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    I love it when our porches go by so fast...but hard to keep up sometimes, lol! Joan, Dar, Mikie, Springwater and Granni had some later posts, be sure you go back and catch up.

    Will post this, then come back and add to it...

    Happy Birthday again to dear sweet Joan/Lilac! Today is her actual birthday...hope the celebrating continues!!!
    Good to hear that some of the sick/exhausted ones have improved...even a little improvement is a great thing, true?

    I got up so early today, before 7:00...was being quiet so Den could sleep in on his day off (and not on call.) But a few minutes later I heard his cell phone was his dad...they had a water leak and needed Den to come fix it (couldn't find a shut-off close to the leak, so had shut off the main supply.)

    I still fixed a nice breakfast before he took off; sausage, eggs and toast...better than the cereal and smoothie he usually has. I was already in the middle of "apple production" for the day...well, cleaning up, really, from yesterday...and now ready to get going again.

    Was gone all day yesterday...after taking lunch to my dad, I went over to Den's dad's and picked more apples (got all I could reach; I guess the birds or somebody more agile than I will have to get the rest.) Den's sister kept what they would use, and I brought the rest home.

    Got here just in time to leave again with Den...had supper in town and went to the home supply store. Needed to get more stove pipe for vent the wood furnace. 39 degrees this morning and we haven't turned on our heat yet...

    ...could start the gas boiler (runs hot water underneath the cement floor) but we do like the wood heat, as long as it doesn't get smokey in the house.
    That's what the extra stovepipe is vent on up higher, so the smoke will go on up and out of the way. The wood furnace is in the shop part, but smoke still came into the house part last year, so I wouldn't let Den run the stove...he finally broke down and got more pipe :) Sometimes we just gotta let these men do things at their own pace, lol!

    Better get already "behind", lol! Was gonna start apple butter in the crockpot, but not enough hours left today, so might make some on the stovetop instead. But want to get the applesauce going and the dehydrator filled first...don't want to be up at midnight finishing.

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    Mikie: I'm answering your post on the other Porch about the keyboard. I have no idea other than it might have dust in and around the keys. We have a Logitech and I love my old one. I say old because we got a new one with the new computer we had bought about 8 mos. ago. It was the same but it felt different.....very hard to hit the keys.....I guess what you're saying. We dug out the old one and I've been painting the disappearing letters back with white nail polish. I need to do it again because they're rubbing off again.

    I'm assuming the board is filled with owners? Yes, it makes sense that a thief would see which car is missing. At our other home we owned a 20' trailer which was kept parked in the driveway. We went on a 2 week vacation with it, and voila....we were broken into and the house ransacked, jewelry taken. The police said that was like a spot light. We really think the kids down the street broke in when there was a noisy party going on. We were lucky there was no fire because they had thrown fabric over the light and it had gotten scorched. Found out about it when we were in Minn. and I had called my mom. She told us about it and that she was staying there after trying to tidy up. I told her to just go back to her own home, damage was done.

    I love that red bark but I've tried putting bark here but it doesn't really stay and ends up blowing out when I try to blow out the neighbors leaves. I've given up. Your condo area is going to really look spiffy especially when you add ferns.
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    I understand your frustration. But I also understand that he loves his daughter, no matter what she's like, and she knows she can manipulate him. Even if he came to live with you he probably wouldn't sell the house because SHE would need to live there, so basically.......put it out of your mind and try not to worry. He does, however, need a safe path to get in and out of the house. Is it stuff she owns that is stored there? Does Den have power of attorney over her? If so, he can flex his muscles a bit.
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    Hi Kids

    Just got back from the chiro and Trader Joe's. Gordon got a paper cup of spiced cider
    from the sample lady. He said it was pretty good. I went to get one, and she handed me a cup
    ah coffee. Yuk. I've never had a cuppa coffee in my life.

    Hey! That would make a good thread. List three things you've never done.

    Never had a cup of coffee.
    Never broke a bone.
    Never went over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

    I did go over a waterfall at our Senior Picnic. Didn't do any damage to me, but my
    new corduroy pants got ripped.

    Well, Birthday Girls, I hope you're having a good weekend. Did you get any of those
    silly cards that joke about old age?

    You Are Not Old If You Can Read This Without A Magnifying

    Gotta go see a man about a nap. Will be back.
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    Springwater, thanks for sharing about your dog spirit. My DGS was born not too long after my kids lost their two orange Chows. DGS, Andy, was sitting in his highchair and pointed to the floor twice in two different places close together and said, "Doggie, doggie." I think the dogs were sitting next to him. Evidently children can see spirit but that ability fades as they get busy learning everything they have to learn. Before he was born, when one dog had died, I stayed at the kids' house to dog sit the older one. She was so old and her balance was so off and yet, one night, she was streaking around the house and played with me on the floor like a puppy. I think the other dog's spirit was visiting. After the first one died, I was in bed at the kids' place and I felt her get up on the bed and turn in circles like she was trying to get my attention. I said, "Wolfie, I love you too." Then, it stopped. Our family has had sooo many spiritual and psychic things happen to doubt that there is a lot more to life than what we are aware of in this physical world. We don't have a lot of events and they are random. Still, too accurate to dismiss.

    Julie, I know GPA loves you both but his relationship with her is toxic to him. She is not a caretaker. If he would give you a durable power of attorney, you could make the decision and she would lose her leverage. He doesn't have to be judged incompetent to do the POA. Talk to the elder abuse center, even if what she is doing isn't abuse in the physical sense, it is emotional abuse and he isn't living in a safe environment. I know this would be very hard to do emotionally for you but as it is, she is being enabled and you and GPA are paying the price. I pray for all of you. She needs professional help for whatever causes her to do what she does and you could use the help of a professional to deal with the situation. If you want me to remove this, send me a private message.

    Sunflower Girl, thank you sooo much. I'll bet you are right about the dust under the keys. Is it better to blow it off or suck it out? I've seen those containers of compressed air one can blow on the keyboard. I could also vacuum it. I think I've used a very soft new paintbrush to clean keyboards but memory fails me. Thanks again.

    Rock, wish we had a Trader Joe's in town. I'd have to drive down to Naples, about 30 miles down the coast. If I'm gonna do it, I had better do it before the Season starts.

    I never got my yardwork done; I'll have to finish tomorrow. I read in the newspaper that a nursery East of us was having a workshop on landscaping small areas. Our outdoor stairwell atria are about 8'x8'. It started at 10:00 and we both had to shampoo so we rushed and went. We got some good ideas but nothing certain yet. At least, we learned which plants would do well in such a shady area. There are a lot of colorful plants which do well in shade. We stopped at Old Time Pottery to look at outdoor containers to check prices and I found a little cat bed. It was cheap and in the same fleece animal print as their little pads I made them and their throw. I keep the throw on the loveseat to keep the hair off of it. Of course, neither would get in it and it will likely take three days before they trust it enough to want to sleep in it. They are so funny. They like finding new places to sack out on their own.

    I'm so excited because HSN finally got in an Android TracFone. I've been waiting for it and just happened to tune in to a show where it was on sale with $50 off, S&H are free, and it has triple lifetime minutes. I love TracFone but this last phone, I hate. Static electricity causes it to make phone calls and causes problems on the keyboard.

    Finally, we stopped at BB&B to pick up another little side table for the Balcony. I had a coupon and got this little metal and glass table for $15. All the associations are being asked to redo any ugly or outdated landscaping next to our bldgs. The front was done a couple of years ago but the atria need to be redone. I'll be excited to see what we come up with.

    Can't believe I've felt well enough to keep up this pace. Of course, my condo is a mess and I'm napping a lot in the afternoons, but it's certainly an upgrade to how I was feeling. I even cleaned out both litter boxes. It's a job I don't mind doing. I want the cats to have a clean place to go. I look at it like an Easter egg hunt. :eek:

    Well, Kiddos, it's time for me to go nap. Love, hugs and prayers to all my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock. You've NEVER had coffee????? Well, expecting cider and getting coffee would be a jolt. I was really hooked on Starbucks for a long time, like at least 5 ventis a day. I figured I would get the most and keep reheating it thru the day. Needless to say I was wired.

    Mikie: Did you check out vincas or small begonias for your shady area? And since you don't really get cold weather you might still find a variety of multi colored leaf coleus. I had them growing all summer in my shady area and a few weeks ago I broke off some large stems, stuck them in water and they rooted quickly. I'll put them in a large pot so I can keep them over the winter.

    I would say to use the soft brush first then vacuum. And if you can easily unplug it, then you can turn it upside down and shake out any crumbs. If you're like us we tend to eat at the computer. I have the canned air and it does work good.

    Cats are funny. They like to pick their own spot where they'll sleep. Abby likes to sleep next to the sliding door all night, I guess so she can see what critters come by. So I put a towel in the corner next to the door along with her little bit of knitting that went bad for me. (I'm not a knitter, and she loves to knead the little scarf and sometimes wrap it around her face ) Clair has chosen her spot under one coffee table so I put her towel there with a sock filled with catnip. It was so funny after I fixed up Clair's bed, Abby checked it out for about a week, then got there first (jealous). Clair looked at me as though to ask "now where do I sleep" I told her she's going to have to fend for herself. That lasted 2 nights and then Abby moved off the towel in the evening. She's such a brat, probably just like your Tweety. She's twice the size of Clair so nobody messes with her.

    I'm busy spray painting an antique table black, doing it in light coats at a time. I'm leaving the top far so good.
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    Hi everyone...I did go back and delete my post. Doesn't matter if anyone else's get deleted or's just me, that would draw attention, I think. The family has decided to just "sit tight" for a little while longer...see how things play out. So many things to consider, and we don't want to cause more damage than help...

    Anyway, I have to let it go for now...thanks for the insights...
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    Hi Kids

    Had a nice long nap. Just opened a package from Pro Health. I wanted to read about
    the products again, but it took me 5-10 minutes of hunting around to find the
    store. One of the supplements is called Thinker's Edge which reminds me of Tinker's
    Dam although they don't have much in common.

    Now that I'm awake I thought we were going for Pho which is Vietnamese noodle soup,
    and is pronounced like the first half of fudge. But Gordon has decided that now he needs
    a nap, so our gourmet excursion has been postponed.

    He's been busy calling old coworkers trying to get leads about a job. The problems is,
    he says, that if business is not so good at his former office, it's pretty much the same
    everywhere. He needs some info from the personnel dept where he worked, but getting it
    is proving difficult. A dozen or so people were let go including the head of the Personnel
    Dept., so that office is operating in somewhat of a dither.

    Julie, have you been singing "I'll be with you in apple blossom time. I'll be with you to
    change your to name to mine."? The Andrews Sisters recorded that too. My favorite
    recording though was by Kate Smith.

    Mikie, Gordon was using one of those cans of compressed air to clean the computer tower
    a couple days ago. I saw a documentary a few years back about a young woman who was
    addicted to them. She sucked on them like a big baby with a pacifier. It's called Huffing or
    Dusting. Produces a feeling of euphoria, but can cause terrible damage to the body.

    Never heard of the Trak Fone before. Seems like every time I read the news there is something about a new electronic product or some new, mysterious computer term.

    SG, Gordon has an area of shade with plants. I think hostas are one. I just heard of vincas
    a few years ago. Such a cool name. Sounds Russian to me. "This is the Countess Vinca
    Vishnevskaya." "Pleased ta meetcha. Woncha have a snort of Vodka?"

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    Hi everyone, I was just reading over the posts and wanted to tell Mikie it was good to read that you have been out shopping and having some improvement in your health.

    As for the "Easter Egg Hunt", you make it sound like it's really fun. What an imagination! I think I'll pass on that kind of hunt. lol

    I hope you will continue to improve.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful evening and a relaxing day tomorrow.

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    "Church bells will chime...then you will be apple, in apple blossom time!"

    Of course, I had to look it up and listen to it, Rock ;)
    You always have a way of cheering a girl did you know I was sitting here, feeling really blue? (I'm sure there's a song about that too, isn't there?)

    Sorry I seemed to ignore everyone's been one of those weird days. I do have the dehydrator full of apple slices and the big canner full of applesauce. Working on my second batch of apple jelly...the first batch took forever to "jell", but now seems to be "overdone" least what I had leftover and put in the fridge. Well, it's been so long since I did any of this...a little trial and error will have to happen.

    Den went back to town this evening to get water line for Gpa's house and a part for my hasn't been wanting to start, and I'm afraid to get stranded somewhere. His car repair computer said it was a certain part (I had never heard of it) so hope this does the trick...

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    Almost midnight...better get to bed before I turn into a! I finished up the batch of applesauce and the dried apples. The jelly will need some more practice...the first batch is too "jelled" and the second batch is still liquidy. I was making the jelly without pectin, but think if I try it again, I will "cheat" a little and go that route.

    Am meeting Amy on her way home tomorrow (she has been at a women's retreat all weekend) and give her some things to take home. I polished about 4 dozen of the nicest apples, and will also have around 25 quarts of applesauce and half of a gallon bag of dried apples. I don't want her to feel left out, just because she lives away from the farm...and she really appreciates when I do things like that for her.

    You guys who were speaking of our animals coming back to visit us...a lot of times it feels like something is jumping on our bed, either at night or when I'm napping in the daytime. It's very gentle and "slow", more like a cat...when Red Mittens was staying in the house, right before she had her kittens, I always thought it was her. But I would look and she would be in the other room...

    I, too, am a coffee lover...I have learned not to drink any after suppertime, however. When I first got sick with CFS, I could drink a cup and go straight to bed, but now it will keep me awake for sure.

    Glad Joan had such a wonderful day on her birthday...lots of family around. In our family, Gpa's will be November. He will be 92...

    Time to go..."hello" to everyone...hope things are going fairly okay.
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    Hi, Kids, Got up early again. Tweety is still caterwauling early but I ignore her and stay in bed. Of course, I don't get back to sleep but am hoping that, eventually, she will figure out that her yowling doesn't get results. I wait longer and longer to let them in. A friend told me they make collars for dogs which deliver a slight unpleasant shock when they bark. I'm wondering whether it would work for Tweety at night.

    Sunflower Girl, I think the only flowers we will have will be in pots. We are so far south that no flowers, except hibiscus bushes, will last the summer. I've even bought the ones which are supposed to last down to zone 11 (we are zone 10a). They didn't last. Flowers grow leggy and very unattractive and limp. In the winter, our flowers are beautiful, especially impatiens. I took a new soft paint brush at an angle and dislodged a lot of dust on my keyboard. I then blew on the keyboard from several angles and dislodged more. I always close my laptop when I'm done but, of course, dust gets everywhere, especially when one is too sick or busy to dust. Yes, cats are strange about where they want to sleep. Tweety has adopted a spot on the seat of one of my barstools at the kitchen counter on the dining room side. Being the obnoxious princess that she is, she likes to sleep at a greater height than her bro. He likes the floor. I've noticed that after his trip to the litter box in the morning, he stops to lie down on the floor in my bedroom to rest after his potty ordeal.

    Julie, I think it is a good idea to take a breath, look at your options, and come up with a plan. Good luck to you. Hope your apples are good.

    Michele, thank you so much for you kind good wishes. Hoping to be online more. Right now, I'm having to make up for lost time while I was sick and I'm still having problems with this keyboard. I think it's more of a setting than dust in the keys but I can't find where to adjust the touch sensitivity. It's always something. Thanks again. Hope you are doing well.

    Rock, 'tis better to have the edge than not to give a dam. Does Gordon know any people outside the company who know his work and with whom he could network? Does he belong to any professional orgs. or service orgs.? Friends and family often know people to network with. When you network, you aren't looking for a job. You are just getting out there, letting people know about you, and asking them whether they know a couple of people who might be willing to take a few minutes to discuss the market or who might have some good ideas. If one is not asking for a job, a lot of people are willing to spend a few minutes, offering advice and ideas. This can lead indirectly to a job.

    TracFones are cell phones that offer cheaper plans or ones you can buy minutes for. You can use those calling cards sold everywhere, buy minutes online, buy minutes by phone or buy them directly on the phone itself. Of course, this is after the phone is registered and you have a credit card on record, unless you use the calling cards. HSN always offers them with triple minutes for life. I pay about six cents a minute. I don't use my cell phone much but will occasionally talk an hour with one of my kids or one of my friends. I spend $12 to $16 a month, on average. The new phone is a smart phone with Wi-Fi and Android apps. I don't usually use a phone for apps; my Kindle tablet has the apps on it. Still, it can be nice to have.

    Think I'll do coffee on the Balcony and then go to Publix. I'm out of food and there is a $5 coupon in today's paper. When I get home, I have to do some trimming on the date palm fronds. Our landscapers are useless. I throw the cut fronds where they have to mow so they have to pick them up. If I'm having to do their jobs for them, the least they can do is pick up the clippings. I've noticed that after the work in our yard, some of our lemons are missing from the trees. I think they think they are green limes. Another neighbor has noticed this too. No more war with the Crow Nation but I'm on the warpath with these slashing butchers who call themselves landscapers. BTW, since the Crows have moved out, our little songbirds have returned, including the Mockingbirds who mock me.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I know Barb is cause she's from Boston.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Fellow Porchers

    Just to illustrate what we all knew, pretty much everything our government does is Pho-ed up. We got a recording from the unemployment folks at 1:08 AM. Didn't bother me, but Gordon was asleep. He came rushing to the phone. He's been talking to various former coworkers and is especially alert for phone calls. Most of his friends say things are not good at their office either.

    We never did get that Pho yesterday. The restaurant was closed. Speaking of things that should be shut down, my mind is one of them. Haven't gotten a bill from the credit card people for a couple months. I was watching for one so I could pay the Pro Health bill in timely fashion. The bill arrived yesterday afternoon. I promptly opened it and then just as promptly lost it. ARRRGGGG!

    I wonder if our keyboard has some sort of touch adjustment, Mikie. Ya pretty much have ta
    type vigorously. Especially the space bar. There are some bumps, maybe wheels, along
    the edge of the keyboard, but I'm afraid to tinker with them. And there's a plastic
    sheet over them. All too confusiatin'.

    Julie, is that apple butter brown? Our neighbor used to make it back in the 1940s. I never
    tasted it because to me, it looked like it was spoiled. These neighbors were a couple in
    their 80s. She was a tiny bundle of energy. He was a placid old fella who repaired shoes.
    They used to irritate my dad because their place was like a mini farm. They kept sheep and

    My mother used to make cinnamon apple slices for holiday dinners. She cooked the apples
    in a skillet filled with water, sugar and red cinnamon candies.

    Hi Michele. You avatar struck me as ambiguous. The alternate meaning being, "Hey!
    Get up and help. Just sitting there drinking coffee isn't helping to get those jumper cables."

    Granni, Joan, you guys still celebrating? Don't forget to take the party hats off before you
    climb into bed. SG, did you say you were spraying a table. I read you have to start spraying
    before the can is pointed at the table. Avoids a glob of paint at the edge of the table. Dar,
    I can't find your last post. Uff-da!

    Finished reading the autobio of Debbie Reynolds. She wrote an earlier one about 25 years ago. Anyhoo she was bursting with talent and led a charmed life in all areas but one. She kept
    picking lousy husbands. Saw her onstage in Long Beach in the 80s. She and Harve
    Presnell reprised their movie rolls from "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". They were terrific
    and looked fabulous.

    She spent a lotta money and a lotta years trying to create a museum for all the Hollywood
    memorabilia she collected. Her last two husbands ruined those plans. Finally she had an auction a couple years ago. The Marilyn Monroe dress from "The Seven Year Itch" sold for five and 1/2 million. That's the famous shot over the subway grating. I read a couple times that Joe DiMaggio was at the filming and was furious.

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    Good Sunday morning! Today is to be the warmest day of the week...with a high close to 70 degrees. Won't be seeing many of those anymore, till spring.

    My goodness, calls in the middle of the night? I would be a little upset. Yes, the apple butter is a brownish color, but the taste is so good! I do plan to put a bunch of plain apple slices in the freezer for the fried apples that you and Joan (and Carla on facebook) have mentioned.

    I'm thinking it will be handy to have them for apple crisp and pies also...and the quickest, easiest way to get them done right now. I'm running out of time to devote to this apple preserving, but glad to have so many.

    Mikie, I admire how you are so good at finding the great deals with coupons, etc. We do get the papers from Gpa, but oftentimes it is too late to take advantage of the sales, etc. I need to work on that a little better...I can go online and see grocery store ads, etc...but don't get myself organized enough.

    Will be noon shortly and I haven't really accomplished anything I was planning to do (apples, lol.) Lindsey texted before I had gotten out of bed and needed help...seems she and David had "tag teamed" the twins all night...both getting molars and so fussy. David had gone to work already and she was near tears with fatigue.

    I will still help in those kinds of situations...went over and changed diapers, got breakfast and kept an eye on the kiddos while Lindsey took a bath. She finds that epsom salts helps a lot when she is exhausted, stressed, etc. They are all still fighting a respiratory bug too.

    I am back home, doing laundry (skipping church me, family priorities come before church activities...I can still read scripture and pray at home sometime today) and need to get ready to go to town. Get to see Keira too...Amy will pick her up from her dad's before heading on home.

    Den is at his dad's, fixing the water line. Such is our exciting life, lol!

    Hope everyone is having a good enough day...
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    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    Don't ask me what I have been doing, not really much or partying either :)!! Have been doing some washes to but that is all the excitement.

    I feel like I have been gone forever but I finally did my exercises today from yesterday :)!! I tried reading some of the new posts but I must confess that I haven't been able to read it all.

    So nice to see so many Porchies posting. Not to long ago I was posting with Julie and SW and myself :)!! I have to go do some prep work on the steak, etc. that we are having tonight outside on the grill, unless it decides to rain. I don't think it is supposed to.

    Mikie - Glad you are shopping and doing better. When a woman refuses to go shopping ( at least for fun stuff0 that usually means she is not feeling well :)!!!

    Spring Water - I hope all is well with you dear girl and that you have enough NRG to get through whatever needs to be done.

    Julie - Sounds like you are busy as usual. Please stay well.

    Rock - Don't feel bad about losing paperwork or keys, etc. Nothing that terribly unusual around here - duh !! I hate that when your SO says lets do this and then changes his mind after you have gotten all up for it. DH does that to to me usually concerning lunch plans and then we do nothing ):!!

    A big Hi everyone including those not mentioned.

    Another Happy Birthday wish Joan/Lilac. It was so nice to hear from you.

    Hugs to Dar, Windy, Diane, Soul and everydobby else !

    Granni :)
  16. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    The insurance man just left. He was here two hours! Uff-da! Most of what he said I
    couldn't understand. My brain just no workee anymore. I did understand this though.
    The Blue Cross health insurance that I was paying $300 a year for, as a supplement to Medicare, will now cost a thousand dollars. Don't know what the new payment for medicare will be.

    Did you see the article/essay on the net last week.? I it said everything you were told about
    the new mandatory health plan is wrong. It is going to cost more. You will not be able
    to keep your doctor. And American doctors don't want the plan anyway. Land O Goshen!
    I hope the author is mistaken about at least some of that.

    Granni, you're right. I read the same thing somewhere years ago. Maybe in a fortune cookie.
    Women who don't want to go shopping are ill. Women who don't want to go shopping for
    shoes are at death's door.

    Julie, we're going to have some 70 degree weather for a couple days too. Then the temp is
    going back into the 80s where it's been most of the last few months. Haven't had apple
    crisp for decades. An all American taste treat with a scoop of ice cream on top.

    Speaking of looney tune things, did you see the "pumpkin pie" recipe in the news the other
    day. It had no pumpkin in it! It had pumpkin spice, and yogurt stirred together and
    dumped in a store bought graham cracker crust. More and more the world around us is
    faux, overhyped, and genetically modified.

    Hugs to everybody.
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    Mmmmmmm. now doesn't that pumpkin pie recipe sound absolutely wonderful!!!

    OMG, that's a huge, huge jump in insurance premiums. My husband still works but I need to talk with him about changing our PPO to something else. I had to choose a primary doctor this past year even though I could see anyone.

    I think someone either goofed or was laughing about that automated early morning call. That's awful. Hard to go back to sleep when that happens.

    Well, I think my table is done, finally after at least 12 sessions of spraying. The table kept sucking up more paint, had to switch to a gloss paint because the flat wouldn't give a bit of a shine. I guess it's the very old finish on the table. I'm going to let it stay outdoors for a couple of days to set the paint then I can bring it in.

    When I still had kids living here, I used to peel and core apples and put the slices in the microwave with a little brown sugar and cinnamon. Took about 4 min or so and then we had hot cooked apples for dinner or whatever. I've also cooked up old apples or pears with spices and some sugar in the microwave to make an apple butter for toast. Of course it was in a small batch but a good way to clean out the frig.
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    Howdy gang! Just got home from town...met Amy and Keira and gave them some of the fruits of my labor, lol! Amy asked if it was okay if she shared some applesauce and apples with their best friends...he just lost his job and they have a 6 month old and 18 month old. Of course, it's fine with me...

    Granni, I imagine you haven't been goofing off...but even if you have, that's perfectly ok! Glad you can get your exercises done...I am not good at keeping up with anything like that.

    Oh Rock...we have to have ice cream also, on our warm apple crisp. I usually make it when I am going to have the oven on for a meal anyway...and try to time it just right :)

    Sun, I'll bet your table is beautiful. You have a lot of patience to keep at it like you did...I have always heard that several light coats are better than a few thick ones. I don't have a lot of experience with painting, etc...used to do a lot when we first moved here to the farm, but haven't for several years.
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    When my mom was still alive and living alone in her mobil home I usually called her every day. My brother would check in on weekends. One Monday at lunchtime I got a call from meals on wheels saying she wasn't answering her door. My husband went right away to check on her.....he just worked down the street. Apparently it was one of those times when we were all busy, she had washed her hair, slipped on the water and couldn't get up. Crawled to her bedroom and lay there alone for 2 days without her meds or food and water. When my husband found her he called an ambulance because she was really out of it. This was the first of many ambulance rides. I can't tell you how awful I felt over the whole thing. And that made us realize she HAD to live in an assisted living facility. She fought it tooth and nail but I was adamant about it. A senior citizen gets to a point where their family has to step in and make decisions.

    You really need a daily schedule both morning and night and obviously this woman can't be relied upon for anything except her own comfort and fun. What a joke for a daughter she is!
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    I have read some of these newer posts but probably can't remember all of what I have written. Just wanted to say good evening to awl. I posted before on the old volume I think. Wow, you guys and gals are really wild in all your posting - it is so wonderful to see them all !!

    No time now to answer everyone. Just wanted to pop in and say I love you awl.

    Julie - You surely do have a problem on your hands but I would think the only people who could do anything about it is grandpa or Den. She is really endangering Grandpa leaving him like that if anything would happen. At least he does have you to count on.

    More hugs to everydobby !

    Granni :)