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    Good Sunday evening...will soon be Monday morning, but I am trying to get a "head start" on tomorrow...can't sleep anyway. Filled up the clothesline this evening/tonight, so the clothes will be dry sooner and I don't have to get outside quite so early.

    Lindsey has been so sick and "running on fumes" with the babies not sleeping...I am going to devote tomorrow to helping her. She is taking Lorraine to the homeopathic doctor tomorrow afternoon, so I will watch the babies until David gets home from work.

    Would really like to see everyone well on the path to better health, before the cold and yucky weather does hit. I know teething can cause all the symptoms the twins are having, but they all three still seem to be hanging onto something else.

    I figure if we work really hard tomorrow, then I can have the rest of the week to keep trying to get my own things caught up...well, it's a plan anyway.

    Good to hear from you, you too!

    I decided that since I'm not going to mess with making apple jelly, I can still cook up the peelings and add that juice to the apples that are cooking to make applesauce. I have some "juice" cooling right now...soon as it is okay for the fridge, I am going to bed. Rock, you would be happier with this rosy pink color, I think, instead of the rotten-looking brown like the apple butter :cool:

    Here's to a wonderful new week...
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    Hi Kids

    Well, Gordon finally got his bowl of Pho. The place had 25 varieties on the menu,
    and Gordon said they didn't have the one he was looking for. Anyhoo Pho is beef
    broth with various meats and veggies tossed in. If I had had a pen with me, I
    would have written down some of the exotic drinks they had on the menu. E.g.
    pureed mung bean; salted lemonade; soda with Carnation milk, et. al.

    The bowl of soup comes with a plate of what looks like weeds. Basil and some exotic
    form of lettuce and half a lime and hot peppers and a couple of hot sauces. Price
    of a bowl of soup: $7.50 to $9.00. Gordon ate. I read my thriller.

    There was an article on the news yesterday about the new insurance program. I
    posted about the 330 % increase in my premium. Got 130 thumbs up and a couple
    dozen replies. Most of which agreed with my post but somebody called me a socialist
    and somebody said I was a liar or I lived in a red state (Couldn't one do both?).

    At 9PM last night I got a call from Blue Cross asking me to renew my coverage. I figure
    if they are that eager to have folks renew, they must expect to make a lot ah money.

    Yes, Julie, rosy pink sounds much more appetizing than rotten looking brown. Reminds
    me of a guy in our bridge club. Somebody brought in a box of donuts and pastries. His
    partner was told, "Get me one while your up. pls. Just no brown fruit. I never eat
    brown fruit." Well, I guess it's good to have principles while going through life.

    Granni, you're right about losing stuff. I do it all day long. I never did find the bill I wanted
    to pay, but Gordon found an old one with a zero balance. So I used that form and envelope
    to send in the current payment. So I paid two bills yesterday and we mailed them. I am
    so glad to get rid of that little chore. I hate having unpaid bills. Especially when they
    can charge you huge fees for a late payment.

    SG, what are you going to do with your newly painted table? Maybe you haven't made up your mind, and have tabled that issue. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art had some tables with mosaic tops. My mother loved that room. You've been there, perhaps?

    Mikie, funny you should say you have to go to Naples to find a Trader Joe's. Gordon just
    discovered a new treat at Trader Joe's. Italian Breadsticks with Olive Oil. (The oil is in
    the sticks; it doesn't come in a container.) Anyhoo, Instead of the box saying Trader Joe's,
    it says Trader Giotto's.

    A cute little joke, but I think they have their Italian wrong. I looked up Giotto. Found
    sources that said it was a form of Geoffrey. Giuseppe is the Italian form of Joseph.
    this year is the 200th anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi or Joe Green, Italy's greatest opera
    composer. Richard Wagner was born in the same year.

    Saw a funny cartoon called "Moderately Confused." Woman is telling a friend, I
    took the kids to a corn maze. We got lost on the way." I thought it was at least
    moderately amusing.

    Hugs to everydobby

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, there is a way to set keyboard sensitivity but it's only for how rapidly characters will repeat when a key is held down. Useless for the problem I, and apparently you as well, am having. Yes, the space bar doesn't work unless I pound on it. If I use the shift key with another key, I get nada. This has happened before and disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. My laptop is possessed. Time for an exorcism. I've been seeing those Surface tablet/laptops which start at $350, including Windows Office. If they are any good, that's a good deal. Every fall, Williams Sonoma has pumpkin/pecan butter. It's to die for if one likes apple butter types of things. It always goes on sale if you don't buy it as soon as it comes in. Rock, where you live, there has to be choices of no- or low-premium Medicare Advatage plans. They can be HMO or PPO plans. They are a LOT cheaper than std. Medicare and a supplement. You only pay when you use them. If you go to the doc a lot, what you have may make more sense but if not, check out the Advantage plans before enrollment is up.

    Julie, if you sign up with your favorite stores, they will often e-mail you coupons. My rules is that the newspaper has to pay for itself in coupons or info on sales. It always has--in spades! I'm not one to cut out all the small change coupons. I only go for the $1 or more coupons. I know the little ones add up but my tolerance for cutting them, organizing them, and using them has its limits.

    Sunflower Girl, hope the table turns out well for you. Flat paint doesn't shine. For that, I use semi-gloss. Gloss is too shiny for my taste. Or, you can put a protective coat of clear semi-gloss finish to protect the finish.

    Granni, you are so right about shopping. When I'm too sick to go shopping, I'm in bad shape. Especially when I have a coupon which is about to expire. I feel as though I'm about to expire too.

    Yesterday, I didn't go shopping. I realized that I needed to finish putting away, and throwing away, plants and yard decorations I had had to move before the so-called landscapers put in our new mulch. I also had to trim the date palm fronds which had been hitting us in the face. The landscapers are short and they can't conceive of taller people who need more headroom. So, I trim them and throw them right where they have to mow. Then, they have to pick them up. If I'm going to do their jobs for them, the least they can do is pick up the clippings.

    I'm going to color my hair and go to Publix and Home Depot. At 2:00, my neighbor and I have an appt. to change our M/C Advantage plan to BC/BS. Then, I have to park over on the next street because tomorrow morning, they will be resurfacing our street. We have three streets and we have to move cars in and out. It's like musical chairs only with cars. Only dif is that instead of losing one's seat, one could get one's car towed. Bigger stakes.

    My cats have more toys than a childcare center. Right now, they are playing in a large BB&B plastic bag and some newsprint paper used to wrap a couple of things I had bought. One digs into the paper or bag and is instantly attacked by the other. They love the sound the plastic and paper make. I'm glad because now that these kitties are living inside, they need some exercise. So do I! Use the BOSU and am seeing results in my balance. Nothing big but any improvement is welcome.

    Well, had better get going. I didn't watch the games but the Broncos and Patriots both lost. Booo hooo! Denver had been unbeaten. Kansas City Chiefs are now the only undefeated team. I used to watch football but now, it's too stressful for me to watch. There isn't much worth getting myself stressed over anymore.

    Hoping if y'all have teams, they won. Everyone, have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Up and at 'em...another day has is about to dawn, lol! (Had to find an excuse to use that "strike out" feature ;) A balmy 43 degrees here at 6:30...I suppose I should put on a coat and real shoes to go out and watch the is scheduled to make its appearance at 7:28.

    One of the cool things I did discover about the new format...I was typing along the other day and something flashed on the screen that someone had put up a new post (on the same thread) that I hadn't seen, and it asked if I wanted to read it. I think that was the "just" of it anyway...

    Rock, the Pho does sound interesting...I suppose if one were used to that sort of cuisine. Meat and potatoes does the trick for me, although I have been trying not to eat bunches of potatoes as they are so starchy.

    Sorry about the insurance headaches. My dad's supplemental insurance got canceled out of the blue, so I gave the social worker at the care center permission to find him another one, which she did right away. Then we got a letter from the first one, saying it was their error and they had "enrolled" him again...but I think the new one will be the one that wins. Too confusing for me...I trust this lady to take care of it.

    Mikie, your kitties are living a life of luxury, I'm telling ya! They are so much like kids, true! Give our kids a box, wrapping paper, stuff like that...and they are entertained for quite awhile...well, right now two of them would still EAT the wrapping paper...but the box provides endless fun :p

    Hope you feel up to your shopping trip today...

    I'd better get off here and get to work. I really hope to be productive today, even though I would prefer to still be in bed right now :rolleyes:
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    hello all

    its 6pm and i sat me down at our kitchen table and just leisurely went over the posts.
    the girl who helps with the dishes n cooking is back so i dont feel as rushed as before.

    i called my brothers over for lunch, the mid dle one couldnt make it so it was two of
    them. elder bro had gone thinner....but at least he is still walking around, even
    helped me with the dishes n all.

    my hair needs to be retouched at the roots at one side, i had bought the colour, and
    didnt manage to go to a salon before festival began and all the places got shut for
    couple of days. i wanted to do it at home, but knew i hard a hard enough time
    just being on top
  6. springwater

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    of the housework. then i started carrying the colour with me to pop into a salon
    after festival was over and people started trickling back, but no go, its still in
    my bag and my hair is still grey at the roots. lol.
    i did finish a couple of jobs which had been niggling away at me...i got rid of
    another two sacks of rubbish from our store. well, actually the unused middle
    floor where i throw anything which im not using or need to hide when we
    have visitors n the upstairs needs to look tidy.

    im feeling so good after that major purging besides finding some books i thought
    i'd lost...

    then i visited my chinese friend at her office, needed to drop something off there.
    she was happy to see me, and i her. sometimes we hv 'off days' in our relationship
    mostly when she feels slighted because i hav e not kept up with her for weeks on
    end and she feels im ignoring her for other people. which is not true. if only
    she knew how much i hurt not being able to 'order' my days and moods the way
    she and normal 'healthy' people seem to be able to.!

    darrae - good to read in yr last post you were doing well...hope you pop in

    sunflower - i am happy you found our festival interesting...that still life
    in your is so lovely...autumnal, peaceful, comforting. i want
    my life to be like that. lol!

    rock - i always seem to give little barks of laughter in the middle of reading
    your post, no. ive never gone over niagara falls in a barrel, wouldnt mind trying
    it tho over a mini niagara falls, maybe a two foot waterfall? lol

    julie - thats a lot of apples, are they fragrant? we get some which are kind of
    big, soft and spongy with yelow tinge inside..they come from china and from
    our own country to the north (jumla) we have these medium sized firm deep
    red with a light green tinge in the white insides, these are so juicy and delicious
    and then there are the tiny round ones from india which are very very sweet,
    they call them 'chocolate' apples here, haha.

    granni - its always nice to hv you back from yr trips...and posting. i hope
    you get back into the groove soon enough and are able to do your exercises
    and all. will you be performing this christmas?

    mikie - my, but its a lot of work being on your board at your residence.
    i can see you are very involved with all the activities. your whole area
    is going to look so spruced up what with the painting and everything going
    on! i too think your cats live a life of luxury! animal print mats and all
    did you notice how i just said 'your' cats? it just came naturally. lol
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    Hi there everydobby !!

    I went back and tried to read more of these wonderful posts. It is so nice to hear from so many of you. Went bright and early to the chiro this morning. Then home to help DH put away a few things from the store. Then, I went to Line Dancing class. It is always fun and also somewhat of a challenge when I haven't been there for awhile. However, it does make me feel good when I can remember and learn some more new ones. I do tend to learn and remember the dances fairly easily especially sine I have tap danced in the past and the music and dancing comes somewhat natural for me. However, I d screw up for sure :)! Just laugh and continue on my way :)!! Then, after that I went with DH to the gym. It doesn't bother me If I don't go, but DH does keep me going on the right path :)!!!

    You all sounds so busy and happy which makes me feel good too.

    Mikie - It sounds like you are getting better slowly. I agree with you on coupons. If I do cut them out , they are the bigger ones, of a dollar or more. Glad you are keeping yourself busy and those kitties are really getting spoiled :)!! he he , as long as they don't wake you up, right :)???

    Julie - Sorry Lorraine and Lindsay are so sick. Hope the doc/Chiro can help them . There is always so much to do when you have little ones close together. I understand. I didn't have twins but I did have 4 children about 2 years apart and that was close enough for me, especially when you have one that is a bit on the stubborn side :)!! Try not to wear yourself out watching those babies. I know you need to when Lindsay needs help but then that really takes its toll on you.

    Spring Water - Glad your ill brother was doing OK and could help you at your lunch even though he has lost some weight. That is pretty much to be expected I think. Glad you are doing better too. I love the way you have to post twice in a row in mid sentence. Did the electricity go out or did you just have to do that :)? When you talk about your festivals and all about your culture and such it does sounds very interesting to me also. You also usually explain things very well.

    Rock - So Gordon finally got his Pho or whatever you call it spicy soup. I guess you are not much for spices. Did you eat any of it without the extra spices they gave with it. We like a bit of spice but some peoples idea of little spicy can be pretty spicy. We moved from NY to Louisiana for two years and their Cajun cooking and then to TX where they have a lot of Mexican. Yes, this insurance stuff is a mess, isn't it? We finally got our supplemental insurance info for next year and it is just a little more I think. Not sure about the Medicare. Not sure we have gotten that yet. It is 2015 that I am afraid of.

    We have a Trader Joes around here too but not that close. They do have some good bargains. You have to really check around and then try them out. We and a few others we were shopping with tried their wines that are like $3 or $4.99 a bottle and some people were buying buy the case. The ones we tried weren't that great but they are probably OK for cooking or using as a spritzer (wine cooler) to add Sprite or something like that too, It is a very interesting store. However, it is a bit far for us to go to often.

    Hugs to all including Dar, Sun, Joan, Elaine, Teacher and everydobby else. Thinking about you all, old and new Porchies. I have to go and start thinking about dinner so need to go for now. Also should probably do some more exercises as I didn't quite finish them before.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)!!
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    Rock: All that talk about Pho made me want some Thai food. We tried a small local one last night, ordered a sampler plate of appetizers and I ordered a chicken coconut curry to go with it. OMG, this place does fantastically light deep fried appetizers. But about l/2 way thru meal bad fatigue hit me so we paid and left. I hit the bed at 8 PM and slept almost 12 hrs.......unheard of for me. I still feel like I could sleep more. By the way, does Gordon make Pho? " Gordon ate. I read my thriller.":D I never knew it was based on a beef broth. Learn something every day.

    Yes, I know the room at LACMA that you're talking those gorgeous mosaic tables. When I was 21 I went on a tour to Europe and actually what stuck most in my mind were the beautiful mosaic tables at the Doges Palace in Venice. I have a relative who works at LACMA and last year we were taken on a behind the scenes tour......into some of the restoration rooms to see what was being repaired and worked on. Most interesting.

    And even though I would like to hit the bed early again, tonight is "The Voice" and I'm really hooked on that show.

    Poor Lindsey, still has a hangover whatever from the flu? That's so hard when you have babies that need tending. She's very lucky to have you right next door. And I never knew you could use apple peelings! Makes sense though. Years ago I tried my hand at making jam and also canning and I was a failure at both! My mom did it all the time and it looked easy but it's not.

    Mikie: How does it look with the fresh red mulch? I worked on finishing the table this morning. I don't care for a high shine but I do like more of a slightly shiny surface so I took 0000 steel wool and rubbed on the black paint then roughed up the edges to bring back the under know that "banged up used look". I'll have to post a pic. when it's brought in. Usually I can buff up a flat black to bring a slightly finished look but I think this table was so old and the finish so bad in most places it just wouldn't work right. I'm going to ask my husband to bring it into the LR when he gets home. I found a place for it next to the helps cover up the ripped place where the cats clawed!!!!! Our old 40 year old 9' couch got recovered about 4 years ago in an ultrasuede which they can't claw. Our new chairs I picked a fabric that they also can't get their claws into. The chairs were delivered last week and less than 6 hrs. later I heard one of them trying to work her claws. I put double stick tape on the edges for over a week but I don't think they want to try it again.

    SW: So you have to bring in your own hair coloring to the salon? Or do you use a special brand they don't carry? I've been trying to do my hair back to my natural color so I won't have 6 various shades of growth showing. I've always done my own and it can be a real pain. About a year ago I discovered if I divide the hair color (Revlon) into 3 parts, using only l/3 each time and then using a wide paint brush I can do touchups easily on the grey and it's not a chore. Works out good for me. Yes, purging around the house does feel soooooo good. You mentioned middle this a 3 floor house? You've got me intrigued.

    Dar: I've been meaning to ask, in that you're feeling so much better. You've chalked it up to your supplements but could it also be because you've sent your old houseguest packing? When we lose stress we just naturally feel better. Stress just naturally drags us down. Either way, I'm happy to read you've found the secret.
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    Hello all

    granni - my computer acts up sometimes, actually a lot of the time..when im posting..surfing
    seems to go on ok....the cursor gets jammed and wont move or i get logged out on my own..
    thats what happens and then i just hit enter and begin a new post instead of risking losing
    what ive

    i couldnt even finish off my last post with God Bless because it happened again and i had to
    edit that post no less then ten times! because it my cursor kept getting jammed

    sunflower - my house is a building with three floors, it was meant to be an office space
    actually so it is very unattractive, like a big box just rising outnof the ground...
    husband has a weird thing about moving out to more convenient smaller place,
    so i make the best of it, thismis why i struggle so much to keep it tidy clean in good
    condition, and this whole city is very unsafe where thieves are concerned so i have
    five dogs....had seven till recently, one passed due to old age, another due to illness

    just looking after the dogs feeding them, cleaning up after them is a major time
    sucker...and energy drainer....but we hv to hv them...its not uncommon for a gang
    to get into a house, tie up or threaten the owners with weapons and make off with loot

    god bless
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    SW: OMG......that must be really a frightening thing, knowing that a gang could break in and do you harm. Yes, I can understand why you need dogs. And have your employees who steal from you returned from the holiday, or have you gotten rid of them? That must be very stressful for you. I know you mentioned before about changing locks.
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    I haven't thought of apples with red hots in years!! I remember how much I loved eating them that way as a kid. I love the applies they serve at Cracker Barrel...yum!! I don't fix these things at home...because I'm the only one who eats them. Consider my DH "Jack Spratt", so you know who I am...LOL.

    I've always said (and it's worth repeating) that Obamacare is nothing more than an "insurance industry's windfall profits law". And, that's precisely what's happening. My sister (who will be 76 next month) just had her Medicare carrier cancel (Blue Cross/Blue Shield). Now, she's having to search around for a carrier who will work with her oncologist. And, just think, the people who passed this law are exempt. Boils my blood!!!

    What happened to the neat smilies? Also, how in the heck do I log out? Weird...(okay, just found the smilies.:confused:)

    I don't go out to shop much either...BUT...I do shop on line. Free shipping...that's the ticket to my pocketbook!!;)

    To clean a computer keyboard (better late than never!)...turn it upside down and GENTLY tap it on a hard surface. This will get the larger pieces out. Then, using a vacuum with a brush attachment, vacuum off the keys. Then, use compressed air (if you have it) to blow out any remaining dust/dirt. To clean gunk from the keys...unplug the keyboard first, then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. Some use eyeliner sponges to work around the base of the keys. Cotton balls/Q-Tips are a No-No...preferably an old t-shirt type of fabric. Don't forget to plug the keyboard back in. Same for cleaning a mouse. (If you use a wireless keyboard/mouse, unplug the transmitter from the computer.)

    I do enjoy reading all the "happenings" in your lives. I normally can't spend much time here, but it's a sleepless night for me. I've been "chem'd"...hidden MSG.:mad:

    All this talk about Asian food and apples has made me hungry...guess I'll go raid the refrig.

    Hugz to all,
  12. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Springwater...Just noticed your post. Living as you do has to be so stressful. I'm glad to read you have several dogs...they can be a great deterrent. It's sad you can't move.:( My heart goes out to you...
  13. Mikie

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    Wow! Lots of posts. That's always nice to see.

    Julie, yes, these cats do live the life of luxury. Their Auntie Julie in the next bldg. wants to take them. She was actually more involved in their lives than I before we had to move them inside, especially Sylvester. Tweety was "my" cat. I would love it if she would take them. I dearly love them but they interfere with my sleep and are a lot of work and expense. I could visit them at her place. She visited them last evening. She, Barb, several other neighbors and I had drinks out on the part of the Balcony we call "The Lounge." It' shady in the afternoons.

    Springwater, hope you got back to your roots. ;) I colored my hair early yesterday. It's called "Ultra Natural Blonde." I guess the "Ultra" part means light, very light. I look like I'm from Norway. Not that that's a bad thing but I'm still pale from having had the flu and UTI; This pale blonde only adds to my ghostly appearance. Some assn. board members are more involved than others. It shows. Our place, and the townhomes across from us look really nice and cared for. Also, we cater to our residents as much as possible and we don't have the feuding which ails some of the assns. in here. We try to keep the stress and drama to a minimum. So far our hood has been pretty safe but this small town is a violent place. That's why I have guns. I'm so sorry you have to life with the fear of crime like that. A dog is the next best thing to a gun for protection and one can snuggle up to a dog. I guess I could snuggle with my gun but it doesn't excite me much. ;)

    Granni, I think learning new dance steps is good for the bod, it's good for the brain as well. Is the next step, ha! no pun intended, to learn hip hop so you can bust some cool moves? I actually have a hip hop DVD for exercise. Like the road to hell, I had good intentions but got sick and only did it a couple of times. It's a good DVD.

    Sunflower Girl, your table sounds lovely. What you are doing is what I call distressing the piece. All my furniture is distressed. I either buy it new that way or it gets that way from use. My home is organic fabrics and distressed furniture with some very old antiques. It's a place to put my feet up and get comfy. I have to do something about my living room coffee table. The top is getting just a bit too distressed. :) I got a spray for my sofas to keep the cats from scratching them. I also told them "NO!!!" When they use their scratching posts or mat, I praise them and give them some extra love and petting. They no longer scratch the furniture. The red mulch always looks so beautiful when they put it down. I like the red because of the contrast with the various shades of green. We have some Thai plants which are deep red. The front of the bldg. looks really good now. I'll be excited when we decide on what we will be doing with the stairwell atria. Right now, they are a blank canvas.

    Windy, thanks for the heads up on cleaning the keyboard. It actually looks pretty clean but I'm going to get the compressed air. I really don't think that's the problem because I've had it before and it's gone away mysteriously. Why are scientifically-based technical products so mysterious in how they function or don't function? Case in point--my laptop just went to black screen. I had to turn it back on and here's my post, just like it was before everything went black. Guess the laptop swooned from, as they used to say in the South, the vapors. What are vapors anyway? :eek:

    Switched to BC/BS yesterday. All the co-pays, co-insurance, and drug costs are going up. I hope next year is better than this one. It's a good thing I'm getting my ultrasound and cystoscopy before the end of the year. As it is, the co-pays are killing me.

    I think I had better post this before this computer completely werids out. Everyone, have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just got up and saw we are over 30...will switch over and hope everyone finds us...