marta. Don't think I've had any for a couple years. Marshmellows are always good, but not essential.

    I used some leftover turkey in an omelet. A friend said she thought that was kinda strange. On the other hand her husband puts hotdogs in omelets.

    I don't think the Japanese make omelets. If they do they probably put sea cucumbers in them. The French, of course, stick to snails. The Germans make big hearty ones w/ potatoes, sausage, onion and bacon.

    "Geography is destiny."

  19. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I need to find my chair and sit on the Porch for a spell. I got gas in the car, had it washed, picked up a new library book I'd ordered (Nora Ephron's "I Feel Bad About My Neck - and other thoughts on being a women". I hope it's as funny as it's said to be.

    When I got home I dusted the inside of the car, washed the inside of the always-dirty-no-matter-what-I-do windshield and shook out the floor mats. How did all that pet hair get in there and I don't have a pet? Yet.

    Sweetie, I'm waiting for you to get mad. Not shoot-the-windows-out mad but tired of people dissing you. I made the most progress in this illness when that happened to me, NOT anything like a cure but my mental health improved. Remember, as my pal Dr. Phil said back when I liked him (before he became Jerry Springer with a PHd), "We teach people how to treat us". I would add: beginning with how we treat ourselves. Sorry for the diatribe....... I just recognize the symptoms.

    Rock, when you talk about it raining in LA, I think about Pasadena where my son and his family live. It's "all L.A." I guess, isn't it? Years ago he had a horrific auto accident on one of the great California freeways. We're very lucky that all he has left over from it is short-term memory loss and a crooked collarbone. He just discovered when he got home from Michigan that he has a fractured C-5 vertebrae. We don't know if it's "an original" from 18 years ago or something new. With kids there's aways something to worry about, no matter how old they get. Still glad to have them, though.

    I am overjoyed (doesn't take much) that I got all the errands done and the car is shiny. How easy am I to please?

    Hugs alllll around,
  20. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Love Anne Cromwell