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    Hi everyone! I announced on the last volume that I was starting new over here...hope everyone can find us.

    Please go back and read the last posts on volume #652...very sad news...Rock's little dog, Zippy, was killed by a coyote. Rock, hope you and Gordon are doing okay, at least as well as can be.

    I am in the middle of apple preserving...applesauce, apple slices drying the the dehydrator, and a huge bag of peelings to make into juice/jelly. Lindsey is sick with the cold/crud that we have all been sharing, so I did three loads of her laundry and just got started on ours. Heading out now to pick apples off of our trees...hope this weather holds for is chilly, but at least no rain, etc.

    Thinking of everyone...will check in later.
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    Julie, thanks for getting us started again. Hope you will share some of your applesauce, etc. etc. that you are fixing with the apples today. That should really keep you busy. Sorry to hear that Lindsay is sick again or should I say STILL? You want to make an apple pie? That sounds wonderful. I never learned how to do that without a prebaked crust but mom could make a wonderful apple pie full of apples -- MMMM good !

    Everyone please check the old porch for interesting posts from Julie, myself, Diane Rock, Mikie and others. So sorry to hear about poor Zippy getting killed by a coyote. That is just awful and I know how sad Rock and Gordon must be.

    Mikie - So sorry to hear you are still sick. Those kitties better behave especially while you are feeling so bad. If they were smart they would know to behave so they could be inside but you don't want them scratching on your door in the middle of the night. Hope you will start feeling better sooner rather than later. This is getting old and I'm sure you have had enough of it, fo sure. Hope you got your shopping done so you could get home and rest.

    Rock - Hope you and Gordon to upset but I know it is natural for you be so, at least for awhile.

    I just saw Julie's post so I thought I had better post and make sure it is on the NEW volume this time :)!!

    I really need to go and finish my exercises. This is getting old - the ones for my back is really making my legs sore. So I haven't been doing them every day.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Just bopped in to catch up on the news...

    Oh, Rock (& Gordon)...What sad news about Zippy!! My heart goes out to both of you. ♥ ♥

    And, Mikie, I'm wondering of all the ABX's you've taken for your UTI has played havoc with your poor bod. But, there is a bug (at least here anyway) that's going around. Hubby's got it.

    Back to Ezorb topic. I took it for a while, but stopped when I read heart problems can develop using calcium supplements.

    Posting question: I log in, then start posting. After I'm done, I'm told I have to "log in". But. I AM LOGGED IN. I don't get it. Someone please explain.

    Gotta go...
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    hello all

    wanted to say

    Rock - shocked and saddened to hear about Zippy. but i am thinking of the
    Rainbow Bridge.

    pls take care of yourself, both you and Gordon.

    Mikie - you too, hope you recover soon from this latest bout of flu. and the
    cats behave themselves.

    take care all, will come back later when ive finished doing a few urgent things

    God bless
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    Hi Folks

    Thanks for your kind words. There are constant reminders of Zippy everywhere. When
    I got up from the computer this morning, I walked over to the window to check on him
    in the backyard. When I walked downstairs I glanced in the living room to see if he was on
    the sofa. When I opened the refrigerator, there was the can of Vienna sausages I opened for
    him as a treat on Monday.

    He was 14 and couldn't have lived much longer. He has been failing the last few months.
    When he comes in the house I walk in front of him and talk so he can follow my voice. But
    lately, he sometimes get lost. Wanders into a side room or gets tangled up in the dining room
    chairs. And sometimes his hearings seems-seemed to be going.

    Our vet who is nearby was just starting a surgery when we called, so we drove to a new one
    in Pasadena. The receptionist greeted me with a piece of paper and said sign here. The
    paper said "Consent for Examination; $500 to $800. I said, "We were told on the phone
    the exam was $125 ." She said, "But this is a critical exam." I said, "The entire purpose of an
    exam is to determine what is critical, and I'm not signing that."

    So she gave me an information sheet to fill out which had all the standard questions. At the
    bottom in tiny print it said: I consent to the clinic performing whatever medical procedures
    it deems necessary at its usual fees. Payment to be made in full or at 18% annual interest
    plus a charge of $3 for every bill submitted.

    So if they send you a bill every day for a year, that adds $1095 to the amount you owe.

    Didn't sign that either. Eventually we talked to the vet who was a young, tiny Asian woman
    who whispered. The gist of it was your dog is in shock. It is doubtful that a dog of his
    age would survive the surgery. We don't even know if there is a possibility it would help.

    Which was pretty much what we had expected. So after 14 years we left Zippy and drove
    away in tears. When we got home I stepped out of the car and collapsed. Dropped everything
    and fell backwards on the car hood. I wasn't unconscious, but I guess it qualified as faint.
    I looked it up. "Characterized by heavy sweating and thickened saliva." First time for everything they say.

    We are too old and feeble to get another dog. And what would happen to dog if we predecease it? We had dogs for 26 years. Now is the right time to stop.

    Gordon and I appreciate your sympathy and understanding. We are donating Zippy's food and dishes to a pet shelter. I kinda think they won't want his velvet blankies. Risk of disease or some such. One of Gordon's co workers is a volunteer at a shelter.

    Hugs and thanks

  6. springwater

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    Rock - Im glad you wrote a little more.....there is some sense of closure...I was wondering
    what what happened, had Zippy passed on when you found him or not.
    I couldnt help crying when you got to the part where you had to leave Zippy at the vets.

    It brought back memories of my own loss not too long ago. Thats got to be the hardest part
    for any animal owner. the moments before the last time.

    But i am so happy Zippy wasnt terminally ill or anything and was having a good enough
    life before this happened. he has had a rather happy long life and its due to you and Gordon.
    Zippy and my own Poopsie had so much in common. She being deaf, blind and more feeble thayon
    the others.

    Its a pity you will not be getting another dog. But i understand the reasons. And especially right now
    you will not even want to think of it.

    My prayers are with you and Gordon for a swift healing of your pain at the loss of your dear
    friend. Due to my own beliefs i do not grieve exactly FOR Zippy. I believe he is restored to
    full health, bounding around joyfully with full vigour in that beautiful other place, and sending
    you love and thanks for taking care of him and loving him while he was here.

    God Bless

    God Bless
  7. Mikie

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    Rock, the news of Zippy's death hit me square in the chest like someone hit me with a fist. I am so very sorry for you and Gordon. I think we all feel we knew Zippy from your posts. You always did so much for him to keep him comfortable in his old age. I know animals appreciate everything we do for them. I believe our animals wait for us when we go Home, just like all our loved ones. I believe we will see them again. In the meantime, this is breaking my heart for you and Gordon and I know you are both heartbroken too. I think you've made a wise decision not to get another dog.

    I had decided not to get another pet after my beloved old cat died 15 years ago. I love these cats but really didn't want to have them move in. I've decided that their pheromones are still important to them to comfort them so I got the refill at WallyWorld. I asked Barb and the folks downstairs whether they could hear Tweety in the middle of the night. They can't so when she started meowing this morning at 2:00, I just let her. She stopped and tried again later. I really never got back to sleep but that has more to do with how much wine I drank last night. I finally got up, sprayed some nasal spray up my nose, took some Acetaminophen, and put an ice bag on my head. I decided to use the time to pray and meditate, so that's done. I'll likely take a nap at some point.

    Barb went with me to BB&B and I got my little gorgeous ornaments. I've decided not to wait til after Thanksgiving to hang them up. They are just incredibly beautiful, especially for the price. I got the pheromones and a couple of other things at WW and we went to lunch. We had Mexican. Most people down here don't like Mexican so I had to bribe her with a Margaria. Seems the food there is not as good as it used to be. There was enough to bring home for another meal. I'll either have to have it for an early lunch or eat it tomorrow. This afternoon, we are headed down to the Legion for drinks and ribs. Barb often goes on Thurs. for the ribs and Sat. for the prime rib. There is a big group which usually goes. Tonight, there will just be 3 of us.

    As y'all can guess, I'm doing much better. Temp is normal. Pee is clear. I think things are looking up.

    Diane, good to see you posting. Hope you can post more soon.

    Julie, Sunflower Girl, Granni and Windy, thank you all so very much for your kind and sweet good wishes for my being sick. Also, for the concern over the cats. I've decided to take the upper hand if they are going to be trained. As I've said, I think the pheromones, along with letting Tweety meow in vain, will eventually. I'm going to plug the pheromones into the outlet on the lanai to calm them at night. They don't really need calming during the day.

    Granni, the only thing calming about WallyWorld is the pheromones I buy for the cats. I wish they had them for us. I guess the equivalent would be Valium or Xanax :)

    Sometimes, I wish PH would quit "improving" the boards. Now, every time I put in paragraph breaks, I have to reset the font size. Oy! Hope y'all have a great day. If this bug is going around, try to avoid it like the plague, no pun intended. It got me and came back around for another swipe at me. Food has been staying down and that's a good sign. So is wanting something spicy after a week of not eating. I'm down 15 lbs. Bad diet but good weight loss. Hope Barb and I feel up to going to the pool for a mild workout. My legs and hips are weak and achy from inactivity.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh, I don't like this new thing at all...the line where you choose your font style, size, etc...I suppose, to the more computer literate, it makes sense? I didn't notice it till this morning...

    Have been thinking constantly about you, dawned on me that this happened on Monday night, so you and Gordon had already been grieving for a couple days when you posted about it. I imagine you were in shock wonder you collapsed...having to "hold it together" for Zippy's sake, then dealing with the outcome.

    I have been trying to decide it we want to get another dog yet...Jersey was very special to us, and I have been checking the shelter's website, but just don't feel like I am up to having a puppy right now...or even an older dog. I think we will just be "grandparents" to the kids' dogs for a bit. Would need one who likes cats, that's for sure :)

    Mikie, glad you are feeling better, even up to eating something fun! Lorraine was having a tummy ache again yesterday..hope we aren't going for "round 2" ourselves.

    Granni, the chiro will just have to accept however many times you want to see him. We have a chiro in town who won't file insurance for patients unless they agree to at least ten treatments. The one we go to tells us to decide it we need to come back...he usually says how many weeks he would like to see us again, but that is just a general timeline.

    Springwater, good to see you pop on...hope things are ok.

    Hi Windy...good to see you too!

    I will be home today, working up more apples. I did get one of our trees picked last night...I used the pickup/ladder system, then climbed up into the tree itself. Den helped after he got home from work...he has a much longer reach, even from the ground...and used the picker too.

    Need to clean the kitchen first...still have the mess from yesterday. Had to help Lindsey at bedtime since David was working...she hasn't asked me to help lately, but the kids were not wanting to go to sleep (babies are both getting molars.) I was there till 11:00, and the only one she got to bed was Lorraine; had tried both the babies, but they just weren't having it. I finally just said I had to get to bed myself.

    I am working on trying to take better care of myself, and get my own things done; but when they are sick, I will step in. Lindsey is going back to work, a couple nights a week at the Christian bookstore in the mall. She is only going to work when David is available to watch the kids...I told her not to count on me as a babysitter. Evenings are my time to be with work on the house or whatever. The kids respect that, and David even turned down some overtime because he is going to have to babysit...

    I think I will step outside and watch the sunrise...might as well feed the cats too, lol, I will be "mobbed" anyway :p
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    Thought I would do a new post, to announce a couple of important birthdays...

    Granni will celebrate tomorrow (October 18) and Joan/lilac will have another birthday on Saturday (October 19.) This information courtesy of my facebook updates...;)

    Happy birthday to both of you lovely young ladies! Hope your days are great! :)
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    Hello to all of you:

    What happened? I can't find where toi chose the format! changed again! Please don't change anything else on here. Oh, I just found the formats. And the smiles. Whoops, the frown won't go where I want it.

    Anyway, Rock I am soooo sorry about Zippy. I know exactly how you are feeling. I lost my sweet Maggie on July 22. I cried so many tears for 12 days before. Then I stood at her head when the vet gave her the shot-----more tears. Yes, I still miss her so very much and I know that you look for Zippy all the time. I thought and thought about another kitty and really, decided that it was to hard for me to feed her, scoop the litter and hope that she had learned to drink out of the toilet!!:(

    When my #1 son comes Sat. I will let him take the big bag of food and the jar of litter home and find someone that would like it. I miss her so much at night and having her on the bed. So much for this sad story! I still feel your grief, Rock.

    Yes, I do have a birthday Sat. A very happy day to you, Granni. You, I think, are 10 years younger than me. Enjoy those years---they pass so quickly.

    Mikie----Ii am so sorry that you have been so ill.

    Must stop!! This post just flew away~~~~~~~~~~` And i looked on this page again and there I was!!
    But I am so sorry but it is time for me to go to supper and I don't care for the main entree---roast turkey manhatten. I just don't care for turkey at all so I may eat a grilled cheese sandwich and fill up on the many other things. Love you all and I do want to be back, maybe tomorrow?

    Gentle Hugs,
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    Thanks for the early birthday wishes Julie. I also wrote a note to Joan before but not sure if it was for her birthday or not. Most of my birthday celebration was our trip and the last Tuesday of this month I will have a birthday dinner with another gal whose b-day is Halloween and a couple of other friends. paying for the chiro and our trip have made some of our entertainment a little scarce for my birthday. Will just be home and relaxing and doing my exercises. That reminds me I have to do some of mine. Have been weeding, the chiro and walking around H-E-B Market. It is a really nice store but I have to learn where everything is. I have founds some of the things for the next time :)!! They are a little higher in price than WM and farther away but not to bad. It is closer to us than the older HEB. That is why we didn't go there often.

    Julie - Sorry the babies were fussy last night and you ha d to go to bed late yourself. Glad Lindsay understands that you need yourself too. Glad David will be sitting when Lindsay has to work. Yes, I am sure the chiro will understand when I tell him. Unless he wants to give it to me for free or at a big discount I wont be going that often, maybe a couple days a month for awhile I got there early today so I got to go in the massage chair. It really gave me a workout. Have you ever been in one. There are so many settings and the gal set me up and it was mostly my back and bottom half with a little bit of neck. I need to go now and at least do my Denneroll for 16 minutes. Then I should do some other stuff. I have been bad lately since my trip.

    Mikie - Glad you are feeling a bit better. I was kidding you when I mentioned going to WM for a quiet time. I can't remember exactly what I said but it was not meant to be serious :)!!! Hope those kitties behave for you tonight.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing well. I saw your sweet post to Rock. That was so sad. Hope your brother is is feeling better and that he is finished with his chemo. I think it was your brother. Missing seeing you around sweetie and how you will come around more when you are able to. You really have done great considering your country's problem with electricity staying on or having to conserve it for all.

    Joan/ Lilac - We must have been posting at the same time. So I am adding and editing to say hi to you. May you have a wonderful and happy., healthy birthday with some of your family. I doubt I will see any of mine just DH of course. Maybe I will get some phone calls and cards tomorrow. Got one today from a friend.

    Hi to everyone else. I am so backed up with chores and need to start exercising. TTYAL.

    Granni :)!!
  12. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I did return!
    And I did have the turkey and I didn't care for it, just as I said.

    Mikie: I loved what you said about our deceased pets. I was at church one Sundat with #2 son and family. It is a very big modern church and they always sit on the third row. Following the sermon someone in the congregation asked what the pastor thought about where they beloved pets will be. He said that all we love will be in Heaven with us, greeting us there. Then he laughingly said "Well, dogs will be there and not cats":rolleyes: It wasn't long until the service was over and he came down and I said, 'Oh yes, cats will be in Heaven" and laughed. He said Ok and said that if he is asked that ? again, he will answer, "Yes, because Grandma C. said so." I have 3 precious kitties that I hope to meet there.

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Granni! You are very special and I wish only the best for you!

    Julie: i so hope that you can gt all of your family healthy at the same time. And, I am especially happy that you have decided to make your evenings a date night with your sweetie! Those are so special and you 2 really have earned it with all you, Julie, have done. Blessings to both of you!

    Since I last wrote-----I had to go way back to find that time------I have had some very happy Saturdays. On Sept. 28, all of my children and spouses, and 8 of my 11 grandchildren (and various spouses) came back with me to my hometown. The guys played golf in the "Second Annual Harley ---------Memorial Golf Tourney" The day was absolutely perfect---80--- and sunny. The gals all met at a club house near what we once call the bayou! My brother-and sister-in-law were there as were their son and wife. Such a wonderfull day. And 4 of my dear friends came to chat to o. Then son #2 and I went on Sun. morning to my home church and the fellowship time afterwards.

    Then 2 weeks ago, my first grandchild, her hubby and their 3 precious children came from NC. to visit me! I hadn't seen them in just a year. It was another special day. My granddaughter has always talked about "Granny" so they were familiar with me that way and my little princess who is 8 really remembered me. I called #2 son and he and his wife and 2 Filipine children came over and we e3nded the day at Culver's for my favorite food-----ice cream.
    What a great time for making memories. (I can't get a face to follow what I just typed??)

    Julie: Picking up apples makes me think oif numerous years ago. We had an old, old apple tree----no one seemed to know what kind it was------and it dropped bushels of apples over the years. I made and canned dozens and dozens of qt. of applesauce over those years. Everyone, even those who came to pick them up for themselves, declared that they were the best tasting apples ever! I also sliced them into salt water, then drained and froze bags of them to make fried apples. They were always a staple for our big family Christmas day breakfast. They were so good but I always had a sugar splatured stove from them. I wanted the sugar to melt down into the butter to brown them.

    I am getting along fairly well. I am going to our 4 times a week Flexercise. I just do what I can but my left shoulder keeps me from doing them very well. It cracks, creaks, and crunches every time I try to do much of anything with it.
    I have begun to be a right hand eater instead of my for years left hand eater. I sleep OK but it takes me forever to find exactly the right spot to put my arm so it doesn't hurt. Once I get all 4 of my appendages placed where they don't hurt, I sleep well. (Except---so any of you have to make many potty trips at night?) I have had 3 diagnosis---arthritis, frozen shoulder or rotor cuff. I believe it is the later and I have heard that therapy after that surgery is terrible.

    My shoulder is beginning to hurt so I will tell you "Good Night" and go take a shower and wash my hair!

    Even if I didn't mention you, I love you all,

    Good night and pleasant dreams,
  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Joan, so good to hear from you again! Yes, those "disappearing posts", lol...once in awhile I can find mine again...luckily :rolleyes:

    I am glad your family members have taken time to visit...I know we all get busy, but it was great that so many of them and your friends could be at Harley's Memorial Golf Tournament. And I'm sure the grandkids enjoyed seeing you as much as you did them.

    I have to get all "situated" when I go to sleep also...can't sleep on my left side very much...that's the side that hurts and gets numb. I don't have many middle of the night potty trips, but I think Den gets up a time or two...I sleep so sound I very seldom know...

    I looked up Turkey Manhattan...had never heard that term...what they showed is what I have always called a "Hot Turkey Plate", although I don't think I would care for the turkey one...but I do love one with beef, once in awhile. To me, that is a "comfort food." :)

    Den is up from his "after work nap", and ready to watch the news, so I will get supper going. Doing it easy tonight...having a frozen meal of Shrimp Fried Rice.

    Woke up at 3:30 this morning, in pain (from climbing the apple trees?) so I took a two hour nap this afternoon. I do have the juice made for some jelly, my dehydrator full of drying apple slices and a canner full of apples, cooking to applesauce.

    Will have to lo0k up a recipe for fried apples...was it pretty easy?
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Attention Joan/ this the kind of fried apples you were talking about?

    Southern Fried Apples
    1/2 cup butter
    1/2 cup white sugar
    2 T. ground cinnamon
    4 Granny Smith apples - peeled, cored and sliced

    Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat, stir sugar and cinnamon into the hot butter. Add apples and cook until apples begin to break down, 5 to 8 minutes.

    My apples are Red Delicious and I think Gpa's are Macintosh? Not sure, but they are a really pretty red...

    I was thinking of using brown sugar, at least for part of the sugar.

    So, you just slice the apples into salt water, then drain/dry and put in freezer bags? That would be so easy and quick. They don't get "mushy" when you thaw them out?

    I'm thinking they would also be good for smoothies...I make a "double" every night, then Den and I each have one for breakfast. I add some protein powder and a chia seed/flaxseed blend, along with the frozen fruit (varies, but almost always includes blueberries to make it purple, lol) and the liquid is almond milk and coconut milk.

    Just took the apple slices out of the dehydrator...they are kind of chewy/leathery...I don't care for them that much, but Den and the kids like them, so will make sure I do a bunch for them.

    Wish I could send a bunch of these to Belize. They don't grow apples there, and the kids usually only get one, once a year at Christmas. We send money to the pastor so they can buy a big box to give to the church people. So expensive...last time we were there, they were around $1.oo (Belize) each...a lot of money, when dollars don't stretch too far, and they have a bunch of kids...

    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hi again Julie and Joan,

    That recipe sure looks easy but if I made them not sure if DH would I might have to eat them all myself. They sound so good and that is close to apple pie without the crust.

    It is a shame that the people in Belize don't have some of the simple things that we take for granted, like apples. I know I should eat more of them and DH too. Gee they surely are expensive there - $1.00 for 1 apple ??? Of course they have little money so impossible I can see.

    Nice meeting Carla on FB. Haven't seen or spoken to her in such a long time. I know she is very busy with her business or was. (to our newer Porchies - Carla was a dear Porchie who was here from the beginning and we still miss her.) Nice to find old pals on FB even though they seldom come back here - just busy busy but that's OK.

    Time for beddy bye. So nice to hear from Joan/Lilac. What a very nice post from her and glad she could party at the golf tourney weeks ago with her family. That is wonderful.

    P.S. What is all this stuff on top of the post I am trying to post? They are trying to confuse me again :)!!!

    Love ya everydobby,
    Granni :)!!
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    H A P P Y
    B I R T H D A Y !

    to Granni and Lilac

    Here's a virtual bouquet of blossoms and ferns.
    Wishing you Many Happy Returns.

    “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”
    - Lucille ball

    "I remember when the candle shop burned down. Everyone stood around singing
    Happy Birthday!"
    -Steven Wright

    Gratulerer Med Dagen! (That's in Norskie.)

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, my Porchie Friends.

    Happy Birthday to Granni and Lilac. I think birthdays are special. It's the day we came into the world as independent spirits in the flesh. If we were lucky, we had parents and family who rejoiced at our arrival. I think all the world loves new babies and all of Heaven rejoices when one of us goes Home. When one of my favorite cousins died, I pictured my Mom and our whole family welcoming him back. He was Mom's favorite nephew. Birthdays are a celebration of physical life. So, Granni and Lilac, celebrate your special day; we're glad you're here!

    Julie, I surely hope the stomach bug doesn't get another chance at any of you. It was as bad the second time around as the first. I think it was the flu because of the fever, aches, vomiting and diarrhea, and the lethargy. I'm knocking on wood but I've had the flu before but never get it as bad as others do. I overreact so greatly to the flu shots that I think that part of my overactive immune system keeps the flu milder. Even milder flu is no fun. With these illnesses, our immune systems are broken. Half of them are underactive and half are overactive. This is why we can have one kind of infection for years and yet, have an autoimmune condition at the same time. Dr. Cheney wrote a good article here on this. Rest up and take care of yourselves.

    Lilac, thanks for your good wishes for my health. I think the worst is over but am still very tired. I am taking advantage of when I feel better by burning the candle at both ends. Not smart but sometimes necessary to keep mind and soul together. I've written to Tech Support at PH about the font mess. Thanks for telling me you liked my views on pets and Heaven. I believe all God's creatures have spirits and when we pass over, our spirits go on Home. I saw a very perceptive psychic after my beloved dog, Taffy, had died. She told me that Taffy's spirit visited my old cat, Mr. Big, Taffy's best friend when she was here. The psychic knew nothing about Mr. Big. She asked me if he ever acted strangely happy. I had been befuddled by his antics after Taffy died. He was a very old mellow cat but, every now and then, he would streak around the condo like a kitten, sit and look up like he saw something in the air, yowl and scratch the furniture with his nonexistent claws. She said he did this out of pure joy at seeing Taffy's spirit. I've always believed animals are more perceptive regarding spirit. Hope your Flexercise is helping.

    Granni, I knew you were kidding about WallyWorld. It really wasn't bad the day we went. I love their Faded Glory tees for $4.88. I used to buy what I thought were nice ones at Bealls on sale. Even on sale, they were more than twice that much. The WW tees are a nicer knit and hold up better. Just wish they had navy blue. I have white and black ones. I desperately need to go through my closet again already and get rid of iffy tees. I wear them so much that they don't last long, another reason to only pay $4.88 for them.

    Rock, good to see you posting. I know this is a hard time for you but you still bring your humor to us. Thanks.

    Barb has been after me to go with her, and some of our other friends, to the Legion, either on Thurs. for ribs or on Sat. for prime rib. They allow smoking but she said you can't smell it because they have good ventilation--NOT!!! I had to use my inhaler twice and put some Special K under my tongue due to the noise of the crowd. When we got home, she admitted that she could smell the smoke on herself. I won't want to go back, even though I had a good time. It's just not worth it. I'm coughing today and had to get up about 4:00 for some sprays of Nasacort to clear my sinuses and something for the sinus headache. Everyone raves about the ribs but I didn't like them at all. I brought them home in a box in hopes that by some magical spell they will improve overnight in the fridge.

    Now, one might think it was a bad night but, honestly, it was fun. It was karaoke night and one older gent or lady after another got up to sing mostly old favorites. I never thought I'd ever enjoy karaoke because so many people think they can sing and they can't. I, myself, know I can't sing and wouldn't get up and do it on stage if my life depended on it. If I sing at home, it freaks the cats out. I think I must sound like a cat in distress. I can play melody on the keyboard by ear and can tell if a singer is off key. It's amazing how many professional singers sing off key, hitting sour notes one after another. Just cause I can't do it doesn't mean I can't critique others who do :)

    One older couple danced and danced beautifully. When they sat at the table next to us, I tapped her on the arm and told her how much Barb and I enjoyed watching them dance. She said he was legally blind and almost completely deaf but loved to dance. He had had to care for his wife, who was in a wheelchair, for 30 years. After she died, this woman, who now seems to be his soulmate but they aren't married, took him to the VA for hearing aids. Their friendship grew and they love one another and just have a lot of fun. He is 94! He was a fighter pilot in WWII. He told me he was trying to murmur sweet nothings in her ear to get a little smooch. I told him she was just holding back a little. What fun people. Everyone there hugs everyone.

    Even if I say so myself, Barb and I were the best looking women in the place. Some old guy was checking us out! OMG, that's never a bad thing. Barb drove us down in her car and I drove back. With only sight in one eye, she doesn't drive after dark or at dusk. I floored her car and blew some cobwebs out for her. She isn't used to that but I think she enjoyed it. Her car, like mine, doesn't get driven enough and needs to be opened up now and then. Because of her sight, she never drives that fast. When she's up North, another friend and I take her car out now and then to keep it running. She'll probably revoke my driving privilages (I know I spelled that incorrectly but spell check won't correct it and I can't seem to either.

    I've figured out a way to keep from having to reset the font size each time I put in a paragraph break. I am just typing the whole thing. Then, I'm highlighting it and picking the type size. There's more than one way to skin a cat (sorry to my fellow cat lovers:) OK, I've, once again, written "W&P" so will sign off. Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member


    To Granni and Joan...Happy Birthdays to you!!!!!

    Rock, love your birthday greetings!
    Mikie, good to read your long post...glad you had a sort of good time last night. I love when elderly people still have some zest for life (I mean that older couple, not you and Barb, lol)t I'm not that crazy about barbecue either, ribs or otherwise. As Rock says, nothing spicier than jello :D

    My font has been doing better, unless I backspace to the beginning of a sentence due to spelling error or whatever. Then I have to reset the font info. I do notice in the lower right corner of whatever I am typing that a "shadow" pops up regularly and says "draft saved."

    Just went out to watch the sunrise again...7:25 today. Only 45 degrees out, but we don't have any east windows, so I actually have to walk outside and stand there :rolleyes: Oh well, while I was out, I fed the cats and took some clean laundry back to the kids...I just step inside the porch and leave it there...feel like a little "laundry woman", like they have in some countries...people leave their clothes outside the door at night and the next day it is returned, nice and clean ;)

    I really don't mind doing it, or "stuffing diapers"...I can help Lindsey without being "tied down" with the kiddos, and do it at my "leisure." Have been just focusing on being Grandma...I go over every mid-morning and give hugs and kisses, and Isaiah insists that I hold out my hands and let him practice walking. Or he climbs up on my lap and wants to bouncy-bounce...

    Lorraine always hugs me and says, "Grandma, I love you...I'm so glad to see you!" Liora is not as affectionate as the other two, but she likes to pretend to give me a bite of whatever she is eating, and she will let me pick her up and love on her a little bit...but she is far too busy to stay put for very long. Unless she is sick and Mommy is busy, then she will cuddle with Grandma.

    Funny, how they all have their own personalities...well, neat really. Keira still runs and jumps into my arms and tells me she loves me (Grandpa Den too)...I know the day will come when they are all too big, or too busy, for Grandma, but I will enjoy it while I can :)

    But it is good to have most of "my time" back...and not be so sleep-deprived...will leave that up to Mom and Dad, lol! Would welcome if it was just the beginning of summer and not so close to winter, but I have plenty of "inside work" to do also.

    Going to town this morning to see my daddy, then stop back by home to put groceries away, then on over to Den's dad's to see about picking more of his apples for him. Won't climb the tree today, though...still sore from the last time :eek:

    Den wants to go back to town after work...needs a few things to work on the house yet, before we wrap it up for winter. I think I will give him the honor of taking me out to supper, too ;)

    Hi to everyone...hope your day is good enough, and the weekend too! Better get around, before I decide my bed looks more comfy than getting up and around, lol! Well, it already does, but I haven't seen my dad yet this week...and as long as he still knows me (or even if he doesn't) I still want to visit him...

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Happy birthday to Granni and Lilac. I hope your day is filled with love and laughter and NO pain.

    Julie: I'm glad to read you're backing off a little so you can take care of yourself. But lucky you that you live right next door to give them love and hugs.

    Mikie: your night for ribs sounds like a ton of fun. How sweet reading about that couple dancing and then turns out he's blind. I think God sends people into our lives when we need someone special for just a word or two or a lifetime.

    A few years ago, when I still had energy to really take a good walk and felt good, I was praying at the time and asked God to put someone in my path who I could boost up a little. Well, just at that moment a gate suddenly opened onto the sidewalk and an elderly man stepped right into my path. Shocked both of us since we were only about 4' away from each other. We talked a little, he complimented me on my hat, I mentioned how the city was "chewing" up his land, etc. He said his wife had died a few months earlier from Alzheimers and how he had fallen in love with her all over again all those months he had to take care of everything for her. He invited me into his garden to look at his bat house. Apparently bats fly into it after they've been out for the night.....ugh. I spent a very enjoyable 30 min. chatting with him. And as I said, God works in mysterious ways.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hi there everyone !!

    Thanks to Julie, Rock, Joan/Lilac, Mikie and whoever else sent birthday wishes to me so far. What would we do without the internet? So far, I have had wishes also from 3 of my daughters and DIL My son, in answer to my e-mail to him told me Happy Birthday. Doubt if he would have remembered if I had not remoined him :)!! Haven't received cards yet except from one friend of mine. DH is not that much for cards but he has been trying to get better at that lately. Has been to busy to go card shopping but that's OK. He is bring me out to lunch. He wanted to go to the this Mexican restaurant by the lake and sit outside . However, right now it is very damp and chilly, thinking about raining sometime soon. I keep telling him it does not look good for me to be sitting outdoors but it is lovely by the lake. We'll see if we sit outside or not. I will try and do the paragraph fixing and font changing after I am through. Not sure if that will work for me or not. :) I have the smileys down but everything else not that sure.

    I can do the paragraphs OK but we will see.

    Julie - You are wearing me out again listening to you talk about everything and everywhere you have been and plan to be going and doing, but then I have to keep telling myself how much YOUNGER you are . That extra 20 years can really get to you. However, you are still amazing. That Lorraine sounds so cute but you had better watch her ;). They all sound adorable and Keira growing up so big and getting sweeter by the minute !!!

    Mikie - So nice that you could post such a nice long post and that you seem to be doing better. Hope it continues,
    Need to go do some other things so I had better go for now.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK my friend. Miss you when you don't post.

    Rock - So nice to read your posts that pick us up each day even while you and Gordon are trying to get over your loss.

    Joan/Lilac - Happy almost birthday to you (even if your b-day is tomorrow) :) Hope you have lots of visitors and get to have a dinner that you really enjoy, today and tomorrow :)!! Miss you too but glad to have found you some on FB too. Glad I could see how you were doing and do post when you can. Glad the therapy you have been doing has helped some. Also , keep up with those Flexercizing you have been going to . That should really help you a bunch and every little bit helps.

    Bye for now !!! Have a great weekend if you aren't going to get the chance to get back here. Try and stay well or as much as can be expected !


    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)