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    Hope you had a wonderful day...I never heard of HEB store...In India they have Big Bazaar, cant think
    of any other

    Julie- Im sure all your grandkids adore you..interesting, how theyre all different personalities. Ive
    never done anything with apples except steam them. Or slice and put into into cream for salad.

    Mikie - Those ornaments sound so beautiful...last time i visited the supermarket here i saw some'ornamental
    flowers, among them this beautiful flecked luminous orange rose with golden edges...i thought id get one stalk to
    add to the vase i hv in the living room, then i forgot...and went home without buying. Happens a lot these
    days..forgetting. i believe the story about the cats spirit visiting...a few years back two of my young help were
    sitting outside the flat eating their meal and they came rushing in saying there was a dog capering around the terrace, or rather the sound of one. we had lost a beloved dog then to illness and boy, was she an active little
    thing...i wondered if it was her they heard...because all our dogs were with us at the time and no one on the terrace

    also recently when i was trying to fix a sofa cover in the living room, something bumped into me, and i stopped
    and looked back thinking i would see Poopsie or one of the others, but there was no one there. it felt
    exactly like a dog...a plump back or something...i dont know which one it was but im pretty sure it
    was one of our dogs who had passed didnt feel bad, or anything.

    Sun - thank you for sharing your story about the man you met...i had a strange experience some time
    back...i was getting late to attend meditation at the Pranic Healing centre, and worrying because
    i couldnt be a part of their hands on social services team, and at least wanted to be regular at meditation.

    When i was about to leave i couldnt find my keys. and searched in all the probable places for 15 mins.
    Then i prayed aloud to Archangel Michael, and said " please even if i cant be on the activities group,
    dont let me miss the doesnt feel good". At that moment my sons belt which was lying
    on the bed fell down on the floor with a clatter. I thought "thats strange, i was looking for my keys,
    not sons belt." Then i went over and lifted the mattress where the belt had lain and there were my
    keys!!! I was in no doubt it was my prayer being heard.

    Joan - how lovely to see your post and hear your had a wonderful outing! ive never
    eaten turkey..we dont get those here..i guess no chances either since turning vegetarian a while

    well festival time is almost over. The family went over and gathered at DHs uncles home
    and got blessings from him along with a red thread to tie around the neck, some money and
    a red vermilion mark on forehead.

    aunt and niece had made lunch and dinner....and we met all the cousins...aunt gave me a ring
    - first time she gave me a piece of jewllery, cluster of tiny diamonds and a red stone in the middle.
    although i found the design garish, i was vastly touched at her gesture.

    this morning dhs office former employee came on his annual visit to wish us for festival.
    i was able to clean and make a decent meal for him and his wife, fed him chicken, okra
    curry, lentils, potato fry, beaten rice, boiled rice and yoghurt and water melon.

    dinner time fed dh and son the leftovers because i had made enough. dh also brought
    some fish which i made a simple curry of. but i ran out of energy after that.

    tomorrow at 5:30 0ur time is Full Moon, and i mean to meditate, been a while since
    i havent done so. its late now, so i better hit the sack.

    Hello to Darrae, Windy, Soul, Rock...

    God Bless
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    Granni!!! A happy, happy birthday to you:) And my goodness! What a lovely message you posted!!!!:) Color, background color, italic and great. I just now learned how to get a smiley where I want it to go. Had been having a terrible time~~~it always went to the beginning of the post. And where did you find the background color?

    i am not having a trouble with fonts and am gradually learning all of this other "stuff".

    i spent part of the afternoon opening cards that came in the mail from friends and family. And this evening after supper, I have a big box that my daughter's friend mailed to me!!

    Thank you to all of you dear and sweet porchies for the good wishes. They all mean a lot! I need to get ready for supper (at 4:00 p.m.)

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearest granni, Happy Birthday to YOU;)

    Gentle hugs to all,
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    Thanks so much for you Happy Happy Birthday messages to me. It really means a lot. Got back not to long ago from eating lunch out at a nearby Mexican restaurant with DH. We even had a Margarita :)!! he he

    Joan - You are so lucky to have so many people sending cards and all and packages to you too. Thanks for singing Happy Birthday to me. I just loved it !!!

    Will be back.

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    Springwater: very interesting about your lost keys. I probably missed this but what is this festival you're talking about?
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    Dear Porchies,

    I'm back again for a short bit. Just had to do my Denneroll and get off the computer. DH needed the computer. Just got a call from one daughter and my eldest daughter has been trying to call. Doubt if son will call, so busy but he did say happy birthday yesterday when I mentioned it :)!! Another daughter is on her way to SFA University for their Homecoming game where she had gone and gotten her degree as well as other children or most of them went. SFA is in TX- Stephen F Austin University. So she will have a fun weekend, or part of the weekend. She went with her friend she knew from school.

    Thanks again everydobby for all your good wishes. So happy to see Joan/Lilac , Sun, Rock, Julie, Mikie and Spring Water. Sorry if I forgot anyone's name.

    Sun - Yes, that was an interesting story about that man you men while walking.

    Spring Water - did you say you lost your keys. Don't feel bad. I am always losing something, keys, phone or whatever else. Seems like I have gotten nothing done today. The clothes are also still in the drier ):!! Need to go switch them. Also, need to go and finish my exercises and thank those on FB. who wished me a Happy Birthday. Rush rush rush and not much getting done.

    Will try and check back later.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Porchies!

    Rock, I'm so very sorry to hear about poor Zippy. It's so hard to lose a beloved pet, particularly when you've had that pet for so many years. They are "family". And yes, remember the rainbow. I was crushed when I lost my last dog, Nanuk. She is the reason I've never had another dog. My kitties never go outside, so are less likely to have "bad" things happen to them. Still, I think of Joan and the loss of her beloved companion. I hope you and Gordon are faring well. I will say a doggie prayer for Zippy.

    Granni, A very Happy Birthday! Glad to have you back on the porch after your trip. Hope you have the bestest birthday ever!

    Joan, That Birthday Wish applies to you as well! Happy Birthday. Glad to see you posting.:)

    Mikie, Ecstatic to hear your pee is clear!! Yay!!!!! So glad to hear you are doing better.

    I agree with Joan. This new format is the pits! It's late and I won't be on long. I just wanted to pop in and see how everyone is. I've had a long work week. I am happy to report, though, that I'm still feeling good. My new regimin seems to be holding fast. I have also noted that I definately have a little more energy. No great leaps, but improvement. Now if I could just get the IBS under control........Well, we can't have everything.

    I purchased some locally harvested honey this week. I'm going to start the tablespoon in the morning and at night again like I did a while back. Seemed to send it packing.

    Sun, Windy, Soul, Julie, Spring and to all the other porchies I may have neglected to post to, a big Hi and a Hug!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love to all,
    Nite Nite! Dar.
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    Joan - happy birthday to you!!! hope you hv a wonderful day....the new layout is confusiating

    sun - this festival is called Bada Dashain, i celebrated since getting married..didnt before

    well, will check in laters
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    Springwater: Thank you for letting me know the name of the festival. I did a search and read all about it. 10 days of celebration!
    And I also read why your aunt gave you that special piece of jewelry. And I guess this is why your helpers are visit their family. It's a most interesting festival.
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    One more Happy Birthday to Granni and Joan.

    Granni, I hope your lunch is lovely. Can you sit inside by a window if it's too cold outside? I love Mexican food but, as I mentioned, there isn't much available here.

    Julie, glad you have more time for you. Grandkids are great. Mine is up in Atlanta so I don' see him too often. Be careful with the apple pickin'.

    Sunflower Girl, did that older man use the bat guana to fertilize his garden? It's highly prized for its ability to make plants grow lush and large. I think we have to be careful what we wish for. I prayed for a more purposeful life. I ended up with two cats :)

    Yesterday morning at 7:00 the landscapers started unloading our mulch. I had to run downstairs and move all the potted plants and decorations to the sidewalks so they could spread the mulch. It's still hot and humid and I thought I would die. I moved some things back but have to go down when it gets light out and move it back. The red mulch looks so nice, new and fresh. I was so tired, I slept all afternoon. We will be relandscaping the stairwell atria. Barb and I are going out to try to find those big terra cotta olla pots. We want them set at an angle with some kind of fern or trailing plant coming out of them. In Latin countries, setting the pots at an angle is good luck. I want our little atrium areas to be surprise delights. The whole hood is getting a spiffing up. On Mon., they start putting a fresh blacktop cover on our streets. Then, new paint on the parking areas and parking bumpers.

    Our landscapers are butchers, though, and our bushes look as though someone took an ax to them. I hope we terminate our contract with them. We have no professionals on our main board and they simply do not know how to run our hood, which is a non-profit business. A lot of residents are fed up, as am I and my friends. The board wastes a lot of our money, not to fraud but to incompetence. Board members are stubborn and won't listen to logic, a commodity sorely lacking. Mgr. isn't much help.

    Case in point: They are insisting on painting our unit numbers on the parking bumpers at our reserved parking spaces. Police depts. are adamant that this is an open invitation to burglers who can easily tell when unit owners are not home. The board says that we've not had problems with break-ins in the past so they are going to paint them on. It's as though they think if it hasn't happened so far, as if by magic, it can't happen now. This lack of critical thinking on a group level just drives me nuts. I am going to paint over my unit number and only leave "RESERVED" on my bumper. Our board is just amateur hour personified. These are nice people but waaaaay in over their heads.

    President expects residents to volunteer at various jobs, some of them very physical. Many of us who have lived here a while are getting too old to help out any more. If we tell her no, she takes it personally and gets angry. For the money the board has wasted, we can afford to hire these things done. Some of the waste is due to using incompetent volunteer labor. Oy! All most of us older ones (the majority of residents) want is to enjoy retirement. OK, enough of my venting.

    Has anyone ever had their keyboard feel soooo hard that it won't type some letters? There is no adjustment for touch on the Control Panel for the keyboard. This has happened before and just seems to go away eventually. It's driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.

    Mon., a friend and I are going to see an old colleague of mine in insrance to sign up for the BC/BS advantage plan. The AARP United HealthCare plan stinks for 2014; they made it an HMO only and kicked out all my specialists. They also eliminated dental and vision benefits. Glad I can throw some business to a friend and help myself and another friend to get a better plan.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Okay gang! Gonna start over again...look for the next volume in 3...2...1!